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12:14 AM
@iSeth NOOOO!!!
12:25 AM
@Mochan NOOOO!
you stole my 20 reviews!
oh never mind.
Rick took the twenty
he's trying to catch up with me
its been busy today
12:51 AM
Q: XEN Storage Repository has option type=lvm missing (XCP)

Glenn PlasSeveral online documents on this subject talk about creating an SR with the option type=lvm but trying these: # xe sr-create type=lvm device-config:device=/dev/server10/sr_guest1 name-label=sr1 The SR could not be connected because the driver was not recognised. driver: lvm It seems I ...

Aren't there any phones with more than 1GB of ram
I'm pretty sure the recent HTC ones have 1GB+
I mean, even mine has 768MB.
@LuisAlvarado Still people around with less than 1GB on their desktop... and you bother this an issue for a phone? /me likes the 24GB in my quad-core laptop though...
just checked HTC Butterfly will have 2GB RAM.
So, yeh, shouldn't be that much of an issue.
Not to mention that we're looking forward to dedicated phones as well.
@gertvdijk for people with 1GB or less on their laptop they are just staying with really old hardware or don't wanna spend ANYTHING on computers with the prices of memory so low.
1:00 AM
I could get two 4GB Laptop RAM bars for free, if I were to buy my new Laptop now. :P
@LuisAlvarado the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II both have 2GB of RAM
@iSeth thanks buddy. Anyway just wondering, too much money for me
@GeorgeEdison \o
1:15 AM
Got my tshirt from the Ubuntu App Showdown today.
Community just rejected my edit suggestion :(
@FEichinger I did
@FEichinger I don't get how it can do that.
because it was ugly
kidding ^^
1:16 AM
@iSeth I don't get it either. Especially how it can do that on its own. Why doesn't it at least wait for a second opinion?
@FEichinger I don't think it takes a second opinion to reject just accept
I've seen two accepts where community was one of them.
Which is ridiculous nonetheless, since Community doesn't give a reason.
I agree.
I would like a way to view just my rejected edits too.
I find it funny insofar, as I cleaned up this one: askubuntu.com/questions/235890/…
Pretty much the same way that was approved, except that I left more of it alive and changed the tags.
It's almost as if Community wanted to screw with my edit history :(
@iSeth I did 4! `__`
1:26 AM
I just looked through my edit history for the other rejected one.
That was also Community acting on its own accord!
And that even though two actual people didn't reject the edit.
Community is trolling me! Y_Y
@Mochan Thanks. That's just what I needed. :P
I know!
This is hilarious of yours:
Please, for the love of god: Question marks don't need a spouse, the OS is called "Ubuntu" not "Ub" and you aren't typing up a SMS here - you can write out "you" and stuff like that, and then people might even be able to decipher it. Other than that: Welcome to Ask Ubuntu and good luck receiving an answer. — FEichinger 18 mins ago
I literally laughed at that
I added:
Adding to FEichinger's comment, please also ask one question per question. If you have more queries, ask them as separate questions. Can I remove Ubuntu if I decide to do so? , Can I download directly from the installer without using USB or DVD?, what is the required size for downloading Ubuntu? and ` will I be limited only to the new volume I've created?` are all different questions! Good luck on Ubuntu and welcome! :)) — Mochan 2 mins ago
I ran out of characters. :P
1:33 AM
Glad it's funny at least. :D
It was hilarious
I feel like hitting some of the noobs on here `__`
Sometimes ... I have that as well.
@Mochan yeap
@LuisAlvarado I know you! I haven't actually talked to you, but I know you write really great answers! :O
1:41 AM
@Mochan thank you hehe. Glad to help ;)
@LuisAlvarado Keep it up XD. I'm @jokerdino's sister, Mochan.
@Mochan aaa cool, lucky him to have another person in the Ubuntu environment. Happy to make your acquaintance.
@GeorgeEdison ping me when you're around
@Jorge: I'm here.
did you see the phone sdk is Qt5?
1:47 AM
And I was really excited.
Qt5 isn't in the archives yet so that makes things... interesting :)
I've spent the last few days trying to get a Qt5 app to build in a Launchpad recipe for Desktop Ubuntu.
I suspect it'll all be sorted by 13.04
Yeah, I talked to that person you got me in touch with.
The plan is to get it into the 13.04 archives within a couple or so weeks.
oh excellent
Hopefully they'll backport it to 12.10 and 12.04 as well.
@LuisAlvarado The pleasure's all mine. (BTW I was just trolling. I made a weird family tree is all XD)
1:57 AM
@Mocha aa ok lol, so AM not the son of Jorge Castro the robot and the brother of roland
@LuisAlvarado Hm... that's a good idea. You are now officially Roland Taylor (RolandiXor) (my grandmother's) brother and Jorge's son.
Luis Alvarado has gotten the WTF Hat in Winter Bash. Wear it proud!
It's talking about itself in third person.
That must have something to do with the family tree ...
Runs in the family you see
2:03 AM
I, myself and the guy in the mirror think so
Oh, FEichinger is here. Time to initiate 3rd-person.
Hush you!
You, you ... Review Thief!
Q: Let's reopen this on-topic question about using Ubuntu software in Ubuntu

Eliah KaganThis question is, and has always been, on topic. The OP's reading of the FAQ is correct. A question about using built-in Ubuntu software and third party Ubuntu software on Ubuntu is a question about Ubuntu, and is on topic. We don't consider questions about running Ubuntu software in Ubuntu to ...

2:14 AM
@GeorgeEdison Well, jrg's reasoning was a little jumpy and Jorge could definitely have phrased it better - so I do understand the heat.
I'm with the "keep them apart" crowd, though. Not necessarily because is too broad, but because it applies more to the previous "actual Ubuntu on mobile devices", while is intended for what is effectively a whole new derivate.
Added that as an answer to the meta question now, btw.
2:30 AM
I just don't see why we need to have more tags when one suffices
it's hard enough to get people to follow tags
One would suffice, if both parts of it were talking about the same thing.
back now
But, in my opinion at least, installing Ubuntu on, say, a Nexus, is something entirely different from installing Ubuntu for Phones on a Smartphone.
@JorgeCastro I agree. People with knowledge or expertise in the mobile tag may also be useful in the ubuntu-for-phones tag
@FEichinger I wonder if community was the one the rejected my 11 edits
2:32 AM
that doesn't mean it needs to be tagged different
With that reasoning, we could remove half the tags, because most issues can be adressed by the very same people.
@Mochan ...
Randomness attack!
@Mochan Pleasure to see you again, are you still stealing all of the review tasks? :D
2:35 AM
@FEichinger I know! It's not like we haven't been trying!
We could consolidate all supported software under one tag. Everything tied to display under one. Everything about servers under one. And remove the twenty others adressing subsets of the above.
My point is: I don't give a flying crap about standard ubuntu on mobile devices. I do, however, find the idea of ubuntu for phones very intriguing. Does that mean I need the nexus installs highlighted as well?
oh boy, are we talking about the mobile tag?
@FEichinger for the people answering the questions it does
2:38 AM
What is so hard about following two tags, when the contents of either are very distinct?
Also, If people start using the new ubuntu-for-phones tag separately, we will have a lot of people mistagging them as the ubuntu-android or ubuntu-for-my-phone, not the specific "ubuntu for phones" we are actually trying to create a tag for, point is that there can be ubuntu on a phone without it being "ubuntu for phones"
I don't care either way, I'm just saying it makes no sense to split up tags for no reason
all it does is make it harder for people to follow questions
for example, I convinced the kernel team to follow
@JorgeCastro +10
then it's like, 6 months later, hey guys, follow drivers, xorg, kernel-modules, kernel-building, kernel-from-source, and all the other garbage that people created
+1 @JorgeCastro
2:40 AM
then they're like, meh, who cares, I have better things to do than to follow that mess
@JorgeCastro I fully agree on that. But those are all basically the same thing: kernels.
so is mobile and phone
Ubuntu for Phones is not the same thing as Ubuntu on Mobile Devices.
@FEichinger I agree.
The one is an OS derivate designed to run on phones, the other is basic Ubuntu (with a slightly modified kernel, perhaps) running on a mobile device.
which one?
I think canonical plans to merge them at some point.
we have an android tag already though
2:43 AM
@iSeth That may well be the case. But the way it is right now, those are two different scenarios with two different systems behind.
@JorgeCastro That thing is kinda weird, though.
@FEichinger true. its like the qt5 case.
one isn't even available yet...
@JorgeCastro what do we need a android tag for?
@mateo_salta +1
from looking at it, people trying to figure out how to connect their phones to ubuntu
for when you run the new Ubuntu, side by side Android Ubuntu thing
2:44 AM
@JorgeCastro Ah... that makes sense.
or is that just ubuntu on a phone...
It makes sense, but I doubt the use of an Android-specific tag. Or rather: mobile and android apply to generally the same line of thought.
@mateo_salta it isn't available yet
maybe merging android and mobile.. its kinda that same thing
That's why I recommended retagging the "non-ubuntu-for-phones" mobile questions to something like "mobile-installation" - something that indicates "this is about 'standard' ubuntu on a mobile device"
2:46 AM
I am running a version of ubuntu on my originally android device, an ARM box, so..
well, it's just a tag
so whatever. :)
what about those mini tablets, that can make calls, but aren't really phone.
@mateo_salta like what? the galaxy note?
@mateo_salta Like the Galaxy Note, or the LG Intuition?
2:48 AM
is that what you call a "smart phone"
I call a smart phone anything that is better than my tower pc.
A Pentium IV doesn't hold up.
@Flabricorn yeah, anything that is unwieldy when you hold it up to your ear
@mateo_salta If it doubles as a plate, then a phone it is not.
2:52 AM
If they didn't make calls, I would call them PDAs anyone remember those
@mateo_salta I have a PDA-Phone as of now.
Too cheap for a data plan.
@mateo_salta I still have one somewhere around here. :D
I use Wi-Fi through a Mini-SD.
@Flabricorn sadface My two tower PCs have a P4 and a P3 ... My phone has a Scorpion dual-core ... which is theoretically faster.
2:54 AM
@FEichinger Tower collection: 1 P4, 2 G5, 1 Athlon 64
I'm ... sorry.
@FEichinger That's on the currently out of service computer.
I have a sempron out on my desk in pieces, turn it on with a piece of metal to bridge the power button
I plan to fix it... someday.
@jrg - codecademy got some new supported Ruby courses.
@Flabricorn I wonder why that is :P
2:56 AM
@Flabricorn Of course
@FEichinger The power supply burnt.
Hahaha 67 New Messages from Ask Ubuntu General Chatroom XD
That's because we all love you, @Mochan. You are the centre of the chat, and everyone wants to talk to you.
@Flabricorn Well that's ... reasonable.
@Mochan 68.
2:58 AM
bye @Mochan 69
@FEichinger What had you said about the Code Academy ruby courses? Is there a new track?
@FEichinger Of course! Hahaha
@Flabricorn Actually it's 72 XD
@mateo_salta 73, you mean. I was the 68th new message
@Mochan Quite right dear lady. I see my error.
@Flabricorn I've heard of Code Academy. My little sister's IT teacher tried to teach them HTML in Year 5. They're teacher is the epitome of idiocy. It's a wonder how she's qualified. Plus, she teaches the little kids about Macs and Apple software. Stupid Australia. I'm moving to China!
@Flabricorn Good! LOL jk
3:03 AM
@Mochan I have yet to see a teacher of programming that IS qualified. I do appreciate code academy for self teaching however, I see it may be beneficial if I am to become a minion @jrg .
@FEichinger Ah, I'm all the way back at loops and iterators.
@Flabricorn I don't care about Ruby at all, I just got an email informing me of it. :P
@FEichinger It is part of my minion training.
@Flabricorn LOL. But yeah, my little sister is like "Hey, do you know how to make an iMovie? I do! Let me show you!". I tell her I already know and she begins to cry... kids, I tell you...
I go through codecademy, cause I need some way of keeping my programming brain working while I'm stuck with something. :D
And apparently I've been stuck for 13 days straight now.
@Mochan The teacher sounds ridiculous. Sucker for apple products eh? I must say that I hardly feel OS X is going to benefit them. However since you are computer literate perhaps your sister was searching for both impression and approval. She maybe though of this as a area where you feigned ignorance.
@Mochan Did you steal my location on askubuntu? :D
3:15 AM
randomly appears
hello everyone
@LordofTime Long time no see.
not really, i was here yesterday
Although I seem to have missed the opportunity to have spoken with you.
pokes around at /review
only 55 more close votes to a badge :P:
IN OTHER NEWS: My girlfriend is trying to get me hooked on the ponies thing...
(the whole "my little pony" hype)
she's on thin ice with that...
Not the "Brony" (but since she's a female, not really the "bro" part) fad.
3:29 AM
that fad, yes.
Oh my.
How tragic.
she'll wake up to an... interesting login screen... tomorrow though
has secret IT-fu
Don't get dumped.
her cat makes me want to dump her
her cat tried to scratch up my leg last week
almost hit the cat with a pan
there's one problem though: she may actually succeed with that whole "brony" fad thing, if she has any more internet access
... that gives me an idea...
grins evilly
laughs nervously
3:32 AM
(she's at the tipping point where i'll give in so she leaves me alone)
she's THAT CLOSE to causing bad things :P
... ooh my combat music playlist just came on
@LordofTime COD? Don't you mean SUPER MEAT BOY!
pulls out two miniguns from his current equipment kit from Black Ops II
say what now?
too late, air-dropped into combat :p
@Flabricorn Probably. She's a little brat but she is very cute. She likes it when I use the terminal because she reckons it's cool XD. Especially apt because it 'moves'. Haha
@Flabricorn I live with you
3:41 AM
@Mochan Have you ever told her of the du command?
@LordofTime A girl who likes my little pony is called a 'Pegasister'. LOL
@Flabricorn No. I haven't heard of it either.
I assume it' like dir, but for unix and linux.
Moves a bit more than apt.
Ohhhhhh! I see!
If I didn't have this smexy GUI to work with, I'd probably use it. I'll show her later XD
I do like graphical user interfaces.
It works best with the virtual console.
I have a confession. Will you judge me?
3:44 AM
That way it gets the DOS feel.
No, of course not.
I don't think you'll stay on your word once you hear my sin.
Spelling fail T___T
Oh I shall.
Q: Who has the last word regarding edits?

vasa1Occasionally, there are legitimate questions asked but these maybe embellished with a lot of personal detail more suited to a blog; others contain "unnecessary" criticism of the software in question. By "unnecessary", I mean, at the minimum, not related to getting an answer to the specific questi...

@AskUbuntuMeta Hush, people are talking here.
3:45 AM
I'mthinkingofputtingOSXonaVMsoIcanuseit //dies
But the reason is more vile.
snaps fingers brings @Mochan back to life
@Mochan I was about to ask the reason.
@Mochan Out. Right now. There's the door!
3:46 AM
its party time
@iSeth But... I died of shame. Now you're just being cruel.
@FEichinger I know...! I KNOW! //criesincorner
snaps fingers kills @Mochan
there ya happy?
@iSeth dies
There's Jean Luke Gifford
@Mochan Now, Mochan, the reason.
3:48 AM
The reason is... thecapitolistcrapstupidannoyingsoftwareOSXhasisfittingforwhatineedtodoandtherea‌​renoalternatives!whatdoIdo?!cryyyyinnngg
I'm french @iSeth. It is James-Luc Picard ;-)
@Mochan O_O_O_O_O_O_O__O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_____O____O____O_O_O_O_O_O_O_
@jrg oh, sorry
All of these new posts are from
@iSeth IKR
@jrg "James" is a disservice to Sir Stewart, I'm sorry.
3:50 AM
@Flabricorn your right
@Mochan Good luck with OSX on a VM. Sounds painful.
@jrg The shame is the worst, apparently.
@FEichinger Excuse me?
isn't it illegal?
Its legal if you buy the server license.
3:51 AM
@Mochan Just promise us you'll be careful, we can't lose a Linux user to the... the...
SOBS I just can't even say it.
dark side.
@FEichinger the Q knows EVERYTHING (except that Picard's name is french)
Anger, fear, shiny things. The dark side are they.
@iSeth ★
@jrg Yeah no, it's definitely the shame which will be the worst.
3:52 AM
user8290 has great answers too.
@jrg The dark side is windows, OS X goes further.
@Flabricorn I will never ever use it... I swear... just for video editing...
whelp, I reviewed twenty. Your turn now.
@iSeth It is, but it's not like I'm a stranger to that.
@iSeth Thanks!
I know :P
@Mochan Acceptable, there are little applications available to compare to their corporate building team.
3:53 AM
DAMN IT @Flabricorn
@jrg "James-Luc Picard" is not only wrong, it is also bad. D:
(As @Mochan) I won't use OSX, I won't use OSX. [ takes video] uses OSX. :P
@Flabricorn I am very experienced in iMovie (shoots self) and things like Adobe Suites are too good, and things like Windows Movie Maker aren't good enough. I'm kind of in limbo here.
I must leave everyone. Good night.
3:55 AM
@iSeth Yep.... T__T
@Mochan Shiny clumps of plastic. Shiny. Clumps. Of. Plastic.
actually, TBH I use Corel Video studio Pro
@Flabricorn Yay! Finally no-one to steal reviews! Asta la vista baby! (probably got that wrong)
Night @Flabricorn
Even their programs are just shiny clumps of plastic.
@Mochan It's "hasta".
3:55 AM
@Mochan 'hasta la vista'
the H is silent
in Spainish
flagging in 2 @Mochan :P
@Mochan As I said: Even their programs are just shiny clumps of plastic.
I see. I have never even seen the movie of which it's in. Or learned Spanish.
@iSeth You can't now! Buahahaha
@FEichinger But I need a shiny clump of plastic. So I can laugh at it.
@Mochan its in one of the veggie tales lol
@Mochan Don't laugh at them. They corrupt you.
(yep, that's the only thing I remember)
3:58 AM
nv mind ;)
I don't even want Pages or Keynote or iTunes or anything. I DON'T WANT TO USE IT! I JUST WANT IMOVIE!
I can't get QJackCtl to start :(

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