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5:09 AM
(Ping @HodofHod, who's listed as present.)
@msh210 Hmm. Did we delete the lighthearted ones on the earlier ones? Or is that only policy going forward?
@HodofHod Definitely going forward, and I've gone back and deleted some of the more blatantly non-serious ones. My only hesitation about this one is that, well, it's lighthearted, yes, but technically correct and topical.
Not a particularly Jewish fact, yuntiff notwithstanding.
5:26 AM
@HodofHod Not particularly, no.
Well, you can debate the issue with the wall. Sorry to post and run, but I've gtg. Good night!
@msh210 I'd vote to delete if I could. I think yes.
@HodofHod Can't you? What's the cutoff?
@msh210 20000
@HodofHod Man, oh, man. We need some more high-rep users....
Good night.
@msh210 Indeed. We only have 7 users above 20,000. two are mods and 1 is inactive.
What's our local policy on meta-tags?
seems we have some for example.
user image
5:50 AM
@HodofHod Tags as described in the linked-to blog post are explicitly discouraged by SE and we cannot locally override that no matter whether we want to, I think. I think the intent of was not to be the sort of tag describedin that blog post (though I don't have time now to check the questions and see whether that's what it's become). Okay, goodbye, for real now.
Goodbye :)
6:14 AM
@HodofHod Me, too.
6:28 AM
@msh210 Tell that to .
9 hours later…
3:09 PM
@IsaacMoses ... ? ... don't know what the engine is waiting for ...
1 hour later…
4:21 PM
Oh, I see that many of those views may have come from stackexchange.com/questions
4:42 PM
@IsaacMoses wow. I wonder what makes a question "hot"? (I can guess at inputs to the formula, but, say, why that purim-torah question among the others, for instance?)
BTW I linked to that question on G+ last night, but I don't imagine that will have a big effect. (No Announcer badge yet. :-) )
@MonicaCellio Here's to both of us getting Announcer. I think that'd be the first time two people get it on one question. When I saw the view count exploding, I was all excited about getting the first Booster, but oh, well.
@IsaacMoses patience... it may yet come. :-) It'd be cool if we both got Announcer.
@MonicaCellio Don't know for sure, but it's got +13 and 4 favorites right now, which is pretty good for us. Here's our local hot list.
A: How are "Hot" Questions Selected?

Jeff AtwoodWhat Formula Should Be Used To Determine "hot" Questions? Based on my analysis of the above and the comments so far, here's the second version of what I have implemented so far. This might suck. I don't know: (log(Qviews)*4) + ((Qanswers * Qscore)/5) + sum(Ascores) ----------...

... so it helps that it has 5 answers with a combined score of +29
5:05 PM
So um, did anybody else have trouble getting Facebook to find the right thumbnail?
@HodofHod Yes.
@IsaacMoses And the title starts off with the tag name. that's frustrating.
I know that's the intended behavior for browsers; I wonder if they can customize it for facebook?
@HodofHod I find that frustrating too (not just facebook).
@MonicaCellio Yeah, me too. But they've said that's not going to change
Q: Share on facebook shows the low-ranking designed title tag

Mark Henderson The title looks weird "history - Who is..."; given that it's going to facebook, the chances of it being farmed would be pretty low (I only have 71 "friends"), and it reads really weirdly. Should the FB Share titles be changed back to the normal, un-adultered titles? For the record, I know why...

5:43 PM
@HodofHod After you paste the URL and FB converts it to a title, you can edit the title before posting. (IME. YMMV.)
@msh210 Well I'll be a Monkey's uncle
@HodofHod b'shaa tova umutzlachas
@HodofHod Welcs!
6:03 PM
Incidentally, when you share a link on Facebook, you have the ability to edit the title and description before hitting the "Share Link" button. credit to @msh210HodofHod 15 mins ago
@HodofHod bringing the world redemption
@msh210 says who?
@HodofHod כמאן?
@HodofHod :-) Rabi Y'hoshua ben Levi? (Really not sure. That's my best recollection.)
אמר רבי אלעזר בשם רבי חנינא "כל האומר דבר בשם אומרו, מביא גאולה לעולם" (מגילה טו, א).
I also forgot, had to google it.
6:19 PM
@HodofHod Thanks. So much for my memory.
you and me both :(
@HodofHod Gotta keep that string handy, since, as you point out, any less complete reference to this concept is inherently hypocritical
@IsaacMoses Hm. Not sure. Do I have to credit R' Yehuda Hanassi, since I know it primarily from Avos?
@HodofHod How to Ask :)
Also, just realized that it's very topical, since Rabbi Elazar learns it from Esther telling Achashverosh b'shem Mordechai. Do I have to quote them? Is there a never-ending recursion?
Oh Noes!!
6:26 PM
@HodofHod Seriously, this sounds like a so-so real question and/or an excellent question in the making. If you don't ask it, I will.
@IsaacMoses I may ask it as a serious question. Not sure how I would formulate a PT one, but if you'd like to do that, go ahead!
@HodofHod As a real question, though, it seems applicable to anything recounted, not just this saying.
@msh210 Of course. But do you have to quote this saying every time you recount something totally different?
@HodofHod Why would you?
@msh210 "random saying" -by random person, quoted because of the teaching of R; Elazar in the name of R' Chanina in the name of Esther.....
6:32 PM
@msh210 True, but this makes for a good example.
@HodofHod Nah. Then every time we do a mitzva, we'd have to say a "besheim rabim" before doing it, after the "lesheim yichud"
@HodofHod I imagine that if you're anyway saying "mevi g'ula laolam" then you should say who said so, but if you're not saying "mevi g'ula laolam" anyway then why would you say "mevi g'ula laolam"?
@HodofHod The PT question would proceed from the assumption that the reductio ad absurdum is correct
@HodofHod I'm pretty sure the statement is not always attributed the same way. (Somewhere in Chullin I think...)
@IsaacMoses Right, but if I were to write it, it would probably be asking what's the correct chain of tradition, and that doesn't seem like it would inspire interesting responses.
Of, course that shouldn't be surprising because we're still in galus :(
6:37 PM
@DoubleAA "We're doing it wrong."
@msh210 Turns out your memory wasn't faulty at all. The Mishna in Avos 6 _does- quote R' Yehoshua ben Levi!!
@HodofHod Woohoo!
mishna 6, but R' YBL starts at mishna 2
@HodofHod b'raisa btw
@HodofHod I wonder whether it's still him.
@HodofHod But I think I was remembering RYBL from M'gila. (Incorrectly.)
@HodofHod Likely not an original Mishna then. RYBL is an amora.
It's quoted by Ben Azai in Kallah 1 and by R Eliezer ben Dahavai in Kallah Rabbati 2
6:44 PM
@DoubleAA b'shem someone further?
@msh210 Nope.
@IsaacMoses I think we should be machmir and list all these names every time. Otherwise we will be stuck here in galus.
2 mins ago, by Double AA
@IsaacMoses I think we should be machmir and list all these names every time. Otherwise we will be stuck here in galus.
@DoubleAA Bediyuk! As I said, this can be either a serious or a PT question. In addition, it could be an answer to judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/15000/…
@msh210 Whoever says something in the name of whoever said it previously brings redemption to the world, so I guess we should do so whenever we can.
43 secs ago, by msh210
2 mins ago, by Double AA
@IsaacMoses I think we should be machmir and list all these names every time. Otherwise we will be stuck here in galus.
6:52 PM
10 secs ago, by Isaac Moses
43 secs ago, by msh210
2 mins ago, by Double AA
@IsaacMoses I think we should be machmir and list all these names every time. Otherwise we will be stuck here in galus.
58 secs ago, by Double AA
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48 secs ago, by Double AA
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44 secs ago, by Double AA
@DoubleAA Hello.
I think I'm Yotzei.
@IsaacMoses I had thought of reopening that to use for my Wash Tea bit, but I used it for msh210's question instead.
@DoubleAA <Checks english.thekotel.org/cameras.asp > Nope. Still in galut.
@HodofHod Aren't you a research assistant yet? I feel like I've approved bazillions of your tag wiki edits.
@DoubleAA <checks> got 5 more.
@IsaacMoses People still use WMP plugins for online video????
@HodofHod "minhag avoteinu beyadeinu" (Also, I don't actually have that plugin installed here myself, so my claim to have checked the cam was not entirely true.)
7:04 PM
@IsaacMoses Haha I didn't download it either. I relied on you!
OK, here:
@IsaacMoses That's no proof. It shows only the outside of the har. Maybe beyond the wall is the bayis.
Did that onebox work? If not, aish.com/w
(Although I think I'd have heard about it somehow.)
@msh210 I think more people would be there in that case.
7:09 PM
@IsaacMoses Yeah, makes sense.
Well, one day soon.
@msh210 Got your ear to the ground, eh?
24 secs ago, by msh210
Well, one day soon.
@IsaacMoses No, I'm actually the last to learn everything, but, still, this I think I'd have heard.

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