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12:00 AM
opinions on a cheap and good registrar?
@Tom have you loaded procmon and logged in with it running and captured the data? What's changed recently? What does rsop say?
@coredump all my stuff is Godaddy. Like 12 bucks a name.
Godaddy CEO is a bastard :)
That's what I've heard
@coredump, yes, that is true, and they have poor tech support. But if you can manage to run your own domain without hand holding, and don't care about the tons of spam and up-selling on their web site, they are cheap and get the job done...
I just need to register the thing
12:06 AM
I have yet to really see any great DNS provider. They all seem to suck in various ways.
@Tom what, if anything, do the event logs say?
Someone unstuck my ಠ_ಠ!! NEVER FORGIVE!
Never Forget!
Remember the Alamo!
12:25 AM
God save the Queen!!
Libertas Quæ Sera Tamen!
For the Horde!
Gnor Bodi!
12:41 AM
Lali ho!
career question. Am I wasting my time being Windows centric? I feel like I need to branch out, personally.
@Holocryptic Yes, you are a failure. Go die.
I honestly can't answer that question without bias.
@WesleyDavid Sadly, my will to live is just enough to resist your tempting offer.
Okay, anyway. @Holocryptic If you go deep into Windows, you will always have jobs.
Windows and Microsoft-centric understanding is a huge field with a massive installation base.
12:50 AM
I just don't think it as fun as the alternatives :P
But you'r mission, should you choose to accept it, is to understand the deep, grimy underpinnings of the OS. The problem with most Windows admins is that they have a surface understanding of what's going on.
And yes, if fun is a factor, I'd rather know Linux which I'm doing right now.
Switched from Win 7 to Fedora 14 and loving it.
I'm toying with looking for another job, when frankly I should be busting hump and looking for another job. And I'm thinking of trying to look for a consulting gig somewhere to broaden my exposure.
I'm tired of spending 3+ hours on the road at $4+ a gallon
It cuts into time I could spend studying, or sleeping, or any number of other things.
@Holocryptic Your comment is officially accepted. You can now deface my blog at will.
Oh, and I'll get your icon and numbers in the post in a minute.
Face time on your blog was a secret dream of mine
About getting the internals of the OS: with time and C, you can get to know how the whole thing works on linux.
That said, I will go watch some TV. Bbl
12:54 AM
Wow, I'm beating Microsoft's own KB articles for a few big search terms. No wonder traffic on my blog is going relatively nuts.
MSFTs KBs are sometimes poorly written archaic script written by DeepDeep in Bangalore, and it's easier to find sumd00d who wrote a blog about it.
But back to my problems.
I'm getting bored at work.
@Holocryptic Set fire to something.
Start your own consulting firm.
Get hired as a consultant at another firm.
I'm thinking of the latter
I'm getting tired of the desktop runaround
lack of direction, etc...
lack of $$$
anyways, enough boo hooing
Show me your boobs
1:09 AM
@Holocryptic So am I just calling you "holocryptic" or do you want a name out there? And no website or Twitter account or anything to link to?
@WesleyDavid are you asking for my secret identity?
@Holocryptic Yes. Or no. Wait... is this a trick question?
No Twitter or website yet. You can use my name.
Erik Gumbel. Hold the relish.
@Holocryptic A'ight. You're on the list. Blog post updated
1:35 AM
@Holocryptic You should talk to your boss about me replacing you :)
posted on April 13, 2011 by SysAdmin1138

Today I ran into a limitation of robocopy that just might have bitten me in the past and I never knew it. I got pulled aside to ask my opinion of how a robocopy of a large filesystem yielded no errors in the robocopy log, but differed in file-count by 6 files. The user was able to identify a directory with a file that got missed, which helped. The files in the directory were named similar to th

Wait a tick. Erik Gumbel? Figures.
1:50 AM
@ScottPack HAHAHA
@ScottPack you shut your whore mouth, sir!
@Holocryptic Why, were it not for my immediate trip to bed, I would counter such remarks appropriately.
Going myself here shortly. Massive headache, not sure if it's nicotine withdrawals or not
@Holocryptic Speaking about quitting; did you ever talk to your boss about me as said replacement? :P
@Jacob you're a persistent bugger, aren't you? I thought you had a gig now anyways
2:04 AM
@Holocryptic Long story; but yeah I do have work now
though not all that much
2:20 AM
Well, this stinks I'm not going to PICC
2 hours later…
4:26 AM
I claim number 1 spot on the rep board!
2 hours later…
6:54 AM
Good morning.. yawn
7:09 AM
@coredump I actually just lol'd, thank you :-) (For what it's worth, it's my boyfriends sister :P)
Mornin' @pauska
@BenPilbrow such a wasted opportunity
Bah, even if I was straight, I've screwed up friendships before by having what was effectively a one night stand with them. I won't be doing that again any time soon with friends I actually care about :)
you should have passed the buck to someone else
that's basic guy code
8:09 AM
serverfault.com/questions/259119/… like clever spam to me babymallonline-com-port-443
I concur
8:42 AM
anyone here experienced with patching/updating firmware/bios on dell servers?
I found 3 different ISO's on dell support, all of them has firmware installation.. a bit unsure of wich one to choose
9:20 AM
hmm i forget its name but they have a big update disk that is designed to update all firmware and drivers on a server and it works really well
ohh that's it, just checked, Dell Server Update Utility aka SUU
IIRC, if you just download the latest version it will handle all "current" and most "old but recent" models of poweredge, if that makes sense
oh and it takes frigging ages to run
'cos it does a lot
Hey folks
9:40 AM
1 hour later…
10:55 AM
I'm clearing up a hacked Exchange, 100K of dodgy Tiwanese spam
11:16 AM
Compromised account or system?
G'morning, @TomOConnor
A: Kids + older computers + our network at the office: Security risk?

Tom O'ConnorPut the kids on an IPv6 only connection. That way, they'll only be able to get to a handful of websites anyway. Mostly the good ones, Facebook, Google, Youtube..

I totally boggled at that question.
I'm assuming the IPv6 FreePornWarehouse never took off?
@ScottPack No, but I might start one.
As I recall that was going to be the Great Motivator to actually pull people over. More porn than you could ever want, all free, and only available over IPv6.
This was, of course, back in the days before trivial access to tunnels.
You dont think there is enough free porn on ipv4? I could name a few sites..
11:26 AM
Please, do go on....
You don't want it, @jscott. It would be all that weird creepy Norwegian porn. You think the Germans are over the top.... shudder
@ScottPack Compomised Exchange SErver. Someone clicked a tick box without understanding what it did
People managing Exchange without having the right competence to do so?
Never heard of that before
Our Technical Architect got the Domain Admin credentials because the big boss is away
And off he went to fix a problem.
11:44 AM
@ScottPack Can we have an IP address like 2002:b00b:1355:: or something?
what about :dead:beef: too
necro porn. 2002:dead:b00b:1e55:
I bet things like boob get blocked like BO 11 OCK for a car red has been
12:02 PM
@ITHedgeHog, was it something in the receive connector?
12:36 PM
Anyone who's done an Exchange 2007 > 2010 migration, what were your main reasons? What features did you get from it that made it worth it?
12:51 PM
@ITHedgeHog So you've rebuilt and restored from known good backups, right?
@BenPilbrow ah! Then I was almost right... A little off on the preferences of the system tho :)
morning people
1:13 PM
@TomOConnor How do you determine which bin an item fits in?
the item has a bin preference
Like each item comes with a predetermined bin preference, but also some other rating that must be evaluated.... So you can ignore the bin preference? Or you do the rating and bin preference??
like ItemA.BinPreference.Primary = A ; binpreference.secondary=C
you can't ignore bin preference, you need it to calculate ratings
Ok, so the rating is based on the bin preference?
amongst other things.
the rating is determined by the item's age, properties etc
and altered by the bin preference.
1:17 PM
And you need to find the bin sort that optimizes the ratings of all items?
This is impossible to describe without giving too much away about what it's for.
imagine the bins are things like Can Drive Car, Can drive bus, Can drive tank.
item a can drive car, and bus, but hates driving buses.
Well if the other preference modifiers don't change based on the bin, we can safely call them a constant.
And ignore them for the purposes of optimization.
which other preference modifiers?
Age and other properties.
those are constants, and fairly unconnected to this algo.
1:19 PM
Ok, makes this much simpler.
If those were impacted by the bin sort, you'd probably be stuck with exhaustive search.
which is the current method.
Sounds like a knapsack problem...
which would be ok, because we could probably farm it across a number of cores
sounds like, but it's not a good fit, if the algo descriptions of knapsack are to be believed.
i thought it was simple bin packing, but that doesnt' quite fit either
So does each item have an unequal weight? For instance if there are two bins that fit one item each, and two items with the same preference for Bin A. If I put Item1 in BinA, and Item2 in BinB; does that have a different total optimization than Item2 in BinA and Item1 in BinB?
that's one of the problems
it also affects the bin rating (if there's 3 items in bin A)
1:24 PM
ugh, that does make it more complicated
and also the overall rating (average and cum. ratings) of all bins
I was just about to suggest something like Find all items with Primary Pref for BinN; select Items with least uniq Secondary Pref; pull Tir Pref in ties. It's been a few years since learning this stuff.... I really enjoyed it, but haven't used it much since then.
I shall send it to the hardmaths mailing list at my alma mater, i suspect.
@DanBig It was the Routing Connector
@ITHedgeHog, nothing like an errant button pusher :)
1:42 PM
@ScottPack I'm decomissioning the server, and pushing the planned upgrade to Exchange 2007 forward
@DanBig but he says he didn't do anything!
@ITHedgeHog Good man.
Oh buggeration, he's gone and over written a test DB and wiped some business testing out to fix an NTFS permissions error >.<
1:56 PM
Get the cluebat!
Sorted out now. Tonnes of fun.
Oddly his domain password expired early thus removing him from the network for a while
VPN kicked him offline too
It's so odd how these things happen from time to time
I want one of those
2:16 PM
I don't like many things, but I hate nothing more than hardware that work correctly on windows and fails on linux. Simple hardware, like a stupid bluetooth dongle.
3:00 PM
@ChrisS Why don't people give out useful things like that at MY conferences?
Reminds me of the Herbie-Be-Good-Stick
3:20 PM
For everyone who asked, I just posed the answer to the question. Thanks all.
@Tom just read it. That pretty unbelievable.
@Tom . . . headdesk
hahah ... and it's NOT the first time
posted on April 13, 2011 by Wesley David

Last week I sent out a cry for help concerning the 2011 10K ServerFault challenge. Several people responded offering their skills and ideas and as I dreaded, I had to make a difficult decision. Before I tell a bit more about the final decision, let me say thank you to those who offered their help. One of [...]

3:33 PM
OOOO they finally released the fixed RSAT for SP1 machines
3:51 PM
@Zypher Installing SP1 on Win7 will get you the SP1 RSAT Tools. Doesn't help if you're running Vista or refuse to install SP1 on your machine....
hrm, install sp1 def did not give me the RSAT tools
That's strange, it did for me...
did you already have RSAT installed pre-sp1?
Yep; installed, enabled, etc... I do as much from my computer as I can.
ahh that's why
if you do something like a fresh install .. patch patch patch (sp1 included) then went to install the RSAT tools
you were SOL until now
the installer checked for the RTM version, and would bounce you as not a supported OS if you had anything else
4:06 PM
Interesting; I suppose that would do it.
4:45 PM
Q: Huge storage, what type of server ?

JulienHello, this is the first month in my new company who charged me to make a case study for our backups. Actually, only directors can access to the backup server hosted into the company, each one is allowed to backup only 50GO. What we try to look for : Backup our informations daily (we have ab...

What's a GO?
@ScottPack A GO is a new type of measurement. It's all the rage in Eastern Europe.
It figures, what isn't all the rage over there?
perhaps too offensive....
Damn, I missed it.
4:52 PM
What did he say?
I don't know. He keeps deleting it while this window is backgrounded.
I made a sweeping general statement about Eastern Europeans. As I don't know many Eastern Europeans hanging around here, it's probably safe, but...meh.
Say it in reverse
5:04 PM
@Holocryptic, how can i not star that? Boobs get me every time.
@DanBig Me too. I'm sure women would say that I have some kind of unnatural fixation on boobs. My response to that is that they probably have a small chest.
oops, lol
@DanBig ya I just saw that one :-)
hrm... Looking at it, he's probably fine, right?
5:15 PM
@Holocryptic should be -- if all his zones are AD-Integrated he shouldn't have lost any data, and presumably his other DC is currently running DNS so there should be no interruption of service.
kinda what I was thinking
hmm, should I order my iPad now or wait until payday?
Do it now, and while you're at it. Grab me one?
I'll just take the cash, thanks
I <3 bash questions
5:18 PM
@DanBig get your own! :P
@voretaq7 Yep, should be fine.... It'd be impressively dumb to only have one AD/DNS server after all.
I've been debating on buying one lately. I'll probably just get a 1st gen WiFi, since I have an iP4 and dont need the camera and can tether it.
@ChrisS Never underestimate the gross stupidity out there in the world...
We've got two iPads at work... I can't imagine getting one for home now that I know how limited the darn things are... I found them very frustrating for getting any work done (other than Angry Birds).
@ChrisS foreflight.com/index.php is the only reason I want one.
5:21 PM
@voretaq7 I didn't... That's why I commented about how dumb it would be to only run one in my answer to that question.... probably the case given that the OP seems like he rides the short bus.
now now, just because he's using Windows.... oh, you meant because he blindly uninstalled stuff without thinking about what server he was on.
@voretaq7 You're a pilot?
@ChrisS working on it
@voretaq7 Very cool; I'd love to get a roto-wing license, but the money's not there right now; maybe in a few years.
5:25 PM
just sayin'
Proof that high reputation attracts more reputation:
Q: bash: variable loses value at end of while read loop

wolfgangszI have a problem in one of my shell scripts. Asked a few colleagues, but they all just shake their heads (after some scratching), so I've come here for an answer. According to my understanding the following shell script should print "Count is 5" as the last line. Except it doesn't. It prints "Co...

@ChrisS yeah I don't have the coordination for that - I can barely handle the yoke & 2 pedals - two sticks and two pedals is certainly beyond my limits :-)
@voretaq7 The throttle's on the elevator stick too, unless you're in a fancy high end chopper where it's automatic.
@coredump perhaps he saw it before you revised your answer and spent time reading ignacio's reference while you made the changes?
@Iain No, he just accepted the answer and I finished that question some time ago. Its life :)
5:29 PM
@ChrisS I was talking about the cyclic & the collective (I can deal with the throttle being on the cyclic, that's kinda like a motorcycle)
@coredump I know you finished it a while ago but in it's 1st incarnation you told him why but not how, Ignacio's reference told him both indirectly
@voretaq7 I've picked up some poor terminology from buddies, elevator = collective...
@Iain My last edit was to add the long explanation. Anyway, it's just rep.
@ChrisS jah I got what you meant :) One of the guys in my ground school was going for heli - I think everyone gagged when he told us what he paid for hour to rent the little R22
god damn avaya phones and their dhcp config :(
5:35 PM
@voretaq7 Yeah, it really depends on where you go... The places that rent for profit charge an arm, leg, and kidney... If it's just someone trying to recoup costs then you can get them a lot cheaper.
I agree about rep goes to rep but in this case Ignacio's answer was better than your original so it's not really proof of your assertion
The R22 and R44 are quite popular with "schools", cheap and easy to maintain.
I'd go for a kit copter myself, probably a RotorWay Talon or a VAT Hummingbird.
@pauska what's the deal?
@ChrisS when I finally get my ticket I'm torn between building a kitplane or buying something from the 60s/70s
@voretaq7 I'd only recommend the kits to someone with plenty of time and mechanical skill. Otherwise it'll end up 1/2 assembled and never finished. Having friends to help is a big plus too =]
5:43 PM
@ChrisS and a place to work (which is the real killer for me -- no garage, and hangars at all the airports around here are obscene)
@Holocryptic They need specific dhcp options to find the voip server etc.. I've provided all of them, but they still default back to LLDP after 30 seconds of searching for DHCP
@voretaq7 Good point, I live in the suburbs, so there's space around...
@Holocryptic: The weird part is that they do get a dhcp lease, I verified it both at the dhcp server and on the voip phone after it finally boots
It must be some kind of dhcp option missing, I just cant figure out wich one
@ChrisS I live in the suburbs with no space around :-)
@pauska our avaya server handles the DHCP requests for our segment dedicated to the phones. How are you setting everything up?
5:56 PM
@Holocryptic I'm using our existing DHCP infrastructure (2xwindows 2008), using ip helper across vlans and over IP VPN links
If I plug my laptop into the voice vlan I get a lease in like 4 seconds
while the avaya phones search for IP for ages
I can even see that its searching in the right vlan (its shown in the display on boot up)
6:25 PM
@Holocryptic: Was missing the http server ip address in the dhcp settings
@pauska good find!
I just got back and was trying to find some stuff
took a while to figure out.. turns out we got some kind of new mega fancy avaya box with built in http server etc
I thought the http server was optional..
7:21 PM
I made the most amazing maple cupcakes last night
they're a big hit at work
@hobodave you already got your raise, no need to overdo it
there's no way I'm trusting myself at home with 24 cupcakes
See I would make them, eat maybe 2 of them, and the rest would spoil
8:00 PM
user image
8:13 PM
@hobodave recipe please
I dont have it on me
post it up later please and I'll get it in my morning. I know what yo mean though I made some bread @ the weekend and we just ate the lot
8:25 PM
converting a physical server to virtual via the vmware boot cdzzzzZzzzzzz.....
8:42 PM
hrm, actually a bunch of questions I can answer today. I like. Must hit 10k
9:41 PM
sloooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww day

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