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12:00 PM
@jokerdino good joke. :P not this time.
@Mahesh c'mon,why not?
Think really hard. Surely, next time then :P
I'm not worthy of it yet, and probably I cant handle it with my already busy workload.
Ubuntu membership is something I consider seriously. but with so little activity, I dont feel like applying yet. Thats a long term goal for me.
Speak the truth :P
@jokerdino :P
12:03 PM
@Mahesh I would happily write testimonies for you. :)
well, as I said, not this time for AU mod.
For the Ubuntu member, sir.
membership, I'll make an application this summers.
And AU mod next year ;)
lets see.
12:04 PM
I am also considering UDS-S
Would be a nice experience.
@jokerdino Noo
I wanna come
Please do!!
Where is it gonna be held?
Oakland, CA, USA
May 1 - 4
I'm considering UDS-W
12:06 PM
I predict Canonical to fold in 4-5 years.
UDS-ZZ for me :P
no, i'm not joking there. :P
@Mahesh if Canonical sponsors your trip, wouldn't you?
I'll graduate by then. well, post-graduate to be precise.
@jokerdino Who wouldn't
12:07 PM
@jokerdino IF, then why would I think twice?
heck, even windows fanboys would come :P
First time Ubuntu member has a decent chance to be sponsored, I was told.
counting on that :P
well, anyway, that's in two months or so.
Your exam is next day.
hahahah.. yup that.
tomorrow's exam is covered. that's my home ground so to say.
12:10 PM
@Mahesh Good Luck
I'm more worried about one on tuesday.
@AmithKK thanks. :)
12:21 PM
@Mahesh Probably not. I don't think I can make the commitment these days. I'll know in a couple days, but I'm pretty sure I'll decide not to run in this election. Thanks for asking, though!
:) I hope you decide otherwise.
@EliahKagan :(
And I got to go. Cya guys
12:38 PM
I come back after a while to see two removed posts.
/me suspicious
/me is about to edit the Ubuntu kernel...
@Mahesh I was mistaken. removed my question.
overlooked something very obvious.
oh. happens..
What I was really saying was, help! anyone know how to recompile the kernel?
@njallam yes, I've just answered a Q about that a week ago. let me find it
12:43 PM
ah, cool
@Takkat thank you!
@Takkat ouch. that is using make-kpkg?
Q: How do I obtain the offical Ubuntu patched kernel source without using git?

Matt HI'm needing to custom compile a kernel to enable some very specific hardware features that are not on by default and have to be compiled in. I started following this guide but it seems to be slightly outdated for 12.04 onwards as some commands fail with missing source packages. https://help.ubu...

^-- builds 'the right way"
ah ok
I'm just apt-getting the source ATM
I see a lot of Q&A about the way upstream builds... but the Debian/Ubuntu way for packaged sources is way easier.
12:46 PM
and the one Takkat mentioned doesn't work anymore, it's depending on Qt3. removed in Quantal.
it's a very old fashioned way.
So sad when old recipies deprecate over time :"(
@Takkat well, that one shouldn't be used anyway
just my opinion
but it's right there in the A already: old-fashioned way.
The debuild approach will always work, as this includes the recipe how to build it.
apparently the source is already included?
12:50 PM
@njallam included in what?
I'm now doing build-dep
build-dep is installing build dependencies
like it says in the Ubuntu Community Wiki - old fashioned but simpler.
/me confused
@Takkat Alternate Build Method: The Old-Fashioned Debian Way Simpler? WTF
@njallam confused about what?
12:52 PM
<-- never built a kernel so I can't really tell how difficult it can become
@njallam you need to install the build dependencies in order to build the source
@Takkat It's too bad "community wiki" means 2 totally different things on Ask Ubuntu. :)
Do I need to get the source video Git? It says Skipping already downloaded file
@njallam what?
apt-get source will get you the source just fine!
and what about video?
@EliahKagan thanks - fixed.
1:10 PM
apt-get source:
NOTICE: 'linux' packaging is maintained in the 'Git' version control system at:
Skipping already downloaded file 'linux_3.5.0-23.35.dsc'
Skipping already downloaded file 'linux_3.5.0.orig.tar.gz'
Skipping already downloaded file 'linux_3.5.0-23.35.diff.gz'
Does that mean that the source is prepackaged?
@Mahesh ask meta. I've got no problems with it.
was kind of expecting that.
You should know the answer for everything: meta.
When I'm a parent, I'm going to run a stack exchange clone called meta.giffordhousehold.lan, and have my kids ask everything through there.
"Can I go outside and play?" "Let's consult meta."
nja@nja-ubuntu:~$ chmod a+x debian/scripts/*
chmod: cannot access `debian/scripts/*': No such file or directory
1:30 PM
@jrg that would be terrible.
@Mahesh good thing I'm not a parent then.
@Mahesh admit it, its a good thing.
meta is good. good at SE. it is not the awesome solution for everything
@jrg admit it, it is a bad thing
It'll be like programmers.SE. "as a 16-year-old, when is a acceptable curfew" < NARQ.
1:36 PM
hit me hard if that made any sense.
Or, "as a teenager, when can I start driving" < subjective.
I'm seriously happy I'm not your kid. :P
Oh, the things I come up with. I'm an genius who will take over the world with my absolutely wonderful ideas.
ah. yup that.
You could issue timeouts via a moderator suspension. Yeah, maybe this isn't such a great idea...
1:41 PM
Okay... "screen turns off at yelling" is a more humane solution than what @jrg comes up with. This has to be a first.
OK, I'm out. Thanks for paying attention to the daily troll from me. :-)
2:19 PM
@jrg Wait. Why would that be meta? Wouldn't that just be the regular SE clone site, and then the meta site would be about what kinds of questions they should ask under what circumstances? Also, what if they downvote you so much, you're answer-banned?
2:44 PM
Yay, my new kernel is compiling!
3:16 PM
I am so so stupid
I did not allocate enough diskspace to my kernal compiling VM.
4:00 PM
4:56 PM
@jokerdino Awesome! You know if you run you are almost guaranteed a place ;)
Q: A comment about the FAQ

vasa1In the second paragraph of the FAQ, two links (shown in bold) point to the same page: Please follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct, and this FAQ when participating in this community. That link is: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct

Q: Is the "community help wiki" the same as "community-wiki" on Ask Ubuntu?

Eliah KaganI've heard of community wiki posts on Ask Ubuntu, but there seems to be something else called the community wiki, the community help wiki, or Ubuntu community wiki. This is confusing. What's the difference? This is related to Why do some questions have "community wiki" over the user&#...

5:14 PM
herro all
5:33 PM
Q: How can a user with less than 50 reputation leave a comment on another user's question?

AdityaAs per the FAQ, a user needs atleast 50 Reputation points in order to leave comments globally on the site - one can always comment on one's own questions and answers and answers to questions one has asked. This means that a user needs atleast 50 Reputation points to comment on a question posted ...

2 hours later…
7:33 PM
o/ @ajmitch long time no see
Does this make sense to anyone but me: askubuntu.com/questions/245687/…
@EliahKagan your overuse of bold is killing me!
that's worth a star :P
@JorgeCastro I am always open to (and grateful for) edits that improve my formatting!
should old bug questions get closed as TL or OT?
@Seth If they should have been closed OT then, they can be closed OT now. If for some reason they should not have been closed then, but are abandoned and merit closure now, then TL, but I would imagine that's a comparatively rare scenario. TL;DR: OT. ;)
7:48 PM
Q: Keyboard gets sluggish after a while (after upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04)

Geir IseneKeyboard gets sluggish a while after login. Originally reported a few weeks ago here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11869633 Short recap: At a random time after login (never less than half an hour so far), approximately once every other day (after upgrading 6 weeks ago), the keyboar...

should have been closed then, TL now
So TL?
ah whatever. TL.
8:08 PM
@Seth Sorry, wasn't look at chat for a while. Anyway, I don't think it really matters a whole lot.
OK :)
@EliahKagan what's the disadvantage to just closing these as off-topic then?
@Shog9 Often when a question is closed as off-topic, more information is provided in comments, with links to bugs on Launchpad, or advice on bug reporting. I suppose if people comment with links to where the same bug was posted earlier, then OP's of the newer bug posts can refer to it. But that seems like an ugly hack designed to achieve duplication where it is not allowed.
I think that, anywhere a "is a dupe of ...but not technically" idiom would be considered appropriate, being able to actually make it a duplicate would be even better.
I think my other concern about self-dupes was at least partially unwarranted though--I think I remember successfully close-voting a question to the same OP's older question. I wonder what happens when an OP posts the same question with two separate accounts, though. (Not to circumvent anything, but just because a lot of new users post unintentionally with multiple accounts.)
@EliahKagan Worth noting that closed, unanswered questions can eventually get deleted - so they tend to make pretty lousy targets for dup-closing. Yeah, they can avoid this fate if they're up-voted or heavily commented on, but that's not really a given.
@EliahKagan Yeah, the same-author rule was supposed to be in there from the start; lots of folks dup their own posts, intentionally or accidentally. Was a bug that it didn't work for a bit.
8:23 PM
@Shog9 Yeah, I don't actually want to keep them around. If we did, people would start "subscribing to bugs" on Ask Ubuntu, which would be a bad thing. It's only for pretty short term purposes that I think it makes sense to refer people to closed OT bug questions. I think this only makes sense when the closed "master" question is itself acting only as a (temporary) signpost to lead the way to Launchpad (or another bug tracker, if applicable).
@EliahKagan If someone's posting from multiple accounts, you can flag & get a moderator to merge those; that should really happen anyway if the original question is supposed to be kept around - if the author lost access to their original account, they won't be able to edit / comment on the original post either.
@Shog9 Can moderators still merge accounts? I seem to recall that was recently changed, and now we're supposed to comment asking people to use the help page.
@EliahKagan For the moment, yes. We're discussing disabling that, since it's occasionally misused in ways that violate our privacy policy. That said, merging two unregistered accounts (or unregistered into registered) is pretty safe.
Even in cases where an account merge isn't possible, moderators can override the dup-closing restrictions, merge questions, etc.
@Shog9 Ok, that makes sense. Btw, thx for your attention to all this, and for listening to everyone's concerns!
@EliahKagan No problem. This change isn't supposed to make anything more difficult
Out of 8 thousand-some questions closed as duplicates on AU, only 113 would've violated the new restrictions. Closing as dups of unanswered questions is pretty rare.
8:31 PM
That said, I'm far more familiar with SO than other sites, so stuff like the bug-closing scenario didn't even occur to me.
What did I miss?
@GeorgeEdison Pizza
And ice cream
8:32 PM
Double :(
Ice cream on pizza is pretty good stuff
Doesn't the large difference in heat cause problems... specifically for the ice cream?
My fan is making a buzzing noise... I wonder if that's a good thing...
@GeorgeEdison Never had pie a la mode?
8:45 PM
@Shog9 I make an effort to star all messages that praise pie. Also, I like pie with ice cream on it.
pie is the best
Q: The election page needs updating

guntbertThe introductory page about moderator elections still contains text about the Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct. As that was merged into the Ubuntu Code of Conduct the page needs updating. It might need other improvements too.

But to answer your question: the ice cream slowly melts into it as you eat (you combine them immediately before serving). So each bite is hot and cold, firm and creamy.
Hi shog.
guess we'll need to discuss the election page stuff... Hm...
8:50 PM
Election page stuff?
See, I knew there was something I had missed.
@guntbert You may want to unaccept my answer there until this is fully resolved, to make clear it's an open issue.
@jrg it's easily changed. Just need to know how.
Good catch and thanks for the suggestion Eliah.
@shog9 we can edit it too, so yes, just need to know how.
@Shog9 thx for the hint - I am still trying to get the hangs of it :-)
@jrg That was actually @guntbert's catch. Based on @vasa1's (about the FAQ). But thx!
8:52 PM
@eliah you have a good solution though. Its a decision that should be made.
Something we're gonna be trying now is setting up a separate election chatroom for each site. So folks can discuss the candidates, ask questions etc.
So, there'll be a link to that on the nom page, along with a link to election.stackexchange.com (which is back up finally)
@Seth Now you be sure to enter when the nomination phase begins.
@jrg How should we make it? Maybe add CW answers for voting, to the meta question? I'm not sure what alternatives to my suggestion people might support though ...so I don't know what CW answers to put alongside it. (And I think people may upvote my answer for other reasons, besides agreeing with the specific suggestion I put in it.)
Will this be automated creation or should we just make one, call it like "ask ubuntu punditry headquarters"
ah I seemingly mistyped - @EliahKagan thx for the hint - done
8:56 PM
sorry, I was in another room
@guntbert Mistyped?
Do I need to send Google calendar invites to people so they don't miss it like last year? ;-)
@GeorgeEdison still unsure, sorry.
(amithkk and jokerdino should have the one from last year...)
Well, if you are sure and decide to run... you have my vote.
8:58 PM
@EliahKagan no worries, I sent my "thx for the hint" to shog9 at first
Thanks for the support :)
@jrg I'll just be creating them for the time-being (unless you want to, in which case go right ahead)
Ask Ubuntu election advice: Vote early and vote often.
@guntbert Oh. Gotcha. (Definitely no problem. :-)
@George election advice: vote as often as you can. In this case, once per section. More often and I'll suspend everyone. ;-)
8:59 PM
What do we do if one user posts a duplicate of his own (unanswered) question a few days later? Flag as duplicate is not possible.
@jrg Can all of my sockpuppets vote?
@guntbert It should still be.
And I'm watching the known socks. They vote, everyone who's IP matches is dead. Forever.
Time to switch proxies...
9:00 PM
Lol. :-P
That was the only time you are allowed to flag for dupe without an answered question
@shog9 OK, I'll make one, it'll be fun.
@Seth Yeah, that's an exception.
right ;)
Can everyone please stop associating a single IP address with a single device?
9:00 PM
@Seth, how? the dialog wnts a link to an answered question - shall I "lie" to it?
We have a lot of people using NATs after all.
All my sockpuppets can vote! (That would change, however, the instant my number of sockpuppets exceeded zero.)
@guntbert Have you tried? I did one recently.
let me try, @Seth
I still have FlackBot... but I specifically instructed him/her/it not to vote as it would generally be considered a conflict of interest.
9:01 PM
I don't believe either @AmithKK or @jokerdino would use socks!
pinging @gertvdijk
@Seth worked, I only needed to try
@jrg (and anyone interested): So ...I'm not sure how the decision about code of conduct requirements ought to be made. But I could edit the meta question with a "banner" asking people to vote their opinion. And add CW answers (separate from what's there now) for (1) require candidates to signed CoC 2.0, and (2) reword to allow older versions too, provided that they agree to abide by the corresponding Leadership CoC.
Would that make sense?
BTW I've created a backlog in the Regulators Room.
@Seth I'm out of close votes for the day, unfortunately. (But there's lots of other people here, maybe someone can help.)
9:05 PM
Starts here for those of you that are interested in getting some useful flags ;)
@EliahKagan yeah, I was typing :)
@eliah I don't think we have a choice, I think we have to do 2.0. I'll check with the community council though.
Why is debian-keyring a 39.7 MB package...?
out for a walk. later folks. (No, you don't need to save any Pie for me :P)
Because we fall under their jurisdiction when it comes to leadership positions. Sorta kinda.
Why is debian-keyring a 39.7 MB package...?
9:08 PM
@jrg K, that makes sense. Thx for checking.
I'll find out for sure though.
9:21 PM
@Seth wow got a notification like just only now
@Seth You were pinging me for what? :)
10:10 PM
Just found a very nice command to list the APT sources configured! apt-cache policy (without arguments). I knew about apt-cache policy, but only in combination with a package. This is going to be very helpful!
10:27 PM
Hi there ! any one knows how to switch between Jack and Pulseaudio ?
11:27 PM
Backporting GCC 4.7 to Precise...
58 MiB... I conclude that this is not a small package. And downloading the entire thing only to upload it on my poky connection is not fun.
Maybe I should ssh into one of my servers and use it instead...
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