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2:04 AM
Hey guys
@CDJB You got me again :) What hat :)
1 hour later…
3:07 AM
@U12-Forward hey. It seems what ever I'm doing, it's the wrong thing. Everyone else is getting hats and I can't seem to find out what I should be doing to get them.
Look here for the list of known ways:
Q: Winter / Summer Bash 2022 Hat List ☃️ 🏖️

GlorfindelWinter / Summer Bash 2022 has started and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Please, only edit the secret hat answer with definitive and correct triggers. Th...

@Mary thank you. I have all the known ways badges (well except for a couple I'm working on).
I'm 48 hours minus 3-4 hours of sleep working on the unknown:
Emperor's New Hat
Running Up That Hill
Shakuntala Devi
Hedy Lamarr
Gregorio Y. Zara

I can't find anything that suggests these are visible from a summary page.
3:25 AM
To obtain This Is The Way, does the answer need to be from another user?
3:56 AM
@JamesRisner oh, alright.
4:40 AM
@DaneelOlivaw It does, people who self answer have said they didn’t get
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
Wait a second... Am I literally like the first person to get Squared Away this winter bash?
I literally don't see nobody else having that toast
@U12-Forward congratulations.
2 hours later…
8:54 AM
Well. Let's just think about this, assuming no red herring was involved.
If the issue was about Catija powers the specific site would not matter, right? Suppose that the trigger was "vote in an election" - a staff member can't get that hat because they can't vote, but they can't vote on any site.
Since Catija mentioned Code Golf specifically, the problem must be related to that specific site. So, either that site lacks something other sites have or this is about some action she would not do on that site for personal reasons. Rep based privileges should not be related since as a staff member
9:14 AM
@SPArcheon But Catija is also able to assign hats manually (or ask for that to happen), hence why the Community bot has hats it wouldn't normally have earned.
@Boots but since that is a sort of "unfair game", she probably wouldn't consider that option as a way to "get/earn" an hat.
@Boots context:
Dec 16 at 15:23, by Catija
Ah, no, I can't get Emperor on CG.
Wouldn't make much sense if she considered the fact that she could just "ask" for the hat, right?
This is true. Catija would give correct clues for hats, just saying that the presence of hats doesn't necessarily mean users/bots are capable of earning them. I've only had two cups of coffee so far today, so I've not caught up on your context.
9:37 AM
@U12-Forward Four Eyes I think :)
10:08 AM
Just got "Solistace (Summer)"
@mousetail As have I. Not sure how though.
21 December is the winter solistace
I got it on code golf only so it is probably for getting a question answered during the solistace
I assume there will be a solistace (Moon) one available too
@mousetail I just got Solistace (Summer), I don't know how.
Yeah, I guessed it would be a time sensitive one. I've got it on TWP, but all I've done is voted there and raised a flag in the meta site. Not seen anyone else get it there yet.
Might just be any activity then
10:14 AM
@mousetail I've voted on other sites as well.
Oh I just earned it on Stack Overflow too, I only posted a comment
And it's a bit of a strange time of day for this to suddenly pop up?
I think they are all based on midnight at the Stack Exchange HQ which is somewhere in the US
Weird. I'm not seeing this badge on other profiles that have posted recently.
10:23 AM
I got the Moon
@U12-Forward What did you do?
Odd, I posted a lot of comments
Let's see, Maybe voting works too, I am trying it on MSE
@Catija - Solstice, both version given randomly (I doubt you want to risk again users flaming you for disclosing the user hemisphere) - Post a question, answer, vote, or comment during Winter solstice (Dec 21).
10:26 AM
I got it by commenting and voting on Meta.
clearly based on the specific user attitude.
Oh so you need to do it on many sites to increase the chance of getting both
Or use a VPN if based on location
I just got "Solstice (Moon)" on Electrical Engineering. I've been editing posts and leavine comments this morning. No idea what specifically caused it. It popped up after I'd been off site for while.
The worthy one get the "best Princess" version, the lame ones the Celestia's version.
@U12-Forward Are you in the southern hemisphere? If you are comfortable sharing
10:35 AM
Oh man! I came running here to add the other secret hat "Solstice (Moon)" that I just got.
But someone got it before me :|
@InanimateBeing Which hemisphere are you in? If you are comfortable sharing
@mousetail I am not
@mousetail see comment above.
I just got it on MSE for just one downvote
I know I read it
10:36 AM
@mousetail Northern
@SPArcheon It's any activity. I voted on another site and made sure that was my only action.
Is it day or night for you?
@mousetail no way they want to get flamed again
@mousetail day
@mousetail Day, northern hemisphere. I have the Sun variant
10:38 AM
Maybe they just use the location listed on your profile isntead of IP
That way there would be no privacy concerns
So let me share my view ono moon solstice hat. Also, we really get hats just based on location/region?!!
According to SPAcheon no
Randomly seems dumb though
@mousetail about that assumption...
A: Why are there two different hats for "Where in the World"?

SklivvzI could explain this to you but it is actually Quantum Mechanics. The hat type is not assigned until someone gets it. Maybe you are interested to read the implementation details?

Moon Solstice hat: Got on Meta Stack exchange; Today, all I did was upload 2 answer on show off your hats. Also dropped a comment under one of the earlier posts.

My net activity (and results on Meta Stack Exchange): Total 3 posts under show off your hats, been active and came here (on this SE) to participate in this chat. Got 3 badges: Teacher, Supporter (upvoted some other posts on show off your hats), Autobiographer. Gained net 80 rep. And the moon hat is my 6th hat on this SE.

Hope it'll help.
Hmm so it's probably random, that's unfortunate
10:50 AM
@mousetail lol XD
It would be kind of fun if you had the sun for first upvote of the solstice and the moon if your first vote was downward...
Or sun if your first vote/comment was on a question but moon if it was on a answer
11:06 AM
@Boots and that would disclose how you voted on a specific site.
And considering that the people in this room can go in borderline "stalking" mode during this period
"They got the hat at 12:45:34:193Z"
cross-reference the time and the direction of the vote... and on a low-traffic enough site you get to know who downvoted what.
Again, would result in flames.
I guess so. I also guess that you'd need to be pretty observant to track that since hat awarding and voting isn't logged that accurately (at least that I can see).
11:39 AM
I got Solstice (Sun) on 5 sites. The most common action was voting on Q and A, up and down.
11:55 AM
@SPArcheon that is my thinking, they just haven’t elaborated yet
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@toolic note that I got moon solstice but I didn't downvote anything anywhere.
Moon solstice appears to also include upvoting
On the "Over 9000", I got that yesterday on History, and I honestly hadn't been super active there. I can say that I'm pretty sure every theory I saw searching through this chat is probably wrong.
And that concludes his Ted talk on hats :P
According to my "Activity" log, all I'd done the previoius day was post 2 comments on the same post. I think they might have both been upvoted.
(The T.E.D. talk never ends...)
"Some kind of sun thingy" hat from 2017 - "Participate in a site (vote, post a question, post an answer, etc...) while it's 2017-12-21 (the winter solstice) anywhere in the world. The hat was first triggered on 2017-12-20 10:00AM UTC." Note the 10:00UTC time, which lines up with the Sun hat.
2:12 PM
Yeah, they are both winter solstice hats (which is today)
Those hats are staples. I thought they weren't secret hats, tho
For some reason, they are creepy-looking to me. Just me?
Yeah, looks like a repeat from 2016: "For participating on a site, when it's December 21 (the December solstice) anywhere in the World.

(This hat comes in two forms, but you can only get one.)"
Not just 2016. 2020 had the same thing. 2021 was odd in that they had a sun and moon hat, but the latter was tied to the new moon
Same caveat as well
> Ask, answer, or vote ±12h from Dec 21, 0:00 UTC. This hat comes in two versions, but you can only get one.
Hmmm. Actually, it was 4 comments on the same post, but I've since deleted 2 of them. I guess deleted comments don't show up in your activity.
Nope. In fact, the only way to see them at all is the mod console or by visiting the post as a mod and viewing deleted comments
2:27 PM
Of course the name "Over 9000" and its design is clearly a reference to this (badly-received) post on meta:
Q: Add a spikey hair badge

iamkrillinYou should add a badge for when a user goes over 9000 rep that references spiky hair. Perhaps allow them to wear a spiky hair on their avatar for a day or so to celebrate. That would be good fun. EDIT It would seem that my idea has not been generally well received, and granted maybe the idea ...

You all figured that out already, right?
@T.E.D. I have my own theory. Prove me wrong, if you dare! (or have some other color of hair that implies you've yelled longer)
@Machavity Well, I don't have a scanner. However, I did delete one of my own comments that day...
@Catija You said there were "25?", I assumed the ? means there are 24 if you count sun and moon as one OR 25 if they are separate. Have we found all secret hats for 2022? Sun and Moon being the final two?
2:50 PM
@T.E.D. sorry sir, you are totally wrong.
A: What are the fantasy secret hats you'd wish to get?

SPArcheonSomebody HAD to do this. IT'S OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDD! (Vegeta hairs + Scouter Hat) View the profile page of at least 10 different users whose reputation exceed 9k points. and also: Super Sayajin You are Jon Skeet NOTE: The "scouter hat" idea (minus the Vegeta's hairs) was used in th...

@SPArcheon We know the over 9000 right? It's the discussion method on meta right?
"question on meta tagged discussion and have a score of 9 or greater. - @Catija Almost. That one has different levels on MSE/MSO and the rest of the meta sites. But it's not 9 anywhere."
As far as I know, the only one that we are totally in the dark. Not a single person has voiced a theory on these:
Emperor's New Hat
Running Up That Hill
Shakuntala Devi
Hedy Lamarr
Gregorio Y. Zara
@JamesRisner Oh, I made multiple tests on Emperor, got nothing and gave up since it will probably require some hard-to-do combination of votes, answers spamming, bounty winning etc.
I tried all the funny triggers that came to mind with relation to the actual folktale
There's a date-based secret hat that's not found yet, but otherwise, you've seen them all.
Looking for an "invisible" hat in the rack, removing the hat for a few hours (-> wearing an hat that does not exist), pinging the api with not existing numbers etc.
Could be something like close voting a higly upvoted question.
3:00 PM
@Catija and since everyone expect the usual "Santa" hat, it must be for Dec 25.
@Boots All of my hats I've earned. I only get devs to assign hats for Community. :)
@SPArcheon It's not.
Because apparently no one thought of doing something for Christmas.
@mousetail Easy peasy. I just needed to put historical lock on last year question here
I have 52 hours in searching for similarities in the:
9 Shakuntala I know of
6 Hedy I know of
5 Emperor I know of
4 Gregorio I know of
2 Running I know of
I don't believe they are things YOU do, as much as things done to you. They also could be things that don't show up in activity like star this comment 5 times.
There's 6 hats that relate to world thinkers/inventors/scientists and the hats relate more to a theme than to their triggers.
@Catija are all the known hats still obtainable?
well, ones we don't know how to trigger.
3:04 PM
I'm rather spent. I've written close to 20 SEDE queries to look for various combinations of Q and A of specific attributes. I've test most of the prior year things I can test. I just have no more ideas on Shakuntala, Hedy, Emperor, Gregorio, and Running.
@JamesRisner considering Splunk, I would not be surprised if the themes where like "post a question that contains something that our regex recognizes as a chemical formula".
@SPArcheon hmm. Now I need to go look for common words in questions. Maybe less spent. But this is a LOT of minor details if true.
@Catija How many of (Shakuntala, Hedy, Emperor, Gregorio, and Running) are awarded for actions the one earning it DOES vs has DONE to them?
I don't think words in questions is reasonably, maybe words in tags like the data hat though
@JamesRisner You have to do something. Nothing is done to you... it's not passive, in that sense.
3:12 PM
@SPArcheon The problem is, I actually got the hat (notice my head) and I didn't do that.
@Catija To clarify terminology: a trigger of "post a question. when someone answers it with a lalalala in the answer, you get the hat" That is not do, that is done to in my term. Another Do is ask Q, self answer A = do.
As a mod I do regularly look at users' profile page, but its almost always new users. I've probably done it 3 times total since Winterbash started.
Squared Away is hard, there are only 3 sites I have even a basic understanding in
@T.E.D. I didn't mean anything specific. I just meant something that is quite hard to do on low traffic sites and for me is not worth investing into.
Example: getting 9k total views on your posts.
(a trigger for a similar hat in the past)
That's possible I suppose. History that I got it on, well its not StackOverflow, but we aren't one of the lower-traffic sites on the network either.
3:18 PM
comparison. I think this question is decent enough. Got 2 votes and nothing else. 27 views.
Q: Is there any specific reason behind Lum's eye color being different in the Urusei Yatsura 2022 remake?

SPArcheonIn the 2022 remake of Urusei Yatsura, Lum is given red/orange eyes. In the original version of the anime/manga, she always had blue eyes. It's a well-known fact that the hair color "change" thru the original 1981 serie is indeed deliberate - Lum was always intended to have rainbow-like, multic...

hopefully you get my point.
@JamesRisner Running is 100% on you. Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio are all related and 100% on you. Emperor is 95% on you.
@T.E.D. I think you are wrong. You got "Over 9000" after your [meta question] (history.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4409/…) tagged reached 2 upvotes.
21 hours ago, by Kadir Şahbaz
@Catija "Over 9000" -> Have a question on meta tagged and have score of 9 on MSE/MSO and only 2 on the rest of the meta sites. Right?
I won't waste my time searching for hats that require you to "do 50 reviews in 2 hours" when the few sites I lurk upon get less than 50 reviews in a week :P
@KadirŞahbaz That actually happened to me recently. However, I was awarded it on the main site, not the meta site.
@KadirŞahbaz It's not 9 but otherwise, yes.
3:23 PM
@T.E.D. I got on meta, but Bash 2022 window shows main site icon.
@SPArcheon We are aware that sites have low volumes. We don't have any hats that require reviews in a certain period of time, just a certain (minimal) number of reviews.
We don't really award hats for meta sites.
@Catija That's what I thought. Play questions are OK there, so it would be too easy to game.
For example Hedy looks like only these people have as of day before yesterday:
All small sites
well, not SO sized.
...but that's why I discounted the possiblity I could have gotten it for anything I did on Meta.
@Catija 8, like last year
3:30 PM
well this does seem fun
oh, that just an example. I just meant that I don't try to get the harder hat because I could never manage to get any in the past.
For example you once had a "reach rep cap" hat... and I think I actually reached the cap twice? On Meta. During WB because of the annual WB post. And that is a "simple" one with some luck. (Fail to) Get a bounty? Close then edit then Open then get x votes? Next one please, too hard for me :P
Coincidentialy, that is the reason I once said this.
@Catija Is Solstice (sun) for posting a question, answer, vote, or comment during the day during the winter solstice
@Ethan But it's the day and night simultaneously. We don't give you a hat based on a geotag. Also, I got moon.
A: Suggestions for Winter Bash 2022

SPArcheonBack in 2019, animuson suggested that we should move on from hat triggers to unlockables. Currently, each hat you earn is tied to a specific trigger. Which is fine, but could be improved. Rather than forcing a user to complete a specific task to get the one hat they really want, why not let them...

3:33 PM
It's 9:30 AM here ... overcast but definitely daytime.
dident know if its based on 1 specific timezone
@Ethan a previous year they mention "as long as it is X somewhere in the world" which iirc if 12/25 was one, that means 12/24 10:00 am works because it's 12/25 00:00 at that time.
if anyone is interested, start from my answer above and read thru the links.
this part is kinda interesting.
> A random parrot in a random chat board just pointed out another interesting option: ugly sweaters. I think that could work too - basic idea would be the same: sweaters could be procedural generated based on a random seed (similar to how gravatars are generated). They would still be bought with coins you would get from various task/trigger. The fun part is that we could then implement a "gift an ugly sweater" feature to give out sweaters you own to other users. That would basically be the SE version of the old Christmas tradition of getting ugly sweaters as a present and then trying to get
@SPArcheon Do you think they have used some of the posts in that this year? or you think they are interesting (they are).
We don't start planning for WB early enough in the year to completely overhaul the way it works.
3:38 PM
@Catija Is Solstice (sun) for posting a question, answer, vote, or comment during the winter solstice and having light mode enabled?
Most sites don't have light/dark mode/
Seriously, we've had this hat most years...
@Catija Got you covered on that too.
I know but there is hat for dark mode
> The "Why this won't be a thing"

While I personally would love a "collectible gacha pets" system... I doubt such a thing will realistically be made. While many of us would probably like it (even some staff members like Animuson) we have to remember something.

Time = Money = Cost

Winter Bash comes only once in a year. It only lasts a few weeks. And after that, all the work is thrown away in the trash (excluding some re-utilizable code base, that's it). It probably won't ever be worth puting too much effort into it, so while I wanted to post this idea since Animuson asked for something di
@Catija This is my second winter bash. The first was only a little after I first joined SO so I wouldn't know this stuff
3:39 PM
The whole thing was posted only because Animuson asked for ideas for something different
The sun / moon versions are just random, no? You get one or the other randomly. That's how it's been previously, in any case.
5 hours ago, by SPArcheon
@Catija - Solstice, both version given randomly (I doubt you want to risk again users flaming you for disclosing the user hemisphere) - Post a question, answer, vote, or comment during Winter solstice (Dec 21).
yep, has to be the same trigger as usual
Are you able to earn both?
3:41 PM
We really like frustrating the completionists. :P
Can you earn moon on site x and sun on site y?
That said, there was a concept for this year that we had to cut that would have let people get both but maybe we can do it next year if we start earlier.
@Ethan It only picks the hat once, then you get the same hat everywhere.
3:50 PM
uh I just got moon on meta and I didn't even do anything
You were mooned on Meta? Sounds like a feature, not a bug
@Catija I feel represented! (I don't yet know how to complete my collection)
4:18 PM
Just get Collection Complete and pretend.
@Catija - have I got the caveats?
heads up - flag one helpful flag
flagging - flag 9 additional helpful flags
4:40 PM
Hi! hello, im here to ask about Solstice hat. Is December 20, and solstice is tomorrow, but i got the hat anyways
So, do u know the current condition yet or not ?
It's solstice in at least one square inch of land somewhere on earth.
5:17 PM
If you're a stickler for accuracy, its best to avert your eyes whenever our time system or calendar systems are under discussion. Keep yourself happy.
5:32 PM
Dont get mad, its just a question XD
also, james already answered that, so its must be related to another calendar system.... i just didnt thought that "somewhere in the world is already solstice"
I don't have a link handy, but a previous bash year's meta post said it runs long because every person needs to be able to get it in their timezone when it's their "Dec 21st".
C'mon y'all, please have a look at the FAQ about potential hat bugs. I'm 100% sure Solstice is designed and implemented correctly. — Glorfindel ♦ 29 mins ago
I should probably pin that FAQ here, and probably include an extra caveat in the hat list. Yes, it isn't obvious, but it happens a couple of times every Winter Bash. The first answer is about this 'problem' for a reason ...
5:57 PM
@Glorfindel Never seen this FAQ until today, thanks @Glorfindel
I know some things aren't obvious if you aren't a Winter Bash / Meta regular - I just don't like all the unnecessary inbox notifications due to comments on the hat list posts :)
So the blame is on me, apparently I don't educate y'all well enough :P
kjajaja maybe maybe
Just to be confirmed on my thought... I cant get miranda hat, because my editions dont need approval right ??
6:12 PM
tag wiki edits
I just received an upvote in this post in meta and just got "Four Ayes" hat,
I have seen [the timeline](https://meta.stackexchange.com/posts/384828/timeline?filter=WithVoteSummaries) of the votes, and it shows today is the 5th day I got upvoted.

I should get it yesterday, right at the 4th day's upvote?
6:34 PM
@Glorfindel the FAQ didn't show a reason for me not getting Hat Your Service on this post:
Poster is "New Contributor, both are upvoted, mine got upvoted the second time mid day or so yesterday
@JamesRisner wild guess: the question was posted before the start of WB?
@turivishal you got one downvote on Dec 17, would that matter?
downvotes cancel four ayes, yes
@Glorfindel Your guess confirmed. I didn't notice because when I answered the time line sounded perfectly in compliance.
@Glorfindel yes and having 4 upvotes on the same day means first day counts from the same day 17th?
I have no idea ....
@turivishal no. Have a specific post upvoted at least once per day for four days with no downvotes in between
Any downvotes for 4 days kills it forever
yesterday, by Catija
6:51 PM
@JamesRisner okay then it's 3 days today, and I don't have any other post in meta.
@turivishal I think the problem is the same as mine. My question was hours too early. Your downvote came in from what I can tell less than 2 hours from the time need.
Note, that is a bad place for getting Four Ayes. It would appear that there are several people actively downvoting to prevent those posts from 4A's
@JamesRisner let me look for a link. Oddly enough, I seem to post that every year....
in TRPG General Chat, Sep 10, 2019 at 14:01, by BESW
@Derpy Yes, thank you for reminding me of it. The Giant Robot of Offense is a very good concept to interject here.
@SPArcheon I'm not catching the reference?
@JamesRisner read thru the link.
@JamesRisner yah might be timezone issues.
7:00 PM
I did..
Every time there is at least one hat that fails at the final step.
> Form the Head: No One Else Can Use This to Hurt People

At this tier, no one can misinterpret your work, take it out of context, or repurpose it to support evil ends.
If the triggers can be disrupted by someone else out of the sheer pleasure of causing you pain...
5 mins ago, by James Risner
Note, that is a bad place for getting Four Ayes. It would appear that there are several people actively downvoting to prevent those posts from 4A's
Oh yes!
I guess they feel it's "unfair" to get it from a fun post.
whilst those people are the problem, the trigger failure is making that problem possible.
@turivishal Pretty sure everything service side runs off UTC
@SPArcheon Interesting.
Have actually had some similar experiences on History.SE. Its quite possible to write answers to some questions that, while factually correct, could be used to provide aid and comfort to racists and fascists, and didn't need to be written in a way that did so.
7:12 PM
@T.E.D. I think that some posts on Skeptics would actually be problematic if not even illegal in some way in some European countries because they question the credibility of facts related to WW2 but that is totally a different can of worms that is probably best left out of this.
Oh yeah, Skeptics I'd imagine every answer you have to worry about that kind of thing. Because its rarely a benign reason that people want to spread a lie.
Simpler point here is that it probably would be better if we avoided triggers that can be influenced by other users in an attempt to make you lose an opportunity to get an hat.
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
@Catija I think the description in the hat list on Meta needs some clarification: you get the hat on the site your chat user is parented to, right? I got it today (on Ask Different) and I can only blame Charcoal HQ, which doesn't have a parent site at all.
10:05 PM
@Ethan I got the sun solstice hat - my "hat mode" switch is set to summer, because I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and all this Snow stuff is horrible incongruous :)
I just got it too
I got it after my comment being replied to
Its got to be something to do with the date, because of the word "solstice"
I got it too. My only action was voting on a question.
I'm guessing its just performing any action on site on Dec 21.
U12-Forward has done plenty of actions today and doesn't have it, but has the moon one
10:20 PM
They are probably the same, and you get awarded one of them randomly.
I remember there was a hat like that in past years. 2 versions, but you can only get one.
Then how do some people have both
Oh lmao nevermind
@nobody yep, confirmed earlier
I was looking at vickel but they had the moon in their pfp
10:51 PM
Perhaps the Moon solstice badge has to be gained during "night hours" ?
11:11 PM
Yeah the sun.moon choice has nothing to do with which switch mode you have set in the WB website.
I keep getting Sun even though I've changed back to winter hat mode.
its got to be "time of day" combined wiht your timezone.
Does anyone have Devi/Hedy/Greg hat with no First answer, first question, and late answer? If you have it and did those queues? Can you tell how many you’ve done since start?
@Steffan I'm happy I could trick you, that was my intention :) Anyway, Solstice is an old trigger from 2018 or earlier, it is awarded 24h+- to Solstice (the 21st of December) for doinga simple action UV, DV, comment, etc. You get the Moon if located in the southern hemispere, all others get the Sun.
@Criggie it is purely random
@Mithical depends only on your location (at least it did in earlier versions)
8 hours ago, by Catija
@Ethan But it's the day and night simultaneously. We don't give you a hat based on a geotag. Also, I got moon.
11:23 PM
@Mithical oooohhhhK
They changed it so it doesn’t leak private info

For participating on a site, when it's December 21 (the December solstice) anywhere in the World.

(This hat comes in two forms, but you can only get one.)
but I remember, it mentioned originally the northern/southern hemisphere thing (timezone)

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