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7:00 PM
I've only ever run Oracle on IBM Power systems (if you can afford one you can damn well afford the other :-)
@voretaq7 What's the justification for such a thing? How can a business today justify buying Oracle over the competition?
By the way I just want to plug how awesome it is that the FreeBSD foundation demolished their year-end fund raising goal even though I totally didn't get to mail them a cheque before 12/31 because slacker.
@tylerl "Peoplesoft demands it"
@voretaq7 ...because Peoplesoft is owned by Oracle...
I'll just leave that there :-)
@tylerl . . . your point? :)
So is MySQL
@voretaq7 SLACKER!
7:05 PM
@voretaq7 We buy these turnkey right-management racks from NAGRA called 'Elks' that are based on IBM blades split 60/40 between x86 and Power5, the guys there tell me they'd need a second rack if they HAD to use just x86 - which surprised me in this day and age
@voretaq7 And I know of one man who is really upset about that... and somewhat influential in the MySQL community...
@tylerl Is his name Maria
@Chopper3 There's some pretty awesome shit happening in the IBM Power Systems development group. Power6 had a bunch of major improvements in speed and power(TDP). Haven't looked much at Power7 but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a nerdgasm
@tylerl Tell him dolphin-safe databases suck. Kill the dolphins, but dammit protect my data!
@JoelESalas His daughter is named Maria. And another daughter named My, and a son named Max. All 3 of which showed up in names names of things he built.
@tylerl MaxSQL is a much better name
7:08 PM
@HopelessN00b There's also a GPP for Environment Variables, both User and Computer.
@voretaq7 Two of the last three viruses I've had to deal with came in via Java... This reminds me of when Flash had a rash of vulnerabilities a while back.
@ChrisS . . . you mean yesterday?
@jscott But like almost all GPPs, it is a simple replace, there is no option to append C:\foo to your path.
@voretaq7 Nope, haven't seen anything in since Monday... But that one didn't infect out computers (client site was infected).
. . . OK I just looked at a few Power7 spec sheets. If anyone needs me I'll be in my bunk.
7:11 PM
cluster-wide shared memory? Turbo Core mode?
x86 sucks :(
@voretaq7 I love when virtualization weenies get all excited about features Power has had for a decade.
@jscott Yeah, like Zoredache said. I also wrote that Q&A because there was a user [eventually, a bunch of comments later] asking how to do it for his VPS from Mac OSX.
@Zoredache Odd, i just tested and it does append.
Are you using the "Create" option in the GPP?
Hrm, I could be wrong here. I haven't actually looked recently. I know it didn't quite work right in the past...
I can't get it to behave on my current domain either, but that could just as easily be because nothing works properly in this environment.
@voretaq7 Both HuperTransport and QuickPath allow for very large number of chips to be on a single Shared Memory bus if glue logic is provided by the interconnecting chips... I remember Cray making a chip for HT; others may exist as well.
Here's the actual config in gpmc.msc:
Regardless, @HopelessN00b, may be worth investigation, you could get two competing self-answers and get up boats on both! :)
@jscott Would seem more fitting if you put the GPP bit in.
...and I can't setup a new ESXi host for lack of a bezel key. Happy Thursday. :/
@HopelessN00b Pick it with a paperclip. =]
7:32 PM
Or Bic pen tube.
@HopelessN00b crowbar
Not allowed to break it, not about to bother picking a lock so I can do work.
@ChrisS Not very familiar with HyperTransport, but QPI doesn't seem to live up to its promise from what I've seen
I was trying to avoid a holy war between HT and QPI, but yeah, QPI is more promises than delivery while HT delivers underutilized tech.
7:37 PM
@ChrisS no holy war - I don't see it doing what Intel promised. Until it delivers it's worthless to me :)
Also I'm very glad to have an opportunity to trot out that video as it's one of my all-time favorite West Wing clips.
#1 is still "Admiral Sissy-Mary"
@voretaq7 They'll get to delivering on that promise, once they've finished delivering on all their Itanium-based promises. :)
@HopelessN00b didn't that split in half and sink to the bottom of the Atlantic?
@voretaq7 No, that's the Titanic. Itanium did far worse.
vendor is on the way to the office with a new server
and just got hit in Midtown Manhattan....
@ewwhite hit?
7:40 PM
Automobile accident.
like traffic or an actual accident
oh shitty
@ewwhite Tell him to bring food, since he's gonna be late.
@ewwhite your vendor is just sliding down the competence scale
@voretaq7 I don't get it.
@voretaq7 … you're speaking like someone who's never driven around town with several million dollars worth of gear in the back of his wagon.
7:44 PM
@ChrisS Twy Vewy Vewy Hawd not to DESTWOY us!
@MikeyB no, I just managed not to get hit by any other vehicles while doing it!
(and it was a BMW 320i, not a wagon)
@voretaq7 I watched it 3 times to be sure I knew what was being said... still not funny to me.
well you're a tewwible person.
we can't be friends anymore now :P
I've been accused of worse.
@MikeyB yeah - connecticut and jersey drivers
7:49 PM
user image
@voretaq7 He wanted to get it here faster than a courier.
This exists, everything is wonderful. http://youtu.be/b1cz8IasV4w
@HopelessN00b Just let me know if that's too much plagiarism for you. I'll make any required edits....
8:04 PM
"I don't think I've worn a turtle-neck since '99, when Backstreet Boy release Millennium. Which was a great CD by the way."
@jscott Heh, looks good to me.
@MichaelHampton Hey! The quotes are more fun with completely no context.
Funny, I didn't even watch the video that @Aarthi tweeted, just went straight to that one.
@MichaelHampton He's hilarious
This is still my favorite:
Sometimes our neglected questions are REALLY low-hanging fruit
Q: Getting error "Invalid command 'echo'..." when restarting apache when trying to use SSLPassPhraseDialog

David LegattUsing a solution to another answer, I added the following to my apache config: SSLPassPhraseDialog exec:/path/to/passphrase-script And in that script, I placed this: #!/bin/sh echo "put the passphrase here" Now, when I restart apache, i get the following error: Invalid command 'echo', perh...

8:15 PM
Today must be Awkward Communication Day.
Also my coughing sounds like a GMC Sierra with vapor lock starting on a cold morning.
Also, Windows updates ate my desktop.
and my tea tastes like soap
@WesleyDavid WSDL WSDL
8:19 PM
@WesleyDavid #CutForKitty
Either my home ISP mistakenly gave me an OC768, or this program's math is wrong.
This neighborhood doesn't have fiber to the pedestal.
Especially since the pedestal is on the corner of my property and the neighbor's daughter keeps backing over it in her jeep.
@WesleyDavid Oh, it's very wrong.
Everytime I do yardwork I have to prop the enclosure back up. I'm tempted to start yanking wires.
@WesleyDavid Electrify it.
8:25 PM
@MikeyB I would but her car has an alarm.
@WesleyDavid I meant electrify the enclosure. Eliminate the behaviour with positive punishment.
Probably easier than a shock collar (unless she's into that).
@WesleyDavid We can probably take off our hats, eh?
@MikeyB sigh Is Christmas over already? I missed it in the depths of my embittered crankiness.
@WesleyDavid ...It took eight days for CrashPlan to do the initial backup of 430GB of data from my home desktop.
@MichaelHampton That doesn't seem too bad.
@MichaelHampton That's pretty damn good. Took me a month.
8:29 PM
@MichaelHampton What's your ISPs caps? I spazzed mine out last month with 230GBs downloaded in four days.
@MichaelHampton If I uploaded 430Gb I think my ISP would come over to my house with a baseball bat to "discuss my terms of use"
@WesleyDavid Comcast Business, no cap.
@WesleyDavid You haz ISP caps? Poor kitty.
@MarkHenderson I have TWC, I can't upload anything really since their service blows so hard.
might as well be Biz class to at $180 a month for Web, TV and Phone
@BrentPabst I don't know who TWC is but if they're anything like Australian ISPs and they count both uploads and downloads in their quota then it blows hard
8:31 PM
@MarkHenderson Sorry, Time Warner Cable
no quotas... just shitty service that works "sometimes"
I have better service on Verizon's LTE network
Comcast residential service gets very annoyed at you if you download more than 250GB in a month.
@MichaelHampton Comcast can suck my lizard's dicks.
@HopelessN00b I got it bumped up to I think 400 now. I hardly use that, but just this one time I had to download a ton of client backups to a QNAP on my home network because my cabinet wasn't set up yet.
@voretaq7 It's not like I have a choice in the matter. Fairpoint blows even harder.
@MichaelHampton And guess who I have for a home ISP...
8:33 PM
@WesleyDavid Comcrap?
@MichaelHampton FiiiiiiiOS
@MichaelHampton mhmm.
@voretaq7 Fiarpoint canceled their FiOS plans for New Hampshire after Fairpoint split off from Verizon.
We may never see it here.
Who wants to start a regional ISP with me? We only keep two weeks of logs, all traffic is encrypted over our network, clients bring their own keys.
jesus... how in the hell is our residential TWC service more expensive than their bundled teleworker plans?
8:34 PM
It'll be fun.
@MichaelHampton . . . move to civilization? :)
grr, now I want to call and bitch
@WesleyDavid Yeah, a few years ago I was doing anywhere from 400GB-1TB a month, after a few months of that they "encouraged" me to switch to business class service, which has been much better, for the most part.
@MichaelHampton cool, but what was the price jump?
@WesleyDavid If you've got the capital, I've got the technical skills. =P
8:35 PM
@WesleyDavid About $20
@ChrisS I'll let you know when I secure the VC. =P
@WesleyDavid On the bright side, if we call them with a service problem, they don't act like complete idiots, they just send somebody out and fix it.
ugh comcast..
@MichaelHampton Ooo, nice. I've wondered about getting business class to my house. Then I really can run a webhost from my closet!
@WesleyDavid Let me know too.
8:37 PM
@WesleyDavid Yeah, a couple of years ago somebody ran into a telephone pole a block away, and the cable went out. Called up Comcast and they sent somebody right out, had it back up in 90 minutes.
I used to work for a point of sales company, dealing with credit card transport. you learn quick which ISP has their shit together, and which do not.
@WesleyDavid Had another time when their cable modem was acting funky, they didn't bat an eye, just sent somebody out an hour later with a new one.
On the residential service I would have had to argue with them for hours, in both cases.
@BrentPabst Heh. $180, or $176 and change? Sounds like we have the same package.
server #3 delivered.
@voretaq7 You can keep your "civilization". I like living here.
8:40 PM
@MichaelHampton ya, because no income tax?
@MichaelHampton Yeah, that happened a lot when I first moved in this neighborhood. 70s houses with the wiring to prove it. Cable all over the flat roof, baking in 120F sun. NO THAT CAN'T BE A PROBLEM.
@HopelessN00b Yea, I think that's it. Just raised the rate again.
@voretaq7 No sales tax either.
Why is the server emitting smoke?
@MichaelHampton that's why you're BROKE!
@ewwhite That's normal.
8:40 PM
@ewwhite You let the magic smoke out? WHY?
When the smoke emitting diodes activate, that is your cue to walk out of the server room and kill any witnesses on the way.
@WesleyDavid Yeah, so the point is, the service on business class has been much better overall. Even if their SMC cable modems are total crap.
@WesleyDavid pop the halon release on your way out.
@WesleyDavid Make sure to use your cell phone as the web server...
@MichaelHampton I'll have to revisit the paperwork for business class sometime soon.
@WesleyDavid It'll be just like a british spy/crime show where 15 people die unexpectedly every hour
8:42 PM
Hey, I can tether to my iPhone now... I really CAN run a hosting service from my cell phone! TomTom would be so proud.
@WesleyDavid Datacenter in your basement!
Did I share that data dungeon photograph from around town? Stand by...
I wonder if TomTom has patented an iPhone server cabinet
@ewwhite So that's where that missing screw went.
Server porn for you all:
8:46 PM
Gah, can't find it. There's a colocation space here in town that has a picture on their website that looks like they host equipment in a gimp lair. I expect the saw puppet to start riding his tricycle out from between the two-post racks.
@MikeyB Lo, the vagi-face speaks.
Need a NAS?
@MikeyB If I moved to Canada, could I work for your company?
Would they sponsor me as a immigrant?
@WesleyDavid Probably :)
Would I get lessons in Canadianness?
@WesleyDavid I'll trade you passports.
8:47 PM
I'm too tired to scroll up, but I saw something about SQL licensing rules. Just ask me, I've been debating it with our gold microsoft partner for several weeks. I know just about everything there is to know..
@WesleyDavid Here's your toque and your bacon, eh!
@MikeyB Where are you anyway... Alberta, right? Seems like most everyone I know in Canada is Albertan.
@WesleyDavid SW Ontario
@MikeyB ah, yes, just checked your profile
8:49 PM
@MikeyB All new facility? The overhead trays are spotless.
@MikeyB How much porn is that?
@jscott Huge colo. Not my location, unfortunately. Other cable trays have TONS of cable
@MichaelHampton Each drive is 2TB…
@WesleyDavid I've had to deal with hosting companies like that. It's... a trip.
@MikeyB So more porn than @ewwhite?
I know nothing about pr0n.
Except for AbbyWinters!
8:58 PM
@ewwhite a certain SSH key in the star wall history says otherwise
anyone administer a MongoDB node/cluster?
@MDMarra The Star Wall - Second cousin once removed on its mother's side from The Shame Orb.
So we are Stack Exchange's Yelling Bird AND Shame Orb?
9:14 PM
@RobM sure
This is not a good thin... uh wait I am comfortable with this
I love the shame orb
(also, WTF is your gravatar man doing to your gravatar duck?!)
Hi I'm RobM. I'm a bandicoot.
9:18 PM
I have no idea what comes next
@RobM something about bandicoots being eternal or something.
I am eternal
I think we may have a fix to my horrible HP ProLiant issue...
@ewwhite another server? yaaaaay!
9:21 PM
What was it? Did you show the server how you use the panel beating hammer on naughty servers?
Use Dan's answer of "set it on fire?"
@ewwhite Dude, you're getting a Dell? :)
My coworker grabbed some SuperMicro RAM and put it in machine #2.
@ewwhite ...and it made an OmNomNom noise and booted up?
and set it on a loop of boot;sleep 360;reboot
Ran through many reboots...
and then he put the HP RAM back in...
and the server was all like, "oh hell NAW"
and we ended up with the same issue..
so the issue seems isolated to low-voltage DIMMs.
9:23 PM
@ewwhite Good. Because if it worked I would have had to come out there and cut some bitches.
So, low-voltage RAM and X5670 CPUs?
@ewwhite app.strava.com/activities/37078742 cc@Ward a bit clod and misty tonight
@WesleyDavid they BITCHED.
also, still a lizard.
I'll try to take a picture of his terrible amputated tail later tonight. Poor little guy - what woman will want him now?!
9:32 PM
Tonight I get to figure out how to shrink an SQL log file. this should be fun.
@voretaq7 Some chicks might be into amputees
@Patrick It's easy
Also if you have to shrink it, you're absolutely doing it wrong
@Patrick there should be plenty of questions about that on the main site or dba.stackexchange.com
@JoelESalas all i know if that I have a 175 gig log file. and my boss told me to run some shrinkdatabase commands on it.
@JoelESalas I think it's different for lizards when someone else amputates it
@Patrick You'll end up doing this: 1. Set it to simple logging (risk factor involved), 2. set the "size" of the file (as close to zero as possible) 3. repeat 2 until the log file is the desired size 4. Figure out why the fuck it's growing so much 5. Oh shit, you're not taking T-log backups 6. Why aren't we taking t-log backups
9:35 PM
@Iain oh sweet, i didn't know there was a dba.stackexchange
@JoelESalas that's usually the progression :-)
@JoelESalas i don't know much about SQL, the other day my boss gave me this server to manage, and when i went to him about the lack of space, that is what he told me to do. but i will definitely try and take a closer look then.
@Patrick There's a book for super-noob SQL server admins that helps you deal with neglected instances
@Patrick And knowing the progression @JoelESalas described what you can do is (a) determine if you're not taking transaction log backups, and then (b) Run a proper backup so the log gets truncated. :-)
Let me see if I can find it
9:37 PM
@Patrick Backup, don't shrink it any other way.
@JoelESalas Sounds applicable to me too.
@voretaq7 or c) don't use full logging, you clearly don't care about the t-log if you're rawdoggin it and deleting it
@JoelESalas @ChrisS so is that most likely the issue, is that the backups were making arn't proper backups?
@JoelESalas easier to have it than not
@Patrick Yes. 99% of "My log file is huge" on MS SQL is !Backups
9:38 PM
We had somebody misunderstand the units (I can't remember if it was GB, MB, or KB) and ended up with a 100gb starting size for our transaction log along with a 1tb limit on a 10gb database. It was good times.
@Patrick You're omitting the log file when you do the SQL backup
@Patrick if you're doing backups and the log keeps growing you're not doing the backups "properly" in SQL Server land so it knows it can roll the transaction log.
@r.tanner.f "oops"
@voretaq7 Where "properly" usually means "no backups what-so-ever"
@voretaq7 okay, so should i shrink then fix backups, or fix backups and that should auto shrink everything?
@Patrick Fix backups and the log should get rolled/truncated automatically
9:40 PM
@Patrick Correct backups will truncate the log file
@ChrisS some places do SQL dumps
@JoelESalas do you know what that book is called. i could definitely use it.
@voretaq7 Yeah, that could happen. I've never seen it, but it could happen.
@Patrick I looked for it, can't find it. My boss bought it for me two jobs ago and ended up keeping it
@JoelESalas okay, thank you.
9:42 PM
@JoelESalas When you find it let us know - I could use a good MS SQL Server for Dummies reference that isn't as for-shit as the "For Dummies" book :P
It was literally like "SQL Server Administration For the Truly Fucked" or something like that
@JoelESalas Google couldn't work with that. Stupid googles.
asking old boss now
hmm, i do have backups of the database in question up to an hour ago.
@Patrick What I ended up setting up at that job was a warm standby server using log shipping
9:50 PM
@Patrick What backup software?
@ChrisS SQL Server 2008 is auto making backups every hour.
@Patrick SQL built in backup is probably fine
@JoelESalas wishlisted :)
@JoelESalas i will be purchasing that tonight.
@Patrick It taught me everything about SQL server worth knowing.
how to make proper backups, how to deal with certain errors that arise, how to recover data, how to optimize queries, etc etc
9:55 PM
I think I just answered a question in a comment because im a sissy girl.
@mossy Admiral Sissy Mossy.
The whole Internet will see
and then TomTom
oh god
@mossy If you're wrong we'll downvote you until you can't come into chat anymore :-)
by posting as a comment you're safe from that wrath
10:00 PM
@mossy iknowthatfeel.jpg ;_;
Nothing wrong with being wrong. I'm wrong all the time - it's how I get to "right".
Well, it's mostly because he's using some amazon linux distro that I've never touched.
@mossy I think you're correct as far as I know it's based on CentOS
@JoelESalas @voretaq7 would this issue be because the subplan called transaction log is set as backup type Full instead of transaction log?
@Patrick It's probably only doing differential backups and never a full, or something wonky...
10:08 PM
@Iain I think so too, but I'm not going to tell him how chkconfig works, because I have a feeling he'll end up breaking stuff.
I'll just post it.
Nice knowing you guys.
@mossy we're all pro sysadmin's - we all read the man pages for new commands ...
I know many people that come here and copy paste answers.
@mossy where from ?
@ChrisS should just i just try and resave it as a full backup?
@Iain I've C&P'd more than one man page :P
@Patrick I'm not really a SQL server expert - I have a casual familiarity with it because it's ancestor is Sybase
10:13 PM
Given all the issues I've seen here with "Amazon Linux" I don't think I would trust it for anything important.
@Patrick Depends on your backup strategy.... It's hard to make any recommendation without knowing the environment.
Okay... HP server issue...
And it's time to go home; then to the bar. =]
@voretaq7 I do that too - sometime I feel like saying - Don't worry I read the man pages for you...
not totally the RAM
It's still happening.
10:14 PM
@Iain I usually link to them too.
@ewwhite ::STOMPS FEET:: BROKEN!
@voretaq7 I link to man pages frequently and quote them some times
@Iain I find myself linking to / quoting the Apache and Postgres manuals far too frequently.
Q: Turn Off httpd service on MySQL Server? (AWS)

ChrisI started with one server running Apache, PHP, MySQL. Now I have split off my web server so I am running all the PHP files on one server and my MySQL is still on the original server. Are there services / programs that I can turn off or uninstall from the MySQL Server now? I am using Amazon AWS a...

@Patrick You need two separate jobs, one for the DB and a SEPARATE one for the Tlogs
@voretaq7 What do i do?
10:17 PM
@MichaelHampton I wonder if Crashplan was reporting properly after all? 40GB seems to have uploaded in just over an hour. O_o
@WesleyDavid I saw that stupid meter jump all over the place. I think they need to work on making it more accurate and less Microsoft-like.
@ewwhite you stare at your vendor, stomp your feet and shout BROKEN! then point at the server :-)
If they try to BS you you pull out the Kaylee - stare at the RAM modules, puff out your lower lip in a pout, and tell them "Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed."
@voretaq7 we put supermicro RAM in and got 13 reboots without a stall.
@JoelESalas yeah, i have the full backup which is a Backup Type Full, and the Transaction log backup which is a Backup Type Full as well. that sounds like my problem.
@Patrick You don't have a problem, you just have two full backups :)
10:21 PM
@Patrick that does sound like why your logs aren't rolling :-)
@JoelESalas so that isn't the reason for the runaway log file?
I'm pretty sure your T Log backup should be a transaction log backup.
I love how the database is only 3mb database has a 180 gig log file.
@Patrick Seen that more times than I care to admit
10:23 PM
@voretaq7 yeah, my thoughts exactly
I had a few databases like that back when I was noob. Full recovery model, only ever took full backups
Does rm stand for R emove m ail ?
Q: is it safe to remove mails on imap server with "rm"?

guettliI use dovecot IMAP server and want to delete big unneeded mails: cd /var/spool/foouser; du -a | sort -rn > /var/tmp/du-mail-foouser.log Now I see big mails at the top and after looking at them I want to remove them. Is it safe to just call "rm ./foofolder/1318412893.M857530P4656.hz1,W=14...

: |
@JoelESalas Thanks for finding it =D
@r.tanner.f My pleasure, I know how stressful that shit is
10:32 PM
Since i'm shutting down the SQL server in 30 minutes, for a couple hours. should i hold off on making the change to the transaction log backups until afterwards?
@Patrick Doesn't matter
Hm, looks like there's a free PDF version here too: red-gate.com/community/books/…
nice sleuthing
@JoelESalas okay, just want to make sure that this wont prevent me from doing the server maintenance tonight. that is more important right now.
@Hennes With Maildir format mailboxes, yes, it can stand for that. :)
10:35 PM
What if you delete too much? Use Revert Mail ? :)
@JoelESalas should i backup the tail of the log?
Is there any chance that my HP issue is power-related? Like our room's power?
@Hennes That's what backups are for
@ewwhite have HP had anything to ay on the matter ?
10:38 PM
have you asked them ?
I'm guessing the shrinking of the log file will happen on the next backup then.
@Patrick yup - after the transaction log backup runs successfully it can be truncated to its minimal length
(might take 2 backups, I'm not certain)
ugh, just seen the feature list for rhel7. good times ahead.
@Sirex Fish?
10:47 PM
gnome 3, grub 2, systemd
@Sirex Fish.
the trifecta of evil.
@Sirex Any big server-side changes?
dont think so, or at least nothing im interested in. few cloudy trendy things that went over my head.
with words like "containment" and stuff.
minimum memory for install is now 512. thats actually nice to have.

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