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4:00 AM
10 ml?
Level teaspoon, heaping teaspoon
It is about 5 ml.
I don't need to do any of that.
4.93, but it does not matter.
I just throw the yeast into the bowl until it says 5.
4:00 AM
b-b-b-but dry teaspoons
I always dry my teaspoons. :)
Even pouring the yeast into the spoon is more work than what I do.
What about a tsp of baking soda?
Fleishmann’s Yeast Packets are ¼ oz.
What about it?
4:02 AM
He has a drug-dealer scale for that.
how many grams is that?
Who knows?
You shouldn't use archaic measurements in recipes.
@cerb our recipes don't show grams and such.
Our recipes use grams.
4:02 AM
Touch shit, really. We have thousands of cookbooks used by hundreds of millions of people.
Unless it doesn't matter, when you can just eyeball it.
They are not "archaic".
They are.
They are in practical everyday use.
They're imperial.
4:03 AM
Get off your eurokick.
Less efficient.
It is really offensive.
eats thin mints
Oh, puh-lease.
How come you live in a large country and you are always offended?
I have said please. So please quit your stupid eurocrap. It is offensive to 300 million people.
4:04 AM
Never mind.
Have you noticed how I am never offended?
You cannot tell 300 million people that they are stupid and wrong and archaic. It is just how they are.
It is like believing in a prestige accent, and that they don’t talk right. It is very offensive.
You have to let people be however they are.
If you cannot accept that perhaps certain things could be improved in your country...and I wasn't even talking about your country: I don't know where they use those measurements, probably in lots of countries.
Cooks get by just fine without your silly electronic gizmos.
And always have.
And the Romans got by just fine without helicopters.
Non sequitur.
4:07 AM
Your scientists too are switching to the metric system.
That is false.
Our scientists switched generations ago.
So certain new systems can be more efficient than old systems that everybody used to use.
Our Catholic priests present the Mass here in English. Doesn’t mean that Papal Bulls aren’t in Latin any longer.
See how that works?
Cups and spoons are great for eyeballing those quantities. For smaller or larger quantities, however, or when greater precision is required, scales win.
It’s called “When in Rome. . . .” When you are doing science, you use metric. When you are not doing science, but just doing regular day-to-day life, nobody uses it.
This does not bother us.
4:12 AM
@tchrist Do you want me to say "that doesn't follow" here, or "non sequitur"?
And fluid measurement is not eyeballing.
I said it was great for eyeballing.
I didn't say it was eyeballing.
If I have 1.0235492 cups instead of 1.000000 cup, it better not fucking matter.
Exactly. When it doesn't matter, the quickest way is to just take a spoon.
Real cooking is not an exact science with 6 decimal places of precision.
4:13 AM
If you have to measure it precisely, scales are quicker and more accurate.
We have complete spoon sets you know.
They are much more rational.
If you need larger or smaller quantities than either a spoon or a cup, scales win too.
If you don't want any washing up, scales win as well.
But we do not have "a spoon".
Still too slow.
Meanwhile, my meringues are getting there.
We have ⅛ tsp, ¼ tsp, ⅓ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp. Repeat for tablespoons. As you see, it is a much more rational system.
4:15 AM
Still soft on the inside, though.
Because it uses nice rational numbers.
Recipes call for measurements using those measures.
It isn’t just grabbing a mixing spoon and heaving a bunch of crap into a bowl without being careful about what you are doing the way you would make it out to be.
I would hate to have to get butter into a spoon, try to brush off the excess, get it out of the spoon into the bowl, then clean it.
Why would you put butter in a measuring spoon?
I know perfectly well how measuring cups and spoons work. As I said, I have worked with them.
Our sticks of butter are marked off in tablespoon-size quantities.
It is marked right on the package.
You just cut the square tablespoon on the line.
4:17 AM
We have marks too.
So why are you "dirtying" a spoon?
But cutting it off at the right distance and at the right angle is not very easy, so you could easily be 20 % off.
So, yes, for eyeballing, you don't need scales, of course.
Is isn’t very easy?
I disbelieve the 20% figure.
It is easy if you don't need precision.
You never need your electronic precision. That isn’t cooking. That’s chemistry.
4:19 AM
And I don't use scales when I don't need precision.
All your exact measurements are just so much uselessness given that they would not work for me.
I cannot use your measurements at my elevation, you realize.
But then I would just use a regular spoon and pour the milk right out of the bottle.
So if you need 6 decimal places of accuracy, you had better get yourself a very expensive pressure cooker.
Well, this conversation isn't getting anywhere.
That would be really wasteful.
4:21 AM
Why don't you try a scale sometime.
That’s because you are convinced that there is something wrong with us.
Because I have used both.
And I won’t put up with it.
And all new recipes use scales.
So very very wrong.
4:21 AM
Do I really have to mail you cookbooks now?
That isn’t all now isn’t it?
So you do not mean all.
You mean your recipes do.
Ours use what people know how to use.
Without requiring expensive electronic equipment that no cook has in her house.
Unless she is a drug dealer.
€ 15.
Everybody used simple household equipment, obviously, because that's what was available. Now the move to scales has begun.
Shit, half of my meringues fell off.
They were tossed about the oven.
How could this happen?
You did it!
You waves your magic measuring spoon at them.
How rude.
4:43 AM
@Cerberus You waves?
You can make some more.
I waves.
I eated the broken meringues.
No big deal, you are a chef anyway.
Want to read my copy?
4:46 AM
Copy of what?
Show it to us!
Fine dining for two: $5.99
Seafood meets diner in your own kitchen.

Fresh and woodsy wild salmon burgers from Whole Foods are ready in less than 10 minutes. Luxury has never been so affordable or delicious. Find your treasure in the butcher’s case in vacuum-packs of 2.
Sounds attractive!
Now I'm hungry.
They were tasty.
4:51 AM
I can haz salmon burger?
Of course. Or, you could treat a friend for $5.99.
ach, bedtime
Good night!
the bed partner is nude!
good night to you.
I'm going in a minute too.
Sounds like fun!
Have it!
Eh. Sounds like nude. Fun is context dependent.
4:53 AM
Is nude no fun for you?
It depends.
Who is nude?
The bed partner.
Cornbread's bed partner.
4:55 AM
It was not about herself...
And it was sort of funny.
Over and out!
@WillHunting You were. When you were born.
Basically, nobody is born with their cloths on.
5:18 AM
@Cerberus Then who was it about?
About her bed partner.
Speaking of which, it's bed time!
The same for me.
6:09 AM
@tchrist I do NOT have to use the units program. I am quite capable of multiplying and dividing without software.
@Cerberus and the number thou countest to shall be three.
@cornbreadninja Lik your what?
5 hours later…
11:06 AM
good morning
Oh goodness, so it is. I'd better go to bed then.
sleep well!
Good night.
11:26 AM
Or not, as the case may be. You still here, @Matt?
I'm not sure about these question I've voted to close as GR
That's why it takes five people to close a question.
they seem to be strictly GR, but maybe there's something interesting that could be said about the definitions
What you have done only has any effect if four others agree.
11:31 AM
Besides, isn't it possible to retract your vote if you're really not sure?
not close votes. no
unless something's changed recently....
Hmm, I'd call that a bug.
it's been discussed a lot on [MSO]
Hah! I almost never go there.
hmmm, that should expand
oh well, you get what I mean
11:33 AM
I was staring at that and wondering whether it was supposed to.
Hey, is "sleep like a top" a regionalism?
certainly not something I recognise
what sort of top? a spinning top?
No, nor I. But it's well documented in a number of UK English dictionaries.
Someone asked a question about it on another site. I said they had probably misheard "sleep like a log"; but it turns out I was wrong.
This other site doesn't let me delete my posts.
So, for once, I shall have to let MYSELF be wrong on the Internet.
11:36 AM
I know. Unprecedented, right?
> A top sleeps when it moves with such velocity, and spins so smoothly, that its motion is imperceptible.
— 1854 A. E. Baker Gloss. Northamptonshire Words II. 245
Right. I think I read that "sleep like a top" dates from 1693.
So, today we've both learnt something.
yes, how excellent!
11:39 AM
And for me, the day is only 39 minutes old. If I can go on learning things at the same rate, who knows how smart I will be in 24 hours!
such an exponential rate. perhaps you'll be able to outsmart yourself
How do you feel now that NanoWriteMe (or whatever it's called) is all over?
Well, I don't think anyone's read my collection of words yet, so I'm enjoying the fact that I've achieved the feat.
Is your collection of words accessible?
there is a text version, but it's very slightly different
11:45 AM
I might read that on the train to and from work, for as many days as it takes.
Thank you!
I am somewhat in awe, to be honest.
@MattЭллен I just answered the two questions you commented on. =)
Over and out!
@DavidWallace Well, I don't have a better half, or children, and I could take every Friday off work, so the only real obstacle was finding the words. I recommend it, if you've got time, just to see what it's like
@WillHunting I saw. I up voted the several one.
11:49 AM
I started working on a technical book a little over a year ago now. I kind of stopped six months or so ago, when something distracted me. I have written about 170 pages, but I need to find the motivation to start again. I may be able to take inspiration from the fact that you have managed to write so much, so quickly; even though it's a completely different sort of writing.
170 pages! you've probably already surpassed me count then :D
I'm not sure. I don't think word counts are quite accurate for technical stuff, because there's more in it than words.
But for the length of time I've been working on it, it's not really good enough.
And lately, I have had SO MUCH time on my hands, and I can't bring myself to do anything useful with it. I have become sloth incarnate.
I know how you feel. That's why I relished NaNoWriMo, because it focused me, and I had a community to do it with.
I got into the habit of completely wasting enormous amounts of my time recently. Now it is time for me to form a new habit, I think.
good plan. I am gong to try and stop wasting my time too. I spend so much of it doing nothing
11:56 AM
Do you live alone?
Do you find that as demotivating as I do?
I'm not sure. I felt quite demotivated when I was living with someone. But I think the demotivation was spawned by loneliness, long before that relationship broke down, or even started
When I was in my 20s, I enjoyed living alone. Not so now.
I enjoyed living with people in my 20s. I'm a bit selfish these days, I'm not sure how I'd cope with flatmates
12:03 PM
Flatmates are just awful.
I can count the number of good ones I've had on the fingers of one thumb.
it was fine at uni. we were all the same and all good friends
finding people to live with now is difficult, because my friends are nowhere near by.
Hmm, no I don't think I want flatmates. That would make everything even worse for me, I think.
Thanks, @Matt, I think I really do need to try to sleep now.
Good night.
no problem :)
sleep well!
12:28 PM
good day to thee @KitFox how was the weekend?
12:40 PM
@MattЭллен Good good. You should do so for the other one too. =)
@MattЭллен How was your weekend?
Did I just kill chat again?
@MattЭллен It was fun, but a lot of driving.
1:00 PM
@WillHunting I edited the book, then I relaxed. how was yours?
@MattЭллен Same. I have been working on my Math account though instead of ELU.
@KitFox Hmm, driving is not fun.
@KitFox Where did you get to?
@WillHunting same as last weekend or same as me?
@MattЭллен Same as always, not same as you!
1:04 PM
Hello @Robusto
@Robusto Boo!
What up, peoples?
Happy December everyone!
Reg shot down a Nortonn S puppet in the early hours. it's been quiet since then
Haha Robusto and Barrie just answered the same question!
1:07 PM
It's happened before. Why should he feed on all the dumb questions?
@tchrist Needs a couple of additions. Whore - a fucking woman. Hoar - a silvery fucking coating.
@MattЭллен I went to visit my brother and his family.
@MattЭллен You edited your whole book in a weekend?
@KitFox yeah. I mean, I took out the typos and fixed some of the wording. I haven'y given it an overhaul
@KitFox nice :)
1:25 PM
@WillHunting the same question by Nortonn, no less.
@RegDwighт Oh, is that a Nortonn sock puppet?
Was. Now it's just Nortonn.
Well, what do you know.
Did you see my question to you about flies, honey, vinegar?
Well, it had all the hallmarks of a Nortonn question — including the answer by Barrie.
@Robusto oh right.
I was going to research something about it, but now I don't even remember what.
Got distracted.
But in short, yeah, it's not an idiom in German.
But would it be understandable as given, normally?
1:37 PM
And as an answerer (or a commenter) pointed out, you actually catch more flies with vinegar, so perhaps the Germans you were talking too were way too well-educated.
You can catch flies with red-wine vinegar, but not white vinegar.
You atrakt mor fleiz viz red vine vinegar zan honnie
@Robusto Alas, you should have specified the vinegar variety, then. Them was Germans. They are very precise.
They are literally precise.
Or precisely literal.
Actually I have no idea where that myth comes from.
All Germans I know are exceptionally unreliable.
They can't even read the watch.
1:40 PM
You weren't in banking, I take it.
@RegDwighт Hahaha, I was about to answer it too but there were two already.
@Robusto I have a couple former classmates who are.
I also used to be a customer at a dozen German banks at once.
Not exaggerating.
Usually nobody visits that many banks except bank robbers.
I only visited one at a time. Just like bank robbers.
You mean with a gun and a ski mask?
1:42 PM
Except, of course, at the end they robbed me.
imagines multiple universes Reg talking to himself in all banks at once
I often wonder if banks in Alaska and upper Canada have a problem with customers. You have ten people in the bank and they're all wearing ski masks ...
"What's robbing a bank compared to founding a bank?" Brecht, Dreigroschenoper
That from a man who encourages women to pull children apart
To be fair, they absolutely have to be encouraged. They won't do it by themselves.
1:46 PM
@RegDwighт Unless they're Alexander the Great's mom.
Yeah. Which is like zero of them.
Last I heard he only had one mother, and this just in: she's dead.
You don't say.
I know, I know. Should have told you to sit.
I'm so glad we have someone so knowledgeable in chat.
That's why they call you the gladiator.
1:48 PM
Q: Where can I get experts to review a personal statement?

MysterioFirst of all, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I took the chance anyway. I'm currently applying for a graduate course and I've been asked to submit a personal statement. Where can my I upload my personal statement for constructive criticisms and grammatical corrections? Tha...

To be terminated with extreme prejudice.
careers advice centre
Not here. So we also can't tell where.
2:08 PM
@Cerberus Do you have a reference to scribal abbreviations that includes something that means “-us” but looks rather like a superscript 9, as in Aſſcanius here below:
That is in a printed typeface that tries to preserve the scribal abbreviations.
> As it was thought desirable also to preserve the character of the writing as nearly as letter-type would admit, the abbreviations have been preserved throughout, but they are few in number, and present no particular difficulty¹.
So that weird superscript-9–looking thing is included in the list of abbreviations. Funny he lists it next to the u, since the u seems to be skipped.
And I think the one that adorns the thorn combines to stand in for “this”.
Dear Community members,
Found it.
So it can be -us, -os, or -s.
2:22 PM
In Aſſcanius it was -us.
I think the Latin would have -u- not -o-.
: Ascanius is a legendary king of Alba Longa and is the son of the Trojan hero Aeneas. He is a character of Roman mythology, and has a divine lineage, being the son of Aeneas, who is son of Venus and the hero Anchises, a relative of Priam; thus Ascanius has divine ascendents by both parents, being descendant of Jupiter, Juno and Dardanus. He is also legendarily an ancestor of Romulus, Remus and the Gens Julia. Together with his father, he is a major character in the Aeneid, and he is depicted as one of founders of the Roman race. Mythology In Greek and Roman mythology, Ascanius was the...
I wonder why Laȝamon doubled the s.
So Google can now scan long-s. However, they cannot scan anything else. This is their scan of the page whose picture I provided above:
Vnder-jetene weren be binges.
pat beo wimon was mid childe.
pa sende  Asscani9 i
be wes lauerd & dux.
after heom jend pat lond i
be cuben dweomerlakes song.
wite he wolde i
purh pa wiber-craftes.
wat being hit were i
go ^ beo wiino hesde on wombe.
But near as I can tell, it should be more like this:
Vnder-ȝetene weren þe þinges.
þat þeo wimon waſ mid childe.
Þa ſende Aſſcaniˢ :
þe wes lauerd & dux.
after heom ȝend þat lond :
þe cuben dweomerlakes ſong.
witē he wolde :
þurh þa wiþer-craftes.
wat þing hit were :
ꝥ þeo wimō heſde on wombe.
So the only thing they now handle is long-s. Everything else is mutilated.
Not really very useful. Certainly useless for searching texts.
For the record, here was the provided translation from ME:
The things were discovered,
that the 'woman [maid] was with child.
Then sent 'Ascanius [he]
' who was lewd and duke ',
over [all] the land,
after 'them who knew songs of magic art [witty and wise persons] ;
'he [for Ascanius] would learn,
through 'the evil (their wise] crafts,
what thing it were
that the woman had in her womb [bare].
I was researching dweomerlakes.
They have the entire scan for free of Sir Frederick Madden’s translation of Laȝamon’s Brut. But it is the worst OCR you have ever seen.
Where they means Google.
This was related to this answer:
A: Where were "should", "shall", and "must" in the 18th Century?

HugoThis was a problem with Google's optical character recognition (OCR) mistaking the long s (ſ) as an f. However, Google has since improved their OCR: When we generated the original Ngram Viewer corpora in 2009, our OCR wasn't as good as it is today. This was especially obvious in pre-19th cen...

Hugo has learned that they have corrected the bad long-s scans. And I have learned that they have corrected nothing else.
There were the two OED citations from Laȝamon’s Brut for dweomerlake (given under the demerlayk entry):
 C. 1205 Lay. 270 ― Þa sende Asscanius··After heom ȝend þat lond, Þe cuþen dweomerlakes song.
 C. 1205 Lay. 11326 ― Tuhten to dæðe mid drenche oðer mid dweomerlace oðer mid steles bite.
2:39 PM
Q: Can supposed to be used as Considered to?

noobI have a doubt regarding expression like these: 1: The new Al Pacino movie is supposed to be a good movie. 2: Asians are not supposed to be good ball players. 3: Whale is supposed to be the smartest planet on earth. So are they both similar or whether supposed to and considered two have diffe...

> Whale is supposed to be the smartest planet on earth.
I wonder who would suppose that and why.
The only modern use is when Éowyn says to the Witch-king: ‘Begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion!’
@RegDwighт Sunday is a long day this week.
mmmm pasta room
Sunday is a long week this week.
It started Thursday.
Eternal Thursday. shudders
Exhibit B:
Q: Can "and" be omitted in the sentence like this?

user31377I saw the sentence like " They climbed on the log asked it what to do." I think that "and" is omitted in this sentence like " They climed on the log and asked it what to do." I want to know in which case we can omit "and" in the sentence. Please, give me the answer.

The obvious answer is locative.
2:47 PM
Q: When the phrase "past a room" is used?

vehitha we climbed up the steps and walked past a room with a luxurious king-sized bed. I know the meaning of past here is one side of the other But the question is why here the phrase "past a room" is suitable instead of "one side of the other room"? How "Past a room" significantly adds a value to...

Exhibit WTF
And once again I am left with the task to downvote and closevote. That's not what I signed up for.
Patience. I was brekking.
@DavidWallace Nobody is.
@tchrist what I'm saying is, I had to kill some questions today that were at +3. Heck, I had to kill one at +10.
At +10? Really?
2:50 PM
I am not making friends today.
That’s because you are supposed to be in church on Sundays.
Which it appears still to be.
Yeah the deduce deduct reconstruct sleuth thing.
You will note that I closevoted it.
Of course. I will also notice that it must have spent quite some time on the collider.
Wonderful device that it is.
2:52 PM
That doesn't change the fact that I had to close it against 10 upvotes.
That's all I'm saying.
It has two reopens and no deletes.
I feel like I’ll get yelled at if I deletevote so quickly, but gosh.

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