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12:18 AM
Get a list of all Files in folder and sub-folder in a file http://askubuntu.com/q/188052?atw=1
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1:28 AM
Hi people, anybody that has used sublime text can tell me how good it is and it is worth buying it
lots of people like it. ask jorge and oli. seems like they both use it
lol, I think you just took it all and sold me in it by mentioning those 2 guys
if they are using it it has to be good
now all I need is to gather the 60$ it costs
yep oli does for sure:
Q: Change all associations from gedit to another application

OliI started using Sublime Text 2 a week or so ago and I loved it so much I've spent $60 on it and now want to use it for everything. Gedit currently has ownership of most of the text file associations. I'd essentially like to replace any association to gedit with sublime-text-2. Any tips availabl...

+1 for the answer buddy
Aug 16 at 20:35, by Jorge Castro
I'm pretty much in love with sublime though
yep...i thought i remembered those two using it. anyway. moving on
np and ty
1:48 AM
Anybody know where the launchpad bug part of empathy is? The only one I am finding is for a pretty old empathy, not the one in 12.04 or 12.10.
you file against lib-telepathy don't you?
well I actually thought it was against "empathy"
I am talking about the whole "Desktop Sharing" problem
oh...that i don't know. i know the backend is the telepathy suite
give me a second while I look at it. My connection is VERY slow
take your time. i could be wrong on where to file the bug, but that's the back-end that drives empathy
1:56 AM
well it somehow threw me to a Skyfe or something like that project. Something about empathy + skype + ketchup. Any way it was the only way to post a bug so I did it there.
yeah, a triager will correct where it's posted if it's wrong. i suspect that's the right place though
ok buddy thanks
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3:33 AM
Bounty offered: How do I install/compile CORSIKA & FLUKA for 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04? http://askubuntu.com/q/184229?atw=1 #compiling
@RolandTaylor they both died
3:48 AM
who died?
Q: Site not updating at all

MikSince the site went into read only mode then came back, it has not updated at all. According to the question list, the last newest question was five hours ago. It is the same with some of the other stack exchange sites, except for stackoverflow which hasn't undergone the server change yet. Is th...

4:12 AM
@EliahKagan Is it acceptable for an OP to edit and completely change his/her accepted answer which was posted by another user?
@Joshua the film's protagonists
4:45 AM
@msPeachy to include those?
IF the answer is changed to include some other solutions to his answer, i think it is not good
5:07 AM
@Anwar the OP actually changed the whole answer with another solution, his comment on the edit was that "he found a better answer". I didn't approve it, but I think someone does. Maybe he should have just posted another answer with his solution and not mess up the previous posted answer which he accepted anyway.
5:29 AM
@msPeachy I think, i approved it. (i wasn't very careful though)
i really didn't examine the question. do you have the link?
@Anwar Oh you did? I was about to approve it, but I wasn't sure.
no, I forget about it, I could check my history if I can find it.
I approved it and then i thought, i did an error, but after going to the revision, i saw he radically changed his own edit
So, i finally thought, the approval was correct
A: ubuntu update-grub2 isn't recognising 3rd boot Sabayon

loksenaMount the lvm partitions an run the grub update The most succinct way to enable the volume groups is sudo vgchange -a y Simply run update grub to locate the lvms into grub. sudo update-grub2

here it is
I see, well then it is correct then. Don't worry about it
I need a suggestion
Q: Is it possible to create a shortcut/symbolic link to a folder in unity?

AnkitI want to create a shortcut for a folder on unity. How is it possible?

do you think, this is a duplicate to the linked qn?
although I think that someone should not change someone else's answer, other than minor formatting and clarification.
5:33 AM
You're correct
but, he only added something
if it was a change in the answer, i would reject it.
Oh okay
see This revision history askubuntu.com/posts/171648/revisions
eventually he edited his own edit
Okay, I see it now
3 mins ago, by Anwar
I need a suggestion
@Mitch can you come in the room?
Q: Most appropriate setup to share music and playlists accross a network?

wild_oscarI have a home network with the following setup: A QNAP NAS (has a DAAP server) A server/media center with XBMC 2 laptops (Linux) 1 desktop (Linux) Android phone iPod For a couple of years I haven't been able to find a good solution to my music sharing that allows for the following: Centrali...

somehow doesnt seem to answer the question correctly, but it offers all that.
6:01 AM
I used sublime text free edition. it quickly became my favorite
@Anwar I know tons of people that are jumping on the sublime text bandwagon
Good Morning All
@Anwar What's UP?
Can you answer this? Desktop folder and files disappeared http://askubuntu.com/q/182917?atw=1 #unity
@Mitch i wanted to discuss about the dupeness of this question askubuntu.com/questions/189263/…
6:16 AM
What about it?
I thought, it is not an exact dupe
In one of the answers, it talks about creating a .desktop file, and I think that's the same, right? :)
which one?
I think the 2nd, and 4th.. I mean I could be mistaken, if I'm then my apologies to you..
@Mitch no no
no need to apologies
I wasn't sure also, so i wanted to discuss it.
I'm the juniorest member of the AU. I don't feel good when a senior say sorry to me
6:22 AM
don't worry about it. I'm just having a bad day today. lol
bad day?
forget about it.
assume that, it is a good day. (all will be ok then)
Thanks, you just made my day :-))
6:27 AM
Hi all :)
Hi @Takkat
o/ @Takkat
@lazyPower The fact that autosync with Android and iPod comes in makes it hard to answer.
6:42 AM
yeah, thats why i was stating that rdio would handle it but its not in alignment with the question params.
i dont think it would work on ipod though
I was also wondering why storing a playlist on the NAS is not working with them.
7:12 AM
Its a curious perdicament
2 hours later…
9:03 AM
Can you answer this? Is there any Ubuntu translation indicator? http://askubuntu.com/q/187507?atw=1 #softwarerecommendation
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10:21 AM
hello all...
Hi @Prasad
@smartboyhw Hi :-)
@Prasad \o means a wave of hello lol
10:24 AM
@smartboyhw arrrrr..kk...got it;-)
@Prasad ;)
@smartboyhw :-)
so why is this room empty?.....
@Prasad Everyone is away for Sunday or asleep
kinda happy....kinda sad...
@Prasad lol
10:29 AM
need to remove nvidia 173 driver and install old 96 driver....any ideas how to do it?...the safe way?
running with generic driver now....seems lack of hardware performance..and also video performance....173 driver makes it even slower...gonna try 96....do you have any experience with it?
@Prasad No I use AMD and also I am using a notebook
@smartboyhw ok....good luck for me :)
@Prasad :)
1 hour later…
11:33 AM
o/ @lazyPower
u around?
11:45 AM
One of the ports of my router didn't work properly
So that's why it was slow
you're sure it's the port and not a short/crosstalk on the cable?
12:18 PM
Can you answer this? How do I enable a touchpad? http://askubuntu.com/q/100760?atw=1 #touchpad
Hi guys
o/ @smartboyhw
@aking1012 \o
think i'm officially trying to switch from pygi to pyQt4
the Gtk+ for Windows maintainer went off reservation so there's no official windows build
that sounds bad
a load of stuff on windows uses GTK+, pidgin and xchat for example
12:31 PM
Hi @JourneymanGeek
@JourneymanGeek yes. gtk2. not pygi/gtk3
ya ;p
I don't know of anything on windows on GTK3 >_>
there are people that claim to have it working...but there's no standard and it's an opensuse build system crutch thing
it's just the "if you're targeting ubuntu with gtk use pygi" push coupled with it killing off simple windows compatibility thing...so i think i need to switch
12:50 PM
good evening
Hi @Anwar
Anyone loves edit work, can show his quality on this askubuntu.com/q/186058/61218
@Anwar Test!!?!?!/
forget about it
@Anwar Tell me:(
12:53 PM
I thought, you were testing me whether i have put you on ignore list
@Anwar lol
was it?
@Anwar Yes:)
So, i guessed correctly. :)
@Anwar LOL
1:06 PM
aking around here?
@Anwar I think so hey @aking2012 @Anwar wants you
I saw something in chat about a deleted question. what was the question.
@smartboyhw i didn't pinged him.
@Anwar 1. Dunno 2. On that one I think he is here:)
@Anwar !
1:11 PM
it means ok
@Anwar I mean I am ! about "Ok"1
Hi @RolandTaylor
o/ Takkat , Roland
can anyone tell me, what is the meaning of <3 ?
Hi @Takkat
@Anwar If I were you I would google it sorry...
1:23 PM
@Anwar it's a symbol of a heart
@smartboyhw I asked here, because i was sure someone will tell me
<-- feels like someone
@Takkat Thanks
I am just popping in
gtg shortly to get ready for church
1:24 PM
I kenw @Anwar will ask this and got me prepared ;P
@Takkat lol
Hi @RolandTaylor
another one? what is >_>
dunno - you did not tell me you'll ask this.
1:26 PM
@Takkat more lol
An emoticon () is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters, usually written to express a person's mood. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text; emoticons for a smiley face :-) and sad face :-( appear in the first documented use in digital form. The word is a portmanteau word of the English words emotion and icon. In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images...
^in case someone needs to prepare for the next question
@Takkat More lol
@Anwar not listed :->
what's happening, it's automatically converted to _
1:29 PM
@Anwar Dunno
This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer's mood or facial expression in the form of icons. The Western use of emoticons is quite different from Eastern usage, and Internet forums, such as 2channel, typically, show expressions in their own ways. In recent times, graphic representations, both static and animated, have taken the place of traditional emoticons in the form of icons. Western The emoticon in Western style is written most often from left to right as though the head is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees. Thus, most commonly, one...
^^more complete
@Takkat that was in the writings, under "Japanese styles"
I like those: 😹
1:31 PM
Is it only me or is this weekend extremely quiet?
@Takkat Yes
the 2nd option, more likely
Few views on few question - and I offered a 200 bounty :"(
@Takkat Ha lol
1:34 PM
All my bounties went down the drain so far... so I'm used to this.
the link?
Link to featured easy to find. Its the one with the least views :P
just seen it
That IS difficult
It may not work at all but I read people got it running.
1:37 PM
I don't think, you will get a good answer on it :(
Only the few recipies don't do it here. Maybe an issue from 12.04.
I thought of writing a bug but then I can not even say where the bug is.
Also, we don't have another specialist on audio :P
Usually all bugs are erroneous user settings.
^^ this is interesting
BBL (power down)
I could not live with constant power downs...
Most erroneous user settings arise from outdated or missing documentation.
Why write a documentation when an app is supposed to run out of the box.
1:48 PM
@Takkat LOL
In fact I do believe that the best of all apps won't bother users with preference settings.
Mostly there is only one setting that makes sense in a certain context.
It should be up to the app to get this right.
But then all professional or ambitious customizers will hate that app.
i'm all for defaults and "just run me", but configuration/preferences are -- i think -- necessary. i mean it's a user decision. it's no different than needing buttons during run. it's just a question you could ask over and over again, so instead it's a preference setting
@Takkat i just spent 3 days beating something into doing something
then half a day beating something else into doing that, in a very ugly way
@aking1012 very true that but mostly because the context is not really clear.
@Takkat yes. yours was a direct statement. mine was general
1:55 PM
oh wait, we're being sarcastic
@JourneymanGeek lol
@aking1012 general statements are closer to the truth.
@Takkat: ambitious customisers will find a way
@JourneymanGeek they run k3b instead of Brasero e.g.
1:57 PM
k3b is way better than Brasero...just saying
I'd do that anyway ;p
though, Its cause I'm a KDE guy who occationally dallies with xfce
(oh and command line. we have dirty little nights of sordid hackery)
@aking1012 I know. Unfortunately its so.
@JourneymanGeek I'm an Xfce + Unity + Gnome + KDE guy lol
@Takkat brb
2:07 PM
@Takkat lol
This button is evil
People who deliberately run their E-Mail client offline when they are actually connected to the Internet can be counted on one hand.
@Takkat: probably a legacy of metered bandwidth
2:19 PM
or a personal laptop on a corp network...it's a possibility
But why a button you are bound to hit accidentally... well - its probably because of a better "user experience"
probably the everything must be clickable in under 3 navigation events thing
Which I think is a good thing. More than three clicks is very tiresome.
We have a corp app that needs 3 clicks to terminate.
They made the buttons on the opposite corners of the screen.
To make your Coke spill eventually from mouse movements.
Mouse gym is good for your health.
2:49 PM
@msPeachy Wow, your review-fu is impressive!
@JorgeCastro lol
/empty !@#$
@Prasad lol
1 more close vote needed here:
Q: Low graphics mode on Ubuntu 12.04 with Intel Graphics

NightShadeQueenWhen I boot, my computer just tells me it can't detect graphic card (or something else) settings and it has to use the low graphics mode. Then it gives me four choices, but doesn't let me choose any of them. I can get my computer to boot by going to some sort of terminal mode and then typing sud...

Also, 1 more close vote needed on this (unrelated) question:
Q: Is it possible to create a shortcut/symbolic link to a folder in unity launcher?

AnkitI want to create a shortcut for a folder on unity. How is it possible? Edit:- I would think of this shortcut as quick-link in windows for referencing a frequently used item easily without having to navigate the directory structure every time I need to access it.

3:03 PM
Bounty offered: How do I set up Rygel and Pulseaudio for live streams to a DLNA compliant device? http://askubuntu.com/q/187086?atw=1 #pulseaudio
users with highest accepted answer rate (answered more than 200) is data.stackexchange.com/ubuntu/query/1433/…
My rate is 21.xxx but i wasn't listed
"Does not count self answers"
3:23 PM
I think, it is a dupe askubuntu.com/q/189410/61218
but, the link ...well found it askubuntu.com/q/157144/61218
@Anwar That's not really the same question; the first one you posted a link to is about replacing one Windows 7 installation with another while preserving the Ubuntu installation, and the second is about installing Windows 7 when only Ubuntu is installed (while preserving the Ubuntu installation).
both answer is same imo
@Anwar Following this answer on a system with Ubuntu and Windows 7 both already installed will result in getting a second Windows 7 system installed. The Windows 7 system already present won't be replaced. The OP would have an Ubuntu system, a 32-bit Windows 7 system, and a 64-bit Windows 7 system.
thank you.
o/ y'all
(Also, I'm not sure that answer is correct at all--Windows 7 wants to have two partitions rather than just one, as it uses an equivalent of a separate /boot partition. It's usually best to create unpartitioned space and let the Windows installer create the necessary partitions. But that itself shouldn't keep us from duping it, if a correct answer would be right for both questions.)
3:36 PM
I voted it to another question. Can you check that?
@Anwar I think this one is really no better (though its answers are better). You don't need to make space, to replace one Windows 7 system with another, for example. A correct answer to "how to add Windows 7 and keep Ubuntu?" will necessarily be different from a correct answer to "how to reinstall Windows 7 and keep Ubuntu?" which is really what's being (awkwardly) asked there.
@EliahKagan I got your point. Should I answer that question then?
@Anwar If you can, I'd say yes.
My answer would be simple (though i would be glad to include screenshot, but i don't have vm..) 1. First install Windows 7 on the old partition, 2. Boot Live Ubuntu from USB or CD 3. Install Boot-repair 4. Fix grub. 5 reboot.
Is that OK?
Good night everyone
3:50 PM
@msPeachy bye
@msPeachy Bye.
@Anwar I'd recommend being specific about how it is going to work when you install Windows where Windows was already installed. Also, do you know that this will work--that is, that Windows 7 will be able to cleanly replace itself (remember, it's not a classic reinstallation, because the architecture is changing)? I'm not sure that it will work, if that simple technique is used. It might be necessary to remove the Windows partitions, and then install Windows.
(Still this is different from the other questions though, because you don't make space for Windows by resizing the Ubuntu partition.)
Unrelated, this question needs 1 more close vote:
Q: Alps Touchpad driver loaded, but still touchpad not working?

Ahsan Possible Duplicate: Alps Loaded but PS/2 mouse also loaded! I have a Dell Inspiron 15R with Ubuntu 11.10 x86-64 installed. I am having a problem with the Alps touchpad. My touchpad's driver loads, which is synaptics, and it gets recognized in xinput --list and in Xorg.0.log, but it's s...

@EliahKagan Yes, it will work. Windows 7 is intelligent enough to kill it's 32bit brother and replace itself (64bit) for it
@Anwar Cool. In that case, yes, I think you should definitely post an answer. In your answer, I recommend explicitly saying that Windows will do this properly, so that's clear.
thanks, I'll try (though feeling sleepy, :P )
Hello all
4:40 PM
Good Night
5:05 PM
@EliahKagan answered here
I think, that answer can be improved more
@Anwar That looks quite good to me. I might edit it to reword very slightly, fix a couple capitalizations, and that sort of thing. But I don't think it needs major changes. Have upvoted.
@EliahKagan if you want to edit it, please add this little info
"You should first boot to Windows and give a name to your windows partition, that will help you to identify the old windows partition in the partitioning phase"
I forgot to include this :(
Thanks to you
Need to go
BBL , bye everyone
@Anwar Will do. (I'm editing it now, so I'll make sure to add that.)
5:33 PM
^ ^ Installed flash player but still this site is asking for flash player? Any idea on fixing this issue ??
@karthick87 Did you restart the browser since installing Flash? What version of Flash is installed? Does it work in other browsers besides Opera (like Firefox or Chromium)? Also, it's possible this question or this question will help.
@EliahKagan it works in other browsers. Installed version 11
@karthick87 um, that screenshot is windows...
@aking1012 yeah that is windows
Adobe Shockwave Player
To install the Adobe Shockwave Player plug-in, follow the steps below:

Download the Adobe Shockwave Player installer or the full installer for Netscape from the Adobe site..
Close Opera before installing it.
Run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions. If Opera is not listed in the installer, click the Browse button and locate the Program\Plugins folder in your Opera installation folder, which should be C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins by default.
The necessary file, np32dsw.dll, should now be present in the Program\Plugins directory in your Opera
5:43 PM
Wait...so, is this problem happening in Windows?
Because if so, none of my suggestions from before are likely to be particularly helpful.
@aking1012 shockwave player is already listed there. But flash player is not listed.. But i am able to play youtube videos in my opera.. Moreover no files were found under C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins
@aking1012 I think if there's not a lot of other more on-topic stuff being discussed and it doesn't become a huge conversation (at which point it should be moved to a separate chat room), asking Windows questions here in chat shouldn't be looked down upon too much. There's all sorts of off-topic stuff we're cool with in chat, including cat pictures! And questions about proprietary software, per se, aren't OT for AU (though that Flash in Opera on Windows Q is of course totally off-topic on main).
I didn't say it was a bad thing. it was for comedic effect mostly
On the other hand, I am also inclined to agree with you, in that it's somewhat unlikely that most such questions could actually be answered here.
@aking1012 Ah.
6:00 PM
Q: How to obtain a direct link to an answer?

BousieIs there any way to obtain a link to a concrete answer? Like this: 12.04 GUI works but the consoles (CTRL-ALT-F1-F6) "don't" (but I obtained this link via the StackExchange notifications). Thank you!

6:18 PM
Trouble getting cooking lens to work http://askubuntu.com/q/189483?atw=1 #lenses
Is there a default question on how to install Ubuntu?
i'm sure there is, but i'm not sure which installation question it is
@nitstorm I think we consider this the canonical installation question:
Q: How do I install Ubuntu?

yehhhimanshuI would like to see a full how-to on how to install Ubuntu.

Q: Why dont we have ubuntu membership here?

karthick87Why dont we offer ubuntu membership for helpful members here with good bounties?? Like they do in www.ubuntuforums.org with a new membership icon and an email ID ?

6:33 PM
Of course, questions about specific problems during installation should usually not be duped to that.
@EliahKagan Aha! Super, no not duping anything, a user asked a question, then in the comment asked how to install ubuntu on a separate partition instead of inside Wubi, wanted to link this to the OP
@nitstorm I understand. Also, sometimes it is appropriate to dupe question to that, like when they're extremely general or are clearly answered just by being linked there.
@EliahKagan Super :) Thanks :)
7:29 PM
Wow... I'm one of six people actually here.
Has this been asked before?
Q: My account can't start GUI, but Guest account can

Fred HamiltonTrying to get the nvidia drivers to output 720p component (as they did in my 10.10 system), I've hosed my Mythbuntu 12.04 config in some way. The current status is this: When I boot the PC I get to this login window: If I enter my password and select Fred Hamilton, I get the following on-scree...

It seems familiar, which is why I'm asking. If it hasn't, I'll answer with information about how to work around the problem, and how to report it as a bug. Theoretically, we should close this as a bug, but the OP is not particularly unlikely to be able to file a bug report with the necessary information, without knowing how to work around the problem.
And the workaround (to log in on a virtual console and install and use gdm instead) isn't in any way specific to the underlying cause of the bug--it would be helpful to others not experiencing this particular bug (assuming this is a bug and not some misconfiguration).
@GeorgeEdison it was full in here yesterday...but it was mostly lurkers
@EliahKagan seems like it has, but it was some weird misconfiguration in the previous case
@GeorgeEdison you would be pleased...i think. i'm really heavily contemplating a full switch from pygi to pyqt
@aking1012 Do you recall what the similar question was, so I can take a look at that?
7:38 PM
i can look, but it wouldn't fire in my brain if i didn't see it
@aking1012 It's probably not necessary to bother, then. I'll answer it with a generic workaround and a recommendation to report a bug.
maybe i was thinking about this one:
Q: Cannot login to my user account

yihfeiI upgraded my ubuntu from 11.04 to 11.10 via mounting the latest alternate CD image released on Oct. 13 as the final standard version and running the cdromupgrade prompt successfully, with full latest upgrades installed before ending the distribution upgrading process and rebooting. After reboot,...

or this:
Q: Cannot login via Unity login screen after upgrade to 12.04

codesurgeonLogging in via the shell accessed through Ctrl+Alt-F1 and logging in as guest via the graphical user interface work 0O When I try to log into my standard user account via the graphical interface, the screen flashes to black for a couple of seconds and bumps me back to a pristine login screen. En...

@EliahKagan --^
the latter i think
what's with all the down for maintenance? is there a big migration/expansion going on?
ANyone have a bounty to spare?
Q: How large can Nautilus's thumbnail cache grow?

ændrükNautilus's thumbnail cache in ~/.thumbnails has grown to several hundred megabytes. Do I need to be concerned about unrestricted growth of this in the long term, or is its size automatically managed somehow?

this one could use a 12.04 update
8:10 PM
@JorgeCastro if you see an answer on that one you like ping me about a specific answer for the bounty...otherwise it's just the highest voted answer with 12.04 in the answer body
the site will ping you when there are new answers
figured. if it comes down to the wire and there's no clear 12.04 winner i'll just proposition the room to vote
1 more close vote needed to dupe this:
Q: What is the default password for Ubuntu 12.04?

Rob HI've just had someone install Ubuntu 12.04. I am not a techie - just a user. I am now asked for a password which I do not have and has never been set. Is there a default one? Otherwise I have to work as a guest all the time... Not so great. I appreciate any help.

8:52 PM
This "too old" error did not go away as more time passed:
Q: Java problems "Too Old"

user90976I am trying to play Runescape, but I keep getting a java too old error. Please help. It's not worked for months now. I thought it would go away on it's own. I was wrong. Instead, it has actually continually getting worse, where to the point of now it does not even load.

In fact, it only got worse.
9:08 PM
9:24 PM
Can you answer this? Ubuntu 12.04: Replacing pulseaudio with Alsa? http://askubuntu.com/q/157931?atw=1 #sound
Time to fix up my sitemap.xml file.
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
The problem here is a crash--should this be closed as a bug? (If so, a moderator will probably have to be involved, as there's a current bounty.)
Q: Cannot apply unity --reset after modifying files

Alex ClineSo I have an idea of what I did wrong, I am just not sure how to fix it. I used the Unity Glass mod: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/07/unity-glass-offers-refined-new-look-for-the-unity-launcher After removing it, I cannot reset unity and it does not work. Even after purging Unity and reinstal...

10:58 PM
@aking1012 am now. Sorry my dad came up to visit so i've been MIA this weekend.
np. i just saw you as most recent before me in room
Been ghosting around this weekend, you know. IDLERPG n'at
11:16 PM
Anyone here familiar with OpenSSL?
@GeorgeEdison depends on what you want to do with it
@lazyPower javascript is a pain to debug with no errors at all sencha
I was just describing the problem here.
@GeorgeEdison browsers will complain that they can't validate it, but you can provide a key for people to add to their cert stores so they know to trust your site
some companies/governments appear to be using invalid/unverified certificates b/c they run their own CAs
@aking1012 Right - this won't be browser-based.
I am writing a custom client application and therefore have explicit control over how everything works.
okay if you're doing it with self signing, first make a signing certificate (pub/priv). give out that pub. then generate a new cert signed with that for your server. the pub key from step one is included in your application.
make sense?
11:30 PM
Whoah... I'm lost :( What files should I end up with when I create the signing certificate?
Is that the .csr file?
here's the whole chain. it should get you sorted: flourishlib.com/docs/ObtainingaSecureCertificateKeyPair
public.crt is what you're after and np
Okay Lugaru
11:57 PM
Q: Tag synonym request [boot-failure]->[boot]

ObsessiveFOSSI don't have the necessary score to propose boot-failure->boot, so could someone with the necessary score please propose it? Thanks!


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