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12:00 AM
I heard Lead and Gold has a free weekend this weekend... but the site I saw mentioning it has a bunch of comments saying how badly the game sucks.
12:11 AM
Q: Why do people play the same maps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, and then some?

fail badpThis has been bugging me for a while, but the characteristic sign of many successful FPS communities is their neverending loyalty to a very few maps (most of which shipped originally with the game). For iconic examples: Counter Strike: de_dust2 Quake 3/Live: Campgrounds Team Fortress 2: 2fort...

12:24 AM
@Bob The answer is clearly ... or .
@Powerlord Probably
btw I've posted my "answer" to that question, it's deleted however. I want to read your answers first
@failbadp So, essentially you're cheating in order to get an earlier answer post time...?
Too bad they're randomly ordered if they're the same score.
@Powerlord um, nope, why would I want to cheat on my post time? It's accurate: 10 mins ago.
@failbadp Do you seriously plan on editing that post once a minute? :D
12:31 AM
About to play some Magicka
anyone interested? @failbadp
@CRoss Sorry, don't own that game
oh well
I just started PawnStudio to see how useful it'd be for writing SourceMod addons, and I noticed there's a "Baconize" in the Help menu
@Powerlord Are you... seeing things?
Oh blah
The menu's not there.
12:36 AM
@Powerlord So you are seeing things :P
No, it's just that the menu closed when I hit Alt
Since alt-printscreen takes a screenshot of the current window.
Every time I click Baconize, it takes me to a random, bacon-related webpage.
@Powerlord Oh, that's great!
That's one it linked me to. :D
Imma getting this instead:
@YiJiang For my last image?
12:40 AM
@Powerlord Yup, and this one too
OK, it disturbs me that your browser is saying imageshack.us isn't registered.
@Powerlord No, it's a domain based thing
Imageshack would like domain owners to register with Imageshack before people can hotlink on it
Apparently the restriction is geographically bound for now
@failbadp It is, which is why I'm now on a holy mission to convert all imageshack links I see to imgur
12:43 AM
Darn, I can't get the bacon-flavored mints link to come up again, and I closed that tab too long ago to reopen it.
There we go.
12:58 AM
There you go, published my answer
1:45 AM
Can someone help me with this one? Kind of an issue I'm facing live, right now.
Q: Problems with PS3 on non-HDMI

IsziMy PlayStation 3 has been hooked up on HDMI pretty much since the day I got it. Today, I brought it to a friend's house, who does not have a TV with HDMI. However, the system is not displaying any image or sound over the RCA connection. Presuming all hardware to be good, is there something I'm...

Q: Problems with PS3 on non-HDMI

IsziMy PlayStation 3 has been hooked up on HDMI pretty much since the day I got it. Today, I brought it to a friend's house, who does not have a TV with HDMI. However, the system is not displaying any image or sound over the RCA connection. Presuming all hardware to be good, is there something I'm...

@Bob Oh. Hi, Bob.
@Iszi Bob posts all new questions automagically.
@Powerlord I know that now. Not all rooms have a guy like him though.
2:06 AM
Q: Does the Pokemon, Emolga, evolve?

Terence PonceI have a Level 40 Emolga in Pokemon Black, but it hasn't evolved yet. How do I make it evolve?

2 hours later…
3:52 AM
Q: Where to post game cheats?

gilly3My ten year old son spent several hours mapping out the Power Up Panels in New Super Mario Bro's Wii, and now he'd like to share his findings with the internet masses. The trouble is, I don't know much about where to share the fruits of his labor. I created a web page to host his maps: http://...

2 hours later…
5:59 AM
It's lonely in here at this time of day.
2 hours later…
8:09 AM
So why's my question getting close votes? It fits basically all of the requirements for a good subjective question :/
It falls short on asking people to answer based on experience and not opinion, but it fits the rest :\
I think I know where the issue is, but I'm having a hard time sorting it out in a way that I can explain.
I mean, I am not going to use my super reopen vote on it
Q: When should you build workers in Civilization 4?

Wikis Commit At Area 51My current (newbie) strategy is to build a new worker first with each new city. Is this a good strategy? For example: are workers shared between cities or do you need at least one for each city? should you keep periodically building new workers or is there a limit to how much they can do? shoul...

@failbadp I think people might view it as having an overly broad scope (the answer might depend on the game) and anticipate that the answers will be more opinion-based than fact-based based on how the question at the end is worded.
I'm not sure that I'd see it that way enough to vote to close, but others might, especially if they haven't seen that list of criteria. I admittedly don't have an overly strong position on it either way.
meh, I haven't used the guidelines when deciding on subjective questions myself
I limited myself to the "real questions have answers, not items or ideas or opinions" bit :)
I just don't want the reason to be 'it's subjective'
8:28 AM
I think that the actual question portion frames the post a little differently than what you're going for, perhaps.
well, yes, I'm kinda annoyed by the status quo, otherwise I wouldn't be asking :)
8:39 AM
@failbadp Yeah...I almost feel like you should be stating that people are unwilling to change maps despite requests to do so, and then ask more directly what aspects of map uh...unchangingness (I'm apparently too tired of think of the word) are so beneficial to the player that they prefer not to change the map. I'm not sure though, since I can't know for sure what the close-voters are thinking, heh.
9:06 AM
@failbadp In my case, I voted because it had no one right answer, judging by the existing answers.
The point is, I really don't see that happening. Not in CS:S, not in TF2, and not in Quake Live.
@ArdaXi that's the whole point of a subjective question
@failbadp And as I've said before, I personally believe that every question on SE should have one right answer.
yet the network allows some subjectivity (good subjective vs bad subjective) and my question fits almost the entirety of the checklist
not that I enforce that checklist
it's just there to give me some more confirmation bias
ah well, I guess the topic of subjectivity will require some more meta discussion
later, so that it doesn't seem like I'm whining to get my question reopened
If I just wanted my question reopened I could just click that button.
9:41 AM
> based on personal observation and experience mainly, followed by some anecdotal evidence
Now it might be that I come from Wikipedia, but that screams subjective.
I never said it wasn't subjective
I said it's good subjective.
Great subjective questions inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”... check
Great subjective questions tend to have long, not short, answers... check
Great subjective questions have a constructive, fair, and impartial tone... miss, especially in the title
Great subjective questions invite sharing experiences over opinions... check
Great subjective questions insist that opinion be backed up with facts and references... miss, although I do bring up numbers and experience in my comments; I just didn't put the stock paragraph in the question body asking for people to back up their claims.
I'm okay with mods being held to higher standards than the rest; I just didn't think I fared too badly ;)
2 hours later…
11:25 AM
Q: Dead or Alive: Dimensions Control Mechanism

TZHXIn the recently released title for the Nintendo 3DS, some of the video previews seem to suggest that the characters are controlled by "selecting" combinations on the touch screen, rather than in the traditional manner for beat'em'ups. Is this the case? Does DOA:Dimensions not have "normal" contr...

Breakfast :-)
Fancy stuff
2 hours later…
2:02 PM
Q: New minecraft server not letting me connect

KurruHi I followed the minecraft wiki on how to set up a new server (extract zip, add name to admin file and run!) however, when i connect through the local client to the server using as my ip (localhost) the local client freezes, and the server reports "Kicking / You need to log ...

2:57 PM
Why is the Visit Meta section displayed twice on the main site?
3:27 PM
@CRoss Not enough bacon.
@Powerlord enough bacon is not possible, that will have to do ...
4:14 PM
DST starts in Europe... tomorrow, right?
Also, I just ubered a sniper
(I was at 100% while combat healing, saw three teammates running to defend the point, ran towards the heavy, right clicked, all three teammates asplode. The only teammate left is a sniper.)
Q: Which is better, Strength or Agility, for a Death Knight tank?

Mag RoaderMy Warrior friend insists that Strength is the most important stat for tanks, but I'm a Death Knight and am not convinced. The way I see it, Strength increases Parry, but Agility increases Dodge and Armor. I'm not sure by how much, but it certainly feels like Agility should be strictly better fo...

5:11 PM
@failbadp I didn't care about the fact you were a mod when I closed it, it's just that personally, I don't believe there's a "good subjective".
@ArdaXi Disbeliever!
@failbadp I prefer heretic, but either's fine.
Q: Is there a seventh prize tier in Coin Dozer?

NickI've got a couple prize collections at the 3rd or 4th tier (meaning that I have at least 3 or 4 of each prize color) and the next logical goal would be to get to the 6th tier. When I reached tier one, that single star turned into six stars, indicating that I had more tiers to reach. Does it do t...

Greasemonkey scripts don't sync in Chrome. :(
5:30 PM
I'm going to pass in a reopen vote to badp's question
I wasn't convinced but then I saw the checklist above and reread the good subjective vs. bad subjective post
bows appreciated, Doc.
Q: Creating deep-safe bookmarks in Eve Online?

CyclopsIt used to be possible to create 'deep-safe' bookmarks, that were farther than 10 AU outside a system. As of the Tyrannis patch, that's no longer possible. So what is possible, and how? Can you make a bookmark that's 9 AU out-system? According to the link, you can no longer warp to distant obje...

@Mana I'm of the opinion that questions without a single answer (aka "opinions") don't belong on the StackExchange network. Then again, you probably knew that since I was one of the people who voted to close it. In fact, I was the FIRST person to vote to close it... before adding my own answer. :P
@Powerlord Um, no, that identity doesn't hold
Why would you vote to close something and then answer it?
Doesn't really make much sense to me.
5:37 PM
@Mana Hypocritical, isn't it?
It's more just that the reason we vote to close questions on this site is to discourage those questions being asked here
Because, despite myself not agreeing that this type of question, there's no guarantee that the question will be closed, or remain closed.
@Powerlord Yay! I'm not the only one.
whereas giving answers encourages them getting asked here
@Powerlord So you're basically using it to get rep then. I guess that's fine and all but idk it just doesn't feel right.
@failbadp See, I knew some people would second-guess after reading the post :P
5:41 PM
@Mana Yes, I am. Do you have a problem with that? :P
Thing is, we need to allow some subjectivity on the site. Do you really want to have Gaming, Gamers, Game Review, Game Records, Game Security, Theory of Gaming, ...
@failbadp That's great. I disgree with two points that the current top-voted answer makes in that question. I've posted my reasons as to why as comments. This brings up the other half of the close reason ("argumentative")
> I guess that's fine and all but idk it just doesn't feel right.
@Powerlord I can't believe I've ever disagreed with you. :P
@Powerlord Oh, so any question where two answers disagree on something is argumentative? We'll make sure to lock all questions after they get the first answer in, to make sure no argument can take place ever.
5:43 PM
@failbadp Only if both of those answers are correct.
After all, if you can't disagree, you can only repeat
There's no value in duplicate answers
If you want to add points just edit 'em in. It's perfect!
@failbadp For how-to questions, for example, you can provide multiple ways to do something.
@failbadp But yes, I agree with this.
@ArdaXi So? We still allow them.
The ideal situation would be where every question had one answer.
@ArdaXi Yeah, luckily we don't do things this way.
5:45 PM
@failbadp I don't mean the closing after the first answer.
@failbadp Guess what the downside is of having a reputation system?
But if everyone would edit their points into the first answer, then that would be ideal.
Unfortunately, as @Powerlord points out, people are selfish, and thus the rep system ruins it.
@Powerlord Hey, you don't want arguments now do you?
Okay, I'll make sure I make your answers CW in the process. With that other change everybody's rep will become locked at 601.
Reputation problem solved!
@failbadp In that case, I'll just complain to StackExchange, Inc that we have a mod abusing their powers.
In the ideal situation, the reputation system would work very, very differently.
5:47 PM
@Powerlord What? I'm just making sure the system works as it should!
Following your advice is abusing my powers?
I prefer the way Wikipedia works, honestly.
It's probably true. ;)
They have no reputation system, but lots and lots of great content.
They do have it. It's called edit count.
It's less "in your face" perhaps
Also there's an entire ranking system
confirmed editors, bureaucrats, administrators, etc.
True, but nobody owns content.
The emphasis is on the content, not the user providing it.
5:50 PM
Yeah, unlike some other software that places the post author before the post text
And bureaucrat isn't a rank, in that sense. They hardly have any privileges, except invisible stuff.
@failbadp No, unlike software where the post author is on the same page as the content. Even right beside the content.
@ArdaXi so 'move', 'delete', the additional special pages are no privileges?
@failbadp That's Administrator
Bureacrats get super-delete.
Which means a revision is completely obliterated, invisible to everyone.
Goddamn, why did I have to be at work today
Which is done when personal data or something is posted.
5:52 PM
Would've loved to go London.
Something that, incidentally, can also be done on SE
@ThomasMcDonald Work on a Saturday? I know the feeling, and it sucks.
@failbadp Err? That's completely irrelevant.
Point is that Wikipedia does not have an 'in your face' reputation system.
So people work together on content, rather than competing with others, like on SE.
So what? It still has one.
@failbadp So there is no competition.
5:54 PM
Look, SE's motivation system is different from Wikipedia's
Reputation is completely optional. Just mark all your answers CW
@failbadp Exactly. In my opinion, Wikipedia's is better.
and give away your rep from questions in bounties
@failbadp No it isn't.
I can't do everything I can on Wikipedia without reputation.
You can't do everything stewards can on Wikipedia without reputation.
@ArdaXi Yeah, edit a protected page while logged out, then report back
5:55 PM
And you have to be far less active on Wikipedia to earn privileges, because they're given out by humans rather than computers.
@ArdaXi Non sequitur. Humans can be much stricter.
@failbadp Humans can also be far less strict.
Yeah, hence non sequitur.
Point is, humans can be lenient. Computers can't.
It can swing both ways
5:56 PM
Humans can consider the type of activity. Computers can't.
But becoming a bureaucrat on enwiki is much harder than getting 10k rep.
Also humans can be vindicative, or just careful. "Given your history, even if you technically qualify, you don't get to rank up"
@ThomasMcDonald Fair enough, but I have confirm and rollback privileges on enwiki.
SE's permissions are awarded based on human activity though
Yeah, as do I.
5:57 PM
reputation rewarded by other human beings
@failbadp People discuss, rather than vote.
Actually, I don't know about confirm, but I got rollback as soon as it was available
@ArdaXi Yeah, which is why Wikipedia has a huge vandalism problem we do not have
@failbadp It has vandalism. It does not have a vandalism problem.
lol, really.
5:58 PM
Requested move Requested move 1 -- to "Libyan Civil War" 2011 Libyan uprising → Libyan Civil War — Now that Gaddafi's forces have started to retake cities, it's clear that this will be a drawn-out conflict as both sides take and re-take cities. (talk) 00:48, 17 March 2011 (UTC) Comment to closing admin - please also be aware of the discussion at at a second requested move which I procedurally speedy closed (for reasons I give in that request). (talk) 00:54, 23 March 2011 (UTC) ::Well, if this request closes with no move, I already have the template made up to properly ...
Yes, really.
At any rate, when you're done wishing you were editing Wikipedia instead
That sums up everything that's wrong with Wikipedia.
it's time to fire up TF2.
If you vandalise Wikipedia, it'll be fixed faster than it takes to post it.
5:59 PM
Thanks to a whole array of measures we don't need
@ThomasMcDonald It's not a perfect system. I know that. I'm just saying it's better than SE.
Because it is a problem; a mostly solved problem, perhaps, but still a problem.
Subjective and argumentative! reaches for the close button
Apart from the brainfuck article where the "hello world" code was changed to output "you're a c***" and it wasn't noticed.
@failbadp Even if every page on Wikipedia is semi-protected (á la SE) it would still be better than SE.
6:00 PM
Until someone tried to run it
@ThomasMcDonald That could happen on SE as well.
@ArdaXi Then go edit Wikipedia.
@failbadp I do.
Anyway, why are we having this discussion?
Or, go on MSO and share your mind with Jeff.
@ThomasMcDonald Because some of us refuse subjectivity at all on the site.
6:01 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Originally the conversation was about badp's question getting closed. I'm not entirely sure how we ended up here.
@failbadp I'd rather talk to a brick wall. Same effect, less hassle.
Wikipedia = Encyclopedia
SE = Q&A
Dictiionary != Q&A, therefore Wikipedia != SE.
That's not something I can or want to support.
@ArdaXi Just make sure you don't turn people in brick walls yourself ;)
@ArdaXi My bad, not paying enough attention
@failbadp Do you think I assumed you cared about anything I said, or would change your mind? I didn't. I just like venting.
Theoretically, Mediawiki could support Q&A.
The only difference between talking here and talking to Jeff is that here, you do at least read some of what I say.
Yay for anonymous starring person(s).
6:06 PM
@ArdaXi Yeah... anonymous.
@Powerlord Well, sort of. One of them is probably you, judging by the reply.
6:29 PM
Q: Why did American gamers get to know the C64 but not the Amiga?

danowarI've been listening to a lot of retro gaming podcasts. What I took away is it seems that many American gamers did have the C64 back in the day, but its successor, the Commodore Amiga, was not as prevalent in US households. Why do you think this was the case?

7:02 PM
Anyone else watching TSL today?
because... holy shit those Adelscott games.
Q: Can the house limit be circumvented?

Tobias KienzlerAppearently one can only build a limit amount of houses despite having loads of space left, can this be changed somehow, maybe via a mod? It would really be nice to be able and build all pinata housings in one single big garden. Or at least some...

Q: What is news/analytics site to read about StarCraft2

BuddaI am trying to find web sites that contain articles, game/tournament descriptions, events regarding to StarCraft2. Among others, what I am interested in is something like "you tube replay", but made not in video, but in text-form. I know we can read something on team liquid forum, but that is mo...

@LessPop Well, I was going to get work done today, but not anymore :(
he beat MVP whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
7:31 PM
@Mana He absolutely SCHOOLED MVP
the forcefield run at the end of game 2
was just absolutely beautiful
I haven't seen it :(
complete clinic on forcefields.
oh man
sounds coooooooooooooooooooooooooool
basically, PvT, Protoss completely dominant entirely with gateway units
like... 1 collossus the entire second match
just all blinkstalkers mostly
oh man
I want to see this replay so badly
7:38 PM
Yay, I found my floating globe back.
@Mana You need to.
it's easily one of the best macthes I've seen in months
btw @Powerlord good going ranking me on a scale you don't value at all ;)
what's that, 0/0?
@failbadp Huh?
"out of 0 items I believe can make a subjective question valid, you got 0"
@failbadp 0/0 = 0.
7:48 PM
is pretty much what powerlord says when he goes find the pin in the hay, when he doesn't realize his own answer contributes to make my own question valid
Q: Empty world in a minecraft server?

minerEvery time I go to play on a multiplayer SMP server, I join, it pops me in, and then I fall into nothing and stand on nothing. It's all blue; all I can see is the sun and sky. How do I fix this?

@failbadp I've also answered questions I disagree with.
@ArdaXi That makes them more valid.
@failbadp No it doesn't. It doesn't change the question at all. That's definitely a non sequitur.
Exactly my point.
The question, in its form exactly, can be answered; you answered it.
7:49 PM
@failbadp So it makes them more valid by not changing it?
@failbadp I'm not saying it isn't answerable.
I never said that.
"What is the best game ever" is answerable.
Nope, that isn't answerable.
@failbadp Sure is. "Portal".
I gave an answer.
By your definition, the question is now answered.
Does it make the question more valid?
By my logic, you give the question validity, because you believe that in spite of everything it can get an answer
as opposed to an item of a list you want people to sort by popularity
Otherwise it isn't an answer.
I can ask "What is the best game ever?" without expecting a list.
And someone can answer it thinking that this answer is 100% correct.
Who thinks his answer is 100% correct?
7:52 PM
It's an answer. It's not a good answer, and it's still not a good question.
even in an objective question, you cannot say that
@failbadp Yes I can.
"What is 1 + 1"
There is only one valid answer to that.
What would that be?
Or, relevant to this site: "Which company developed Portal?"
@failbadp 2
2 in what bases? What is 1? What is +?
7:54 PM
@failbadp Now you're just nitpicking.
You made the trivial unrealistic questions first
anyway, later
@failbadp I didn't use Platonism to prove a point.
I don't attach labels to my reasoning to make it sound more valid
and if you do that, I couldn't care less
@failbadp I don't attach labels to make anything sound more valid. I trust you take my arguments as is.
However, this reply shows I'd have to define everything to prove a point to you.
2 mins ago, by fail badp
2 in what bases? What is 1? What is +?
Which, quite frankly, is impossible.
@Mana Are you watching TSL now?
Because hahahahahahah this reaper harass
7:58 PM
No, amazingly enough I am actually studying
Oh. well then.
I will be sure to harangue you with VOD links later.
that was a complete nibble to death.
42 minute match
late game reaper harass is pretty cool.
nobody expects reapers
Genius sure didn't.
4 canons in his 4 expansions
and he would've won.
QXC v. Adelscott is going to be pretty fun to watch.
Oh man, Nestea v. goody, this should be fun
8:22 PM
I wish ustream worked in hd on ipads
You watching this @Brant?
for now
that was a lot of thors to lose.
It's funny, I don't enjoy playing SC very much.
but I fucking love watching pro SC.
I am terrible at Starcraft but I love pro matches
that was some absolutely terrible roach micro.
I could've moved those roaches better.
8:55 PM
@ArdaXi I was being exaggerated in response to your exaggeration
Hm, still one reopen vote short
I love IM.NesTea's old name
@failbadp any plans or interest to revive the Gaming blog?
@IvoFlipse Without being a blogger myself, I find it hard to "lead" this project
well it's not like you don't write enough posts on Meta or in chat :P
@failbadp I did reductio ad absurdum. You just chose to drop common sense.
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