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12:12 AM
@Catija Is the trigger for Verified "Post 10 messages that gets starred in chat." ;)
@Panda not quite
@Catija 10 chat messages stared by 10 different users?
@Ethan Definitely not it, I got it by starring myself.
It’s got to do with chat, that’s what I can say for sure.
@Panda well by Catija's message it sounds like you are close
@Ethan no.
12:17 AM
witch was closer mine or Panda's?
Time to bring back the wb starring room?
Post 10 chat messages?
@Catija Is I’m Okay the new This is Fine?
> Answer a bountied question but don't receive the bounty, and have a positive score
@Ethan no
@Panda yeah
12:20 AM
For flagging is it cast 5 helpful flags?
It's possible Verified has a time limit for starring, e.g. 10 messages starred within 12h of posting.
But I'm quite sure ~10 messages are involved, definitely not less than 5.
Catija has exactly 10 messages starred in this chat.
you got it
what did you do?
Mabey post enough messages close enough together
starts to spam chat messages to test
@Ethan I got in a room where I'm the owner, I pinned 15 messages.
Time to test it
12:35 AM
Ok I created a new room for starring on this server. The old room is frozen and it doesn't make sense for it to be on the SO server anyways.

 Winter/Summer Bash Starring room

chat room for placing a star on users comments, some years it ...
@Catija 5 chat messages stared with at least 10 total messages?
for Verified?
Am I getting closer?
1:20 AM
@Catija Is it 10 stars in chatrooms parented to the same site?
@nobody no... but I'm not actually sure what the impact of site parentage is on getting it. That's not intentionally part of the trigger.
No ideas on Mario Molina or Running up that hill?
2:03 AM
Are we sure of the conditions for "Not Found"? I've tried to visit nonexistent pages on multiple SE sites, confirmed the 404 response in "Web Developer Tools" => "Network". But Not Found was Not Found.
@dbc yes
2:18 AM
do we know what "this is the way" is for? My guess is either for closing duplicates ("signpost"), or for something like the announcer badges (share links off-site and get people to click on them). I haven't gotten it yet.
Hey guys!
hello! I like your avatar image :)
nice to meet you
@starball Haha!
Hey guys! How do I actually get the Mmm, Cookies! hat?
go to the bottom of the page and click the thing about cookies
I did it a few times, no hat?
2:30 AM
and if not try changing something
@Ethan shouldn't need to change any cookie settings. the hat description says so itself.
I know I did
But also I noticed the tracking coockies were on so I wanted to disable them anyways
I thought they were off but probably mixing it up with something esle
2:51 AM
@dbc Go to this comment, you should get the hat. mechanics.stackexchange.com/posts/comments/62836
3:03 AM
Wait.. Why can't I change my SO to dark theme
Any secret hat clues?
Q: Winter / Summer Bash 2022 Hat List ☃️ 🏖️

GlorfindelWinter / Summer Bash 2022 has started and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Please, only edit the secret hat answer with definitive and correct triggers. Th...

3:20 AM
@JamesRisner That worked thanks! Wonder why it's not working on SO.
3:33 AM
It would, you need to know a deleted question with a comment, then go to the comment.
But I can view deleted posts on SO. Does that mean I can't get the hat on SO?
if you're talking about the "not found" hat, you can just visit <siteurl>/404
@starball I thought someone said that doesn't work on SO. It works on other sites.
@dbc If you have the link to the comment, it doesn't matter whether or not you can see deleted.
@Catija new theory: unflagging is someone undeletes a comment or post I flagged for deletion?
3:58 AM
I got flagging during the night. @Catija is it given for voting to delete 5 posts that get deleted? At first I thought 1 would be enough, but that didn't work (unless the delay was too long and I wasn't patient enough )
4:17 AM
@Eran With this theory, would being the last user to vote to delete the post count?
Just got Flagging!
@Catija Is the Flagging hat rewarded for flagging 10 posts?
4:33 AM
@U12-Forward I got it for 1 flag. How did you get 404 and Verified?
Just got 404, guess it takes a long time.
Verified I am not sure
related to something like getting 10 stars
1 star in 10 messsages

 Winter/Summer Bash Starring room

chat room for placing a star on users comments, some years it ...
Huh got verified
I'm pretty sure it's 10 starred messages - chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/141312/se-chat-test-chamber-02
@Catija Can you confirm that Verified is 10 starred messages?
4:48 AM
@U12-Forward well, at least in my case I was the last user
5:00 AM
@U12-Forward Hoping for Hey Listen, do you think this is a good re-open target? stackoverflow.com/questions/74794085/…
@Eran Cool
@JamesRisner You should go to the Reppen queue and edit and reopen
@U12-Forward I'm 2917 rep, isn't that at 3000?
@starball you know the method to trigger Unflagging?
@U12-Forward I've asked if it is 10 to get flagging, and they said no. But I can reliably trigger it by doing 10 at the rate of 1 every 5 seconds.
@JamesRisner Sure enough stackoverflow.com/posts/comments/118551525 worked on SO (with added bonus of lovely code snapshot included here i.sstatic.net/UhUs1.jpg)
5 hours ago, by Panda
@Catija Is the trigger for Verified "Post 10 messages that gets starred in chat." ;)
5 hours ago, by Catija
@Panda not quite
5:16 AM
@panda Do you know the trigger method for maria molano?
@JamesRisner My hunch's that it's related to doing reviews – perhaps the Reopen queue.
@Panda I think Thomas is confirmed on the close queue, so maria reopen. Nice. Maybe I'll make it to 3000 before Jan 1.
@panda you think this is worthy of reopen? stackoverflow.com/questions/74794085/…
@JamesRisner just flag and unflag a comment I think. That seems to be how I've gotten it multiple times.
@JamesRisner :) ATB on getting review access!
@JamesRisner It appears to me that it's unclear on what it's asking.
> Please edit your question to provide more details on what you expected to happen versus what actually happened. This gives readers a better chance to figure out what didn’t work and to answer your question accordingly. – from canned comments
Not a React SME myself so take that with a pinch of salt.
@starball flag a comment and retract? Yes. I thought all mine were that way. but it seems not, because I only got it on 3 sites and I've tried many. My theory is you flag, someone else undeletes.
5:24 AM
Let me try Unflagging, haven't gotten that hat yet.
5:35 AM
@JamesRisner No
@Eran No
@JamesRisner what flag reason are you using? I'm using "no longer needed"
@starball I found 11 "thank you" and NLN them (poof) then pick something that won't poof and NLN, then retract. That worked on Apple, SO, and IT Security but no other sites.
Chatterbox hat triggers by chatting in a group and ones messages should appear as 6 separate boxes (in the same chat group). Is this not it?
5:53 AM
@Panda Ah, okay. Is it getting 10 total stars in chat during winter bash? (@Catija)
6:18 AM
Odd, I'm having trouble with Rules Lawyer on other sites. It's not giving me more than stackoverflow.
@JamesRisner manually edit the URL. For some reason the footer network wide links to SO.
Oh boo!
thanks. I somehow didn't notice
6:49 AM
@JamesRisner /conduct
@Catija well, feel free to poke someone to reply to this, @Sonic noticed this years ago.
Q: Why are there separate copies of the Terms of Service per site, if the link in each site just goes to Stack Overflow's version?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogI noticed that each site in the network has its own copy of the Terms of Service, e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/legal/terms-of-service, https://meta.stackexchange.com/legal/terms-of-service, https://travel.stackexchange.com/legal/terms-of-service, etc. But the link to the terms in the footer of...

7:29 AM
Hi all,
Nice to meet you.
How can I get the "Defender of the Unicorn" hat?
@JShobbyist hello!
7:45 AM
Asking and answering 16 questions are too much uff
7:56 AM
@starball hi
8:12 AM
@JShobbyist I don't believe it's known.
Could "everything everywhere at once" be for answering questions in N different tags?
Maybe, but I don't recall seeing answers that match when I checked...
@JShobbyist Does this answer your question?
11 hours ago, by Catija
@Steffan this is correct.
One has 7 total unique tags across 4 answers. The 4 answers had 4, 4, 5, and 5 tags
9:00 AM
@VLAZ @Catija can you confirm/deny this?
9:14 AM
things I tried today that didn't seem to do anything: click and open an ad. subscribe to a Stack Exchange email filter and click some links from the emails. hide all my communities in my profile. add and remove a profile picture.
no chat easter egg did anything BTW
9:30 AM
@Catija, for the "Back In My Day" secret hat, I saw that someone said it can get by voting on an old question. I tried it out and it worked well for me. Are you able to confirm this?
31 mins ago, by VLAZ
@VLAZ @Catija can you confirm/deny this?
Oh if you quote, you don't get the link?
13 hours ago, by VLAZ
I don't know if anybody said this but: trigger for "Back In My Day" is upvoting a question or answer (downvoting doesn't count) and the post should be at least 5 years old. created:2017-12-14..2017-12-14 finds posts that will give you the hat. created:2017-12-16..2017-12-16 does not. For 2017-12-15 - depends on the hour - later on the day won't trigger the hat, earlier will.
I am not sure if it's what I was looking for since @Catija did two answers.
"@Steffan this is correct.
@Steffan This is not"
10:23 AM
@JShobbyist Two answers for two comments. First one saying "this is correct" is about reporting a Winter Bash bug. The second one saying "this is not" is about needing a [status-complete].
10:48 AM
The non-secret hats at least have a nice range between very easy and very hard. The K-Pop Light Stick requires an answer scoring over 100. My highest scoring answer ever on SE has score 57.
And my highest scoring question has score 72. What makes this extra funny is that my highest scoring post on Perlmonks has 110 score. How was it easier for me to get a highly upvoted post there?
@b_jonas I have said this multiple times by now.
Stack has a tunnel vision problem with SO
they often make assumptions based on SO numbers, and this reflects on hats too.
Let me look up some numbers. Perlmonks has about 1_220_000 votable nodes I think, and apparently about 2000 have score above 100.
11:03 AM
This is the way has got to be related to asking a question
Sci Fi SE has 70593 questions and 126160 answers. This is a bit unfair because it doesn't count Sci Fi Meta, nor comments, both of which are counted in the Perlmonks number.
@emanresuA Asking and then accepting/upvoting an answer?
Not accepting
Possibly/probably upvoting
Can you get Rules Lawyer only on SO?
@b_jonas No ;-) It's in the chat above somewhere
11:13 AM
@Catija oh, thank you!
@nohillside Would you be so kind as to unfreeze this Winter Bash chat room: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/226664/… - thanks.
@Catija, is the hat "Back in my day" obtained by upvoting an old question - we'll update the hat list: meta.stackexchange.com/q/384707/282094
Sci Fi SE has 70593 questions, of which 167 scoring at least 100, and 126160 answers, of which 517 scoring at least 100. data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1688743/…
That does mean it's somewhat easier to get a 100 score answer on Sci Fi than on Perlmonks, which is what I expected.
@nobody I got the verified hat by having 10 different chat messages starred.
oh no
oh! this room is under chat.stackechange, not chat.meta. that's why I didn't find it.
Is "Mmm, Cookies!" one of those shape-changing hats that shows a partly eaten or full cookie depending on how many cookies you accept?
You know, like the moon/sun hats from previous years.
11:39 AM
Oh also everything everywhere all at once is not related to posting answers
Source: Catija got it after only posting a question
I've found two users who both have it, are pretty much the only people on the site to have it, and have almost no overlap in activity...
Is Verified stars requirement tied to a single room or it can be across multiple rooms?
Anyway, we need more people in the star room
That for some reason isn't even pinned here.

 Winter/Summer Bash Starring room

chat room for placing a star on users comments, some years it ...
^ someone please pin the link
12:00 PM
@Rob Would love to, but my superpowers are limited to AskDifferent :-)
@nohillside OK, thanks anyways. @Catija, could you help us with that?

 Winter Bash Starring Room - Stack Ove

A Stack Overflow chat server room for placing a star on users ...
12:45 PM
@b_jonas no
@Rob so needy.
@Rob both too specific and not specific enough.
So it's some number of different actions that can trigger it, not just upvoting
And the time period is more specific I guess
@ShadowWizardChasingStars One of the devs was actually going to fix it but they told me it's harder than they thought so it didn't happen.
@mousetail Downvotes don't work. I'd hazard a guess that close or delvotes don't, either.
Maybe comments work?
12:48 PM
Thank you very much, the Stack Overflow hat seekers appreciate that.
@mousetail oh, that's why I got it so easily. I have 21 necromancer badges, looking at old questions comes naturally to me.
@mousetail The time period is exactly 5 years or more.
Both upvote and over 5 years old.
@VLAZ I think so.
So upvoting or answring. One is much easier than the other lol
12:50 PM
I don't explicitly remember it being upvotes only but it is possible
Apparently it is only upvotes so, yes.
At your convenience, after we confirm, we'll update the answer: meta.stackexchange.com/q/384707/282094
Why am I not getting the Tourist hat? Do I need to do it on a site where I don't yet have the badge? I take the tour everywhere just for the free badge, so I'd have to join another SE site if it requires that.
Yeah. it's tied to the badge, so if you don't get the badge, you don't get the hat.
The "Flagging" hat is proving to be elusive on SO. I have well over 20 helpful flags in the past 2/3 days but no hat. Does it, perhaps, need a comment flag?
^^^ Answer updated.
12:57 PM
I'm pretty sure flagging is related to one of the queues
@Catija Can you please post that here?
Q: Tourist hat actual requirement: read the Tour page or get the Informed badge?

SPArcheonThe Tourist hat description states: Yet apparently reading the Tour badge is not enough to get the Tourist hat if you already have the Informed badge. I don't know what is the intended behavior, so I am posting this for reference: either the trigger is wrong and should be fixed or the descriptio...

Or, if you prefer I can post it and reference your message, but you will miss on the rep.
1:15 PM
it seems I have missed a lot
It's your own fault for sleeping
Never sleep, only hats
so Seggan got Verified
@Catija oh well. then I probably won't get that hat, unless there's an interesting recently opened SE.
I won't be missing it since I already got the 11 hat.
Is verified related to stars?
1:31 PM
it is, there is even a room for asking star.
Many ask there... very few give back.
well not anymore :p
Does pinning count as starring for the hat?
1:52 PM
Any guesses for Everything Everywhere All At Once?
Any Secret Hat clues?
@Panda It's easy. I got it, so it must be easy. And doesn't involve anything requiring high rep activities.
@Boots What did you do before you got it?
@Boots Must need some skills to get it, it still eludes me ;)
@mousetail Notification was delayed, so it's hard to decide. I think I was swapping around a couple of sites, so might be related to activities on multiple sites within a certain time span. Just a guess though.
1:58 PM
Do you happen to know when you got it? Was it within 3 hours (since your latest comments on Meta.SE)?
Is chatterbox for writing 10 chat messages in a day?
The delay is really annoying
@Panda 'twas 13 hats ago. The notification list has no timestamps.
@Boots Hmm I see, could perhaps involve joining a new site. (since you got it on Meta.SE and you're new to Meta.SE)
There were hats awarded in the past like that.
@Panda Yes, could be joining new sites, could be voting on multiple sites. Could be answering on multiple sites. I've only earned it once on Meta though.
2:01 PM
I joined several new sites but didn't get it
Might be "Ask a question / write an answer that's well-received by the community on a site you haven't used before."
@mousetail Did you post anything on the new sites?
I did not
There is already a non-secret badge for a good first question though
seems there would be a lot of overlap
@Panda Don't think so. I only joined the entire network yesterday and have a few answers on a few sites. This doesn't explain why I only have it on Meta.
Could be for doing some number of votes in a short time period?
Hmm I disproved it. Catija got it on Meta.SE, obviously not a new user there.
2:09 PM
@Panda Does anyone own this hat and not earned it on Meta?
@Boots Yep, Catija on Code Golf
Any clues on Verified?
14 hours ago, by Panda
@Catija Is the trigger for Verified "Post 10 messages that gets starred in chat." ;)
This will earn you the hat, but it's not the exact trigger. I'm not sure what other conditions the hat may have.
@Catija that's fair, but maybe post a comment with the bad news?
@Panda Maybe it's 10 total stars?
2:13 PM
@Panda did she confirm that?
@ShadowWizardChasingStars It doesn't mean we won't fix it, just that he couldn't get to it by launch.
the leaderboard truncates the hat list of each user to 9 hats. how do I find out what hats a user has, if they aren't me and they have more than 9?
Go to their user profile on a site where you have a profile and they've earned a hat.
@ShadowWizardChasingStars "not quite"
@mousetail Sounds plausible (cc @Catija)
@Catija well, it's not like this will become easier to fix, but all good, it's really something minor.
2:14 PM
@Catija where do I see on the profile?
in the Activity tab
@b_jonas Same place as yours. Click on the beanie
I was looking in the Profile tab
thank you
Ah. Yeah. I sometimes forget that mods are shown activity by default, while users see profile tab by default.
I wasn't looking at activities because you put a hat on your profile picture, it's not really an activity
but I should probably have found it
Interesting, I just earned Chatterbox on The Workplace without entering a chat-room. I've only made one chat message there.
2:21 PM
@Boots Your chat account is parented to The Workplace, chatting here counts towards it.
Ah. So you only get one of those badges though. The site depends where you're parented to.
Just to check is this the trigger for Verified? @Catija
9 mins ago, by mousetail
@Panda Maybe it's 10 total stars?
@Boots No, you can change your parent user after you get the hat on any specific site
then get 10 stars again anywhere
@Panda No
2:23 PM
So close yet so far. :/
hmm, I also haven't got the 404 hat. let me retry.
I don't have 10 starred messages. I think it's just 10 separated messages
Y'all are talking about two different hats.
now I too am Verified
I was asking specifically about "verified"
2:24 PM
I just realised, @Boots, I think you're referring to Chatterbox while I'm talking about Verified haha.
I conjecture it's 10 total stars
Right, but Boots is talking about Chatterbox
my verified is bigger than your verified
1 min ago, by Catija
@Panda No
2:25 PM
Yeah. chatterbox seems to be chat messages. I posit that it's 10 separated messages in chat.
I want to try to figure out Everything Everywhere
@Catija does Everything Everywhere involve doing actions on multiple sites in a short timespan?
If it did, wouldn't you get it on multiple sites simultaneously?
hehe, Mathoverflow doesn't get hats again, but the blog post about the hats is pinned to the sidebar anyway
@Catija good point
2:29 PM
Is either hat about getting tagged or replied to in chat?
@Catija official guess: Verified is awarded for having 3 pinned messages in a room
@Ginger No
@Boots how many sites? What activities? Votes? Comments? Flags?
Observation: Most users with Everything Everywhere are very active on the site they got the hat on
2:31 PM
I still don't have verified even though I participated in Ginger's star abuse bot heist
@Catija Chatterbox is writing chat 10 messages in day?
@mousetail shhhhhhhhhhhhh
*10 chat messages
@mousetail (also the bot died before you joined)
No, it definatly pinned a few of my mesages
2:32 PM
Theory: Everything Everywhere is awarded for performing multiple actions quickly on one ste
@mousetail not enough I guess
@JamesRisner I think Catija has implied that "everything Everywhere" probably isn't related to multiple site activity, or the badge would be awarded on multiple sites.
Results: I just upvoted 5 random questions on CGCC in about 10 seconds, no hat yet
@Ginger I've been far more active on The Workplace than Meta, but only have the EE hat on Meta. Must be something specific rather than something spammy.
Not that I'm spammy.
Not in the least.
@Boots When'd you get it?
@Boots yes of course not
@Ginger Sometime in the last 24 hours. I didn't keep track of exactly when or what I did before it came up. To be honest, I didn't know it was so coveted at the time.
2:36 PM
If you want the hat, I can screen cap it and sell it to you on eBay?
alright time to review your meta activity
@Boots make it an nft
@Ginger meta.stackexchange.com/users/692550/cdjb is not active on Meta SE but got the hat
not very active that is
@Boots huh, you just joined MSE
that narrows it down a bit
It's possible hats can be awarded based on others' actions, e.g. having your post receive an answer and comment and upvote at the same time, perhaps.
2:37 PM
unless they do lots of activity that I can't see, like review queues or votes
@Ginger as does my lack of rep.
@Boots So no review queues, since you can't access any
did you do any suggested edits?
Or comments
@Panda certainly, there are multiple non-secret hats that get triggered from your votes getting high scored, and that almsot always happens when other users upvote the post
It won't be an upvote/downvote on answers because many people in the "show my hat" have had ups/downs.
Theory: Everything Everywhere is awarded from commenting on multiple answers to a question quickly
2:38 PM
@b_jonas Yep, those hats are rather difficult to test and usually earned unexpectedly.
@Ginger No. I've done more commenting on TWP.
The "at once" suggests a certain time period
you've got almost no activity on MSE tho
I wonder if there's a hat that requires being owner in a chatroom
@mousetail "everywhere" suggests something widespread.
2:40 PM
@b_jonas Unlikely
@Boots I mean, it's the title of a movie, so don't take it too seriously.
IDK what everything suggests
Oh it's a movie
@b_jonas Nope, I created a room yesterday to test for Verified. Originally thought Verified was for creating a chatroom.
@Panda I said requires, not sufficient.
2:41 PM
@mousetail this could actually be it, the people who got Verified from the bot pin spam test were all ROs
so maybe it's being an RO of a chatroom and getting some number of stars?
Everything Everywhere All at Once is a 2022 American absurdist comedy-drama film written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively known as "Daniels"), who produced it with Anthony and Joe Russo. The plot centers on a Chinese-American immigrant (played by Michelle Yeoh) who, while being audited by the IRS, discovers that she must connect with parallel universe versions of herself to prevent a powerful being from destroying the multiverse. Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., James Hong, and Jamie Lee Curtis appear in supporting roles. The New York Times...
Think of something like, ten users are active in a chat room that you are room owner in.
@b_jonas Hmm what hats does Glorfindel have that are rare
@mousetail how do you reparent?
@JamesRisner go to your chat profile page and click change site
2:42 PM
@Ginger You'd have gotten it much earlier though since you own many chat rooms
@mousetail but most are inactive, and I don't have many stars in the ones I do own
@Panda this is the way seems like this, comment, upvote, question, answer, edit (some number of those) in a specific order. EE is likely different
user -1 math.stackexchange.com/users/-1/… has the Albert Einstein hat
20 hours ago, by Ginger
@Catija official guess (2): This Is The Way is awarded for asking a question, having a user comment and answer the question (in some order), commenting on the question (maybe as a reply), and having the user edit their answer.
That was wrong, but I think it was close
Wait how does the community user have the verified hat?
2:46 PM
It can't send messages right?
It might inherit rooms if accounts are deleted or something
I asked Adam to give the hat to Community because I thought it would be funny.
@Boots I have a hunt it’s more to do with the eye and hands. Like view 10 times than do. I couldn’t find activity logged that made sense for EE
Oh :/
2:47 PM
@Boots the only events in your Meta activity log that are close together in time are the simultaneous awarding of Citizen Patrol and Teacher
@Ginger Possibly related to raising some flags, but I also do this on other sites (more than I do on Meta).
@Catija does Everything Everywhere have any relation to events occurring in quick succession?
Not by default, no.
@Ginger for which hat? I got chatterbox and verified without owning a room.
@JamesRisner verified
so clearly not
2:51 PM
verified should just be chat stars.
@b_jonas Albert is do 10 suggested edits that get someone else to agree with you
@Ginger very close, because I got it by following your post.
@Catija that's interesting
okay so that confirms that Everything Everywhere isn't usually time-related
we need to think more better
Just a reminder, the hat route runs every 10 minutes on the 10s, so "right after" is relative.
2:56 PM
If I lived in a universe where things happened 10 times slower than this one, diagnosing the hat triggers would be a heck of a lot easier.
@Boots The activity log, for obvious reasons, doesn't show votes
so maybe it's vote-related
@Ginger Again, I have more of that activity on TWP, but no EE badge there.
well, I'm at a loss
you must've'd done something special on Meta to get the hat
@Ginger tried updating network profile, tried pushing changes to all network profiles....
now I wait.
@Ginger There's plenty of specialer folks than me on Meta.
2:58 PM
I know, but you got the hat
barring the Hat Gods reaching down and bestowing it upon you, either you did something the logs aren't showing or the hat is triggered by another user's actions
00:00 - 15:0015:00 - 00:00

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