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6:23 AM
D.W. has unfrozen this room.
Q: Seeking volunteers to run for moderator

D.W.I need help. Would you volunteer to run for moderator in the next election? I think it's important for the site's health that we recruit another moderator to the moderation team. There is a wide variance in how active the current moderators are. We had an extended period of time where one of u...

Q: Upcoming 2023 election

D.W.I have an update on the election plans. There will be an election to elect another moderator, in a few weeks: https://cs.stackexchange.com/election/4. I thought I'd give advance notice, so those who are willing to run can prepare to nominate themselves during the week of June 13-20. You will s...

Mar 2 at 15:52, by Mast
@MartinSleziak Feed will try to play catch-up when a frozen room becomes unfrozen, yes.
It seems that this room was frozen and unfrozen a few times in the past.
This time it happened after another room associated with this site was created.

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