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1:00 PM
@HopelessN00b haha, sorry. I think it's something like in the past 20 years only 40 teachers have been actually sacked for incompetance.
I wouldn't say any of the people I work with are incompetant, although I do question technical ability sometimes.
@Iain Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! No question, no errors, no apparently problems even. Why in h*ll would someone migrate that crap??
@tombull89 Yeah, seems to be the same with management, especially upper management. No getting rid of them, no matter how incompetent they are... and then they got their golden parachutes anyway.
@ChrisS because SO
@ChrisS Uh, because developers. It even says so. migrated from stackoverflow.com
It's too early in the morning to be facepalming that bad.
1:06 PM
"I accidentally the question..." - SO
@ChrisS Natural disasters, hardware faults, developers and other similar acts of a cruel and vengeful God respect no such time of day constraints.
One of our developers called in today because he twisted his ankle two days ago. It was good enough to walk on yesterday, but today he needs to "put it up". le sigh
@ChrisS I've found ankles to be like that too
@ChrisS and he can't work from home? He must not be happy.
@maple_shaft yeah but you don't have the problem anymore
1:16 PM
@ChrisS As much as I hate to give a developer the benefit of the doubt, that might be legit. Give something like that 2 days, especially if you're walking on it, and it can swell up pretty heinously.
Not to say that developers don't deserve much pain and swelling, but I've had similar injuries where it was "fine" (enough) until the fact that I was pushing it too hard caught up with me a few days later.
1:36 PM
@HopelessN00b On the plus side, one less developer to cause trouble.
@HopelessN00b http://serverfault.com/questions/434774/dc-in-hyper-v-vm-after-reboot-is-not-working#comment467527_434775

Are you telling him he shouldn't run DHCP on a DC?
@Dan Yup. Well, technically, it's what Microsoft says, but I concur, particularly in a one DC environment.
And a one-DC environment where the DC is virtualized, <shudder>
@HopelessN00b Ignoring his crappy single DC VM, a) Where does Microsoft actually say that? and B) I disagree anyway, I've known hundreds and hundreds of DC's running DHCP and I've never seen a single issue caused by it
@Dan I run DHCP on my DCs, and they're all Hyper-V VMs except one. =]
@ChrisS It's just the fact that he has a single, virtual DC
1:43 PM
@Dan Meh, boot is going to be slow as he'll have to wait for the Hyper-V server's authentication to timeout before it boots the VMs. But it does work.
@ChrisS Yeah, but it's not great is it. Can understand he's stuck, but it's not an environment I'd want
Oh yeah. I agree. I'd never want that... Just saying, it's not a fundamental show-stopper.
@ChrisS No, not at all, and I still disagree that him having DHCP on it is a key issue too
I've seen setups like that a fair amount with small businesses, they get one server and do the SBS dance. The person who sets it up think Hyper-V Server is a good idea, then install SBS to VM(s)... Not actually a very good idea, but neither is hiring a consultant who only charges $20/h.
@ChrisS :D I must admit, I'm a complete hypocrite because I do know what it's like when you can't get cash for the things you want to do and for many businesses they'd literally rather struggle along and deal with the occasional issues than spend any real money
1:48 PM
@Danijel This is really beyond the scope of what I can provide in a Server Fault answer. I was just trying to help point you in the right direction. — ewwhite 38 secs ago
Can't be live support...
@ewwhite Send him a quote!
Guy's got no chance of cleaning that installation... He's wasting time not reinstalling now.
That's an easy rootkit to fix.
Of course, you know he'll hit the trigger, which will reinfect everything all over.
Can't seem to locate the reference at he moment, but you can check out the article/KB I linked, which lists a few of the problems DHCP serves on DCs are known to cause.

Independent of that, though, my general thought on the idea is... why install *anything* on such a vital server that you don't absolutely need to? Best to only install one app/service/system per server anyhow, even on servers that aren't critical to your environment.
@HopelessN00b Mm, I'm going to have to disagree. Two DC's both running DHCP and DNS is a pretty common setup that I'll roll out time and time again and I can hand on heart say I've never had a single issue
I do agree with separating rolls for the most part, and there's really no excuse not to in these days of virtualisation, but I really can't see a good case for running seperate DHCP and DNS servers. That'd put a basic deployment to 6 servers before you've even started
2:03 PM
Well, YMMV and all, but this what I've found to work best and to be recommended by the guys in Redmond. If you can get away with it, and it doesn't cause problems, great.

Clearly not the case for the OP in that thread... and another reason I like to separate AD from absolutely everything I can. AD/DNS troubleshooting in a Windows domain is rough enough under normal circumstances, without having to wonder if the DHCP service is part of the problem as well.
@HopelessN00b Guess we'll just disagree on that one
Well, as the saying goes, `no one else is perfect`, but you seem pretty sharp, so I'm confident you'll come around to my PoV eventually. :D

By all means, if you have a different opinion to add to that question, please share it... probably be nothing but good for the question and the OP to have advice from the opposite camp on the topic.
Fuck off
Q: Computer unresponsive

MarlinMy computer has suddenly become slow after installing files on the hard drive. This slowness includes starting up, and logging on. Is this directly related to the movies I uploaded which took some space? I checked and the disk is not full.

I tell you what, my Linux network may not have all that trust domain goodness, but it pretty much never freaking breaks either.
I'll echo Dan with this one, I've worked in three places that have had two DCs and both DCs ran DHCP and DNS.
2:08 PM
@HopelessN00b Nah I came here because I deliberately didn't want to detract from the question and it may well be his problem
@Dan And me already out of downvotes. And delete votes.
Same here. Got flagged tho
BAM. Closehammer'd.
What's up homies
Ah well, if he keeps it up he'll hit the Low Quality filters.
2:11 PM
Cool, it shows my rabit downvoring (-1) in chat on the computer unresponsive Q
Ah, Mr. Grace spins round on high-backed chair we've been expecting you. strokes white cat
@tombull89 Dude, what did the judge say about that?
@tombull89 Found myself thinking lately that maybe/definitely that filter should kick in a bit/lot sooner
oh, -5 already :)
2:13 PM
Woo! Send it to -10! Send it to -10!
@Dan I just want to delete your comment because it's so unconstructive, but I just can't bring myself to be that kind of guy. Iain's response is really how this should be handled, IMHO.
it's gone
@PeterGrace I didn't see Iains response, but I wouldn't have been offended. I wasn't trying to be too rude, but the guy is taking the piss really
@PeterGrace I need to work on that then ;)
And looking at this question:

He actually think he has markatable skills. Scary.
2:15 PM
You realize this frustration is a product of major flaws in how the question entry process is handled?
@Dan > Your question is off topic for Serverfault because it does not relate to servers, networking or desktop infrastructure in a professional capacity. Also it is a poor question because it provides no information that we can use to help you e.g. which operating system etc
@Iain Ah, cool
Slapping us down for being frustrated at the plethora of horrid questions, and then being unresponsive to complaints about the horrible question entry process is a bit much.
hm, I remember the guy from somewhere. 0% acceptance rate tho? lame.
@Dan Though, I did prefer your comment, even if I understand why it had to be deleted.
2:17 PM
@Dan it's a mixture of 2 template responses I have
@Dan What's scary? His profile website.
anyway @PeterGrace where have you been hiding for the last few weeks ?
@tombull89 No, I didn't dare click. I found it scary that he was doing "server work" for a "client"
@Adrian Where's the meta post on how awful question entry is?
@Adrian If you have one, I will link it to the devs and ask them
@Iain We're so unbelievably busy around here with the datacenter move. We're moving out of PEER1 and into a new facility next month.
@Iain even with @BartSilverstrim holdin' down the fort, we're swamped.
@PeterGrace 111 8th?
2:19 PM
I haven't bothered. It's been made clear in the past that any perceived barriers to question entry is impactful to the content and thus the bottom line.
@ewwhite bingo.
@PeterGrace wow haven't you been with peer1 since forever ?
@PeterGrace always fun... I miss that building.
@PeterGrace Oh, you guys know I'm in NY every month. Maybe I should visit.
@Adrian I understand if you want to gripe about this, but without anyone articulating this in the forum that is designed for that purpose, how do you expect any feedback as to why it is the way it is?
@PeterGrace I think the thing is that the feedback we've recieved is "non-starter," so there seems to be little point in opening another question to beat that dead horse anymore.
Griping about it a bit in chat, on the other hand, does relieve some of the irritation, on the other hand. At least for me.
2:22 PM
Sure, I understand the catharsis part
I'd like to point out that this was as shit migration
A: Access hard drive with Bitlocker in external machine without recovery key

MDMarraYou're probably out of luck. Without that key, there's no way to get the data. If there were, that would render Bitlocker pretty useless. When you set up Bitlocker, you were prompted to write down/keep safe your recovery key for a reason. Group Policy can be configured to store recovery keys in...

I've had the discussion, I got told a firm NO in no uncertain terms. If someone else wants to, more power to them
Why are we migrating 10 month old questions that are on-topic anyway?
@Adrian Who told you no, do you remember?
@HopelessN00b, @Adrian, if you start a MSF thread I'd be more willing to add my voice to the discussion.
2:23 PM
One thing we've been discussing internally just in the past day or two is the fact that with the podcast gone, a lot of the visibility into our internal processes are gone as well
@MDMarra because they have close votes on hem from some time in that past and people are working their way through the review/close queue
But it was on-topic
we're still trying to figure these things out at SE internally, we just don't show it as well.
I mean, I know you can't control what people do, but there are some chat regulars that VTC'd it
Someone from Community team relayed the message from upstairs with a strong tone of atop bothering me about it, it's anathema to current philosophy and lots of Qs is how SE makes money anyway.
2:24 PM
We still listen to the community, even if it seems like we don't.
@MDMarra Not something you necessarily have control over. If 3 previous people close voted with a migrate to SU... well, that's what's gonna happen, absent mod intervention.
@HopelessN00b You were the final migrate vote on the post in question :)
Outed! :D
@PeterGrace I think much of our frustration is with the loosing battle we're fighting over quality
@Chopper3 @ewwhite Hey dudes, do you know why they've dropped 1GB Flash Backed Cache from Gen8 blades? You can only get 512 now
2:26 PM
if we attempt to police the quality issue then we get called out for being unhelpful
The idea that "SO doesn't Migrate Crap" is, quite frankly, laughable.
@Dan which blade model?
Just because a question is about a client OS doesn't make it OT for SF. I understand that people want all of the new shiny things from /review, but have some discretion.
@tombull89 yeah, that doesn't help either. No clothes on that empower.
Emporer. Damn autocorrect
@ewwhite That I'm not positive on, but I'd wager BL460c
2:28 PM
@Dan Not needed. You only have two disks...
Wouldn't be surprised, but if it makes you feel better, I basically never vote to migrate, so it was 3 other people who should be blamed for that shit migration.

I was just trying to use up ~20 close votes starting at 7:53 yesterday. Not paying a lot of attention to whether my vote would result in a migration or not.
Sorry, I'm going to respond to this but Kyle's in the office and we're chatting about switches at the same time
@PeterGrace Kyle is in the office?
@ewwhite We use 1GB for our VDI environments, where you have 30 - 45 virtual machines. We use local storage to cache, we found that 512 didn't cut it
Time for me to move this show into the office anyway. See you guys in an hour or so
2:29 PM
Maybe there could be something about having at least 200 rep on the VTC migration site. There may be a lot of high-rep users and mods on SO (I mean, anybody can get rep asking some basic questions) but very little of them know what's on-topic for SF. Take that Minecraft Server question from earlier - there wasn't even a question there. That got migrated here from SO.
@Dan What is your cache ratio?
SSD's would be a better deal in that case.
@MDMarra Yep, he's here for a visit
The question didn't deserve to be closed in the first place.

That aside, if you see something with 3 migrate votes and it's shit, flag it instead. A mod can close it without migrating. It'll help you toward Marshal and it'll help our reputation on other sites.
@ewwhite Default normally which is fine on G7 with 1GB. Agree on SSD, but puts the price through the roof
@Iain I think I need to quantify -- I'm not the community team. I'm commenting as a serverfault user regarding the responses.
2:31 PM
@Dan Yeah, no clue. I havent' touched Gen8 blades.
I'm calling you out as Peter Grace the sysadmin, not Peter Grace the authorized agent of Stack Exchange
@MDMarra Already got Marshal. :) But it looked OT to me, and I thought it deserved closed.
@ewwhite We've not purchased any yet, I've touched them precisely twice at customer sites but I haven't had a chance to actually open one up or anything
@HopelessN00b Then flag things like that next time. If you truly feel it was crap, then it shouldnt be migrated.
@Iain and if you noticed, I did praise your canned response as being the better option. That's a far cry from calling you out.
2:32 PM
I will do the flag thing instead in the future.... but last time I used my flags like that, I got smacked down with my only 8 post flags declined... so I'm a bit gunshy on it.
@Iain it boils down to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it"
If all you're doing is ejaculating all over the post about how superior you are because you know how to ask a question better than someone else, then god helpyou
@PeterGrace ok wires have been crossed - I have no issue with what you said abive regarding that question
@HopelessN00b Did you flag it as "other" and then write something like "This has migrate votes but should be closed instead, it's crap"?
I do that constantly and have never had a decline for that reason
(not that decline hurts you since Marshal was revamped)
Essentially, commenting "Dude, you're obviously not getting this whole asking questions concept" is saying "I'm better than you and I want to point this out."
So who here is an "Undecided Voter"?
@Dan I think your use-case is a little odd... but at the same time, they shouldn't have restricted access to more cache for the blades.
2:34 PM
@ewwhite Yeah it's pretty unique, I think you can get it for normal rackmounts which to be fair, I've done way more with this year than blades for VDI. Have to see how it plays out I suppose
Again, I'm not speaking on behalf of SE, I'm speaking as a person who thinks it's better to educate and be polite.
My opinions count for about zero at SE, in fact.
@Dan normally, my blades are running with a pair of local disks and usually no cache...
@PeterGrace you're right and a number of people have been provided feedback on their style recently - this is ongoing too
@ewwhite Yeah no need if you're not pushing IO
@PeterGrace but when you play SF for long enough you kinda get worn down by all of the drivel and devstation *AMPy stuff that is really off topic
2:38 PM
@Iain yeah, I'm just so frustrated.
@Iain if people want the site to succeed, we need more people coming.
but they have to be the right people and right not I don't think that's happening
@PeterGrace But if you have an exodus of high-rep users because the quality drops, you're just as bad off.
When EA stopped posting, it was noticeable. Imagine if say 10 of the top 25 stopped posting?
It's all very well educating (and encouraging) the community to give better feedback however we'll need some help from SE in reducing some of the utter crud that gets onto the site.
Let's have a look at our friend Marlin from above. 7 questions, one deleted. Four questions have 0 votes, one on -1, one on -4 and one on -5 before it was deleted. 0% Accept rate.
We can't go in and start deleting questions. It's a community driven site.
@MDMarra Warner definitely left because of quality/professionalism issues
2:40 PM
Now I'm not saying that the high-rep users make SF what it is, but there are certainly a small but extremely active group (25-30 users maybe) that reliably answer hard questions with correct information. If that goes away, then your top-rated answers on a lot of the harder stuff becomes "Try rebooting" or links to random shit.
That's complete anethema to why our site exists -- we assist in the curation of the community's content, we're not the Thought Police.
Isn't this just part of the churn that comes in this industry? Remember, the field is changing... so there are more newbies, devs, people doing janky things, etc. Telling them to search old questions or RTFM isn't always a fix.
@PeterGrace who is the we there ?
@ewwhite Right, but stuff like "My MAMP broke after I upgraded to 10.8 how do I fix it" doesn't belong. That's not a factor of industry churn, that's because people do not read the faq. If we can't tell those people that this isn't the community for them because SE wants more pageviews, then that's a problem.
Now that's an extreme example, but still.
I seem to remember Jeff telling a decent chunk of people "this isn't the site for you" in the early days. Now it seems saying things like that are frowned upon.
2:44 PM
BTW, I'm doing an online conversion of a 13 disk 3TB volume from R5 to R6. I'm not religious, but pray for me.
Hopefully you can understand where that feel like a double-standard, and a frustration when we get smacked for a little snark to someone who vomited an incomprehensible, off-topic PoS of a question onto the site without so much as glancing at the FAQ first.

I get it, I understand why it has to be that way, but it doesn't make the situation any less... irritating.
@MDMarra We pray to the god of Administration
(With any luck he'll strike down the person who put it there, too)
@Dan Actually, if this goes smoothly, I have TWELVE more servers to do this to across the country.
@MDMarra I'd have to go back and check, but I believe so. It was specifically around how some questions should be closed and custom comments. And I'm not so much concerned about badges or "helpful points" or whatever, as much as it was staring at 8 comments from a mod saying something to the effect of "don't use flags this way, use close votes instead."
@MDMarra Good luck man. I don't speak up often but that deserves it.
2:47 PM
The god of administration will say, "eff-the bullshit, you need to be part of the DevOps movement".
@MDMarra That is true, bit it is also okay for the core of 25-30 users to churn over time (people leave because they get bored, new people come along). If people give insecure snarky answers, new people won't come, and the 25-30 people likely still get bored
Q: Deploy ESX virtual machine from template with esxcli

MikeyBI have an ESXi 5.0 and VirtualCenter setup. I've created a VM template (let's call it rhel-template) and I want to deploy it from the command-line (via esxcli). How do I do so?

I'm just making that up. I didn't look too deeply.
So as a question, does this have potential?
Q: Flexible virtualization infrastructure Design with libvirt

LessfoeI'm going to install a CentOS6 Server with Virtualization ( libvirtd ) capabilities on a DELL Server with Hardware RAID5 of around 6T of disk space ( It has 4x2T disks in a PERC700 RAID Controller ). I'm going then to install some guests which requires few resources except one that needs 500GB ...

@MikeyB Is that any different in 5.1 vs 5.0? I just upgraded all our 5.0 stuff to 5.1, on account of all the problems 5.0 was causing.
It has, "tell me how to do this?", "RAID 5", "cheap disks", "KVM" and hints of what could be bad design.
2:52 PM
@HopelessN00b I don't know the answer to that. The only vSphere I use is this PureFlex test chassis…
@ewwhite Maybe a bit too subjective/NC at the moment, but I definitely like it. (In that it gives the opportunity to fairly objectively say "you're doing this, this, this and this wrong, do [blah] instead."
@KyleBrandt we're largely not attracting new 'top' users ~ most of the newbies aren't admins. This deleted answer meta.serverfault.com/a/1762/9517 is truer every day
@HopelessN00b Right, so that's one where it could be a learning opportunity... deserves to stay.
@KyleBrandt Yeah, but by the same token, if you lower the quality of the content of the site, you're not going to attract the same level of expert.
@Iain Well, not to sound immodest, but I'm pretty god-like, and fairly new. And if I don't rub you the right way, there's always @MichaelHampton, who's definitely a "top" user by any reasonable metric (and a pretty phenomenal question answerer), and even newer than I.
2:57 PM
High rep users can certainly churn. Womble and EA, for example.
@Iain Can you post it for my Sub 10k plebbage?
But if you've noticed, there's no one that's even come close to the quality of EA regarding Windows stuff since he left. I think I'm top 3 or 4 for Windows admins on the site and I know nothing compared to that guy.
Who's looking for me, and why?
So markdown doesn't like deleted posts...

> Upvote this answer if you agree with the statement:

> "Serverfault is for professional system administrators to discuss matters relating to their job"
and then...

> Upvote this answer if you agree with the statement:

> "Serverfault is for people to come to ask questions of professional system administrators"
@Iain Sorry, phone call. In that statement I was referring to Stack Exchange's role as more or less a data warehouse -- we assist in the curation of content but rely heavily on the community to self-moderate.
2:58 PM
@MichaelHampton Just paying you a compliment is all.
@Iain obviously you're aware of this, but wanted to explicitly say it for the purpose of reference later.
Who are you and what have you done with @HopelessN00b ?
@Iain / @MDMarra: Never been against closing low quality stuff, just against leaving jerky comments on it. Many professionals don't want to be around people who are behaving like Jerks, so if they see that, they won't want to hang around (even if it isn't directed at them)
(As usual) I think examples would be helpful. I haven't seen any really mean comments lately.
@MichaelHampton This is what I'm like on no sleep in ~30 hours. Kinda scary, innit?
3:00 PM
@HopelessN00b ouch
Actually, I left one this morning. Sorry about that. I've had a rough week.
But on the whole, that's the exception to the rule.
@MDMarra Why did Evan Anderson leave?
Too busy at work. He own his own consulting agency, I believe. He still posts from time to time but it's rare.
Remember guys -- never say on the internet something you wouldn't want on your tombstone.
I mean, if you're honey badger and don't care if potential employers see you've got a chip on your shoulder, then again, FSM help you
@MDMarra See, but I'd argue that wasn't mean, so much as... overly honest/blunt. That's kinda what bugs me about the way comments are handled. Any hint of not coddling the guy you're responding at, and boom, flagged, deleted, maybe a warning-o-gram from the mods. :/
3:02 PM
Nah, I think I said something like "You should never be allowed near a server. Ever."
@HopelessN00b Tone is tough to convey in text format. Therefore, etiquette dictates you are to be as polite as possible in text.
I definitely meant it to be mean, but it was after like 5 frustrating followup comments to his off-topic question.
@MDMarra You did. And it was completely true, if perhaps more brutally honest than necessary.
But, like I said, that's a rare occurrence for me. I can't think of another time when I was intentionally mean. I've certainly said some thing that people could construe as mean, but they were never meant that way.
But sysadmins are generally crabby people...
3:03 PM
I really think the whole "snark on SF" thing is way overblown.
and having to deal with the stressors in the job will wear-down on you.
I vent here...
@PeterGrace I keep hearing this, and I guess it's one of those things I'll ascribe to my inherent awesomeness, but I rarely have the problem of deciphering someone's tone, even in text.
Gotta run. back in a few.
I just witnessed a junior person accidentally shutdown 20 virtual machines at a client.
(bad script)
@MDMarra yeah you've been quire restrained ;)
@Iain Haha, was that sarcasm?!
@ewwhite Indeed. And what makes us crabby? Dealing with lusers and other miscellaneous morons all day. Not surprising that online, such people asking clueless, idiotic questions might inspire the crabby to come out all the more.
@MDMarra indeed
@Iain Can you point out some examples?
OK guys. Let me rephrase. I've got the benefit of watching how over 80 communities grow. None of those growth methods are "being dicks to others." If you want to go down this path, more power to you.
3:06 PM
no note the ;)
Oh wait. So no sarcasm?
I'm confused.
Ok, let's try this. Have I been an asshole lately. Yes or no?
@MDMarra I like you. But yes, you're an asshole a lot. They're not mutually exclusive ;)
@PeterGrace liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii‌​iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks
3:07 PM
@MDMarra for definitions of lately ... ?
@MDMarra all you have to do is search chat, bro!
Oh, chat doesn't count
I thought we were limiting this to main.
@Iain In the last six months, on the main site, have I been an asshole?
what we need is more people who are active in voting ( all aspects thereof ) so that we can effectively police the quality issues we have
3:09 PM
The OP just wrote:
Btw, I find this thread very usefull for future people who get into same kind of trouble. That's why I posted all those commands and tried to give as much detail as possible. Flaging this thread as duplicate with those two - really a nonsense. This one is by far more concrete. — Danijel 4 mins ago
@Iain Downvotes on answers should have a greater penalty
I find myself upvoting other answers rather than downvoting a bad one unless it's terrible
@Iain That would help
-1 to me in order to -2 someone else doesn't seem economically worth it to me. Especially when you would need -5 to cancel a single +1.
I'd rather just upvote every other correct answer instead.
On that note. BRB
@MDMarra serverfault.com/questions/423312/… wasn't a shining example and unfortunately the comment wars have all been cleaned up
jesus kittens I'm away for one day and there's like 6 meta posts and 34 messages... what the hell do you people do when I'm not here?!
3:13 PM
post a lot?
@Iain Unfortunately then people scream and cry and piss themselves about how mean Server Fault is. We can't win. The best we can hope for is to break even. We can only break even if we bribe the SAs to take the site off the network :-/
@MDMarra Would you like to post this on mSO again? :)
@voretaq7 I was more surprised that at a few interviews earlier this year, some of the admins said, "we don't like Server Fault... the answers are usually wrong"
@ewwhite any examples ?
@Iain No, they were just being arrogant. "Oh, we don't use the site. We just see the results in Google searches, and they seem off"
@ewwhite Well, you know what they say about sweeping generalities with no evidence to back them up... always correct.
3:20 PM
@ewwhite good way to screen employers :-)
Honestly, back in the day "how do you get answers off Experts Exchange" (without an account) was one of my favorite interview questions.
@ewwhite Generally it's the questions that are wrong.
That specific question may be increasingly less relevant, but anyone who doesn't use some community like SF (or EE or Spiceworks, or social.technet, etc.) probably isn't up to the task of being a SA.
@voretaq7 at the moment there are perhaps 30 people who regularly use their 3k voting powers we need more so that the load/blame can be spread in such a way that people looking in don't think there is a cabal at work here
@HopelessN00b I get really weirded-out when I encounter engineers who aren't part of a community... or have a public web presence on forums, mailing lists...
3:23 PM
@HopelessN00b I must admit, I used to love getting an Expert Sexchange Google result, because I knew I stood of chance of getting a realistic answer
@Dan I would hope that the sexchange was performed by an Expert...
Read soME moRe post and gets the cReepes froM some CRapalisation.
@MichaelHampton indeed a large proportion of our questions are from developers who just want their short term problem with their devstation fixing. The don't care if its a good solution they just want to get on with hacking. This doesn't lead to people writing long interesting answers especially when you couple it with our paucity of voting
@ewwhite I don't get weirded out, but my first thought is dumbass...?
@Iain You've just described 90% of the questions on SO, so it's not surprising that they would do the same when they come here.
3:28 PM
@MichaelHampton I don't hang around there much
@Iain I have 1,024 rep on SO right now. Most of it is from answers like "Add this line to your code in this place".
Who wants to buy me this:

@MichaelHampton I have 806 mostly from shell stuff
@MichaelHampton Because it's in the nature of Devs to seek short-term easy "fixes" so that they can mark something as done?
@Dan I get those cheap.
It's just a FusionIO mezzanine card.
3:31 PM
@ewwhite Stupid question, does it present as just another disk? So, just like slapping an SSD in, except right on the bus?
@ewwhite Got a link?
@Dan Linux/Windows... you'd need drivers. But yes, it's a SCSI block device.
@Iain I thought we agreed on the name "Blue Diamond Mafia"?
@ewwhite Cool, intriguing
@Iain Sorry, but I cannot help you much with MOAR VOTING. There's still 9 hours left before turnover and mine are all used up.
HTTP motherfucker - onebox my linkage!
3:39 PM
@voretaq7 I seiously don't want to know how you have time for finding this stuff.
@Adrian I have the internet in my brain.
(and my Google-Fu is strong for things I've seen before)
@voretaq7 Ah, the Google Brain-Jack. I'm still waiting for one of those.
@Adrian it's a little tiny chip now. They insert it with one of these:
@ewwhite How cheap do you get trhem in comparison? Not so much the 1.2TB, I was just being silly
(I was looking for a "brain piercer" but couldn't find one so I settled for "impact drill")
3:41 PM
Voretaq7, every time you post something that takes awhile to load, I get a little more scared.
@Adrian that means I didn't have the google query I needed cached. Long-Term Storage has a shitty seek rate...
@voretaq7 You're not helping...
@Adrian help is down the hall. This is trauma.
@Dan smaller capacities... $2500-$4000
@voretaq7 Oh. Right. My Bad.
3:44 PM
Crap. Just realized that I'm going to need to next two days to write up roughly 35 custom types in Puppet to handle the required directory structure for our web of NFS mounts. =(
@Adrian I don't think puppet will untangle your spaghetti mounts for you.
@MichaelHampton Nope. But the nature of mesh networks is that it sucks geometrically more with each new node.
@voretaq7 Have you done the Onyxia fight? It was a lot of fun!
@Adrian IF you weren't leaving, I would suggest you untangle it, then use puppet to enforce the more sane structure.
3:55 PM
@Iain I didn't say anything wrong there. That was an OP without a clue that answered his own question incorrectly with a sockpuppet account and immediately accepted the wrong answer.
@MichaelHampton I must admit that I once made the whelps mistake. Luckily I was in a 25man guild group and we handled it.
@MichaelHampton The leaving part doesn't bother me. I'd want to anyway because it's what we DO. But management has decided that they don't want to spend any money or time on fixing it, so it sits.
@Adrian But they DO want you to spend time on keeping it the way it is?
This NEEDS reposting…
18 hours ago, by MikeyB
Oh god… OH GOD… just got an email from a guy who used to work for a customer before becoming an "IT consultant":
«I have a domain redacted.com hosted through
1and1 however I want to be able to host my own
Email and Web server, and possibly file server - but all
Virtually in Linux, through Parallels on my MAC.

Will your solution include this?

I also need someway to have a user friendly GUI
since I am not well versed in Linux at the moment.
At the very least I would like to hose my own email
and website...
@PeterGrace many times dear, many MANY times!
@PeterGrace The key to whelps is a good tank and many, many AoE warlocks :)
@MikeyB At the very least I would like to hose my own email <-- Don't worry. It'll be hosed.
4:06 PM
@MichaelHampton That such things also require upkeep never really occurs to them. They tend to consider time spent in upkeep as a "sunk cost", but time spent on new things as DETRACTING from the time properly spent on upkeep...
Q: Shared printer deployed via Group Policy Preferences still trying to map printers even though the GPO is deleted. Why?

MDMarraI created a GPO to map a printer via Group Policy Preferences with the Shared Printer user policy. I've since deleted the GPO, but whenever I log into any machine, it still tries to map the printer, but fails (since the queue doesn't exist on the server any more). The policy was set to Create. Th...

^This has been driving me mad for 2 days now. Anyone have any clue?
Do you still see the old policy in a gpresults on the workstation?
@Zoredache This has happened on machines that I had never even logged into before
I can take a peak though
@MDMarra I think I know.... Lemme check in my AD to verify.
@MDMarra you need to chuck all your printers into IPX mode...
4:23 PM
Oh god, please don't tell me I'm this stupid
@MDMarra I think that your first sentence in your answer (whilst accurate and dispelling one of the great myths of VMs) is unnecessarily provocative and ultimately led to the comment wars, an innocent bystander being pilloried and deleting their account.
@MikeyB Your response needs posting.
it's not what's said but the way that it's said which is an issue
False alarm guys. I'm a shithead.
4:24 PM
Awww, did @MDMarra make someone commit seppuku again?
@MDMarra Was I right? :)
@HopelessN00b No
I deleted the wrong GPO
Lol, even better!
I mean, there was nothing in the one I deleted. But I created the printer in a different one.
*runs over to quickly post comment as answer* : `False alarm guys. I'm a shithead.`

4:26 PM
@Iain Can you see deleted comments
Because I really don't remember what I said, but I seem to remember my first comment or two were relatively benign. I only got riled up when he posted the wrong answer under a 2nd account and then immediately accepted it.
@HopelessN00b BTW, that check box wouldn't apply to my problem anyway. The printer policy was in Create mode. Checking that box puts it in Replace mode and really just deletes the printer on logoff and maps it again on logon.
@MDMarra Oh, that guy? I seem to recall a wholesale comment purge on that question at least twice.
This fact, however, does not diminish the level of dumassery that I've risen to today.
It's always the stupid things that are the hardest to catch. I spent three days troubleshooting a dying batteries on a wireless mouse issue once... still makes me feel st00pid.
The thing is, the first thing I tell anyone with a GPO problem is to post the results up gpresult
@HopelessN00b I actually posted a dumbass question on SF which turned out to have been caused by a wireless mouse with dying batteries. I now use a wired mouse.
4:34 PM
Sure. And how many times have I said "is it plugged in? are the batteries new? is the red light on?"

Still ended up trying driver updates, firmware updates, driver hacks, software installs, even tested the electrical connections... didn't check the damn batteries.
@HopelessN00b Yep. Padawan had a rough time with a printer this morning. USB cable dead-ended into a pile of papers on the other padawan's desk.
Those L1 problems will get you every time.
@Adrian I feel that. The USB drivers for those paper piles are still utter crap, despite how long paper piles have been around. You'd think it would give the devs enough time to get decent compatibility, but no.... lazy developers.
@HopelessN00b It's ALWAYS Lazy Developers.
@ewwhite actually pretty cool for anyone. I think I'll be way too geeky for my own good and try that on my disk encryption keys... and certificates... and such.
4:44 PM
@MDMarra yes, we can see deleted comments but it's mostly irrelevant as he comments are largely as a consequence of the opening line of your answer
@Iain Mod only thing, or does 20k give that to lowly non-diamonds?
@HopelessN00b mod only
If I have any more children, I need to find a way to give the child middle names of 'Sed' and 'Awk'.
@Iain What's wrong with that? A common misconception of people new to VMWare is that you somehow do things differently with VMs.
4:57 PM
@Adrian I was tempted to give my children the binary of their birth day/month as their middle names (i.e. 110101100 and 11010111) but chose against it.
@MDMarra Well, it does use different drivers.
@Chopper3 That would've been awesome!
@Adrian instead they're 'Oliver Peter' (both our dad's are 'Peter's) and 'Betsy Blaise'

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