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3:33 AM
@TRiG Migrate it now to a designated chat room? That would seem to make it tucked away even farther. Also I don't see much need to revive an off-topic discussion.
If you want to start your own chat-room about whatever topic you want you can do so from chat.stackexchange.com on the bottom right, and I believe you can even invite other chat users.
4:15 AM
All > judaism.stackexchange.com/a/22359 deletionworthy? (IMO yes.) See comments.
b a
4:44 AM
@msh210 It seems to me that at least the first half of the answer is good: The reason why he recommends Mesilas Yesharim is because "it [will] explain how to improve our service to good, step by step." (Something as obvious as this to anyone who read the book really doesn't need a source; compare Wikipedia.) The question asked, "What can someone ... do to reinvigorate ... keeping the torah and mitzvot?" The answer matches perfectly.
5:35 AM
9 hours later…
2:10 PM
@msh210 I agree with @ba. This answer doesn't seem any weaker to me than "learn torah", which has up-votes and is pretty broad. He should incorporate the info from the comments into his answer.
@DoubleAA I haven't reviewed the questions there yet, but if har-sinai is about matan torah, we should use a synonym. "Sinai" is a word I reach for when talking about the revelation, and I suspect I'm not unusual. Something useful should happen when someone types it into the tag field, but it doesn't need to be its own thing.
2:32 PM
@ba @MonicaCellio I wasn't asking about the content of it but about the unsourcedness of it. The "learn Torah" answer is quoting someone to that effect. See also edits to the question.
But anyway I've closed it now (see my new comment on the question).
b a
3:25 PM
@msh210 I think you misunderstood me. The thing I was saying doesn't need sources was the content of Mesilas Yesharim, not that the fact that reading the book is a good idea.
3:53 PM
Looks like the criterion the Review:Late Answers queue uses to determine a user's newness is present apparent reputation.
4:44 PM
@ba But "the fact that reading the book is a good idea" is the answer to the question, innit?
4:55 PM
@IsaacMoses Whaddayamean "apparent"?
@msh210 I saw an entry on the R:LA queue that was from months ago, by a user who's been around quite a while and who's racked up a significant amount of rep. The user's apparent rep (as displayed on the user profile) right now is temporarily 1, which I strongly suspect is what made the R:LA pick up that entry all of a sudden.
@IsaacMoses Ah, got it. Or maybe the late answer was from when he had little rep?
@msh210 If that were so, why would it suddenly appear on the queue today?
@IsaacMoses Did it?
@msh210 Yes
5:06 PM
@IsaacMoses Then you seem to be right :-)
Good to know, too. Thanks.
Q: Don't add answers from suspended users in the "Late Answers" review page

kiamlalunoAnswers given from suspended users are added to the "Late Answers" review because are considered answers given from a new user simply for the fact the user's reputation is temporary reduced to 1. A user with an account from more than a year should not be considered a new user, especially when...

Q: The /review page may be mishandling suspended users

Popular DemandI was just browsing through the "first questions" tab of the MSO review page, and saw this question on the list: Please retag mime-type related tags on StackOverflow However, there are much older questions posted by the same user on MSO; here's the oldest: Really annoying WYSIWYG editor intera...

5:55 PM
From the show notes of today's SE podcast: "Another example of this is Judaism. The answers are all excellent, and the best on the internet on the subject. It’s very small, but it’s growing."
Alex Miller on November 20, 2012

Welcome back!  We’re actually back to a fairly normal podcast this week and want to bring you back up to speed on Stack Exchange after our adventures the last few weeks.  What’s on the agenda? What’s new this week?

Starting with the review queue and its new segment: the reopen queue! It’s exactly what it sounds like (the reverse of the close queue). David and Jay walk Joel through the review queue and its features.

One of the problems with the review queue is people clicking “Looks good” all the way through just so they can get a badge. Who would do such a thing? [Spoiler alert: We will talk about the review queue for a really long time.] …

2 hours later…
7:40 PM
@IsaacMoses Cool! Thanks for the catch. Looking forward to hearing that in context later.
@MonicaCellio That makes two of us.
8:30 PM
8:48 PM
@Jin Hey
@DoubleAA hey there!
just wanted to keep you guys updated with the swag. cc @MonicaCellio @IsaacMoses
our printshop sent me the mini poster and candle box sample today. they look great
@Jin Great!
the candle boxes took longer than expected because we have to have them custom made, due to special size.
Also it's been 7 weeks since the meta post meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/1374/…
which is exactly 6-8 weeks! :)
@Jin thanks for the update! I imagine the candle boxes weren't like anything you could get "off the shelf", so to speak.
8:50 PM
ha. well, the main delay has been on the candle box
we've searched for several online packaging companies..
@MonicaCellio yeah we ordered the candles from a NYC store Joel recommended. but the boxes they come in with aren't great.
@Jin is this image a picture of the box? (Images are blocked for me at work, so I won't be able to check it out until later.)
the candles are 11" the box will be 12"
@Jin Is the Mi Yodeya logo printed on the box or the candle (or both)?
@MonicaCellio it's an image of the mini poster and part of the candle box. i can email this pic to you, if you email me first at jin@stackexchange.com
@Jin which should fit just about any future candles (since, as someone pointed out 7 weeks ago, we seem to just burn through).
8:52 PM
@DoubleAA it's on the box, as a transparent sticker.
@Jin I'll catch it at home in a few hours, no worries. Just curious now. :-)
i wasn't able to make the design part of the box lid(required 1000 minimum orders for that...)
yikes, that's a lot
9:29 PM
@Jin Thanks for the update! I'm treating this as a wonderful, generous, surprise whenever it shows up, so you needn't worry about the timing, as far as I'm concerned. :)
@IsaacMoses thanks! just didn't want to keep you guys in the dark. this has taken longer than I expected though.
@MonicaCellio Imgur is blocked for me, too. For pics I'm really interested in, I can get around that by going to pixlr.com/editor and opening the image by URL (in this case i.stack.imgur.com/k9rEI.jpg).
@Jin I wouldn't've been surprised if it was due to you guys being literally in the dark for some time recently.
@IsaacMoses ha. did you listen to our podcast about Sandy? it was some story..
@Jin I sure did. Reminded me of "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth", by Cory Doctorow. Did you get a chance to heave fuel?
fortunately(unfortunately) I live inRaleigh, NC.
I wish i was in nyc though, I'd helped out more
9:35 PM
@Jin Oh. I thought you were up in NY, for some reason.
@IsaacMoses hmm I'm not sure. since the poster is earthy tones, I think a maroon/dark brown frame will look nice with the poster
@Jin Thanks. That's a good starting point.
i did a quick google for 6x6" frame
this showed up, i think it's interesting, has many color choices: etsy.com/listing/62475459/6x6-square-picture-frame-with-vintage
well, i assume there are other color choices
I like the weathered wooden effect.
@Jin Cool. Thanks. That looks very inexpensive for custom-built. (Hooray for Etsy)
yeah. sometimes the prices on Etsy amaze me... as in how do those people make money?
9:43 PM
@IsaacMoses yeah, I think the local frame shop that I've sometimes used for art would charge at least twice that, maybe thrice.
Here's another possibility on Etsy: etsy.com/listing/104942721/…
@IsaacMoses that one is quite striking.

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