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12:48 PM
Looks like ppumkin is back, I was worried he left for good
1:01 PM
I really wish people would return and follow-up with more information.
Q: Should I take my deck apart to fix a 1/2" lean?

DennisI am building a 15'x23' deck in Knoxville. I built a sandwich girder at the end using 12" x 16" deep concrete piers, 4x4 posts sitting on galvanized metal brackets and pressure treated 2x10's sandwiched together using 3" nails and 1/2" lag bolts 6 inches long. I left the braces I used to hold the...

hmm I actually may have a deck question pretty soon, I've gotta get a free day to crawl around under it and see if I can figure out why it's bouncy for myself
@ChrisCudmore If they don't respond to clarification questions, I'm not opposed to a vote to close as NARQ, we can always reopen it if they return
I'd give it a bit more time.
1:25 PM
as a non-mod I'd wait 24 hours, and then the mods can have a look after a few days
heh. I mistyped homedepot.ca as home depot.ca. First paid link on the google search was Lowes.ca
2:07 PM
@ChrisCudmore nice
this is a great site (Except for the 1995 design)
2:38 PM
Some of you might want to weigh in here:
Q: Possible duplicate of Home Improvement

Mark BoothProposal: Woodworking What would this proposal provide that the existing Home Improvement fails to provide? There are are already tags for wood, woodworking and wooden-furniture etc. and Home Improvement is struggling with their questions per day statistic as it is.

2:58 PM
@ChrisCudmore Looks like you nailed it, +1
@ChrisCudmore Why did you link to my answer, not the accepted one?
And BTW, I've had a change of heart since posting that question and answer. Maybe I should update the answer
Because I liked yours better.
What's changed about your opinion?
Back then, I used "permanence" as a guide for topicality, so something that's part of the house. If you're building a built-in cabinet, it's on-topic because it would become part of the house; if you're building a bed-side locker, not so much (because you'll take your furniture with you if you sell the house). These days, I realize that many of the same skills would be used for both, so it doesn't really matter how they're applied.
It's a hard to define line.
3:46 PM
I think that was a successful bounty :)
Q: What mortar should be used for flagstone?

LoriI once read about a mortar that starts as a powder I could put in between my flagstones, and then just wet it down and it would harden in place. Do you know what this product is?

From 0 answers after 2 days to 3 answers in a few hours.
@ChrisCudmore why would you think ppumkin left?
@BMitch I just don't click beyond the first page, usually :)
@Aaron I thought he left with a rage quit after the election
@aaron He got a drubbing on a couple of MSO posts and he was very quiet afterwards
Q: Disable privileges if a user has been inactive

ppumkinIt is clear that Stack Overflow is a community driven network that encourages users to actively answer or ask questions, flag and/or edit them. If a user registers interest in a SE site- answers a single question or two and then loses interest, inherently it means they have no more interest in ...

He went silent for a month after that
There was a second question on MSO, but I don't have the rep on SO to see the deleted/closed stuff
4:00 PM
It may also have to do with the mod elections.
4:21 PM
@BMitch An edit probably would have got the same response.
I answered it because it was at the top of the page.
@MatthewPK I cleaned up my comments since you've addressed them. I also added a possibly-informative link that you might not have run across before
@NiallC. thanks, so the verdict on this NM splice kits is that they are not permitted to be installed concealed.
Actually, this thread seems to indicate the NEC does allow them to be used concealed
4:37 PM
I believe they can be concealed, but they have to be fished
That is, they cannot be used in new work, where a junction box could be used
My predicament is this: a 14-2 supplies an outlet for my range hood. The hood is the only thing on this entire circuit
but I placed the outlet box incorrectly
The wire is in wall, around corners, etc and can't be easily re-fished
but I can easily extend it, and these splices appear to be useful
wow, getting -35 on a MSO post would rile me up as well
@MatthewPK What's on the other side of the wall? If it's something you wouldn't have to look at much, you could move the junction box to that side and cover the opening in the kitchen
it's an exterior wall
I could do that, but I'd rather not
is there a compelling reason not to use these tyco splices?
@MatthewPK are these the ones I referred to and say they're legal, rly
4:46 PM
@Aaron wat
hmmm, I thought I answered a question similar and said they were code approved
but I can't find that Q or A
Q: Is there a way to simply splice in an additional length of 12/2 NM-B cable?

snickerIs there a way without using junction boxes to simply splice in additional length of 12/2 NM-B cable? Can I use twist caps? I'm putting in a dog door and as it so happens, there is some 12/2 right in the way of the location I've chosen. There's no additional slack in the cable, and I don't want ...

@ChrisCudmore I've got nothing against giving away points, nothing else to use them for now
Yeah, that looks like it - I just thought I had an in on it too
In lieu of a home automation SE which doesn't exist yet, I'd advise everyone of the Smart Things kickstarter:
In other news for my running toilet I picked up this and installed it:
looks like a garbage disposal....
5:00 PM
@Aaron that looks a lot simpler than typical toilet guts
Well, it honestly just replaces the flapper and handle
does that still need a float or does it replace that too?
It slides over the fill tube only
No, this is only the flush end of it - the fill end is untouched
@Aaron gotcha
I continue to be amazed at all the fiddly bits inside a toilet
5:23 PM
@Aaron so many moving pieces, in water.
2 hours later…
7:01 PM
Welcome to Project Update Thursday
Your project, should you chose to accept it...
Is this that PEX recirculation pump from yesterday?
that is a pretty amazing resume for getting a job building manufacturing machinery
I'd like this on my resume if I ever work in a manufacturing facility: thedailywtf.com/Articles/Caught.aspx
7:16 PM
That one was a classic. I don't know if I believe it though.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit of a fish tale.
To all those new faces I see up there, feel free to jump in, we don't have a set agenda
Honestly I'm just kind of watching - I don't really have a DIY project right now but it seemed like an interesting community
It is, until PUT, then we all seem to go silent.
@WarriorBob It's a good time to talk about whatever you're thinking of doing, or things that might not be on topic for the main site. Unless someone chimes in, it can be a slow 2 hours.
Well, I've always kind of wanted to ask about drip/sprinkler systems, but last I checked I didn't that was on-topic for the main site. Okay to ask here?
I've recently inherited one, it's got problems, and I'm not sure where to start
7:27 PM
Everything is ok to ask here, we're playing with lego's and I'm buying cheap balls online :)
Haha, awesome!
@WarriorBob So (pulls up a chair) tell us about your problems.
Okay, so I've got a few issues with this thing. It is fairly inconsistent in its water distribution. A few plastic pipes don't have ends, so they just hose water. Are these things standardized at all? If I want to replace the ends, what kinds of options am I looking for?
@BMitch Reminds me of Dr. Sbaitso :)
This would be 3/4 inch plastic in ground?
7:29 PM
@w I bought a kit from Lowes, Mister Landscaper brand. Set up four separate drip feeds for a set of raised beds in my wife's new veggie garden. A toch priey compared to a hand sprayer, but works great.
@ChrisCudmore I don't know what the pipes look like underground, but the piping above ground is this thin plastic-y pipe (it is ductile enough to bend with my hand though) that I'd estimate is about 3/8" in diameter.
@w They have a wide range of individual parts from this mfr at Lowes ranginf grom 3/4 down to 1/4. There are several valve and ending devices. I think there is a web site. Will go searrch.
@bib many thanks!
@WarriorBob if you're irrigating a lawn or garden you're on topic for Gardening and Landscaping when you finish up here :)
check out rainbird.com That's a fairly common brand
7:32 PM
@waxeagle I didn't even realize we had such a site. That's perfect!
Don't know how I missed it.
@WarriorBob :) don't want to kill the discussion here, just wanted you to know it's on topic somewhere :)
@waxeagle No worries, I'll hit that site up when I've got something "specific and answerable" as opposed to "help; noob here; where do I even start".
I admittedly haven't done any serious research yet
@WarriorBob On or off topic, it's misterlandscaper.com/default.aspx
@WarriorBob I think we even have some questions on that exact topic. Hang on and I'll find one
Thanks! You guys are the coolest.
7:37 PM
not quite what you asked, but:
Q: Will the effectiveness of soaker hoses degrade too much if I connect multiple ones together?

Brian SurowiecI'm looking to use soaker hoses on my tomatoes this year and need a bit over 100 feet to get all the plants. The maximum length I can get one in is 50 feet so I would need three hoses to get everything evenly. Would they work ok if I connected them all together or would it be better to use a 3-wa...

@RoryAlsop Relevant, though.
check out the drip-system tag as well
Still looking for that ice maker. Probably going to use a draining system, but a bit concerned about amount of electricity and water they use since they are always refreshing the ice and not freezing it. Any experiences with this? Brands?
How often are you going to use it?
The static system (without drainage) should be sufficient for any house parties.
Just dump it a day before you go nuts, to have fresh ice.
How much ice are you planning on using?
7:45 PM
whoa, this room is popping.
There's my little pony!
:D Hi everyone!
@ChrisCudmore I keep hearing horror stories about drip pans and leaks. We use about 20 glasses a day and the fridge can handle it, but when we have company we run short. Want it for small gatherings and parties, but its not a catering hall
How often do you have parties?
It's something you could unplug when not in use.
Maybe once a month
7:47 PM
dumb question: why not buy a couple of bags of ice when you have a party?
We've got a small ice maker for a vacation home, simple power switch on the front to turn it off when not in use, and a giant bucket to hold lots of ice. It's good for a mini-bar type of environment.
No separate drain needed on that.
@bib So.. you regularly use 20 glasses of ice a day + have small parties once a month where you presumably use a lot more ice... ?
the nearest store is 10 miles away and I hate to run out (and I hate to plan ahead)
@bib gotcha
And you could also just dump out your current ice maker into a container, keep it in the freezer, and let it make more overnight.
7:49 PM
@BMitch seems to require planning ahead which is out of spec :)
@gregmac Well 20 is a few glasses at lunch, a few glasses in the afternoon and a few glasses at night for 2 to 4 people, depending on who's here
@BMitch I've done that.
You could also go with the reusable plastic ice balls that don't melt and leave them in the freezer.
@Aarthi Hi yourself!
@BMitch Just what I do now. The fridge icemaker makes a pile about 2"x4"x8" and I dump that (when I remeber) into a bin in the freezer. It works, but I want a no thought source when the stuff starts to flow.
And besides, what am I going to put next to that bar sink you guys weighed in on?
There's BMitch talking about balls again.
for once a month a giant ice maker seems like overkill. I personally like @bmitch's earlier suggestion of a stand-alone one that dumps into a bin (and turns off when not in use)
@BMitch see here.
@BMitch I only use plastic cooling devices when I am drinking Boones Farm Apple wine. Plastic ice cubes? In North Fork Wine Country? With fine blended scotch? Horrors!
@ChrisCudmore I'll point out that balls are going cheap today, $5 for 125, 5.95 s/h per order
@bib You put ice in Whisky?
7:55 PM
or going with bags for parties as @waxeagle suggested and using your fridge icemaker as backup
Can we get a banhammer in here?
@ChrisCudmore I said blended. Single malt stands alone
@ChrisCudmore nope, I've got a call, you'll just have to ignore him on your own :)
what ever happened to those glasses that freeze?
@ChrisCudmore I don't know enough about scotch/whiskey to wield the hammer with the appropriate force :)
@BMitch this is vaguely terrifying
@Aarthi it's not the first time a woman told me that
@gregmac That looks like what you swig 4-loko out of while you're wearing your good track pants at the Walmart.
And if everyone's here, who had time to vote up my rambling (and maybe incorrect) answer on the junction box?
7:59 PM
well i got pulled into a meeting. :( sorry gents.
@bib some of us have more than one tab open (although I don't have a DIY.SE tab as one of mine)
I'll bbl!
@Aarthi poke @jin if you see him, he promised C.SE a meta post
@bib He said in chat earlier that it's a dedicated circuit
3 hours ago, by Matthew PK
My predicament is this: a 14-2 supplies an outlet for my range hood. The hood is the only thing on this entire circuit
Then I gues it calls for a home run unless he wants to put an intermediary box along the line or try that romex splice(?).
8:18 PM
project update thursday
... I misplaced the junction box for the hood and now all the walls are sealed up... lol
Holy shoot that was a long meeting
8:35 PM
So I think what I'm going to do is use one of these tyco splices, heat shrink the entire thing, secure both sides with staples and (if it will fit) enclose it inside the wall in a handy box
There seems to be some ambiguity over whether or not this is permitted per the NEC
but there will be no ambiguity over whether or not it is safe
sounds like a plan. gonna get me one of those splices to see how it looks. tempting at times . . .
gotta go
They're allowed if you're fishing the wire, so you just have to fish it the four inches from the other hole
8:53 PM
Since it seems we died down, I'll leave you with this parting video of Gallagher in slow motion:
It's amazing how long he managed to milk that gag.
Thanks for joining this week's PUT!

Project Update Thursday - 20 Sept 2012

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kitch sells
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10:48 PM
Hey @BMitch or @Tester101, this meta post seems pretty logical to me:
Q: Tag merge [tag:molding] to [tag:trim]

Aaronmolding should be a synonym of trim, it looks like moulding already is.


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