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4:00 PM
The following is a list of bacon dishes. The word bacon is derived from the Old High German bacho, meaning "buttock", "ham", or "side of bacon", and cognate with the Old French bacon. Bacon is made from the sides, belly, or back of the pig and contains varying amounts of fat depending on the cut. It is cured and smoked over wood cut from apple trees, mesquite trees, or hickory trees. Bacon is used as an ingredient or condiment in a number of dishes, including: {|class="wikitable sortable" width="100%" ! style="width: 12em;" | Name ! class="unsortable" width="70" | Image ! Description |- |Æ...
Just for @Jin
@LessPop_MoreFizz Brilliant!
The Bacone is an American breakfast dish consisting of bacon shaped into a cone, filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cheese and topped with a layer of country gravy and a biscuit. Inventors Christian Williams and Melissa Tillman debuted the Bacone at Bacon Camp 2009 in San Francisco, CA where it won the Judge's Choice award. Following its appearance at Bacon Camp, it garnered local and national media attention, including a mention in Gourmet Magazine, and a special segment on the Food Network channel, in the show What Would Brian Boitano Make?, where Williams showed Boitano how t...
Fool's Gold Loaf is a sandwich made by the Colorado Mine Company, a restaurant in Denver, Colorado. The sandwich consists of a single warmed, hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with one jar of creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. The name of the sandwich is derived from its price of $49.95. In later years, it was priced closer to $100 for the sandwich and a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Elvis Presley On the night of February 1, 1976, Elvis Presley was at his home Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, entertaining Capt. Jerry Kennedy of the Denver, Colorado police f...
@LessPop_MoreFizz How on earth does that cost $50?
@badp which class are you again?
I hate ground-air fights in Borderlands 2
4:05 PM
Snipers with fast traveling bullets can get them okay. I assume you mean surveyors and or buzzards?
{| width="100%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="10" style="background: #FFFFE0; border-style:solid; border-width:2px; border-color: #0000FF; " | valign="top" style="padding: 0; margin:0;" | --> |} __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__
There are multiple types of hamburgers. {| class="wikitable" |- ! Name !! Image !! Origin !! Description |- | The traditional Australasian hamburgers || Example || Example || The hamburger meat is always ground beef. They almost always include tomato, lettuce, grilled onion, beetroot (canned slices), and meat as minimum, and can optionally include cheese, pineapple, a fried egg (usually with a hard yolk) and bacon. If all these optional ingredients are included it is known as a "Hamburger with the lot". |- | Veggie burger || || Example || A veggie burger, garden burger, or tofu burger u...
@badp I usually bring a corrosive sniper (but I usually carry a large pile of elemental guns). Bring something with a very fast bullet and aim for the pilot. IT's best to shoot when they hover and face you
4:06 PM
Yeah, my shotty packs like a rocket launcher but the bullets are slow
There are multiple types of hamburgers.
@badp yes
And oddly enough he's weak to corrosive like the rest of the buzzard
@BenBrocka the pilot is the weak spot?
@badp Sure, if no one's driving the thing it can't fly very well :P
@badp IT's a bandit helicopter. They don't need no stinking windshield
4:08 PM
Chat just went insane while I was working.
What's with the focus on bacon all of a sudden?
@TimStone There's typically GLASS all over the pilot's face
The helicopters are made of scrap metal, what did you expect?
@Jin is bacon? CANNIBALISM
@TimStone Glass? There's no shortage of sand or fire
@fbueckert Basically, @Jin showed up.
This is what happens.
4:09 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ok. That makes sense.
@Jin = bacon.
You take some sand, put it on fire and boom, glass. AMIRITE?
@BenBrocka Delicious cannibalism.
@badp Yes. On a pretty hot fire, and it will be rather dark, muddy and green glass though.
I'm a fatty lard trapped inside of a pig, which was eaten by a skinny asian guy.
yay more badges
4:18 PM
Woo! I have exactly 777 helpful flags!
@fbueckert I see what you mean about 100+ being a grind
In related news, I've got 277 helpful flags where I had no incentive of a reward.
I'm nearly at 200 now
@fbueckert you should win a SE custom character skin...
@Jin Can you provide said custom character skin?
4:19 PM
I just assume @jin is a blackhole of pure bacon, and the asian guy thing is just a disguise to help him more easily acquire bacon
@BenBrocka this body is just my host
@pixel My version of a clean site means we don't allow stupid lore questions. Since I'm in the minority of that aspect, we'll never have a clean site. :P
@fbueckert sure there is an incentive
clean site = incentive
and obviously a platinum badge for getting to 2500 would be nice
@pixel I'm pointing out that our definitions of clean differ. :P I follow the rules like everybody else.
@pixel I didn't say ALL lore questions are stupid.
@fbueckert I'm not sure if to respond with "ok Decency" or whether I should just nod and smile :p
and hey, not all lore questions are stupid!
4:22 PM
most of my lore questions have had solid answers based in real things
I can't find an example right now, but I'm sure the possibility of a good lore question is not impossible
Q: Who's that Gnome named after?

GnomeSliceSo, in a bunch of different games by Valve, there's this Garden Gnome, and he's usually associated with an achievement, involving carrying him through an area. Over the course of my internet travels, I've picked up on the fact that his name is "Gnome Chompski". What is the significance of this ...

I know I asked that one, but I still like it.
The vast majority, though, have no impact on gameplay, and tend to, at best, nitpick tiny little details that make no difference.
@pixel It has a lot of upvotes.
@pixel Indeed.
4:23 PM
universal definition of clean = no advertising spam/illiterate crap/questions as answers
I suppose so.
Which is why I stay away from lore questions for the most part now.
I grumble at them, though.
everything else is just personal preference
@GnomeSlice biased
@fbueckert ah but, that in itself is subjective
I still have to articulate why I don't like most of them. It's still forming in the back of my brain.
@GnomeSlice so do many questions that should be deleted (not saying yours should be)
@fbueckert like, I enjoy a game more if it has a deep story, and playing for that reason means lore questions do effect gameplay for me
4:24 PM
@pixel Which ones?
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...Why?
@BenBrocka when is BL2 DLC coming out?
There are some really good Minecraft questions.
Arqade won't be clean until all those Minecraft questions get deleted... :P
@pixel I absolutely adore lore in books. It's great backstory, and makes it hang together. Most lore in videogame universes, though, is very shallow, and isn't fleshed out very well at all.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Because you don't do that.
4:25 PM
@GnomeSlice All of them?
oh i need to get that then
4:26 PM
@GnomeSlice Why not?
but i may play gw2 for a while... i love my mesmer
@GnomeSlice It was supposed to be ironic, after the last few sentences preceding the statement
We need to make Minecraft.se so they go away. @Wipqozn said so.
@Jin which? I had a new one download itself today
or yesterday
yeah that's already out
@pixel And not employing writers as part of the game dev process.
4:27 PM
or at least, my steam already downloaded it
@badp did you start gw2? i saw your tweet
Today's IndieGameStand deal: Aztaka.
@BenBrocka I can't track these damn things while scoped in and when they come to an halt there's always something in the way
@fbueckert that's not an issue with the concept of lore in games though, that's lazy games developers
Never heard of it.
4:27 PM
but yeah if somebody tried to ask a lore question about something like FTL
@pixel As opposed to what, fake writers?
I would be right at the front of the queue to close it
@Jin Nope. Free weekend
@fbueckert some companies do
@Jin Let me know if you're gonna play that, I don't know anyone else near my level who is
4:28 PM
in fact, some companies have started getting actual writers to make their story
case in point: The Secret World
@badp Then I recommend pistols/SMGs, decent at range if you can't use snipers
@GnomeSlice as opposed to design by committee
Also, pretty much anything Obsidian has done has had a real emphasis on narrative.
@LessPop_MoreFizz .. to the detriment of game-play, quite often. :)
4:29 PM
Speaking of games with nice lore, I liked Undying.
@pixel That's a problem with lore itself. If they don't fully think it through and provide believable backstory and lore, it all gets retconned at a later point because, "Screw story, this is cool!"
From the questions it really sounds like LoL is a big game of bowling/tower defense set in a jungle. But unfortunately the game is way less awesome than that
Q: Why is cho'gath not seen on the top lane in competitive play?

uselessnickEven before cho'gath was picked up as a jungler again, i haven't seen him playing top lane in tournament games over the last 6 months. Is this a "meta thing", or what are the reasons behind this?

@BenBrocka i read that nerfed The Bee big time
@Jin Yeah, fighting terra is hard now. Which sucks cause I wanted to see what his Mechro mod was
4:30 PM
hey guys, why is the N7 logo white with a red triangle?
I can't beat him solo anymore. No idea if his drops improved
@BenBrocka I got one once, it sucked
All its class mods suck
Does it boost Close Enough? it might be worth it for that alone. The terra mods are good for the skills not stats
Though the Legendary X class mods are freaking awesome
@fbueckert yeah definitely
He drops those too, they're just crazy rare
4:32 PM
Did I give you my Siren's legendary mod?
@Jin yeah, that's the only one I have
one of these days, I'm actually going to play Borderlands 2
I wonder if the mechro has one, since there wasn't a previous mechro class
@BenBrocka you should play GW2!
meh to any and all MMOs
4:32 PM
Jarrod 'n I are on Dragonbrand server
I've got it installed, Steam keeps downloading these DLCs for it, but I have yet to actually play the game
@BenBrocka GW2 doesn't feel like a MMO. so far it feels like a very well made single player rpg, with mmo elements...
@Jin So they nerfed the primary strategy for boss killing?
the dynamic events are really well done. it started out slow, but i'm liking it more
@fbueckert Yeah, though the Bee isn't all that terrible for rapid fire weapons. IT was crazy OP before
4:34 PM
@fbueckert most "boss fights" are more or less a zerg fest in open world. but dungeon bosses require some strategy
@fbueckert oh you're talking about BL2
with no monthly fee
@Jin Yeah
@badp i solo all events :) except for mega world bosses
@BenBrocka At least if you don't like the latest patches, you can decide not to update and keep your crazy OP strategy.
@Jin Wrong. Just.... wrong. It's got MMORPG control schemes, events you just can't solo, etc.
Most of the areas with events you just can't solo also are completely desert
4:35 PM
@badp hm i've been soloing them...
on my mesmer, whom I think is OP(even after the nerfs)
Reef Shot looks like it might be a very interesting game.
@Jin No you don't solo all events. You can't solo e.g. contested waypoint events
@fbueckert Already updated
@badp I've also been soloing story line quest chains that are 7level higher than me
@BenBrocka I was making a funny about D3, where you have to play online, period.
4:37 PM
the only thing i don't like about GW2 is how hard it is to make money...
@MartinSojka you can make "decent" money relative to the gear of your level, if you want cheap stuff that make the game viable to you. but later on, yellow gear + gems = $$$$$$$$
@Jin Really? I just played until level 17 or so, and managed to get some money without even trying.
@Jin It gets easier as you level. Vendor all your blues, check green prices on the TP before you vendor them.
so i only do a major upgrade for all slots every 5 levels.
4:40 PM
lol, I made like 20 silver with wild abandon in that weekend
@Jin I did it less often than that even while leveling.
@FAE i've been doing that, i only made maybe 10gold at lvl68
@fbueckert Oh, yeah. NEver got that one
@Jin That's not bad at all.
@FAE i gave up on the idea of dressing my char "cool" by buying orange gear.. i'll just wear crap until i hit 80
4:41 PM
@Jin I'm 80 and only sitting at 25. I've done a lot of crafting though too.
@Jin Good way to go.
@BenBrocka At least the latest patches weren't, "We don't think that's fun, so we've nerfed the crap out of it!" They've been much more responsive to going, "Well, maybe we don't think it's fun, but we're not going to remove it."
@Jin If it's any consolation, I've been sitting at level 80 for a while now, and still only have like 4 gold. <_<
@Jin It could be worse. You could have to chose between "making money and/or materials, but not much else", "getting good XP, but losing money" and "getting into PVP, but losing lots of money". :)
@Jin what class are you playing? I picked an engie
@Fluttershy You also bought a crapload of cultural armor
@badp Mesmer
4:45 PM
@FAE Well... Yeah. >_> I wouldn't call it a crapload, though. Just the first two sets! =D
@badp mesmer
@badp mesmer
@Fluttershy how will I ever afford my Twilight????
@Fluttershy That's still almost 10g worth.
@badp I read that too, same whining on the official gw2 mesmer forum... i can't imagine how OP mesmers were before the nerf..
4:46 PM
@Jin I want that as a long term goal for my Mesmer as well. She's only 2 though.
Interesting, I spent little time on the GW2 subreddit and they complained about mesmer being UP
@FAE actually, I want Eternity! that's my 5 year plan...
I wish there were more Legendary options for the other weapon types. :( Greatsword has 3 dammit.
I need to work on getting The Dreamer...
Q: What is 'Cultural Armor'?

Emerica.I see certain towns, in my case more specifically Divinity's Reach have 'Cultural Armor Merchants'. Each one of these merchants has a tier which as I understand tiers with levels. What is the significance of this armor vs. other armor that you can find? Also, why is this armor separated by race...

4:47 PM
btw I saw some of those cultural stuff salesmen, what's that supposed to be about?
seriously, that's "legendary" graphics for a legendary weapon.
@Jin I'd like that but I like Twilight more than Sunrise and there's only 40 minutes of night and 80 minutes of daylight in the 2 hour day/night cycle.
@badp It protects you from bigotry and social warfare
4:48 PM
@Jin Jesus Christ, that would get really annoying after a while.
@BenBrocka :P
@GnomeSlice no way.
@Jin It's got giant fucking trails and shit man.
It would be cool for a little while...
@GnomeSlice And it's awesome.
@GnomeSlice maybe you like the dark one better..
4:49 PM
@GnomeSlice So do rockets! You're not complaining about those giant trails!
I don't get why they made Eternity not to have foot prints
@Jin Is it just the footprints?
@Jin I think the way they do the whole "view into the skybox" thing is awesome.
That's a little better, but people can follow you around.
@GnomeSlice no, it's the body aura, slash trails, foot prints etc
4:50 PM
@Jin Oh, I can't load enough of it to see them use the sword.
@GnomeSlice Not if they slip on the oil you're leaking from undisclosed orifices
@Jin wow, okay, that's beautiful.
@badp Yessssssss. <3
I remember the first time I ever saw Thunderfury in WoW...
@Jin I wish there were more Staff legendaries. :(
@badp :P
@Jin Bifrost is neat but not very Necromancer-y.
4:52 PM
@Jin The dark one is a little less intrusive but maybe it's because they aren't running.
@badp your joke is not funny, period.
@Jin ...and that looks way too much like bleeding.
@badp oh sorry that came off cranky
@badp The community is not very avid regarding Dota2. It's not intended as a slight, it's just factual. It's the same situation regarding the SC:BW question that was recently closed: one of the closers remarked that he wasn't aware of Jaedong's status... Jaedong has been the best Z for half of a decade. You're associating ignorance with guilt...
@FAE "Yessssss" to female characters that appear to bleed from their legs when they walk?
@Jin It wasn't a joke to begin with
4:53 PM
what a conversation to tab back into
@Decency Wait, I am associating ignorance with guilt? Whenever something you don't want closed gets closed, you place the guilt on people who are ignorant on the subject matter.
@Decency I believe the line is "Closed is just a status, it means nothing, closed questions can be reopened"
@Decency your Jaedong worship sounds like fanboism too
@badp Am I supposed to lie and say you guys are super aware of the topics in question? People here for the most part don't have a clue about competitive gaming, that's largely why I continue to post. I am vastly more knowledgeable about Dota2 than anyone else on this site- my answers on nearly every question in the tag reflect that.
That accompanied with your "deal with me posting links because I know what I am talking about and you're all ignorant" attitude just smacks of elitism
@Pixel It is elitism, if you prefer the term to "subject matter expert". The same way I don't go into a Skyrim topic pretending I know what's going on and closing it, I don't expect people who have no idea what is being discussed to jump into a Dota2 topic.
@GnomeSlice if it's like most other languages, it possibly means OR
4:58 PM
@pixel It actually is, in the same way somebody asking how to drive like Mark Webber could be said to be a fanboy of him.
Does anyone here know what '||' means in PHP? I can't remember offhand, and Google ignores the characters.
@GnomeSlice or
@MartinSojka Ah okay, that's what I thought.
Thanks, both of you. =]
@Decency I'm glad you're trying to fit in a niche/topic/game we're not covering well enough, it's the hardest part of being a "generalist" gaming site
@GnomeSlice logical "or"
4:59 PM
@Decency the best part about knowing you're better than everybody else is making a point of never showing it
somebody arriving here from google doesn't know you know what you're talking about
so why should they click your link?

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