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3:00 PM
@Catija is Everything Everywhere awardable without any other users doing anything?
I kinda want to test a possible "bug", but at the same time I would have to post a question, wait for someone to vote it and then delete.
Knowing me, it's probably being downvoted by lots of folks.
@Ginger yes
Ooooh. So it's not victim-related.
3:02 PM
it's not votes then
I volunteer as victim
maybe verified is 10 messages with >= 1 star?
I've gotten both downvoted and upvoted on meta though
@Catija Is the trigger for This Is The Way – "Post edited after receiving a comment."?
@Panda no
3:04 PM
something is sus here
@Boots well, that hat looks incredibly disturbing on you
if that's any consolation
@SPArcheon hmm. we should get a test site for this kind of thing. though I guess if we had one, it would have to be ineligible for earning hats.
The eye is pretty prominent on the image, is it triggered by geting views?
@b_jonas exactly! a Sandbox.SE would be nice for testing bots and stuff (but it'd have to have a rep requirement or smth)
we used to have Windows Phone.SE but that's gone now
@b_jonas only place that would kinda work is meta, yet I would still create noise. That's why I was trying to just ask Catija to check before in the Tavern.
We should bring back windows phone SE but only during the summer/winter
3:09 PM
@Ginger over on Wikimedia sites, we have test.wikipedia.org and test2.wikipedia.org for sandbox testing
Normally you could use teams for this, but I don't think teams has hats
@Catija could we have a hint?
Is there a list of secret hats somewhere?
(also 3 rows of users here on my screen)
3:11 PM
@Ginger We're not even 40 hours in.
I meant to say 48 but... whatever.
@Catija yeah but like as a reward for our exemplary performance
huh, there are suspciously few proposals on Area 51 that aren't yet open
what happened? do people just stopped proposing a site for every new fashionable thing, or did SE start to close the proposals early?
@b_jonas you should do some voting for Langdev.SE, I'm totally not associated with them in any way but they sure sound cool :p
@Ginger I don't think so. I don't think I want more software-related SE sites, and it's hard to convince me to support any Area 51 proposal.
ah well
3:15 PM
@b_jonas When we don't accept proposals for Crypto any more, there's not much else to propose? :P
soon we will have a SE site for everything
@Catija NFT.stackexchange.com ?
@Ginger not quite, I remember sometimes I still have questions that aren't on topic on any SE site
alright, I'm tired of thinking about Everywhere Everything
what other hats are we missing
Emperor's New Hat, ofc
Everything is easy to get on Code Golf.
3:19 PM
@Catija ...except for Splunk
I mean the hat
and the review-related ones
@Catija oh lol
that's interesting
when I have one, sometimes I ask in SE chat, sometimes in other informal chat rooms or forums. for more serious questions that may require experts or detailed research, like what would be suitable for SE in general but no particular site, I ask en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk , since it has a very wide scope, about the only reasonable questions off-topic there are meta ones.
@Catija then why doesn't anyone have it?
They still have to do the thing... It's just that many sites only rarely meet the qualifications while it's common on CG.
3:21 PM
oooh, that's interesting
our site is definitely different
Hmm, many answers, perhaps?
but I can't think of what exactly it is that we're doing differently
@Catija does anyone have it on CGCC?
@Ginger yes, Catija does
I do, I think?
@b_jonas sorry, wasn't clear
3:22 PM
these hat secrets must be extra hard if Catija is willing to give so many hints and answers about them
@Ginger You can't just change the hat suddenly
sorry :p
I thought you meant that Emperor's was easy to get on CGCC
lemme re-ask that: does anyone have Emperor's on CGCC?
@Ginger Everything Everywhere All At Once
Ah, no, I can't get Emperor on CG.
3:24 PM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/users/78850/lyxal also has the ten-finger one-eye one
@Catija Is Everything Everywhere linked to a badge (is it earned with in conjunction with one)?
@Catija Hopefully Everywhere is not "visit ALL sites where you have an account. Including Meta ones", right? (or even your specific profile page)
@b_jonas we know
but lyxal is very active so it's hard to figure it out from his activity
would be far more common for new users if that was the case
56 mins ago, by Catija
If it did, wouldn't you get it on multiple sites simultaneously?
3:25 PM
I suspect that the ten-finger one-eye one requires you to post a question or answer
we have a high answer-to-question ration on CGCC, is that it?
@Catija and.. it is not related to finding anyone with your same name, right?
no, lyxal's name is unique
Asking because we notices yesterday someone switching their name to Catija.
@Ginger I never said "on the same site", after all the movie is about parallel dimensions.
@SPArcheon it appears to be unique network-wide
3:26 PM
@SPArcheon no
I don't believe there's a single other "lyxal" on SE
@Catija good. I like my name as it is.
@Catija is Chatterbox posting a certain number of messages in chat?
it is, I think
Are people already trying to post at a given time (or number of minutes before/after an hour)?
3:30 PM
@Ginger But there are other "Iyxal"s
lyxal's name is spelled with a l
I hope
Yeah, the font messed up my joke. :P
Did you just get the "Font Victim" hat, then?
@catija Is "Chatterbox" triggered by 10 separated chat messages (i.e. in separate boxes)?
@Boots Getting close.
3:36 PM
@AdrianMole 𝕴 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔨 𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔢𝔡 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔳𝔦𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔪 𝔬𝔣 𝔗𝕳𝕴𝔖 𝔣𝔬𝔫𝔱.
Is it triggered by being replied to 10 times in chat?
@Catija Replying to 10 chat messages?
I'm sorry, y'all've reached your limit of stabs in the dark for the moment. Please try again later. :P
Is about posting a chat message with "Hat" in it?
3:40 PM
That "you" is plural.
The Royal "you", got it.
I mean, "you" is technically plural.
Thou is singular.
Unless it's the plural of majesty. ("Thou" is typically used in English Bibles when referring to The Almighty.)
But all those Olde English words that have y- and th- variants derive from words that were originally spelt using a thorn. This looks (a bit) like a Y but sounds like a (voiced) TH.
3:54 PM
The 11 hat makes me think of this Sesame Street parody
@AdrianMole *Older English Bibles - most modern translations don't that I know of
@Machavity I think the 11 hat is a reference to this monster irregularwebcomic.net/4158.html
the resemblance should be obvious
@b_jonas The 11 hat is a reference to the show Stranger Things. In the first season there is a recurring monster whose mouth looks like the hat. And there is also a character called "eleven".
@Catija Is it that Chatterbox requires several comments, and Verified requires 10 different comments each starred once. Hats are awarded on Stack Overflow only?
But isn't that just a normal lego piece you can get?
3:58 PM
@VLAZ thanks, that matches what I thought
@b_jonas Which is a LEGO(tm) of a Demogorgon
@mousetail very likely. Lego has lots of sets tied into all sorts of other franchises. Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all these modern video games and TV series.
here are two questions full of Marvel Lego figures: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/104906/4918 scifi.stackexchange.com/q/87223/4918
they should have Stranger Things too
@b_jonas there is even an official set, not just minifigures
Lol the "Computer Programmer" minifig in the middle of the superheros
4:05 PM
ah yes, meta.stackexchange.com/a/384773/222298 already says it's that monster, and that was there before I spoke
and then you have custom lego too.
@mousetail if you're new to these fun questions on Sci Fi SE, check out IMO the best one: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/68005/4918
Or, you know... you could just go talk to the Lego experts ^^^
@Catija which would not have posted a Klee.
4:17 PM
@Catija I've tried to use that site, but it's always bricked
how do you find the top post of all time on a site?
@mousetail Go to /questions and then sort by score (i.e. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions )
I may be partial, but the more I look at that avatar low-res version, the more it looks like a pink butterfly
Anyway, no rep cap hats this year?
4:35 PM
Most of the top questions on SO are about git lol
5:01 PM
I wonder what that tells you about it... :p
Yea the git UI is terrible. After years of trial and error I feel I have a good understanding but I'd expect better from the cornerstone of all modern software development
@Catija the cryptocurrency (all not just one) is stalling but I believe it’s a fix for all the niche crypto things not already on here. It needs more non-bitcoin cash focused people. @b_jonas
@mousetail It's terrible because git has no UI :P
It has a UI
A text-based UI
A text-based UI can be good or bad too
@Ginger Splunk is easy on CG
5:10 PM
It's funny how all the questions got bumped
Hey, Listen! is next to impossible to get on CGCC
No, I want more people to come to CGSE so I can get the "answers someone's first question" hat
I'm trying for that one too :p
Join CGCC! you won't regret it
Abraham Lincoln and the other is also pretty much impossible on CGCC
There's never anything to review
I got Abraham on SO though
@Steffan Did you mean: Albert Einstein?
5:13 PM
LMAO yes
I was confused
if only we were still getting Indonesian Gambling Spam
However, I don't have enough rep on SO for Thomas Mensah
And there's never anything on CGCC, so I probably won't get that hat.
Which queue is Thomas?
Close votes
Actually, Catija hasn't confirmed it but it works for people.
5:15 PM
Y'all are too SO centric.
So you mean thomas mensah and albert einstein are possible even if you don't have rep?
Maybe there's multiple triggers
I still don't have Collection Complete lol
Might just be closing questions, not directly related to the queue?
or flagging questions with close reasons
5:18 PM
Anyone can flag
It might be a specific flag/close reason, since there are a few other flagging related ones
Seems like most everyone at the top of the leaderboard has Flagging and/or Unflagging
Yea I still got neither but did all the review queues
Is flagging even related to flags
Maybe it's related to handling chat flags
Probly not ig, I think some people with less than 10k networkwide rep have it
@Steffan Unlikely. Chat flags are pretty rare
5:24 PM
I probably get a popup like once a week
I've seen a total of 2 chat flags since I've got the privilege and both where from other language SE sites that I couldn't understand
Oh I just got unflagging
I reviewed like 10 close votes
and did a few edits
Where are you getting these close vote reviews
Stack Overflow
Oh wait I'm only 70 rep away on SO
I did 10 close votes and did not get unflagging. (I did get flagging but I do think that was not related.)
That was on Travel where I am mod.
5:28 PM
Maybe I should cook up a bit of rep on SO and then I can do close votes
I've done like 25, some today some yesterday
I'll go look for stuff to answer on SO lol, I need rep
Most of my rep there is from a 205-vote answer
If unflagging is close votes, flagging could be reopen votes?
I did not vote that many re-open review queue questions as we only had 2 of them, but I do have flagging. So I am sure you are on the wrong path there.
Hmmm that might not be it then
5:32 PM
I think I got a hat for the 10 review close votes, but am not sure.
So if you can vote ten of them, try it.
Could it be skipping questions in review queues? I tend to skip the majority of items
10/11 close votes supposedly gives you thomas mensah
True, I did get that one yesterday too
Would be odd to have 2 hats for one queue
On my second most hats site (I am mod there but it is a quiet site) I am overtaken by a user who has been a member for years and has no activity (other than now saving a Q and A by someone else). I hope to get the top spot again when I do get some questions and answers.
5:46 PM
This is a pain trying to find stuff to answer on SO lol.
I found something and then while I was typing someone FGITWed me
@Ginger I'm already joined to Code Golf but I only have answers, no questions. Are you saying I should ask a question now and I'll get lots of fast answers? I'll have to think about which of my practical coding questions I could get Golf to solve then.
@b_jonas well, we do questions a bit different
could we discuss this in TNB?

 The Nineteenth Byte

The Nineteenth Byte: General discussion for codegolf.stackexc...
@b_jonas Ask in the sandbox first though, just to make sure it's a good challenge
@Catija so previously you said emperor cloths was a question with winter-bash but didn’t need status-fixed? This doesn’t count then? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/384807
5:52 PM
@JamesRisner Are you confusing Emperor with Defender of the Unicorn?
@Steffan 11 from what I can tell. And we're talking Close Vote reviews, not merely close votes in general
I just got This is the Way & Defender of the Unicorn on Meta, just after a staff/mod answered my question, I accepted, upvoted & added a comment. The staff member also added a 'status completed tag' - if that helps anyone figure those out.
@Tetsujin Theories have abounded about the [status-completed] tag
@Catija right yes, unicorn not emp
@Machavity Yes, reviews is what I meant
5:55 PM
@JamesRisner Correct, it's status-completed only.
@Catija it’s also only related to winter bash?
@Catija Do you have to ask a question for This is the Way?
It's what it seems like
@Machavity I only just jumped in here, I haven't seen prior chat. Thought I'd just add my recent experience on a stack I don't usually use a great deal, so my activity is more discrete, rather than one of several dozen interactions in a day.
Didn't someone confirm the Defender hat in here last night? It hasn't changed from last year.
5:58 PM
@Catija It's not been added to the meta list yet - meta.stackexchange.com/questions/384707/…
@Tetsujin I just meant that they hadn't confirmed that part yet. Which Catija apparently just did
Defender is something like post a bug/fr about WB on MSE that gets .
@Catija thought so, but confused/misremembered it as not requiring complete
I don't think it actually cares about the bug/fr tag, just the status completed tag and winter-bash tag of some flavor.
@Steffan Yes.
(sorry, wrong message)
@Catija I only now noticed that the hat rack header picture has one character in the Summer version and one in the Winter version.
6:03 PM
Oh great. I can never think of anything to ask on CGCC.
Yet the color of the background is mostly winter theme. A pity, few will probably notice the thing. Maybe you should have added a little orange too...
6:39 PM
Has anyone figured out how to earn the Tourist hat on a site where you already have the Informed badge?
I don't think it's possible
Yeah, I had to go to a new site and take the tour
6:56 PM
@DanBonachea You're going to hurt someone's feelings.
7:14 PM
@Catija 5? (similar to thought bubble from last year)
@double-beep Assume I'm too lazy to follow replies... can you make the full guess?
Chatterbox: 5 distinct blocks of messages sent in one room in 1 day
@double-beep Yes
@Catija aw darn yall added sanity checks to the hat settings
Sanity checks?
7:23 PM
@Catija I can't make the hats stupidly large or move them really far away
I just wish the rotator wouldn't disappear when it was out of the modal.
I wanted to have a verification checkmark multiple times the size of my profile
and then I'd set my pfp to Elon Musk :p
wait, yall have access to the hat DB
@Catija any chance you can reconfigure my checkmark to be very large?
@Catija Not sure how this gets counted, but I see seven bubbles from me in the Ask Different Chat yesterday. Should I raise this as a bug?
7:25 PM
@nohillside when'd you send them? it might be a timing issue
(as in UTC might've rolled over in the middle)
@Ginger No
@Ginger I'm in UTC+1
@Catija yeah, I thought not
worth a try! :b
@Catija the spoiler for unicorn doesn’t mention WB? Should it be added?
I mean... I'm not the one updating that page, so if you want it to be correct... probably?
7:29 PM
must've'd missed it
lemme add that in
Also, could someone update the images for the ones that break the Geneva convention?
@Catija lol, sure
@Catija unflagging: comment on a post that is later edited by the OP?
7:58 PM
@Catija is it... for accepting an answer?
Any ideas on running at the hill?
@Catija is everything everywhere all at once related to wearing different hats on different sites?
@JamesRisner I'm guessing it's another stranger things reference? I didn't know the song, and I haven't watched stranger things, but it seems to be a significant element of the story. googling the song shows a particular scene. it's one of the character's favourite songs
One of my guesses was that it had to do with "favourite" things, so I tried visiting a couple of my saved posts, but that didn't do anything (not surprised)
@starball no
@Catija just to spice things up (since you're handling a lot of hat questions), how have you been doing this past week? Is there anything you're looking forward to in the next few days? (no need to answer if you don't want)
8:25 PM
Today's my kids' last day of school, so the next two+ weeks are going to be hard. You'd think "there's only two of them... how can it be harder than hundreds of people on a website"... but it is. I'd much rather be dealing with SE than my kids. :P
8:37 PM
@Catija As a kid I never thought or even heard of how hard it is for parents when kids don't have school. Now I'm a bit more grown up that people tell me about it. I don't know what to say :P
I guess when you're dealing with people on SE, you also have a team of coworkers and other staff to help you figure things out?
We used to ask "why is there a Father's day and a Mother's day but no Kids day?"
To which of course the answer is "every day is Kid's day"
@Catija Ah- the one thing I can think of to say: "add oil!" (a phrase for encouragement and support)
@starball I think it's more like "it's easier to reason with people online or just walk away and ignore them than it is to reason with or ignore a 4 and 6 year old."
@Catija xD true
8:45 PM
@DanBonachea there's no kids' day because the eastern bloc called it "International Children's Day" and then in the backlash after 1989 people decided that anything the old regime did is bad and has to be changed
9:32 PM
@Catija is "over 9000" for earning a gold badge?
@Catija is that somewhat close to the trigger?
9:47 PM
ok thanks for answering! let me know if I'm annoying you and I'll stop
So @Catija can you confirm the intention is the Verified hat is awarded for 10 chat room posts with a star?
I mean, you'll get it for 10 but you don't need 10.
So the Verified hat is awarded for 9 chat room posts with a star?
@DanBonachea nonono this is not how you do a binary search!
I just got Over 9000! on... Anime.SE :/
9:52 PM
@starball I already guessed 8 in a different room after it was awarded to me with that count, this is the "end" of the binary search
@DanBonachea That's not my reading of the situation.
in Winter Bash Starring Room - Stack Overflow on Stack Overflow Chat, 13 mins ago, by Dan Bonachea
So a number of starred messages greater than 1 and less than 8?
Last I checked, less than 8 is non-inclusive of 8.
@starball I guess it is about a question reachs 9000 (maybe 9001) views during Winter Bash. I mean you have a question with 8999 views and then it is 9001 during winter bash.
The 9000 is a red herring.
So @Catija can you confirm the intention is the Verified hat is awarded for 8 chat room posts with a star?
I was going to say...
9:55 PM
Oh, I just thought 9000 is the total characters of edits...
@DanBonachea Yes. But can you guess why?
@Catija the $8 twitter verified thing?
I mean, yeah, it's not supposed to 9000, but 8000...
9:57 PM
Which is why I've been banging my head on the table while y'all kept guessing 10.
@AndrewT. in true anime user fashion- corrects the number
It's been too long since I watched DBZ
@KadirŞahbaz anime.stackexchange.com/users/2516/… and Andrew doesn't have any questions on anime.se that seem to have recently hit 9k views
@Glorfindel and @Akixkisu have the hat. They have questions over 9000-9500 views. And I guess the questions reached 9000 views during winter bash. Especially this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/357915/…
only a guess.
sonic also has it
10:03 PM
so, what I recently did on Anime.SE:
- approved an edit
- edited both Q&A
- chat on Anime.SE-parented room
- have a lingering chat ping
- posted on Meta.Anime.SE
@AndrewT. on which meta? anime.m.se?
yeah, clarified
10:18 PM
@starball right. dead end. :(
what new features have been added this year?
is the new editor from this year?
@Catija @Catija here are some constructive ideas: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/384861
Is Over 9000! related to editing a post containing number?
@starball you got the unicorn? But don’t have a meta account? How?
@JamesRisner go search me in /users :)
10:24 PM
Oh hidden?
@JamesRisner yep. hidden to see if it would give me "the king's new clothes"
sadly it has not
but it does sort of make it harder to analyze my activity during winter bash. But I don't think that really helps. All the trickly hats we don't know how they work yet I don't have.
@DanBonachea You also can't get Miranda, I'm assuming. :P
Or reach 9000 people during WB. I don't know.
38 mins ago, by Catija
The 9000 is a red herring.
>9k doesn't seem to be about edits, since yennefer doesn't have any recent edits
probably not about accepts either, (also yennefer)
10:38 PM
After flagging tens of "thanks" comments, got Flagging, Unflagging and Emperor's hats. Many of them were removed immediately. I retracted some.
@KadirŞahbaz you got emperor!?
from flagging!?
@starball I don't know. Before getting Emperor, I was flagging (no longer needed) "thanks" comments.
@KadirŞahbaz :O good to know
Also I was editing posts.
And also was deleting my unnecessary comments under my answers.
@KadirŞahbaz :O
10:45 PM
@KadirŞahbaz I think I got this one after the day rolled over. So also might be related to any end of day triggers.
I'm looking at 5 users who have >9k:
@KadirŞahbaz yes I’ve gotten unflagging from flagging no longer needed. But they consistently say it’s not from flagging. How many you do when got empor?
Dragon Ball is also known for ending on a cliffhanger on many episodes, so it would make some sense.
@starball you working on over 9000? @Catija has consistently said it’s nothing that adds up to 9000.
all of the people who have >9k have made [tag:discussion] posts on site metas recently:
but I'm really not confident that that's the right direction.
I tried looking at timestamps for the post creation: 12, 16, 17, 18, 21 IIRC (UTC)
10:49 PM
@JamesRisner In the last two days, 30+ flags, 11 retracted flags.
@KadirŞahbaz I’m at 200 (100 each day) but probably less than 11 retracted
I flag after the day switchover. You before?
@starball that's some nice detective work
Now onto finding one that did but does not have the hat...
@JamesRisner 30+ and 11 during WB.
11:05 PM
@MarcoBonelli not a counterexample, but JonClement has the >9k hat. they recently made a post on MSO (standing down as mod). post is also featured
Didn't Catija say that the number 9000 is a red herring?
At least twice.
Maybe they don't know what a red herring is?
@Catija maybe you just need to say it <strike>more times</strike> over a certain number of times...
@MarcoBonelli I just learned what red herring means. :))
11:15 PM
I have a guess on what >9k is: is:question [discussion] created:2022-12-15.. score:1... not sure about the details of the score threshold (I have some suspicion of >9).
@JamesRisner look where they got the hat. then look at gamedev.meta.stackexchange.com/…
time to think of some good discussion posts I think!
By the way "Running Up That Hill" is the lyrics of a song that gets played in Stranger Things S4, and one of the characters (Eddie) has exactly the same hair as the hat. So... it's probably got something to do with him? (╭ರ_•́)
the score of this is just 2 right now.
so I'd consider my suspicion of >9 score busted
maybe it is just positive score
Hmm well a post with a score of "2" is considered "helpful"
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