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4:00 AM
Q: How do I subscribe to RSS feeds in Firefox with Google Reader?

ThufirWhy won't Firefox subscribe to some feeds with Google Reader? In Firefox, I want to subscribe to RSS feeds with Google Reader. When I click the green radio-style RSS button, for some feeds it offers Google Reader as an option. For others, it only offers Live Bookmarks. I've noticed that it seem...

that's on topic??!?!?!?!
come on!
oh whatever.
they even have a whole stack devoted to web apps!
If Oli says its on, its on shrug
Screw that stuff. Go have a messy Ask Ubuntu! It's not like I care.
@iSeth I thought it was Elliah.
(I know I spelled that wrong)
4:01 AM
As I said on the meta post about it (which I will no longer bother arguing with Eliah anymore), I have yet to get what exactly it is about.
I thought that too. If it's not off-topic, it's it least very low quality.
@FEichinger +1!
The way it is - and was - phrased, I can interpret it in multiple ways. Depending on that, it might be a Firefox-centric problem, or an Ubuntu-centric problem. Depending on that it's on-topic or off-topic.
and yeah, there is no arguing with Eliah... (and I meant that as a compliment)
@iSeth +1
4:06 AM
Focusing solely on "it's running on ubuntu, so we have to find an answer" means we'll have even more un-answerable questions, because they simply aren't our domain.
@FEichinger exactly my thoughts.
How are we supposed to answer why Firefox changed its UI, for example?
do we three have brain telepathy?
sometimes I wonder...
We do.
I decided.
4:10 AM
except when it comes to javascript right?
Yeh, then only I know anything. :P
If @Mochan decided, its final.
@FEichinger lol
I'm getting there...
Oh come on, I had to help you twice with a language I absolutely hate. :P
I know I know. I can read it though.
its the writing it that stumps me.
Not to mention that I absolutely hate Userscripts.
4:13 AM
@FEichinger ^--
We might as well combine Bootstrap and Userscripts to get straight to a semantic web - you just build your own scripts and the site shows whatever you want it to show!
That's why I love userscripts.
@iSeth I'm sorry, I have to watch the ad first.
I know :(
@iSeth And I'm a conservative web dev, so I hate the semantic web. :P
@iSeth Oh, no, that's voluntarily.
4:15 AM
@FEichinger I know.
Year in Review by my regional head of state, kinda interesting to me.
Sooo, now the video starts. :P
this is where the fun begins... :D
Let's talk about Ruby! laughter Let's talk about Javascript! laughter ... I'm dieing here! :D
I know, isn't it great! :D:D:D:D:D
"watman" killed me.
Finishing blow.
Right there.
4:22 AM
Damn, man.
@iSeth I thought that was obvious.
@FEichinger Just FYI, you remove the 'e' to add 'ing' so dying ;)
(I know, I know... english. egh.)
@Mochan shrug idk
@iSeth Habit. Bad one, but a habit.
so KDE doesn't work. I purge then reinstall and voila! KDE remembers your settings!
4:28 AM
@iSeth Here comes my comeback! It's "you're"!
@FEichinger +1
actually it isn't. 'your' shows possession i.e. "My settings" while you're is short for "you are".
"KDE remembers you are settings" doesn't quite work ;)
Hover over my line. Look at what I referred to. :P
ooops. LOL
@FEichinger OK you win :P
Or click that funky little arrow to the left of the line.
4:31 AM
that's the second time I've lost today :(
@Mochan Goddard got some more!
@iSeth I have to pass someone else before him though, don't I?
I'm back on the list, go figure.
It's going to be my 100-day anniversary soon :)
After some people pushed me off it when the review spree started ...
4:41 AM
@FEichinger the review spree started a while ago...
@Mochan yes you do. Luis Alvarado
@iSeth I know. I stopped reviewing when it was near-constantly 0.
That just made me review all the more :)
... I've been invited to an emo-exclusive Steam group. Something has to be wrong about my profile.
O_O uh, yeah. :P
Mind you, they're surprisingly fun, but ... why me? What have I done to the world to deserve that? D:
4:49 AM
That's like getting a letter saying "Congratulations, you won the 'Who's the most disappointing sod of 2012?' competition!". Without having even participated!
@iSeth I've only got two until I pass him. (Sorry Luis)
@Mochan well, there's one over there...
When the TV tries to impale people with icicles, it's time to go to bed.
4:56 AM
Yep. That's what German TV is like.
People get impaled by icicles, car-skiing and all that to Green Day as background music.
I. got. to. get. out. of. here.
5:01 AM
Green Day - Horseshoes and Handgrenades in particular, btw.
And in retrospect, me knowing that probably explains my Steam issue ...
I think I should really go to bed, yeh.
Cya @FEichinger!
cya @iSeth @Mochan ... and whoever else is still reading our randomness.
lol 'our randomness'. guess so :D
@Mochan One more!
@FEichinger o/
5:16 AM
Goooood morning!
@Mochan Thief.
@Flabricorn You are -___-
Mmmm, sure.
whoa, I thought @Flabricorn went to bed...
@iSeth Morning now. Sleep was had. Fun times sleep.
5:23 AM
lol I get it
well almost bedtime over here.
trying to get midi audio out :/
@iSeth 12:24 AM
yeah... I try to go to bed before that :P
@iSeth 12:26 AM
ok... I don't get your point
Neither do I.
While I got sleep, it was not very much sleep.
5:29 AM
I cannot sleep, so I come here.
this is one reason I wish I had a mac... my cousin plugs the midi keyboard into his macbook. BINGO works. Took several hours to get it to sorta work on Windows and now it looks like it will be the same for Ubuntu. </rant>
yeah :(
well I'm going to bed now. I wish you a good nights sleep @Flabricorn :)
> The Nexus 7 installer is not for commercial or normal use, and for developers only. It's very unstable and shouldn't be done by those who are not serious about developing with that software and hardware. Just like I said above, it's only for people really wishing to commit to this and people who won't cry about the countless bugs it has.
^-- except @Mochan right?
OK really going to bed now.
6:05 AM
@iSeth I don't have a Nexus 7 XD
But yeah, I'm the exception to everything.
6:20 AM
Q: Creating Udev Rule file for Modem

K.K PatelI am using modem for sending sms which has 16 ( ttyUSB0 to ttyUSB15 ) ports. I want to make udev rule to give device name "AMPM" and ports should be name Port1, Port2,...Port16. Check out this output of lsusb and udevadm command on port ttyUSB0 kk@kk:~$ lsusb Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Li...

6:32 AM
Help me Friends to create udev rule
1 hour later…
7:54 AM
Night all.
2 hours later…
9:44 AM
10:42 AM
Q: Why was a purely programming-related question not moved/closed?

Andrea CorbelliniI recently flagged this question: Emit signal for GIO.DBusProxy in python?. This is a question about programming with Python, GIO and DBus. This is a purely programming-related question, i.e. the OP is not trying to communicate with Unity or a specific application, but both nodes of the communic...

1 hour later…
11:46 AM
@iSeth it doesn't remove config in ~.
so that is a status-bydesign bug.
Theoretically, can I go command#1&&command#2&&command#3 eternally?
@jrg Yo jrg
12:04 PM
@Mochan Huh? Also: hi.
@FEichinger Hi. You know how you can do like sudo apt-get install package && sudo apt-get update, can you append as many commands as you like with &&?
Q: Can one install an armel Ubuntu package on armhf Ubuntu system?

imz -- Ivan ZakharyaschevMy particular concern is about installing "coq" in Ubuntu 12.04 for Toshiba AC100 (armhf distro), which hasn't been built successfully for armhf, but is available for armel -- https://answers.launchpad.net/ac100/+question/218291. So, can one install an armel Ubuntu package on armhf Ubuntu system...

Seeing how that's a logical operator in a language ... I see no reason why it would not.
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Hush! People are talking here.
@FEichinger Cool
Q: Can we please disambiguate or discourage the 'mobile' tag?

gertvdijkI've decided to branch off my mobile concerns from Do we need a new “ubuntu-for-phones” tag?. In my opinion 'mobile' is too ambiguous and broad in its name being an adjective. Yes, we may have a broader tag issue on this site, but mobile has become of greater and specific concern to me now Canon...

12:19 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta Go away
Man.. rude advertisements...
12:59 PM
@Mochan agree, even this time it being my own question advertised.
ugh, so tired of this talk of tags
Prepares an answer
@MarcoCeppi agreed - lets park this matter to 13.04 - I prefer Jorges answer and let this go until at least nexus guys finish with supporting questions here on AU.
A: Can we please disambiguate or discourage the 'mobile' tag?

Marco CeppiLeave it be Tags are not what most people think of with regards to taxonomy on other websites. (Just like how this site isn't a forum). In the end we're splitting hairs with this talk of tags and creating new tags. We don't need anymore tags, people are wasting time trying to categorize each que...

1:16 PM
that's what I've been trying to say!
there's a post somewhere where jeff explains tags
something like they're for organizing communities more than taxonomy.
that would be a good post to cite if I could find it
spent a long time searching through MSO, didn't find anything.
the new search sucks less, but google site:meta.stackoverflow.com $query is still better. :P
I have been looking for it, I thought it was a blog post.
it could be on his blog
either way I don't know the problem we are trying to solve, the experts who answer the questions want them in one pile and are answering them, what's the problem?
1:25 PM
taxonomy vs community pretty much sums it up
This echos all too much of the ubuntu-desktop tag
It's because of that, I will never make a new tag again ;)
@MarcoCeppi are you referring to this one ? blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/08/the-death-of-meta-tags
no that's different
I am 90% sure it's on MSO
hi to all
1:31 PM
I think it had something to do with the autoforwarding from search engines
in the content of the message
i have installed VMware
in that opensuse
i forgot the password
@JorgeCastro could you help with where I can found Review the wiki tags
so how to recover the password
sorry tag wilo's
@nav you forgot an opensuse password?
1:34 PM
any one can help me
@fossfreedom ya
got it
@JorgeCastro you mean ?
you submitted a tag wiki update right?
1:36 PM
@nav that will make a good question on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange ... off-topic here though.
@fossfreedom i tried in google but i didn't get the solution
Yes @JorgeCastro But I am enough privileged I think but why it is still showing like that ?
all wiki edits need approval by someone else iirc
@fossfreedom this also unix and linux so i'm asking
@JorgeCastro oh Ok but how can i see them if some one edit ?
1:40 PM
it's in the queue on top of the page
it's like a little orange bubble
@nav ok - given that everyone is quiet on this subject ... your best bet might be where the opensuse guys hang out which is on Unix & Linux. Just saying.
@JorgeCastro some example please ??
@snow you need 20k rep to edit tag wiki without going through review
i doubt you have that much rep. hence, your edits go through review.
what does that mean
Approving tag wiki edits require 5k rep.
1:44 PM
means ?
did you mean only for Excerpt part ?
Excerpt as well as the tag wiki.
@jokerdino @JorgeCastro Thank you both of you .I got it.
ah, user Raja aka August aka snow.
1:49 PM
@jokerdino yes you got me.
2:18 PM
are there any markdown editors that have the keyboard shortcuts SE does?
uberwriter is working on it
It looks like @Flimm and I just closed the tag discussions on Meta. Yey!
My special thanks go to @JorgeCastro and @MarcoCeppi on spending time on this. While I don't agree, obviously, I'm a happy user of AU again.
it's just a tag, not the end of the world!
@JorgeCastro agree. I was hoping to stop the discussion on tags here too, actually. It appears to annoy people.
2:48 PM
@JorgeCastro ok, i'll look at them.
It'd be nice to have keyboard shorcuts. I am biased so IMO they should mirror the web's best markdown text editor widget from stackoverflow.com/askubuntu.com: ctrl-b - bold ctrl-i - italics ctrl-l insert a link ctrl-q blockquote ctrl-k code sample ctrl-g insert image ctrl-o numbered list ctrl-u unordered list ctrl-h heading ctrl-r horizontal rule
Wishlist / In Progress
ah, no ctrl-k (for code) yet.
ctrl-k is the best
does he have it there? what about blockquotes?
either one will work for my purposes.
well, since i can't get the bzr one to run, i'll just give up on that
3:04 PM
@Flimm - nice bit of editing on those Q&A's - thanks very much!
No problem!
3:25 PM
@gertvdijk I'm all for discussion of tags and stuff in here, but from experience the ideas being floated would likely not end well
Is today the last day of hats?
yep ... disappear at midnight ... and we all turn into pumpkins.
@JorgeCastro - you made #7 - well done - winterba.sh/leaderboard/askubuntu.com
3:56 PM
this ad could use some upvotes to make it into the ad rotation!
4:11 PM
well, i finished in the top 10 of hats.
not bad for not even trying.
Damn. I'm on shared first rank with the hats. I guess I'm spending too much time here.
4:32 PM
Well.. I got 4(?) hats
Not bad for not using AskUbuntu Frequently
Good Night
5:05 PM
Hi guys, need help with this one, it is easier for many: askubuntu.com/questions/236201/…
This way I can point my students to the askubuntu question and they know how to get help
Q: Ways to get help in Ubuntu for beginners (Offline)

Luis AlvaradoI was asked this today and got me wondering of the different ways a user could get help while using Ubuntu. The particular case I was asked was, how to get help about Ubuntu in Ubuntu if there is no Internet connection available. If it were not for that, I would had said AskUbuntu and the Ubunt...

isn't there some offline help like in Windows?
@luis, there is the ubuntu help
just search for help in dash
You can always buy I book as well :P
yeah i know
probably done by yelp
5:06 PM
is not what i know, is what others do not
from the top of my head is pressiong F1, getting to ubuntu help via the gear icon, using --help, man or info in the terminal...
but to have a question about it so people, specially older users (as in age) and new users that have never used ubuntu can benefit
i dont think it is a bad idea. just saying there is the way
Today in the classroom I got ask that and I showed them some, but not all options they can use, so I told them that I would ask in well. askubuntu ^^ and next monday I would link them the question
good luck :)
@jokerdino thanks buddy
and say thanks to your trolled sister for me
lol sure.
which sister?
5:10 PM
mochan, mocha, chocolate
@Mochan @jokerdino ;)
something like that
I know it was a coffee
@LuisAlvarado lol
Hm, scratches head
5:11 PM
nobody hates it when they get a good review they can enhance a lot and then "no points for you! next!"
I think she gave up the making a family tree from all the opposition/meanness/un-understanding she got.
@LuisAlvarado IKR
a pic of Mochan I found
you gonna beat her up too >_>
5:15 PM
Shhh jrg is here
is quiet
shh he can see you, hide behind the white background quickly!
ok guys gotta go, take care, think positive
snaps fingers and disappears
@LuisAlvarado I'll try...
5:18 PM
O.o holy what! where he go?
I can disappear... yet I'm still here ;)
most of the time...
5:41 PM
Q: Tags: is *gnome correct when referring to "the gnome 3 shell"?

guntbertA user stated "I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the gnome 3 shell ", what would be the correct tag to use? As I read it *gnome refers to the Standard Ubuntu

6:14 PM
WTH is with the suggested edits today?
The majority crap, one of them needed improvement, and only like one I could approve...
One guy added a whole wall of text that provided nothing to the answer in question -_-.
and I have to deal with that someday...
I don't decline many reviews
Actually I mostly accept them
Same here, but today was a surprise :(
If you check my stats I probably seem too kind :D
comments are deletable at any time. anything of value should go into the answer/question.
(and by "any time", I mean any time a moderator gets mad and wants to delete something but there aren't any flags)
6:29 PM
@RolandiXor out of curiosity, why decline that submission?
That didn't really add anything necessary/useful to the answer IMHO.
I could be wrong, but it didn't seem needed.
Hahaha Canonical made a typo! :)
it says ".... you can find it in the Ubuntu software centre" isn't it called "Center"? (USC)
@Alvar that's en_gb
6:34 PM
@MarcoCeppi noooooooooooooooooooooo
I hoped they made an error to show they are human! :'(
i hate english sometimes....
welcome to the club.
the english language is actually easy to understand. It's just that when you add in all the French and latin words, you get a complicated mess.
Centre is correct.
en_gb should be deprecated
6:41 PM
Americans were just being lazy.
Like Capital vs. Capitol D:
yeah, my understanding of the english language is really warped.
you mean, American English :P
no, period.
English in general - failing grade.
@jrg Don't forget all the swedish words jrg!
6:43 PM
@RolandiXor Those actually have two different meanings...?
color vs colour :P
@MarcoCeppi yes they do, but in British English there is only Capital and capital.
ah, I see now
oh, gotcha.
Capital == seat of government, capital == adjective.
6:44 PM
me fail english? that's unpossible!
@htorque not if you install unbuntu
7:15 PM
I just saw the awesomest bug report scroll by:
"AskUbuntu doesn't work with Online Search Results turned off" for the lens
7:50 PM
@Mochan doesn't matter, the IT war has begun. She set my background as ponies. She's on the receiving end of evil.
anyways, hiya Ask Ubuntu!
8:03 PM
Q: What hardware will work with Ubuntu Mobile

Marco CeppiWith the announcement of the Ubuntu Phone OS I'd like to know what phone models are supported at this time.

Q: Ubuntu Phone for Samsung Wave 3

TomekWitam. Mam małe pytanie.Czy będzie tez Ubuntu Phone na smartphony Samsung Wave 3? Pozdrawiam

here's the first one
sorry, out of close votes
yeeks. 47 close votes.
Another canonical question when more details come available is SDK, how to install it, and use it
I see about 5 questions that cover just that topic
SDK for what?
The Ubuntu Phone?
8:23 PM
Q: Are questions about running Ubuntu Mobile on X smartphone on topic?

Uri HerreraWith the announcement of this Android based Ubuntu derivative some questions other than what it was have started to pop out, such as "I have X brand of smartphone, will it run Ubuntu Mobile?". I consider this questions off topic on the grounds that are about an unreleased, just announced, no dev...

@MarcoCeppi dupe of...?
9:17 PM
@LordofTime he wants us to close Ubuntu Phone question as dupes of that one.
ah OK
9:37 PM
Need backup!. anybody with an intel motherboard and nvidia video card that can help me with this
Q: Unity does not appear after installing proprietary Nvidia drivers (GPU has fallen of the Bus / ACPI Failed)

Luis AlvaradoBefore starting I should mention that even though the title is similar to the following questions, is not the same problem and I have already tested the answers of this questions with no solution in hand: Unity doesn't appear after installing Nvidia drivers Unity Not loading after installin...

9:55 PM
@MarcoCeppi the elastic search for AU landed
<3 new search

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