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4:18 AM
This tag contains 31 questions at the moment. So you propose to remove the tag, right? Either by manual removal or in some other way. — Martin Sleziak 13 hours ago
@MartinSleziak it's been like 6 years, and there's 31 questions at the moment. what do you mean by -in some other way-? — Verónica Rmz. 10 hours ago
By "some other way" I mean that moderators can merge one tag into another - and in that way they can remove a tag without bumping (if there is a suitable replacement for all questions). And there is also a burnination of a tag - this can only be done by a CM, (But typically, this is used only when the tag has many questions.) In any case, such activities are likely to be resumed only after the strike ends. — Martin Sleziak 9 hours ago
@VerónicaRmz. At the end of this post, I have linked some stuff concerning merging, burnination, etc.
Q: What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?

Martin SleziakRecently, the following tag synonyms were created by a MathOveflow moderator: abstract-algebra $\to$ ra.rings-and-algebras, geometry $\to$ mg.metric-geometry and discrete-mathematics $\to$ co.combinatorics. You can see the new synonyms in the list of tag synonyms (Wayback Machine). The three tags...

CMs are usually willing to use burnination only for tags with 100+ questions.
Here in chat you can find some useful stuff too: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2022/10/17
This includes explanation of merging as a tool to remove a tag without bumping.
in MO editors' lounge, Oct 17, 2022 at 14:17, by Martin Sleziak
Merging. A moderator can merge two tags. Merging tag1 into tag2 simply means that all occurrences of are replaced by - without bumping any questions.
in MO editors' lounge, Oct 17, 2022 at 14:18, by Martin Sleziak
This tool should be used carefully - it is not reversible. But it is a way how a could be removed without any bumping - if all questions fit into .
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Q: Thomas plank is not realcompact

JakobianLet $X = \bigcup_{n\geq 0} L_n$ where $L_n = [0, 1)\times\{1/i\}$ for $i > 0$ and $L_0 = (0, 1)\times \{0\}$. Define the topology on $X$ as follows: each point $(x, 1/i)$ for $x\in (0, 1)$ and $i > 0$ is isolated, neighbourhoods of $(0, 1/i)$ are subsets $A$ of $L_i$ containing $(0, 1/i)$ with $L...

I have mentioned this in the Tagging chatroom, too - just in case somebody might want to chime in.

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