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12:07 AM
@ScottPack isnt he like the 3rd richest man in the world?
sorry, duh. thats Carlos Slim, and he's at #1.
You're thinking of Warren Buffet.
they all sound alike.
You racist bastard.
See now, if Warren Buffet were to use powershell, he'd be #1.
instead of having a hippie rock band and currently missing.
If he'd stop giving his money away, you mean.
12:13 AM
@ScottPack dya think that would help...?
Dude just gave up, what, 2 billion to the Gates Foundation? And gobs more to other charaties.
@ScottPack eh, whats 2 billion for guys like that?
a great night out, that's what.
So he's currently valued at 44 Billion and his total charitable donations have amounted to 17.3 billion.
whoa, really?
still wouldnt put him at #1.
Think of what that 17.3 billion would have turned into if invested.
12:16 AM
Oh jeebus. This is from Bill Gate's profile.
> The world's second-richest man is worth $65 billion?and that's after giving away more than $28 billion.
@AviD That's if either one of us had invested it.
@ScottPack wow. kudos to him.
I'm sure he doesnt notice the money, but giving up #1? that's gotta hurt.
That's....wow...that's a fuckload of money.
and on that note, goodnight Mrs. Calabash. Whereever you are.
Sweet dreams.
1:16 AM
FYI: Netmon is going to be replaced by Microsoft Message Analyzer (free) connect.microsoft.com/site216
That link requires authentication.
Just use a LiveID... it's free... then if you want to "join the program" click the link, and there will be a list of projects to select from. One of them is MSFT message parser
Then I'll have to get one.
Sign up here windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/… for a "live id" AKA "passport" AKA "Microsoft ID" .. or just use a hotmail account .. or outlook.com account. (they should stop renaming things)
Not to mention a BPOS or Office 365 account should work as well
Nah. Sounds like yet another account to manage.
1:23 AM
They have a nice "one click capture" download that would be nice in remote helpdesk situations...
Also NetMon SSL decryption for those interested: nmdecrypt.codeplex.com
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5:32 AM
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8:02 AM
@ScottPack you would have to carry @RoryM on your back and then fly to Mount Meta.Stackoverflow, where he will throw the question into the burning lava of devops
8:52 AM
Happy diurnal isomorphism
mornin' Colin :)
@ColinCassidy And the same echoed to you.
morning other UK folks (ie those in the correct timezone)
haha, yeah, mornin'
9:09 AM
Yez, the One True Timezone.
One Timezone to rule them all, one Timezone to time them, one Timzeone to wake them all and in the morning sunlight blind them.
What a lovely day it is.
I'm glad its a dress down Friday - had the first 3 hours of my new tattoo yesterday evening...
@RoryAlsop yeah, that can be a bit painful the next day
I had all of my tribal on my arm done in one long session, then went to work the next day in a shirt.
ended up getting shirt fibres bound into my scabs... not very pleasant.
need to speak to my tattooist about getting my biomech stuff finished on my inner arm
@Polynomial bepanthen for the win
9:18 AM
yeah, it is useful for most people, but I get a reaction to it
@Polynomial you would have loved the Giger full back piece one of the other customers was getting finished
ooooh nice
my tattooist is Alient-obsessed.
she's got all of the various releases, glass cabinets full of models / plushies, all the comics, books, etc.
tattooed a load of alien stuff on herself too
fun story, actually... she also tattooed Bobba Fett on her leg, then ended up meeting the guy who played the original Bobba Fett in the movie at a comic convention
and she just exclaimed "I HAVE YOU ON MY LEG!"
@Polynomial hahaha
so he signed it, and she tattooed over the signature when she got home :P
9:28 AM
that's pretty awesome
I like the way it looks like an axe as well as the intended wings
can't quite figure out what the middle bit is though lol
so I have a Mayan / Viking cross
yeah, first thing I thought was "axe!"
the middle is a totem pole of various things I translated into Mayan
9:28 AM
like the kids names etc
last bit i got on that was 6 years ago
I'm generally trying to avoid a back-piece until I'm at least in my late 30s, since it's a huge amount of work and I'd rather wait until I know exactly what I want on there.
I've got a "tramp stamp", but it's lyrics rather than some random pattern
my fiancé has a huge set of wings on her back, with feathers falling off at the bottom
@Polynomial heh
@Polynomial "Roses are red, violets are blue, I was totally pissed when I got this tattoo"
the lyrics are something I chose because they don't need to be recognised as lyrics to make sense
it's from Duality by Slipknot - "You cannot kill what you did not create"
which I generally take to be a statement about ideas - you can create an idea, and nobody else can destroy it.
9:33 AM
very nice
I'll definitely have to show you my ridiculous arm tattoo though. I decided I wanted something guaranteed unique, completely insane, and borderline stupid.
so I got a lightbulb with feet.
We've got a dave
Q: How about preventing CSRF this way?

GeorgeAccording to Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cheat Sheet , the recommended solution to protect web site from CSRF attacking is to implement Synchronizer Token Pattern. And This requires the token to be random or unique. And recently, we are trying to apply this to our web site. And ...

dropped an answer on it.
9:51 AM
@Sadaluk Do you know any good reading material about power shell? I only found tutorials about how to use it, and not about how to understand it
@CodesInChaos there's quite a few good books on the subject, Manning have some like manning.com/jones3 and manning.com/siddaway2
@CodesInChaos I tend to just dive in. The two notes I made on it where:
1) Everything is an object - so rather than passing text you're passing objects (.net objects, specifically) along the pipeline.
2) Powershell knows how to format objects. Don't fight it.
Embrace the shell power
If you look up the CmdLet interface in C#, you'll basically see how each command works.
10:11 AM
@Sadaluk As a C# developer, I find PowerShell extremely unintuitive :P
it usually takes me somewhere between 15 and 30 tries to get a command right
I think I'll stick to LinqPad ;)
Hmmm. I write C++. The whole language is pretty unintuitive...!
C++ is so unintuitive that its mother would've been its uncle, niece and pet unicorn all wrapped up in one.
@Polynomial C allows you to shoot yourself in the foot, C++ is a shotgun...
it allows you to shoot yourself in both feet at the same time?
whilst simultaneously getting your teeth knocked out by the recoil, of course
The problem is that there are no good languages for unmanaged code
at least for high performance code
10:22 AM
@AviD @TerryChia BTW that's the Windows RT jailbreak package working smoothly, the missus now has putty running on her surface...
@Polynomial my bass player is Irish, so he got a tattoo on his bicep:
a potato
with the latin (tuberosum something)
and a rainbow
and a crock of gold
...it's ironic I think
but he does have a very cool Boba Fett, and Hellboy, and some Star Wars stuff, and an original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
@RoryMcCune cool
haha, love the potato idea
10:46 AM
Q: Looking for password manager in company

user872846I was looking for solution everywhere, but maybe because lack of specialized words I can't find it. I've got a problem in finding a program, but I don't know how to describe it in one word so I'll describe it in full way: In company there is a usual situation when some of workers need to know ...

I love that title. It reads like they're hiring someone to be a manager of passwords
Password Manager position, £28kpa. Must have excellent memory, and a history of properly handling confidential information. Right candidate should be resistant to cracking under pressure.
We wasn't allowed to use session at all. Because if we store the token in session, we must maintain a distributed session due to multiple application servers. So we try to avoid sessions. — George 45 mins ago
wait what?
yeah, that was my reaction
This reeks of bad design and bad coding all over
agreed. I got the "bad code smell" straight away, when I read the question.
sounds like they've hacked stuff together to create a "distributed" system, rather than just relying on proper replication.
11:08 AM
in principle you can use any secret value from a cookie (possibly hashed) as CSRF token.
for example hash of the session ID seems like a decent choice
@CodesInChaos if he has no session, then he won't have a session ID...
I think his problem with sessions is the server state
still he needs to identify the logged in user somehow
I guess you could put a value in a cookie, then read that value when generating the page and put it into the form, then verify that the value passed in the Cookie header matches the one you got in the form.
11:14 AM
so he must have a cookie similar to a session id
distributed sessions are supported on all major web servers though, so I dunno why he thinks it's hard
For example a (userid, timestamp) tuple combined with a MAC
but then you're running into Kerckhoff's principle again.
the mechanism becomes the secret
The MAC key is the secret
where's the MAC key?
11:15 AM
and you can put that into your config file
yeah, I guess that works. I don't like it, but it works.
(But I bet if he were to use that approach he'd use unauthenticated encryption in place of the MAC)
Personally I find the idea of a sessionless server somewhat appealing. But you can't handle logout that way. So it's not a good idea.
A: The Memes of IT Security

Rory AlsopMeme: Don't be a Dave! Originator: @Polynomial, @LucasKauffman, others Cultural Height: December 2012 Background: One of our most popular questions of all time, with over 17 thousand views in the space of 3 weeks, had as its subject poor old Dave: My developer, let's call him 'Dave', insis...

11:32 AM
@RoryAlsop won't you feel stupid when your latent mutant powers mature, and you sprout actual wings.
@AviD It'll be like the old Power Rangers thing... bring the Rories together to form the RoryZord!
@RoryMcCune I read that as "... now has putty running on her face." WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER??
haha, that is a rather good target for a TWSS joke :P
@Polynomial TWSS?
@RoryAlsop That's What She Said
11:41 AM
@AviD heh - latent......
@Polynomial @LucasKauffman I dont think that there is necessarily a bad practice there, even if its not optimal.
If their architecture requires affinity-less web cluster, they would need to implement distributed sessions.
(implement i.e. configure, not necessarily roll their own).
Which, in itself, is often not a great idea, for numerous reasons, depending on the technology stack.
Besides which, going for stateless apps is not such a horrible thing, as @CodesInChaos says.
then again, the question is - if there is no session, and no session id in his cookie, where is there CSRF?
unless they're using HTTP authentication, which would be in the headers...
so yeah, missing context.
He's talking about encrypted tokens
12:06 PM
@CodesInChaos I know. But so what? You might as well say "he's talking about using a network". Context is important, and its missing.
12:37 PM
@LucasKauffman That will depend entirely on how much he weighs and how squirmy a passenger.
It sounds like he's using Encrypt(UserID, TimeStamp) as cookie
@Polynomial Have you ever considered trading in your immune system for a new model? It seems to be a lemon.
@ScottPack It's not even a lemon. It's like a mouldy grape.
@Polynomial So is the new one on order yet?
@ScottPack I wish.
12:46 PM
@Polynomial You know what they say...illness implies weakness of character.
perhaps all of my blood supply is diverted... elsewhere.
I'm sure I could turn that into something scathing and hilarious but it's 7:50 in the morning, I've only had one sip of coffee, and I'm tired.
So let's just pretend I said something incredibly witty and carry on. Deal?
1:04 PM
@ScottPack gotta love free climbing
@ColinCassidy It's probably been 10 years since I've done any, and even then it wasn't anything impressive enough to require equipment or chalk.
@ColinCassidy I'm more impressed with his flip than anything else.
@ScottPack I've done (and occasionally still attempt to do) indoor rock climbing, but that's about as exciting as it's got. I'm getting too heavy to haul my ass up the walls nowadays
@ColinCassidy The couple of times I went to a gym to climb I had a lot of fun, but it's been forever since I've done that either. I should probably do that again.
that said I'm excellent at staying on the ground and belaying
I think it was the safety equipment I found most off-putting at the gym. It felt a bit like a cheat code.
1:16 PM
@ScottPack the safety equipment is fine, its the stupidly tight climbing shoes. I was told that you should go as small as you can manage. I'm normally a 9 (UK) and I have a pair of size 6 climbing shoes
At that point you might as well put in an ACE wrap instead.
@ColinCassidy If you want to get back into it over the summer at Ratho I still have my membership there
Piece of advice on rock boots - if you remove your big toe nails, the boots are much mroe comfortable
@ScottPack Image not found - dammit - blocked here
@RoryAlsop You need start working at good places.
@ScottPack yay - not long now :-)
@RoryAlsop could be tempted (too cold this time of year) I tend to pop along with my son, who is now probably big enough to want to do the aerial assault :)
1:21 PM
@RoryAlsop That's pretty badass.
@ScottPack it's a cracking place, they've basically stuck a roof on top on an old quarry
@RoryAlsop You should be happy, I'm finally throwing together my Intro to Auditd post.
@RoryAlsop I'm seriously thinking of turning it into a regular series where we collect use cases and design a config appropriately.
@ColinCassidy That's pretty neat, fo schizzle. Previously I lived in a foothills area with gobs of sandstone formations. So lots of good places out in the woods.
@ScottPack They still have the outside half of the quarry, which has been left natural (aside from fixing some loose rock, and adding eyes), but in here the grades range from a 3 to an 8C I think (the competition overhang)
I haven't yet climbed anything more challenging than the 6C on the 25 metre climb
(too heavy)
but my kids can do a couple that are more technical, but that have closer handholds
haven't got them leading just yet
it's that risk management piece - in bottom or top roping I can at least control their danger, but if they lead I really need to watch how they are clipping in
hahaha - just got a necromancer badge for the Memes post :-)
1:37 PM
I got one too for my last one :P
@RoryAlsop badgewhore
Also, you're welcome.
@ScottPack cheers for the vote :-)
And there was much rejoicing.
@RoryAlsop Careful with that, remember the incident The Jeff mentioned up in Maine?
@ScottPack I blame Stephen King - Maine sounds dangerous
@RoryAlsop There was a Zumba studio being used as a front for prostitution.
1:45 PM
@ScottPack oh, yes - I did see that, but I didn't inhale
I mean 'click the link'
ahh development still has the power to make me laugh, just writing a logger for a deamon, one of the log types is 'generic_major_log'
Completely unrelated, I want to share this again.
Mostly because I just got this one
in The Comms Room, Apr 6 '12 at 22:10, by MikeyB
@jscott You're probably one of those motherfuckers that calls that editor "Six", aren't you?
almost as good as 'fresh dump' xD
@lynks I'm the very model of a modern major logger engine.
@ScottPack I'm making it my goal today to use the phrase 'take a fresh dump and send it to me'
1:50 PM
I've information generic, debugging, and informative.
I know the modes of execution and list events historical.
From login to query, in order categorical.
@ScottPack haha is that the same guy who did the periodic table? I forget his name...
All right, I'm done. I'm running out of inspiration.
@lynks Mm?
@ScottPack oh that was you well done :P
@lynks surely that was The Animaniacs
Scott that's the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot :P
1:56 PM
@ColinCassidy standby for youtube
@lynks That's why it was taking so long. I kept having to look up the lyrics and figure out how to transform them into something about a logger.
Hello people
What is the procedure for suggesting tag synonyms, in the SO/SE world ?
2:02 PM
afternoon Ursa Major
@ThomasPornin Tell a mod. The whole synonym system is a serious cluster.
I mean, there is no interface with buttons for that ?
So it is talk with a mod, or a post in meta ?
@lynks It is rather good - have had it in the car for long enough that my two eldest can sing it through verbatim, and my youngest makes the right vowel sounds...
There is an interface, but it's a bit weird
is it sad that I got excited by being assigned item number 8086 in Bugzilla? :P
2:06 PM
@CodesInChaos Where is it, on SO ?
I have found the page with the list of existing synonyms, not the page where you can suggest a new one.
Go to the tag page, click on synonmys
and then there is a textfield at the bottom
> Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms.
@Polynomial I'm happy for you :-)
im about to triple my ram, just thought id share due to the hackers reference. brb.
synomnyomnoms (noun, pl): Foods that taste equally as awesome.
@lynks where did you download it?
2:11 PM
@CodesInChaos hmm?
@CodesInChaos I don't have the text field
Do you have enough score on the tag?
ah ok, found it
must get the page of the tag itself
for fans of numberphile:
@DrMayhem Should be "Urse Major" (male version is Ursus, but for a salutation you must use vocative)
2:24 PM
I wonder why he drew the formula so skewed...
Although I prefer greek terms. You cannot be properly epic with latin words.
Hence "Megarctos"
Possibly "Dinarctos" when I let my wrath be felt by commoners.
Just going through some internal secure software development training that has been rolled out by our lords and masters, and I am being referred to the famous "smashing the stack for fun and profit" work, only to have it blocked by the net nanny because that website has been categorised as "hacking"... sigh...
@ColinCassidy i have a nice bound print-out of that in my library somewhere
2:40 PM
@ThomasPornin oooh - I never knew that
@TerryChia That's pretty amazing
@ScottPack Yeah, the amount of cool new technologies packed into that one watch is pretty great.
@ThomasPornin Μεγ Αρκτος?
@TerryChia Did pretty good too. They're almost 150% of their funding goal and still have 6 weeks left.
@TerryChia signed up!
that is superb
It goes thus:
The Ursus is Great.
Great Urse, we praise you !
We fear the Great Ursos.
The Glory of the Great Ursi is eternal.
We sacrifice our first-borns to the Great Urso.
In the Great Urso we trust.
2:46 PM
@DrMayhem did you sign up for the $129 one?
@Polynomial He did.
wait, why is RoryAlsop's name DrMayhem? O_o
@Polynomial Because he is the Insidious Doktor. Clearly.
@Polynomial www.metaltech.me - click on "About"
2:51 PM
not sure how to in markdown in chat
(I don't know how to do strikethrough either - I'm rubbish at markdown)
One might strikethrough using ---strikethrough--- or click on metaltech using [metaltech](http://www.metaltech.me)
One might also fuck up markdown so bad that it takes 4 times to succeed.
@ScottPack I am a PHB, which means I can let others do that, then I can ctrl-C ctrl-V and look amazing first time :-)
@DrMayhem I'll bet you make heavy use of pivot tables in Excel, don't you?
fucking pivot tables.
@Sadaluk C++ is based on the premise that C syntax is intuitive, and C++ tries to add more intuitiveness of the same kind over it. It can be said that it succeeds beautifully at it ! (For the right notion of "success" of course).
3:01 PM
I think the lesson here is that when facing adversity be very specific in where you move your finish line for determining success.
@ScottPack Most. Valuable. Life. Lesson. Ever.
@ThomasPornin Yeah. Well actually I don't think it's so bad, but many people hate it.
@ScottPack nope - I avoid Excel whenever possible
and when I do use it, I don't do pivot tables :-)
BTW a kickstarter for any old-school role players who know what TTYF means :) kickstarter.com/projects/994700393/deluxe-tunnels-and-trolls
3:13 PM
@RoryMcCune You said you're in a Pathfinder group now, yes?
@ScottPack yep
Do you guys do the published material or homebrew?
At the moment we're doing one of the adventure paths (IIRC it's the shattered star one) but we've done a variety of stuff over the years (groups being going 20+ years). Last thing I ran was whiterock mountain goodmangames.com/5050preview.html
good fun and well designed module all the way from L1 to L15
My group, largely because of time commitments, stays pretty exclusively to the APs. We're doing Jade Regent right now, Shattered Star looks really good.
yeah these days it's more published than homebrew. shattered star is fun, although our DM isn't a fan of fast progression so he's got us on the slow track which is making it quite tough going
3:20 PM
Do you actually track XP?
We actually gave up on that when we switched to Pathfinder. We just level up according to the module recommendations. Our group fluctuates in size so much, anywhere from 3 to 7 players (typically 5) depending on the week, that it can make encounter balance interesting.
But awarding XP to characters made party balance awkward.
well that's interesting when some of us DM they don't and just have us go up levels after a number of adventures
I actually don't like that it takes away the achievement feeling for me
I like to think "those were some tough combats/traps/puzzles"
as to why I went up levels
I can certainly understand that. It also breaks some things like Raise Dead and item creation.
It turns both of those into a purely economic exercise since we've, effectively, removed any XP cost.
yeah we have a small group now (4 of us) and stable but when we had big parties and people dropping in and out treasure/xp becomes tricky to track
We're a consistent group of people, but I'm the youngest, so real life events crop up.
Gah. Blowfish.smashthestack is down again...
3:29 PM
@ScottPack yeah we're fairly regular but at 4 people if someone can't make it we just tend not to play rather than drop to 3
DM consistency is easy, though. There are just two of us and what we do is trade off running chapters of the same APs.
@RoryMcCune Oh sure. We, at least, are able to lose a few people before that becomes a problem.
@RoryMcCune I've been thinking it would be fun to try to get an online group together with a VTT or some such. If I ever build up the gumption to do something would you be interested?
3:49 PM
@ScottPack ooh online play, not thought of that in the past
might be fun to try
With the software getting better, more people are doing it. Things like maptools or roll20 for the gaming part, and Skype or Google Hangout for chat.
I'll need to go look at Maptools/roll20 not looked into that stuff before..
MapTools is cool and works well, plus lots of people have taken the published mods and built out the campaigns with maps and such, but the software is java, terribly buggy, and the framework language/API changes between minor revs.
Roll20 looks a lot newer, and nicer, but I've never tried it out.
yeah RPG software can be really hit or miss. have you ever used PCGEN?
nice idea but really buggy
We used it for a long time, but then our primary GM bought HeroLab.
Over the years we've done a lot of custom sources for pcgen.
3:54 PM
I like it but used to run into bits that just didn't seem to work well. still useful as a sanity check on bonuses
I'm sorry, but that's a piece of software that read and edits plain text files. I should not have to give it 768MB of memory and a 1024 heap just to run.
yeah the older versions were really slow, I reckon it only got better when PCs got faster..
HeroLab is pretty swank, and being commercial actually gets sources that work.
2 years ago I was running PCGen on a MacPro with 8GB of ram and 2xdual core 2.8GHz Xeons. Fuck me that was terrible.
Expand a tree...and wait....
ooh herolab does look nice, might need to get that
There are some organizational things that were better on pcgen, like being able to display feat trees, but all in all HeroLab is a lot better.
3:59 PM
"Calling this function within a transaction could result in your computer becoming unresponsive."
Straight from Microsoft documentation about function SCardListCards(), accessible to all applications, regardless of caller's permissions.
@ScottPack hmm may need to break out the virtual credit card if the order process doesn't go to a 3rd party, that Classic ASP order page is not inspiring my confidence at the moment :op
@RoryMcCune I've never looked at that part having not purchased it myself.
@ScottPack yeah common thing with smaller companies. It'll probably redirect offsite when it gets to card payment (I can't see this site passing PCI)
@RoryMcCune Risk Acceptance is a legitimate management technique.
@ScottPack So's your face.
4:03 PM
I've known of places to explicitly decide to not comply with contractual or legislative requirements because they determined the RiskOfDetection*PossibleFines > CostToComply
@TerryChia I'm going to accept that as a compliment. :)
Time for a walk before the kid explodes.
@ScottPack oh yeah there's loads of companies ignoring PCI as long as possible...
@AviD Max OSX on a surface ? theverge.com/2013/1/10/3863818/…
@RoryMcCune Hadn't realized OS X can run on ARM.
@TerryChia they're using some virtualization software to make that work, I've seen screenshots of win95 as well
it'll be dog slow but I don't think speed is the point...
@RoryMcCune Porting would probably be possible. Half of OS X was included in iOS, which runs on ARM; and the core of OS X is Mach+FreeBSD, which is quite portable anyway.
@ThomasPornin yep I think now that the jailbreak is in place it should be possible to see quite a bit of software for the platform (well depending on how much MS crack down on the jailbreak process)
1 hour later…
5:19 PM
well i haven't failed that epically in quite a while. machine only seems stable with 1 MM in, so I'm limited to 1GB. It boots from 3, but fails memtest with style. Refuses to boot at all from 2. Each MM passes memtest when inserted on its own, and all three slots work individually...i give up :(
@lynks There's a really perverted joke in there somewhere.
@Iszi the joke is a day wasted and 4 ram modules that i will probably just ebay :(
@lynks Wait, you wanted to go for 4?! Now that just sounds unhealthy.
@Iszi nope, three, so i buy 3x1gb to replace my 2x512mb (this is an old work machine, just spends its life running vim).
but i can't get it to boot from more than 1x1gb, so i have 4 to throw away :(
6:01 PM
I had a machine where every single stick tested good but would fail sometime between 6 and 10 days of run time. I eventually proved, through rotation and a long time, that 1 of the sticks was at fault. Still tested good, but never had a problem since they replaced it.
2 hours later…
8:18 PM
I just threw up a draft blog post on using auditd. Would anybody care to review it?
@ScottPack I read that as: "I just threw up on a draft about audit"
which would have made sense, somehow
8:43 PM
Yeeah, I am now diepic.
I'm sorry, I only speak bad English.
I mean that I am twice epic; I have twice the requirements for the Epic badge.
Ah. Well. As to that. Jerkface.
@ScottPack Flattery will get you nowhere, but I appreciate nonetheless.
I'm not so sure. Flattery has gotten me most places.
8:47 PM
@ScottPack Flattery will get you to most unflattering places.
@ThomasPornin Welcome to the waiting room of the Legendary club. You may take two seats.
Another gets you admittance
9:53 PM
Call me stupid, but there's a debate going on here: What's the name for an attack that is executed by modifying a parameter in a POST request to gain unauthorized access?
@Iszi What is, "Easy" ... like your mother, Trebek.
@JeffFerland Amusing, but unhelpful. :-P
@Iszi I really can't think of a name for it.
Isn't that just called DevOps?
@ThomasPornin Sorry, but once I realized the phonetic similarity my mind couldn't get away from this: Ursus = Arses, Ursos = Arseholes, Ursi = Arse-y, or Arse-eye.
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