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new day appeared
Q: How to connect internet across a static IP network?

TalasilaI'm using Ubuntu 10.04 but without internet at home. The reason I think is I have changed my network connections recently to static IP from DHCP because gnuradio needs static IP for accessing external hardware. Since then it works in college and I can't access internet at home. My ifconfig eth0...

good grief. "why can't I take my static RFC1918 address home with me?"
@gertvdijk or "why I can't take the school's WIFI to my house?"
@Lucio yup. but I can't answer such questions here on AU. So many questions related to IPv4 NAT that confuses users. Also these tons of questions about "How to set a static IP?" and it turns out they're behind a NAT router with dynamic IP from their ISP....
and then you have these people trying to see what virtual host is accessed using netstat...
one attempt here:
A: How to "prioritise" multiple network connections

gertvdijkIf I understand your question correctly, you have a local-only WiFi connection (or at least you want to use it for local connections only) and an internet-connected mobile broadband connection. Is that correct? Background Here's some background. Both your WiFi and mobile broadband connection ar...

12:24 AM
@gertvdijk the baffling part is "gnuradio". if you don't grasp private vs public and interface addressing, gnuradio should be out of bounds.
@iSeth you are now not just AT 2000, but over 2000
@AbrahamVanHelpsing wow, that GNU Radio was burried deep inside network gibberish piece of text.
it's one of the things i want to play with but don't have the time/money.
so when i see it in my periphery my spidey sense gets all tingley
"so when i see it in my periphery my spidey sense gets all tingley" <-- should receive stars. post it again on a blank line.
feature request. chromium spellcheck should list f ph substitutions in spellcheck above highly illogical words
@gertvdijk boom goes the dynamite
no, it's a bit quiet. why don't we just ping them all in? ;)
12:35 AM
@all doesn't work...and it would be a bad userscript to make
does 12.04 have a Qt5 ppa? i mean if someone wants to play around with this QML jibberjabber they're talking about for ubu-phone
@AbrahamVanHelpsing not official. but it appears that the quantal ppa is working for precise.
Q: How do I install the QML toolkit on 12.04?

GainI'm trying to install the Ubuntu QML toolkit. I've installed Qt5 successfully, but I'm failing on the QML toolkit. Below is the error information: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ui-toolkit/ppa/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources 404 Not Found W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.la...

i'll wait for official and goof around in a VM. i just think a product launch should have adequate LTS dev tools well before launch day.
^^ preposterous i know
oh that's not Qt5 it appears. just some QML UI toolkit
A: Can't install qt-components-ubuntu because I'm using full release of QT 5.0.0

kicsyromyThese instructions were tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 both 32-bit and 64-bit. First off we need to install some dependencies. Install these even if you already have Qt5 installed: sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libgl1-mesa-dev If you haven't already, download and in...

Oh good lord.
"Canonical Qt5 proper packages"
^--- only quantal
yeah. there's a lot of ugly around edge Qt5 and it's not my religious decision. so barring being the desired target i'm not a here comes the pain carlito's way vv type of guy for it
^^ is stupid. half hour increments and don't tell the user or something
which q?
12:48 AM
it's awarded now. it was for iSeth
he was close to 2k and trying hard so i sent him a big enough bounty to cross the threshold yesterday...and he was there b4 the bounty was awarded
on UL one of my answers was going sky rocket after it was in the "hot questions" by SE. that was cool.
Q: How does vim steal root owned files?

GlenjaminWitness the following: sh-3.2$ mkdir testcase sh-3.2$ cd testcase sh-3.2$ sudo touch temp sh-3.2$ ls -al total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 glen staff 102 19 Dec 12:38 . drwxr-xr-x 12 glen staff 408 19 Dec 12:38 .. -rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 0 19 Dec 12:38 temp sh-3.2$ echo nope > temp sh: temp:...

and then the sad part: this OP never came back after he accepted my answer (just 1 upvote or so)
heh. i noticed when i followed the link that my ul rep just bumped a little
how is onlive on android but not vanilla linux -- smh
o/ @iSeth - u can haz rep
Thanks @AbrahamVanHelpsing :D
1:14 AM
why is there no askfedora.com? because fedora is just beta testing for rhel...nothing more. kthx
@AbrahamVanHelpsing lol, where is that?
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Did you actually find that one the site? What are you referring to?
Are you using Acer Aspire One 722? If so please go to bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/1074615 and indicate you are affected by this bug. — user68186 7 mins ago
               ^--- where did that piece of info come from?
1:24 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing There is! ask.fedoraproject.org/questions
@gertvdijk That's not a stack though.
@iSeth just me being me
when did we get review on meta??
1:38 AM
maybe its a rep thing?
ever since I first opened meta it was there
huh, wasn't for me.
I'm not around that long...
hi there
1:40 AM
There's a user account on this machine that refuses to start Unity after a user logs in.
hats are too localized?
That means the question only applied to specific circumstances.
In this case, the last few weeks.
Q: Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

jrgWhen I login, nothing happens. I am presented with my desktop wallpaper. No Dash, no Launcher, nothing.

^--- he doesn't know what he is talking about or what?
2:13 AM
2:32 AM
dinner time :)
@Flabricorn silence will return in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
snaps fingers and dissapears
Silence returned.
2:51 AM
what did I do now
Silence is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. By analogy, the word silence can also refer to any absence of communication, including in media other than speech. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to non verbal communication and spiritual connection. Silence also refers to no sounds uttered by anybody in a room or area. Silence is an important factor in many cultural spectacles, as in rituals. In discourse analysis, speakers use brief absences of speech to mark the boundaries of prosodic units. Silence in speech can be hesitation...
3:10 AM
3:20 AM
@iSeth I was more so thinking of the Dr. Who version.
Dr Who version @Flabricorn? I'm lost sorry :/
@Flabricorn ah, now I get it.
@iSeth I couldn't find a picture imgur would like in time.
has anyone seen a mod in here today?
\o @GeorgeEdison
3:27 AM
what's the difference between if n%3==0: and if n/3==0:
There. I finally figured out how to run a GUI app under another user's account.
@iSeth The % operator returns the remainder of integer division.
The / operator is just plain old floating-point division.
Wait - is this JavaScript?
...or some other language?
@GeorgeEdison yeah, but they should both do the same thing in this case right?
@GeorgeEdison Python
3:36 AM
Oh... let me try to remember what that does in Python.
I don't think it's the same thing.
@GeorgeEdison iirc it is the same thing
>>> 4%5
No wait - now I'm getting confused.
Forget everything I've said. :P
Turns out I was getting mixed up.
Yeah, I think it's the same thing.
hehe OK.
maybe it was because codeacadamy wanted the % so it rejected /
Its been a long time since I've done python, glad I decided to do all the review
Q: I can't find a tag called windows-8. Would such a tag be useful?

vasa1There is the uefi tag but I feel a windows-8 tag would be more "friendly". In any case, there are tags for Win 7 and XP. I feel it could be useful for questions possibly arising from difficulties faced in dual-booting.

@GeorgeEdison ?? talking to me specifically?
I posted three really long comments on that answer.
ah, I see. reading them now
I'm really excited about the URI scheme idea.
Then I could paste a link like so:
4:24 AM
...and it would run the command and include a link to the output in the markdown editor.
All of it would be done automatically.
@GeorgeEdison Wow, you have it all figured out!
I'm going to steal a quote from @AbrahamVanHelpsing...
> @GeorgeEdison is pure awesome, if anyone can do it, he can.
stars ^^
If anyone wants to help... we need a packager.
I looked at the instructions and... O_O
4:27 AM
Oh, you mean my blog post?
That was for Qt5 - it's not as bad for Qt4.
I'm relieved.
I'll give you a template to look at if you're interested.
Let me think of something recent I've packaged with Qt4...
I'm interested, though not sure I can do it. I don't have any experience.
4:29 AM
Here we go:
That's a pretty simple app.
Two of those files are like 5 bytes and consist of a single number that doesn't change.
But if you don't feel like doing it, that's okay.
I remember how I felt the first time I packaged something.
It takes practice to get it right and it can be daunting.
I'll put you down for testing the app :)
OK, I know I can do that :)
4:32 AM
I'll get a couple of screenshots so you can see the progress...
Right now none of those files make any sense.
I vaguely recognize the .install
ooh, ahhh KDE :)
looks great so far...
4:34 AM
That's what I have at the moment.
Looks great!
5:01 AM
I need to hurry up and write this since I have a graphics issue on this machine :P
@GeorgeEdison Okay, good luck!
I'm going to bed now.
One thing C++ has over Python is assignment expressions.
In Python you can't do:
a = b = 1
that's interesting.
2 hours later…
7:11 AM
@GeorgeEdison You can.
TBH, I think C++ is one of the worst languages we have around. But it has its historical significance.
7:30 AM
I am going to sleep :)
@GeorgeEdison well, python can do multiple assignments at once. since long.
Why Timezones? People will be going to sleep while others just woke up. Good morning all!
There were days when earth was a flat disk only. Why did they change that?
8:10 AM
columbus needed to get to america, flat earth would not allow that.
But my google maps is able to display Europe, Asia, and America all at once on a flat screen.
Google reinvented the flat world.
... and humanless cars.
8:41 AM
So, I am curious, it is considered bad to put a bounty on a question, just so you can give additional rep to an answer? c.i.p: askubuntu.com/questions/239822/…
@Hailwood it is not. infact there is a bounty reason you can specify for that.
one or more answers are exceptionally good and deserve additional reputation or something along those lines....
Ah great, thank you. Would you consider the answer linked to be "exceptional"?
With the obvious note of, I cannot add a bounty on it yet anyway!
not overly excpetional, I had thought of using zsync and or torrent. before reading his answer. its a good answer though
9:00 AM
@Hailwood I would've called it exceptional if it was not Eliah. But since it is him, I say thats just another of his answers.
(which doesn't mean I hate him. It just means he is awesome as ever. )
You know, you can't say a thing on the internet without being misinterpreted.
9:28 AM
@GeorgeEdison that's plain shell injection there! - exactly what I was hoping not to have in the tool. Now let's ninja-edit this comment to autrouble://command/sudo%20rm%20%-rf <-- happy?
sorry to be a party pooper, but this is creating a very unsafe environment. damage has already taken place before the user sees the output. Also very vulnerable for users posting these comments, like rm -rf /home/user/.file / (trailing /) in URL encoded comments is hard to spot.
/me is in total agreement with that.
It is a serious security threat.
The possibility is to hard-code the steps necessary and expose just a set of keywords using uri scheme. that would be relatively safe
@Mahesh yes. I was thinking of these "recipes" embedded in the tool.
@gertvdijk Indeed, this must be avoided! It's also important to keep in mind that the ability to evaluate a shell expression constitutes the same threat: evaluating $(badcommand) (even in echo $(badcommand)) runs badcommand.
@Mahesh Why use a URI scheme at all though?
it was @GeorgeEdison's idea. I think it is a nice idea.
@EliahKagan probably because "Can I haz this?" is usually done via resources at locations pointed using URIs
9:39 AM
@Mahesh I don't think you were misinterpreted by anyone. I appreciate the compliment!
unless we find no way to implement things safely, I guess it is a nice thing to have.
@EliahKagan :)
@Mahesh I see only one way out (still unsafe imo - new users!): the user has to confirm the command manually
The user has to confirm, plus things should be hard coded recipes
and expose a set of magic words to invoke a prompt asking to run that recipe
I am very much against any form of remote access. This includes running single shell commands automated.
@gertvdijk Even then, though, if there isn't a major chance of review by other members of the community, this would present elevated risk of users unwittingly executing malicious -- or non-malicious but inadvertantly bad -- commands, compared to the usual way we troubleshoot people's problems here.
9:41 AM
and the recipes better be PGP-signed.
@gertvdijk /me nods in agreement and raises hand to show support
@Mahesh yes, URI scheme like ausysinfo://recipe/a123/eth0 <-- leaves room for a simple non-shell-injectable argument
"this would present elevated risk" @EliahKagan <-- wording I was looking for since I read the proposal of George
Why do people recommend this ppa for VirtualBox? askubuntu.com/a/239893
@Mahesh Yeah, about this PGP signing... with this we could sign external commands. In other words: "this custom set of commands was reviewed, found to be harmless by 10 highly respected users on AU, digitally signed: ...."
yup that.
@Mahesh I take offense :P
9:50 AM
but wouldn't that be kind of impossible to use for a user not connected to the internet?
they need public keys, after all
yup. it's a wish list thing
@jokerdino You are welcome. :P
My proposal is stating by accepting these recipes as pull requests and merge them into the main tree as soon as they've proven to be harmless.
and have them all hardcoded.
yup that.
@jokerdino I screwed up lp translations.
Jorge would say time coding this stuff can be spent answering questions :P
@Mahesh O_O
9:52 AM
I'm attempting to fix it. gonna take time..
all the best
actually, you know what? lp screwed up our translations.
@Mahesh we won't have the tool tomorrow, but we'll have a safe and tested one. and, moreover, it's about very common commands. if it's not mentioned in a whole month, it's probably not worth to include it anyway.
@Mahesh can we fix it?
@jokerdino kind of yes, but it requires me to copy valid lines over to new files in a dozen files with a thousand lines each
9:54 AM
sounds like fun
why on earth can't lp merge translations from two templates on request?
@jokerdino FUN???? you have an extremely convoluted taste, sir.
lol just kidding ;)
yeah. me too. :(
i was messing with dch and changelog all this while
oh. and yeah, we need to maintain a changelog.
9:57 AM
Q: OpenVPN struggling

junkyhlmI've got some problems with my OpenVPN setup. The Setup: -> Ubuntu Server 12.04 -> Two active NIC's: eth0 (default): eth1: x.x.x.x (external ip) I've managed to get the routing to work so i can connect to the outside world with the eth1 NIC. holmen@filserver:~$ ping -I eth1 -c 3...

there is no git-dch for 12.10 onwards :(
@Takkat "Backports of the latest VirtualBox packages" <-- not all Ubuntu releases have the same version. — gertvdijk 52 secs ago
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L wait who's struggling? user or openvpn?
@jokerdino what? :( not funny
@gertvdijk yup, but a ppa is not to be recommended unless necessary, and when mentioned, the answerer must indicate what purpose the PPA serves.
9:58 AM
@gertvdijk yeah but then it is much safer to install from upstream to get even newer versions.
not everyone understands what a backport is...
@Takkat agree.
@jokerdino what broke it?
@Takkat "Backports of the latest VirtualBox packages" <-- not all Ubuntu releases have the same version. But then you should be using virtualbox.org anyway. — gertvdijk 3 mins ago
as in, why was it discontinued?
10:00 AM
no idea.
hold on, there is the git-buildpackage
@jokerdino I was just about to type that. found precise man pages
@gertvdijk they only build 4.1.18 in this ppa but the latest release is now at 4.2.6 :/
@Takkat of course! that's the latest pre-packaged open source version.
he's just doing dget virtualbox.....dsc, dch -e (change quantal -> oneiric), dput virtualbox....changes
@gertvdijk 4.2.6 still is OSS until you install the extension pack to make it PUEL
@Takkat yes, but latest Ubuntu stables is 4.1.18: packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/virtualbox-ose
10:08 AM
@Mahesh but i cant generate changelogs o.O
this PPA is created in 10 minutes, really. no effort to the packages probably.
@jokerdino you cant. git-dch requires a linear chain.
and we have an extremely convoluted chain.
@gertvdijk yeah, the Ubuntu repos always were a bit back in respect to virtualbox
10:09 AM
@Takkat that's how Ubuntu works
Good to have ppa /irony :P
@Mahesh dont get me started.
A: Why can't I update applications without upgrading the whole OS?

rafalcieslakThis is actually a feature of Ubuntu. There is no problem with updating the software with its latest version, and Ubuntu developers might do it easily. And, actually, it is done in several other Linux distributions, including Arch. As you have noticed, Ubuntu software is updated only with secur...

@gertvdijk personally I love this feature - it makes my OS stable (unitl I install from a ppa) :P
@jokerdino I can actually rebase everything to generate linear chains in a separate repo and then use git-dch and dance in joy. But i feel its not worth it since our commit messages are not really of quality.
10:11 AM
is there a way to drop a debian packaging folder anywhere?
@Mahesh yeah that too
we cant really have them in changelogs
@Mahesh also, i think it is time move the data files to root folder already.
10:29 AM
hi @AmithKK
whatsup @jokerdino
no school ?
@AmithKK also, quicklist is implemented. how far are you with the menu? :))
School day today
just got back
ah alright.
I thought I saw you in the morning
@jokerdino BTW, how to reference the internal tabs?
@jokerdino Yeah, at 8 or so
10:36 AM
I usually wake up at 10 :P
@AmithKK self.ui['tabnamehere'].set_active(True)
cya :)
Hi guys! I have link which is for downloading drivers(business.toshiba.com/support/…) among those which one should be selected to download on ubuntu
what are you trying to fix?
we have a questioner who is trying to install drivers for his printer(Toshiba e Studio 455) and he got few errors after he installed some other series drivers(eStudio 450)
@fossfreedom What do you think he needs to do?
10:53 AM
well it would be the CUPS driver - but that looks very old - suggest go to this website and check his compatibility with current linux versions - www.openprinting.org
11:08 AM
Q: Cannot access a speciic website from ubuntu?

HackToHellI have this strange problem, I am unable to access imgur.com from Ubuntu ! I have checked the /etc/hosts file, there seems to no entry related to imgur. I can access it from Windows(same connection). I cannot ping it or traceroute it, I cannot even ping the IP of imgur. I have cleared iptables ...

@HackToHell chatroom etiquette is not to drop random links.
rather expected that, sorry !
11:47 AM
re-reading some of my comments from a few days ago. I like this one, it's epic:
1) re-read my answer, 2) other question, 3) other question. hint: byobu has nothing to do with wireless. — gertvdijk 2 days ago
12:28 PM
Since when do we need gnome-system-tools to create a new user in Lubuntu? askubuntu.com/posts/239516/revisions
@Takkat yeah...
Eric Carvalho reviewed this 7 mins ago: Approve
fabricator4 reviewed this 7 mins ago: Approve
It's an edit from the OP who asked the Q... so it helped him.
But still...
<-- is too picky today
12:44 PM
@Mahesh good point. Keyboards without proper Function keys should be banned from planet earth.
1 hour later…
1:56 PM
@gertvdijk I have one. Thats the reason I knew. :P flipped the switch in my bios, though.
I can't live without proper function keys. having to hold an extra key is an extreme headache.
What about this one? Using this right now.
"Image not found"? huh?
Sun Type 7 PC keyboard USB. Best one ever touched.
2:48 PM
Q: tmux bottom bar color change

XinHuaI recently started to use tmux and like it much, but it's green bottom bar is a bit distracting, is there a way to change its color? or a way to hide it?

Holy crap, its alive!
3:23 PM
@Joshua what is alive?
3:39 PM
@gertvdijk I am!
@Joshua :O
I thought you had fallen of the face of the earth
@iSeth me too!
lol ;)
@Joshua You are an it?
3:44 PM
Q: Best practise for answering questions

qbitl;dr: What is your (best) way to answer question on AskUbuntu? I usually log in to AU and surf through the list of new questions. If some "interesting" question catches my eye, I open it and try to answer it. However this might not ever the best way to work with AU. So how do you answer? I cou...

@gertvdijk sometimes my wife calls me "it" so yeah according to her I am.
@gertvdijk I think there's some context your missing ;)
@iSeth yeah, let's confuse some people by starring it... ;)
"It is installing ubuntu"
3:46 PM
@AmithKK Hi!
@AmithKK Hi!
@gertvdijk done :D
4:05 PM
Thanks @jrg
@jokerdino I have a suggestion
As soon as unity-tweak-tool is installed
we steal all their passwords? :>
made a unity settings backup
4:08 PM
i think we can do that once the user starts using it
in ~/.unitytweaktool/default.utp
pass it on to Mahesh.
you're welcome @iSeth
@jokerdino Also, presets :P
file wishlists on LP? :D
4:10 PM
You get a .utp file(It's an archive)
and It sets all the associated wallpaper and unity settings
in Ubuntu Regulators, Feb 15 '12 at 1:05, by Bruno Pereira
todo.txt ftw
I just love that.
@AmithKK really, put it as a bug or at least add it on trello board
Q: 12.10 on legacy equipment - compiz compatibility

Ed RichardsonI have tried (and failed) to install Ubuntu 12.10 on a legacy HP/Compaq workstation (an Evo PRO). This did not surprise me, I'd guessed at a 30:70 success:fail ratio and was right. The issue is running Compiz into a generic driver, and on into legacy firmware. I'd done by best, the firmware...

can anyone make sense out of that?
"I have really old hardware and I want to run the latest greatest OS with all the fancy effects, why won't it work?"
is what I get
@jokerdino We have trello? :O
4:16 PM
LOL sorry :D
@jokerdino Linkie?
do we have a pro forma for "This is a Q&A site, not a discussion forum"?
I edited the only question tagged with it BTW
4:38 PM
Good Night
Night @AmithKK!
5:34 PM
Anyone here?
it appears the site is totally down.
and back...
5:56 PM
SE runs on Windows. It has to be rebooted at times...
Q: Can we merge the 'dev' and 'development' tags?

iSethI was re-tagging a question about developing applications when I noticed there was a dev tag. To me, both dev and development cover exactly the same thing. Can we merge the tags or make dev a synonym of development?

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