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6:10 AM
Q: Psychology of Mickey Mouse as apprentice Sorcerer enchanting broomsticks to fetch water

NIGHTSCROLLERIn the Mickey Mouse universe he becomes an Sorcerer apprentice and start enchanting broomsticks to start fetching water from the well. After a nap he realizes that the broom has overdid it as the room is now completely flooded. He tries to destroy the broom with an axe but it just ends up creatin...

6:58 AM
@Randal'Thor @TheLethalCarrot @AncientSwordRage @Null I noticed that there have been long-standing feature requests for a "tip box" or tag warning for the [story-identification] tag:
Tip box for Story ID questions https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/7508/7957
Tag warning for story-identification https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12591/7957

In Arqade, we were able to get the SE staff to implement a tag warning for the [game-identification] tag by tagging the relevant meta post https://gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/q/16574/4797 with [status-review]. We could try a similar approach he
Q: What's the protocol for requesting a tag warning?

doppelgreenerOn a particular site, RPG Stack Exchange, we've decided on our meta on a couple of tags that should have tag warnings, and on what those tag warnings should say. I am a diamond moderator on the site in question. What should we do to get the tag warnings implemented? Do we do any/all of the follo...

7:27 AM
There's already a general warning when asking a question “If you are trying to identify a story you may want to check out our helpful guide on what to include.”, and it doesn't depend on the user knowing which tag to use.
It seems like most of the low-scoring story-id questions on Sci-Fi are asked without the story-id tag. I should try to make more precise statistics on this using SEDE or the dump. If it is so then a tag warning wouldn't help much.
7:46 AM
@b_jonas A tag warning is more informative than a general warning (which just links to the story ID guide) because it allows us to include more information in the tag warning box, such as those suggested in the meta post I linked above.
8:05 AM
@galacticninja FWIW this is something we've got on our radar, I believe ASR brought it up for us to get around to at one point. I will say though that if this is something you want us to do ideally you would need to finalise the warning content.
If the CMs believe the text isn't finalised, which it doesn't look like it is there, then they won't do it anyway
8:17 AM
Q: In his own Words what inspired Jules Verne to create Cyrus smith in the novel mysterious island?

BatsWhat inspired the character of Cyrus smith in the novel mysterious island by Jules Verne ? Of anyone may please help me with a link where Jules Verne explains the concept behind the character please help me with a link .

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9:24 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I see. I'll try to write an answer to the relevant meta post with a suggested tag warning.
For a bit more context we did already do some work for this back when the new ask question wizard rolled out
In relation to this we added a general comment in the sidebar when writing your question
> If you are trying to identify a story you may want to check out our helpful guide on what to include.
I also thought we created the tag reqex warnings (see here: scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12938/58193) but I guess it wasn't implemented in the end?
9:59 AM
Q: What are these symbols in the corridors of star destroyers?

BurgiI was watching the star destroyer flythrough and noticed these odd symbols all over the corridors. What are they?

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11:09 AM
data.stackexchange.com says that out of our 22294 story-id questions (non-deleted, as of when the dump for data was made), only 63% were originally tagged story-identification.
Further, among the story-id questions scored 7 or worse, which is more than half the questions, only 57% were originally tagged.
So I think a tag warning would only be halfway as effective as a general warning. Probably neither one is very effective, so this is just relative.
11:41 AM
Q: Short science fiction story about a sentient atomic bomb named Iglatha

Nilanjan BasakThe bomb (or more accurately a mine) named Iglatha was left on Earth by an ancient civilization. It was long dormant, but awakened in 1945 following the atomic bomb tests. Further misguided actions caused the bomb to explode, causing destruction of humanity.

12:32 PM
Q: Was Mad Max the first post-apocalyptic film where biker gangs are among the survivors?

releseabeI would say that it was in the second movie where it is really clear that the producers envisaged people who were already outlaws (or borderline) as becoming the de facto leaders of future society such as it is. This makes a lot of sense and I can think of countless subsequent films where it is b...

12:42 PM
@Marvin scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/275044/… @LogicDictates typical cold war nuclear scare story based on the question. this is one of the very rare cases when you needn't ask when the user read the story.
1:28 PM
Incidentally, only 2.4% of Harry Potter questions weren't tagged harry-potter when originally posted, and 6% of Star Wars questions weren't tagged. 52% of tolkiens-legendarium questions weren't tagged when posted, but that's largely because the tag hadn't existed back when many of them were posted.
1:49 PM
data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1744585/… apparently also usually wasn't on the questions orignally. is that a big retagging thing too?
scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1706/4918 apparently so, marvel used to be called marvel-comics
and are the tags that posters guessed the most often, but is close
2:32 PM
posted on April 24, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: This. This shall be my immortality. Today's News: Wanna rant about space settlement (pro or con) in a way that is substantially MORE ACCURATE and includes notes on legal/culinary matters pertaining to space cannibalism? A City on Mars:

3:04 PM
Q: Short story about reincarnation and inheriting debt from your previous lives

AndrewI'm searching for a short story about a time in humanity's future when we are able to prove that reincarnation does occur naturally, and a newborn can be scanned to find out who they were in previous lives. From what I remember the story is mostly around the problems that arise when that belief i...

3:55 PM
Q: Novel where FTL causes a centrifuge to attract towards center

user108131Looking for a novel, who’s title I thought was ‘Barnard’s Star’, but the hits with this name didn’t seem to fit. The novel is about an expedition to a star (could still be Barnard’s). Plot points I remember: The drive was some kind of FTL that caused time reversal, with the effects being that the...

4:21 PM
Q: Was this scene in Dollhouse retconned out of existence?

JDThinkingIn the episode "Epitaph 1", a group of survivors ("actuals") find the dollhouse. They learned how the events of the apocalypse happened by using the imprinting chair to view the memories left by the main team (Echo, Adelle, Topher, etc.). In one of these memories, Mr. Ambrose is using the body o...

4:46 PM
Q: Is the Avatar superior to world leaders?

Mor ZamirIn The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, we saw some disagreements between Avatars and world leaders, but it was never clear to me who should have the last word (of course, not talking about wartime, so Aang vs. Ozai is pretty obvious) For example, when Avatar Roku discovered that Firelord ...

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7:19 PM
Q: Watermill for electricity under a waterfall

Sand BearWould it make any sense for a post apocalyptic city to make their own hydroelectric power source using a waterfall to make power. Or is that not at all how it works?

7:44 PM
Q: Why are there two entrances to the Philosopher's Stone chamber?

ObiWanPerogiI don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I was rewatching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and really wondered why you can clearly see two passageways leading to the chamber with the mirror. Any thoughts?

8:10 PM
Q: Source of Heinlein quote, “I don’t see how an article of clothing can be indecent. A person, yes.”

KRyanI came across this quote I don’t see how an article of clothing can be indecent. A person, yes. In the context I saw it used, it was clearly a quotation of someone else, but unattributed. I searched for it to find the source, and while any number of pages will tell me it’s from Heinlein, absolu...

8:35 PM
Q: Scince Fiction Story about a chemical that super-increased the sense of smell

Nilanjan BasakThe story is about a chemical that extremely heightened the sense of smell and as a result many people died. Life is impossible without the use of nose-plugs. The hero found out that a person intentionally caused it ans started to kill him.

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9:51 PM
Q: Expedition to explore ocean under ice

Ulla The book describes a society on Earth that is based on zealous religion. (This stems from a conflict in which the "church" has to explain how there could be life on other planets) The main character joins a team set to explore ocean underneath ice on a moon orbiting a planet in the solar syste...


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