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3:00 PM
@RonanForman Your fault for saying something that can be taken out of context so easily.
@Powerlord I haven't actually played 999. Worth it?
@fbueckert Doesn't mean I can't be annoyed.
@fredley Go home @fredley, you're drunk.
6 mins ago, by SaintWacko
What is that?
@fbueckert very, plus my house is on the same power grid
3:02 PM
is an adventure video game developed by Chunsoft and published in Japan by Spike on December 10, 2009, and in North America by Aksys Games on November 16, 2010. The game's design team was led by Kotaro Uchikoshi, who is also the writer of the acclaimed visual novel Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. A novel based on the game has also been released, with a slightly different plot. Nine people have been abducted by a mysterious kidnapper who uses the alias "Zero." They find themselves on a ship— possibly a replica of the RMS Titanic and are told that they have nine hours to escape befo...
so I'm not sure if my PC is set to auto reboot after power loss or not
if it is, then its had the power toggled a bunch of times in the last hour as well
@kalina That'll be good for it.
@kalina I think that's a BIOS setting isn't it?
yeah it is
I've had it on for every PC I've ever owned, but I don't think I've set it on this one because it never gets turned off
apparently the super consistent power today has damaged one of our routers
3:04 PM
This all reminds me I need to finally get a UPS for my desktop
I find that funny
I've thought about getting a UPS
@Krazer Didn't I JUST SAY I didn't link to the Wikipedia page for "other games in this series" because it has spoilers? Since the series only has two games, I thought it was clear I was referring to linking to 999's wikipedia page.
The wiring in my house kinda sucks and my dad is still fixing it (or will, eventually)
@Krazer Yes
It was manually rewired by someone who didn't know what they were doing
3:06 PM
@BenBrocka Par for the course
@OrigamiRobot Am not!
@OrigamiRobot Really? I would think most people would know that they don't know enough about wiring to rewire their crap
@RonanForman How cometh along server preparations?
@BenBrocka You can know how to make things function without knowing anything about the NEC
Minecraft servers take this long to set up?
3:09 PM
@Powerlord They do for @RonanForman
@fredley Good, I'm working out what to turn off, I'm removing Myst age creation, so people can't fill the server with new worlds.
@Powerlord :O!
@Powerlord they do if you can't unzip things.
@RonanForman I thought that was why we wanted it?
@BenBrocka I live in a house that's ~70 years old.
3:09 PM
@RonanForman Unzip them on your machine and then upload them?
@RonanForman I thought you were going to unzip locally?
Roughly 60-80% of the house is on the same single breaker.
@Powerlord Needs more innuendo
It takes a while, it's rather large and I have .37Kb/s upload.
@RonanForman Email it to me, I can upload faster than tha... Oh wait
3:10 PM
@RonanForman Are you using GnomeSlice's connection?
I think it's done.
I take it 7zip wasn't installed on the server either?
@Powerlord Linux
@fredley We want multiple worlds, but not everyone to be able to make them.
@RonanForman Ok.
3:11 PM
@fredley You think Linux doesn't have 7zip?
@fredley They take up quite a bit of space.
@Powerlord I honestly have no idea. Is there a CLI for 7zip?
(hint: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full)
@RonanForman Yarp
@Powerlord Sounds useful
@Powerlord But we have not sudo, hence the faff
Why it's p7zip-full I have no idea, I'm just repeating what my TF2 server says.
3:12 PM
I can't decide whether I want to disable to nuclear TNT or not.
> The program '7z' is currently not installed. To run '7z' please ask your administrator to install the package 'p7zip-full'
@RonanForman No. Leave out for now
If we do want to play with it later we can add it in
Q: How can I get Create A World to find my game data?

victoriahI downloaded the most recent version of CAW from The Sims 3 website and I have a copy of The Sims 3 that is completely up-to-date. When I try to run the editor, I get a message saying "Game data not found." and then it closes. I searched around and found posts about this problem going back sever...

Q: How do i regain my health?

ParalyticThe question Reliable food source touches it briefly, I was hoping to get an in depth focus on all the ways to regain health in this game or at least the ones that are easy to acquire.

Okay, do we want a currency? IC2 has a trade-o-mat, but the coins can be crafted by default.
Oh right...
  unzip.x86_64 0:5.52-3.el5

3:14 PM
@RonanForman Nah
@TimStone Cheers.
@fbueckert All of my parent's places (I rent from them) are 70+ years old I think their place is 100. The wiring's usually old but not retarded
Like half of the house is on one circuit
@TimStone Only, like, 24 hours too late :-P
@fredley Shhh :P
@BenBrocka Yeah, I was quite surprised to find out most of my house is on the single breaker.
At last count, my bedroom, my living room, one wall in the kitchen, downstairs room, and most likely my theater room.
3:15 PM
@fbueckert Fancy pants @fbueckert with his fancy pants theater room!
@fredley I'm sorry. It has Sumo beanbag chairs and a projector. What ELSE should I call it?
@fbueckert The den
@fbueckert My kitchen and living room (with the 42" TV, gaming PC and 2 monitors) are almost entirely on one breaker
@TimStone Do we have screens installed?
Oh. I forgot. My server room is also on the same breaker.
3:17 PM
It usually works but on rare occasion it'll flip when I use the microwave, so I definitely want my PC, my TV and the microwave on their own breakers
@BenBrocka Boiling kettles is a good way of tripping breakers
It's usually the proverbial hair in my experience
Oh the stove is on it's own thing
So, I'm running roughly four or five computers, my TV, gaming consoles, and assorted electronics on one breaker.
During the summer, we have to be careful not to trip the MAIN breaker.
@RonanForman Not to sound pedantic, but it's screen, not screens.
@Powerlord Okay.
3:18 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, screen is available.
@Powerlord That's be why I couldn't find it. :)
@TimStone It'd better be, it's SOP to run gameservers from screen in case you need the console later.
@fbueckert I'm not running quite as much but it does trip on occasion. The microwave doesn't set it off on it's own, not even when the PC is on, but sometimes it trips it. And I can't figure out why
the washer/dryer aren't on the breaker either
@BenBrocka Computers in general don't pull that much power.
So that's not really a concern.
@RonanForman So is the server going online this weekend?
3:23 PM
@SaintWacko I think so, maybe earlier.
@RonanForman Yay
@fbueckert It is a gaming PC, between the GPU and CPU it can pull maybe 400W at load. Not much compared to the microwave, but still
Though my real concern is tripping the breaker shuts the PC off, which is why I want it totally segregated
@BenBrocka Yeah, that's my main concern, too.
@fredley When do you think would be good, seeing as it's across time zones.
On the other DW server I'm on, I will have full Quantum armor tonight, three days after I started on the server :P
3:24 PM
But since I plan on moving in half a year, it's not high on the priority list.
@RonanForman Early afternoon GMT, so we can do some set up in the evening
And I'll still be the first one on the server to get it!
@fredley Which day? It's be easier on the weekend, as america can play, but that's 4 days away.
@SaintWacko Sidenote: the Change series is absolutely fantastic.
@fbueckert It's very well written, and I love that it changes between viewpoints
3:29 PM
@SaintWacko Wheel of Time does quite a bit of that, too.
@fbueckert Is that the black/white/red books?
@SaintWacko Er? No, it's a 13+ fantasy series that isn't even finished yet.
Oh, no, it isn't
@fbueckert You won't be able to say that soon.
@fbueckert I was thinking of this
3:31 PM
As I recall, the last book is about to be released.
@Powerlord Yeah. Finally.
Correction, it's due to be released today
I started that series in high school.
@Powerlord Eh?
A Memory of Light is the 14th and final book of the fantasy series The Wheel of Time, written by American authors Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. A Memory of Light was originally expected to be published around March 2012. On December 21, 2011, Sanderson announced on Twitter that "A Memory of Light—the final book in The Wheel of Time—has been finished". That same day, Sanderson also announced on Twitter that revisions would take "a good six months" and that the book would probably be released in Autumn 2012. Tor announced that the official release date would be January 8, 2013. Ori...
That means I have to make a trip to Chapters to get it.
3:32 PM
Release date January 8, 2013
@RonanForman Sooner.
Oh right, my cousins gave me a gift card to a local bookstore. I should head there.
Is it sad that I have two copies of most of this series?
One for breaking and reading, and one as a display copy.
@fbueckert Hardcover or paperback?
@Powerlord Paperback for breaking.
3:33 PM
My brother bought most of the books in the series, and I'll just say this: Books this large shouldn't be bought as paperback because they tend to fall apart.
And the new non-hardcover, but bigger books with the new covers for display.
These covers are my display copies.
I assume this has been posted in here?
Ok so, what in your opinion is going to be the most disappointing, and most anticipated game(s) of 2013?
@BenBrocka I assume this is the big announcement Nintendo was going to make today?
@fbueckert I guess, I didn't know they planned an announcement
3:39 PM
@BenBrocka Yeah, they've been teasing something for the last couple of days.
I would assume this is it then
It's probably their best hope for 3DS sales
@BenBrocka New Pokemon game in October.
@GnomeSlice Im sorry, but I think you failed to understand WHY he wants to reset his battle points. I just gave him the answer for that. And besides, I seriously could not care less about your down vote. So no need of saying sorry. — Mohit Srivastava 8 hours ago
Who DIDN'T see that coming?
Well then, that's what the question title should have been, isn't it.
3:41 PM
@kalina Disappointing? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.
The DW pack just updated!
Redownloading the server...
@kalina Battlefield 4
@RonanForman At least you can unzip now
SimCity, if EA insists on always-online.
3:42 PM
@fredley That is true
I am disappointed that so far the only suggestions made have been COD/BF...
I don't even classify them as something I'd even buy
I am going to play SimCity regardless of whether it is always-online
But that is disappointing that it is
@Powerlord That's not even out, how can you possibly be disappointed by it.
@kalina When I said disappointing, I meant in the "why are they still making these?" way
I just hope the quality of the game makes up for it
Am I the only one who thinks this is a shitty answer
3:43 PM
@Powerlord Because people keep buying them.
@GnomeSlice of 2013
A: Is there a way to reset my battle points?

Mohit SrivastavaInteresting question I must say. Let's just say that my answer will not motivate you. First of all, the answer to your question is NO. You cannot reset your battle points for the same steam account. The other part of your question, about being not a good player, is a very common thing which all ...

@Powerlord Money. Same reason Apple keeps releasing a new iPhone every year.
@RonanForman Ooh, yay!
@Powerlord How can you be disappointed by a game that isn't out?
3:43 PM
Is there a changelog?
7 mins ago, by kalina
Ok so, what in your opinion is going to be the most disappointing, and most anticipated game(s) of 2013?
@fbueckert And why they're releasing the Hobbit in three damned parts
@Powerlord You're just repeating yourself here.
@GnomeSlice It's not great, but the thing I really have issue is, is the "whatever your opinion doesn't matter to me" comment
@SaintWacko Also why I won't be going to see ANY of them until it's done.
3:44 PM
@kalina Well, that comment got two upvotes. :/
@GnomeSlice Not so much disappointed by the game, but by the fact that they're still releasing them
@GnomeSlice Haven't there been numerous discussions on judging a question solely by its title?
@SaintWacko ...Why does that 'disappoint' you. How does this affect you in any way if you don't play the games.
@OrigamiRobot It's still a shitty answer. Look at the accepted answer.
I think COD:MW4 is going to be the most disappointing game of the year because it's not really any different than the 8 Call of Duty games before it (COD 1-3, MW 1-3, BO 1-2), and at this point, there's nowhere else it can go but down.
Q: How can I port my current server map from vanilla minecraft to tekkit?

TheBWI want to upgrade my vanilla MineCraft server to Tekkit server. Is there a way to copy my current map form vanilla server to tekkit server? What I am looking for is a way to keep most of my stuff while regenerating blocks to fit Tekkit crafting needs. As I understand, that copying map itself to ...

Q: Is it possible to max 2 skill trees?

Meraj99To start off, I AM TERRIBLE WITH MATHS! However, I play as a gunzerker and I would like to know if it is possible to max out 2 skill trees. If not, how many more points would I need?

Q: Which lots do I need in a neighbourhood in order to have all the features from all expansions?

victoriahNearly every expansion adds community lots that need to be in your town in order to be able to access all the features of that expansion: dog & cat parks for Pets, bars for Nightlife, etc. Where can I get a list of all the lot types needed in order to have access to every feature, as well as...

3:46 PM
@GnomeSlice ...Good question. I guess it's better that all the people who buy the same game year after year are playing that game instead of good ones :P
@kalina It almost sounds like Decency, actually.
@GnomeSlice He obviously doesn't even care about your downvote.
@fbueckert yes
Hell, MW4 hasn't even been announced yet, but we know it's coming out this year because they alternate between CoD: MW and CoD: BO.
@OrigamiRobot So?
@SaintWacko The Call of Duty games are all pretty good. I'm not really a fan, but that doesn't make them bad.
3:47 PM
@GnomeSlice Maybe not, but there isn't any innovation in them
@GnomeSlice I was just letting you know.
All the COD games are so similar it's near impossible to tell them apart
@SaintWacko So? There's no innovation in most games. That doesn't make them bad. =]
As for anticipated, I don't recall any high-profile games due out this year.
@OrigamiRobot I can read.
@Powerlord MW4 lololololol
Isn't Half Life 3 coming out this year or something?
3:49 PM
@kalina Of course, now I'm going to get a snobbish reply about that in the next day or two, whenever he decides to come here and see if we've been saying bad things about him.
Maybe if Phoenix Wright v. Professor Layton translation comes out this year (it was out in Japan last year)
@GnomeSlice Of course not.
Half-Life 3 is never coming out.
@GnomeSlice Alright, you liked Star Wars episode 1, and you think the Call of Duty games are good? I can never trust your opinion on anything ever again...
@Powerlord I have a leaked HL3 alpha
And it's a shame the Portal series is ending, too. Unless they do Portal 2: Episode 1 and 2.
@fbueckert of course
3:49 PM
Because Valve never does a game numbered 3.
@Fluttershy I'm not a fan of them, but I've played them a few times with friends and they're enjoyable enough, yeah.
@Powerlord I'm still waiting for the Phoenix Wright movie. Hope that comes out soon.
@Powerlord Perpetual Testing Initiative
3 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
@OrigamiRobot So?
oh oh oh wait my most anticipated AAA game of 2013
Lost Planet 3 is an upcoming 2013 third-person shooter video game developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. The game is the prequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Lost Planet 2 takes place on the same planet of E.D.N. III albeit before the events of the first two games. The game will take a more story-driven narrative approach to the campaign similar to the first game. Unlike previous games in the series, which were developed internally by Capcom, the game will be developed externally by Spark Unlimited though series...
3:50 PM
This just in: Bill Bryson is excellent
I still haven't played the first Lost Planet. Plus, it's by CapCom.
@Powerlord You should try some of the user levels. I think that's a thing now, right?
@Powerlord I liked it a lot more than a bunch of people.
@GnomeSlice Yes, which kalina already mentioned.
3:51 PM
@Powerlord Must have missed it
@GnomeSlice She mentioned it by its Aperture name (Perpetual Testing Initiative)
The thing about lost planet is that a bunch of things cause you to lose control of your character for a bit, like nearby explosions, getting shot, etc. It can get frustrating.
@GnomeSlice I enjoyed Lost Planet
@Powerlord Steam workshop :P
Never played 2
3:52 PM
oh god
can it be hometime yet please
+cherry on top
@kalina I've been thinking that ever since I got to work.
@kalina You have, what? Another half an hour?
@fbueckert 38 minutes
@OrigamiRobot Story makes no sense at all, but there's some great new gear and level design.
@kalina You want to play EVE that bad?
3:53 PM
but, I've had an overwhelming feeling of 'cba with today' since about 9am
@OrigamiRobot listen, just because you're bitter that I haven't logged into GW2 recently
doesn't mean you can bitch at me
GAH, I have a meeting in 5 minutes. We canceled those over the last two weeks, but no.....
Plus you can play as different characters. But when you play online everyone plays as the female character with the amazon bra thing and the sand raider ass skirt.
@GnomeSlice I don't remember the story from the first game. I just remember SHOOT THE ORANGE BITS
Oh yeah, speaking of anticipated games, the final Professor Layton game and the 5th Phoenix Wright game are probably due out this year.
You are just bitter about me choosing point and click spreadsheet games
3:54 PM
Unfortunately, the latter won't be in English until 2014 likely.
@OrigamiRobot I don't remember it very well either, but NEVEC was trying to terraform the planet, and for some reason, the main character and his friends wanted it to be terraformed, but didn't want NEVEC to do it. Or something.
Anyway, there's no snow in LP 2.
@kalina I've found a new female GW2 partner. You have been replaced.
~You have been replaced, I don't need anyone now~
~When I delete you, [REDACTED]~
@OrigamiRobot if you see it for cheap, you should pick up LP2. There are some really great environments.
@Powerlord The original Lost Planet was absolutely amazing
I haven't played the second
The VS controls were incredibly, especially in the enhanced VS
3:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot Also, did you ever play LP1 online?
@SaintWacko The which?
@GnomeSlice Vital Suits
The little mech walkers
@SaintWacko I know what they are, I love Lost Planet.
Which, 'enhanced VS'
@GnomeSlice At the very end
The one with the jets?
@GnomeSlice Yeah
3:58 PM
@SaintWacko Ah, yeah, that was awesome.
Skating around with that was fucking amazing
Playing online was just dumb though.
And then the aerial battle
That was so well done
You could be whaling on a guy on the ground in your VS, and he could just be doing the skill roll thing and not taking any damage
@GnomeSlice A little I think. I had if for 360. I remember being bad.
3:59 PM
@GnomeSlice Heh
I never played online
The story was fun though
@SaintWacko It's the most frustrating thing ever, by far.
The grapple was a great mechanic
The skill roll thing makes you invincible.

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