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12:00 AM
doesn't have to be written like that, just thought the fake ellipsis was cool
= reshape a 2 to 2x2x2
actually wait
reshape 3 to (reshape 3 to (1x3))
outputs a list of lists of lists of lists of
actually wait it can be shorter
10: type F=F[]
12:26 AM
@Bubbler (\x. x x)(\x. (\f c n. c f (c f n)) (x x))
@noodleman 4: ⇡↯.2
12:49 AM
@Bubbler oh yeah, i forgot range worked like that
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2:14 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AEmulate Jelly's tie-scan The golfing language Jelly has a built-in ƭ called "tie", that cycles through a list of functions every time it's called. For example, +×ƭ will switch between + (addition) and × (multiplication) every time it's called. ƭ can be somewhat usefully combined with the built-in...

^ any feedback?
I'd especially like feedback on my explanation of Jelly quicks
explanation looks fine to me (disclaimer: I'm familiar with J equivalent of that feature)
2:51 AM
looks fine to me too
3:03 AM
CMMetaC Question about trinary bitwise
3:19 AM
Are you asking how bit operators should work on ternary computers?
Oh, like accepting three operands.
Something like ?: but for bitmasking?
If the first operand would be an arbitrary 2-adic integer, that would be cool.
so apparently the "Save As" shortcut for word on windows is F12 and not "ctrl + shift + s" like it is on mac, and like it is for literally every other program (including vs code, also developed by Microsoft)
which would explain why I've never been able to get the shortcut working
3:42 AM
Trinary mean 0,1,2,10,11,12,20,21,22,100
trinary operations f(g(a)OPh(b)), OP can be what? ADDmod3, ADDsaturate, MAX, ADD-1saturate, more? any two are same?
AVGfloor, AVGroundto1
@UnrelatedString This didn't have any backtracking, it just made heavy use of superscript numerals
Given a string of length n, can one generate a string of length O(log n) that isn't a substring of the given one in O(n) time O(log n) space? I asked somewhere not sure if here
4:00 AM
@l4m2 The word for that is "ternary," and I think the kind of operations you're talking about should be called "tritwise operations" (although I'm not sure if that term is used by anyone other than Malbolge programmers).
4:13 AM
@DLosc Golfed 38 MB :P
4:27 AM
@l4m2 Take substring length k = log_alpha n + C. alpha is the size of the alphabet; C is a constant. Then randomly generate a string of length k and test it with a substring match algorithm, e.g. KMP, until a match is not found.
The possible number of strings of length k is alpha^(log_alpha n + C) = n * alpha^C, so success chance is 1 - 1/alpha^C, so it takes a constant number of tries on average
One run of KMP takes time O(n) and extra space O(k) = O(log n).
4:52 AM
@DLosc I think the best I can do in FunStack currently is $0 Pair table, which outputs this (strings are lists of characters in FunStack):
Or, more entertainingly, #N Pair table, which results in an infinite list of infinite lists of pairs (kinda hard to display, tho)
Lolol (Mapudungun: "land of crabs and holes"; Spanish pronunciation: [loˈlol]) is a Chilean commune and town in Colchagua Province, O'Higgins Region. == History == During the 17th century, several Haciendas were created throughout the Colchagua Valley; they were great lands which the King of Spain granted to his conquistadores. After the Chilean Independence in 1818, several mansions were created in the Lolol area, some of which are still standing today, and are part of the local tourism. From the late 19th century, and until the mid-20th century, the Hacienda Lolol and Hacienda Santa Teresa de...
@Bubbler What if worst case limit
Any deterministic algorithm that I can think of takes either O(n log n) time or O(n) extra space
assuming your question is "if you're unlucky enough then it takes forever"
5:14 AM
Q: Odds for second smallest prime factor

Mukundan314Given a prime number \$n\$ output the probability that it is the second smallest prime factor of a positive integer. Input/Output Input: one of the following formats: A prime number \$p\$ A integer \$n\$ to represent the \$n\$-th (0-index or 1-index) prime number No input; return probabilities f...

@Bubbler O(n^c) extra space is possible where 0<c<1, resulting in (log n)/c length output
5:44 AM
Q: Create the characters you can write on a MacOS US English Keyboard (as another OS will read them)

MelIntroduction This is a small challenge I came up with while trying to make some compact code for my younger brother to use. I don't think it's particularly interesting, but I believe it presents some unique challenges because of its limited input/output requirements. Challenge I want to enumerate...

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8:08 AM
/searchquestion float addition on integer processor
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6:01 PM
Q: Construct the Irish possessive

Wheat WizardIn this challenge you will take an Irish word and a personal pronoun and create the possessive pronoun construction combining the two. For example sé, madra becomes a mhadra. Translated to English: he, dog becomes his dog. Rather than exhaustively describing how valid Irish words are formed, the ...

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7:08 PM
Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove leading zeros from a list in Brachylog? There doesn't seem to be any builtin that does it, and after trying several "clever" approaches to no avail, I've settled on the direct {h0&b!↰|}. Seems like there's got to be a better way, tho.
If it helps, it's for this challenge (~ḃ doesn't work on digit lists with extra leading zeros). In that context, it's okay if the "remove leading zeros" code also returns the versions with leading zeros, so I can use {h0&b↰|} without the cut.
7:40 PM
I guess in this specific case, {s.h1!∧} would work (all elements are either 0 or 1, and it's okay if it fails on lists that only contain 0).
The cut there is necessary, otherwise it includes shorter sublists that start with 1.
7:54 PM
Q: Emulate Jelly's tie-scan

emanresu AThe golfing language Jelly has a built-in ƭ called "tie", that cycles through a list of functions every time it's called. For example, +×ƭ will switch between + (addition) and × (multiplication) every time it's called. ƭ can be somewhat usefully combined with the built-in \ called "scan", which c...

8:08 PM
Chrome's stupid right-click menu is actually preventing me from getting my job done (efficiently)
I try to right-click an element to inspect it, right?
So I move my mouse down to the bottom, expecting that at least it'll scroll down so I can click on Inspect...
Nope! "No Inspect for you." >_<
... Okay, so apparently you can use the scroll wheel and it works. But still. The context menu isn't even close to taking up the full height of the window. Why do I even have to scroll it??
Hmm, sandbox posts has 1.7k messages here while new posts has 2.4k
Even accounting for the ~100 meta posts in that time, it's surprising that there are so many more, especially considering how many of my challenges never make it out of the sandbox
Spam could account for some of it, maybe?
True, that's probably it
Only 185 posts in TN🍞 but I guess lyxal nukes some of them
8:29 PM
Q: Where do I start learning a low-level programming language?

fkybrdAfter reviewing the 8086, 8085, 6502, MIPS, NASM, and MASM instructions, I decided that the instructions were similar. I want to learn a low-level programming language, but it doesn't have to be assembly. There are three reasons why I want to find out. To make it easier to emulate bots in a diff...

8:43 PM
@NewPosts It's a good question, but unfortunately off-topic (and I'm not sure if it's on-topic for meta either, although we have had list of resources questions before)
There're 3 close votes but all suggest to stackoverflow.com, I don't understand
@DLosc Sorry, I completely missed all your PRs on DSO. I'll merge them now
@l4m2 i mean there isn't an option for just "not on topic for this site"
@emanresuA \o/
Do you want contributor access? Would mean you could do this sort of thing on separate branches instead of on your fork
8:56 PM
Sure, I don't know if it would change too much but that sounds good.
I'll probably be making another pull request for Pip soon™, since I'm going to be adding another Python file to the Pip implementation. So it'll either need an update to all.txt or a change to read the file list directly from GitHub like we talked about in the Pip chatroom.
CMC given an n by n matrix of unit squares, find the smallest number of straight lines needed to intersect every square
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11:02 PM
For more language, is outputting [2,3,4,...,n-1,n-1,n-2,...,3,2] or [n-1,n-2,...,3,2,2,3,4,...,n-1] shorter?
(Q: Output a shortest list that collide with any list A in [1,n] integer, |A[i]-A[i+1]|=1)
@l4m2 The first one is shorter in Pip: RF2,a versus RF R2,a

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