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12:00 AM
Yeah, that happens. You were missed
Glad to see you back in the neighborhood
Thank you.
The other moderators have also gone missing. (Is it correct this phrase?)
I changed it.@DanielGrillo, they went missing in the past, but they are still in the state of being missing.
@DanielGrillo, Toby is still around regularly, but he rarely takes action on flags.
@Kortuk Which comment are you talking about? The last one that you deleted, you did exactly what I want to do. I'd like to take him a time, but without hope.
For the brazilian's answer, I asked before for suggestions in Teachers' Lounge.
I was taking a look in your history. A lot of new user answers.
12:40 AM
@DanielGrillo, yeah, People often leave a comment already, so I just deleted them so that the user could see the comment.
I am at work now, I will be here for 12 hours.
So I will look in throughout the night.
@DanielGrillo, I saw reemrevnivek asking you about your actions on something earlier, I thought it was one of the posts I deleted. I removed it because it had been hours since you posted and the user had not come back and I wanted to avoid the downvotes.
1:29 AM
@reemrevnivek Wikipedia you are allowed to directly copy with attribution, but copying someones entire document or a large portion of their code does qualify as copyright infringement.
@NickT Yes, I realized my error that the markup does not work.
2:06 AM
@tyblu So, I linked to this because you have not been here in so long that @tyblu was not working. You flagged someone's answer saying it should be a comment, i wanted to let you know that when they have no rep they have no way to leave a comment. It is one of those confusing things to new users. Just flag for moderator and we can convert it for them.
2:38 AM
@Kortuk Correct. No problem
3 hours later…
5:09 AM
5:26 AM
I giggled.
5:37 AM
A: How to build a calculator

W5VOHere is an example of a calculator that you can build without too much electronics knowledge. It's full featured, although addition is not included.

answer with picture: automatic upvote
seems to be the case
@markrages, if his simple dimmer was not working I would assume his "cheap" soldering iron is not that cheap.
@markrages, and that it includes components that are not purely resistive. That was my guess at-least. I removed my answer.
5:52 AM
I've got a few cheap irons, and they are just resistors that get hot. I've never seen any other kind.
6:07 AM
That makes me think that they did not have a cheap soldering iron @markrages
Who knows
them, maybe
I dunno, from the description, they had the dimmer wired properly.
grrr... how to unTeX my dollars? electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/11263
Man, ThomasO's use of the Falstad simulator has made me like it less
@W5VO, that covers many things I used to like that thomasO has used...
How awesome is it that it isn't deterministic?
I will never use it for anything other than entertainment value because of that
All things are deterministic, we just do not have all the parameters. and I only ever use it for entertainment.
6:17 AM
I tried that simulator a few times, it has only given me garbage
I have used the tons of premade circuits to show people what is happening.
the default capacitor model (trapezoidal) always gives me wrong results
A: Why is this oscillator unstable?

W5VOWhat's happening is that the simulation is not deterministic! What an exciting property for a simulator to have! It appears that if it takes too long for an event to occur (computationally) it gets delayed a time-step. If you set the simulation speed too fast, you may get a different result! At ...

I think the traditional thing to do, when you get a bad simulation, is to throw your computer off the roof
a la Bob Pease?
6:21 AM
I suggested this to Thomas O, but he has not yet acted on Bob's advice.
More annoyingly, he's gone back for more lies
Q: LM394 is obsolete. What is the new standard logger circuit?

markragesThe traditional logarithmic amplifier circuit is described in National Appnote 311: This circuit uses the difference of two transistor currents to generate the log of the input over a pretty wide range. The well-matched transistor pair Q1a and Q1b are halves of the LM394 "supermatch" transist...

how do I fix the dollars?
@markrages $\$$
6:37 AM
sweet TeX dollars!
7:12 AM
I liked your question @markrages.
4 hours later…
11:25 AM
@Kortuk Did you see the question about Brainstorm in Meta?
Q: Brainstorming in the form of a question

reemrevnivekIs it OK to ask questions that are really just requests to brainstorm with the community? I'm referring to this question, which just came to the top of the main page. It caught my attention because it mentioned brainstorming explicitly, even in the title. However, this type of question has b...

It made ​​me think again about questions and answers from Chiphacker era.
Do you remember that we discussed about it by email at the beginning. The discussion was about @jluciani signatures. But it could be extended for the others Q&A from ChipHacker era. What do you think we should do?
11:41 AM
@DanielGrillo, that is not a simple task.
@DanielGrillo, as people have flagged old questions I have fixed them, we only have a few that do not match it.
@DanielGrillo, I have been heavily suggested that we need to get a mod channel to have discussions about mod decisions
And I think we should.
@Kortuk Yes, I agree with you about mod channel.
@DanielGrillo, We will get it going soon
@DanielGrillo, It is time for me to finish up my shift.
I will be back a bit later.
See you later.
12:45 PM
@DanielGrillo, I am going to sleep now, the startup ran over in time and my shift is done.
@DanielGrillo, I will create a mod channel when I get on later.
@DanielGrillo, and send you a notice of some sort. Plan to talk tonight if you have time.
@Kortuk What your time zone?
1:15 PM
@DanielGrillo, I am GMT-6. I am working night shift at my job right now, so I am backwards from you for a couple more weeks.
4 hours later…
5:13 PM
hi every one
5:24 PM
good evening
can you tell me about phase shift in a signla
lets say sine wave
from sin0=0 and sin90=1
can you please tell me what is phase shift in a signal
90 degrees? I'm not sure what you're asking
i mean
what is phase shirt in a signal
what means by phase shift
please tell me that
sin(x) = cos(x-pi/2)
and cosx= sin(x+pi/2)
ahahn i see
5:41 PM
Phase shift is the difference between identical parts of a wave
can you tell me by diagram
If you plot sin(x) and sin(x+90), then you can see that the peaks are in different spots, but the waves are basically the same
sorry this subject is new for me so my questions may be like silly
The difference between the two waves can be considered the phase difference.
ahahn but that is crest
right or not?
5:45 PM
yes, but it is between any similar portion of the wave
ahhan you means crest is between any two similar wave
mean no ups and down in wave
Such as the trough, or a zero crossing with the same slope
Phase shift is the differece between two ups and down waves
is it?
x(t) = Acos(wot+phi)= Acos(@pifot +phi)
here wo is the angle of sine or cose
how wo = 2pifo
can any one guide me ?
Phase in waves is the fraction of a wave cycle which has elapsed relative to an arbitrary point. Formula The phase of an oscillation or wave refers to a sinusoidal function such as the following: :x(t) = A\cdot \cos( 2 \pi f t + \theta )\, :y(t) = A\cdot \sin( 2 \pi f t + \theta ) = A\cdot \cos( 2 \pi f t + \theta -\pi/2),\, where A, f, and \scriptstyle \theta are constant parameters. These functions are periodic with period \scriptstyle T = 1/f, and they are identical except for a displacement of \scriptstyle T/4 along the \scriptstyle t axis. The term phase can refer to several diffe...
radian frequency is dimensionless what means by that?
5:55 PM
it means that there is no unit like seconds, meters, etc...
ahahn that mean actaully angle of sine or cose making the phase
and phase get change w.r.t time
where are you getting "angle"?
a change in theta is also referred to as a phase shift
t=1/f how?
is that mean frequency decrease in long time
so when frequency decrease than waves are long
t = period
ahahnn yes
so frequency depend on time
6:04 PM
A frequency of 1Hz has a period of 1 second
A frequency of 2Hz has a period of 0.5 seconds
Hz = Hertz = 1/second
i did not udnerstand
wo = 2pifo how?
and wo is the radian frequency
1 radian = pi = 3.14
1 period = 2 radians = 2*pi
6:10 PM
thought y'all might like this :P
1 period = 1/f = 1/(2*pi*radian frequency)
so wo is the angle that is = total 360f
and f is depend on time
you're mixing radians and degrees
and angle = total 360*f
hey quick question... is lego mindstorms on-topic for electronics.SE?
6:12 PM
how am i mixing
@KronoS If you're going for more technical information, yes.
k thanks @W5VO
@W5VO what about Mindstorm questions, are those on-topic here too?
ohh i see ... now i understand your mean \
6:14 PM
@IvoFlipse Yes, but keep in mind that the majority of the users do NOT have any Mindstorm stuff
but angle wo = 2pi*f
means angle will be equal to total in radain with its frequency
and frequcy depend on time
that's fine @W5VO, one of the SU users had a school project with them and we wanted to get him a set to test some fun stuff
@tina sin(2*pi*f*t) = sin(wo*t)
yes but why wo = 2pi*f
and then blog about it on the SU blog, but I just thought it would be more fun for you guys :)
6:17 PM
@IvoFlipse As long as it's fairly general w.r.t. electronics
wrt? pardon my ignorance
@IvoFlipse with regard to
i do't understand the radian frequency
I'll sent @nhinkle here to come and have a chat some day, so we can figure out what would be appropriate
plot a sine wave from 0 to 2*pi
6:21 PM
it will goes to +ve axies and -ve axis both
but start form 0 move up than down than up so on...
@IvoFlipse that's probably best as we don't really know what's going on :P
it will be one full period, correct?
yes right
@IvoFlipse sounds good
ahahn i see
6:22 PM
@tina So that is a radian frequency of 1
and the period is = 2*pi = 6.28
you mean radian freq of 1 period
the idea would be that @nhinkle get's a Mindstorm set and would also be able to answer (some) questions, which always helps off course :)
6:24 PM
which means that the frequency is about 0.159
@tina It will be the same for all periods
but fre = 0.159 means f = w2pi*f/2pi
6.28 = 1/0.159
wo = 2pi*f
but fre = 0.159 how did you say?
and pi=180
so 2pi = 360
6:31 PM
pi = 3.14 in my universe :)
how is it 6.28
yes right
ok i udnerstand
actually, I've never seen pi not equal to 3.14
except as a joke
@IvoFlipse Do you have any example questions? That would help as well
please can you tell me
how did you say fre = 0.159
scroll up ~_~
ok some how i understand it
thanks Mr
7:05 PM
@IvoFlipse, @everyone else, I'd love to do some projects with an NXT sometime in partnership with SU and this SE site. After my final exams are over, I'm going to try contacting NI and LEGO about getting a set (or at least a discount) for a review
@W5VO wanted to know an example question @nhinkle, but perhaps it can wait until after your exams
@IvoFlipse I'll see if I think of any

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