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12:01 AM
@J.M. We can discuss this! It was just a suggestion. But no one is giving a comment or says something in chat about it..
12:57 AM
@belisarius Re: your comment, I agree, but we'd have to go about it in a systematic way. For instance, Waldo is not coming here for sure (Heike would probably be embarrassed to have it here next to all her stellar answers :P), but there are other very useful Q&A that I would love to have here
@rm-rf Yep. That was the spirit of my comment
In the past, I've been unsuccessful in arguing with Mr.Wizard that some important ones be migrated. For instance, Yaroslav's answer to that strange Sin[x] plot. He does have a point though that the 45 votes it received is not reflective of our community and it accrued that in 2yrs.
@rm-rf I don't think votes are a good parameter on its own, but relevancy to the community.
I remember for example one of mines
Q: Using Mathematica to build Presentations and Documents

belisariusI use Mma mainly to solve relatively small problems. I want to start using it also to prepare my presentations and docs, but I am having troubles to learn how to do it from the embedded help, and I guess some good resources may be available elsewhere. Do you know any useful pointers (books,...

It belongs here now
not useful at all there
and it's not a programming question, you see
@rm-rf But I agree, we should in a case per case basis
@belisarius Oh, I agree. It is something Mr.Wizard and I are talking about... another problem is that of preferential bias. For instance, each one remembers their own questions better and we don't want a case where everyone goes to flag their own question (or one where they have a good answer) for migration here.
@rm-rf Perhaps we could open a thread in meta for migration proposals and let the people vote on them
@rm-rf "each one remembers their own questions better" ... hehe of course, but that isn't bad!
1:06 AM
@belisarius No, not saying it's bad, but just that if everyone did it themselves, it would be unorganized and biased, so a community list would be good. Then we can just take the top 20 or so and ask the SO mods to migrate them.
Szabolcs tried to start a list here, but I suggest that you open a new question
No toolbag. I know you're fond of it, but unless its survival on SO is threatened, it should be left there...
WReach's traceView is another excellent question that would have a good home here.
@rm-rf I have my reserves about that, though. What if Waldo-kind questions start to get momentum?
or very basic questions
@belisarius I'm fairly confident that the community is mature enough to not do that... allow downvoting too (not just up). Worst case, you can add an escape clause saying that mods can veto ridiculous suggestions...
@rm-rf Better not to allow mods to do that, because it could arise conflicts with SO mods. After all, they are going to migrate
@rm-rf, @belisarius I wouldn't complain when this was migrated where it belongs ;-)
A: Can prettify.js be extended to support Mathematica?

halirutanPreface Since the Mathematica support for google-code-prettify was mainly developed for the new Mathematica.Stackexchange site, please see also the discussion here. Introduction I have no deep knowledge of all of this, but there were times when I wrote a cweb plugin for Idea to have my code hi...

@halirutan well, that is actually a JS write-da-codez-for-me-for-bounty question :)
1:13 AM
@halirutan as a CW question, yes
But it has "Mathematica" in its title.
oh man.. it was worth a try..
@halirutan OP must've had no clue what he was writing...
hhehe, if all of us are going to propose their own questions, we are fried
@belisarius No, I meant the format to be like make suggestions, vote for 2-3 weeks and then we lock the votes and give the SO mods the top 25. Vetoing takes place before that.
Maybe you can post it over the weekend... will give us some time to chat it over with the other mods and users who hang out here
@belisarius hehe, that's what I was getting at :)
@rm-rf I don't like the "top 25" rule ... nor any other quantity limit. That's not the spirit. We should migrate interesting material, 1, 25 or 10^23
anyway, gotta go to cook dinner. Hungry kids around
1:17 AM
@belisarius The 25 or any arbitrary, but reasonable cap is only so that we have time to take it in and curate it. Those questions aren't going to magically fit in. They probably have lots of old crap comments from 2yrs ago which need culling, or links to other questions which could be replaced with better questions here, nicer titles, appropriate tags, etc., all of which need cleanup. This takes time, so we need to limit what comes in. We can do this every 3 months or so,...
see ya later!
@rm-rf The periodic opening sounds better!
gotta go!
See you later
1 hour later…
2:32 AM
@rm-rf still here?
1 hour later…
3:44 AM
@belisarius I am now
Leonids code formatter works nice.
@rm-rf Ok, thanks. Too late :) I had a simple line of code that was driving me nuts. Solved now. I'm writing the migration q in meta
@belisarius Ok, a list of questions or recapping the chat discussion for a meta discussion?
@rm-rf Both at once
2 birds in 1 stone? I like it
3:48 AM
I dont want another discussion. Just downvote the question if don't agree in making the list
Sounds Ok?
Sounds fine
ok. I'll finish in ten minutes or so
ok, I'm leaving for home now... Just leave messages here, if any — I'll be back later in the night
@rm-rf Ok! see ya
4:56 AM
Q: Does the code block on Mathematica.SE has a fixed width on all systems?

halirutanI'm interested in how consistent the code blocks look on different systems and with different browsers. What I try to find out is whether or not our site has a fixed width for the code block. After the nice working Image Uploader for our site, a consistent Code Formatter Palette could be a next ...

Q: Migration proposals (from StackOverflow to Mathematica.SE)

belisariusThis is some kind of followup for a series of questions already in this meta site. The most relevant of them are (please note the dates, and remember some of them were posted while we were a mere beta siteling): Will mathematica questions on stackoverflow be migrated to this beta (and if so, wh...

2 hours later…
6:39 AM
@J.M. Thanks, I'll attempt to read and understand. Don't expect much. :-)
@rm-rf posted, toad
Hello @belisarius
@Mr.Wizard Hi Mr!
I was reading the discussion above. Would you like to argue? :^)
@Mr.Wizard Nahh .. It's just a matter of taste. I really don't think we could convince each other :)
6:46 AM
Drat. I really want to argue. :->
@Mr.Wizard Ok. I hear you. I am a trained hearer
Are you trying to confuse me or are you channeling Bill Clinton?
@Mr.Wizard I'm not able to describe how hard was for me to learn how to be patient with thoughts I know I don't agree. I did it anyway, and I'm proud of that
I see. I just wanted a friendly debate. :-) I'll not poke the sleeping dragon.
Okay, I'm off again. I'll stop by later.
@Mr.Wizard Me too. See ya!
7:28 AM
@J.M. Got the morphometric thing rolling. Check my answer :)
A: Calculating morphometric properties

belisariusI decided to post another answer for several reasons: I made up a full working contraption by using another approach The previous answer could be useful for others, so I prefer to leave it there Both answers are quite long, and having both in one post will clutter it That said, the plan is ...

3 hours later…
10:28 AM
@Mr.Wizard Sorry for the dup. Never thought someone asks such a question ;-)
Q: Code box line width survey

Mr.WizardFor the purpose of understanding what other users see, and to provide a record of the current SE Beta formatting, I would like to conduct a survey of the line width of the code boxes that users see. Please use a "ruler" like this one to determine how many characters your system displays before t...

So bottom-line is what we have to use the good old 80 chars linewidth.. hmm
10:54 AM
@Leonid Yes, I know that you specifically did not plan a palette but I thought of pushing the issue a bit.
11:44 AM
@belisarius To quote Borat Sagdiyev: "Wa-wa-wee-wa!"
@J.M. A lot of work, really. 3D is hard :)
Morning people
@Rojo Hi red!
Hey belisarius
@belisarius Precisely why I'm impressed. :)
11:47 AM
@J.M. Nothing worked as it should. I couldn't use functional constructs, FindClusters[]was helpless ... a real mess
@belisarius "FindClusters[] was helpless" - really?
@J.M. Yeap. See the points in the first plot. FindClusters wasn't able to identify those tiny errr ... clusters as clusters
there are 1500 points there
concentrated in 23 well differentiated spots
Tsk, tsk.
I tried all those ridicule options, and defined a few custom metrics to no avail
4 hours later…
4:18 PM
@belisarius, I'm intrigued... Are you, comrade, the one that gave me the single upvote of my answer to mathematica.stackexchange.com/q/11046/109 ?
My guess is yes. You are normally cruel to me with votes but this time I didn't use infix
4:57 PM
@Rojo Nope. I haven't seen your answer. Going to do that
I'm not voting too much lately. You're right. I should fix that
5:26 PM
I haven't been answering much lately either
5:39 PM
@Rojo it was me.
:) mystery solved
No idea why I was intrigued
How's everything @OleksandrR.
@Rojo a bit slower than I'd like. 1 month left till I have to hand in the thesis.
How about you?
Busy to-do list and yet not doing much
but all good
Quite a few questions on here lately that I would have liked to answer. I've been avoiding it though for obvious reasons.
You can always give late answers that noone will ever see once you finish your thesis

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