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12:02 AM
Ok, this expanding stuff gets on my nerves …
12:49 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel Yeah I know what you mean...
A: Aligning text in S columns in a way that respects the decimal marker for numerical entries

QrrbrbirlbelLet me say three things before: This is not an only-SIunitx solution. Sadly, table-text-alignment doesn't take decimal-marker :( I provide two macros: \widestparts{<before decimal marker>}{<after decimal marker>} \tcenter{<text to center at the decimal marker>} I tried to ma...

@PeterGrill I posted my attempt. I also tried all sorts of \edefs, \csnames and \expandafters but with no luck ... :(
@Qrrbrbirlbel I thought your first attempt worked -- perhaps I did not pay enough attention when I tested it.
@PeterGrill Yes, it worked. But you have to provide the full number (e.g. 123456798 and 000). I think a much better solution would be to just provide the number of digits (e.g. 9 and 3) similar to table-format=9.3.
@Qrrbrbirlbel Yeah looking at it, I just realized that. Not sure I can help with that though, but will look at it.
@PeterGrill Thanks. Much appreciated. :)
The next step would be to take these numbers directly from the SIunitx settings (similar to \pgfkeysgetvalueof) but as this probably relies on LaTeX3 I'm out. ;)
12:57 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel Wait, I just said I would try -- and that would just be hacking -- I have MANY questions posted here where the problem was expansion, so even if guess correctly it does not mean it is correct -- but always fun (and fursterating) to tryto guess this stuff.. :-)
@Qrrbrbirlbel Yep, same here.. I will one day go there, but haven't yet.
@PeterGrill Yes, I should have taken notes which \expandafter combination I already tried. At one point I got frustrated and just threw those \expandafters around … didn't help, though.
@Qrrbrbirlbel I know exactly what you mean. I too end up just throwing them away...
@PeterGrill Hehe.
Here, for the record: I'm awesome!
@Qrrbrbirlbel - You are awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for. — Raama 12 mins ago
Oh, I just found Up :D (doesn't need Ctrl)
Is there something similar to responding?
1:15 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel You still here? Might have something for you.
Its more of a hack but I think it might do the job.

	\typeout{alex@widestpartleft = \alex@widestpartleft}
	\typeout{alex@widestpartright = \alex@widestpartright}

% tex.stackexchange.com/questions/14393/…
Oh, i had to resort to pgf for the \foreach, but you should be able to use this with other looping mechanisms
2:13 AM
@PeterGrill Darn it! You learn something new every day!
@Qrrbrbirlbel Hope it was helpful. I refer to that question of mine quite often.
@PeterGrill Interestingly enough I already upvoted your question but can't remember it.
@Qrrbrbirlbel :-) Yeah, been there, done that. Actually I had even better incident: I was reading an answer and thought "Wow, this is exactly what I am looking for", and started cutting and pasting the code I needed. Only at the end did I realize it was one of my answers.
@PeterGrill Fantastic. :D
That's it for me today, really! </procrastination>
3:13 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel I think you are in the wrong room. It should be \end{procrastination}. :-)
1 hour later…
4:21 AM
@PauloCereda: I was just using texdoc.net once again (thanks to you and Stefan a thousand!), when I noticed something that almost let me doubt it actually was you who is involved in this project: Why does texdoc.net not have a favicon? I'd think a duck would be quite appropriate here ;)
3 hours later…
6:54 AM
@DavidCarlisle: I know it won't last, but this should get your day off to good start:
7:41 AM
GuIT meeting 2012 started! And David got his badge!
@egreg Congratulations @DavidCarlise. Looks like you are now a recognized expert in \tikz-pgf. I really hope that GuIT is not in English, otherwise I'd be tempted to go in 2013...
7:58 AM
@JasperLoy: Hi. What is your activity today?
Regrettably, I'm busy next Saturday evening, but I'm sure other people will want to have the event ;-)
@egreg Will there be videos?
8:52 AM
@All: Who is a mechanical engineer here? I need your help about paper feeder or paper drum transfer.
9:20 AM
Q: What mechanical parts are easy to get and use to build a paper feeder?

ガベージコレクタI have a project to scan 2 millions of answer sheets that will be processed later with Image Processing Software to extract the data. As a production scanner is beyond our budget, I want to assembly a simple apparatus to replace the scanner. Shortly speaking, I need the mechanical part to transf...

@doncherry We could create a similiar project named texduck.net. :)
@egreg Yay! Have a nice meeting! :)
@ガベージコレクタ I thought you posted on LEGO?
@JasperLoy: Both Lego and EE.
@JasperLoy: mechanics.stackexchange.com is not the correct place I think.
@ガベージコレクタ Your Japanese name is quite hard to ping. You should consider changing to normal characters.
@JasperLoy: OK. I will to change it to chinese. Because you are familiar with chinese right?
9:34 AM
@ガベージコレクタ No, I mean it's better to be in English as it is easier to ping.
@ガベージコレクタ: I once saw an interesting scanner in a Brazilian online store. Here's a demo video, sorry for not finding an English one: youtube.com/watch?v=wpal1jbw1uM
@JasperLoy: You can install MIME :D
@ガベージコレクタ NO WAY! I like to install as few things as possible.=)
@JasperLoy: It is not possible for 2 millions of papers.
@JasperLoy: You want to flip one by one?
@ガベージコレクタ Sorry I thought you meant install something to type Chinese. Hey you should use the arrow to reply so I know which you are replying to.
9:38 AM
@JasperLoy OK. I see.
I'm here, I'm here, hey hey! <3
@ガベージコレクタ I also see you have just used the right arrow!
@PauloCereda Yes I see you ah!
@JasperLoy Yes. I used the right arrow because I have no left arrow.
@JasperLoy awww <3
9:39 AM
@ガベージコレクタ The left arrow is used to link backwards in case you have not noticed.
@JasperLoy Understood.
@JasperLoy: How much is an apartment in Singapore? The cheapest one I meant.
@ガベージコレクタ No idea.
@JasperLoy: Do you have national health insurance?
@ガベージコレクタ Well, there are various kinds of insurance here. I am not sure of the details.
@JasperLoy: Can you speak Malay or Indonesian?
9:46 AM
@ガベージコレクタ No. Of course I know a few swear words in various languages, such as !@#$%^&*
@JasperLoy: Terima kasih.
@JasperLoy: The bad things in pst-solides3d are these names cylindre, cylindrecreux, cone, conecreux,
tronccone, troncconecreux, sphere, calottesphere, calottespherecreuse, tore,
tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, isocahedron, anneau, prisme, prismecreux,
@ガベージコレクタ Are you thinking of moving here? You seem to be.
@JasperLoy I want to stay in your house, is it possible?
@JasperLoy: 300 SGD a month :D
@ガベージコレクタ Ah, let me think. I think we should discuss this via email. No overly personal things in chat. =)
@JasperLoy OK. Btw, how hard do Singaporean get 100 SGD in one day on the average?
@JasperLoy: What is the minimum daily salary in Singapore?
10:07 AM
@JasperLoy: Hello!
10:27 AM
@ガベージコレクタ OK emailed you.
@JasperLoy: Opening...
@JasperLoy: It is a sad news. :D
@MartinScharrer: hey Martin! :)
@PauloCereda Sorry if you are bored...
@JasperLoy hm?
@PauloCereda hi
10:34 AM
@MartinScharrer We miss you, buddy. :)
@PauloCereda I thought maybe you were bored by the conversation between me and him and was glad to see Martin. =)
@martin You look very serious in all your photos.
@JasperLoy Do I? ;-) Ok, I don't have much good photos of mine.
@ガベージコレクタ I replied to your email. Let's continue our conversation there.
@JasperLoy: Yes. I replied it.
@JasperLoy: Electrical engineer photos.
@JasperLoy: I am not a gay :-) You are totally wrong!
11:24 AM
@JasperLoy: I want to buy Windows 8 in Sing.
11:51 AM
From Futility Closet:
This self-describing (and otherwise pointless) sentence contains exactly 95 spaces, 66 apostrophes, 1 open parenthesis, 1 close parenthesis, 40 commas, 1 hyphen, 1 period, 4 '0's, 13 '1's, 9 '2's, 7 '3's, 8 '4's, 5 '5's, 4 '6's, 4 '7's, 4 '8's, 4 '9's, 2 'O's, 2 'T's, 12 'a's, 2 'b's, 10 'c's, 7 'd's, 21 'e's, 3 'f's, 4 'g's, 8 'h's, 13 'i's, 7 'l's, 5 'm's, 16 'n's, 12 'o's, 10 'p's, 8 'r's, 53 's's, 9 't's, 2 'u's, 2 'w's, 3 'x's, and 3 'y's, including a single Oxford comma.
@percusse OMG
@PauloCereda I just love that website :)
@PauloCereda This kind of stuff really makes me rethink and rethink and rethink and .....
to buy and XboX
First comment is golden :)
12:07 PM
@percusse LMAO
When I bought mine, first thing I did: HDMI cable. :)
@percusse: I'm afraid our boxes will be able to fry eggs while running this game. :P
@AndrewStacey: Now I gave up with the Sphinx thread. :P
@PauloCereda True!
@PeterGrill: could you choose a date for your interview? :)
12:56 PM
@PauloCereda He's the next one up?
@ガベージコレクタ Just use Linux. =) No need to buy any more Windows. Save the money for windows instead.
1:37 PM
@JasperLoy: But I have to be a Windows based programmer to get money. :-) Btw, I got an answer for my question bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/1628/…. The next step is to buy the peripherals. In Singapore maybe!
@JasperLoy: Where is the best place to purchase LEGO in Singapore?
@egreg wow I get the notification from you before I get one from the system:-)
@ガベージコレクタ Hilbert curve, not Herbert curve. =)
@JasperLoy: Yes. I know that before posting it. :-)
@JasperLoy: I want to have this youtube.com/watch?v=TyzixxNJS9c.
2:37 PM
@ガベージコレクタ Well, you still think you can build it in LEGO? And have you considered MERKUR?
@tohecz I haven't heard it. But I know FESTO.
Merkur je česká stavebnice, která se úspěšně prodává již od poloviny dvacátých let 20. století. Lze z ní sestavit různé modely, silniční i kolejová vozidla, jeřáby a mnoho jiných konstrukcí. Základem stavebnice jsou pásy a profily různých tvarů a délek z lakovaného ocelového plechu, se sítí předvrtaných otvorů. Tyto dílky se spojují šroubky a matičkami o velikosti M3,5. Stavebnice obsahuje i další součástky, různé hřídele, ozubená a neozubená kola. V některých sadách stavebnice je možné se setkat s kladkami, buldozerovými pásy (Merkur 201, 202) a dokonce i elektromotorky (Merkur M1). U...
@tohecz: I think FESTO is the best choice.
Otto Wichterle build the first machine for contact lenses in MERKUR
@tohecz Never seen before!
2:41 PM
@JasperLoy that is not a surprise, it's a purely Czech(oslovakian) thing
@tohecz Looks like Meccano to me
@JosephWright Well, I'm sure there're similar ones all around the world
@tohecz Indeed
LEGO or MERKUR they all look like TikZ to me!
Mecano? Lego?
2:44 PM
@PauloCereda Would if offend you if I find that disguisting?
@tohecz Not at all. :) You didn't like the song? :)
First of all I didn't like the guys :D
@PauloCereda It's kind of nice actually.
@tohecz :)
but the music is ... I don't know ... I would say "soft" in Czech, but it's not the same in English I think
2:46 PM
In other news, has anybody seen The Three Stooges? (2012 version)
Also, the Three Musketeers and The Three Little Pigs!
May I post my favourite pop song now...
I feel like I need to post a Slayer song to counterbalance that....
@JasperLoy Westlife is nice. :)
2:54 PM
@PauloCereda Probably not. TBH, I don't follow the contemporary art much
@percusse Do it. :)
OK, my turn!
@PauloCereda Oh I have a better one with a nice intro, let me find it...
@percusse OMG EPICNESS! I already know half of the lyrics! :)
If you can survive 30 seconds the vocals get back to normal :) hahahah
@percusse I did! :)
2:59 PM
but goes nuts again very soon after that
Thankfully, I'm with my Black Sabbath shirt now. :)
@PauloCereda Hey , coolness is achieved!! I have to play heaven and hell in a beginner level band for 10 weeks now together with Pearl Jam Got Some
and Wolfmother - Where eagles did something that I don't remember...
You know what's funny? I like the idea that we don't downvote and I understand people upvoting questions with negative score. The funny thing is that if the user a complete newbie, he gets 5 points from downvote+upvote ;)
@percusse I know that feeling. :)
@tohecz Indeed. :)
@PauloCereda It's very very tiring to play the same 10 seconds over and over again. I hope they'll figure out how to play soon.
3:04 PM
@percusse They probably need more group experience. It takes time. :)
@PauloCereda Indeed.
@egreg: congrats for the first badge! :)
3:20 PM
@egreg Turns out is was a user error not a bug. I hope all your pizzas get served like this:
@DavidCarlisle LOL you are mean. :)
@DavidCarlisle McDonalds and Pizza? First time I see this.
@MarcoDaniel I found it on a website listing failed mcdonalds products:-)
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle Don't be so mean on McD., they save me every time I arrive in a city and don't know at all what to get to eat
3:45 PM
@JosephWright hi there, are you around?
@cmhughes Yes
@JosephWright just wanted to thank you for your input on tex.stackexchange.com/questions/79221/… @alex.jordan is a colleague of mine, and his question relates to a project we're working on
4:03 PM
@cmhughes How nice! :)
@PauloCereda hi! yes, it's exciting :)
@cmhughes I will look to add a new suboption, but that won't help with an 'offset'
@JosephWright sounds great :) It sounds like we might be pushing the S column beyond what it was designed to do
4:32 PM
@PauloCereda texduck.net is available! It'd be fun to see that as an alias. But seriously, do you think a duck favicon for texdoc.net would be possible? :) That'd be so much more exciting than no favicon!
@doncherry @PauloCereda great idea!
@doncherry You need to talk to Stefan, he da boss. :)
@Martin Thankies :)
4:50 PM
:6659151, @StefanKottwitz a.k.a. da boss: What do you think of a duck favicon for texdoc.net, and possibly getting texduck.net as an alias (although I must admit the usefullness of the latter is very limited)?
1 hour later…
6:10 PM
@PauloCereda Your comment on the siunitx package is the answer :-) Convert it!
@JosephWright Really?! Oh my! :)
@JosephWright: You should write the answer, after all I only got that because of the answer from the OP to your comment. Otherwise, you'd have written the correct answer. :)
@PauloCereda OK, done
@JosephWright Thanks. :) That's better. :)
@JosephWright: You know how many pages did I have to read to find the answer? That's brutal for me. <3
Q: Preview in auctex on debian stable works in dvi mode, but fails on pdf mode

Jonas SteinMy auctex renders preview images on my debian stable system (6.0.6) if I set it to dvi mode, but it fails if I set auctex to pdf mode. I assume there is either a mistake in my emacs configuration or a permanent bug in the ghostscript package. I need help to isolate the bug step by step. Add...

Am I missing something, or is this simply not possible?
6:35 PM
Hello all
Q: Should I worry about the new math fonts when using pdfLaTeX?

CanageekI watch the CTAN Announcement RSS feed as a way of finding out about cool new packages. Recently I saw two announcements; The release of lm-math and tex-gyre-math. I use both Latin Modern (via lmodern or cfr-lm ) and Times (via loading mathptmx followed by tgtermes) quite a lot. Do these new pac...

@Canageek Yes, saw that :-)
@Canageek Have you seen the video about TeX Gyre from UK-TUG 2012?
@JosephWright Yeah, the previous answers were done before the packages were released, and was more theoretical, so I thought it was diffrent enough to ask
@JosephWright Nope.
@Canageek At a tangent to the direct question, I guess, but you might be interested :-)
@JosephWright I'm lost.
@PauloCereda I guess we need David Kastrup's input
6:47 PM
asked more then one question
Q: LaTeX question about white spaces between color tabs and two small questions

PtechHow to remove small white spaces between color blocks? (when you compile this tex there are small white spaces between the & \cellcolor{EM}\\ & & \cellcolor{EM}\\) What is the best way to use Helvetica in the whole text? (I saw many answers for this question. And i want to know how t...

I can answer one of them, so I did
But it isn't the main question. In this case did I do the right thing? Not sure what to do about multiple questions.
A: LaTeX question about white spaces between color tabs and two small questions

CanageekThe best way to use Helvetica in your whole document is, according to The LaTeX Font Catalogue \usepackage{tgheros} \renewcommand*\familydefault{\sfdefault} TeX Gyre Heros is an extended version of URW Nimbus Sans, which is what you get with the helvet package. If you want to keep using the h...

7:04 PM
@JosephWright Indeed.
7:17 PM
@JosephWright GRAH TOO MUCH TEXT PER SLIDE! explodes
@JosephWright : Slightly truncated blog post on TeXdev?
@Canageek Cleanup on aisle 4. Cleanup on aisle 4.
@Brent.Longborough Bear with me
@Brent.Longborough longtable bug.
@PauloCereda: Few minutes ago I installed mac.github.com Now I can clone the repositories ;-)
7:30 PM
@MarcoDaniel Cool! :) I opted for SourceTree.
@PauloCereda Great.
@MarcoDaniel How's the mac usage so far? :)
user image
@PauloCereda I can see some advantages. The trackpad is very cool. However I am missing a great text editor like gedit for Ubuntu.
@percusse Indeed
@percusse LOL
@percusse Plus the soft updates. 1Gb minimum. :)
7:34 PM
@percusse so true :) can you draw that in tikz? :) (just kidding)
@MarcoDaniel Not my cup of tea, but there's TextWrangler. :)
@MarcoDaniel OSX is a bit lacking in that regard. Textwrangler is popular though.
@Silex Thanks.
I think I'm finally becoming normal, none of the StumbleUpon pages are interesting any more :)
@MarcoDaniel Trackpads are a horrible invention. Touchpoints are far better.
7:37 PM
I really liked Smultron, but you have to pay for the latest versions :(
@MarcoDaniel There is a great version of emacs for Mac I hear.
@Canageek xkcd.com/243 :)
@Silex Yeah, they work so much better, but everyone thinks the touchpads are more futeristic. Bleh.
@Canageek or MacVim ;-)
@Silex It reminds of one of @percusse's comment about a nipple somewhere (focus, people. Focus). :)
@Canageek Aquamacs. :)
Very nice editor.
7:39 PM
So nobody likes Notepad++?
@Canageek I prefer a trackpad - your comment just reminded me of that XKCD comic :P
@PauloCereda That.
@percusse not for Mac :(
@Canageek Some years ago I had a notebook with a touch point. It was horrible for me ;-)
@percusse That is my main editor. Emacs I use for heavy lifting, but I find it too hard to swap between emacs keybindings and windows ones unless I'm using it a lot. Also, it is ugly as sin.
7:40 PM
@percusse Oh no!
@PauloCereda Is that your xml editor?
@MarcoDaniel MacVim. :)
@Canageek LOL I have the same impression.
@PauloCereda Uehehe
@percusse You are a hero, sir. <3
@PauloCereda That was one of the first programs I installed ;-)
7:44 PM
@MarcoDaniel I know. <3
@PauloCereda But so far I haven't installed vim-latex. But this is on my list
I'd also like to point out that emacs is winning
Q: LaTeX Editors/IDEs

hayalciWhat editors/IDEs are available for easing the process of writing TeX/LaTeX documents? Please state some useful features like code completion, spell checking, building final DVI or PDF files, etc.

@MarcoDaniel I'm not a fan of the vim-latex suite, but I can see a lot of advantages. :)
@Canageek Switching is very hard. I have to learn new shortcuts and new commands. In vim I am using :w to save or :!q. I don't know anything about emacs.
@Canageek I've used(tried) items 3,4,8,10, 14 and 16 on that list. Apparently I suck at this business.
7:48 PM
@PauloCereda And some drawbacks ;-)
@MarcoDaniel: if you really want to use Vim, I suggest you to try pathogen. :)
@MarcoDaniel Oh, I know. I Just find it interesting how close they are.
A comment from a page : just use a program called Crossover, install the notepad++.exe file into crossover and it works a treat. :)
comments are always weird in blogs
Not to mention the Mac userness at its best : What I would love to find in a future TextWrangler version is a better dock icon, as the current one doesn’t really compete with other app icons on my dock.
@percusse LOL
@percusse: in Apple's jargon, "the icon must be beautiful".
@PauloCereda Sounds great
7:54 PM
@MarcoDaniel Tim Pope has a great collection of plugins.
@Canageek Do you prefer vim or emacs?
@MarcoDaniel emacs
@JosephWright Of course.
@PauloCereda Sure, when are the best days/times? I usually work late so can do late PST time if that is better for others.
@PeterGrill Good question. :) Pick up the best time for you. :)
8:11 PM
@PauloCereda I guess you mean besides Oct 15? :-) How about Sat Nov 3rd? Is 10:00PM PST too early in the morning for European folks?
@PeterGrill I'm lost. It's 3:00PM for me. :)
I think it would be later for Europe, I guess.
@PauloCereda Huh? Are you saying it is 3:00PM for you now? or that 10:00PM PST is 3:00PM for you?
What time have the other interviews usually been?
@PeterGrill Oopsie, I thought it was 10AM. :P
@PeterGrill: it's 3'o clock in the morning for me. :)
@PauloCereda Still don't know if you mean that it is NOW 3:00AM for you, or if 10:00AM PST is 3:00AM for you?
@Canageek vim>emacs ;)
8:19 PM
@PeterGrill ah. :) It's now ~ 6:20PM for me. :) We have +5 hours from your time to my time. :)
@PauloCereda Its 1:20PM for me now. We should chat with the European folks to see what time works for them.
@PeterGrill We summon the amazing @JosephWright!
@PauloCereda You called?
@PauloCereda Ok, lets how powerfull you are...
Wow!!! Impressive...
@JosephWright <3
@Joseph: We would like to set a time for Peter's interview. He is in PST, +7 hours from London, +5 from São Paulo. Any ideas for a nice schedule? :)
8:27 PM
@PauloCereda So morning for Europe, and thus afternoon for @PeterGrill?
afternoon is good...
Nevermind me I'm just putting this picture for future reference :) Keywords : electrical , circuitikz , circuit
@percusse Do you have that for the same reason I have this on my wall?: nist.gov/pml/data/upload/…
speaking of that
NIST needs to update that with Flerovium and Livermorium, though
The names were adopted by IUPAC on May 31, 2012.
@JosephWright I think it's the opposite. :)
@PauloCereda So he's -7 from London?
8:38 PM
@JosephWright Oh my. Yes. Sorry, I'm quite slow today.
@PauloCereda OK, so something like 2100 GMT would be 1400 his time
The IUPAC's version tends to be the best, though: iupac.org/reports/periodic_table
Since I mean, it's basically the periodic table
I hereby elect @percusse to be my spokesman on math. :)
@percusse Aww... it misses nano and how to read capacitors :(
@JosephWright Yep.
8:39 PM
@PauloCereda Famous quotes: Math is overrated...
@Gnintendo Technically the names have to be agreed on by the IEEE before they are official. No idea why, probably historical reasons. I suspect they rubber stamp it though.
@Silex @Gnintendo Usually we have a lot of questions about these things (not too much lately though)
@Canageek I usually go by the IUPAC, heh
I'm ready for the next hand-drawn TikZ question : hartmann-kommunikation.de/20greatest/hits/18-gute-script-fonts
Does the IEEE even distribute a periodic table?
I'll have to go hunting for one later.
8:43 PM
@PeterGrill note that summer time ends in the UK (and most of Europe ) tomorrow so the time difference between here and there will change by an hour until the US switches too
@DavidCarlisle So what is the best time PST for European folks?
@percusse: write a coat of arms with ComicSans mereo mereor nex.
@PauloCereda I'm going to use that!
@Silex Yay! :)
@PeterGrill I suggest about 2000 GMT
8:47 PM
@PauloCereda I wanted to use the My school, my rules... John for the St. John's College logo question but I didn't want to offend anyone.
I think I'm going to pick up a Chemistry minor to be competitive
maybe major
and maybe a CS minor
although honestly that last one would be a waste of time
@JosephWright So what is that in PST, or UTC -- I know when the 24 hr period for TeX.SE turns over :-)
@PeterGrill UTC is just another name for GMT :-)
@percusse LOL
@JosephWright Ok, so 1:00PM PST (4 hours before TeX.SE day ends).
8:49 PM
@PeterGrill Exactly
@JosephWright We should all switch to using SET timezone - Stack Exchange Timezone.
@PeterGrill Which is UTC under the hood. :)
@PauloCereda If you just make a small typo and use google translate Latin->English on this meteo mereor nex, something hilarious happens with Comic Sans.
I finally know enough TeX/LaTeX to feel comfortable typesetting just about any document/task thrown at me ^.^
Damn, I was gonna write UTF instead of UTC. :P
@percusse ooh let me check!
8:52 PM
As in, 'I know I can do that, give me 5 minutes' instead of: Ummmmmm, give me 2 hours to read documentation and ask people stuff.
@percusse LMAO!
Where's @egreg? :)
@PauloCereda GuIT perhaps?
@PeterGrill Yep. And a pizza, perhaps. :)
Probably that too!!
@Gnintendo Ok, how about writing documentation to explain this answer: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/39149/…?
k, let's do this
obfuscation interpretation, goooo
8:57 PM
and kids this was the last time we heard from him...
If you look at this code without blinking for 5 minutes, you start to see a christmas tree. :)Paulo Cereda 37 secs ago
@PeterGrill, @JosephWright: so, we could set the interview to Nov 3rd, 1:00PM PST? :)
@PauloCereda Overlaps with the Answer the Unanswered, no?
@JosephWright Ouch. You are right.
Perhaps on Sunday, if @PeterGrill is available?
@JosephWright Oh, following Sat then Nov 10 1:00PM?
@PauloCereda Sure, Sun also works.
@PeterGrill Fine with me. @PauloCereda?
9:01 PM
@JosephWright Fine with me too. :)
@JosephWright Which one? Sun 11/4, or Sat 11/10?
@PeterGrill Sunday 11/4. :)
@JosephWright, @PeterGrill: could you guys take a look? timeanddate.com/worldclock/…
@PauloCereda OK, I'll schedule
@PauloCereda Ok.
@Gnintendo OMG! I see code, a christmas tree and an arara flying! <3
A: TeXtalk interviews

Paulo CeredaOur next interviewee: Peter Grill Interview scheduled to Sunday, November 4th, around 21:00PM UTC. Everybody is invited! Lost with the UTC time? Click here to see the event time in your local timezone. :)

@Gnintendo: Very nice theme, BTW. :)
oh, thanks
I can link you to it?
9:08 PM
@Gnintendo It's embarrassing really: those commented out # show up highlighted both in your editor and as posted on site, I ran out of time to do a proper job of making the actual code line up without such a cheap trick, may fix that later.
I'm working through all your catcodes right now :P
find and replace :P
@Gnintendo Please. :)
It's really nice
@PauloCereda start bar icons are separate, you don't have to use them
It doesn't require any extra software either
@Gnintendo Thank you very much. :)
No problem
The shiny default theme drives me insane
9:33 PM
@tohecz Tom? :)
Is the non-living pronoun in this sentence an intention or I miss something in English? "everybody which is a TeX.sx member"
@tohecz I don't know. I'm not a fluent speaker.
I think it should be "everybody who is a TeX.SX member"
Oops. I'll correct.
9:46 PM
@PauloCereda Interesting, that I keep doing this mistake quite often, but only with feminine words, like "waitress which ...." instead of "waitress who"
@tohecz yes
@DavidCarlisle Ok, and since I was correct, I can reward myself with a nice lemon cake :)
10:02 PM
Well, good night, and for the CEST people: Don't forget that you have a spare hour this night between CEST and CET :)
@tohecz Good night, Tom! :)
Bye @Paulo
@tohecz night (BST people get an extra hour as well:-)
@DavidCarlisle nice
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