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7:00 PM
@OrigamiRobot Calm down, robot. It will be okay.
@AshleyNunn It will never be okay!
Hey, look, it's that @Krazer guy.
I hear he's really shy.
7:04 PM
@Wipqozn ಠ_ರೃ Quite so, astute observation, Sir Tortise.
That reminds me. Does anyone know if Strix is alive?
@Krazer turtle*
@Wipqozn He just posted a couple hours ago that he was OK.
It's in the starred list.
3 hours ago, by Invader Skoodge
I am alive. No power, which means no heat. All the traffic lights nearby are out, and no gas stations or food stores are open. Trees uprooted and strewn about everywhere, especially on power lines. It's pretty bad.
@OrigamiRobot He doesn't seem to be a water-type.
7:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot wait he and strix are the same person?
I think I'm the one who needs a reboot now
@badp ...Indeed.
@OrigamiRobot Good to know he is alive and relatively well
Who did you think Invader was?
@fbueckert uh, somebody else.
@OrigamiRobot Thank you Mister Robot.
7:07 PM
Mister Robot is my father.
Ran out of delete votes 3 days in a row
@Sterno On SciFi, I assume? Or are you participating in cleanup?
@fbueckert Here.
Like I've got the rep for delete votes on SciFi
@Sterno Wow, do we have that much crap still kicking around?
Sterno's the terror that downvotes in the night.
@Sterno Thank you.
Those deleted answers. So bad.
@fbueckert That's just the stuff I can see from the last 30 days
AND just questions
@Wipqozn I don't know. yo mamma because when she lands on you and crushes you it is 1000000000000 dps and you have a pinner is pretty solid.
@Wipqozn I decided those posts don't deserve signatures
While I'm running through our old, downvoted questions, I ran into this. Close votes, please.
7:16 PM
> A better question might – tzenes Sep 10 '10 at 6:01
@Wipqozn We shall never know.
@fbueckert Why?
@Wipqozn Something to do with CandleJack
@OrigamiRobot Oh, why did you have to say that na
@Wipqozn Because it's not anything to do with a problem with a game you're having.
It provides absolutely no value whatsoever.
7:18 PM
Aaaaaaaaan downvotes, probably because people couldn't be bothered to watch past the intro.
@OrigamiRobot No, but you're about to get a visit
@GnomeSlice Couldn't you have just removed the intro?
@Wipqozn Not easily, it's synced to the music. There's a key press to skip it.
I guess nobody even watched that far.
Because it says 'press s to skip' after like 3 seconds.
7:20 PM
@GnomeSlice How do you know people didn't downvoet it for other reasons though?
@Wipqozn No comments.
Like the fact that it's unfinished.
@Wipqozn So?
@GnomeSlice ...Unfinished video seems like a pretty good reason to downvote content.
Oh, maybe they just all start at 3.
@fbueckert Not really, it's clearly labelled as a work in progress.
7:21 PM
@fbueckert Time's up!
@GnomeSlice You're assuming people read the description, and if they did, care that it's a WIP.
@GnomeSlice protip, you can vote without logging in but you can't comment
@Wipqozn Previews and clips get upvoted all the time, that's nothing new. I think maybe videos default to a score of 3/5, since most of the new ones are around there.
@badp Pretty sure most of the people who browse Newgrounds are regular users.
Newgrounds is still a place people go?
@OrigamiRobot That was my reaction too
7:24 PM
oh dear Origami's language routines are deteriorating too
please give that robot a reboot
Oh I think it's because it's under judgement.
@OrigamiRobot I put my music there.
@badp NO̼ yo​͟ur M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜e̠̅mOͮ͏̮̪̝͍rȳ̳ FunC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟TIΌn î̩́s c̶̮or̶r̶upt
Eh, whatever, I haven't finished the animation in two years, I'm probably not going to now.
@GnomeSlice 50% of the things you say are you giving up.
@OrigamiRobot Truth.
7:28 PM
Stop doing that.
@OrigamiRobot I was really proud of that, but it took me a long time. And I haven't used flash in a while.
I've been thinking about finishing it, but I'll have lost the style.
@AshleyNunn too*
@Wipqozn Damn it.
@GnomeSlice Why not use Premiere or AfterFX?
honestly kinetic typography is kind of overrated
7:30 PM
@Krazer I'm still more comfortable with flash animation, I think. I just mean anything I add now won't look quite the same.
@badp Yeah, well, it was an assignment.
I love typography.
I like it too but letters only get you so far.
@badp ..........
You see four or five kinetic typography videos and you've seen them all.
@badp You play four or five TF2 games and you've played them all...
@GnomeSlice I guess the fun then is in making them? I can respect that.
Making and viewing are different things.
7:32 PM
stupid merchants
@badp It is cool to make them, actually. You're right though, lots of them are the same, but the really great ones are always unique.
@badp This. I like them. I do. But they are really all the same in terms of how they treat the type and how they present the words
There are very few that stand out
There was one little bit of underwater slope connecting the shore to my bridge
so the merchant and horse decide to go that way and get sucked into the intake
7:33 PM
Gah, where's that beatles interview one...
aaand all the rest of the merchants leave
@GnomeSlice yeah, but see, there are a ton of typos there. That's why watching the letters actually ads to the video.
People don't watch the video for the moving letters, they watch it for the moving letters that are all wrong
@badp Right.
@GnomeSlice I don't like that one.
(also, the voice acting is also outstanding.)
7:34 PM
It does nothing for me.
Gah why can't I find that amazing interview one...
@Krazer This is neat.
@AshleyNunn Stephen Fry is amazing.
I like that one but I think I like it more because of the actual content rather than it necessarily being kinetic
7:37 PM
I thought it was an interview with John Lennon or something...
Straw poll time! Raise your hand if you've played Gitaroo Man.
@AshleyNunn Subject matter is important, but for the most part it's how you present the content. For an example...
you're an evil person, Grace
@badp Am not.
Aaand I found it!
But not in that shitty quality
7:40 PM
@GraceNote I prefer Crazy Straws
I guess it's not really typography
Oh well
Been a while since I saw it
@OrigamiRobot Nargh.
@Krazer I've seen this, great one.
@GraceNote Not a fan?
7:43 PM
@OrigamiRobot More like I'm aggravated at the potentiality of missing a reference due to fragmented memory.
@GnomeSlice Don't give up~ Fight your way though it ;)
@GraceNote Mine or yours?
@OrigamiRobot My memory, your response.
...I was just answering the straw poll.
Oh, okay. Good. I didn't miss anything.
7:46 PM
All things considered, you concerns were not unfounded. Memory is the first thing to go.
Silly humans.
@OrigamiRobot Especially for machines; they keep losing critical data when they're not fed with power!
@fbueckert That depends on how they write things to memory~
@Krazer @OrigamiRobot is very volatile
@SaintWacko NO I AM NOT
@Krazer And in those cases, there are magnets.
Or an appropriately sized EMP.
7:53 PM
@SaintWacko That reminds me of a joke...
@fbueckert @Wipqozn will supply me with never ending tears.
There are 10 types of people in the world:
Those who understand binary
Those who don't
Those who realize this joke is in Base 3
Aaaand my internet's back up.
@OrigamiRobot Heh
@Ullallulloo Are you sure?
@Wipqozn I suppose I could be hallucinating.
There is a talking turtle here.
7:58 PM
And a ninja blueberry
@Krazer Hehe, I like that
@Ullallulloo Did I tell you about the gamersgate halloween sale?
@Ullallulloo EVERYONE GET IT
And if someone asks about a certain thing on the site, I'll finally have to get around to recording my video answer.
@Ullallulloo Is it just 1$ for the Desura key? Can you get it for free?
@Ullallulloo Yeah, you can get it for $0 if you don't want a Desura key.
Urgh, that video is gonna be hard to record.
Particularly if I can't play anything.
Q: Will all cages in a jail be used?

Nathan SabrukaI currently have a jail with individual "rooms" (no doors leading out, more like individual alcoves) containing cages and chains. I made a room with one of the cages, indicating the whole area as being a jail (and used for justice). Will all the other cages in that designed room be used as jail...

8:10 PM
@Ullallulloo You should get it.
@Ullallulloo Is it just me, or is the panel for the contributors fucked up?
Now I need to record that video before everyone gets it and asks the question...
Nobody play it until tomorrow...
Is this thing on?
what's the url to that Arqade timeline site?
@Jin The what?
history of gaming.se
@Jin Completely unrelated, but as a designer, what do you make of this site?
8:20 PM
agent86 on October 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Arqade! Today is the second anniversary of Gaming’s graduation from beta, October 6th, 2010. What a busy couple of years it’s been! Let’s take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of the community and the site over the past year. Put on your party hat, throw a handful of confetti at the nearest unsuspecting co-worker, roommate, family member, pet, houseplant, or whatever else is nearby, and have a slice of cake!

Party Cat is ready to party, are you?

This last year has been jam-packed with awesome milestones and elite events. Let’s take a look back and  …

@Wipqozn @agent86 thanks!
@GnomeSlice Why can't I punch those things?
Why aren't you guys all getting Out There Somewhere? It's free if you don't care about the Desura key.
@Krazer Which things? There are literally hundreds of things to interact with.
8:21 PM
what sells operating systems? anime girls.
@agent86 What the hell is that.
@Jin if you need a raw-er look, it's based on a google doc spreadsheet.
@GnomeSlice windows 8. in Japan.
@agent86 lmfao
@GnomeSlice those bird things... it looks like I'm trying to give them noogies
@Krazer Oh, the loading screen things?
8:22 PM
"proving once again that the Japanese will buy anything with a cute anime girl on it " http://en.rocketnews24.com/2012/10/31/cute-anime-girls-driving-sales-of-windows-8-in-japan/
@Jin indeeeeed
Seriously guys, get it.
You can get it for 0$ if you want.
But you shouldn't because it's that good.
@Jin they are just ronery.
@GnomeSlice i don't like sites that steal my mouse cursor...
@Jin Once you find the tools you can zoom all the way out... it's gigantic.
8:24 PM
I don't like sites that are too flash-y.
bio bak is so awesome though.
@GnomeSlice I think Flash still has its place for achieve certain type of experience
You can spend hours on it and still not find everything.
@Jin but there's now a lot of cross over between what Flash and Html5 can do
@Krazer yes.
8:29 PM
I still want to use the hand to punch something.
@Krazer I think there are some things you can punch, or at least injure.
Also, props if you manage to catch the little wizard guy flying around.
I think it's a wizard... been a long time since I went there. ...No it's not a wizard, it's a little screaming... creature thing.
Try to catch him.
Er, maybe you can't catch the screaming guy. I know there's a bug or something flying around that actively avoids you that you can catch.
I want to go back to that site and play with it again, but I'm in class... and it just doesn't work on my home internet.
@Jin Can you edit that starred message about Out There Somewhere? The minimum price isn't $1, it's 0$
@GnomeSlice what?
@Jin You're a mod, right?
The minimum price isn't $1 it's $0 (free).
Minus the Desura key.
8:38 PM
hmm i don't know how to mod...
i'm not seeing an edit option
wait, did i do it?
i updated it
@Jin Yup, it's updated
yay! i modded something... for the first time...
now i've had a taste of power... i want moar..
@Jin There's the "destroy user" button on the user profile ;-)
Grats, @Gnome. You've corrupted a mod.
8:44 PM
@fbueckert Have not.
@Jin Whatever this is, I can't see it.
And it appears to link to some website.
7 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
@Jin Can you edit that starred message about Out There Somewhere? The minimum price isn't $1, it's 0$
Yes. Yes, you have.
@fbueckert How is that corrupt, he made a mistake.
@GnomeSlice can u see it now?
@Jin Ahhhh! Leet speak! Kill it! Kill it now!
@Jin Yes.
8:46 PM
@fbueckert com @ me bro
@Jin Ow
@GnomeSlice Blocked
@fbueckert Really? It's uploaded to the SE imgur thing...
@GnomeSlice Yes. I blocked it.
@fbueckert Oh. Whoops.
Block it again I guess.
@GnomeSlice Done and done.
8:52 PM
@fbueckert what... happened?
@Krazer Adblock is your friend.
@fbueckert OIC!
Why are none of you downloading Out There Somewhere?
It's fantastic.
I have no power and no internet until at least Friday morning where I live. D:
8:57 PM
unlike these guys...
@MarkTrapp すみません これはだれですか?
@MarkTrapp I can't circle jerk to this.
@Krazer That's what she said! Also, I have no idea what you just said.
@Wipqozn to fill my Hitler-related chat message quota of the day, questions like that are why I fight
9:02 PM
@MarkTrapp Same here.
Q: In which year(s) are Ring and Ring 2 set?

user221287Both Ring and Ring 2 are about a video tape. In both the movies, one can notice that each and every living room has a TV which also has an Video tape player. Considering the fact that, Video tape players are a thing of the past, in which year are these movies based? Is this a hole in the plot? ...

The premise of his question is since there are video tapes in the movie, it would be a plot hole if the movie takes place in the last few years.
@Wipqozn I... what... this......
Because since they stopped making VCR's all the VCR's just vanished.
@Krazer Stupidity.
@Wipqozn I still have 2 copies of Time Cop and Back To the Future Part 1.
@Krazer nah man, they just vanished.
The DVD police came in and took them.
During the night.
9:07 PM
@Wipqozn Y?
Okay they stopped at the end of 2011 NEVERMIND PLOT HOLE BACK ON
Time Cop!
9:16 PM
@njallam Something about the proportions seem slightly off...
@GnomeSlice good effort though
They weren't going to put him on stilts
They could have made the head match his size...
Not bad.
isn't there some Japanese word that describes the art style of making things far cuter than reality? Whatever that word is, that's the aesthetic of the costume.
Kawaii (かわいい , Means, "lovable", "cute", or "adorable") is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. It has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms. The noun is (literally, "lovability", "cuteness" or "adorableness"). The words "kawaii" have the root word "kawai" which is formed from the kanji "ka" (可), meaning "acceptable", and "ai" (愛), meaning "love". The term kawaii has taken on the secondary meanings of "cool", and "non-threatening". Aesthetics Sōichi Masubuchi i...
9:21 PM
is a Japanese slang word. Moe is not a concrete term. It is constantly evolving and being used in many different ways. Moe is a feeling or characteristic. The term "moe" can be tacked on to the end of any personality trait or physical trait to create a new type of moe. According to Patrick W. Galbraith it means "a rarefied pseudo-love for certain fictional characters (in anime, manga, and the like) and their related embodiments." notes that it is a pun derived from a Japanese word that literally means "budding," as with a plant that is about to flower, and thus it can also be used to mea...
... though the Wikipedia article really, really sucks.
@Krazer Finally got around to Google translating that. CGP Grey is a prolific YouTuber who makes the video equivalent of infographics.
Q: What's the meaning of "Moe"

confusedI've seen people trying to define it in many places, but all of them end up giving different versions or saying it can't be defined.

See also: moeboard.net/egoboard/?table=moe (Korean, potentially slightly NSFW)
Maybe CGP Grey is making an new video about Middle Earth in conjunction with the first Hobbit release
@MarkTrapp ああ どうも.
9:25 PM
"Oh very much". Damn you Google Translate! Should that be "thanks very much?" "Oh i see?"
@MarkTrapp "Ah. Thanks."
I see
google sucks for colloquial phrases
@MarkTrapp I like his video about England / Great Britain / United Kingdom / the Commonwealth. Of course, this isn't a very complicated schema (compared to, say, how the politics of the Holy Roman Empire worked), but then it's a short video.
9:48 PM
=IFERROR(INDIRECT(ADDRESS((3 + MATCH(LEFT(E$5,4),'Raw Data'!$A$4:$A$24,0)), (MATCH($A7,'Raw Data'!$2:$2,0)),1,1,"Raw Data")),"")
That is the Excel formula I just finished writing
Looks rather harmless.
@SaintWacko yay
@Wipqozn wat.
10:20 PM
@Wipqozn Why would you give that to kids? Shit's expensive.
@ArdaXi That's what I was thinking. They're quite generous.
@Arda They were probably high at the time.
@AshleyNunn No, alas, not. I went to visit my parents yesterday and got back late and forgot.
Q: Is Dr. McCoy gay in Star Trek?

rob stoweThere is plenty of evidence to conclude that Dr. McCoy is gay in Star Trek. He's always seen on the bridge hanging around Captain Kirk with his hand on his chair for no apparent reason. He always calls Kirk by his first name "Jim", even though everyone else addresses him as Captain. In "Corbomite...

Apparently, two men being friends and using nicknames for each other makes them gay.
10:31 PM
It's also phrased in the manner of, "I think X. Can you prove me wrong? No, I meant with some other evidence. No, that evidence isn't good either. You're not allowed to use that evidence. " etc.
@MarkTrapp The entire first episode was about his ex-girlfriend. And I'm pretty sure in the movie he was divorced
It seemed like every other episode in season 1 had him chasing after a lady, too
I like it how telling someone to go to the hospital more makes you gay.
@RonanForman especially if you are professionally responsible for their health
I'm just happy SciFi isn't up-voting that question and giving it a bunch of praise.
10:39 PM
@Wipqozn oh don't worry, whether someone's gay is a bit of a thing on SciFi
@MarkTrapp That second question is stupid.
"the actor is gay. Is the character gay too?"
The first is stupid too.
"This guy doesn't want o have sex with this girl. Is he gay?"
So I guess I'm gay then, since I don't want to have sex with every girl I know.
The vast majority of the unanswered questions on SciFi are story identification.
Q: Was Wolverine the first comic character to have long claws as their main identification?

Kevin HowellWhen I picture wolverine in my mind I can't help but think of him with claws out. It is his single most identifiable trait. He has healing powers and strong olfactory senses but the claws are what truly set him apart from other characters (in his first appearance these other powers weren't mentio...

@Wipqozn I dare you to ask a meta question about it
@MarkTrapp I should. I bet if I did that Gilles will make me his best friend.
Q: When is it okay to ask about a character's sexual orientation?

Mark TrappWe've gotten two questions in the past few hours that ask if a character in a TV show is gay: Is Major Nelson gay in I Dream of Jeannie Is Dr. McCoy gay in Star Trek? The former is currently upvoted and got a number of answers; the latter was closed swiftly. However, I'm not seeing the differ...

10:45 PM
> 10.6% of the total questions on SFF.SE
Wow. Just... wow.
Q: Quickest Ways to Build Momentum?

YuckWhat are some of the quickest ways to build momentum towards a signature move? Do you have to vary your attacks or anything? A series of strikes will build it up but it just seems to take forever compared to some videos I've seen of matches.

@MarkTrapp Why is he so angry. All you did was provide some statistics.
Comparing answer rates with works of similar popularity. This might be difficult, since you'd have to aggregate low-count tags with a lot of cluster effects. Another statistic that I'd like to know is what retention rate we have: if a new user asks a story id question and receives an answer, what's the probability that they stay around? How does this compare with the site average, and with the site average excluding popular works? — Gilles Jun 24 at 22:41
That's my least favourite argument.
@Wipqozn see the top voted answer: story-identification is life or death for him
"hey guys, this gets users to join our site, we should allow it."
@MarkTrapp Yup, I know, but all you did was provide numbers without any commentary.
@Wipqozn Except you Wipqozn. You're part of the problem
10:49 PM
And he's jumping down your throat about wanting to ban all the questions.
@MarkTrapp I know. I'm terrible Tortoise.
Also, his position is stupid.,
By banning story identification the site will be doomed to fail?
He doesn't even attempt to offer any reasoning just "The site is doomed to fail without story iden"
and it has so many up votes
At least the people who were for ITG had reasons
@Wipqozn see here, under the "Speaking as a community builder" heading. Another one of the reasons why I resigned

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