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12:00 AM
> Winners are Flow and onik.
12:47 AM
Q: 2012 Community Moderator Election Results

Shog9Android's second moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice as they learn the ropes! For details on how the voting p...

5 hours later…
5:24 AM
@Flow I deleted some old closed questions, there may have been a few closed recently where you had newish answers? Should show up in your history though
1 hour later…
6:30 AM
Ok, I am in an even worse mood :( Turns out I was 4th...
How does this system work though? I got 17 first choice votes, but jlehenbauer would have been third even though they got 9?
Really bad system, in my eyes.
Must be, if you didn't win...
@Flow @onik Congrats!
6:50 AM
jlehenbauer must have had loads of second choice votes then - but still didn't win.
@Izzy My view entirely... Just a shame I'm not being sarcastic
Liam, no offense, but it simply sounds like you're a "bad loser": Just because you didn't win doesn't make everything "done in vain".
There were 5 candidates, you came out 4th -- that means people really voted for you. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
@Izzy It does, and tbh was more than I expected, but I s'pose I just got my hopes up a bit too much - which you should never do...
This is not all about rep and being elected -- it's a community, where we help each other. And people trust you to be "helpful" (or they wouldn't vote for you). I'd take that as a "good sign". And yes, agreed (and fully understood): You've expected a bit too much :)
To me it was clear from the beginning that Flow would turn out on top. The second I couldn't make a bet on -- I wasn't really surprised it was onik, but I wouldn't have bet my hand for it :)
I think everyone expected flow to be first. 146 out of 202 people did choose him as their first choice.
Maybe if I'd nominated myself as well, I would have been the 2nd one. But I'm better in the place where I am now ;)
7:02 AM
I'm just glad my alarm didn't wake me up ;) I had an alarm set for 10 minutes before the election ended (which was at midnight here).
Now I'm free to help with moderation (my 10k rep gives me some of the mod tools). Being elected, I had the duty to do so. And I'm not sure whether I (or you) would be good in all duties of a diamond mod. I'm sure I would have had a little trouble with some of them...
Oh... Yeah, that would have been even more disappointing: Getting up early and not seeing the light :(
@Izzy Which ones? If I did have 10k rep, I wouldn't have minded as much - but I don't. I don't even have enough to submit close votes :(
Take it as an experience, Liam. There's more to life than just being a mod.
You'll get that permission (c-v) at 5k, where you're not that far from anyway.
@Flow Do you have the show deleted posts option checked in the bottom corner?
@Izzy Close votes is at 3k, last time I checked...
With the 10k, you can throw delete-votes, and work on the flags (see when users flagged a post, and then can add your flag (to move it up the queue) or disagree to it.
Oops, yepp, you're right -- I meant with the next k you're soon to reach, and just had your 4.x k overall-SX rep in mind :D
7:07 AM
I am still 7560 rep away from 10k though...
Additionally, you can see a lot of stats. What I mainly cared for are the flag and delete features. And the only thing I really miss is the possibility to migrate -- that's left to the diamonds. Well, but I can flag posts to be migrated -- and help the mods with the other issues. Fine with me.
I just don't understand how people can have less answers, been a member for less time and still have loads more rep than me :(
As said, Liam: Rep isn't everything (and for the ones you mentioned: They might have better answers and good questions, getting more votes)
Speaking about it: You make good progress there. And I sometimes get a deja vu, seeing you repeating my early "mistakes" :) Mind me pointing a little? Will hopefully help you improve even more :)
Of course I wouldn't mind ;)
Just let me get ready...
Ok, off you go :)
OK. To make it simple, I skip the "making-it-sound-really-nice" :)
1. If you are not sure with your answer, try to make it a comment first and wait if you hit the right place.
7:14 AM
Go on...
You may have noticed a couple of times that I commented on one or another of your Qs pointing out where you "went astray". In "my time", it was Sachin who simply downvoted on those occasions -- so I learnt better using comments, and learned it the hard and fast way :)
Hmm. I hate being downvoted, and mainly delete answers when they are.
In another note, it looks impossible to get all badges.
Yeah, that was Sachin's intention then as well :)
Unless you were an active private beta user...
2. where I felt a little bad: when others went that way (testing if they understood the problem correctly by using a comment first), and you went straight away making those comments an answer. That's perfectly fine with "old comments" they might have forgotten about. But if the comments are less than a week old, it looks like "stealing their rep".
7:19 AM
@Izzy Hmm. I see where you're coming from with this - but they should have posted it as an answer as soon as they got their reply...
@Izzy That quite nasty...
My "lessons learned" from #1 include: I try to only answer questions where I'm pretty sure about the answer -- and mostly skip topics I'm not really familiar with. Sometimes my fingers itch (and it's hard to keep back), and sometimes I might even answer when I feel "pretty sure" -- but mostly I really refrain and leave it to others who know better :)
Where is a count of all your edits kept?
Yeah, but not everybody has 24/7 time on the net. My co-workers would kill me if they cought me working on ASE at office time :)
Mine? Yours? Or in general?
Look at your profile page, and check the "activity" tab.
@Izzy Mine, but in general would be helpful ;)
I was just kidding -- it's always the same place: profile page, activity tab.
7:23 AM
And then the revisions tab.
There take a look at the "2nd level menu", in the... exactly.
104 by the looks of it (for me).
403 for me :)
Ouch. HTTP 403: "Forbidden" LOL
Don't say that, it'll annoy me ;)
OK, I stop it :)
I was just checking how far to the next badge #D Yeah, see: Sometimes I'm also looking for the rep #D
7:25 AM
I think you mean 'I'll stop it' - sorry, it annoyed me ;)
I'm not a native English -- but doesn't "I stop it" imply "right now" -- while "I'll stop it" could mean "sometime in the future"?
Not really - if you're a native speaker, like me, I stop it just sounds funny - and you realise it should be I'll, or I will.
I need to fix chrome - it's stuck on American english for the spell checker...
Ah -- OK, thank you!
Hehe... So I guess you're rather preferring British :D
Yeah ;)
Z instead of an S for realise - come on!
You are from the Islands, aren't you?
7:30 AM
I'm from England, if thats what you mean ;)
LOL That's what I always mess up: Which one is american, and which is british spelling... And finally I probably end up with a mix #D
Yeah, that was what I meant.
I'm from Germany, like Flow. Actually, we're just about something like 100 or 200 miles apart. ce4 is also not that far away from me :)
Ok, chrome sorted :)
Congrats :)
Why are you all from Germany? Strange...
Oh, a bunch of flies LOL
7:32 AM
My sister is doing a German GCSE at the moment though ;)
(just checking my server stats and see: The spammers touched my honeypots like crazy, and all got hit :D)
LOL. Strange server ;)
Oh, tough stuff I guess! It's not the easiest language to learn (though there might be some more difficult ones around)
Why strange? That's how I get spam sorted out (at least it's part of it).
She says there are like 7 tenses that she has to learn (something like 7). Anyhow, she won't know how to speak when she finishes - you need to go to the country for that.
Spammers never send mail to just one recipient. And as soon as one of the "To" addresses is a "honeypot address", I can throw away the entire mail -- and save all "real recipients" from its contents.
7:35 AM
@Izzy Clever. What system is this?
Yeah -- or have the people from the country visiting you, or meeting in a 3rd place.
TBH I am amazed I managed to get more than 2000 rep on an SE site...
I never thought I would...
I'm just going to delete my comment on meta...
My system. I wrote a "hidden webpage" (nowhere linked, just mentioned as "disallowed" in the robot.txt file -- so it's clearly only visited by the bad guys).
And blacklist everyone that goes there ;)
Or something like that?
That page generates a bunch of "fake urls" (all pointing back to itself), and at the end comes the "mail address of the page's admin", which is, of course, a fake I can recognize using a regular expression.
So harvesters collect that address, spammers use it -- and BANG! :)
7:38 AM
Right, I have to go now! Back soon probably - thanks for making me feel a bit better at least. Feel free to continue composing what you're writing, and I'll see it on my phone later :)
I might just use that ;)
Yeah, I also have to check some things, and then leaving for the other office.
Anyway - I need to get breakfast and go to school now ;)
Yepp, feel free! And have a nice day!
I will look into the chat during the day, but cannot be that active in here -- due to mentioned reasons :)
And I'm glad I could help you a little bit to get out of your misery :)
8:08 AM
@LiamW Btw: If you want to see some real good answers, check those Zuul made. They make mine look lazy and profan :D And they always impress me: really good recherche, and well formatted. Many a time I came across of them, and even before seeing their footer I instantly knew: That must be the Zuul :D
There is one thing: I am a very bad loser ;)
LOL Admitting that makes it look a lot better :D
And it shows you start to overcome :D
8:23 AM
You should see me when we play blockbusters in science - I'm terrible (although, I have lost 6 times out of 6, so I'm starting to get a bit fed up) when it comes to my team losing.
Its one of the reasons I hate competitions and democracy. I believe everyone should agree on one thing (or two). That would never work though :(
8:36 AM
@Izzy your answer to a question just cost me 15 rep :(
1 hour later…
9:41 AM
@LiamW Yepp. Sorry for that. If you check that Q, you'll also find one thing there we discussed this morning (comments versus answers).
You see, sometimes this helps for better rep #D
...and avoids downvotes in case one's wrong :)
9:57 AM
hello anybody worked with Google Drive or DropBox integration in android ?
I need help regarding it
1 hour later…
11:21 AM
Q: 10k tools: How to disagree to a flag?

IzzyBeing quite new to the 10k mod tools, I just discovered a question being flaggt OT 3 times (as the question's phrasing was misunderstood, IMHO). Below the question, I see two buttons: flag or disagree close question As I feel the question is perfectly on-topic, I obviously do not want to hit ...

12:19 PM
@HJV Are you asking from a developers perspective? If so, then I think the stackoverflow channels are more suitable. The Android Enthusiasts channel is mostly about end-user topics.
@Flow Congrats to your election! Great to see your diamond shine :)
12:35 PM
@Flow thanks for reply. Sure i will find solution from there.
THanks again.
Thanks @Izzy :)
@LiamW @LiamW Where is this "show deleted posts" option for you? I think that every mod and 10k user sees them and there is no way to disable them...
2 hours later…
2:12 PM
Abby T. Miller on December 10, 2012

When we announced the Apptivate.MS competition two months ago, we were hoping that a few members of this community would create and submit a few solid Windows 8 apps – forty or fifty, maybe. A hundred if it really went well.

So when we saw all of the high-quality and innovative app submissions that poured in, we were quite frankly blown away. The Stack Overflow community submitted almost 400 apps. See for yourself!

Yet again, the Stack Overflow community has crushed it.

The quality and size of the submission pool made our next job really, really difficult: narrowing them down to just 50 app …

2:27 PM
@Flow I was referring to your rep, but at the bottom of the reputation profile tab
What does it mean when a flag is disputed?
@LiamW It means a user disagreed with it
@OliverSalzburg Thanks, but whats the difference between disputed and declined?
@LiamW 10k users can see flags and dispute them, but they can't reject them. Moderators will see when a 10k disputed a flag and then possibly reject it
2:46 PM
So it basically means a user with ≤ 10K rep said it was invalid?
A non-moderator with 10k rep or more
1 hour later…
4:07 PM
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2013

Grace NoteAs it is December 2012, we are now going to reset our Community Promotion Ads for the new year. What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right sidebar. The purpose of this question is the vetting pro...


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