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12:58 AM
@RydwolfPrograms int[sin²] + int[cos²] = int[1] = x or did you mean some other way?
1 hour later…
2:22 AM
I had a really good time with this puzzle:
It's a 10x10 of this, and it took me 18:32 which is kinda nuts, since the 5x5s can take less than a minute.
2:35 AM
@AviFS Not hard, it claims me 04:54.69 and I did something else during
@l4m2 I definitely did it suboptimally, haha
i.stack.imgur.com/qPLDk.png Is it over medium?
Try a 15x15 then :p
There's a daily/weekly/monthly special, and they make pixel art pictures, which is cool.
But the daily is 25x30 and I don't know where to start.
Do you have discord?
I'd be down to try the daily special together.
2:38 AM
I do
@l4m2 Oh, no that's 5x5
Is that the one you did in 5 mins?
@l4m2 Are you in the CGCC discord?
@AviFS 10x10 in 5min
Oh okay, nice, haha
@l4m2 Then what were you asking here?
5x5 in 2s
I'll invite you if you give me your name
Did you find the specials?
2:49 AM
15 in 10:49.62
3:01 AM
@AviFS 515900278474670100 Is ID enough?
@l4m2 Well count me shucked!
If you get one of the specials with the pictures, please share!
It seems perfect to print out on a big sheet of paper, and leave on the coffee table to solve over a period of days, like people do with jigsaw puzzles.
The monthly one is 50x50.
By the way, slants is actually one of my favorites.
All of the puzzles on that site are really cool and creative, and inspire lots of potential CGCC puzzles. Making a cool type of puzzle as featured on that site, also feels like it has something in common with making a cool esolang.
How error?
Not to reduce the nonograms in an way, but it's nowhere near as creative as some of the other puzzles on that site. It's only a couple steps above sudoku.
@l4m2 All cells have to be filled.
With either a left slash or a right slash.
You have some empty cells still.
As an additional restraint, the slashes can't make a closed shape. Although, you don't have that here.
@l4m2 Actually, what you have there so far looks to be irredeemable. Once you try to complete the two missing squares under the 4, you'll make a closed shape (a diamond/square).
Either that, or you'd be forced to add one more joint to the 2/3.
@l4m2 Did you solve it?
3:13 AM
I quit
You just have to fill in all the cells with one of the slashes, / or \.
It looks like you got it, you just have to start that one over because you didn't know about the "no closed loop" restraints.
3:48 AM
@AviFS That event is Best Of :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing can't believe you used ChatGPT for an answer before it was even invented
Didn't even get an upvote for time travelling, honestly
yeah well if you hadn't closed the challenge that's an answer to as dupe to cover your tracks, I would have upvoted it :p
(i searched through 5 pages of all jelly answers checking each individual answer for this one joke btw)
...does hugging face have an official ai detector or are they just using a model someone put on hugging face and attributing it to hugging face
4:04 AM
@lyxal Did you look through all my Jelly answers? :P
@lyxal caird is an early version of ChadGPT?
You are such a hypocrite, caird, I remember when you were vehemently against giving a bot mod powers :P
On the other hand, I clearly passed the Turing test, so should be given all the powers
Fooling humans isn't a very high bar :P
Wasn't some Google engineer convinced a random AI was sentient?
asked it to describe the experience of being a sentient ai, and it gave as profound and stunning an account as your average sci-fi author :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing maybe...
@UnrelatedString I think it's the second option
4:15 AM
Although the userscript might be misattributing it
@lyxal If any don't have explanations, and you didn't comment to tell me, I'm nuking your fridge
@cairdcoinheringaahing the problem was that they did have explanations as well as English paragraphs that gpt wouldn't write
You're too human gosh dang it
It was giving me 0.25%s and so on
That was the first post I saw that gave a decent percentage :p
A: All permutations of range from \$1\$ to \$n\$

caird coinheringaahingJelly, 2 bytes Œ! Try it online! Boring builtin answer Jelly, 4 bytes !Rœ? Try it online! Slightly less boring mostly-builtin answer How it works !Rœ? - Main link. Takes n on the left ! - Yield n! R - Range; [1, 2, ..., n!] œ? - For each 1 ≤ i ≤ n!, get the ith permutation of [1, 2, .....

That's the answer btw
I know the answer :P
I know you know
It's for everyone else :p
4:19 AM
The builtin gave it away, but even without that, I could tell what the 4 byte code did :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing well duh, it has an explanation that explicitly mentions what it does :p
@lyxal Everyone, I expect 25 upvotes, minimum on this answer by the time I wake up in 6 hours :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing tempted to actually try and make this happen :p
Hmm, gunning for upvotes, definitely a bot
Hmm, gunning for upvotes, definitely a bot
4:33 AM
There ain't no amount of utc midnight chicanery that can convince me that you two aren't a hivemind
Not after that :p
I don't blame you though. Hivemind creation seems to be a popular TNB pastime
I kinda want to know what it'd be like to be part of a hivemind
I probably won't get to see proper brain-computer interfaces during my lifetime
Sci-fi books are so disappointing when they're set in the near future - we know now that there's no we're getting to Mars by 2030, maybe not even the moon, but authors in the 2000s were so hopeful
We haven't even gotten close to eliminating poverty
@user it'd be all fun and games until someone with admin access got hacked and then everyone would be forced to listen to Mariah Carey 24/7
Surely no one would do something so awful. Maybe steal people's memories or induce seizures, but nothing as cruel as that
you misunderstand the desire for people to commit trolling
if I can think of it as something I'd do, others wouldn't hesitate to do so either
47 out of 50 questions?
that sure is a lot :p
5:14 AM
My star show on right
it's a joke :p
@l4m2 I took the screenshot from the starboard
see it
Downvoted 8/16 of codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/25478/…, they're quite bad to me :|
5:24 AM
you don't like the categories?
One reason is "it's so common and nothing special", which applies to "Best Explanation"
best explanation is for answers where the author took extra dedication to make the explanation a) easily understandable and b) more than just what each token does
that's not very common
Almost all explanation for practical languages do this. Explaining ++i increasing the variable is meaningless.
that's explaining what the token does
that's covered by point b in my message
5:43 AM
Wrong tool for the job was no vote when seeing only requirement, downvoted because linked answers dismatch
Most diverse challenge is upvote
6:31 AM
@l4m2 i don't think the categories themselves need to be exceptional :P
@l4m2 Nominate something else if you think there is a answer that fits better
3 hours later…
9:34 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Did you get the proposal, though? I was actually kinda serious!
@l4m2 That would be a reason to downvote the individual answers, not the category. Although, as others have said, given how few answers we have it’d be more useful to add good ones than to downvote the existing ones, haha
Let’s make the event happen, though! I’ll be out of town anyway, but what do you guys think about the proposed times and, more importantly, a new room?
Can be this room I think, would get more activity than a seperate room
9:55 AM
@AviFS I used to get a newspaper which had those in 30×35
I even wrote a Java applet that solves them for you
2 hours later…
12:27 PM
This should probably be updated since it's part of the FAQ
Q: Output a random value from the last 16 values outputted

mousetailOutput the numbers 1-16 (or any other set of 16 distinct items). Then, repeatedly, output a random value chosen uniformly from the last 16 items outputted. After the same item is printed 16 times in a row or more, halt. If a number appears multiple times in the last 16 values, it should have prop...

12:42 PM
@mousetail What half do I delete?
Most of it
Any groups without transforms
any namespaces except the SVG namespace
What would it look like then
The same
I mean, the SVG code
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="-16 -16 32 32">
    <rect fill="white" x="-16" y="-16" width="32" height="32"/>

    <path d="M 0 0 L -16 0 A 16 16 90 0 1 0 -16 Z" fill="#666"/>
    <path d="M 0 0 L 16 0 A 16 16 90 0 1 0 16 Z" fill="#666"/>
    <path d="M -2 -2 L -14 -2 A 14 14 90 0 1 -2 -14 Z" fill="pink"/>
    <path d="M 2 2 L 14 2 A 14 14 90 0 1 2 14 Z" fill="pink"/>

    <g transform="rotate(-15 0 0)">
        <rect x="-15" y="-1" width="30" height="2"/>
This is what a clean SVG would look like
12:45 PM
Software SVGs are garbage, I agree
I have no idea how Scratch parses garbage
@lyxal In your new version, if you append 0 to the string then remove the leading 0, how does that increase the probability of picking 0 next time?
Lucklily it's pretty easy to know what to delete
@Fatalize no, and I only realised that after I replied to your comment :p
Oh okay, thought I was dumb for a moment
that would be me
12:47 PM
I’m dumb the rest of the time
Thoughts on if I should allow different spacing for the first 16 items and the rest? (Thunnoo's comment)
I meant
@mousetail yes
<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" width="95.17898101806641" height="100.04156036376953" viewBox="0.3210171699523926 0.3000000357627869 95.17898101806641 100.04156036376953" version="1.1" xml:space="preserve">
  <!-- Generator: Sketch 52.5 (67469) - bohemiancoding.com/sketch -->
    <desc>Created with Sketch.</desc>
    <g id="Page-1" fill-rule="evenodd">
      <g id="costume1">
        <g id="costume1.1">
What half would you delete
@mousetail IMO no but I don’t care too much
12:48 PM
@UndoneStudios You can delete the width, height, and xlink namespace
And the gs without transforms
In the end that would be?
I'm not doing it for you lol
Fine I'll try
Open it in your browser and you can see what happens as you change it
Just save and reload the page often
That takes too much time
I should probably create an img editor of my own
though that would be very limited
12:51 PM
You've been asking about this for days, you could have done it by now if you had started
Yeah I'll start
@Fatalize it doesn't need to actually
because after 0 is chosen from the first string, the last 16 items printed is 123456789abcdef0, meaning it still only appears once
so it's probability should actually stay the same, not increase
but at this point you have printed 0 two times, once for the initial string and once for the first iteration
so it should have more probability to be picked next time
but after the first iteration, the last 16 items only has one 0
> If a number appears multiple times in the last 16 values, it should have proportionally more chance to bee chosen as the next number.
0 only appears once after the first iteration
right I think I get it
since it’s the first one it gets pushed out of the 16 element range by itself
12:56 PM
the increased probability bit is actually implied by the "Then, repeatedly, output a random value chosen uniformly from the last 16 items outputted" requirement
makes sense but that’s confusing to understand at first
because obviously, if a value is in the last 16 items more than once, it'll have a greater chance of being selected uniformly
@Fatalize yeah, that took a bit of thinking for me too
1:08 PM
@NewPosts y'know, I was planning on going to bed 41 minutes ago. I've been code golf sniped!
I perfectly timed the post for that reason
Has xkcd.com updated for y'all? It's Wednesday here and nothing new
It normally updates much later
It's quite inconsistent though, sometimes it's early
It usually updates a day later for me
I wonder where Randall is
Then I'll know why it hasn't updated
I think he is American, they are always way late
1:18 PM
He may be American, but we don't know where he is
You answer everything except what I ask
I mean all that's important is what time zone he's in
1:37 PM
@mousetail burn
1 hour later…
2:45 PM
I'm a bit surprised three users decided to downvote this challenge... codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/257239/31516
There is one close vote, you could close the question and you'd have the name of one person who didn't like it /s
@StewieGriffin I dunno, the challenge seems pretty clear to me
I know who voted to close it and why, and I honestly don't care. I don't care about the rep either.
Might be before you added the code golf tag
But I do care about what other people think of challenges I've made in the past, and this one now.
@mousetail At least two of them were after.
And a missing tag is a reason to close, not downvote. Those are for bad, boring, studip (you name your reason) challenges.
2:54 PM
actually a missing tag is to edit
only if it persists for too long then you close
@Seggan if you know what the missing tag should be. In this case it was quite obvious.
@StewieGriffin exactly
aaa whats with chat
Might be the strict IO format? Some people dislike that
@mousetail could be... It wouldn't be the first time I had a challenge downvoted for that reason. :)
Other question: Here OP seeds the RNG outside of the code and doesn't count those bytes, is this something that we allow?
3:03 PM
i think thats a loophole
I'm curious, would you prefer if more (well-specified and on-topic) challenges were posted on this site, even if that resulted in some bad challenges?
@Seggan nvm its not
Would it be better with 5 relatively poor and 1 good challenge, than just 1 good?
1 good and 3 mediocre
@Seggan I guess I should have said mediocre instead of relatively poor, but you get my point. :)
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
@StewieGriffin It heavily depends on what exactly is wrong with the posts. If they are just a bit too easy sure there's no harm even if they are not "great"
5:15 PM
Repuation graph bugged?
Says I got 190 for one post but then somehow it totals to 100
100 is actually correct
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced I haven't been able to make a slider infinitely increasing. How do I do that? Anyway it doesn't change the conclusion that it (without actions) is not Turing-complete. — Bubbler Sep 15, 2021 at 22:59
@Bubbler select "animation properties" to the left of the variable
@mousetail hmmm I opened it in other tab and now the numbers are correct
1 hour later…
6:47 PM
"For 0 bonus points the odds of numbers 1, 2, 3, ... , 16 being the last one standing are 1 : 2 : 3 : ... : 16 –
4 mins ago"

Is this correct?
My reasoning is: let n = 16, let p_k be the probability of number k being the last one standing.
let p_0 = 0, then p_k = p_(k-1) + p_n/n
this is because the probability of eventually stopping is 1 so the if a number is at multiple positions then the probability of this number being the last one is the sum of the probabilities over all the positions
so after one step the number k is at position k-1 and with probability 1/n also at position n
this gives a system of linear equations that gives you the result
@mousetail I hope it's understandable
Interesting reasoning, I'll need to do some math
7:14 PM
Can I propose a change for Best Of 2023: Open nominations about now instead of in January next year, but then open voting as usual at the start of 2024. So that way, nominations can trickle in throughout the year as people notice worthy posts, and we hopefully won't have such a problem with a lack of nominations because people have to successfully remember and/or find good posts long after they were posted
I second that.
@Neil yeah
Maybe this should've been a meta post
7:27 PM
Just wanted to ask, apparently in Python 3.11 you need a space after a number (so you can't do something like n<2or), so if I've got that in my code, does the header have to be "Python 3.10" or is just "Python" fine?
I'd say probably when 3.11 stars being used
So for now (since ATO's on 3.10) should I just leave it as "Python"?
Probably yeah
7:42 PM
Also @pxeger is it feasible for ATO to keep 3.10?
If it really needs to be upgraded to 3.11, could we have just a separate language called "Python 3.10" (just like Python 2) on ATO (@pxeger)?
Because it seems like Python 3.11 is a downgrade from 3.10 from a golfing point of view
7:55 PM
@TheThonnu wait what
yeah we definitely would want our online interpreters to have both
@TheThonnu (that's what I meant)
or how about we have "Python 3.11+" instead
8:18 PM
@UnrelatedString FWIW RTO's going to keep every version a permalink has used, so that an update to a language can't break existing links
has anyone made a one way foowchart-like 2D language where you can branch off in parallel but cant go backwards
@emanresuA Yes
@mods can you 11 this^ to show up sensibly in the starboard?
9:02 PM
> If you write to a replica, the world will explode.
9:44 PM
wtf even is Windows
Is there no way to specify how to sort files in a directory for more than one directory at a time?
Why is that not a global setting
Protip: If Chrome OS does something better than you, you're seriously failing
Seriously tho can anyone help me I just want to sort by recently modified
(and the default sort-by-recently-modified is hilarious; it puts all the folders at the bottom, presumably since whoever designed it was so lazy they just made it the same as sort-by-most-distantly-modified only upside down. This is the kind of brilliant out of the box thinking I expect from my $200 operating system)
Also what kind of UI is this:
It's like 20% of my screen width
And I've got it at 150% scaling too, it's not even native resolution
@RydwolfPrograms this doesn't help with directory sorting, but you might like learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys
As in, the literal number 1
I moved the numeral into the bakery
Cry about it nerds.
They say it's a work in progress and still needs a fair bit of work to improve detection rates
10:16 PM
Q: Get the date of the Nth day of week after the Xth day of week in a given year and month

Lawrence SproulIntroduction In the United States, national elections are normally held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Challenge Write a program that takes a Year as integer, and a pair of (day of week as character and ordinal as integer) and output the date as "yyyy-mm-dd" Remember, t...

@RydwolfPrograms an operating system
10:30 PM
I did this one in 4:33 and that's with losing internet. It seems way easier than the other 10x10, but maybe I just missed some obvious hints in the first one.
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