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2:00 PM
@Sterno You're not going to let that go, are you?
@fbueckert When it stops being amusing to me!
@StrixVaria I was thinking:
I'm glad I'm a source of amusement to you.
@YiJiang not sure that screen is optional btw, the Steam on launch one that is
Oh, fine, if it bothers you I'll go back to mentally pronouncing your name as F boo eee kert
@Sterno thats how it sounds in my head too
2:06 PM
I'm sorry. MARSHAL F boo eee kert
@Sterno I actually wasn't being sarcastic; you didn't mean it in a derogatory sense, so I'm fine with it.
Seriously, you need a gunslinger avatar now. Or one of those old west badges
Don't worry, if his Marshal badge goes to his head I can go upstairs and make him say terrible terrible things.
@TrentHawkins ...
2:07 PM
Wait, Trent Hawkins?
Remind me to cut you off the internet, Trent.
As in, pilot in Tyrian?
Dude... someone got it.
first time ever... I love you Grace Note.
I love the fact you have a Tyrian name reference
@Sterno I have one of those!
2:08 PM
So, Torchlight 2 in a few hours.
oh didn't you hear?
its been delayed until 2013
Q: How can I deploy bombs more effectively?

Yi JiangHaving gained access to my first ship with a bomb slot (The Gull) and using it for a while, I realized that I couldn't use the weapon effectively. Ships carrying bomb mounts usually have it dead center, and launches them straight ahead instead of dropping off the sides like missiles. Because ...

Speaking of TL2, isn't it time for another game grant or something? It's been quite a while since our last one.
Maybe but maybe not
Yeah, I'm hoping to break $1k of free stuff from Gaming.SE before the year is out!
2:15 PM
@Sterno I'm hoping to break >$10, outside of top user swag. :P
XCOM would be an obvious candidate.
user image
Not enough star on that star
Joel Spolsky on September 20, 2012

We’ve all heard the stories of seemingly trivial patents being used to mug technology companies. There was the patent on the “Interactive Web” which a troll named Eolas used to extract $521 million from Microsoft–until a jury in East Texas threw out the patents. There are the four patents Lodsys is using to send threatening letters to software developers everywhere–trivial patents that Google says never should have been granted, in fact, Google and Oracle have submitted mountains of prior art to show that the patents should be invalid. …

@fbueckert I never got my top user swag. I'm swagless!
2:25 PM
@Sterno You're trying to break a solid grand in free stuff. I'm not feeling sorry for you.
I just realised ... Dwarf Fortress zombies are magma-proof. Oh Armok... this could get interesting if any such show up.
@MartinSojka Magma should still burn off any flesh it comes in contact with.
@fbueckert Magma kills by either burning off fat, bleeding them to death, or drowning them.
I don't know how the zombies work, but if they don't have to breath and either don't have fat or blood, they would be invincible.
@fbueckert Not in DF.
At least, not as long as it is moving.
@MartinSojka Well, there's your problem; why are you allowing them to move?
2:31 PM
Oh, I'm just preparing for the future ...
@MartinSojka Then the action required is clear: Do not allow them to leave magma.
...I've been trained too well. I just flagged a non-answer without thinking about it.
And I get nothing for it anymore! Nothing!
And I continue to hate and loath Sharepoint. Stupid thing breaks and stops working without telling me why.
@fbueckert If you're going to use that as a profile, please use this tarted up version (I had to finish the other one quickly, so it's a bit slapdash!)
user image
@fredley Very nice
Q: How effective is the Optical Chaff shoulder unit in AC5?

EnigmaThe unit with the highest rating has an optical chaff effect rating of 35. There isn't any description as to what this does specifically besides that it affects lock on capability. How does the other AC feel this effect? Is it like flash rockets in that it completely disables locking for a peri...

Q: How to kill someone in Minecraft using the console

Dan JIn the server console I tried kill <playername> But I get [INFO] You must specify which player you wish to perform this action on. Is this even possible?

Q: Does burning damage stack in any way?

Nathan SabrukaI am trying a guardian build which revolves around burning as many foes as possible for as much damage as possible. However, when I quickly use two burning skills, I notice only one burning icon on the foe. Does burning stacks in any way? Or does casting two burning spells on the same target amo...

bah I wasted all my eridium on ammo clip upgrades, totally didn't see there's a backpack slot upgrade..
2:46 PM
@fbueckert welcome to my world!
@fbueckert Time to start setting your own goals, with no reward system at all. Ever played Minecraft?
@Lazers Sidenote: We had one question tagged and one tagged prior to this question. I've re-tagged them all to , as that was first.
@fredley KSP.
Minecraft for rocket scientists.
@fbueckert Kerbal Space Program?
@fbueckert Or Rocket Science for Minecrafters?
@fredley Yup
@fbueckert get minecraft, install tekkit mod... build nuclear reactors.
2:50 PM
There's so many plugins and whatnot you can add into KSP to turn it into your very own playground.
@TrentHawkins Nope. You play Minecraft. I don't.
A: Tagging games with numbers as series

Adam NofsingerMy thought, using your specific megaman example (which seems to be a good example), is to not use roman numerals ever, and to provide a console context when needed, and you should be able to distinguish between all of these. So the three games you mentioned would be: [megaman-5] [gameboy] [megam...

@TrentHawkins Tekkit is insane. Does any single person understand everything in there?
@fredley I sure as heck don't.
@fbueckert should synonym -5 to -v
@TrentHawkins I've been watching the YC series on it, there's so much stuff. They've barely covered 10% in 40 episodes (although it is YC - most of the time it's dicking around rather than MC)
2:52 PM
@fredley Unlikely, in particular their choice of brass recipe is totally insane in my eyes.
@MartinSojka what about games where the game developer uses roman numerals?
@MartinSojka Because it's wrong?
@pixel We don't.
@MartinSojka Oak's is more upvoted.
What are people mostly like to use for teh Googles?
2:53 PM
@fredley I would assume the game title.
@fredley the actual game name as it appears in the game
@pixel Unless it's something like the Vth Vanguard, I'd be inclined to still use our own numeric script
ie: final fantasy xiii-2
because final fantasy 13-2 looks stupid
Question II/2: Is Google clever enough to know that v == 5?
is it true that there will be a final fantasy xiii-3?
2:55 PM
sigh Alright, I'll go through and re-tag all those questions. Again.
@Jin Yup
but, I would create synonyms for the other version of the name
@fredley Because their explanation makes no sense. It's basically "Zinc is useless otherwise" (not, it isn't, it's as useful as you want to make it; besides, that's from the same guy who added Tungsten in there, which has exactly zero use) and "brass and bronze aren't clearly separated (correct, but irrelevant - some bronzes also contain zinc, but all brasses necessarily do).
@fbueckert Don't
@fbueckert get a mod to tag rename
If they're all in one tag, we can just change the name of the tag
2:55 PM
@GraceNote They are.
@Jin Not what their calling it, but yes.
@fbueckert Done
@fredley Definitely.
I can't wait for final fantasy xiii-2-2-1
@pixel Honestly, to me? They both look pretty stupid
2:56 PM
Still might give more weight to others.
I haven't played FF xiii, is it that good?
the first remake of the second remake of the second remake of final fantasy 13
The Roman numerals don't make it look any better
@Ullallulloo Then we should be consistent, excepting edge cases if there's a good argument (as there seems to be for ff)
2:57 PM
wtb FF VII-2....
@GraceNote the roman numerals are used by the company that developed the game, who are we to question how they want to call their game?
@Jin Do you like JRPGs? How about a linear path until you're 80% done the game? If you said yes to both of those, then yes, you'll like FF XIII.
This website is cheating me out of my badge.
@Jin If you like 3D movies and can stand a whiny, unsympathetic and depressing main character, yes.
I'm pretty sure I had 98 days consecutive
2:57 PM
this particular discussion is to discuss whether we tag our questions according to what the developer called their game or go with actual numbers, the discussion is pretty stupid :p
And then it didn't register me for a day.
@Jin Depends on who you ask.
@fbueckert that sounds like ff7 - ff present..
@pixel We aren't questioning it, we're simply adhering to a numeric scheme, which we already took into account what the developers wrote versus how you still read it
I don't even remember any recent jRPGs that are not linear
2:58 PM
@pixel We had this discussion; I linked to it. You might not agree, but those are the current results.
@Jin FF7-12 gave you the illusion of choice. 13 takes even that away.
@MartinSojka the question you linked has an answer which disagrees with yours and agrees with mine while having the most votes
but I wasn't arguing
I was actually laughing at the FF naming scheme
@Jin On the other hand, FFXIII-2 is not very linear.
Well, the result is that we have and similar since then; that's the status quo.
@MartinSojka using the question you linked, what do we do with questions for megaman X?
3:01 PM
@pixel Since X isn't 10, we use X
@pixel X doesn't stand for a roman numeral. Therefore, we use X.
just saying how awfully unintuitive that reads
@pixel I don't see it; seems pretty simple to me.
Doesn't seem unintuitive to me. Megaman X has no roman numerals in its title, in the same way Neptunia V doesn't have a roman numeral in its name. They just have letters that happen to look like roman numerals
I'm not saying I don't get it
3:04 PM
and Gundam X has nothing to do with 10 either.
so, what would you do with recent final fantasy games?
Also, XIII actually has a Roman numeral as its name, not as a counter - so it stays that way.
So by adopting a system that avoids using roman numerals sometimes, and instead just use our numbering system, then it avoids confusion with roman numerals whenever people use I, V, X, C, and M for anything that isn't a roman numeral
the ones with the mixed roman numerals and actual numbers
What's wrong with ff-13-2?
3:06 PM
Diablo 2 isn't any less the same name as Diablo II.
Wait... We are debating about roman numeral tags vs number tags? My 100 days consecutive badge is on the line here! Y U NO LISSIN?
whoever asked if google understands that XIII is 13 and vice versa - yes it does it on the fly
btw, my new fav gif i.imgur.com/WQ8JX.jpg
I lost mine at 93 days in, yes you got 5 days further but still, we sometimes lose, pick yourself back up
@Jin That's a jpg, sir
... though if we could actually use real Roman numericals in tags, as in "Final Fantasy Ⅶ" instead of "... VII", I'd be for that.
3:07 PM
@GraceNote a gif in disguise...
@Jin That's pretty cool.
that is pretty cool
that is pretty cool
@Jin did you call it a jpg to get around people filtering gifs? :p
@pixel i honestly don't know why people name their gifs jpgs
3:18 PM
Q: Does X3:Albion Prelude still have a private sector?

SteveIn Terran Conflict, you could get a private sector. (As well as a Headquarters for that sector. You could put the HQ anywhere, but in the private sector seems the best place to put it to me.) Since Albion Prelude is just a plugin/expansion to Terran Conflict, does it still have the private sector...

Wait, wasn't there an Arqade blog somewhere? And where is it linked from?
@MartinSojka blog.gaming.stackexchange.com
Speaking of the blog, pinging @agent86.
I think I'm addicted to Borderlands2 slot machines... and I'm broke
@Jin at least it was only a virtual addiction
@Jin Get a friend to play the slots; any Eridium they get, you'll get, too!
3:27 PM
@fbueckert i hit a eridium jackpot lastnight. got 25
@Jin Nice!
is it just me or when you play multiplayer, you lvl faster?
Did everybody get bored of Guild Wars 2 already btw?
i started a new char lastnight with my coworker jarrod. we lvled up so fast..
compared to my single player play
@Jin game is designed for co-op play
3:28 PM
wouldn't surprise me at all
we also got a lot better weapons too
@Jin My experience with BL1 was that playing by yourself was easy mode.
As soon as @TrentHawkins joined, though, it became 100 times funner, and quite a bit harder.
@fbueckert <snicker>
3:29 PM
Context fixed!
@fbueckert just to clarify, playing with yourself was easy, playing with others made it hard
But thanks for the stars anyways!
@pixel Dirty minds think alike.
@fbueckert Rule 35 overrules your context.
@fbueckert How much further in did you get after I left anyway?
3:31 PM
@MartinSojka that wasn't that dirty, those were the actual words he originally used :p
anyway hometime bb
btw, what does tipping Moxxie do?
@Jin That just sounds wrong.
A: What does Mad Moxxi's tip jar in Sanctuary do?

Nicolas ChampagneTipping her $10000 gets an achievement. $25000 gets you a naughty cutscene.

yay go our site!
@TrentHawkins Uh. Finished some sidequests and whatnot. Level...10 or 11? Somewhere around there.
Finished the first few Sanctuary sidequests.
I bloody hope none of you is a garden
3:39 PM
...why did badp turn into some kind of garden genocider?
@GraceNote I suspect a garden looked at him wrong.
@Jin Ah, except this is false. So I'd like to see our site correct the fact that we are whole-heartedly endorsing this.
@bwarner false? the answer isn't correct?
3:44 PM
> The cutscene involves some toothpaste, a roast turkey, a gravy ladle, and a goat.
Now I want to see it ...
@Jin That's the problem with people upvoting answers without knowing whether they are actually correct or not. Especially for answers that are non-trivial to confirm like this.
@fbueckert indeed. I need to figure out how I add people. The magic authentication is broken, sadly.
Can we get some downvotes for this incomplete and blatantly false answer? The cutscene doesn't exist, and the answer fails to mention the truly useful part about the guns. I hate to see it as a highly upvoted and accepted answer. gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/84799/…
@bwarner Already downvoted.
4:00 PM
@bwarner That would be me downvoting answers without knowing whether they are actually correct or not, which is exactly as bad as the opposite, so I'd rather simply abstain.
Wouldn't putting up a bounty to encourage the correct (and sourced) answer be the better idea than to ask people to downvote?
@MartinSojka That's cool, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of people that are confident of whether or not it is correct. A bounty sounds like a good idea.
Except that I don't think you can put a bounty on a brand new question like that.
It would allow you to circumvent moderation, since questions with bounties cannot be closed.
@bwarner how do you know the cutscene doesn't exist?
@pixel Was that revision really necessary?
@GnomeSlice yes, I couldn't downvote it without an edit
4:12 PM
Not to mention that if such a cutscene existed, it would almost assuredly be up on YouTube by now.
@bwarner not questioning if you're right or not, I just needed something to make my edit a little more valid
but yeah, there would be news articles and everything just like with mass effect
> if you keep tipping her you get miss moxxi's good touch and miss moxxi's bad touch, each of them are purple smg's. one with fire damage and the other with corrosive damage. forgot the amount of exactly how much [sic]
@GnomeSlice Yah, that would be the useful information. Preferably with screenshots of the guns and the exact amounts at which they are given.
But I don't want to just copy that from GameFAQs without any of the additional information.
@GnomeSlice Howl's Moving Castle?
4:17 PM
@fbueckert Heehee, no.
> The copper was actually simply painted to look like copper.
@fbueckert Someone's gotta catch up to @RavenDreamer!
It wouldn't bother me that much except that the question already has 10k views, and it makes us look like we blindly upvote rumors from GameFAQs.
@GraceNote since when it'd be more convenient to just pour some cement on it all
Think! of all the space for activities!
@badp "They took all the trees, put em in a tree museum..."
4:35 PM
@bwarner And on that day forwards every time a bunch of trees are together in one place it's called a garden!
Unless it's a forest!
@bwarner To be fair, it looks like that because it happened exactly as that
@GraceNote Agreed.
But I'm hoping that is not the norm for our site, and that we can correct it as quickly as we can cause it.
If we work correctly, fix it is exactly what we should be able to do
In today's episode of Faith in Humanity and the Terrible Misplacement Thereof, I present to you
@iOS6maps, Not sure, let me check Google…
Hey I'm just as good as the old iOS Maps.app, shut up!
21 tweets, 40 followers, following 0 users
The deleted answers confuse me a bit. One is a comment, so that's fine, but the other one doesn't look like it needed deletion
4:42 PM
I edited the naughty cutscene bit out
@GraceNote It was phrased as more of an add-on, but you're correct that it actually contained more useful information than the existing answers.
@badp See, I thought about doing that, but I thought it violated the "Don't change the original user's intent."
@bwarner It probably does indeed
It seemed wrong to edit another person's answer just because I thought they were wrong.
@bwarner I don't disagree with that.
I'm trying to look at it as "salvaging the answer"
Normally cases like this get downvoted like crazy anyway and so it isn't an issue. The problem here was that it started with all those upvotes (and the accepted answer to boot).
4:45 PM
Yeah, I feel like this is an exception in the need of an exception handler. This isn't the first time this happened, either
Remember Gnomeslice's answer with the bit of pixelated bacon?
@badp Yeah, that was just for lolz, and everyone took it too seriously.
It wasn't even correct.
On a completely different topic, I'm so excited about being able to play this game with my son. I wish I didn't have to wait until next June. kickstarter.com/projects/springboard/story-realms
@GnomeSlice So, huh, why'd you 1) post a joke in an answer rather than the comments area and 2) never bothered to correct your post?
@badp Yep, I do remember that.
@bwarner This sounds like instead of sitting here going "This is a bad answer" while not having the right answer there, we should probably fix the latter point
4:46 PM
@bwarner Have you tried Sleep is Death?
@badp It wasn't intended to be correct, but I just assumed such a popular question would quickly get a 'correct' answer with a ton of upvotes.
@GraceNote I would, but I don't have the right answer. The best I have is a few sentences from GameFAQs that describe the two guns, but not the levels where they are acquired.
I don't have the game period
Someone suggested a bounty, but I can't add one yet.
@badp Neither do I.
@GnomeSlice No, what exactly is it?
@GraceNote to be fair the game hasn't released in Europe at all just yet; even if I did spend $50 €50 all in one place, I still would be plenty of hours away from providing an answer of my own.
4:50 PM
@bwarner It's a... well, sort of like a turn-based story-writing game.
I've played it with a couple of people from here.
7 hours until release moment here, which makes for... a 1am release
It's entertaining, but pretty difficult to figure out.
WTF were they thinking? releasing the game at UK midnight? Is this Harry Potter?
Yah, sounds interesting, but a little too abstract for a 6 year old. One of the nice things about Story Realms is they give you quite a bit of framework so that kids won't just feel completely lost.
Q: How does mission progress work in multiplayer?

Dave McClellandIn the first Borderlands, I got quite frustrated with the confusing affects multiplayer had on my character in singleplayer. Many times, someone in my party got a message saying they were ineligible for a quest and that they would not get credit for it. Eventually, we all decided to make charact...

4:54 PM
Hm, Steam is working...
but Torchlight's still locked.
@Grace So did the Torchlight 2 grant end up being a no go?
@badp There's still ~4 minutes until it ticks over to the next day.
Crap, I forgot to kick off the preload for that while I was home for lunch
and steam remote install never works
@fbueckert Steam says one more hour, so I guess it's 64 minutes.
unless Steam doesn't count down below the hour mark
I thought we had planned to honor all of those, although this one obviously had a huge gap in terms of when it actually released.
4:57 PM
@bwarner I guess it's now obviously the case
@bwarner It's a sorta-go
Steam needs to add game aliasing. Torchlight II doesn't show up when you search for the game "Torchlight 2"
It's a "We were told a little too late since Grace Note only was notified of this on the 18th, wherein Grace Note then had a power outage and could not even report this until the following morning, wherein Grace Note had 11 straight hours of pre-scheduled obligations on the 19th which left it to less than an hour of discussion, wherein not all parties have responded, making delivery by the 20th impossible" situation.
uhhh I'm fairly certain we tried to get in touch with you before the 18th to be completely fair :)
I guess we failed to get your attention forcefully enough
The original post was on the 8th, but I happened to miss it, and 10 days went past without anyone double-checking with urgency.
It's just a timing issue, it's not like there is someone at fault or anything.
My argument inside has been "We said we'd do it", and while we can't meet the release date, we can still deliver, no?
5:01 PM
So will they do reimbursement for people that bought it themselves, not knowing that the grant was actually going to happen? Because I know we're not doing reimbursements anymore.
I'm not personally involved, just curious.
meh, I don't really care for it because I got to play Torchlight 1 as a preorder bonus that I would've de-facto missed if I relied on SE
@bwarner This is what we'll have to try to do, yes
(nevermind Torchlight 1 was included in yesterday's Humble Bundle)
Once I get a final clear, I'll be sending emails to everyone involved.
5:12 PM
@Aarthi Hello Aarthi
omg @badp
i'm not a trap
i'm not even @MarkTrapp!
sup @bwarner
@Aarthi shhhh, playing Torchlight
/me runs away
also why'd I say you were a trap? That sounds awful!
5:21 PM
user image
I guess multiplayer is down right this second
So, Arqade didn't register my presence on the 18th
Meaning I didn't get my Fanatic badge.
I quit. ._.
@Koviko wat
@badp I have the Arqade.com tab open every day
And somehow, on the 18th, it decided I wasn't here.
I'm pretty sure I was at 98 consecutive days.
5:27 PM
@Koviko owie. I think you were looking at your calendar
maybe 97th
Q: fixing Graphics problems in minecraft?

jdpowerI have updated my drivers, updated java, restarted my computer and downloaded the game several times. When I try to play the game everything is duplicated in opaque red and blue. Does anyone else have this problem?

Q: GBC games that are up-to-par with Metal Gear Solid?

Shedo SurashuWhy can't I find another game on GBC or GBA that can go up-to-par with game quality of MGS? When I say game quality, I meant the combination of graphics + gameplay. Can you cite others because I can't think/find any. Is it because MGS was a one-of-a-kind game back then? What I'm looking for is a ...

Q: Is cross platform multiplayer possible?

pixelAs Borderlands 2 has been released on multiple platforms, would it be possible for me to play Borderlands 2 on PC with a friend that is playing on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 or is it only possible to play with people on the same platform?

I guess I should've gotten my Runic account earlier than now
@badp Does it make you authenticate or something before playing?
5:30 PM
not for single player
but then I guess I can't join others in games or somesuch?
I dunno
I guess I'm confused by Diablo 3.
@RedRiderX Those runways look awfully not level.
@fbueckert So you noticed it too?
Do any of you see something wrong with this map?
@RedRiderX Never mind that two roads off in the distance are getting labelled, I'm more concerned with bouncing planes.
5:38 PM
@RedRiderX Beyond that not being Hoover Dam?
I am saddened by the fact that the spam email I receive continues to have the SAME spelling mistakes, over and over and over.
@RedRiderX Aww, it vanished. :(
@RedRiderX Honestly, that looks more like something out of SimCity than a real road.
@fbueckert I keep thinking you're @fredley now because of your new gravatar.
@RedRiderX That's the Hoover Dam bypass/Colorado River bridge/Random people memorial bridge. closeenough.png
5:43 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, I have trouble identifying my own posts, and they're highlighted for me!
@RedRiderX You could just link to the BuzzFeed or Mashable or 9gag article you're ripping these from instead of posting them one by one
Oh, domain-specific Tumblog
@MarkTrapp I did.
@RedRiderX I did.
And these are the highlights.
I just spent 20 minutes explaining to a co-worker what was happening on her phone bill. Gogo non-primary languages!
All the posts about the "Hoover Dam" keep getting pulled. :/
5:54 PM
@RedRiderX Oh, that picture had 3D turned on. No wonder everything looks bumpy.
Now THAT is a map.
Somebody found the entrance to the underworld.
@fbueckert Or had fog of war turned on... just haven't explored there yet
@TrentHawkins You got a gravatar!
@fbueckert Yes, I have a container of gravytar in the fridge, want some?
@TrentHawkins Ew. No.
@fbueckert goes good with fries.
6:00 PM
It's the carrot ship!
Q: Getting string in Minecraft

Kendall FreyHow can I get string in Minecraft? Spiders are so few and far between (for me anyway), and I don't like to venture outside at night for fear of mobs, and even in the daytime there are creepers to watch out for. Is there some sort of trap I can use to trap spiders? Since spiders can climb walls,...

Q: What do Golden Keys do, and how do they work?

SeanA pop-up says I have a golden key. Do they only work with the chest near the fast-travel station in Sanctuary? What kinds of weapons/items does it spawn? Are they of a specific rarity set? What are the contents influenced by (e.g., level, game progress, other attributes)?

Q: Fastest leveling and farming experience

SeanMy friend's far behind me in level and we want to be useful together in co-op. How can I rush/boost him to my level fast? Are certain areas better for experience gain? What are some tricks so he can level up fast (either with or without me)?

Q: Where is the secret "Minecraft" area in Borderlands 2?

SeanI heard there is a hidden/secret Minecraft-themed level of Borderlands 2. Where is it, what do I have to do to reach it, and what's the benefit from going there? Is it just an Easter egg or is it useful?

@Sterno Star Command updated their Kickstarter. Gave us a soundtrack. But wouldn't nail down a release date.
@Lazers We already have a Golden Chest question; do we need a question specifically about the golden keys?
@fbueckert Super Carrot, TYVM
@TrentHawkins Details, schmetails.
Sean is a question machine.
6:27 PM
Torchlight shouldn't be offering me a choice between active and passive abilities, I'm going full out on passives :(
@badp I love passives for exactly that reason. "Abilities that are always on and require no maintenance? Yes, please."
@badp One of the big complaints about Torchlight was that: active ability talents were minor, easier to just go full passive and use boring attacks. Torchlight II overhauled the talent system
Q: How do you breed an Equinox Dragon?

EBongoA dragon is now available in the marketplace called an Equinox Dragon. What is the best combination of dragons to breed this dragon? What is the breeding time? Also, is this a limited dragon?

Q: "Give It a Whirl" challenge, and "knocking" enemies

SeanThe "Give It a Whirl" Bloodshot Stronghold challenge states: Kill an enemy by knocking him into the whirlpool. My melee only slashes—how can I knock an enemy?

Q: There are four promotional unlocks in Borderlands 2. What are they?

Michael GoldshteynThe title pretty much says it all. There is a hack going around to unlock all four of the promotional unlocks. I was wondering what exactly they are? For example, in my game UnlockId=2 is set.

@MarkTrapp I guess fame ranks help
@fbueckert Your avatar makes it look like everything you say is starred. But on the other side.
6:38 PM
@Sterno I'm bringing down the thunder!
Well now you've got it!
oh, I just noticed I could click my "visited" count and see a calendar.
WTF was I doing on July 22nd that was so important?
yo anyone want to help me load test a new minecraft server real quick??
The last day I didn't visit was May 6th.
@agent86 A friend of mine has a birthday then.
6:44 PM
@Wipqozn clearly I was partying hard for him.
I mean, even the day my 3rd was born I managed to refresh the page.
but july 22nd...
also @Wipqozn, sorry to tell you this way... but... you're the dad...
@agent86 Fuck.
@Wipqozn that might not be the best strategy, considering it's how you ended up in this mess
@Wipqozn bows
Q: Chat oneboxing support for Soundcloud?

GnomeSliceThis is a bit of a silly request, but since SE has recently been posting their Podcasts on soundcloud, I feel like I now have a legitimate reason to bring this up. Would implementing oneboxing support (a la facebook) for SoundCloud tracks be quite difficult? Basically, similar to the way Wikiped...

Woo 'Good Question' on MSO.

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