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3:00 PM
@OrigamiRobot Various things. I used to be the kid in school everyone went to for help.
@GnomeSlice I hit it in college. Partially why I didn't finish
But I'm finding a college degree isn't really required. Not yet, anyways
And I apparently have a genius level IQ, but I don't remember what it is. My parents never liked telling me when I was a kid because they thought I'd brag about it.
Seriously. Who brags about their IQ??
@GnomeSlice Parents.
@OrigamiRobot Heh. Heh heh heh.
@GnomeSlice The kind of people who don't actually have that high of an IQ :P
3:01 PM
My sister is also a genius, but mine is apparently higher. But she doesn't have ADHD or any of the shit I have, and she's off being successful.
Also living with three boys.
She has a degree in civil engineering... I think
Wait, maybe she didn't finish. I know she came back to Ottawa and started taking basically exactly what I'm taking
@SaintWacko You and me both!
at a different school though
@LessPop_MoreFizz (h5)
My problem with college is that I can't figure any of the shit out.
I don't know how to teach myself things.
I do okay in the video and animation courses and stuff.
But fuck me in the programming ones.
@GnomeSlice That's what classes are intended to do.
3:04 PM
My dad was telling me how once he discovered computers, he spent nearly all of his time just messing around with them, writing editors, games, compilers, anything
@OrigamiRobot Not in college. College is just there to present the material to you, you're supposed to spend time outside of class to get to know the material
I still haven't even finished the new splash screen for Arqade game on, and I started that shit like 5 months ago.
@GnomeSlice That's not exactly accurate.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is this from 'emails from an asshole'?
@OrigamiRobot Not exactly, but you know what I'm getting at, right?
@GnomeSlice Sounds like you just need motivation.
3:07 PM
@fbueckert That's a big thing, yeah
Whenever I try to work on stuff in my own time I get so stressed and drained, and then go and play video games.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nevermind, noticed the URL at the bottom.
@GnomeSlice I've found I don't have a lot of motivation to work on my personal projects day after day.
So I work on them a little bit here, and a little bit there.
@fbueckert But that's the thing. When people pick something to pursue in life, they work at it constantly... or so my parents tell me.
4 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
My dad was telling me how once he discovered computers, he spent nearly all of his time just messing around with them, writing editors, games, compilers, anything
And I don't do that so I'm no good at anything
I took drum lessons a while ago.
@GnomeSlice Well, I spend eight hours a day at work on a computer, and when I get home, I spend even more time on it there.
This instructor was a big shot, he didn't take just anyone, you had to audition
You could tell at first he was like 'oh yeah, some more parents who want their kid to play drums', but then I played and he was impressed, so he accepted me
@GnomeSlice That just means you haven't found anything you really enjoy doing.
3:09 PM
like 6 months later he told me not to come back
Because I never practiced.
@fbueckert What the hell do I do about that, I'm 20 for God's sake
@GnomeSlice I found my calling at 10.
@GnomeSlice And?
It's possible. You just have to keep looking.
@GnomeSlice Some people don't find it till 50.
@fbueckert this doesn't help. Just sayin'.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What do I do until then then?
3:10 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz He's arguing that he's too young to find out what he wants to do.
I'm refuting that.
@fbueckert I thought he was more saying that at 20, he feels like he should know already.
I heard my dad talking to one of his friends this morning
one of his other friends has a room he used to rent out and we've been talking about me renting it for a while for cheap to try living on my own
@FAE @fbueckert this.
39 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@GnomeSlice Every time I fuck up at something, I blindly fumble around until I'm doing something else.
Anyway, he was saying to this other guy that he wants to put me in it even tohugh I'll likely crash and burn
@LessPop_MoreFizz So you just move from minimum wage job to minimum wage job?
I heard my dad talking to one of his friends this morning
@FAE Ok, I misread the statement, then. My bad.
@GnomeSlice That's a good idea, actually.
3:13 PM
@fbueckert Yeah, I know.
I was scared to leave home and be on my own, too.
But my dad basically told his friend he's certain I'm going to fail
@GnomeSlice Prove him wrong.
@GnomeSlice I never said anything about minimum wage.
@fbueckert I am too, but I'm getting to the point where I need to. There's an unbelievable amount of tension in my house right now.
3:14 PM
And even if you do fail, you'll learn from it, and be able to do better next time
My father has to deal with my mother and I fighting constantly, he's talked to me about leaving...
Not at length, but he's mentioned it.
@SaintWacko I'm sorry, have we met?
@LessPop_MoreFizz What else can you do?
@GnomeSlice I found out that it wasn't so bad after the rest of the family took a vacation to Mexico. I stayed behind because there was some stuff I could take a break from.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hah, hotlink image block!
3:14 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz o.0
@GnomeSlice I'd seriously consider this then. It's fairly "safe" because you'd be renting from someone your dad knows, so there's a bit of a safety net.
@GnomeSlice Fixt.
@FAE Oh, yeah, he's a good guy and everything.
@FAE I am considering it. I think it would be good for me.
@GnomeSlice You won't have the worries of stuff like breaking a lease contract or somesuch that you'd have with renting from a proper landlord and the like.
@GnomeSlice It would, indeed.
@FAE Oftentimes, you can find somebody to rent a room from on an informal basis.
3:16 PM
@GnomeSlice Plenty of jobs are not minimum wage but do not require a specialized skillset.
That's what I did when I first moved out.
@FAE Yeah. I was looking at a place recently with some friends, but I can't afford it right now.
@GnomeSlice I know that for me, my relationship with my parents improved quite a bit after I stopped living with them in my 20s.
@fbueckert I've been home alone for like a week at a time when my family was on vacation and I basically did nothing. Because I was still at home, I guess.
And I consider myself crazy lucky that I found that.
3:16 PM
They do however require that you be competent, have good attention to detail, and learn quickly.
@GnomeSlice Feed yourself? Take care of yourself?
@fbueckert I had food in the fridge. I never really take care of myself.
Also I don't eat very much if I'm not prompted.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Such as what? I've never worked before.
@fbueckert I have no real experience there, I never lived on my own in the US outside of college campuses, then I made a transatlantic move at 22.
@GnomeSlice You're still alive. That says you have the skills needed to take care of yourself.
That's also a bad situation.
3:18 PM
Most of life right after you move out is taking care of yourself in the short term.
Hungry? Get food.
Out of clothes? Do laundry.
@fbueckert Was just typing that one, haha.
@GnomeSlice Being away from home really does change things. I find I'm a lot better at getting things done and keeping the place clean when I'm away from home
Because I need to go do that right now, actually. <_<
As you start meeting those needs, you'll start planning ahead.
I've found I'm much more appreciative of my family, now that they don't do everything for me.
And I know how much effort it takes to do stuff.
@GnomeSlice Then you'll probably start at minimum wage. If you're not awful, you won't stay there.
3:19 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz And you're not in a job that depends on minimum wage workers.
@GnomeSlice Here, have a free tip: You can use Microsoft Office and Photoshop. This opens up an entire universe of not much above minimum wage administrative and office jobs to you that will beat flipping burgers at McDonalds.
Find a temp agency in your area and go talk to them. You'll get to try out a whole bunch of different jobs and office environments and get a feel for what you like.
@LessPop_MoreFizz A what?
@GnomeSlice They aren't going to hold your hand if that's what you mean.
@GnomeSlice There are lots of temp agencies around, who's only purpose is to match unskilled (or slightly skilled) workers with jobs.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, sort of.
@fbueckert I don't know what a 'temp agency' is.
3:24 PM
@GnomeSlice The jobs are usually for short term work.
Like a week or two.
@GnomeSlice They still provide plenty of resources. They do want you to succeed.
Temporary work.
@fbueckert Is it just like, a place you go and they help you find a job?
...Who pays for that?
@GnomeSlice When a company needs someone to fill in for a couple weeks, they contact a temp agency, and the agency provides someone
You'd be working different jobs for a couple weeks at a time
@SaintWacko Oh, neato
3:26 PM
@GnomeSlice The company that hires you.
@GnomeSlice The company hiring you pays the temp agency X. The temp Agency then pays you salary Y, which is substantially less than X. This is worth it for the company hiring you because they don't need to spend the money on the job seach.
And @LessPop explained it much better than I would have.
Some temp assignments are 2 days. Others are a year.
Others are known as 'temp-to-perm', where you are hired as a temp, and then if they like you, they keep you.
They're also good as experience builders.
3:28 PM
I should probably finish my degree before I go doing that?
They give you a good feel of what you need to do to get a job.
That's a really interesting idea, I'll look into that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And payroll taxes and stuff.
got a girl from south africa here in the group, she keeps giving me an evil eye
3:29 PM
I just went from contract to full time a couple weeks ago.
@OrigamiRobot My dad did that a few months ago, after being a contractor for his entire career. It was a big deal, I guess.
The company he was contracting for got bought out, and the new one didn't want any contractors so they offered him a job.
Q: What are the effects of Wanted Stars, and what tactics do you use to escape them?

ChargingPunWhat are the differences between the Wanted Star levels in GTA 4? What are some tactics for escaping the police when you have 3+ Wanted Stars?

@Lazers I feel like I should be able to answer this even though I've never played any GTA games.
@GnomeSlice For me, it simply meant being eligible for benefits.
@GnomeSlice Finishing your degree first definitely increases the amount you'd earn, as well as your likelihood of being placed. So yeah, finish school first.
3:33 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Argh. That may or may not happen, my Dad doesn't want to pay for another semester because they I'm not really getting anything out of it, and my mother wants me to switch to a music program.
One semester left though...
I think.
I forget, I'm taking a reduced course load, everyone I started with graduated last year.
@OrigamiRobot Were you simply contract-work, or contract-to-hire? I'm consider the later, but am curious about how benefits work then. (Of course I know it probably varies greatly..)
Argh, I hope the world ends in December.
@DanRasmussen I don't know the difference
@GnomeSlice Google "Mayan calendar leap years"
That would solve all of my problems.
@GnomeSlice This is not related to anything on the current topic, but I didn't know if you knew about Distance yet, spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush.
3:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot What, specifically, am I looking for?
@FAE Oh yes. In fact I've posted it in here numerous times.
@GnomeSlice That the world ending in December is something made up by stupid people.
@OrigamiRobot "Contract-to-hire" means you're pretty much a full-time employee, but only for a specified amount of time until they make a "final" decision to keep you. At least that's what I gather.
@GnomeSlice About how according to the Mayan calendar, December 22 or whenever was months ago.
@OrigamiRobot Oh... heh.
Distance looks like it's going to be really awesome.
Their Kickstarter is not funded yet, only 4 days to go. :(
3:41 PM
@DanRasmussen Just contract. I was contracted to Company A who then contracted me t Company B. Company B told me for months that they planned on hiring me full time but it never happened. So when Company A offered me a full time position, I accepted.
@FAE Oh, good. My mother is going to drain my account if I spend any more money on video games, lol.
@OrigamiRobot I love stuff like that.
The CEO at my last job loved to dangle the carrot and never deliver.
@fbueckert I met a girl like that in college.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah that's what I'm worried about. Did you not have any benefits that whole time, then?
@GnomeSlice Yeah, you turf those real fast.
3:43 PM
@fbueckert Yea Company B was very surprised when I left. Company A gave them about 3 days notice.
@DanRasmussen I did not.
@fbueckert Yeeeeeeeeeah it was a shitty situation
@OrigamiRobot They always are.
They expect you to give 110% for what they offer, but they never deliver. And when you leave, they try to guilt you into sticking around.
@OrigamiRobot Well, congrats on the full-time position, then. Sounds like you deserved it. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I graduate in a month..
The only time I got a raise at my last job is when I was seriously talking about moving on to something else.
@fbueckert Isn't that kind of awkward to bring up to your employer, though?
I wouldn't be comfortable saying "give me a raise or else" unless I already had another offer elsewhere.
3:45 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Oh, I had an awesome boss.
I wasn't trying to use it as leverage.
@fbueckert Not awesome enough to give you a raise more than once.
I wasn't expecting anything, I was just talking to my boss about how I had learned everything I could, and it was probably time for me to move on.
So he went to management and said, "Look, he's going to leave if you don't give him a raise. I need him, so you better deliver."
@fbueckert Oh they were scrambling because I was one of two people in the company that knew how do do certain things.
So I got a raise out of the deal. Since they had reneged on an earlier raise when I started, I took it and left anyways.
@fbueckert You left anyway?
Wow, I bet your boss felt like a dick.
3:49 PM
@GnomeSlice Nope. I explained what I was doing.
And he understood completely.
I've got horror stories of that company, and got treated like shit for even shittier pay.
So I took everything I could from them. Surprisingly, I'm still on speaking terms with them.
@fbueckert I thought you said your boss was awesome...
@GnomeSlice My boss was awesome, yes. He only started about two years after I did.
He was struggling to make it a better place to work, but his hands were tied by upper management, too.
So he understood my frustration about the company.
I was doing senior programmer work (and help desk, and employee management, etc., etc.), for the same pay as when I started.
oh man, is this another one of @fbueckert terrible job horror stories?
@fbueckert Yea Company B understood my position. I'll probably go back and do contract work for them at some point.
@Wipqozn No, just a broad overview.
I can provide a story if you guys really want to hear one.
3:58 PM
@fbueckert I always want to hear one of your horror stories.
Your horror stories are enjoyable not only because they are funny, but also because they make me feel better about my life in general.
@Wipqozn The fact that they ALL come from a single company somewhat horrifies me at this point.
Whenever I go to apply for a job I should run the company by you to make sure it isn't that company.
@Wipqozn They're a small, Manitoba-based company.
Chances of it being them are just about nil where you are.
@Wipqozn When I worked at a helpdesk in college, we had one professor who refused to let us install the campus provided antivirus (which was paid for by the university) because it was free to him and therefor inferior.
And they're in the process of being bought out, I suspect.
4:01 PM
Q: Why am I getting a thaumite's infestation?

KappeiIn one of my late runs something really weird happened: nearly half of the monsters I slayed became infested with thaumites as soon as they died. I was running a skill setup without Golemancy, so I was wondering where they could come from. The run ended quickly enough to not let me investigate fu...

@OrigamiRobot How amusing.
Also, everyone knows Microsoft Security Essentials is the best anti-virus for windows. Probably the only thing microsoft makes that isn't shit.
And as fo other systems, you clearly don't need them.
Linux is obviously perfect
and mac users suffer enough, so why bother making viruses for them?
@Wipqozn We had another professor who needed her motherboard replaced in her laptop but could not be without it for more than one day.
Well, if you want another horror story, have I told you guys the one about moving into our new space?
@fbueckert I think so.
@GnomeSlice I've told one about MOVING into the space, but I don't think I've told the one about the work that went into setting up the space.
4:06 PM
@fbueckert I understand that. I've been working at the same company for three years, taking on more responsibilities for the same, barely minimum wage pay
and no benefits
But come Friday, I will be at an awesome new place!
OMFG. Disney actually wants to have Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in their old roles in the new Star Wars movie. I so hope that's only as cameos, else it'll be "SW7: Attack on the Nursing Home" or something like that.
@Wipqozn Damnit, stop saying such starrable things!
@fbueckert: I'm not sure.
@SaintWacko I can't help it, I'm just so handsome. And smart. And handsome. And funny. And handsome.
@Wipqozn Well, I'll start telling it, and you guys stop me if I've told it before. Deal?
@fbueckert Deal.
4:08 PM
@Wipqozn And terrapiny. Don't forget terrapiny
So, I've told you about the move paranoia, and having to move the servers in the dead of the night for fear of the building management locking us out if they discovered we were moving.
@fbueckert Yup.
Since we were in such a hurry to move, we were stuck in a temporary location in the building while our actual, permanent space was being built.
@fbueckert Wait, I don't remember the move paranoia
Transcript link?
So technically, it was two moves. One into the temp location, and one into our permanent digs.
4:09 PM
@SaintWacko His old company was crazy, and was convinced the building owners had it out for them.
@SaintWacko Check my profile. Might be there.
So the second move got pushed further and further back, due to the fact that the server room and call center space wasn't ready.
Problems kept happening.
Finding the server racks was impossible due to the place they were stored.
Once they were found, stuff had to be moved to get them.
The company transporting them nailed a building air conditioner and knocked it off it's supports.
And it was brand new.
The company cheaped out, and got the contractors running the electrical cables to run the network cables, too.
@fbueckert Oh geez
That's no good
So we got network cables. But they were mostly not labelled, and those that WERE labelled were so badly mislabelled. Had duplicates, missing numbers, everything under the sun.
Essentially, completely useless for the patch panels.
@fbueckert Had to go around testing them all?
@SaintWacko Hah! No time for that!
4:15 PM
@fbueckert Oh dear
We had way too much stuff to do.
When we made it known that the job was crap and we couldn't do it ourselves, they finally hired someone competent to test them all and label them properly.
And re-run those that were absolute crap.
The electrical contractor had done a REALLY crappy job.
I heard some scuttlebutt about it later that they half-assed the job due to not getting paid what they were promised for it.
Which, knowing that company, is completely true.
So, there's another problem down. Finally.
It got extended due to the plug ends (the ones under the desks, in the walls, etc.), not being seated properly, so when you plugged in a cable, you'd often just push it back into the box.
So you'd have to take the cover off, plug the cable in properly, and then try your best to seat it properly in the cover, so it didn't happen again.
It usually happened again.
And this whole time, we have management screaming at us to get the job done.
Never mind that it's their cheapness that's holding it back.
So we finally get everything done, all ready for the last bit of the move.
Since this is a 24-hour call center, downtime is not allowed.
Boss made a decision that was basically, "Screw that. We'll move it as fast as possible. Deal with it."
So, we show up at 4 AM, on our deadest day, to move the stuff.
Management's been made aware we're moving, we've let everyone know we're moving stuff.
No sooner do we drop the servers than we start getting angry phone calls about why nothing is working.
Boss is in damage control mode, due to management being idiots, so we're on our own for moving servers.
These servers are not light. The phone switches even less.
So, we use the rickety freight elevator to move them up the single floor. Surprisingly, it works fine without problems.
Get all the servers in place, and fire them all up.
The critical one, the phone server, starts up, starts thinking, and promptly crashes for no reason.
So we're on it, trying to fix it, and management's getting more and more aggravated.
This phone switch is a decade out of date, has been repurposed far beyond what it was intended to do, and is held together with duct tape and prayer.
We get it running, barely, and calls start coming in again.
So that's one problem down.
Did I mention we had three different phone switch systems, each with their own server?
Only ONE made it without issue.
The other one just upped and died when we moved it upstairs.
It was completely dead. Couldn't get it back up, and even when the tech who knew the system came to fix it, he couldn't get it back up.
So, we jury rigged the crap out of the backup system to handle that.
Got that going, and finally, FINALLY, everything's working like it should.
Good lord who left the @fbueckert running?
This took at least four or five hours to finally put back together, so the day's basically done.
@OrigamiRobot I tabbed back in to find a wall of text :D
I spent a couple more hours fixing minor issues, little things that weren't critical. After about twelve hours, I say, "Screw it. Anything not done isn't important enough to spend time on right now. I'll fix it tomorrow."
By the time I get home, I get a call from management going, "Get back here and fix this."
4:31 PM
@SaintWacko I blame @Wipqozn
@GraceNote salute
I tell them I just pulled a twelve hour shift, and that it's not that important.
I get the equivalent of, "I don't care. Come back and fix it."
@OrigamiRobot Hiho.
So, fine. I come back, and spend a couple more hours fixing the rest of the problems.
I spend the next couple of days fixing other minor problems as they come up.
Friday rolls around, and my studio's all of two blocks away from the company.
So I ask a couple friends, "Hey, wanna see the server room I busted ass to finish? It looks cool!"
They're all for it, and so I show them it. Keep in mind, they're not technical, so this is the equivalent of, "Look at all the blinking lights!"
And on Saturday, I get a call from the boss, "The server room's overheating. Need your help."
So I come in on a Saturday, and we set up mobile air conditioners to help cool the server room.
Turns out nobody got around to testing the A/C for the server room, and it all crapped out.
@fbueckert Wow...
I told my boss that I showed a couple friends the server room last night, and he was cool with it.
No big deal.
Except later that week, I get called into a meeting, and I get a written letter of warning for, and I quote, "Divulging trade secrets".
4:37 PM
@fbueckert That's just stupid
So, yeah. That's the last time I bust my ass for a company that appreciates me so little.
"Here is our top secret server room layout. The exact arrangement is a mystical balance which promotes server efficiency."
You told us the last part of that story, where you brought friends to the server room, but not everything before it.
You best add that story to the hall of horrors.
@Wipqozn Done and done.
Aug 20 at 3:22, by OrigamiRobot
Wow, I'm famous!
4:42 PM
@OrigamiRobot You haven't said that in a while.
Korneel Bouman on November 12, 2012

Ads. Like ‘em or not, they keep the lights on.

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@Wipqozn I thought I'd bring it back.
@OrigamiRobot You should. I miss it.
@Wipqozn Well, I miss your alot
Q: How to fix audio/game stuttering in Google Chrome's Flash plug-in?

Simon BelmontI'm having an issue. Windows XP, running the latest Chrome 23 build. I'm using Flash 11.5 built into Chrome (Pepper Flash). It runs horribly. Chrome 22 did not have this issue as far as I recall. What a shame. YouTube videos stutter badly and after a while, they begin to lag and lose sync with t...

4:46 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, my alot was pretty cool.
Maybe I'll bring it back one day.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah.
Remind me to tell you the story of the domain switchover one of these days.
We love your stories, grandpa.
@OrigamiRobot Just be glad you don't have to go through this stuff.
I was the most overworked and underpaid person ever.
If anything, these horror stories are great benchmarks for things to watch out for.
You know your company exploits you when...
You should probably start your own company. With blackjack. And hookers.
@fbueckert Oh I had some headaches at my old job. Mostly due to international things.
4:54 PM
@OrigamiRobot This company is so paranoid about trade secrets.
They think everyone (including their own employees) are out to steal the way they do business.
@fbueckert Which probably doesn't work in the first place, so nobody wants them.
The biggest change about my new job is the trust.
I don't get told to do something, and someone's looking over my shoulder every second until I finish it.
It's just, "This needs doing. Go do it."
@fbueckert You probably work better this way.
@InvaderSkoodge I do indeed.
We have daily status meetings here, but other than that it's pretty much go at your own pace.
4:56 PM
I pointed out to my previous management that it probably wasn't a good idea to piss off the people that have full access to the entire technical system.
Their response was, "Are you threatening us?"
And I just told them, "No, not threatening you. Just pointing out that if I get mad, I have the potential to wreck everything."
"Do it, and we'll fire you. Don't think we won't!"
@fbueckert "Yes, I'll be fired and you'll have a broken system."
Their entire mindset on the Technical department was that we're a bunch of lazy slobs and don't do a single thing.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, their logic train didn't make it to the point of, "Our system is broken."
@fbueckert It is normal for the "business" folk to severely underestimate the value of the technical department.
It was, "Eh. Anything he does can be fixed by the guy we hire to replace him."
They especially undervalue IT.

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