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6:00 PM
I'm laughing because @Cerberus (was it Cerberus?) couldn't find that answer of mine.
Thanks for clarifying that.
The one which holds the record for the most downvotes.
Ooh, now I have to see.
To be fair, it didn't mention Police, it only mentioned Nazis.
Mar 10 at 1:58, by Cerberus
Most downvoted? I gotta see that.
You were there while he kept looking, and you didn't appear interested at all.
I probably had to pretend to be working for a few minutes. It happens. Affects my reading comprehension from time to time as well.
6:04 PM
That thread is actually hilarious. I quote ArthurRex, and you mention sore anal cysts. Which I went on to quote later, to Kosmonaut's disgust.
Good times.
Yeah, it's always fun when people start talking about sore anal cysts.
Feb 18 at 17:59, by RegDwight
Expect this to be quoted.
1 min ago, by RegDwight
Feb 18 at 17:59, by RegDwight
Expect this to be quoted.
Mar 7 at 15:17, by RegDwight
Nah, that quote is self-referential. It has nothing to do with you.
So which is the most down-voted answer of which you speak? I can't find it.
6:09 PM
And after going over cysts, we went on to give birth to the (short-lived) doed, maked, sayed meme. Seriously, like, how much fun was that!!
We used to be funny and have fun. Now we just are.
More fun than anal cysts, sore or otherwise, I'll grant.
Mar 10 at 2:07, by RegDwight
@Cerberus Think,think,think - if it was easy, it wouldn't be funtastic.
Hm, it appears that people will start any and every comment about not doing any work.
Q: Where did: "I'm Jonesing" get it's meaning from?

ArthurRexI'm Jonesing for a little Ganja, mon....I'm jonesing for a little soul food, brother...Were did "i'm jonesing come from?

Re: Formatting, can I trim out the extra periods?
Or is this just a losing battle?
@MrHen Yes, and the extra apostrophe as well, please.
And is Ganja supposed to be capitalized?
6:12 PM
It's a dinosaur question.
@MrHen I dunno. Is Cannabis capitalized?
what is a dinosaur question?
Look at OP's handle.
I wish train-wreck formatting didn't bug me as much as it does.
@MrHen Yeah, Robusto is like that. Handsome and clever.
6:15 PM
@RegDwight — I'd rather be handsome, but long ago I had to settle for clever.
@RegDwight I am going to pretend that by "handsome" you mean "great avatar"
@MrHen — A hit! A palpable hit!
@MrHen By handsome I actually don't mean anything. It's just the surface. Underneath which it's all just hate, hatred, and spite.
@Robusto "They are palpably handsome?" That seems a bit awkward.
@RegDwight So... how about "clever"?
It's turtles all the way down.
I never said clever anyway. You did.
6:18 PM
Hamlet: Come on, sir.
Laertes: Come, my lord.
[They play and Hamlet scores a hit]
Hamlet: One.
Laertes: No.
Hamlet: Judgment.
Osric: A hit, a very palpable hit .
Laertes: Well, again.
King: Stay, give me drink. Hamlet, this pearl is thine,
Here's to thy health! Give him the cup.
Screw this on-again, off-again text styling with asterisks bullshit.
So, um, was he talking about Kelly Clarkson or what?
@Robusto Oh god! A trailing space!
@Robusto Just give up. Listen to Martha.
yesterday, by Martha
@RegDwight It's the line break in that post: putting in a line break turns a post into preformatted text, essentially.
@RegDwight — No, he had no interest in cheesy Danish.
Aha! Non-native speaker!
6:21 PM
Yes, Hamlet was a Dane masquerading as an Elizabethan actor.
Me was talking about your grammer.
I think I stepped into the wrong pool.
@MrHen You don't step, you fall.
Ah. Stupid fingers.
@RegDwight Oh. Well, there's my problem...
6:22 PM
@Robusto Yeah, yeah, like that's not what every Soviet spy would say.
@RegDwight — Well, since you know them all I guess I have to take your word for it.
@MrHen You have a bunch of problems, now that you're here. But we'll work on them one at a time.
@Robusto Thank you. Finally some appreciation.
And by the way ... @MrHen ... is there a @MrsHen? And a lot of little @Chicks running around pecking the shag carpet in your roost?
@Robusto I actually use MrsHen for test accounts.
Um, @Robusto, your sock-puppet just entered the chat.
6:24 PM
@MrHen — Really? Wow, that's mean. How does she feel about that?
@Robusto Stop asking for chicks already. That's @Cerberus' job.
@RegDwight — Mitten puppet.
@Robusto She doesn't get out often and no one really knows what to think about her.
@RegDwight — @Cerberus doesn't swing that way.
Mar 12 at 3:02, by Cerberus
Girls? Where?
Mar 7 at 21:40, by Cerberus
We probably need a native speaker for the correct term, preferably a 16-y-o girl from the Mid West.
Mar 12 at 3:13, by Cerberus
I do have another girl on offer: do you know Dalida?
Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man.
6:28 PM
Mar 19 at 13:22, by Cerberus
Hey I like girls as a meme and as friends!
Mar 19 at 13:22, by Cerberus
You can have them for other stuff.
Mar 19 at 13:22, by Robusto
@Cerberus — And, really? I can have the girls? Do they know you just gave them away?
@Cerberus gave me all the girls. They're mine now. You're not getting them back.
How can I get them back if I never had them?
Well, just in case you did have any you were hiding.
Hm. My wife is leaving the house "for a concert".
6:31 PM
Did she get a call from @Cerberus a few moments ago?
No but from some Rob. Can't remember the surname, Schneider, I think?
Don't worry, you'll still be able to see her if you visit my back yard.
Now everything makes sense.
That's how you got to meet Mr. Ebert,
Or into place.
You non-native speaker.
you were discussing how much your movies suck...
6:32 PM
Nah, he was easy. Just bought him a beer.
@Robusto I prefer, "in two places."
@MrHen — I prefer commas not to separate verbs from direct objects.
12 mins ago, by RegDwight
@Robusto Yeah, yeah, like that's not what every Soviet spy would say.
Well, there him are, ze Dutch spy!
@Cerberus: Clear something up for us. Did you or did you not give me all the girls?
Hey, stalkers! I was formulating some brilliant answer but your incessant beeps keep disturbing me.
6:35 PM
@Robusto How does that work with stuff like "I said, 'Hello.'"?
@Cerberus — Oh, if only we could believe that.
@Rob: I did give them to you, but only for specific purposes, which shall not be explicitly mentioned.
@MrHen — Sorry, you'll have to ask that in Writers.SE. Please read the FAQ.
@Cerberus Meh, I will mention everything and anything explicitly, given enough time.
@Cerberus — If it's mentioned, it's explicit.
6:37 PM
@Robusto So now the girls are explicit?
@Reg: Jeesh, whatever happened to my authority in this sordid room...
@Cerberus I dunno, I never noticed it around.
@Rob: Right: you may consider my pleonasm an element of style, or a rhetorical figure of speech, as you like.
@Cerberus — You had authority? When?
6:38 PM
@Cerberus — I shall do no such thing.
@Cerberus Womit?
Ima gonna change all your answers everywhere into st00pid stuff!
Womit... is that a Muppet?
Oh, it is German.
Oh man, he didn't even notice.
Das werd' ich machen mit... unaussprechlichen Dingen.
6:40 PM
copyywriter? really?
(Hmm that -n looks a bit odd... aber es ist richtig, oder?)
@Cerberus — Womit is German for vomit.
I see five n's, all of them richtig.
@Robusto Das war so naheliegend...
6:42 PM
"mit unaussprechlichen Dingen"... proofread, bitte?
Alles richtig.
Weird... I read "none of them richtig" in your first reply. How low my self-confidence must be.
Reading comprehension. Class. You.
I read "Hey Cerberus you have authority here": did I comprehend richtig?
You seem to read that everywhere. I would go see a doctor about that.
6:46 PM
Do you say the same to Christians?
I mean, if it makes people happy...
I say different things to different people. And I always make everybody happy, just by opening my mouth.
Please. Spare me your obscenities.
Well, I have to jump in for Robusto. He seems to be off, struggling with the Kaffeemaschine or something.
(Oh, wait, you wouldn't obey me any way...)
Technical stuff can be complicated.
If there are more than two buttons...
@Cerberus I would obey you, if only you had any authority here.
6:49 PM
Bah... how can I have any authority if you will not obey me? That is circular reasoning, my friend!
And it works!
Mar 7 at 20:59, by RegDwight
user image
That's Kosmonaut with his circular-reasoning avatar in Dutch.
What the... did Kosmonaut's avatar rub off on you?
Haha I see a circle and I see Holland... but reasoning? Reason != girl.
No, Girl == Kosmonaut.
And Reason != Kosmonaut, that part is right.
Where's him @Kosmonaut anyhow?
@RegDwight +1 For that.
Except that I dare not star it.
I am still pondering the "She walked through the forest, and who should she see, but the Big Bad Wolf!" question.
Q: More on 'who should she see'

cindiPrompted by what-does-should-mean-in-this-sentence , instead of asking what it means, I'm interested in what part of speech it is. The sentence is She walked through the forest, and who should she see, but the Big Bad Wolf 'Should' is being used to means 'did' in this sentence, which is ...

@Cerberus I can pin it. For two weeks.
6:53 PM
(Heh well take responsibility for your own statements, then!)
(Updated wrongish link: the quote is in the old question, but I am pondering the new one.)
Well, it is a verb. What's to ponder?
Subjunctive is not a PoS.
Oh, Part of Speech.
I was pondering which development of shall should have led to this use of should.
That is what the OP wants to know, I think.
Is this not a dupe?
PoS is a contraction of Piece of Shit.
Q: Meaning of 'till death do us part'

lovespringIt's a English name of a forthcoming Chinese film. Chinese name is 'Best love'

Q: Till death do us part?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarEvery time I see this expression, I can't help thinking it's grammatically wrong. Is it grammatically acceptable? Why is it used extensively in this form?

7:00 PM
@RegDwight Close. One is about meaning, the other is about grammar.
Yes, voted to close.
If the older one actually listed the meaning in the answers I would say dupe.
Close enough to be closed imo...
@MrHen It does not?
@RegDwight Not that I can tell
Am I missing it?
7:01 PM
@MrHen Rats, it appears you're right.
I really wish people would let me know why they downvote things.
@MrHen I usually do.
@RegDwight I don't actually recall you downvoting something of mine, but thanks for the explanation if you did. :)
I don't recall it, either. Just saying.
Meh I have to agree that the answers do not include an explanation of what the expression means. I suppose I just considered that to be trivial... what if the questions were merged?
7:06 PM
@Cerberus What's the harm in letting it be? Now that it has been asked we can close all future one as dupes.
@Cerberus I dunno. For starters, I took the liberty of editing your (auto-inserted) comment, so you don't get flak.
@MrHen: Personally I don't mind clutter too much, but I think the website usually doesn't want too much overlap between questions if it doesn't add a great deal. But let's keep it up then.
We have several rather huge clusters of rather closely related questions. One day they will have to be trimmed.
Arg. I hate the "need to edit 6 characters" limit
@Reg: Thanks! That is better.
@Reg: Yeah... what I fear most is that these clusters will grow and grow indefinitely.
7:09 PM
@MrHen You can always add a few empty lines. Don't tell anybody you got it from me.
Evil, thy name is Moderator.
"Edits must be at least 6 non-space characters;"
@Cerberus Hopefully not on my watch. I try to keep track of them, and post cross references whenever possible. When those lists of cross references grow beyond a certain limit, people tend to start voting to close all by themselves.
@MrHen Hm. Did they fix that? Worked for me just the other day.
Ugh, why is there an evil monster behind this chat that makes me typo several times in a row in a single, five-word line? Frequently I have to edit a line several times. Boo.
@RegDwight I just got that message.
7:11 PM
@Reg: Good work! It can be exhausting, I can imagine.
I am too hungry to think. Should I go for a run or buy groceries?
@MrHen What are you trying to edit, anyhow?
Q: In 'the' or 'a' Nick of Time?

ArthurRexThey both sound right and I've found examples of both??

@Cerberus How's that even a choice?
Punctuation is gross and the title capitalized Nick and Time
So, four characters.
Holy hell, I just got Basshunter in my head
@Reg: Waaah don't play mind games with me!
7:14 PM
That was random
@MRH: Thanks for sharing!
@MrHen Ugh. If you don't care about the two points, I suppose I can just edit it myself. If you do want those 2 precioussss, add an HTML comment and I will remove it when approving.
@RegDwight I don't care about the points
Almost-jinx: I was just gonna suggest an html comment to MrHen.
Sheesh, all sorts of tricks
Why is there a character limit, anyway?
Most the edits I make are to fix typos, grammar or punctuation
7:17 PM
A more, uh, legitimate use for html comments is to separate two blockquotes with an empty line.
@MrHen [status-declined] over and over and over again.
@RegDwight Eh? What does that mean?
While we are talking about typos
A: Is there anything wrong in this?

RobustoPhrasing a question in the negative in this way is merely a rhetorical device. There should be no reason, the copyywriter supposes, for anyone not to want to work for the "best design agency," so the question merely is inviting you to consider your options for not wanting to work there, which ar...

Probably means that our Overlords (the owners of the SE websites) decided that it should not be changed, and that they move in mysterious ways.
@Cerberus Ah, I see
@Martha Hey, thanks, I was wondering how to do that.
I believe the edit minimum exists because too many edits can put a post into community-wiki mode, which in turn happens because edits bump questions to the top of the list, which could conceivably be used to game the system.
Or something.
7:19 PM
@Martha Except that people are now gaming the system in other ways.
Interesting. I suppose I can think of all sorts of ways to game the edit system as it is now. Lower thresholds wouldn't help much.
Huh, many edits push a post into community mode? I didn't know that.
A: Change this behavior to allow for spelling corrections and the like: "Edits must be at least 6 characters"

Popular Demand Now, it is easy to workaround this: add 10 characters, plus your one-character change, then remove these 10 characters in the next edit for the same post. This is 100% true. But hopefully, the fact that you're having to use such an awkward workaround should set off a lightbulb somewhere in y...

@Cerberus Ten edits by the OP himself, or edits by five other people.
@Reg: OK interesting.
Or twelve and six, respectively. I keep forgetting.
7:21 PM
@RegDwight please tell us of those other ways, so we can be Enlightened (and probably richer!)
1 min ago, by RegDwight
A: Change this behavior to allow for spelling corrections and the like: "Edits must be at least 6 characters"

Popular Demand Now, it is easy to workaround this: add 10 characters, plus your one-character change, then remove these 10 characters in the next edit for the same post. This is 100% true. But hopefully, the fact that you're having to use such an awkward workaround should set off a lightbulb somewhere in y...

please, RegDwight entered an infinite loop; can someone reboot him?
Mar 2 at 13:43, by Robusto
2 hours ago, by RegDwight
Feb 18 at 10:59, by Robusto
13 hours ago, by Robusto
27 secs ago, by RegDwight
2 hours ago, by RegDwight
yesterday, by RegDwight
Feb 7 at 15:38, by RegDwight
In the foundations of mathematics, Russell's paradox (also known as Russell's antinomy), discovered by Bertrand Russell in 1901, showed that the naive set theory created by Georg Cantor leads to a contradiction. The same paradox had been discovered a year before by Ernst Zermelo but he did not publish the idea, which remained known only to Hilbert, Husserl and other members of the University of Göttingen. Let R be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R qualifies as a member of itself, it would contradict its own definition as a set containing sets that are not member...
@RegDwight I thought you meant “more interesting way” to game the system :)
@Fx > Except that people are now gaming the system in other ways.
Show me a "more" and an "interesting" in there.
7:24 PM
@RegDwight Dur: "other"
I never said you said that, I said I thought you meant that
apologies sent your way (and a ton of bricks, too)
Okay, so please kindly reboot yourself, then)))
I was about to make a Settlers of Catan joke and then remembered I am in the wrong channel
@Cerberus Anyhow, it's ten and five.
A: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardWhy have Community Wiki posts? One of the goals of the website is to be a continually evolving source of good information. Community Wiki posts help enhance the wiki aspect of the site. How do Community Wiki posts work? Community Wiki posts work by transferring ownership of the post from the ...

@MrHen Go ahead, you never know. :)
7:25 PM
MrHen: there is at least one active practitioner of that game here
@Fx Uh, Jinx, I think.
@Martha I chanced that the meta-joke would be more worth it. Also it was a clever way to ping for boardgamers
And 1060+ over there.
Board and Card Gamesboardgames.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for people who like playing board games, designing board games or modifying the rules of existing board games. Card games, too, because some games really can be classified as both.

Currently in public beta.

@Reg: OK thanks, noted numbers.
I like Settlers! Used to play it online. And a few times with friends.
7:27 PM
I don't go to B&CG much anymore, it seemed rather dead
@RegDwight Yeah, that's actually how I found english.
Wait, isn't that a DC Comics character? Nick of Time? Not complicated enough to be a Marvel character, but still ...
@Fx Sadly, yes. It seems that we have too many experts and not enough students
@Robusto To me, Nick of Time sounds like a French insult.
@RegDwight Is that a culinary joke?
7:28 PM
@MrHen No. The French literally go nick this and nick that.
@RegDwight ‽
@RegDwight Oooh...
Then how come the relative population France has declined so much since 1800?
@Fx Yeah, yeah, not you. You are nice.
@RegDwight either you're rather close to some Frenchies, or you've been in the wrong place, because it's actually not so common :)
7:30 PM
The rest of Europe overtook her in giant leaps. She used to be fives times as populous as England; look at her now.
@Fx Let's just say both.
You should visit Nancy more often.
Well it may not have been five times, but it was at least twice as populous.
@Cerberus 1800 = 29M people in France, 2011 = 63M
Yes, and England?
@Cerberus yes, but the weather severly limits your options as a couple in England, so that's an unfair comparison
7:32 PM
At least the French call their towns Nancy and not Bangkok.
@F'x: Haha, touché.
(I like "(removed)" better.)
The other part of my brain caught up to me
well, we always have Bourg-la-Reine
What do you call a removed jinx? @Robusto
It looks neat and clean.
7:33 PM
Bourg-la-Reine is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located from the center of Paris. The inhabitants are called Réginaburgiens. History In 1792, during the French Revolution, Bourg-la-Reine (meaning "Town of the Queen") was renamed Bourg-l'Égalité (meaning "Equality borough"). The name Bourg-la-Reine was restored in 1812. Transport Bourg-la-Reine is served by Bourg-la-Reine station on Paris RER line B. Personalities Bourg-la-Reine was the birthplace of: * Évariste Galois, mathematician * Louis Joxe (1901–1991), statesman * Madeleine LaBeau, actress * Modibo D...
It is located from the center of Paris! Oh là là!
"Town of the Queen" is the standard meaning, but in modern French, it can also be "shag the Queen"
Bourg = shag?
Then you frogs will have plenty to laugh about all over our lovely continent...
bourrer = to shag, at least in some circles
Oh, really! Funny.
7:36 PM
it works because the final g in Bourg is silent
Yeah I know. A felicitous slang verb!
So that leaves me wondering whatever they meant by "shag the equality"...
Interesting that it should have been changed to "F*ck Equality" by the revolutionaries.
Noo... beat me again...
Not jinx again.
Well at least my meta-jinx jinxed you.
7:37 PM
Yours is funnier.
Well the Frenchies deserve the praise.
"Fuck Equality" definitely deserves a star
Hehe thanks.
Newspeak is even funnier when used avant la lettre.
A: Situated vs Located?

MrHenSituated can refer to an object's orientation in addition to its location: His hat is situated at a 45 degree angle. This is mostly useful in sentences such as: The car is precariously situated on the cliff. This means that the car's orientation is precarious in addition to its locati...

@JSBangs Only until Michael emerges out of Complete Nowhere™.
7:39 PM
Am I the only one that sees situated this way?
I'm pulling a nohat on that one.
Too hungry; will think about that later... bye all!
@RegDwight What is "nohat"?
An evil kind of jellyfish.
(Oops now I am really gone.)
Feb 4 at 0:47, by nohat
i'm just going to duck out and not participate anymore in that question
Ah, I see
nohat isn't here, but can anyone state definitively if there's any relation between nohat and languagehat (the blog)?
I only know that there's no relation between Kosmonaut and Language Log.)))
7:45 PM
Q: Where does the term "cold calling" originate from?

ArthurRexDid it exist before The Telephone - has it always been associated with 'sales'? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zakyg3thfY

Should the last comment there be flagged?
I don't know how this community feels about stuff like that
@MrHen If you deem it offensive, flag it. Simple as pie.
@RegDwight Fair enough :)
Hey @Martha, what's your take on that comment?
He mentioned you, but failed to at-mention you.
Heh, the dialog for flagging mentions "noise"
For the record, I flagged it
I also did, the tone is weird to me
7:48 PM
See my comment on his dangling participle.
I edit the question to remove an irrelevant URL. He has now replaced it with a YouTube link.
Which I removed, it was really barely relevant (yes, it's a phone call)
(Please keep the participle, if Martha is not offended.)
@Cerberus Well, you're biased, fighting for your very own retort now.
@Reg: D'oh! When am I not?
7:51 PM
@Cerberus Whenever you're looking for your authority. That usually keeps you entertained for quite some time.
@Reg: Waaahhh! Now I am really off, later!
Hmm, Cerberus has been scared off by Kosmonaut. Interesting...
@Martha Yeah, that doesn't make sense, especially since we established that Kosmonaut is a girl.

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