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3:08 AM
@waxeagle is it Mrs Wax or Mrs Eagle?
9 hours later…
11:49 AM
Hmm... Is this an answer, a comment, or should it be an edit to the question?
A: Should my thermostat's blue wire be going to W2?

WhiteZeroUpon further inspection of my furnace (http://imgur.com/a/YzJZg) it does indeed appear that it's two-stage heating. This should mean that the blue wire connected to W2 is indeed normal.

answering own questino - legit
12:14 PM
@TheEvilGreebo This should be an answer, I think.
HVAC systems don't exchange air with the outside unless you specifically add an air exchanger. In older houses, this wasn't necessary because they leaked enough that you always got new fresh air coming in somewhere. With newer houses and recently fully renovated ones, the houses can indeed be sealed up so air tight that an air exchanger is necessary. — The Evil Greebo 5 mins ago
hmm you're right
The answer is in the title. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
12:34 PM
@Aaron I was trying to stay consistently Mrs. Eagle, but I think I missed a few :P
12:48 PM
@Aaron Either way it's neither :P
Sigh, I'm not a fan of extremely similar questions...
Q: I have no furnance, only electic blowing heaters. How do I get ventilation?

RichardI have a 100 years old building with a store on the main floor. Since the building was built over 100 years old there is no ducting what so ever. There is also no furnance. In the summer we just hook up an air condition through one of the windows. In the winter we have a heater blowing the ai...

It shows that he asked the wrong question the first time, and is probably asking the wrong question the second time.
@BMitch probably
I have another question regarding HVAC but this is not for my house. It's for a commercial building that I own. I'll create a new thread for this question but's it's regarding the same thing. — Richard 23 mins ago
@BMitch different building apparently
@BMitch, I think you're right. At the time, I thought it was as good of an answer as we were going to get.
@BMitch different buildings I thought
@TheEvilGreebo yes
12:57 PM
oh yeah you said that didn't you
@VebjornLjosa Looks like @ChrisF agreed as well
@mikes, sorry for suggesting that you make the comment an answer when it was better left as a comment.
@VebjornLjosa Thanks for checking in, I just didn't want to have a mod disagreement with the user in the middle
I grew up with those pull down attic stairs, big, heavy, and noisy. But they were way more convenient, and much stronger than the fold down ones if you have the space for them.
3 hours later…
3:59 PM
@waxeagle I figured as much
1 hour later…
5:04 PM
@Aaron :)
@KarlKatzke Necromancer comment, but: Gray and white are both standard colors for identifying the grounded conductor. NEC 2011 200.6(A) also gives a third option of 3 white stripes along the entire length over some color other than green. They probably used gray rather than white because there are 2 systems run together in the same raceway or box, and the grounded conductors need to be separately identified per 200.6(D).
Yes, that's a 10x10x10 cube of buckyballs. I liked it, so I put a ring on it. :)
ductless range hood?
Q: Can I install a (probably ductless) range hood against brick?

user7661I'm thinking about making an offer on a 1930's house that needs a few improvements. The gas stove/range isn't situated against an exterior wall. Rather, it's placed against the back side of the brick chimney that separates the kitchen from the living room. There's no range hood and no duct. The...

is there, and if so, why is there?
@TheEvilGreebo don't electric ranges have ductless hoods?
do they? I suppose that wouldn't be so bad but for gas?
5:19 PM
@TheEvilGreebo yeah, you have to vent outside for gas, not for electric (IIRC)
Except questioner says gas stove
any reference citing the gas range -> vented hood requirement?
i can't find any requirements like that ...
i'm a little surprised but that link seems to explain why
@TheEvilGreebo nope that's memory which is often faulty :)
A: Is this gas range ventilation setup dangerous?

Tester101Have a look at the 2006 International Residential Code. Here are a few sections that may apply. Chapter 15 - Exhaust Systems SECTION M1501 GENERAL M1501.1 Outdoor discharge. The air removed by every mechanical exhaust system shall be discharged to the outdoors. Air shall...

@TheEvilGreebo Change of subject: ever hear of Boardwalk burgers & fries in Baltimore?
5:28 PM
@TheEvilGreebo They do have "ventless hoods", I have one (though I do have an electric range). Even so, I don't really see the point in it. It sucks air in at the bottom, and then blows it out at the front. Something about filtering grease, or some crap like that.
@NiallC. nom nom nom
@NiallC. Yes its an east coast thing
Read the second faq item.
very good
5:29 PM
(had a location in OC near where I grew up)
@ChrisCudmore Looks like a useful comment link
@TheEvilGreebo @waxeagle There's a franchise just opened up near work and they dropped off a bunch of discount coupons and lunchtime is approaching...
@NiallC. find a friend and share a bucket of fries (can't speak for their burgers)
they started beacuse of the beach town I grew up near :)
@NiallC. Five guys fries = better IMO
@TheEvilGreebo I had five guys for lunch... sooo good
5:34 PM
@BMitch will watch when I have headphones :)
5:54 PM
The auto-tune is good, but the original is the the greatest food review ever!
6:27 PM
THe condo we have has a ducless hood - it has grease/oil trapping filters that are supposed to scrub out those particles and pass clean air back into the kitchen
@Aaron How often do you clean/change the filters?
@BMitch careful not to accidentally swallow them
@MatthewPK I grew out of the "stick everything in my mouth" phase recently.
@Tester101 we moved out last november, I was in there for 5-6 years before then, and not since I moved in
@waxeagle you lived in OC MD year round?
6:43 PM
sorry when's PUT start?
@Aaron no, near Salisbury
oh ok
@TheEvilGreebo The site thinks 3PM EST (standard time) so it gets confused during daylight times
@TheEvilGreebo 15 minutes
ah yes I forgot about that lovely little GMT bug
which always gets my goat when people say that this "whatever" happens at 3PM EST
I always want to reply "Really, so it happens at 2PM in the summer?" but I have a feeling I would get punched in the face, so I don't do it
6:48 PM
@Aaron srsly
drives me batty too
I just say "Eastern Time" and let them figure it out.
@Aaron Actually, it would be 4 pm in the summer
@ChrisCudmore snicker
it's 1:54 EST right now.
@Aaron Actually that's kind of meaningless if you don't say "So it happens at 4pm EDT in the summer?"
otherwise for all they know you're asking about 4pm zulu
6:55 PM
Man, I should have stayed in bed
Which is what? South African time?
zulu = GMT
I know. I did my time in the army.
Well then why'd you ask?
To be a smartass. Why else?
6:57 PM
Genuine ignorance!
Let's not talk about fox news.
Ok, you guys want to debate about time zones, or should we kick this thing off?
I don't want a fake noose
Wait until 19:00 zulu.
Why would kicking it off preclude debating about time zones?
6:59 PM
fair enough, it's your PUT, and I'm not watching the second hand...
Welcome to Project Update Thursday
I'll be buying nearly a thousand bucks of plumbing materials soon
Is this for a project, or just market speculation?
I finally swapped out my bathroom fan switch with a timer version, and I swapped out an old GFCI while I had the power off. Now I have more tiny LED's to navigate with in the dark.
@ChrisCudmore One of those plus all the needfuls to go with.
How many faucets do you have?
7:01 PM
@ChrisCudmore One.
So we'll run 24 lines to it for redundancy.
Good plan.
Finished the stairs. Looks good. I know good design when I fail to trip over it.
i'd been going back and forth on running 1/2 to each room or running a line per fixture but then got to thinking about how I'm going to have the walls open anyway and running dedicated lines (in particular 3/8 to the sink faucets) will mean faster hot water
figured out a plan to tap into my existing hot and cold mains and shift the individual lines over to the manifold one at a time
Slightly off topic: When did all this blue=cold, red=hot stuff start?
since we invented color?
@TheEvilGreebo That would mess up my routine, I use the "not hot yet" water to wash off the toothbrush and to splash my face with before shaving. When I get to the shower, the hot water is already there because of my time at the sink.
7:06 PM
@BMitch Fine. You're not invited to use my new bathroom when it's finished.
@BMitch There's usually a second knob on the faucet, if you want not hot water.
@Tester101 CRAZY TALK
@Tester101 You guys have all the fancy toys.
@BMitch you know you can even get terlets installed INSIDE now
@TheEvilGreebo I went to visit some old family homes that were built before indoor plumbing. They still had a pot beside the bed. Hopefully they don't use it anymore.
7:11 PM
Can't be sure...
"During homecoming weekend, more than a dozen [censored] alumni will run 26.2 miles or 10 kilometers" ... damn liberal arts majors
This picture is a little old, but I helped my father in law finish this recently...
@BMitch maybe it's the option
me on the left
we just finished the roof of this garage when this pic was taken
Siding optional? ;)
7:15 PM
@TheEvilGreebo there's an option? 10 km doesn't seem that bad to me.
Went back a couple weeks later and did the siding
don't have a finished pic yet though
@BMitch exactly - maybe they get to choose
ah, there it is, there is a separate 10km team
crap i was joking
Siding is easily 8 times easier than roofing
7:16 PM
@maple_shaft There's a conversion chart!?
@TheEvilGreebo Yes... DIY difficulty is measured in Pollacks
on a scale of one Pollack to 100 Pollacks to complete a given task
raised eyebrow
@Aarthi Only funnin around
7:18 PM
oh my, @Aarthi appears
put away the ban hammer
did someone pull a fire alarm?
@TheEvilGreebo wut, why? I got mine right here brandishes
Pollack: An edible greenish-brown fish of the cod family, with a protruding lower jaw. Found in the northeastern Atlantic, it is popular with anglers.
7:19 PM
DOnt' be looking at ME, I didn't make the Pollack crack
@BMitch negative~ just wanted to swing by and say hullo
@Aarthi exactly, he wants you to put it away.
Oh, I stand corrected. That was Fishist.
@TheEvilGreebo It's okay though... I am part Polish
I am allowed to use that word
@BMitch ahhhh
7:20 PM
Polak is what Polish people call themselves.
Have you ever seen a pony try to swing a hammer? It's dangerous for everyone involved.
My wife (who is Polish) thought it was a perfectly acceptable term until I told her otherwise.
Opposable thumbs were a great invention.
@ChrisCudmore snicker
It's always time for Bronies!
7:22 PM
Home Improvement on Project Update Thursday... where manly men talk about manly things like ponies and friendship
I find it disturbing that such a thing exists on the internet.
I first saw it (the bronyhood) on a site I am rule-bound not to talk about. I though it was a joke.
But no, these guys are serious!
@Tester101 SHHH! Not when @Aarthi is here!
7:25 PM
Found out the other day that a 35 year old friend of mine, 250lbs all muscle, rides a harley davidson, leather jacket, bald, ZZ-top beard... total brony
@maple_shaft that's because the show is awesome
it's about friendship, and girls being awesome without being judgemental of each other
Bikers, more than any one else, know that Friendship is Magic!
there are literally zero other shows like that.
I do have a lot of balls now :)
7:26 PM
My kids watch it. It's actually one of the better cartoons running.
@Aarthi 10x10x10, it's surprising how heavy it is
@Aarthi Girls not being judgemental or catty with each other? There must be magic involved
@ChrisCudmore is the new season on?
@maple_shaft Heh. That's more likely because ponies aren't socialized to be that way~
I have no idea. They watch it on the kids channel, which buys second run and syndicated shows.
So, I'm putting in click lock vinyl/rubber tile in my utility room. What's the accepted way of dealing with the drain?
7:32 PM
is that tile going to be water tight?
@ChrisCudmore Hey, here's a crazy idea! That'd be a great QUESTION! ;)
Cover it then use a hole saw to cut it out
I'm being helpful
@NiallC. I'm being helpful to the site! :P
And what do I buy to cover it? I was thinking of a shower drain type thing with a slightly larger grill, but I can't seem to find one.
@ChrisCudmore vinyl/rubber tile, duh!
Measure where the hole will be, cut the hole out, install the tile, then cut the hole out where it actually belongs.
7:35 PM
I probably could just cover it. There's no water down there at all.
I'm actually more worried about any siphoning effect covering it would have.
how big is existing drain
3 inch clay pipe.
Make a cover out of a piece of tile (even the hole you cut out). I would make it 4-6" diameter so you can get to the existing drain opening to open it for snaking without pulling up your floor. Drill a few holes in the cover and a finger hole on the side to allow yourself to pull it out.
@BMitch That's an idea. The problem is that the drain is right on the high traffic path.
7:42 PM
Build a bridge.
@BMitch Then you'll know @ChrisCudmore is a witch!
I was hoping that there was a standard, accepted solution. Apparently we've been gerry-rigging this all along.
After seeing the construction quality in my house, I'm pretty sure gerry-rigging is an improvement.
Did everybody read the blog this week?
We could use an article for next week.
I thought @Tester101 was going to make a cool blog post about electrical safety.
7:49 PM
I could do a tool review of the DIY.SE.COM click Sharpie. It's awesome for marking tile.
@BMitch That's easy. "Be safe, call an Electrician."
That wouldn't be very DIY
I've got a picture you can use:
Someone really liked their plug, so they stuck a ring on it.
7:54 PM
Safety ring: Used to bring yourself to the same potential as the wiring, allowing you to work without fear of electrocution.
@Tester101 You're joking
I think you have to use it with a Faraday suit though.
Of course
That'd be at least 3 lines in Perl.
8:00 PM
@BMitch holy shitake mushrooms
When faced with a programming problem, you think, hmm, I'll solve that in 3 lines of perl... now you have 4 problems.
@BMitch You should ask that on Code Golf.
@BMitch Now you're just refactoring the regex complaint.
@BMitch but +1 for statement reuse
Perl is fun to play with, and murder to debug.
isn't $_ the least readable variable name ever?
@ChrisCudmore Not if you're storing an undetermined amount of money in the variable.
8:09 PM
so in other news:
I think, once daylight savings ends, i'll change these to be one hour every two weeks.
would anyone be upset by this? I'll make a meta post, as well
@Aarthi is all our chatter taking up too much space on the hard drives?
@Tester101 Naaah. Just think we might be overdoing them, and in the winter it's extra-tough to have weekly updates.
Why not one hour every week? We seem to get lots of chatter the first hour, but not much the second.
chin stroke
I'd go for that
8:15 PM
Bi-weekly events are easier to forget about.
I can never remember if this is the week I get paid or not.
heh noted.
@Tester101 I have an easy way to remember that, i get paid on my fridays off :)
I usually find out when the checks bounce.
I'd love to see this guy slam on the brakes:
8:26 PM
Does anyone else have a South Park image in their head?
kk i'm wandering away. see y'all soon :) /waves
9:10 PM
You're all missing the point and getting lost in the joke.
from that google plus post above
As soon as I saw 'and then the bear will eat you', I presumed it was a joke and stopped reading
@Aaron oh I knew it was a joke pretty quick. It's a combination of all the common interview questions :)
My favorite one is about using the barometer to measure the height of a building
@Aaron atmospheric pressure differences?
or do you go for trigonometry?
@waxeagle go to the building manager and say 'I have a very nice barometer I will give you if you tell me how tall this building is'
woops, I'm slipping...
Thanks for joining this week's PUT

Project Update Thursday - 4 Oct 2012

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@Aaron That's why I referred to it as "tech-job-interview humor"
9:22 PM
Oh, I know, I was just amused by people saying "you're missing the point and getting lost in the joke"
9:51 PM
1/8" per 1 foot?
so like, 1 inch per 8 feet, or 5 inches over 40 feet?
that sounds like a lot
Q: What is the proper way to install windows on the house that is not level

Uncle MeatMy house is sloped at least 1/8" per 1' along the front side. It also has long horizontal siding. So if windows are installed level it may be pretty noticeable. Leveling the house is not an option. So I wonder how can I minimize visual effect of the difference in levels between house and windows....

1 hour later…
11:18 PM
I'm putting some lights in my crawlspace. The lights receptacles are not grounded but I am carrying the ground the entire run connected to the metal boxes. Is it acceptable for the two ground conductors to be screwed under a single ground screw?

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