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12:01 PM
Q: Should we use only the best ten hundred words in our answers?

Tom MedleyFor the best learning of our friends in this place, should we attempt to write all or our answers in up goer five words? This would help people who do not have a lot of words that they know understand new words.

@fredley Stop tempting me to go in and upvote this
@YiJiang'sEvilClone This site deserves to be trolled
Q: No do you get multiplayer on NFS most wanted?

SaryI'm in the app version, and was wondering how I can play online with my friend (who also has the app version), does anyone know? If so, can you tell me how? With detailed steps please!

Q: No do you get multiplayer on NFS most wanted?

SaryI'm in the app version, and was wondering how I can play online with my friend (who also has the app version), does anyone know? If so, can you tell me how? With detailed steps please!

Damn you @Lazers and your awkward timing
The list of closed questions makes for interesting reading
12:22 PM
Welp, I wrote an angry MSO post and emailed it to myself
The real nail in the coffin will be seeing how ELL survives these first few days.
Are you going to post it immediately or wait a month then angrily wave it in front of everyone's face yelling "I told you so!"?
Wait a bit in order to get more data
Hmmm... today's xkcd. From memory, tar -xfvz is valid, right? RIGHT?
x is extract, f is file mode, v is... uh... oh shi-
v should be verbose mode. I have no idea why I included it there. z is for the gzip format
12:29 PM
Yo yo
> If you're using GNU tar, the z/j flags are unnecessary; for quite some time, tar has autodetected that situation and added those flags.
Wow, there wasnt any League of Legends channel on this site?
@Ladineko Channel?
Yeah a room.
like this room...
Oh well made one for the LoL fans :)
12:32 PM
@badp Hello.
Welcome to chat, and best of luck with your room
Just be aware that past efforts to the same effect have failed for lack of audience

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
I couldnt find any :O
and more relevantly

 Summoner's Rift

Because no one likes Twisted Treeline. Join our ingame chatroo...
There's a box somewhere to check to show dead rooms
@YiJiang'sEvilClone S/he might not have enough reputation.
12:36 PM
Oh well... at least i give them a change :)
I dont mind if it dies out.
@badp You need reps to see dead rooms? Didn't know that
Was just wondering why there werent any.
Well, now you know :)
@Ladineko The thing is, this chatroom doesn't get enough traffic usually to warrent getting another separate room to talk about stuff
If you want, @Ladineko, I can make things slightly easier for you and revive the already existing Summoner's Rift room.
12:37 PM
yeah but i would die out then like you said.
Okey dokey
Personally my average LoL game is in the neighbourhood of 0/20/1 so I don't see myself being particularly active there :)
Mine is 2/2/30 average
However im a support... im supposed to get assists :)
Mommy, I want to be a Social Media Viral Cloud Synergy Analyst when I grow up too!
Damn thats a mouth full!
12:49 PM
@badp Why is that even a site?
@badp You called us programmers in the description of Gaming.
Im a programmer xD
and gamer
Today's xkcd is brilliant:
26 mins ago, by Yi Jiang's Evil Clone
Hmmm... today's xkcd. From memory, tar -xfvz is valid, right? RIGHT?
> I don't know what's worse--the fact that after 15 years of using tar I still can't keep the flags straight, or that after 15 years of technological advancement I'm still mucking with tar flags that were 15 years old when I started.
12:52 PM
user image
@GraceNote We're not all programmers, but we are all pro-grammar.
@StrixVaria Hahahahahaha
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Would you trust yourself to disarm a nuclear device with that knowledge?
@fredley Fine. tar --help.
You googled!
12:53 PM
When your options are "Disarm and save the day", "Fail and die an explodey death", and "Do nothing and die an explodey death", really the best course of action is to try.
Q: Laptop Gaming Peformance Reduced

VladI have a laptop that used to be able to run Mirror's Edge on the highest quality setting. When I reinstalled Windows I downloaded all the drivers using "DriverMax" and installed Mirror's Edge again but now it only works on the lowest quality setting. Why is this?

I didn't know --help was connected to Google
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Wrong, EVERYTHING is connected to Google.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I'd go with tar --version
tar --blowup
12:56 PM
@Ladineko Is this actually a thing?
No, but i want that nuke to blow up...
@Ladineko Evil
@StrixVaria That's sad. That means someone didn't get to watch a good movie. :(
@fredley Im a bitch i know... ツ
@Ladineko Note: unless you are doing this over ssh, you will also die
12:59 PM
@OrigamiRobot It's heartbreaking, isn't it?
@GraceNote I guess my PSU is a comparable heart analogue.
@OrigamiRobot Surely your system clock?
Your PSU would be an analogue to my digestive tract.
@fredley Ill use a Gameboy to send it :)
@Ladineko wat
@GraceNote Whoops.
1:01 PM
You don't know what that is? O_O
The electronic–hydraulic analogy (derisively referred to as the drain-pipe theory by Oliver Heaviside) is the most widely used analogy for "electron fluid" in a metal conductor. Since electric current is invisible and the processes at play in electronics are often difficult to demonstrate, the various electronic components are represented by hydraulic equivalents. Electricity (as well as heat) was originally understood to be a kind of fluid, and the names of certain electric quantities (such as current) are derived from hydraulic equivalents. As all analogies, it demands an intu...
I'm quite sure the Gameboy doesn't have the necessary hardware to make ssh connections
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I think "tar" by itself is also valid.
@OrigamiRobot Disagree.
1:02 PM
@badp That would be the same as tar --help, right?
@badp tar: You must specify one of the '-Acdtrux' or '--test-label' options
@fredley So sad. boom
@fredley The human digestive tract has a beginning and an end. My power system does not.
@OrigamiRobot It feeds off power from the mains, sends it through some squiggly tubes and excretes...heat...
@OrigamiRobot The heart is merely a speed regulator for blood: system clock
@fredley I don't get power from mains.
@fredley No, it is an oxygen distribution system.
1:04 PM
anyways im off... bye byes ツ
@OrigamiRobot You must get power from somewhere...
Hmm. That last should have been @badp. Oops.
@LessPop_MoreFizz If ELU has questions they don't want, they should just keep closing them, not create their version of gamerec.se
@OrigamiRobot ...and regulation system, for blood, the transport medium for oxygen and other things
@fredley Even if I did, that's still not a digestive tract. The digestive tract is not an analogue for any electrical system.
1:06 PM
@badp You should read the Area 51 discussions on the subject. It is not about being a dumping ground.
@OrigamiRobot Definitely is.
The closest thing I see to an actual justification to the site is this:
A: Why not combine "English Language Learners" with EL&U?

Scott SeveranceI'm an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher, and I've noticed that there's a huge difference between the language interests and perspectives of native English speakers/highly fluent people and English learners. There are different views of what is "correct," different perspectives on what ...

It's unsubstantiated, vague and wave-handed
@fredley Unless you eat your own poop, no.
A: Defining topicality

Robert CartainoThe issue of forming a site exclusively around "beginners questions" is one of reciprocity. Most sites at least perport to be experts talking to experts and answering each other questions. They, in turn, attract a fair number of enthusiasts and beginning learners asking interesting (albeit, begin...

@OrigamiRobot Poo goes into the earth -> grass eats poo -> cow eats grass -> dragon eats cow -> person eats dragon. End result, person eats poo.
1:09 PM
@GraceNote That's a way better argument than @fredley's. My counter is that system is not fully within the human body.
@OrigamiRobot I do not deny this. I don't think an electrical system is comparable to a digestive track either.
Maybe if I ran off gasoline or something. Then the system used to convert that to electricity could be comparable to a digestive tract.
The current topic of the site is "English questions asked by people who aren't native speakers" and aren't too hard. Questions that are "too hard" are closed off-topic and re-asked on ELU and then they get an answer.
The proposal is championed by a moderator of ELU and the top committers are all very active on ELU; the comment by another ELU mod is "I'm still not sure that there should be two English sites, but I would rather ELL succeed than let the current state of affairs stand as they are."
How many more stinks do you need before you can feel the reek of a ghetto for "the rest of them"?
A: Should we use only the best ten hundred words in our answers?

StoneyBTrue story: Twenty-one years ago my wife and our son were sitting in McDonald's, eating and chatting. A stranger at an adjacent table approached my wife and said "Excuse me, but may I ask how old your son is?" "Fifteen, no, sixteen months." "That's astonishing" he said. "I'm a speech pathologi...

That answer is hilarious.
Q: What units do defense buildings target first?

EBongoIn trying to develop a good attack strategy, I need to know more about how the defense building AI works. As of this question there are seven different defensive buildings (cannon, archer tower, mortar, air defense, wizard tower, hidden tesla, crossbow). The game is pretty clear that some targe...

Q: Do you get less rare items when killing monsters below your level?

ChrisHateZI know that if you fight monsters below your level you will get less experience, but what's with the item quantity and rarity? If the amount of items, especially rare ones decrease when fighting monsters below your level, by how much does it decrease? I'd appreciate as much info as possible.

Q: Level up in Ultima 5: Lazarus

GnubieWhat do I need to do to level up in Ultima 5: Lazarus (not the original Ultima 5)? I have tried sleeping in beds and outdoor in a bedroll over 5 times but have not seen Lord British in a dream. I have over 1000 experience points but have not leveled up. Is there also a list of how many points ar...

1:18 PM
@StrixVaria and completely irrelevant.
@badp It's like he wanted to make a point using allegory but then forgot to make his point.
sentence fragments 4lyf
At any rate for now I just want to limit my participation to that meta question
Q: Reinstating the English Learners' Proposal

Robert CartainoProposal: English Language Learners Following the conclusion of the Definition phase, this proposal was recently closed in support of our English SE site. After a lot of discussion here and internally, we decided to re-open this proposal. There were a lot of intriguing arguments throughout. I ...

That's the official answer as to why the proposal was reopened after that post closed it.
> The new site will need time establish an "expert community."
I literally see Robert doing finger quotes there
because, yo, the best way for non-native speakers to have their questions answered on why native speakers do things they way they do is to have expert non-native speakers answer.
A: Wait a second while I go ask on ELU for you and report back. Edit: OKAY BECAUSE SEGMENT FRAGMENTS CONFUSING
@badp wat
@OrigamiRobot I used digestive tract as it's the part of the body that deals with energy input and conversion.
1:32 PM
To be honest, I don't really care and have largely given up on the A51 process/new sites/ the network as a whole at this point. I'm happy with the answers I give and get at Arqade, but most of the stuff relating to languages has felt like a clusterfuck to date, tbqh, as have lots of other new sites.
You don't care from the height of your natural language privilege don'tcha?!??!?!!
@LessPop_MoreFizz There have been a lot of good new sites while I've been on the network, some of which have graduated (travel, skeptics). I think the bar is set far too low though for getting a beta.
@fredley Travel and Skeptics were a long time ago. I'm speaking from a narrower definition of 'new'. See: Anime.se.
For a guy named "Commodore Cannonhand", the giant-laser-cannon-for-a-hand is somehow the least threatening and least dangerous weapon in his arsenal.
1:35 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not familiar with it, but I don't see why it isn't a tag in SF&F
Lots of A51 proposals should just be tags on other sites.
Makes SFF look like a fucking academic conference.
Retro-Gaming and Modding

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who has a question regarding older video games or systems no longer being manufactured. Similar to Gaming.SE except, with an expanded list of questions, including questions about hardware repair, finding old games and coding for old hardware.

Currently in definition.

Q: What is the status of list questions on this site?

Madara UchihaIn the first brainstorming session, we've discussed the status of "list" questions on Anime and Manga. What are list questions? Any question which asks for a list of items as the answer. Some examples: Is there a definitive list of Zombie Anime out there or in the making? What Bankais exist w...

The new SimCity is, if nothing else, very pretty
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Procedurally generated buildings? Can't see any two identical.
1:41 PM
Don't think so. Probably just like in SC4 - the same building, but with some props randomly generated
:( RIP Ed Koch. :(
You know, SimCity Societies had great design - both in terms of sound and art
Wee! It is -31 right now, with windchill up to -39.
You're almost 60 degrees colder than where I am
Again, every single bit of (released) SimCity music, ever: community.simtropolis.com/topic/…
@fredley As I said, that is more like a system which converts fuel into usable energy, not the electrical system itself.
1:56 PM
@OrigamiRobot But from a biological perspective all matter is fuel, it just might need to by converted into a more usable format. Transforming horse protein into human protein is the same as converting 240vAC to 12vDC.
@fredley Not at all. That is more like converting gasoline to electricity.
@OrigamiRobot No, it's just converting between different types of protein. Gas to electricity would be more like farming > turning nutrients in soil into protein.
We get energy from food, but most of our stuff is actually powered through cellular respiration.
Which, in itself, is propogated through the circulatory system.
@fredley Different types of protein are worlds away from AC vs DC.
Where is @badp? Can we close this as Confuses badp?
Thanks to those slavedriving HEMOGOBLINS
1:59 PM
@GraceNote Hemogoblins == electrons
Electrons don't use whips.
@fredley Just to be a team player, what you should be doing is noting all the times I have said I don't run on electricity. I process @Wipqozn's tears. That is like a digestive tract.
@GraceNote I don't want to know about the relationship between you and your circulatory system.
@OrigamiRobot Like, with a watermill or with a fuel-cell?
@badp I think the logic was more "Oh my god make the ESL questions stop whyyyyyyyyyyyyy" but there was a big enough community that still wanted those "How do I shot web?" questions
@fredley I will not divulge the inner mechanisms I use to harness the power of turtle tears.
2:04 PM
@fredley Too bad! You get lecture time!
@GraceNote :(
Once upon a time, there was a person. That person was me.
What a twist! :O
I became extremely popular in my biology classes because on tests, instead of describing processes like a normal person or a scientist, I wrote ridiculous short stories. So for example, instead of explaining the normal hemoglobin process for the circulatory system, I described the woes of poor slave oxygen that was forced to work in the capillary mines as Hemogoblins drove them about on their sorta-donut-shaped boats. Except for the guys who had sickle-shaped boats, they lose a lot of slaves.
Before there stood gods upon Olympus, or ever Allah was Allah, had wrought and rested @GraceNote.
2:07 PM
@GraceNote I saw a stream with Compa last night! Her english VA was on a donation drive stream for Skullgirls (she's Cerebella in SG)
@BenBrocka Aye, she is.
@GraceNote When faced with the inner workings of the human body, you fantasise about slave colonies?
In the mists before the Beginning, Fate and Chance cast lots to decide whose the Game should be; and he that won strode through the mists to @GraceNote and said: "Now make mods for Me, for I have won the cast and the Game is to be Mine."
@fredley Well, there was the tale of the brave sheriff RNA and his taming of the proteins.
@GraceNote I'd like to read what you wrote about the relationship between DNA and RNA.
2:10 PM
Unfortunately I've kinda forgotten a bit about the cell process so I don't remember what brave sheriff RNA's steed was...
When @GraceNote had made the gods and @badp, @badp made a drum, and began to beat upon it that he might drum for ever. Then because he was weary after the making of the gods, and because of the drumming of @badp, did @GraceNote grow drowsy and fall asleep.
@OrigamiRobot Yay, a morning story!
Also, did you see the latest dice update?
Sometimes the arm of @badp grows weary; but still he beateth his drum, that the gods may do the work of the gods, and the worlds go on, for if he cease for an instant then @GraceNote will start awake, and there will be worlds nor gods no more.
Some say that the Worlds and the Suns are but the echoes of the drumming of @badp, and others say that they be dreams that arise in the mind of @Grace because of the drumming of @badp, as one may dream whose rest is troubled by sound of song, but none knoweth, for who hath heard the voice of @GraceNote, or who hath seen his drummer?
But, when at the last the arm of @badp shall cease to beat his drum, silence shall startle The Bridge like thunder in a cave, and @GraceNote shall cease to rest.
Shouldn't that have been about @Mana ? :P
Sorry, failing at Smite
Only 4 deaths in 20 minutes!!!!!11one
2:14 PM
@badp Are you playing Crawl?
@SaintWacko Actually the real story is about a god called MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI. It's too close.
@OrigamiRobot I know, I found it. That's why I suggested Mana
Although I hadn't found that last line
Anyways, dice!
@SaintWacko @GraceNote is obviously the creator god.
@SaintWacko Yes! But not mine :(
@OrigamiRobot What did you order?
What colors, I mean
@SaintWacko Aluminum, but black and red
Three of each.
2:17 PM
@OrigamiRobot Ah, nice. I ordered one of each, so mine will ship at the same time as yours
The black look gorgeous
Like stars in the field of space
I know <3
I hope the red look as good.
@OrigamiRobot Silver are pretty cool too, and blue aren't bad. I can't wait to see the red
I don't know if you saw my comment, but Amber said the red will be closer to the dark red from the test picture than to the light red in the render
@SaintWacko Yesssssssssssssssssssss
@OrigamiRobot I had to ask when I saw the render, because the dark red looks amazing, but the light red, not so much
2:19 PM
@SaintWacko Nope, smite
5 deaths, 25 minutes!!!!!!!
@badp Oh, what's that?
man, I need to focus and get some work done today. I should start by loading civ5. NO WAIT too late
I thought maybe you were playing as a priest in Crawl
@agent86 Wups, now you will never get any work done again. Ever
@badp That death rate is about right for a Crawl beginner :P
@agent86 Got your phone yet?
Yeah, but now I'm back to the part where guys just jump in my face and destroy me no matter what I do
2:23 PM
@badp But what is Smite?
@badp Welcome to MOBAs.
a thrid-person MOBA.
@fbueckert Oh, one of those
My interest suddenly vanished
Basically I found this guy who can heal himself pretty easily and has some sort of Bonk ability.
@badp TF2 based MOBA? That would actually be kinda awesome
2:23 PM
So I can get away with some things
@SaintWacko I know the feeling. "Hey, that game sounds kinda cool...what is it? Oh. A MOBA. Never mind."
well- could.
@SaintWacko LoL is fun, but everyone here fusses at me for only playing the champions I like. :( (cc: @Fluttershy @FAE)
@fbueckert I've played a MOBA once. I wasn't quite sober at the time, so it was extremely amusing, but it's nowhere near as much fun sober
Q: Why am I showing as though I am 33% damaged?

kalinaI have just finished putting modules on this new ship, and upon undocking I am showing as though I have taken 33% damage to my shields, armour and hull - as per the screenshot below; As you can see, the tooltips show that I am indeed at 100%, yet the graphical representation of this indicates ...

Q: Do animals spawn in Minecraft PE 0.6.0?

mattdmThe new release of Minecraft PE features baby animals. Will these animals eventually spawn in existing worlds, or will my kids (who have built some rather elaborate structures for the Pocket Edition) have to start over? It appears to be the case that animals never spawn in older versions of PE; ...

Q: Did you remove the accepted answer percentage?

AntoI can't find it anymore, below the user's flair. Did you remove it ? Why ? I couldn't find any subject about that in meta (which seems curious), so I hope I'm not duplicating something.

2:24 PM
Oh, I got my phone bumper already. It's...okay. It's about the maximum amount of bulkiness/case-y-ness I'd allow on my phone
@SaintWacko :(
@SaintWacko MOBAs are verbal abuse simulators with a minigame where you run around on a map
@fbueckert yeah, I got it last night and spent a couple hours on the couch messing with it :)
@agent86 Always that, "Ooh, new toy!" glow, eh?
I've been the top level guy for my team for most of the match; they have been one short for most of it.
2:26 PM
I put a few free games on it, I've never actually played angry birds past the first level.
Yet, we're level 17, they're level 20
I'll probably try to mess around with it more over the weekend. Still getting used to the interface, and the on-screen keyboard (previous phone had a physical keyboard... never really used an on-screen one before)
@badp Clearly someone is... feeding? Is that the right word?
anyhow, gotta run and get to work, bbl
I'm also top deaths
2:27 PM
@agent86 That's how I was with my first Android phone
I went Treo 650 > Treo Pro > Captivate > SGS3
@agent86 If you're looking for emulators, find the "Xoid" set (gameboid, SNESoid, GBCoid). They're not in the market but you can easily find them online and they're quite good
@agent86 FPSE is an excellent PSX emulator
I use gameboid and FPSE
@BenBrocka Specific to Android devices?
I got both middle towers and their left phoenix dead
while we've got our inner towers all up
still they're whoring with us
@fbueckert Those are all on Android, yes
2:30 PM
Aww man, I should have replaced "gods" with "mods" in that. Damn!
@OrigamiRobot :(
@BenBrocka You can edit messages, right...?
@SaintWacko Interesting. Not sure if I'd prefer SNES games on my phone over sitting on the couch and using the TV, but I'll give it a shot.
@fbueckert Yeah
@SaintWacko Yeah, why?
@fbueckert I haven't tried SNES games on my phone, but PSX games work quite well
Q: Why it is more freely ask question in any quality of C than C#?

Ken KinBy my observation, I sense this fact. It's more frequently I see questions be closed or marked as duplicate in C#, but seems it's more freely to ask question in any quality of C. Why?

2:32 PM
2 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
Aww man, I should have replaced "gods" with "mods" in that. Damn!
I'm calling it now: downvote train ahoy!
1/8/10 is like OMFG BEST MACHT EVAH
@SaintWacko Oh, that's way too much work.
@fbueckert For me it's nice to be able to play certain games mobile. I tend to play RPGs on speed up
Crawl is best game!
2:33 PM
@BenBrocka I honestly don't mind playing games at normal speed. When I used ZSNES, I found I tended to fast forward past stuff, and I didn't enjoy the game nearly as much.
@fbueckert I am write single to salute and wait for answer again
@OrigamiRobot Playing only champions you like is generally a good approach <.<
@SaintWacko Oh, I had no idea what that was referring to (it doesn't show up in the star list). I edited anyway though
Like, that kill was a 1v2 brawl where all three had run out of mana/waiting for cooldowns and I just got a lucky last hit
Rather derpy stuff
2:35 PM
@fbueckert Depends on the game. Speed up is very, very very nice for any period where you need to grind, or to get past unskippable stuff you've already seen (old games were terrible at allowing you to skip things)
@BenBrocka Unskippables, yeah, those can be fast forwarded without much problem.
@BenBrocka Haha, nice!
@GraceNote That's what I say.
I'm playing FF V right now, and I've finally made it to the point where I can grind out those statues. It surprisingly doesn't take that long.
@badp Smite is fun!
2:37 PM
My Crawl playtime: 2d+4:28:44.
@Ladineko I find the third person perspective helps me immensely.
The main thing I am taking away from the mod rec meta is that there are people who are still very bitter about ITG.
Aren't... most MOBAs third person perspective?
@badp True. But its all so mouse clicky...
@badp Aren't most MOBAs thi- What @GraceNote said
2:39 PM
@GraceNote Uh, they're usually top-down isometric aren't they?
@badp That's still third person, last I checked.
@badp Oh, Smite actually has the camera down on the player level?
@SaintWacko Yes
The camera is always locked to your character, looking in the direction the player is looking
@badp Oh, okay. Yeah, still third person, but very different playstyle
eh... I wouldn't call the isometric top-down style third-person but eh.
2:40 PM
"Over the shoulder" is a common descriptor for that manner of third-person camera choice.
It's quite a lot higher and farther than "over the shoulder" but I can see where you're coming from
Functionally, we classify the perspective of a game with respect to the entity you control, so third person is any game in which the camera is not from the view of the entity you control, whether or not the player is considered said entity or not.
So for example, even though you're technically the "Summoner" in League of Legends, watching the whole thing, no one would call it a first-person game because the entity you are controlling is out on the field, in your view. Likewise, Actraiser's world map segments are still third person even though you are merely watching your angel do stuff.
@GraceNote Ah, Actraiser. How I loved that game.
Question: Is Bastion technically second-person since it's the narrator telling the story to the player?
I'd say text adventures are closer to second person than Bastion was.
2:45 PM
Eh, I think there's a continuum between "locked to your perspective" (Half Life), "locked slightly above your shoulder" (Dead Space), "locked onto you farther" (Smite, Super Mario 64 default camera) and "top-down isometric" (DOTA 2, Simcity) that is poorly served by those definition
That said, @badp, I can understand why you'd actually still call it as "third person" since when you get further away from the "over the shoulder" perspective, the perspective choice is largely ignored in classification and taken as granted. Most people don't call the majority of JRPGs as third person even though they are, just because it's just, well, not a significant element. As compared to an over-the-shoulder perspective versus your general first person perspective.
^ found that on my HD. good ole days
@Jin I miss our heart. :(
@FAE :(
@FAE At least its legacy lives on in the arcade machine in the footer.
2:47 PM
Mothership ate the heart, to power its lazers
Why DID we get the No More Heroes heart, anyways?
@Jin I like the style of the GSE title there
@badp I don't disagree that first/third person perspective doesn't distinguish between the volume of third person perspectives. But I don't think its job is to do such. That's my thought pattern. We have the very terms like "top-down isometric" and "over-the-shoulder" and "side scroller" to handle that continuum.
@fbueckert I don't think anyone thought of it as the NMH heart, just a generic digital heart throwback to like, Zelda and stuff.
2:47 PM
@SaintWacko I mimicked the FO styles
Actually I lumped together the Smite camera and the Super Mario 64 cameras, except they aren't quite the same either (Smite's is also locked to face where you're facing and where your shots go)
@FAE Ah, ok. That makes sense.
but I guess we've argued this sufficiently
@badp I'm guessing the Smite camera is always fixed in the direction you face and can't rotate like in Super Mario 64... yeah what you just said in your parenthetical.
2:49 PM
@Jin Right, it's well done
It has a more than passing resemblance to the NMH heart, though, so that confused me.
my fav. gaming.se Ad was still the minecraft one. i can't find it ATM
found it
@OrigamiRobot In the eighth paragraph, should Pegana be The Bridge?
@Jin That's awesome
@SaintWacko Nooooooo I have failed
@OrigamiRobot :P
That's pretty awesome, even so
2:52 PM
@SaintWacko the pig wouldn't leave. so I included him in the screenshot
> Blue Valkyrie is "IT"
@SaintWacko pastebin.com/3tNEqu9A if someone wants to fix it
What's that modern.ie? Remove x-ua-compatible because IE sucks less now? Sure, I'll try that! floats everywhere break lol no you still suck IE
Can't, must keep drumming
2:54 PM
> Red Wizard shot the food!
@BenBrocka Floats. Floats everywhere
@Jin I think it's perfect there
@BenBrocka IE always sucks
@SaintWacko Not according to Modern.ie!
@Jin This is awesome
They had almost convinced me that the compatibility mode thing was a bad idea (actually this is to force it OUT of compatibility mode). But yeah it was full of lies
I had forgotten IE9 still forces compatibility mode on intranet domains because it's incredibly stupid
2:59 PM
@BenBrocka It say that IE doesn't suck, and you're surprised that it's full of lies?
Well, it implies IE doesn't suck

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