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8:00 PM
@BenBrocka Do I even need to list the reasons?
I'm pretty sure you already know them
@AshleyNunn To be fair, it's not their fault you've been using it to beat orphans.
you are my herooo
...Joy. My client now wants the entire project done in two weeks. Including the freeform reporting.
No, if you want to see a lot of reboots, run a Ubuntu server and update to the latest kernels as they come in.
Note, there were 3 kernel updates for Ubuntu 12.04 last week.
8:05 PM
A: How should we tag "Bit.TRIP presents Runner 2: Legend of Rhythm Alien"?

badprunner2 (no dash) is what we should be using. While being a sequel to Bit.Trip Runner, the game is not a Bit.Trip game itself - the collection of six games is over and done with; the game itself retains the core mechanics of the first game but very little of the Bit.Trip aesthetics. The officia...

I'm so confident about my answer, I've already made the (easily undoable) tag synonym
Hi gaming!
I have a friend who's a PC gamer whose birthday is coming up. I'm thinking about buying him a gaming keyboard.
are mechanical keyboards better?
should it be programmable?
how magical should it be?
You should get one with letters on it
I like those
@Aarthi They're louder for certain. If he doesn't live on his own that might be a problem
@Aarthi Mechanical keyboards are less likely to break.
@SaintWacko pfft, letters are for noobs.
8:07 PM
@badp yup, he lives solo
@badp My steelseries keyboard isn't that loud.
@Powerlord really? what do you mean? I've never busted a keyboard before....
how hard are y'all keysmashing?!
Get him a neural spike.
Neural spike? :( sounds painful
8:08 PM
@Aarthi Non-Mechanical keyboards tend to use (cheap) plastic switches under the keys. I had a keyboard where the plastic under the D key got a hole in it (or something) and the D key barely worked any more.
@Powerlord ohhh yeah that's happened to my laptops before.
Which is what caused me to buy a mechanical one in the first place.
Most Mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches (which is a brand and model), so any keyboard that uses those should be OK
@Aarthi No, it's very pleasant. Join us.
@OrigamiRobot O_o
8:10 PM
Although apparently the Cherry MX switch is a line of switches not a single switch model. Not sure what the differences are between them
@Aarthi I've found the G15 with the LED display on it more useful than other programmable buttons.
@fbueckert link? onegaishimasu
Oh, apparently the Cherry MX Blue switches are "clicky" and the other 3 colors aren't
techreport.com/review/23405/… has a list of the differences between the four
@badp Why no dash?
8:12 PM
@OrigamiRobot because the game authors don't use one
@OrigamiRobot Did you even read the post?
@badp Neither does Bungie, but we have
@OrigamiRobot "HALO3" is what the game is officially called?
because I'm fairly certain the official name is Halo (space) 3
whereas we have Runner2 here
8:14 PM
@badp I read Runner (space) 2 on the site you linked.
@Aarthi I live in Canada.
@fbueckert :D CANADA
@OrigamiRobot The site I linked has 3 "Runner 2" and 19 "Runner2"
It's the most evidence I've found for "Runner 2"
Honestly, I can see the point of using a dash anyway. It probably doesn't matter
The main point is, it's not a bit-trip game
@Aarthi Where, I'd like to point out, we've got LOTS of snow.
so i hear.
8:16 PM
I think Logitech discontinued the G15. G510 might be its replacement, not sure.
@badp Hmm it looks like a space on my screen, but it isn't...
Having said that, the G15 and G510 aren't mechanical... the G710 is.
@Powerlord I was looking at the G110
gaaaaaaaasp omg so pretty
8:18 PM
whacks chat Why didn't you expand the second one?
There we go
The problem being the 710 doesn't have an LCD display.
@Powerlord Kernel, of course. A dumb db querying service, less so
@BenBrocka Yes, but you don't find 3 kernel updates in a week a bit excessive?
I never encountered a single game that actually used the display in a meaningful way.
@Aarthi Don't get MX Blues for gaming, Browns are generally prefered, or black I believe
@Powerlord the lcd display is clutch?
@BenBrocka orly?
8:22 PM
I love my Das Keyboard, it's not a "gaming" keyboard, but it's a great keyboard
@Aarthi The double click of blues is apparently annoying for gaming. I think it's to do with rapid key presses?
@BenBrocka hmm.
@BenBrocka I looked at those, but those are even more expensive than the Steelseries 6v2 which use Cherry MX Red switches.
Also the blues are so high-pitched clicky they drove me crazy, but that's just me
@Powerlord what type of mechanical keys is this one? not cherry MX i take it
@Powerlord Aren't reds flat actuation? I'm meh on that, I like the tactile actuation
8:25 PM
@Aarthi Google suggests Cherry MX Brown
There was an SU post on this
@Powerlord hmm that's good right?
@BenBrocka link!
@BenBrocka Oh wait, no, just the newer model 6v2 have Reds... I need to check which the original ones have.
A: Differences between Cherry mechanical keyboard switches?

Jeff AtwoodFirst, be warned: all mechanical keyboards are going to be substantially louder than typical rubber dome keyboards you may be familiar with. However there are "quieter" mechanical switches. I've attempted to summarize the most common Cherry switch information in the below diagrams derived from t...

ooh reviews say these are cherry mx brown
8:26 PM
I have the Das Keyboard with Brown switches. The "silent" ones
Cherry MX Black in the original 6v2 (which is the one I have)
i like this G710 thing, I think it will be The One. :) THANKS TEAM.
They are so silent they make my VOIP software think I'm talking, on a noise-canceling mic...
Wow, there are like 20 Cherry MX switches: deskthority.net/wiki/Cherry_MX
8:28 PM
Yeah, sounds like those are brown. Not sure what they mean by "dampened", if that's quieter than normal brown, or quiet relative to other cherry switches
Browns make more a of a clackackalckaclacka than a TICKYTICKYTICKTICK
To use the technical terms
@BenBrocka lmao
huh i wonder what my keyboard's onomatopoeia is
@Michel I'll have to watch this later.
@Powerlord xD
8:30 PM
Honestly, though, do you really think teaching the Valley Girls how to program is going to teach them something other than how to get other people to do it for them?
Worth the time
@Powerlord maybe, maybe not...
@Powerlord Valley Girls?
Has anyone looked at the front page, then looked at this? Seems a little... odd.
@RedRiderX Seems like clear fair use. Who knows if courts will see it that way though
8:37 PM
> “Logic is on my side”
@BenBrocka The prominent piece of art isn't fair use, but he said he'd remove it if requested
The problem is logic and copyright laws don't go hand and hand.
@MBraedley if there's a person who is serially voting him, the system should handle it.
@MBraedley But as an off-hand, totally off the top of my head guess, I'd bet money on his sister:
@MBraedley Was talking about the name, which he said he's not budging on
8:39 PM
seems legit
I'm more worried that he gained just enough rep to do retagging for free, then performed a massive retag just after receiving said rep
sounds like a job for @badp
@Aarthi wat
4 mins ago, by MBraedley
Has anyone looked at the front page, then looked at this? Seems a little... odd.
oh, that.
8:41 PM
captain badp, he's our mod-hero! gonna take bad tagging down to zero! he's our voting magnified, and he's fighting on the top users' side!
@MBraedley Didn't notice that. Yeah, randomly adding minecraft to pocket edition crap
@Aarthi lol, explain to me exactly what options do I have here
mod → revoke privilege is not a thing
mod → undo all the things is also not a thing
The only thing that comes to mind is mod → scold in private
@badp :D i have no idea, I just wanted to write a version of the Captain Planet theme song relevant to you.
well i have lots of ideas.
@badp Erm, did you see the rep history? I suspect mass retagging isn't the only thing
@badp Delete , create it anew and add it to all the questions it belongs to :P
8:42 PM
@badp I was thinking a short suspension until said private or meta conversation
Those edits are clearly abusive
@BenBrocka I've seen the voting history and all I can do about it is inform @Aarthi about gaming.stackexchange.com/admin/show-user-votes/39224
Someone explain to me this "I am the creator of www.kittywarriors.com. I really want reputation and am trying my best to earn it."
@badp I saw it! Do the messaging and indicate that said votes will be invalidated and that any other evidence of fradulent voting will be duly punished. use the long version, with the nicer language.
Huh, I didn't even bother reading past the URL
8:44 PM
I am the creator of bobsbigjoyride.com and I really want reputation
@Aarthi okydoky
(Don't go to that URL, I don't know if it really exists)
@badp :D awww so cute
For some reason, one of my friends uses the name Bob's Big Joy Ride on Steam
@powerlord and if it did I would be scared to know what it contained.
8:45 PM
@Powerlord too late... but it's a creep site o.O
@Aarthi ...so the "targeted votes" template?
@badp that's the one! send it to both of 'em.
@Powerlord oops, I inserted an extra o when I first read that
@Michel He made a website, and is possibly a spammer. He wants reputation on the site, as evidenced by...certain bad things
Is this broken for anyone else?
8:46 PM
@Powerlord I never make up URLs because they always turn out to be something real
@StrixVaria Works for me
@StrixVaria It is hosted on a separate server
@BenBrocka I though that he was a spammer or something like that. but the REP part I didn't get it.
That's what I'm seeing going to meta.stackoverflow.com.
What you can do with arqade rep outside arqade? and inside he can get ban without too much problem, right?
@Michel In this case I assume he wanted rep to spam edits to get his profile on the front page (with his link)
8:48 PM
@StrixVaria same here. Couldn't upload a screenshot because I'm at work.
@StrixVaria Hah. Wonder if they got a new server that's not set up? I get the real site
It's working again now.
working for me @StrixVaria
Meanwhile: I need feedback about graphics cards. Anyone game?
@Aarthi What are you thinking of getting?
@Aarthi What brand/price range/use?
@BenBrocka use == graphics-intensive gaming. SC2, Skyrim, WoW, etc.
@Aarthi the sapphire is the better version of my card (an Overclocked sapphire 6950), it's plenty solid for the newest stuff at max settings, that one will be even better
Can't speak as to the nvidia one though, myself
@Aarthi They're probably similar bang per buck.
The Nvidia one would be better for vid processing though. The raedon has more vid ram, not sure how significant it would really be though
8:52 PM
They're putting 2 and 3GB of graphics RAM in GPUs now? Man, I'm living in the past
Note if they're multi-monitor, they'll need a couple mini display port adapters for the Raedon (which is odd, mine has plenty of non-displayport ports)
Yes, the nVidia is better for multi monitor
as far as connectivity is concerned.
@MBraedley My card from a 3 year old series is 2GB
hmm. i mean, how many gamers are multimonitor? me and my bro aren't. how many of y'all are?
@MBraedley Well, both will support 3 monitors easily, you just need mini displayport adapters for the Raedon
8:54 PM
@BenBrocka Uh, really?
@StrixVaria norepro
I have 2, considered 3
@BenBrocka But you probably paid top dollar for that, didn't you? I went for bang/buck
@Powerlord I meant 2. I think. It's the 6950 though
@BenBrocka Oh, well my last cards only have 1.2GB. Each.
8:55 PM
@MBraedley same price range as the ones @Aarthi linked
Same "model" different series, basically
@agent86 I was trying to figure out where that should go...
@Powerlord Ew multi-card setups
@BenBrocka Now I need to think of when I actually upgraded my computer. I'm thinking it was 3.5 years ago now.
I haven't upgraded my main box in 5 years
New GPU though
Q: What can I spend Prestige on?

victoriahI have thousands of Prestige and no idea what to do with it. I have read that you can spend it on actions, but I can't figure out which actions those are or where I find them.

Q: There seems to be some disagreement about the "Minecraft" and "Pocket Minecraft" tags

dewordeSomeone's just gone through and added the minecraft tag to all the minecraft-pocket-edition Seems like someone previously went through and removed all of those tags. Thought I should bring this to meta's attention.

Q: Does the Bounty Hunter Track ability grant true sight of the affected unit to all allies?

jmfsgDoes the Bounty Hunter Track ability grant true sight of the affected unit to all allies or is the Bounty Hunter the only one that can see it?

8:57 PM
No, I'm wrong. It was only 2 years ago. But I didn't go top end, just a GeForce GTX 460
@Lazers Guess who re-tagged all those questions?
good edits to the boilerplate, @badp
@fbueckert so i saw.
Time to do some rollbacks, I think.
Sidenote: I never rollback edits! Wee!
I'm thinking I'll check out the raedon 8000 series when it comes out and sell my old card
21 mins ago, by MBraedley
Has anyone looked at the front page, then looked at this? Seems a little... odd.
9:01 PM
500 rep is the re-tagging rep, right?
@fbueckert wee
So, sockpuppet up to 500 rep, retag everything.
Oh god, you're going to reflood the front page, aren't you?
@MBraedley Yeah... That's a bit suspcious
@MBraedley yes and no, the items only show once on the page, so they're just moving, not replacing even more content
@SaintWacko were you level 50 in BL2?
9:03 PM
@BenBrocka No
@MBraedley what else can we do?
@badp Nothing I guess.
@SaintWacko Appears to be a spam attempt (their user page link is all over the front page, which links to some weird site)
I can live with a flooded front page if it means fixing a Bad Thing
@SaintWacko boo. We wanted some level 50 people to go kill some raid bosses
9:05 PM
@BenBrocka We could do some power levelling tonight
@BenBrocka I need to get back to playing more
I'm doing some minor editing while I'm at it, if the question warrants it.
@MBraedley Power levelling wouldn't ruin the story for me, would it?
I still haven't finished the first playthrough with Gaige, but I'm close. After that, power level some playthough 2
@SaintWacko Have you finished PT1?
@MBraedley Power leveling only works so well with no fleshstick exploit, unless there's a new trick
I'm at the point where personally I'd be willing to just bump a character to 50 in a save editor. But I've already got 2 legit level 50s and oodles of play time
@SaintWacko Ifi t's on your main character it'd make everything stupid easy for a while
9:09 PM
@SaintWacko yes it would
I'd only power level on an alt character
@DanielPalamarchuk I have rolled back your tag edits, as they are not appropriate for these questions. Minecraft and Minecraft:PE are two separate games. Please familiarize yourself with how tagging is used here before doing any further retagging. — fbueckert 12 secs ago
Good? Bad?
@BenBrocka No, this would be on an alt
@fbueckert Good, but there may be more to come out of this.
Actually the same alt I was on when we killed Vermivorous
9:13 PM
@MBraedley Eh. That's fine. We'll deal with it as it comes.
@fbueckert Good
@MBraedley No
Sorry for re-spamming the front page.
@SaintWacko If you just want a level 50 alt you might just want to use Gibbed's save editor (or make a new alt for that level). I tried power leveling a low level character with @badp and it took ages to get a couple levels at ~20
@fbueckert I'm not sure if you know: you can ping an editor by commenting on a question
basically experience for enemies is only ever scaled down
never up
a level 2 guy and a level 50 guy give the same amount of experience
9:15 PM
@murgatroid99 I commented on his answer.
That'll ping him regardless.
@fbueckert That's what I'm saying. You can respond to the edit directly. I know both will ping him, but commenting on the question makes it clearer what you are responding to
@badp I think they used to do that in BL1, and it was too easy to power level. Power leveling went by reasonably quickly with the Guardians
I'm not sure if retagging counts him as an editor; it wouldn't auto-complete his username.
@SaintWacko We could plan on doing that sometime this week. Depending on where you are exactly, I'd either be an excessive tank, or just enough of a distraction to keep you alive.
@fbueckert I would have done the same, and started...but sooo many...
9:18 PM
@BenBrocka Eh. There weren't that many. I spent some time fixing some of them up while I was at it.
@fbueckert That is weird. I'm not sure what's going on there
@fbueckert Editors aren't autocompleted.
@TimStone Does it ping him if I comment on the question, though?
like 30, times 4 clicks each or so?
@fbueckert Yep
9:19 PM
@TimStone Huh. Good to know for the future.
Q: Expand the username auto-completion to everyone who can be notified

lunboks@username auto-completion for comments was recently implemented, and is already active on MSO. However, it only seems to auto-complete the usernames of people who have commented on the post. According to this topic, the list of users who can be explicitly notified also includes: The post autho...

@BenBrocka Roughly. It's not like I was going at it in a breakneck pace. I tried to take the time to review the question while I was at.
@StrixVaria What level are you in BL2?
This is cute, part of the Valve wiki's syntax highlighting includes randomly hiding _ characters
@OrigamiRobot I didn't know you played K-9. Quite the role!
9:23 PM
In a wiki for COMMAND LINE entry
@MBraedley what level were you in BL2?
@Everyone What level are you in BL2?
+app_update 90 shows correctly, but two lines later... +app update 740
@BenBrocka I told you already. Now you just have to find out where. Muwahahaha
It's in your steam chat
@BenBrocka I'm going to try to learn to play Melee Zer0 for bosses
9:25 PM
@MBraedley Probably on my sleeping or off PC at home
@OrigamiRobot not sure if serious
@BenBrocka Yeah, most likely. 35+/-3 for both my siren and mechromancer
@BenBrocka They say his melee tree is amazing
Anyways, to home I go.
Ah. No help for us, shame because we could really use a second level 50 siren
@OrigamiRobot 13 or 14.
9:27 PM
Anyway: THANKS GAMING FOLKS. Y'all are the best!!!
@OrigamiRobot ...against bosses? I find that hard to believe. Back stabs/kills are much rarer in boss fights, and most bosses have a 1 or 2 hit kill attack in melee range
@OrigamiRobot Level 42
Why is it so hard to gather a group of people to go kill things?
@BenBrocka Idk, I haven't looked very far into it. Sniping just doesn't seem to cut it.
@OrigamiRobot with The Bee rapid fire weapons become murder. Can you just focus on crits and not necessarily just sniper rifles?
I have plenty of high ROF guns you can borrow or dupe
9:29 PM
Q: What determines whether a character can use a weapon?

KatieKI found a new bow (Rank B) on the field, and while I've given it to my Archer (Rank C), he can't seem to use it during a fight. What determines whether a unit can use an item?

Q: How can i see Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Scenes

Memor-Xi have the original version on my computer and i used Realta Nua with the Mirror Moon patch to get the voices and i have also applied the patch that allows me to see the 2nd Fate Ending while i was reading the Type Moon Wiki i read that the scene where Rider makes Shiro have a dream about him an...

@BenBrocka "I'm totally going to melee the Leviathan!"
@TimStone Get down here Terramorphous and let me melee your eye
9:43 PM
Oh; right. Runner2 has actually released
I missed one. Nether Reactors, I dunno if they apply to both Minecraft and Minecraft:PE.
Two of them are asking about both Minecraft and Minecraft:PE.
@fbueckert Nether Reactors are PE only.
I have never heard of Nether Reactors before today. Definitely not in vanilla, but possibly in FTB
@Slurpee And you retagged both of those. So all is well.
9:52 PM
Yeah, I come in to see the front page flooded with edits. Whelp, time to check meta!
Q: Can I get Minecraft Pocket Edition for free if I've already bought the game?

AlexMinecract Pocket Edition has just been released and since I've already bought the game for PC I was hoping I could get the pocket edition for free. Does it do any account verification to check if you've already paid, perhaps?

@Slurpee That's referencing both. I'd say leave it alone.
Agreed. I was about to retag, then fully read the question
Welp, there's our example.
Asker approved that edit, so that gave him encouragement to do it to all of them.
At least it's not badgers blindly approving everything.
I blame @kalina for all of this
say what?
9:59 PM
@MBraedley Agreed.
whose soul did I send into uncontrollable despair?
@kalina It's really Canada's fault, but people in Canada might stop sending us useful stuff if we blame them, so...
if I did something wrong say so, if not, let me get back to EVE
many thanks
@kalina Go back to EVE
Hello New Eden, you're looking full of griefers this evening!
10:01 PM
4 mins ago, by fbueckert
@MBraedley I approved it once and I would do it again I tell you!
@MBraedley @fbueckert's soul was already in a state of uncontrollable despair way before I got involved
Just for the record, it was I who first mentioned it in chat
do you not want the minecraft tag on minecraft questions?
Now I have to actually look at the question again
@kalina Yeah, no. It's not a Minecraft question, it's a Minecraft:PE question
I can accept the argument that Minecraft:PE doesn't need the Minecraft tag
10:04 PM
Runner2's main menu music is too good for its own good. I don't want to play the game now
...also why the fuck is there a LOADING SCREEN for the OPTIONS MENU and EACH SCREEN WITHIN.
@MBraedley I have resolved the issue
@kalina You unaccepted your edit review?
@badp You don't want Sonic '06 again?
@MBraedley no I retagged the linked question and ensured no other minecraft:pe questions had the tag
Holy shit, 100 levels
10:07 PM
@kalina And fail. That one last question actually needed it
I'm so not going to see the end of this
@MBraedley by fire be purged.
12 mins ago, by fbueckert
@Slurpee That's referencing both. I'd say leave it alone.
I am leaving, before I accidentally retag @MBraedley
10:09 PM
@kalina Go back to EVE, everything's good now
@MBraedley fine! I'm leaving! slams door
Q: Gaming on Ubuntu touch

AmanI am an indie game developer who is interested in targeting Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch. I have noticed that you support various tools. I am wondering if you support OpenGL and how much tweaking does a game need to have in order to run properly on Ubuntu? I know that you have different layouts(tablet...

Not only do people who lie about rape damage the lives of the men they falsely accuse, but they also make women of legitimate rape less likely to come forward for fear of being called a liar.
@Wipqozn I agree completely
I think at 16 months she got off easy
I'd treat falsely accusing somebody of that as just as bad as actually doing it
@kalina The problem with that is if you make the punishment too high it could cause people of legitimate rape to not come forward for fear of being jailed for years. Additionally, if you make the punishment too high then people who falsely accuse someone else of raping them may be less likely to admit they were lying after the fact. IF they will be locked up for 10 years for making a false claim, they may insist it happened all the way to the end, instead of feeling remorse and admitting...
...what they did.
Basically, fuck people who lie about rape, they make things worse for everyone.
10:23 PM
@Wipqozn yes, they take possibly the worst crime that can be committed and trivialise it for their own gains
@kalina Yes.
Apparently this women falsely accused men just because she "didn't like them."
@Wipqozn yeah, that's disgusting
Just curious, how did this get marked as a dupe
It's cases like this that make me wish they'd make it that the anonymity laws in rape cases applied to the accused as well as the accuser until they are found guilty. Innocent until proven guilty, after all.
Q: What characters in Bit Trip Runner 2 are unlockable?

RetrosaurIn the level screen, there is an option to choose different "characters". What characters are available in game, and how do I unlock them?

10:26 PM
It would probably make people less likely to lie about it too, since it would be that much harder to completely ruin someones life with a false claim.
@Retrosaur Sounds like @RavenDreamer thought that skins and characters were the same thing.
I'm assuming they are not?
It's like, Gaijin put all kinds of alternatives to this and I'm completely ignoring them
In any case, I've never played the game, so I'll leave this in @badp's capable hands. Who I think has played the game.
goddamn, two of the same jump in a row D:
@Wipqozn I've only started. I've yet to see 1-2.
@Wipqozn I've seen some pre-release showcases and characters are just reskins
@badp AH, I see. If that was the case I'd agree with @Raven's closure.
I'll rephrase: there are character skins which means same model but different texture, and then different characters that have different models
10:35 PM
Going home time!
@Wipqozn Turtle! Check Conclave!
Yeah, that Viktoria user is almost guaranteed a sockpuppet (or sister) of our other user.
There's no activity on that account other than on questions where Daniel is active.
And has exactly one upvote on every answer except this one
Q: What is this block I keep seeing in Tekkit with Sips and Sjin?

gnoviceI've watched nearly every episode in the Tekkit with Sips and Sjin YouTube series, and I keep seeing this particular oddly-colored block amongst the stone bricks that make up the bases of their facility buildings. I've taken a still image from their Christmas Special as an example: The block a...

@AshleyNunn I won my first race!
Hehe. My bitching on the bnet forums has hit the popular topics list.
10:51 PM
@fbueckert Link?
> It's like people ignore everything Blizz says and scream "I WANTS IT NOW!!!!!"
huh? you were screaming?
Oh, wait. Blizzard forums. Right.
@Wipqozn Fanboys. They love strawmen.
So... did you an MGReaper get into a huge flame war or something?
@Wipqozn Actually, he's defending my viewpoint.

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