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5:00 PM
@ChrisS and linksys is probably getting the axe. I liked the home routers.
@ChrisS but he says something about better processes.
@coredump IMHO, Linksys has been on a downward spiral since Cisco bought them...
"install discipline?"
@coredump Yeah; almost everything he mentioned was vague BS about internal processes.
With language like that no wonder they suck.
@BartSilverstrim apt-get install discipline
5:02 PM
No way they are debian based
they probably use pacman
@coredump I'm not even sure if that's the right syntax for apt, I don't do Linux anymore... Almost all Cisco products include at least some *BSD code.
And they distributed a memo? Get with the times, Mr. We Make Crap That Makes The Internet Work. You should have an underling blogging it in your name.
@BartSilverstrim Shareholders like memos, especially when you tend to cater to the C-Levels and not so much to the techies.
Blogged or it didn't happen.
he should have tweeted
5:07 PM
That would be something. Sum up why your company sucks in a tweet.
"screwd up srry. installing discipline. 5 cool things."
It becomes a new unit of company measurement. How many tweets does it take to summarize why your company is failing?
at least he is not acting like charlie sheen
@coredump I hope that's not Celtic tiger blood
what would happen on a world without Cisco?
5:11 PM
@coredump While he's not totally delusional, he's completely off the mark... It ain't gonna be good in either case.
Winning, duh.
When I die I want Charlie Sheen's life to pass before my eyes.
That is a noble and worthy goal, sir.
And probably more fun that I could stand. Good thing I'd already be dead.
@coredump Agreed, saw that earlier. Pure stupidity.
Christ. I was checking the date on that one...
Doesn't really hurt them. In France they use ROT13 to encrypt sensitive data. Hashes do nothing for them.
@SmallClanger ditto
Comments are interesting. Apparently it's only if the data is collected in the first place. So if you;re stupid enough to store plaintext passwords, you've got to keep them.
Mind you, you have to 'collect' a plaintext password in order to be able to hash it in the first place.
5:32 PM
@SmallClanger Not if you have the client hash it before sending.
@SmallClanger How else would you get the password from the user in the first place?
@ErikA If it's your client, then your client must keep the password as entered.
There aren't many ways of worming out of it...
The law scares me more than anything... just goes to show you how shortsighted law makers can be.
France was the original cradle of liberty. How they can degrade that much
too much red wine and stinky cheese will do that to a country. :)
@coredump It's amazingly easy when you turn a blind eye to consequences and "side effects"
I found something odd in my cheese this morning.
Sliced yellow american cheese.
5:46 PM
That and so very many people are completely complacent; surprisingly willing to give up liberties they think they don't use or needs in exchange for the promise of security (even knowing how empty a politician's promise is). The real "problem" as I see it, everybody thinks they know what they're doing, that they realize the consequences of their decisions; and ravenously ignore the advice of the informed, intellectual, or historical...
It had a pocket of some kind of yellow jelly-like substance. Didn't smell bad or anything.
really weird. Figured it was something from a production snafu.
@BartSilverstrim American cheese is of the devil.
@BartSilverstrim You know that stuff isn't "cheese" right? The product clearly state "Cheese Product" which means "Stuff that Looks Enough like Cheese that people who don't know better might think it actually is"
@ChrisS who was the US president that said something about giving up personal liberties?
@coredump The first 20 or 30..... =)
It only went down hill starting about 50 years ago...
5:50 PM
Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
Benjamin Franklin
@coredump Benjamin Franklin was a smart man
But he wasn't a president
We have plenty of smart people... They're just vastly outnumbered by dumb people. Yeah democracy...
@ChrisS: It's cheese with stuff added to it. Salt, emulsifiers, stuff like that.
5:53 PM
@BartSilverstrim Considering the portion that started out as actual cheese, at what proportion does it cease to become cheese? One third; one quarter; ten percent??
An english friend of mine living in the US once made me eat a sandwich made with aerosol cheese.
@ChrisS what defines a thing?
We're not friends any more.
I don't think that the percentage is quite that high. It's not like it's 90% fungus and 10% cheese.
The label has to be that way due to it being processed.
Especially typical of Kraft cheese, since it's a mix of cheese.
When you mix the cheeses, they have to label it as a cheese product.
Mixing several cheeses does not require being called Cheese Product; but you're right that since Kraft American is typically 51 to 60% cheese, and the rest of mostly Whey, it can still be called Cheese Product, but not Cheese.
In the US products between 51 and 99% cheese can be labeled Cheese Product.
I love going to Wegmens and looking at all the cheeses. It's ridiculous how much they have there.
Point is my cheese had jelly.
I don't care if it's asbestos. If it tastes good I can eat it! Rawr!
Duh, winning.
It's not like natural means good for you. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casu_marzu
@BartSilverstrim That's awesome, how come I haven't seen it before?
Emmental, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Provolone, Mozzarella, Catupiry, Minas and Curado. That pretty much sums my list of cheese.
Probably because it came from Sun, I think. Nobody pays attention to them anymore.
6:01 PM
I've been working my way through all the English Cheddar based cheeses at Meijer of late. Got a couple of Ilchester blocks last week, very good stuff.
That Casa Marzu cheese sounds absolutely appalling.
It's illegal in Britain, I think
But it's not a cheese product ;-)
Hey friend, whats that sound? "Oh, nothing, just the sounds of maggots hopping out of my cheese sandwich"
My mom once thew out a perfectly good slice of Gorgonzola saying "it was smelling and full of mold!"
Yeah mom, I bought it that way...
6:03 PM
If people want to eat maggoty cheese, why not let them? There's no need to get all "there must be a law" on them....
I'm against stupid people passing stupid laws to prevent stupid people from hurting themselves or trying to correct their stupid ways.
humanity will fail because we are preventing evolution then?
We're evolving, just not the way you'd like to think.
6:31 PM
Oh dear god
Q: After Deleting Files with SSH Acsess and Restart VPS Not Work and don't want to Start.

DKSystemHello,i have VPS with Plesk Panel. I wanted to delete some folder in file menager,but it have some problem with permisions,so i must to delete via SSH Accsess. I loging into SSH,open the directory example: cd /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httdocs/myfolder/ Then i remove the folder with rm -rf / Af...

@coredump Ha ha!
For some sick reason, I don't tire of seeing those, if only because I know I'll do something that monumentally stupid one day
@Holocryptic I've pulled some good ones, like rm -rf /etc, but it was always a local computer and I take good backups... So much more annoying than destructive.
I know nothing about linux, except that rm -rf is bad
What exactly are those commands?
Is it the equiv of format c:\ ?
6:38 PM
@DanBig remove all files on all drives without asking
@ChrisS I imagine the butt pucker factor is still pretty high when you do it though, right?
@DanBig more like 'del c:\*.* /s /f /q'
@Chopper3, Oh, so, good times then?
@Holocryptic Yeah; well, it's one of those moments where you wonder just how good your backups really are...
@ChrisS I'm gonna do rm -rf *
6:42 PM
@DanBig Some of the newer Linux distros have adopted the BSD fix for the problem too, if one of the targets of rm is "/" it errors out instead of hosing the system until it crashes.
that scared me
hahaha nice easter egg
rm -rf
hahahahaha love it :D
@DanBig yeah, unlike format it doesn't actually wipe the system, just the files, and quietly - no messages, no warnings - you have to have root permissions or equiv however
if you type rm -rf in the chat, it actually performs it :D
Well, finally got the m4e app installing. But it's still hanging on connection to the exchange server. WTF
@DanBig rm = unlink (for i-node based file system, same as the "deleted" concept in FAT/NTFS file systems, -r = recursively, -f override permissions where possible
6:44 PM
There are times when I wish I knew more about linux, but every time I decide to install ubuntu I lose interest about 10 minutes after its installed.
I just can't care about it, i guess.
@DanBig I did the Linux thing back in high school; then I found FreeBSD and haven't looked back since.
My whole career has been Windows based, with some Novell sprinkled in, but I've never so much as looked at a production *nix server, or ever had to deal with one.
@ircmaxell what are you installing on?
Nokia E62
or trying to at least
I will not test on my machine right now
but I think that most linuxes prevent this now
let me try this on a vm
6:51 PM
@ircmaxell I got it working on E72
but it was simple on screen instructions
this is such a pita
does it come with the nokia messaging application?
with E72, if you want push support, you need to use nokia messaging
No, it needs to be m4e
it was working fine on our old exchange server
now on the new hosted one it's fubaring
yep, can't remove / with rm -rf anymore. Debian squeeeeeeeeeze
this easter egg gets annoying after the 3rd time
7:03 PM
rm -rf
@ircmaxell nokia messaging is a service you sign up existing email accounts to (I'm pretty sure it supports m4e), and then the settings are sent to your phone automatically
although the website email.nokia.com seems to be down to me
Yes, but the E62 doesn't support it
My comment about X-Forwarded-For was blatantly ignored on the NAT question
I give up
7:18 PM
i'll just leave this here
@Zypher, wait, don't S2000s not have a back seat?
that video was almost worse than the real song.
@Zypher It had the word parody so it was obvious they knew it is insane
7:33 PM
@Zypher you're dead to me
@coredump lol
Why is there a thumbnail of a tween on my monitor?
@Zypher you make cruel and unusual punishments
mwahahahaha ...
7:39 PM
Hi, can we stop flagging Youtube video links? kthx
Which reminds me, I meant to start a meta.SO topic about that.
@Powerlord sorry, I found it offensive though
@Jacob You are aware that normal users can be temporarily suspended for offensive flags, RIGHT?
and having been suspended for the same reason, I don't like seeing videos flagged.
@Powerlord Who are you?
@Powerlord No, I didn't know about that
@Powerlord, and what is going on?
7:41 PM
What are we talking about?
@ChrisS I'm a user from another chat elsewhere on the network. Flagged posts show up to all users on the network.
everyone sees suspended and starts talking...
@Powerlord It's only select users, not everyone ;)
@ChrisS Oh, controlled by a minimum rep then?
What flagged posts? Damnit I never see the cool stuff
7:43 PM
@Jacob Might have something to do with a red/organ gravitar when everyone else in the room has primarily dark shades.
(I have like 30k rep network wide)
@Powerlord I think it's just random, maybe with a rep min; I didn't get the box this time....
@Powerlord are you a mod somewhere?
Are we talking about starred posts?
@DanBig No, posts flagged as offensive.
7:45 PM
All I know is I saw the blue circle with a 1 in it, saying that I had 1 flagged post I could review, and it was for the video link earlier.
ok ... well even then , you don't need to come into a chat room you to announce you don't like a flag, post on meta or email team@ ...
@Zypher No, but it was one of my pet peeves.
@Powerlord Where's Mason? I'm just over in Grand Rapids.
@ChrisS Lansing suburb... I'm actually at work right across from the state capitol building right now.
Nice to see another Michigander around.
7:48 PM
So, Jacob flagged the jesus chick video, and it bothered you?
@DanBig All I know is that someone did... for that matter, is it even mentioned anywhere that flagging posts as offensive will suspend you... and if so, how many users have to agree with it for that suspension to happen? Guess it's time to search meta.
@Powerlord i think it's 2 (but since i can't be suspended it's pretty moot)
@Zypher If only....
but, @Powerlord i don't think it's kosher to just jump in a room to tell them what to flag or what not to flag
@Powerlord, this is also basically the SF chat room, why not let the flag be and someone else (a SF mod) can deal with it?
7:53 PM
@ScottPack am I smelling a Coup d'état?
Nah, I like grumpy guys named George.
haha, that's good, specially since my laptop doesn't want to boot off of usb right now ... makes me extra grumpy
@Zypher oh yeah, I'm in the process of ordering my ticket to PICC now
<--- No nicotine = very grumpy.
7:55 PM
@Zypher Pft, you probably don't think it's kosher when people completely ignore your either.
oh my, just gave myself a panic attack thought i had formatted the usb drive i saved everything off onto before i swapped HD's in my laptop ... phew i didn't
@ChrisS yes, in fact it's a pet peeve of mine :)
@Zypher I see what you did there. Frankly your pet peeves are a moot point.
@Zypher in fact, I think you offend me. I'm going to have to flag you. Someone find me a mod somewhere to give me the ability to flag @Zypher.
good luck :-D
Speaking of offended, @DanBig you downvoted an answer of mine a long time ago. I don't think the emotional scars have ever healed.... I may have to flay you too. And by flay I mean flag.
@Holocryptic Your Gravatar bothers me, I'm feeling the urge to flag you.
8:10 PM
I flag you all
@ITHedgeHog touche`
I was going to put a flag on @Zypher's avatar - but I R LAZY
Paint is so difficult to open
I properly flag all of you!
no no
8:15 PM
@ITHedgeHog Battle of Yorktown in 1781...
@ChrisS I was there... 230 years later
I love me some Gadsden
But my flags come with a Battlestar.
@Holocryptic, cage match?
8:19 PM
@DanBig naked cage match?
@Holocryptic, no, too far
wow apparently dude got really pissed of an opened a couple of meta questions on flagging !
A couple?
He should be flagged for over-proliferation
@Holocryptic, which one did i DV?
8:20 PM
@DanBig Speedos it is then
@DanBig serverfault.com/questions/108866/… It was like my 4th answer ever here.
I think I teared up a little
I must have been having a bad day. Like the other day a guy was just telling a dude to demote an Exchange server that was running AD.
Ah, I remember seeing that one
Once the rep auditing was available in user profiles, I was able to identify 3 cases I had mis-voted. A quick edit and I was able to remove my erroneous down votes.
8:24 PM
@DanBig No big. I'll just have to kill you if we ever meet in real life is all.
@Holocryptic, be ready, i'm small, but scrappy :)
Is it really fair to use an example....
It was a joke as I know @Zypher can't be banned
@DanBig That's my line!!!
but what if I did find a religious song offensive.
Which meta is this in, I want to look
8:27 PM
Q: How do chat suspensions work?

R. BemroseWhen someone flags a chat post as spam/offensive, some users get a popup asking them if the suspension is valid or invalid. I know if a certain threshold is reached, that user whose post was flagged gets an immediate 30 minute chat suspension. This brings to mind a number of questions: Are th...

Q: Separate spam and offensive flags in chat, and then disallow flagging Youtube videos as Offensive

R. BemroseDue to the misuse of the offensive flag on Youtube videos in chat, can we have separate spam and offensive flags in chat, and then disallow flagging Youtube videos as offensive?

Sounds like we need to dispatch the whaaaambulance to meta.
@DanBig ROFL
I love how fast I can transfer VM's between SAN's when no bugger else is on the network. My 6 hour migration finished in 15 minutes \o/;
8:30 PM
He even quoted @Zypher
I think he just walked into a hornets nest and started poking.
More like took a bat and took a swing at the nest
@DanBig You should post a comment like, "HOLD ON, Whaaaambulance DEPLOYED"!
Nah, not gonna feed the fire. Directly, at least.
8:32 PM
Just replace wizard with SysAdmin
Which site does he have most of his rep?
Well...he's only got 24k rep.
That's like having 150 on any other site.
yeah, i was just gonna say that, 20k over there is nothing in the grand scheme of SO
8:38 PM
Bitch, please.
Too bad Mike's comment got deleted
8:52 PM
I'm outta here, time for a drink.
It's like the Care Bear Stare.
But Canadian
@Holocryptic No joke, someone needs to flag that
I am an offensive kind of person.
Enjoy the beer @DanBig!
@DanBig he should have read the room description (thanks @Holocryptic !) before coming in here :)
8:55 PM
@coredump :(
@Zypher my idea. Give credit where credit's due.
I have a question, @coredump. I'm a little confused about how that snake is going to tamp out the bowl.
@ScottPack with it's tail I suppose
@Zypher lol
8:58 PM
@coredump One might think...I'm just not sure. It doesn't feel quite right.
@ScottPack it's a WWII symbol, not much made sense at that time.
@coredump I'll take your word for it. I wasn't around.
Someone tell me to stop poking the bear
which bear?
@Holocryptic stop poking @zypher
9:00 PM
The flagged bear
Is the bear cute?
I'm feeling gracious
9:03 PM
@coredump I think what you're looking for is 5318008 or 01100010 01101111 01101111 01100010 01101001 01100101 01110011
Oi, looks like quittin time. G'day gents. And @Holocryptic.
@Zypher ok, no more poking.
Which idiot left half of our VM's with dynamic mac addresses
Oh yeah, me.
Hmmm, that'll leave unpleasant things in your network, I'm sure.
Yaeh, just migrated a few things and their IP's changed... and the licenses don't work. It's all fun fun FUN
Well I'm off, need to go and fix stuff.
Night folks
9:07 PM
@ITHedgeHog "Oops"?
Meh, I'm bored with that guy.
Moving on
@voretaq7 where are you based out of?
Ah. I figured east coast from yesterday
This is lame. I can't get this damn powershell script to run at startup.
9:36 PM
anyone know what the government shutdown" means?
@Jacob It means that "non-essential" government offices will be closed and personnel will be on furlough.
Nobody knows yet who's "non-essential"
Wikipedia says this is going down tomorrow
I'm a bit torn. I could go either way with this. On the one hand, a shutdown would suck for a bit. On the other, it'll be a good gut check and we'll get out of it fine. So I'm kinda leaning towards the latter.
It might go down tomorrow. They might squeak something out at the last minute. Honestly haven't been following it today, so I'm a little behind
@Holocryptic but I read april 8th?
The way I look at it, is Holland had no functioning federal government for 4-6 months, and they're still kicking
right. I think tonight is the deadline. Or maybe tomorrow night.
I'll have to check
hmmm, can't seem to find if it's tonight or tomorrow night. Just Friday sometime
9:51 PM
@Holocryptic ugh, time to move to Germany
They have a pretty good economy over there. Lots of manufacturing.
10:06 PM
Hrm.... I should get home. The dog will have pee'd everywhere by now. Luckily I only have to watch the damn thing until Sunday night.
10:40 PM
@Holocryptic sounds not fun
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