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1:30 AM
I'm encoding video and hitting a bottleneck somewhere that's causing it to be really slow. What's the best way to diagnose this? Ie, how do I figure out if it's RAM, CPU, disk I/O etc...?
1 hour later…
2:30 AM
@daviesgeek It's CPU
but - fire up activity monitor and see the various graphs.
If you quit other programs, the encoding won't speed up - so it's not RAM.
You probaably can duplicate a folder and see the IO jump higher - so the IO's not saturated unless you have a really odd encoding situation with some huge res source being encoded down to a 20x20 pixel size.
2:53 AM
@bmike I'm looking at my CPU right now...
Load average: 3.47, 3.68, 3.42
(1m, 5m, 15m)
about 50% usage...
@bmike Right...nothing is running right now, except Chrome...
@bmike Yup, IO seems fine...
Ugh...CPU constraints then...
@bmike Okay, thanks...means I really, really need that new laptop. This MBP is a fairly new; early 2011, 2.3 GHz i5. It's really that "slow"?
3:09 AM
Hello, different people.
Anyone here involved in your site's podcast? I'm looking for technical tips.
@IsaacMoses Hi Isaac, how can I help?
Thanks, @KyleCronin. First, where are your files hosted?
currently, they're on a Linode VM
they were on Dreamhost for a while, but I decided to switch recently because they only keep 30 days worth of logs
@KyleCronin Who pays for the hosting?
@IsaacMoses I do now, Jason did when it was on Dreamhost
3:21 AM
@KyleCronin Gotcha. Nice of you.
What tech do you use for conferencing and recording?
@IsaacMoses Well, it was nice of Jason too, they were on his shared host for a long time
@KyleCronin Nice of you (pl.) :)
@IsaacMoses we use Skype for the call, and I use Ecamm Call Recorder to record the conversation. We also all do local recordings - for that I use Sound Studio, and Nathan and Jason use QuickTime. I then sync up the local recordings with the recording of the entire call and edit that
@KyleCronin Cool. So you just use the call recording to provide a reference point for syncing the local recordings to?
I could probably use it for my local recording as well, but I prefer Sound Studio because I can record in AIFF
for editing, I use Adobe Audition - it makes doing ripple edits really easy and fast
3:27 AM
@KyleCronin Thanks for the info. Regarding the hosting funding, did you just do that yourselves by default or ask SE and get turned down?
@IsaacMoses I don't think we ever seriously approached SE for funding the hosting, the podcast doesn't really have a ton of listeners so I can host it just fine on my personal Linode instance
we did toy with the idea of asking them to pay for a Soundcloud account, but I don't think we ever did actually ask
@KyleCronin Gotcha
however, they were very helpful and bought us a license for Adobe Audition, which cost a few hundred $
@KyleCronin Ooh; that's nice.
thanks, Stack Exchange :)
3:32 AM
@KyleCronin thanks for all the info. In case you're wondering, we're thinking seriously about starting up a podcast at Mi Yodeya. I, for one, do not have much in the way of audio processing experience, and I'm not sure if we have someone who does.
@IsaacMoses Well, it's pretty easy, but it can be tedious depending on how much you want to edit it
If you have a Mac, you could check out Garageband - it's pretty good, especially for the price
@KyleCronin Yeah, for reasons of expertise and time commitment, I think we'll lean initially toward an "edgy grass-roots" esthetic :)
that's totally fine - to start out with, you could even just use the call recording from Ecamm as your recording
@KyleCronin I don't want to sully the air in this room by addressing your conditional
@KyleCronin Yeah; just have to try to get everyone to talk at similar volumes
@IsaacMoses It's OK to admit you have a PC, just as long as you also say that you'd buy a Mac if you could ;-)
@IsaacMoses Right. I actually had to use the call recorder version for one of the episodes of the Ask Different Podcast because our guest forgot to record his audio
3:36 AM
@KyleCronin Talking to you from a Linux Mint box right now
@IsaacMoses Oh, OK, Mint's not bad
hm, it just occurred to me that I don't know if Ecamm makes call recorder for Linux
@KyleCronin It ain't Mac :)
there might be an alternative though
@KyleCronin Yeah; I'm looking into various alternatives on various platforms.
if you do decide to go with minimal-to-no post production, then I suggest putting some effort into making sure that each person sounds good when on the call
how many people do you think you'll have on?
3:39 AM
@KyleCronin Yeah. Maybe with a minute of sound checking before the recording starts
@KyleCronin I think optimally 3-4, though we may resort to 2
@IsaacMoses well, I mean more in terms of educating the people that are on about reducing background noise, getting a good microphone, making sure their levels are good on their computer, etc
@IsaacMoses one thing to note about having multiple people on is that each person can add to the noise floor of the audio
@KyleCronin All good points. I think SE, for their podcast, sends every participant a standard mic ahead of time, which sounds like a good practice, especially if the number of potential participants is limited
I think Skype might do some gating, so you might be OK if you use the recordings from the app, but it's something to be aware of
@KyleCronin I definitely had not thought of that
3:43 AM
@IsaacMoses This is ideal, if you have the budget, but if you're rotating through people then it could get costly quick
with regard to affordable mics, I'd say that the Samson Q2U would probably be OK for you and your cohosts to start with
it's the one Nathan uses
@KyleCronin Thanks for the recommendation
sure, glad to help
... and for all the info. I appreciate your sharing. Gotta go
a lot of cheap USB mics are condensers, which are OK but they tend to pick up a lot of environment noise
OK, good luck!
@KyleCronin Thanks!
3:47 AM
Hey @KyleCronin how are you doing?
@daviesgeek fine, how are you doing?
@KyleCronin Okay...as you might have seen above, I'm working on a video project and I'm running into CPU constraints
But besides, that, pretty good.
How's the new job?
@daviesgeek Ah, darn, unfortunately there's not much that can be done if you're cpu-bound
CPU constraints are for the weak.
3:51 AM
@KyleCronin Yup, and as far as I can tell, it is CPU contrained...:-(
@daviesgeek It's good, it does still feel new to me, even though I have been there for over 6 months (!) already
From what bmike said, it is...
real men learn how to optimize their code so you don't have to worry about it. :P
@KyleCronin Wow, really that long? I guess I haven't been around much...
@daviesgeek yeah, you really are CPU bound if the discussion up above is what you're talking about.
3:52 AM
@jrg Haha...it's video re-encoding
@daviesgeek shrug I just do low-quality ones to make sure it fits, and then leave my laptop alone for a day while it spits out my 20 minutes of HD.
About 24 hours worth of HD video and about 72 hours to re-encode
@jrg :-P
@daviesgeek 3x isn't bad, that seems par for the course
how much do you charge an hour? because there is a certain point at which it no longer makes sense to do that, and instead you just buy a faster machine and pass the savings along to future contracts.
well, I suppose that's probably x/3, but still
3:54 AM
I have about 900GB of video.
@jrg Hehe...this is my first "real" job...I've done concerts in the past, but that was for my Dad, and I was paid a flat rate...
@daviesgeek right.
For this one, I'm being paid about $850 or so....
I think
i'm just putting that out there, since when I started doing IT stuff that required fairly complex local VM setups, I did the math, and (in my case) a SSD for $100 would pay for itself in about a month and a half, so I sprang for it.
It's really hard to estimate an hourly rate...doubling the total DVD time may not double my time, but doubling cameras definitely will.
@jrg Yes, and that's my ultimate goal, but to get a laptop, not an SSD at this point....
@daviesgeek if you really want to encode video faster, get a Mac Pro
3:57 AM
@daviesgeek right. :)
besides the increase in CPUs, there might be some GPU acceleration you can benefit from
another laptop is not the solution
@KyleCronin :-) I wish!! But, seriously, I actually like a laptop better even if it might be slower...it makes editing anywhere easier
@KyleCronin Oh, I did forget about that...
Buy a older laptop, and then get a beefy desktop. Have desktop mine bitcoin when not doing video.
And, also I'm not really constrained when editing, it's just while I'm encoding it
if i had to redo my previous $1K in technology purchases, i'd have kept the netbook, gotten a beefy desktop, and called it a day. instead of picking up two mediocre laptops. :\
3:59 AM
@daviesgeek well then, you can still edit anywhere, and you can move the project to the Mac Pro for encoding
Ooh, not bad...a Mac Pro starts at $2,574, almost the same price as the laptop I want...
you should also look at used Mac Pros
@KyleCronin Yes, except I'd really not have access to this laptop anymore...the point was for me to get my own computer
@KyleCronin Hmm....
even ones from a few years ago are still faster than all but the fastest non-Mac Pro Macs today
@jrg Netbook? NETBOOK????
4:01 AM
@daviesgeek if all i do is hook it up to a 20" monitor and then ssh into a 4GHZ/16GB RAM desktop-server, it'd have done the trick.
@jrg Oh, true...
I can't have that...I do stuff that's just a little more CPU intensive..
You could do that. I was reading somewhere that pixar runs their render farm on openstack or something similar.
@jrg Hmm....
I'd love to build a beefy PC, and use that for encoding
It'd be cheaper and maybe faster?
(note: I haven't done that myself. I have no intentions to. Just putting it out there.)
@jrg Ah.
4:04 AM
Maybe. I haven't priced out what video rendering rigs are like
Well, for now, I'm going to get a MBP; 2.7 GHz i7...the top of the line 15" non-retina
(when I get one)
password cracking farms on the other hand, well those are uh, shall we say, not cheap, but not outrageous.
that's more than i make in a year. maybe i should do video editing.
The other thing is, if video doesn't become a major focus for me, I won't need nor will I want a Mac Pro
Web development doesn't need crazy fast computers really...
4:06 AM
depends on what you're developing
@jrg :-) that's more than I've made in many, many years!
at work the main site needs about 10-12GB RAM or else it starts choking
@KyleCronin True, but for me, just as a LAMP programmer, I won't need anything so CPU-intensive that a 2.7GHz i7 won't handle....
ah, true
I do strongly recommend you go for the retina screen though
@KyleCronin Hosting a site?
4:08 AM
it makes everything look so much better
@daviesgeek that's for spinning up an instance of the site on my development server
@KyleCronin Sorry, I can't...I need to be able to have a second HD in the optical bay
@daviesgeek I don't do anything a 1.6ghz couldn't handle. :-P
@KyleCronin Oh, right, I don't think I'll need to do something like that...and like I said, the laptop I'm gonna get should handle that just fine....
@jrg LOL
I probably can't run on anything less than a 2.0 GHz...
@daviesgeek what about a small external Thunderbolt drive?
(on the web dev side. IT is another matter entirely)
4:10 AM
@KyleCronin Yes and no...it's been a struggle for me...
It comes down to: $2,549.00 or $3,749.00?
And I'll choose the $2,549.00 over the $3,749.00. Another plus is the user serviceability of the "old" ones
@KyleCronin :-)
Like I said, it's been a struggle...my boss was trying to convince me to go for the retina...
well, I guess if you really need all that space, then the old model will work better for you
but I wasn't kidding about how awesome the screen is in my review
@KyleCronin Yup...in the near future...I need it
@KyleCronin i know
i've seen it
I thought my next computer after that might be a retina, but I'm not sure...
I'm on the fence about it...
Well, my encode is close to being done...
And I need to get going
4:17 AM
I have a 12-day deadline to turn this project around...*sigh*
It's gonna take all the 12 days I think...
that doesn't give you any margin for error
@KyleCronin Nope...and condensing 24 hours into 2 is going to be a tough job
looks like there are some cloud render farms
It's going to take everything I have to get this turned around and back to the client
might be an option if your upload bandwidth is good enough to get the project up to their servers
4:19 AM
@KyleCronin Hmm...
It's less about rendering than the encoding, which is almost done
@KyleCronin Is 3MB/s enough?
how large is your project?
@KyleCronin 900GBs
and is that MB/s or Mb/s?
@KyleCronin Umm...I don't know...lol I never remember the diff
Hold on...
usually speed is quoted in Mbps
4:22 AM
Oh, another question. Is it better to do simultaneous encodes? Or do just one at a time?
Which is faster?
without accounting for overhead, that would take 27 days to upload
@daviesgeek I would say one at a time, assuming all your cores are being pegged
@KyleCronin Okay.thanks I was wondering about that
@KyleCronin Yup
@KyleCronin Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.
So not an option
I have the luxury of about 10x that upstream bandwidth, I could have it up in 2.7 days
4:26 AM
@KyleCronin :-P
So @daviesgeek copies the files to a hard drive, FedExes the drive to Kyle, Kyle gets it and uploads the file in 2.7 days.
Problem solved.
@DanielLawson brilliant!
@DanielLawson Lol! Hey @DanielLawson I didn't realize that was you!
We live to serve.
And I don't really have 2.7 days to spare...
4:27 AM
New icon
@DanielLawson I remember now
Well, not that new. I've had it since Thanksgiving.
Old-school Mac, except the old-school Mac didn't do color.
I've only been logging in on my iPod which has the mobile version, in which you can't see the people in the room
(without looking through the menu)
@DanielLawson Yes, I "remember"
4:29 AM
I've seen one, and used one (?). I don't remember now, if I have actually used one...
The Mac is much older than you, no?
@DanielLawson Yes. I'm 16...1996, so much older
But I've been using a Mac since System 9 and have used all the way back to System 6
By the time you came around, Macs could do color.
@DanielLawson Yes, we never had a B&W Mac, though, like I said, I have seen them
4:31 AM
I didn't start using a Mac until Panther, although I learned to program on an Apple ][+
I'm looking at one now. Well, I actually turned greyscale on in Accessibility... does that count?
Not unless the Apple logo on the machine is color and the display isn't.
@DanielLawson Ah...the OS I got to know the best was Tiger. That was when I really started getting into computers, but I remember using System 9
I never liked Tiger.
@KyleCronin LOL. Echoes what @DanielLawson said
4:33 AM
For some reason, I've preferred the odd-numbered releases.
@DanielLawson Hmm...so Panther, Leopard, Lion?
I liked Panther and Leopard far better than Tiger, never bothered with Snow Leopard, and mostly prefer Lion to Mountain Lion.
@DanielLawson Leopard was definitely better
well it's a pattern of big change then refinement
so leopard/snow leopard, then lion/mountain lion
Mostly I found Spotlight on Tiger to be unusably slow, and it did away with the less fancy but usable search feature in the Finder under Panther.
By the time Leopard rolled out, I found search to be actually usable.
4:34 AM
@DanielLawson I don't use Spotlight. I use Alfred
I've heard of it but haven't tried it. Does it use its own search database or is it an interface on top of the Spotlight database?
@DanielLawson Hmm...I think it runs on top of Spotlight, but it adds a lot of extra features
My problem wasn't with the Spotlight interface, but with the underlying engine.
it does run on top of the spotlight index, but it searches over a much smaller set so it's faster
@DanielLawson Oh...which is fixed now
4:36 AM
I do remember Tiger being pretty bad
@daviesgeek right
ok really gotta go now
TTY'all later!
8 hours later…
12:15 PM
@daviesgeek: Deliver thy 1TB of video to the customer on a external HDD, and tell them its their problem now. :P
12:27 PM
but then he wouldn't get paid.
also good night
12:41 PM
night? it's what, 3 am there?
good morning, gggoooodd morning! we talked the whole night through, good morning, good morning, to you and you and you and you!
2 hours later…
2:38 PM
Good Afternoon...
I think you will find...
@DanielLawson I love doing the FedEx/hard drive comparison any time someone wants to pay for a fiber connection between two sites. It's ridiculously cheap bandwidth.
And - it's kind of relevant to the video encoding discussion. It's a nice little summary of how pros need to pay for the tools - it's always about the time to turn around a job.
@daviesgeek - how are you doing the encode? A small improvement in speed with another tool may save you a day
@stuffe Unless he has a second computer or the job is in batches - stopping the wagon might be a bad thing :(
Yeah I presume it's in sets though, should be a few gaps to stop/start safely. I hope it's not 1 massive file!
You are right that different engines and also different settings can often make a big difference. Just making sure the compiler has the best optimize flags set for your CPU can really speed encoding up.
2:58 PM
Even a modest 5% improvement might save many many hours on a big job like that.
I'm a big fan of the test encode, then encode overnight process :)
I had a great USB H264 encoder that was super until I finally got a mac that could best it natively
The hardware encoding on-chip in 2nd gen Intel Core i processors is AMAZING on a PC, sadlt I'm not aware of any Mac software that can take advantage of it other than airplay mirroring
If you are doing a lot of this work, I would honestly say that it could save you a lot of money (where money=time) to build a dedicated PC rig that's their for ripping and encoding.
You could throw one together pretty cheap, the only expensive part would be the CPU
Feel free to then continue to use the mac for editing and production, using the PC as just a massively quick encode tool.
2 hours later…
4:52 PM
@stuffe - exactly. What does Pixar do? Massive farms of Linux "desktop" workstations. Create on Mac, grind on commodity hardware.
5:40 PM
@stuffe I am using MPEG Streamclip, yes a little older, but I can't find anything that works so well and gives me the options I need. To be quite honest, this is the first time it has been so slow for me.
@stuffe No, it isn't. It's broken up between 100+ files
@stuffe Hehe...good idea; i've been using MPEG Streamclip for years, so I thought it would be just fine...until this
14 hours ago, by daviesgeek
I'd love to build a beefy PC, and use that for encoding
That's my exact plan in the future...maybe...it depends on how the laptop that I'm going to get works. Hopefully I'll get it before the next big project like this.
@jrg :-P
My client would KILL me!!! I know them and have danced with them for years, so I'd have to quit dancing...and that would kill me...
1 hour later…
6:52 PM
Guess what! There is an exhibition "PIXAR - 25 years of animation" which is held near my hometown. I guess I should go there this weekend.
7:36 PM
My roommate's Sony Vaio has a 150 Mbit/s connection to our router. Any idea why my Mac maxes out at 130 Mbit/s?
It on the 2.4 GHz channel, 802.11n
8:15 PM
@gentmatt what difference does 20Mbit/s make? :P
@daviesgeek So she would kill you, and then your last memory on earth would be that of a pretty girl killing you. (and yes, i know i'm making assumptions, but it makes for a good story)
@gentmatt what does iperf tell you?
or rather, try iperf. i suspect that the router is lying to you.
@jrg 13% :P Not that it matters, but I just want to know: Why?
I guess IPerf is an app that I have to install?
8:31 PM
iperf is this really nice tool for load testing throughput.
But only for Linux and Windows?
it's a perl script iirc
I'm not familiar with these, how would I execute it?
are you a homebrew/macports user?
Not anymore.
(All removed...)
8:34 PM
oh. in that case, don't bother. sorry!
No prob. :)
A: Lost password on Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted) Drive. Want to reformat it

joelsephThe encrypted volume's password is not required for erasing the disk, only to mount the encrypted volume on the disk. It's unclear whether you're being asked for the password only when connecting the disk, or when you attempt to erase it. The following steps should work: Connect the disk to yo...

This answer totally does not work for me (see comments). There's no way for me to reformat an encrypted drive using Disk Utility...
8:53 PM
Anyone know where USB Prober.app is located when installing via App Store on Lion? Can't find anything on google
@gentmatt confirmed. I can't erase a drive I haven't entered a password for via Disk Util either.
9:10 PM
@jrg LOL...not exactly a girl...she's the director for the dance ministry...westsideministriesturlock.com/staff.php?staffID=12139&; and the director of the whole ministry would kill me too....
@daviesgeek :(
@gentmatt Really? This shouldn't be the case... I'll check and see if I can help you
Hm. I want to test this but do NOT want to erase my actual Time Machine drive...
@gentmatt What should work (if this doesn't actually work for you) would be to zero-out the drive using disk utility first (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/diskX bs=1024k where diskX is the name of the external disk)
9:44 PM
@IanC. Oh great, I thought I was the only one.
@JoshGitlin Mmmh. I'd really like to try this. But this would take toooo long since the drive is 1TB.
@gentmatt one sec, on the phone
? I don't understand.
@JoshGitlin that dd should work
If I had an unused little flash drive, I'd go ahead and try this. But I don't have one.
you don't need to do the whole disk, just wipe out the partition table. brb
9:47 PM
i have a unused flash drive, and i've done that a lot. it'll work.
@JoshGitlin So, I'd let this command run for a minute, hoping that the partition table data has been zeroed already. And then stop?
yes, that should work
Control-C cancels
Boom! Confirmed! It works :)
(Still on phone, trying to land a new customer)
But now the drive has a totally weird name in Disk Utility (even after reformatting):
@JoshGitlin Ha!
Well, it works. And that's what matters. You should post your answer.
10:13 PM
@gentmatt Glad that worked! I'll post an answer when I finish this call
11:03 PM
OK, finally off the phone with a new customer (hopefully)
11:35 PM
A: Lost password on Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted) Drive. Want to reformat it

JoshAs joelseph said in his answer, you should be able to erase an encrypted volume in Disk Utility even without entering the password. However, I do not have a 10.8 system to test this with, and Ian C. said that 10.8 changed this. If Disk Utility does prevent joelseph's answer from working, wiping ...

11:55 PM
@daviesgeek The great thing about that idea is that it doesn't even need to be a beefy PC at all. You won't need graphics cards that chew through a hundred watts a piece, no need of anything other than a CPU and some RAM if you pick the right motherboard.
@daviesgeek All you need is a small footprint case with a regular power supply (400 Watt), a half decent mobo with SATA3 and probably USB3 or ESata, the beefiest Corei7 CPU you can afford and a boat load of RAM because it's cheap and a couple of hotswap bays for easy hard disk removal.
@daviesgeek No monitor, keyboard, mouse, just a box running Win that has a fat CPU and RAM - use the onboard sound and GPU - unlikely to need a clever cooling solution without a ridiculous watt eating gaming graphics card.

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