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12:20 AM
There's a couple close votes on this post, so I was thinking of maybe migrating it. What do you think?
Q: Solution to scary programming/project management situation?

neoleoI'm a newbie programmer in a troubling situation and wondered if anyone knew best practices for dealing with this type of project management problem. After a rough job-search, I finally found a contract job to port an arcane system from an old OS to a new one. I was up front about having little...

12:33 AM
Personally, I think that there are two meta discussions that seem to support the question falling within our scope:
Q: Is the question we fixed on topic or off topic? What are the boundaries of PMSE?

jmort253Mark Phillips dusted off his editing gloves and attacked the question referenced here in this meta discussion and made great progress on the constructiveness issue. We also reopened the question. Here it is: How to Adapt to a New Team Culture? Where PMSE Begins and Ends? However, as both a mo...

Q: How Should Our Community Handle Questions Asked From Non-PM Perspectives?

jmort253The following question was asked on PMSE: Would you give developer(s) bounty/bonus for his/her result? On the surface, the question title may appear on-topic, but after reading this well-written, detailed question, I noticed it was asked from the perspective of a developer and that it didn't se...


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