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12:23 AM
@emanresuA 7
12:38 AM
@AviFS wow, thanks for all the resources, I’ll be sure to dig into them tomorrow (and I’ll let you know if i find any good books/videos of my own)
I quite liked bartosz’s book (ww recommended it too) because it’s for programmers and a little more easily accessible than videos or pirated textbooks :p
Catsters is quite interesting too, they have so many videos
Starrex that because it’s probably of interest to others too
12:53 AM
yo wats the simplest way to prove that a lang is turing complete
fractran interpreter? bf? idk
@AidenChow command mapping to another TC language
E.g vyxal is TC because it can map 1 to 1 to the command set of Volatile
ok so how would i got about proving knight is turing complete
like intuitively it should be turing complete
cuz it has infinite loop and conditionals
1:45 AM
knight is turing complete I'm sure
Simplest proof: In Knight, you can execute a shell command with `. Shell is turing complete, so so is Knight.
@Steffan lol ok fair enough
2 hours later…
4:13 AM
Is there a formula (without using bitwise operators) to check if a character code (guaranteed to be a lowercase letter) is a vowel (including "y")?
I tried brute-forcing, but it didn't work.
how hard did you brute force
also if bitwise is out of the question is this for a knight solution
4:43 AM
@Steffan x**6 - 652*x**5 + 176909*x**4 - 25569200*x**3 + 2076220971*x**2 - 89804131524*x + 1616503383495 = 0
where x is the character code
4:54 AM
@lyxal dang how did u come up with that lol
@UnrelatedString most likely:
in Knight, 3 hours ago, by Steffan
Later imma covfefe with Knight
@lyxal bruh i cant read vyxal
basically a polynomial with roots that are the ascii char codes of the vowels
Creates a polynomial with the given roots
@lyxal wow a six degree poly
@lyxal wow
5:05 AM
It has six different roots (aeiouy)
5:42 AM
lol at this point its probably easier to just do smth like (where n is the char code and a is the result) ;=aF;=s'aeiouy'Ws;=a|a?nA s=sGs 1Ls
nvm that doesnt work
but ;=aF;=s'aeiouy'Ws;=a|a?nA s=sGs 1Ls definitely works
6:17 AM
That's cursed
@emanresuA whats cursed?
More just chonky I guess
da hell is chonky lol
lol ig, but its the golfiest way to loop through a string
6:24 AM
still cursed
knight in general is a bit cursed
wait how is knight a bit cursed? cursed as in not understandable or what?
cursed as in it feels praclangy until you try to do anything with strings or blocks and reality just slaps you in the face
whats praclangy, never heard of that word before
almost like a praclang
or i guess more so like a non-minimal esolang
wats a praclang :(
6:32 AM
practical language
i thought it was an actual word lol
i find knight to be more understandable and less cursed than whatever gibberish comes out from golfing languages, tho maybe its cuz i find knight kinda similar to python lol
7:04 AM
why does your cat 🐈 do that
how da hell ur cat type that
There's also a PDF version and video lecture series if you prefer
oh I see WW recommended it to you already
@AidenChow Holding down option, presumably
huh how come i dont have option key
macos thing
7:23 AM
i used a windows layout keyboard back when i had a mac so i have also actually forgotten what the option key is lmao
what does it do?
It's just a modifier key
Mostly the equivalent of Alt IIRC?
i think so?
Like alt, but when you hold down it along with other nonmodifier keys it creates special cahrs
so it's like a mix of normal alt and intl layout altgr
7:25 AM
3 hours later…
10:04 AM
@UnrelatedString new quick idea for flax owo
i removed LCCs completely from flax
10:28 AM
they dont sound useful :p
11:22 AM
LCCs are pretty useful
How do you parse a chain of the format NMMMMM without them?
12:16 PM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy just eat the nilad and store it in the accumulator (rules)
12:29 PM
Q: Rotatable numbers (Upside down)

F. Hauri  - Give Up GitHubSearching for rotatable numbers, like: 68089 If you consider numbers upside-down, 6 look like 9, 8 look like 8, 9 look like 6 and 0 look like 0. The others digits (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 ) look like nothing... I wonder how many number could be rotatable between 0 and 1000! The answer is definitiv...

12:41 PM
CMC given an ASCII character and an angle, show the character rotated by that angle
1:36 PM
@graffe Multiples of 90 or any?
2:07 PM
@mousetail let's start with multiples of 90
Good call
2:34 PM
Q: Is there a way to optimize this?

SamI tried solving the following problem by following the suggested approach to solving the problem in the problem tutorial. However, the online judge still says my solution exceeds the time limit. Is there a way to optimize the program to perform faster? The Problem: You are given n strings s1,s2,…...

hey guess what I just got random.randrange(0, 65535) to generate 63553 which is definitely an interesting coincidence
How many tries did it take you?
those id numbers are randomly generated
@mousetail zero, it just happened and I noticed it
Wow, that's lucky, only <DIVISION_BY_ZERO_ERROR>% chance
I know right?!
2:39 PM
@mousetail I want to see it running!
@GingerBot closing and removing a notification aren't the same thing?
the first one is printed when the notification class registers a button click and starts the close animation, the second when the removeNotification() utility function is called
oh also I have added an image and body, uploading screenshot to OTTNB now
@GingerBot fair enough
3:28 PM
Can you not get tag badges on CGSE?
You can
Oh nice
@NewPosts If this is considered I guess it's on-topic? But that doesn't seem like a genre we should treat as on-topic
It feels off-topic but the author clearly put a lot of effort into it
I feel like we should at least help them a bit for their time
3:52 PM
@pxeger which question?
It's hard to know if code review would help them
@pxeger It's not really scored objectively. I think it's clear from the tone of the question that they are mistaken about what this site is for.
@WheatWizard isn't this a tips question?
I think it's clearly not.
How come?
Just look at it.
3:55 PM
I probably don't know what tips is for, sorry
oh hey I also got 777 as an id
@WheatWizard I would tell them what comes under tips and suggest they put it in the sandbox
aint that neat
@graffe Maybe they could make this on topic or whatever, but clearly they just want to make their code faster. Which they can get actual help with somewhere else instead.
@WheatWizard where would that be?
3:59 PM
I don't know.
Not here.
does tips + fastest-code not work?
It's like going to a pizzeria because you want a burger. Maybe you can order a pizza that's similar enough to a burger that you will be happy, but you are better off looking for a place that makes burgers.
The question they are asking is not the kind of thing this site is for, and you can contort it to make it on topic, but why bother?
True. But if there is no burger joint in town the pizzeria might take pity on you
But there is a burger joint
Woah since when do site homepage links onebox?
Did someone actually do some work on SE chat?!?!?
ay yo what
4:03 PM
that's cool, what does ours look like?
@pxeger :)
chat ded
or just really slow?
@pxeger woah
@pxeger waoh
4:22 PM
do any of you lovely humans have a notification sound for me to use for notifi?
hmm the SE chat notification sound
nah, too jarring
3 hours later…
7:14 PM
It seems pretty clearly worded as a fastest-code tips question
I would just VtC it and tell OP to add the tags, but that feels kind of pointless when I could just add the tags myself and it would make it on-topic again, right?
I mean, it doesn't really go against the OP's original intent
Should I?
Well, I guess I should leave it to OP since if it's officially a FC question then some additional detail would need to be added to keep it from being NDC
Though specifying which machine it's being run on doesn't seem like it would be as necessary in a tips question
7:31 PM
4 hours ago, by Wheat Wizard
@pxeger It's not really scored objectively. I think it's clear from the tone of the question that they are mistaken about what this site is for.
And even if it is a valid , I don't think we should really encourage those on the site because we're really not a performance optimisation community and I don't think we want to become one
there are plenty of other places for that
@NoHaxJustRadvylf As a cellist and occasional bassoonist, I can confirm that the bassoon is definitely the evil twin of the oboe
@NoHaxJustRadvylf fastest-code tips is for CR or SO
@GingerBot lyxal's fridge
Q: Numbers with Rotational Symmetry

mbomb007Given an integer, output a truthy value if it is the same upside-down (rotated 180°) or a falsy value otherwise. 0, 1, and 8 have rotational symmetry. 6 becomes 9 and vice versa. Sequence of numbers producing truthy results: OEIS A000787 0, 1, 8, 11, 69, 88, 96, 101, 111, 181, 609, 619, 689, 808,...

I'd say it's a dupe, thoughts?
And I'd say the linked question is a dupe too
7:46 PM
looks like a dupe to me
the only difference is that the new question doesn't consider 1 to be rotationally symmetric and the other one does. Dupe
I guess it's also different that the new one requires you to output the numbers in a range, the other one is just
I guess it's slightly different as in decision-problem isn't quite the same as outputting the sequence
not different enough imo
It's annoying how VTCing as a dupe automatically posts a comment "Does this answer your question?"
I'd make the decision problem the dupe target
As it's the core problem, the others are "filter range by <condition>"
7:56 PM
Alright, I'll hammer then
I'd VTC too if I hadn't already V'dTC as unclear 6 hours ago
Ah frick, I can't hammer. It's not code-golf
anyone have gold ? :P
7:59 PM
lol I was thinking we could just add code golf but I didn't want to do it
i realized i could add it only after throwing my vote in the ring
oh also I just discovered I got gold!
It must have been while I was pseudo-away for a few weeks
8:01 PM
I can't use my hammer now though because chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/61788802#61788802
8:14 PM
ayy I did it
@Steffan Usually tihngs like that aren't considered for Turing Completeness, right?
my custom, written-from-scratch notification daemon is now running on my computer
@NoHaxJustRadvylf feels cheaty, but I'm all for cheaty so :b
IMO spawning new processes is just a side effect, and can be treated the same as I/O
never mind it's broken lol
Like, spawning a python -c "xyz" command might do whatever computation you want, but since the language can't (and doesn't) specify exactly how every program outside Knight works, you can't assume it does anything useful
8:19 PM
Yeah, I'd say the second you start relying on ` you have to call it "Knight + shell script"
@pxeger They've always done that
Wow, I'm surprised I've not noticed that before then
@emanresuA SO? Definitely not. CR? Sure, but I think it's fine here too.
@pxeger I knew I felt like I was spelling "bassoon" wrong but I didn't bother googling :|
i'm almost certain i've seen new and well-received optimization questions on so
8:35 PM
Probably for like, specific tsks or algorithms. But I don't think SO really works at the scale of whole programs (and I don't really like suggesting that people with actually good questions go to SO).
because we want them for ourselves to fuel our growth, right?
okay, now notifi works
I'm going to whip up a settings GUI and then put it on GitHub
Keep in mind this isn't really on-topic here
I know, but it was just 2 lines
more info in OTTNB
2 hours later…
10:54 PM
@pxeger Have done for a while
who's this cat guy? seems cool
@GingerBot Idk, he keeps pushing things off my tables
what? he hasn't been seen for 193 days
also I'd have given you bonus points had you said "dropping my tables"
as in:
My cat keeps DROPping things off my TABLEs
That is one of the google links ever

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