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12:03 AM
good night
Oh, dear.
You're one of them?
One of them? I just like my iPad, lol. I'm not a crazy apple fan or anything
Just have an iPad and like it ;)
shakes heads
It's OK.
We all mistakes, hehe.
12:18 AM
@MattЭллен Thanks. While this coincides with the meaning (I could also say "scorch the earth"), this doesn't seem to pass the Google test.
What are you trying to say?
1:11 AM
I have a question
From the following sentence "The right amount of div ninjas was found", is it appropriate to put 'was' there?
Should it be 'were'?
1:26 AM
@Cerberus I sure do love your apple hatred. :D
@TemporaryNickName I think you want "number" instead of "amount", since ninjas are countable. But I don't know what "div ninjas" are.
As to was v. were, it depends on what you mean exactly.
The quote is from a book. "div" is name of a programming code =D.
It is hard to say whether was or were is better without fully understanding what it is about.
You probably want were.
@Cerberus hmm, ok. I never realized 'number' and 'amount' have differences. I guess smart people also make many grammar mistakes even in their books! =P
2 hours later…
3:12 AM
I'm gushing.
From my advertising teacher:
> What a superb response to the assignment! Thank you! This makes my day/week/semester, and earns you 3 "bonus points!"
3:37 AM
Q: Are the two sentences equal?

ValtteriNamely named noticed namings nominate neither nature nor nether not necessitating nurture nominating nonnatural nature. Ie. one enjoys math and analytic subjects. Are the two the same? I indispensably indicate indubitable indifference in entirety into incomprehensible intoxication in interest ...

3:50 AM
Q: Shouldn’t people looking for FAQs be able to find them?

tchristThe ELU FAQ versus the ELU FAQs Suppose you come to ELU with a question that you figure is a common one, so you conscientiously check out the ELU FAQ link first before asking your question. Which of course doesn’t help you at all, since that very prominently placed and named link does not lead ...

We have a perverse FAQ.
4:30 AM
@tchrist nice work.
Thanks. I’m glad somebody liked it. :)
It’s just perverse that the FAQ link does not lead to the FAQs, neither directly nor indirectly.
4:54 AM
3 Backpfeifengesicht (German): A face badly in need of a fist
4 Bakku-shan (Japanese): A beautiful girl… as long as she’s being viewed from behind
8 Gigil (pronounced Gheegle; Filipino): The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute
24 Waldeinsamkeit (German): The feeling of being alone in the woods
25 Yoko meshi (Japanese): literally ‘a meal eaten sideways,’ referring to the peculiar stress induced by speaking a foreign language
German: vorgestern
For ereyesterday.
Or übermorgen.
Finnish poronkusema: the distance a reindeer can walk between toilet stops.
@tchrist counterpoint: butterface
Hm, apparently the Brits have no word for kitty-corner.
You mean catty-corner?
No, but you might.
5:03 AM
That was from here.
5:24 AM
@tchrist interesting.
5:49 AM
@tchrist, here?/
I have a question. How to reference certain sense from the dictionary? For instance, if I am to reference specifically second sense from here:
How do you mean?
You can write "cracked 1." or something?
That’s what I need. How to properly reference that (as in print), and not to confuse with something like _batty_<sup>2</sup> which references altogether different, unrelated sense.
6:50 AM
Make sure your reader understands that you are referring to dictionary entries.
When in doubt, write in full: "the first sense of cracked mentioned in dictionary x is..."
I link the definition, it’s for SE post.
3 hours later…
9:43 AM
I want to master English one day!!
Hi @Cerberus
How are you?
Hi @Ethereal
This song is extremely catchy and creepy haha
@Sudhir Hi again!
I like it
@TemporaryNickName That song is silly.
9:51 AM
You're from India?@Ethereal
@Sudhir Yeah, we've talked earlier too.
When? I forgotten.
@Sudhir My username earlier was Novice.
Why you changed your name?
Ethereal means airy.
@Sudhir I change my name every month.
9:54 AM
But I like your arbitrary name.
@Sudhir I'm not sure if it really is arbitrary.
What kind of work out do you guys do? And how often do you do it?
@TemporaryNickName: You're from India?
Ancient aliens.
9:58 AM
I do jogging but my mom says it's going to damage my knee lol
@Sudhir Nope, but I guess the question was quite sudden.
So you're from?
I am from Korea, and you?
haha O.K.
My guess was right!
S.Korea or N.Korea?
10:01 AM
S.Korea, unfortunately you are not going to see any N.Korean on internet =(
Why so?
They don't have permission to connect to Google and stuff =(
So they don't use Internet?
They have Intranet
So I think you belong to a country which owns SAMSUNG.
10:04 AM
I've listen S.Korean are very hard workers.
Samsung owns =)
It's true, S.Koreans work the longest hours in the world
How much?
Hmmm, in software company, when a project is near deadline, they don't go home until they finish their job.
10:06 AM
It sucks haha
what makes even worse is supermarkets generally do not have Redbulls =(
1 United States Dollar = 1,085.51198 South Korean Won.
My god
it is 1 to 1
wait, no
Hi @Epitorial
@Sudhir, hello!
You're from Philippines?
10:10 AM
What's official language there?
Korean people work the longest hours but at least we get paid that much more =D
I had an Indian teacher before. He taught me Java lol!
He was my first programming teacher
Oh, sorry. Filipino and English.
10:13 AM
@TemporaryNickName: You speak English in your home?
No I don't speak English at home. I speak Korean.
Seoul is the capital ?
That's right =D
Is New Delhi your capital?
=D. I want to visit India in future. I eat Indian food quite often. My favorites are Samosa and Naan bread
I hope I spelled them correctly.
10:17 AM
You have came to India before?
Not yet =(
BTW I am going out for awhile, see you laterz!
Which of this two countries has the most official languages? India or South Africa?
which language?
India has no official language.
10:20 AM
Some say it is English, others say it is Hindi.
mixture of Hindi and English
I see.
And which of you agrees in the existence of extraterrestrials?
10:56 AM
can someone correct my essay
11:16 AM
I received a decent mark for my essay written in English just by having proper essay structure, talking about correct topic and good referencing. I still had number of grammar mistakes and faulty usage of vocabularies but it didn't affect the final score too much.
@pourjour Review your essay structure, referencing and check if you have every single necessary requirements from assignment guideline =D.
3 hours later…
2:17 PM
All are gone?
2:40 PM
3:19 PM
Can 'bikes and cars' be grouped under one name/category? 'Auto' or 'Automobiles' seems inappropriate (wrong).
3:42 PM
@01100001 Transporters?
It is much wronger.
hmm... I was considering 'Transport'
I think automobiles is fine.
There doesn't seem to be a neat term
@Ethereal I don't think bikes fall under auto/automobiles, am I wrong?
Then how about "vehicles"?
too broad :P
3:44 PM
Then use the phrase "road vehicles".
ELU is broken.
Trucks are included in that too. I think you can use "small vehicles"... maybe
A: neutral word for male organ (British English, upper-class)

user38181But wouldn't "penis" be more intellectual middle class? (Open question, I'm really not ure)

Two people upvote this. Two. Two people with voting privileges can't tell a comment by the OP, asking for clarification from an answerer, from an actual answer.
@RegDwighт LOL, I was about to answer "number one" or "the main point"
I wonder why my message was starred.
3:51 PM
@Ethereal India's official languages are Hindi and English (yes, two)
@01100001 No, they are just two recognized languages. There is no official language of the country according to the Constitution.
@Ethereal Consider that you are wrong. :)
There have been ammendments
@01100001 OK, can you provide a link to support that argument?
I've read numerous applications. Anyway, I'll see if I can.
Even though the Constitution has written the names of the recognized languages, there is no one official language.
> Neither the Constitution of India, nor any Indian law defines any national language.
Hmm, by "official language", I have meant "national language" all the way.
3:58 PM
In that case, Hindi would be it. All states have it as the official language, and we are even taught Hindi as the first/second language
@01100001 Are you from India?
Ah, I see. "official language" =/= "national language" :)
@Ethereal yep
4:37 PM
@RegDwighт Don't look at me.
I voted to delete the entire damn question.
2 hours later…
6:29 PM
Hi @AndrewLeach
While reading today's news I observed one sentence which was written as
"Its good to revisit decision, issues we may have once considered closed, as nothing is written on stone."
I think in will come in place of on.
What you say?
@Robusto:You can help me.
@Cerberus: you can tell?
Hello folks. I have a question. Is this question welcome on EL&U? I suppose it might need improvements, so what do you guys think? I'm asking here to know if the community is OK with it. :)
Q: How do you translate "словесные дисциплины" into academic English?

DVKHow do you translate "словесные дисциплины" into academic English? Informally, that'd be "3Rs", plus languages (reading/writing/rhethoric + foreign languages). Is there a good overarching academic field that covers them all together?

Hi @Alenanno
@Sudhir Oh, hello there!
You're from Italy?
6:43 PM
@Sudhir There are several mistakes in that sentence.
Yes, it's written in stone.
@Cerberus Yo
in will come.
> It's good to revisit decisions, issues we may have once considered closed, as nothing is written in stone.
@Alenanno Yo!
6:44 PM
@Cerberus: Newspaper is TOI, India's top NP.
And I must say "as" does not make sense there.
The "as" clause should provide a reason or argument for the main clause, but it does not.
I would remove "as" and use a semicolon instead of a comma there.
He could use "since".
@Sudhir Well, perhaps their English is not very good.
But I don't think "as" is really wrong there, are you sure it is?
@Alenanno Still doesn't make much sense.
6:46 PM
@Cerberus: You know TOI?
Unless the context provides the sense that is lacking in this sentence. That is always possible.
@Alenanno: What's official language in Italy?
@Sudhir I have heard of it, yes.
@Sudhir Italian, of course.
What about English?
6:47 PM
Not an official language. :D
@Alenanno Translation is off-topic, isn't it? (And the three Rs are reading, writing and arithmetic.)
> As you know, nothing is written in stone; for that reason, it is good to revisit decisions, issues we may have once considered closed
@Alenanno Does that make sense to you?
This is what the sentence should mean.
@Alenanno The second Russian word is obviously disciplines, not sure about the first.
It is possible.
6:49 PM
@AndrewLeach It's not really a flat-out translation, but again...
@Cerberus You just reworded it. But you're saying the same. :P
@Alenanno Yes, I did that in order to emphasise the "reason" element.
@Alenanno Perhaps in that case, you provide the literal translation, and then ask what the idiomatic expression is.
@Cerberus: What does ; reveal here?
The latter may be the reason why the former is the case, but that is less likely than that the editor just tacked on a somewhat meaningless phrase.
@AndrewLeach Me? The question is not mine. :P
The OP can do it if he wants his question reopened.
@Cerberus Ok, I see that. But then why did you say it didn't make sense?
6:52 PM
@Sudhir It signifies that there is some relation between the two clauses, but it does not specify what kind of relation (such as reason, concession, consequence, etc.). I did that because I doubt whether the last clause should really be read as a reason. As signifies a reason.
@Alenanno Oh. Yes. The question you have is not that one, it's the question about that question. Sorry.
@Alenanno To make the ehm absence of sense more visible!
@AndrewLeach No worries! I asked so I could migrate it and for him to have it reopened but my interest goes up to a certain point. I can't do that for each user so... :P
@Sudhir By the way, the most respectable newspapers do make mistakes in all countries.
Including my own.
Only the front page is properly corrected.
The website and pages > 1 are not.
@Cerberus: I barely have seen the usage of ";" in between.
6:54 PM
It is a very useful stop.
@Cerberus: In India they won't use semicolon in between.
Its considered weird.
may be in US
Semicola are universal all over the world...
India may be the exception!
@Cerberus Half-coke? :P
I try to use Greek plurals whenever I can, you know that!
@Cerberus: Which is the best newspaper?
6:57 PM
in India and in US?
I wouldn't know about India.
Washington Post?
In the US, probably the New York Times or the Washington Post.
The NYT is said to be a bit more liberal.
I read it more often than the WP.
Wall street journal?
6:59 PM
Also fine.
But it will have more articles about economics and such.
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