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12:10 AM
rewrote an already-finished puzzle for my big project from scratch and it ended up being so much better
i have 15 puzzles and 3-4 pages of preambles done, it's really looking like the first part will be posted within a month or so
also noticing that the current topic challenge is right up my alley and i haven't even looked at it yet... yikes
12:21 AM
Exciting :0
CCCC: Condiment, almost a necessity, kept in jar (accomplished outside) (5,7)
Quite happy at how this one worked out
Q: Tentai Show: Unlikely travels

JafeMy friend loves telling me her increasingly outlandish travel stories but I think this time she's gone a little too far and I'm not buying it. Can you tell which faraway land she wants me to think she visited this time? Divide the grid into "rooms" among grid lines so that each room is 180° rotat...

12:42 AM
@oAlt DID around JAR around ON(-e) MUST -> DIJON MUSTARD
very nicely put together
@juicifer Correct! And thanks :D
12:57 AM
Oh god I still haven't started finishing my sudoku - too busy doing school work
1:28 AM
CCCC: Charlotte's new nickname for NBA franchise after "'Cats" let go (7)
1 hour later…
2:41 AM
Q: Coconut Spelling

Prateek GargI found this question online: (a) Two monkeys are typing capital letters (A-Z) randomly. The first stops typing when the word COCONUT appears as seven successive letters. The second stops typing when TUNOCOC appears; TUNOCOC is simply COCONUT spelt backwards. Which monkey is expected to type more...

@Sphinx duplicate?
3:06 AM
Perhaps Coconut Spelling of "rottin' fuse" altered (5,5)
stone fruit* :P
stone fruit*
oh wait
I got sniped
Jinx hahah
why do I keep doing this lmao
at least this one really didn't matter
lmao its like its starting to become a trend lol
@juicifer ye lol
3:12 AM
I swear I'm not doing this on purpose
@juicifer that's quite believable cause I sent my message after you
1 hour later…
4:32 AM
hmm... hornets is the current nba team based in charlotte, previously bobcats, and nets is the name of another nba franchise, but i don't see how all that stuff on both sides would make HOR for the &lit
no wait, charlotte's minus the letters from "cats let" leaves HOR!
so it's (-catslet)HOR* + NETS &lit!
4:44 AM
nice solve!
Oh my gosh, I never would have guessed that was an &lit lol
@Jafe it absolutely is!
nice clue, it reads pretty naturally
CCCC: NYC team (one from MLB, not from NBA) (4)
let it be known that i love TLAs (no i don't)
4:53 AM
haha this is M (-n)ETS &lit isn't it
yep! back to you
user image
CCCC: Man "a-hole", "jerk" in court document (10)
5:08 AM
@juicifer MANUSCRIPT (document) = M (man, male) ANUS (a-hole) + RIP (jerk, I think in the verb sense?) in CT (court)
Nvm I think it's also true in the noun sense
@oAlt yes indeed
argh rip for jerk, i kept focusing on tic
CCCC: Mathematician heard Elon unclearly, breaking rule (8,5)
leonhard euler*
... damn it
5:18 AM
@Jafe Correct!
@Stevo Lol
panic attack:
CCCC: Fellow associated with university in British India; excellent mathematician, ultimately (9)
Why do I get the feeling that this looks like an &lit but isn't
5:25 AM
I feel like it's an &lit but I can't figure out the "fellow ... India" part
three words solved so far, then :)
Ah I know what this is
man either i'm rusty in making gimmick clues or past jafe has made some terrible word choices when making grids... possibly all of the above
@Jafe RAMANUJAN &lit, wordplay is MAN (fellow) associated with U (university) in RAJ (British India is apparently also called the British Raj) + A (excellent) + N (mathematician ultimately) = RA(MAN U)J A N
5:30 AM
that's right!
(Referring to Srinivasa Ramanujan)
@oAlt N = mathematician ultimately?
last letter of "mathematician"
5:31 AM
I was thinking Ramanujan but didn't get the wordplay to work
cause I believe Ramanujan is the only good british indian mathematician
also Raj is apparently sometimes used on its own
CCCC: Kanye's messing about in country (5)
@Jafe I see
i was thinking of making a similar clue after the recent kanye mention hehe
5:34 AM
CCCC: Entire planet supports Kanye's "Dark Fantasy" (9)
and anyone alive since 2015 could fill me in on what happened...
answer's here on meta
5:49 AM
Found it... thanks
i guess it doesn't actually answer what it stands for, though...
Found the correct one sorry
6:38 AM
argh wait the c4's broken, sorry
because westworld is scifi, not fantasy... *headdesk*
replacement coming up
West world being entire planet = world, Kanye West
here it comes
CCCC: African child's pinched Obama (8)
@Stevo yeah
why would the african child pinch obama
7:03 AM
to see how the secret service people would react
i wonder if they'd have like a code word for it... "code alabaster, i repeat: code alabaster, Renegade has been lightly pinched"
7:23 AM
@Jafe SOMALIAN (African) = SO(MALIA)N
@Stiv that's right
7:38 AM
More than one Obama!
Just realised that when searching through Barack Obama's wikipedia page...
CCCC: This'll let you sleep around (instead of booze brewed in casks) (6,6)
I wouldn't be drinking booze in casks before bed
btw it's crazy that obama's oldest child is only 24 whereas trump's oldest is in her 40s and biden's would be over 50 if was alive
the guy was elected 8 years before trump and 12 before biden
@Jafe wtf that's cracked from Obama
7:51 AM
Q: 5×5 sudoku with special properties

josfComplete the network with numbers from 1 to 5 so that the same number is not occurs in no line, column, specially marked figure and on both diagonals. I tried to start with a number that I know for sure goes to that place, but I couldn't find one. The only thing I've tried is guessing the number...

@Sphinx Want to answer it but no attribution
could't find a number that for sure goes to one place? maybe just look again...
I was about to answer that sentence as a comment
C3R4 is a 1 lol
naked single!
also 5 in the mid left box
And R3C4 has to be a 2 with a straightforward deduction from the 2 being in R2C2.
8:05 AM
i wonder if sudoku enthusiasts get targeted spam advertising naked singles in your area
There's so many ways to get this one started
8:34 AM
I agree with that...
8:56 AM
@Stiv SNOOZE BUTTON (this'll let you sleep) = toward the opposite direction (around) NOT (instead of; e.g. bread instead of rice = bread, not rice) + BEZOO* (booze brewed) in TUNS (casks, specifically casks used to store wine) = (NOT TU(BEZOO*)NS)< = SN(OOZEB)UT TON
@oAlt Correct :)
And with that, another clue construction challenge is complete! Can you spot the sequence that links my last xx clues? ('xx' is a two-digit number)
I freaking knew it! :P after the "cartwheel" clue I completely had no idea what the theme was gonna be, and I don't even know if that was a themed one or a regular one lolll
Haha, let's say I haven't done a 'regular one' in well over a year...
I do notice that there still seems to be something "alphabetical" going on in the past four clues (Worcestershire sauce, siX of the best, maYakovskY, and snooZe button) but of course I don't see what the theme is yet
But I guess I'm not abandoning the alphabetical theory I had a while back it seems
Aug 31 at 4:36, by oAlt
Currently it seems that Stiv's C4's seem to follow the alphabet (Antarctica, Barcelona, simon Cowell, Double Dribble) but I'm not seeing a bigger pattern yet. I initially thought the pattern would be answers in alphabetical order + having "arc" in the middle + ending in A, so I was half-expecting the third clue to be "carcinoma" or "carcinomata" or some sort.
The clues themselves may also be important but idk
Just the answers for this one
(Let me help you avoid an unnecessary detour into all the clue text...)
9:08 AM
Ahh thx for the confirmation
(I'll be surprised if the last clues of the previous theme are also part of this theme; for now I'll assume that that's not the case)
There's probably a reason why some of the clue answers contain more than one instance of their corresponding letter but I'm not yet seeing why
9:39 AM
i see zebu and yak as hiddens in the last ones
also moth, vole, quetzal, seal...
Good eye :D I didn't see those (in fact I've only heard zebu and quetzal for the first time lol) except seal. But I also considered that theory; back then I saw ant in Antarctica, cow in Simon Cowell, eel in Cartwheel but didn't pursue that theory further
but now I see that there's also Fly, Hare, Jay, and Newt. (I also see "Reed" but that's a plant, not an animal; I wonder if that's even relevant)
And I forgot that I'm supposed to be the next person to continue the CCCC. LOL
Ahh, I see part of the theme but I don't know how to explain it yet
(Ant)arctica, simon (Cow)ell, cartwh(Eel), unidentified (Fly)ing object, Buc(Hare)st, Homer (Jay) Simpson, che(Moth)erapy, (Newt)on's laws of motion, (Quetzal)coatl, fal(Seal)arm, male(Vole)nt, ma(Yak)ovsky, and snoo(Zebu)tton all have animals which start with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.
But (barC)elona, double (driB)ble, (goD) save the Queen/King, b(igroC)andy mountain, kir(kcuD)bright, simp(lemaC)hine, rh(odoD)endrons, chiro(praC)tor, f(reeD)om of speech, Eus(taC)hian tubes, alphan(umE)ric, (worC)estershire sauce, and si(xoF) the best all have animals reversed, which end with the corresponding letter of the alphabet
I don't know why some of them are reversed though or if there is even any reason for that
CCCC: Composer's score perhaps breaks record (5)
Here's a leftover, unused in the Composer-themed clues. I suspect I did something a bit unfair so I'll let you all decide whether or not that's true
1 hour later…
11:15 AM
@oAlt You got it :) In every answer there is a substring which spells the name of an animal forwards or backwards (split exactly in half - 13 of each). In each case the first letter of thd substring in question follows an alphabetical sequence.
I had to do it this way because X was going to prove tricky!
i assume there weren't any options for x as the starting letter
jinxed again
nice sequence, managed to fool us till the end even though some people were suspicious early on
@Jafe xenomorph, obvs.
hidden inside "unxenomorphlike"
maybe something like xeme in "axemen"
i've started defaulting to PDL instead of UKACD when using qat in puzzle making... which is much smaller but doesn't contain as much unusable stuff
For the record I am hosting images on my personal Discord server now
like if a word is in PDL i can pretty much safely use it, whereas if it's in UKACD i first have to check it isn't some genus of fungus nobody's ever heard about
11:32 AM
@Jafe that's how they normally hide
life imitates art
@Jafe that doesn't give mushroom for mistakes ...
@Jafe brb, going to throw some soup at flowers
@Jafe That was the other reason. If I'd used BEAR or BAT straight after ANTarctica I thought it would be spotted immediately. Especially as my previous challenge was also animal-related (Chinese Zodiac).
11:39 AM
ah, good point
@Stiv nicely done and hidden :D
(to anyone named Stic who got a random tag, I apologize)
got the wrong end of the stic there
Oh my gosh
btw i ran into "getting wrong end of stick" as an indicator for changing s<>k, i thought that was pretty clever
in one of the independent cryptics this week
Ooh agreed
Pretend I didn't lose interest in solving Independent cryptics
11:51 AM
2 hours later…
1:37 PM
Thanks :) I'm actually going to take a break from the CCCC for a while as it always sucks me in and I end up making clues when I really should be tending to other projects/children...! I'll still be around, I'm just going to avoid answering clues until they get to the point of hints being released, as a way to pace myself :)
1:54 PM
Q: Masyu puzzle tips

someoneinexistenceCould I have tips for Masyu puzzles? I'm doing the "easy" types (5x5) on this website, but I can't solve a single one. I keep on running into problems with the white circles. Can anyone share tips? PS the website is https://www.kakuro-online.com/masyu/

2:17 PM
@Stiv completely understandable. :D
Also, I'm about to get busy again for the next week so I'll try to squeeze in a puzzle by today or in eight hours
Q: Sudoku pairs diagonal corners

AVIDeveloperIs it correct to deduct that the [4,8] (blue) pairs in diagonal corners, project [4,8] on the oppsite (green) corners, such that the other values (1 and 6) could be eliminated? (*) I'm not sure if this is XY, something else, or if I just invented something because I find it convenient. Thanks.

2:59 PM
@Sphinx Start by drawing the lines through the circles that you know have to be the case. For example, on the edge of the board, the white's only have one direction that they can be. Some of the black circles may have a similar constraint. Are there any angles that will prevent you from going straight through the next square? After you draw out the moves you know must occur the remaining constraints should make it easier to connect the ends of the lines.
3:11 PM
Q: A classic rhyming riddle

NielIGuessI give fives, but sometimes twos, If you've got two and seven, you'll probably lose. If you bring me nothing, you won't be allowed in, you'll leave with nothing if you don't win. You want to get them all in a line, or all matching houses, that'd be divine. I'm out of clues, so you'll have to try,...

3:35 PM
9/10 of the way done with the puzzle
4:28 PM
Oh my frick. That was meant to be in the search bar...
4:54 PM
Q: Prisoners, apples & oranges

HelloWorldYou are in a group of sixty prisoners, and the warden has a game to play with you. In a room there are sixty boxes. Each box can contain either two apples, two oranges or one of each, but you don't know which contains how many. When the game starts, each prisoner can go in the room and pick one ...

5:16 PM
@oAlt Lis(z)t
6:11 PM
Q: What is a 5 letter word that you can remove the first or second letter and all 3 words sound the same

FrankI don’t know the answer so I don’t have any information other than the question

3 hours later…
9:00 PM
@Stiv man, I had this figured out all the way back at simple machine and of course this all goes down at 5 am on the east coast lmao
a very well done theme though!
I've started making a crossword!
9:29 PM
@juicifer Thanks :) And thanks for not saying anything sooner! Did wonder if it might get spotted at some point...
9:41 PM
@Stiv yeah no problem :P didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it definitely helped to know you were on, say, q, v, or x lol
2 hours later…
11:15 PM
@msh210 Yup!
@juicifer hahah good eye though
@AncientSwordRage nice :000
Q: Make the numbers 1-100 using 1,7,3,4

one23456789This is my first question i have asked ever, So i hope you enjoy it! I am also new, so don´t make fun of me if this is bad! As the title says, You must make the numbers 1 to 100 using only 1,7,3,4. The allowed operators are below: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Divison. Square roots an...

11:39 PM
@Sphinx user is enthusiastic enough... could turn out to be a very good puzzler
@oAlt back to 8/10... I wasn't satisfied with some of the stuff I made
@Sphinx ye how do I reply to this?
@Stevo I will actually try to solve some of these to help others out! — one23456789 54 secs ago

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