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7:01 PM
Hrm, this was because a display was disabled.
Suuure it was.
I think it's because you have no idea what you're doing and/or Java is evil and should never be used for desktop apps!
Q: How to play Minecolony in SMP?

Tobias KienzlerMinecolony is a nice SSP mod that adds some NPCs like a farmer and a miner. How can I make that work on SMP as well? I can put the ingredients for the items together but not craft them, and using give returns that the items don't exist. I tried adding all files from the mod into the minecraft_ser...

7:28 PM
Q: Where can I find information on the SpellID for a spell used by the WoW API?

JosephI need to know what the spell id is supposed to be for certain spells for my WoW addon, but I'm not sure where to find information on the spells. Is there a goto list somewhere? I read on wowwiki that wowhead has this information, but I can't find it anywhere.

7:46 PM
Q: Acquiring different tree barks in Minecraft

thethinmanI'd like to collect different bark types from trees to build a house but I'm having a hard time growing trees with birch and dark barks. If I plant a sapling then what is the probability of getting a tree with birch or dark bark? Is there anywhere I can plant a sapling to increase my chances?

@Bob Ah crap. Every time I open up minecraft I think "I wonder how to control/predict what type of tree a sapling will grow into? I should open a question." and then forget to because I end up playing minecraft for hours.
@Powerlord BTW it was
Now I could play MP minecraft, if Thomas had upgraded the server yet. I can instead farm precious Meta reps instead.
Not on a CW question, sucker!
@Brant One day, CW questions will give reps!
It's an investment!
7:54 PM
And what a glorious, magical day it will be.
As oinking fills the skies.
Truly glorious days await us.
@badp wat.
@GnomeSlice Do you even want to know?
7:57 PM
Wise man.
8:31 PM
Bored, entertain me.
Bored, at work with gaming sites blocked. Entertain me.
@Powerlord get back to work :P
@Brian Waiting for a recompile.
8:37 PM
Q: Best platform for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

grimusWhat is the best platform for Deus Ex: Human Revolution? For the original, the best (and only) choice was the PC, but for the 2nd game, they dumbed down the interface to work well on consoles. I know its a bit early for this question, but I'm pretty pumped for the new Deus Ex title.

@Powerlord Get a new job.
8:52 PM
@GnomeSlice I'd rather play Minecraft.
@badp It's a bit more conspicuous than Interlocked.
If Interlocked is the game I was thinking of, I played it a bit the other day already before getting tired of how touchy it sometimes was.
"Trying to pull a piece about the same width as the opening you're pulling it through? NOPE!"
9:10 PM
Q: What to do with Add-on questions?

CragSee this question here for an example. Does such a question belong on Gaming or does it fit in better over at Gaming Development? Is this in a similar vein to .ini editing, where the end user can make changes to the game without actually 'developing' anything, or am I totally off base? (This is ...

@Powerlord That's the one.
9:33 PM
Oh hell, my BQ is low for this close to leaving.
More Bacon
Bacon Quotient?
There, now I'm caught up.
@GnomeSlice Yup. :)
10:02 PM
Grr... I hate it when people copy/paste code and don't remove parts that aren't relevant to where they're copying it to.
Because I always love dealing with the DB throwing errors in an update method that shouldn't be happening because said foreign key isn't allowed to be modified by the update stored procedure.
Where have I heard this already?
I think it's the theme of some Final Fantasy final boss battle, but I can't be sure.
Well, from the orchestration, it's from one of the SNES Final Fantasy games. I'm guessing FF5, since it's the one I've played the least.
except it's not, because that's youtube.com/watch?v=QVshR3ehxmE
I'll go ask on the site
Most FF games have multiple boss battle themes.
oh man I should know this
10:16 PM
Even FF4 had two "normal" boss themes... one for normal bosses, one for the four fiends.
So we don't have a tag?
oh yeah
pretty sure it's the ff4 fiend battle
wait no
I'll have to check when I get home... I have all the music from Final Fantasy 1-10, 12, and X2.
I have listened to the crap out of that song over many years. I even know the damn snare drum part.
That's a community I wouldn't have minded belonging to btw.
10:20 PM
But I can't remember which game it is from.
A youtube link is fine as an answer btw
This is maddening.
It's definitely FF2-5, probably not 4, a mega-boss (fiend?) or final-boss battle
It's the Final Fantasy 3 boss theme.
Q: Where does this song come from?

badpI'm sure I've heard this song before, even though I haven't seen much Final Fantasy gameplay (since I've never owned a console I've never had any of those games). Where does it come from? (Bonus point for a Youtube link.)

weird, I've never heard that arrangement.
10:23 PM
Um, no, it's not it.
Could it be it's just regular fight music?
checks vgmdb
youtube.com/watch?v=8bsUctJ_iKQ <-- final boss theme (although this is from the NES version)
That's it.
FF3 final battle
Oh wait, that is the DS version
And since you can't access SE from work, the rep is miiiine!
10:26 PM
makes note to downvote Brant's answer
@Powerlord More likely to be what I heard, because I basically only have seen TASes of the game. Also, yes, that's it :)
Oh, and see if I can get him blacklisted in the game music community. ;)
@Brant Meh, Powerlord gets the tick if he does answer :P
Yeah, fine, I'll let you get home and post it yourself, then. :P
10:28 PM
Speaking of which, I'm leaving now.
Technically, I could have left 15 minutes ago, due to skipping one of my breaks.
11:05 PM
There, now I've answered it... I just hope I don't piss off the other guy who answered it a few minutes ago.
Sad part is, I would have beat his answer if there hadn't been a traffic jam on Eastbound I-496. :/
Traffic Jams don't usually happen at 5:30pm EST Friday, so I wonder what's going on that caused it...
I'm going to give Powerlord the accept so Michael Madsen can shoot for Populist.
hah, I've found the moment when I got italics for this room!
Oct 6 '10 at 21:48, by balpha
:7028 I guess it's fine to make you owner here
So, you've been able to change the topic ever since balpha made that decision...
11:22 PM
Yay, we're going to be able to follow other people activity things!! :D
@Mana wat
If I interpret @badp's starred image correctly.
@Mana Sure, upvote the feature request here:
A: Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

badp's sockpuppetQuora was right all along: Unlock favourite/ignored tag editing for all users. +2 rep per suggested interesting topic. All suggested interesting topics are automatically accepted. No exceptions. Followers! You can follow people by starring them. +10 per follow. −2 per unfollow. To kick...

Gah, I hate it when people contact me on working for them, and then don't respond to emails anymore. :(
@Arda It's because they find out that you're not a mod on gaming.se, a vital prerequisite for landing work
11:27 PM
@Mana Yeah... right... on the leading name in ad-blocking.
Terrible mod makers sell like hot cake on the job market.
In a sense, I modded AdSweep. It turned out horribly.
That was two years ago, though.
That means you're going to make a terrible mod again
Yay, the Professor Layton movie uses the Professor Layton theme song. :D
Does it make it any better?
11:28 PM
@badp No, because she isn't following up.
@Mana Actually I'll migrate this discussion to Programmers, you'll get better feedback there
5 messages moved to Programmers
aww, no migration bombing this time around.
We need @Less to be more active.
@ArdaXi wat
We need more less?
11:37 PM
We definitely need @less @bad
1 message moved to The Relaxation Vault.
And especially @less @bad @mana.
And with that I bid you goodnight.
There's no such thing as bad mana.
> I know God isn't a woman because we're not all sandwiches.
Wooooooooow, MyLifeIsBro. D:
@badp There is bad @Mana
Just like there is bad @bad.
11:40 PM
@badp Oh true, there are a few outdated libraries I've found that I was thinking of helping to update
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