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11:00 AM
Is it possible to chat with someone personall, not in chat room? Is there any option here in stackexchange?
@prime depends on the context. it could be correct, yes.
So he innuendoly said that my english is not good, is that ok too?
if, for example, you had been giving a speech in English, and he said "You speak very good French", then I would call that an Oblique way of saying you speak poor English.
How can i use the word innuendo there to express the same thing
@prime I'm not sure that innuendo has been made into and adjective or adverb
@prime You could say "He made some innuendo about my poor English speaking"
11:03 AM
How can i express this in one word?
bunch of flowers = ? in one word
it's a bouquet
That's right,
that is the word i was looking for
@MattЭллен, how can i chat with you personally? Is there any option here?
@Matt ^
@prime nope. no private chat. I'm also at work, so I don't have a way to private chat outside Stack Exchange.
chatting here is fine, though :)
@Alenanno I am the only original here.
I was looking option here in stackexchange, not privately with yahoo or google or facebook
Anyway thanks @MattЭллен
11:09 AM
@prime no trouble :)
@ЯegDwight You're the original quote? :P
I am the original, period.
I'm the Victorian period
You are the Loserian period.
@ЯegDwight That does not make much sense. :P
11:13 AM
Feb 27 at 0:43, by RegDwight Ѭſ道
@SonicTheHedgehog No, no, no, no. Let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of this chat that said "Room in which Reg makes sense"? You know why you didn't see that sign? 'Cause it ain't there, 'cause making sense ain't my effing business, that's why!
That's a quote, BTW. And the original is mine. I think this wraps the issue all up.
@ЯegDwight You kind of... heavy inspired yourself to something. But I appreciate the inspiration source. :D
I am the source, and target, of all inspiration.
are you accusing Reg of plagiarism?
Jan 18 at 16:28, by RegDwight Ѭſ道
@MetaEd No plagiarism in this chat.
Not plagiarism, heavy inspiration. :P
11:30 AM
What's the meaning of impertinent?
Post some sentences with it
Is it all about memorizing word meaning?
Is there any way to guess the meaning?
@prime of course there is. Look at the word.
Im + pertinent.
11:34 AM
How would i guess the meaning of pertinent?
@Monica Hello!
By knowing some Latin or French or Spanish?
Hello, Alenanno
I don't know Latin or Spanish or French
Or the English word "pertain"?
11:35 AM
So now how can i guess the meaning of pertinent?
should the words sitting-room, dining-room be dashed?
Why would you want to guess?
There are dictionaries.
No need to guess.
Searching each words in dictionary is cumbersome and painful
@ЯegDwight Or Italian. :P
@prime It's fast and accurate. Guessing is dumb and inaccurate.
11:36 AM
Do you use online dictionaries?
It's the quickest way
You can't guess the meaning of "bog" any more than you can that of "площадь"
You speak Russian?
Please don't paste russian here.
@prime by the time you have typed "Searching each words in dictionary is cumbersome and painful" in this chat, you could have typed "pertinent" into Google seven or eight times.
@prime а это ещё почему?
LOL, i'm searching in dict about pertinent
11:38 AM
Wait. where are you two from?
pertinent means relevant
@ЯegDwight Ему не нравится Русский язык. :P
Вы что все по русски говорите?
It's the English chat room
11:41 AM
@Alenanno русский. Со строчной буквы.
Why are people typing other language like Russian ?
@Monica по-русски.
Russian is impertinent here
@prime you said we should not talk russian here, so we talk Russian instead.
So is Spanish or Italian or French
11:42 AM
@ЯegDwight I like to capitalize language names sometimes. :D
I like it when it is not dashed
@prime Pourquoi ça ?
@Monica It should be, though.
@Monica it's not dashed.
A hyphen is not a dash.
Give me a good ringtone
Which ringtone do you use?
11:43 AM
hyphen, yes
Я их путаю
Дефис, тире.
@ЯegDwight good point lol
Who is the admin for this room?
Please warn people not to paste other language here.
It's room for English
I won't write in Russian
Where are you from prime?
Why/how does it matter here?
I'm from Greenland.
11:46 AM

 English Language & Usage: Multi-Layer

Where English is occasionally spoken if you are a patient.
No, it doesn't
Don't say if you don't want to
Thank you, RegDwight! Will do.
Alenanno can still talk in Italian, though. And prime in Kalaallisut.
@ЯegDwight Bipolar disorder? :P
11:48 AM
I have read this word meaning idiosyncrasy, but i can't remember it now
Is there a native speaker here?
@Monica sure. Of what?
@Monica We are all native speakers. Of something.
Of English
@prime idiocracy.
11:48 AM
I'm not native speaker
Yes, I gussed
@MattЭллен is a native speaker. As demonstrated by his name.
Acting like an idiot?
11:49 AM
@prime who? Where?
@prime Jamás he visto ningún problema en escribiros mis cositas en lengua cristiana aquí, y no espero que nunca haya problema alguno con ello. De ahí que deberías callarte el hocico, chaval. Y además, no lo he copiado todo esto de otro sitio, sino lo he tecleado yo mismo en este momento.
I'm prime. I'm from a prime-land
You asked for another word meaning "idiosyncrasy", and I suggested "idiocracy". Because the former is what the latter initially meant.
A: Origin of "idiocracy"

KosmonautInterestingly, the word already existed as far back as 1681, and originally meant: Peculiarity of constitution; that temperament, or state of constitution, which is peculiar to a person; idiosyncrasy. So it was basically an alternative form to "idiosyncrasy" and was just re-appropriat...

@tchrist es cierto.
How do you pronounce 27/I-1980?
Двадцать семь дробь и десятеричное дефис тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят.
11:52 AM
:D :D
@tchrist Very well said.
Thank you but in English :D
No :D in this chat.
Dvadtsat' sem' drob' i desyaterichnoye defis tysyacha devyatsot vosemdesyat.
@ЯegDwight дробь = /
11:53 AM
@Alenanno дробь is actually "fraction". But you use it when reading house numbers aloud and the like.
Seems like I have to wait for native speakers to come
@ЯegDwight Good to know! Спасибо. :)
Everyone here is a native speaker.
Дробь is also lead shot.
I'm not a native speaker
11:55 AM
Of different langauges
Basically it's from дробить, "split".
@ЯegDwight I don't think I've seen this verb before...
Then you should probably specify which ones you are thinking to be waiting for, and perhaps to what purpose.
@Alenanno, have you seen the word facile before?
11:56 AM
@prime In Italian yes. Or French.
What a silly question!
In French, yes. Or Italian.
Did anyone join the channel #English in irc freenode?
Is anyone in #English now?
No. Nobody. Also not now. Never.
Gotta go, catch y'all later.
11:57 AM
Why not? What's wrong with #English
IRC is so antemillennial it isn’t even worth the papertape it’s punched on.
@Alenanno, Where are you going?
@prime I didn't say there was anything wrong.
@prime To save the day.
11:58 AM
@tchrist, why?
@Alenanno, to save the day? what does that mean?
@tchrist it's postmillennial depending on which millenium you're talking about.
Which answers several pending questions succinctly enough.
Xblast time yet again! Not a single spare minute today...
@Monica I don’t know what you might need ‘native speakers’ for that Reg cannot answer.
I don't really mind. Anyone is welcome to answer my questions
For example;Did you see Jane last night?
Yes, she was wearing/wore a very nice jacket.
12:05 PM
my book says that past continous is correct
Well, was wearing probably sounds better, but you could use the other one, too.
It is facile to type here. Is it ok to use facile?
@Monica It depends on the surrounding context.
@prime Only if you know what it means, which apparently, you do not.
In most cases there is no context :(
These sentences are taken from a textbook exercise
I think here it's the same
What did you do/were you doing at 2 o'clock this morning.
How fast did you drive/were you driving when police stopped you.
12:07 PM
@prime It is disparaging in English.
@Monica That one has to be were driving.
@Monica That one could be either, depending on the context.
So how to use facile?
A. 1703 Beveridge Serm. xci. Wks. 1729 II. 126 ― All other acts of piety will be facile and easy to him.
1856 Froude Hist. Eng. I. 357 ― Having won, as he supposed, his facile victory.
1876 C. M. Davies Unorth. Lond. 250 ― The work appears facile.
1782 Mad. D’Arblay Diary 12 Aug., ― My father is all himself-gay, facile, and sweet.
1844 Disraeli Coningsby iii. v, ― Manners, though facile, sufficiently finished.
1876 Holland Sev. Oaks x. 134 ― He was positive, facile, amiable.
'Yesterday, she was walking/walked along the road when she met Jim.' I chose 'was walking'
@Monica Yes, that indeed must be was walking.
1670 Milton Hist. Eng. Wks. 1738 II. 80 ― However he were facil to his Son, and seditious Nobles··yet his Queen he treated not the less honourably.
1851 Sir F. Palgrave Norm. & Eng. I. 297 ― The guilty sons were too happy to avail themselves of his facile tenderness.
1671 Milton P.R. i. 51 ― Adam and his facil consort Eve Lost Paradise.
1805 Foster Ess. ii. vi. 192 ― The tame security of facile friendly coincidence.
@tchrist, how did you get these example for facile? Where did you take these from?
12:10 PM
OED, natch.
And here 'It wasn't raining/didn't rain when I got up.' 'wasn't raining' is right
1667 Milton P.L. iv. 967 ― Henceforth not to scorne The facil gates of hell too slightly barrd.
I wasn't reigning when I got up
@Monica Whenever you have a second clause in the simple past like those you just listed, you need to put the first one in what you are calling the past continuous. Because it has to be a continuing action that is interrupted by a discrete event.
I was listening to the radio when the doorbell rang.
@tchrist, Where did you get such reference with year?
12:12 PM
BUT: I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast when the doorbell rang.
@prime I already told you.
I understand how to use the two tenses but I don't know how to explain when either can be used
@tchrist, what is natch?
@prime Am I dictionary?
My intuition helps a lot
OED = oxford english dict, but what is natch?
12:14 PM
@Monica What did you do at 2 o’clock when you were supposed to be working?
natch is short for naturally
natch /nætʃ/, adv. Colloq. abbrev. of naturally adv. orig. U.S.

1945 in L. Shelly Jive Talk Dict. 15/1.
1946 Sun (Baltimore) 24 Sept. 3/3 (Advt.), ― Natch! Mom’s gettin’ both of us Hen self-starters··. Baltimore’s most popular ‘first shoes for babies’.
1953 New Yorker 10 Jan. 21/3 ― Their disapproving papa··inserted a dime, which, he said, would otherwise have gone to buy them a Coca-Cola··. Well, natch, this brought a twenty-dime return.
1957 P. Wildeblood Main Chance 132 ― ‘You don’t mean to say,’ she whispered tragically, ‘that we’re going to eat?’ ‘Why, natch. We’re going to have anoth
I must be getting on with work. toodles for now!
I’m a programmer, not a dictionary.
@prime Because those are not the OED.
No it is not.
Nice try.
Try again.
The OED is here.
How do you pronounce 27/I-1980?
Where would i type that word in oed.com ?
Twenty-seven slash eye nineteen eighty.
12:18 PM
Do i have to register there?
It was easier to type eye than to use IPA.
Well for some I looks like more of a leg.
@prime You can type a word into the entry here.
@ЯegDwight For some you looks more like a reg than a leg.
What's the meaning of this? It is facyle to scape out of the handes of the blyn
12:22 PM
tchrist, and this? 4/II-1936
Four slash Roman two hyphen nineteen thirty-six.
@prime blynd, not blyn.
Thanks, but I asked tchrist
Oh right.
I always ignore his name.
What Reg said is perfectly fine.
12:26 PM
See, I have no idea who's said that because it's prefixed with a name I always ignore.
@prime I am a programmer, not a dictionary.
Very slow self jinx. Aka déjà lu.
I have to go
Have fun.
Thanks and bye
12:28 PM
I repeat myself for the logic-impaired.
What about the logic-aupaired? Discrimination or what?
Depends whether she has a work permit.
Wat is the different in work permit and worp Kermit?
I can do this all the lay dong.
That's what he said. And then fell asleep.
Congrats on your Marshalism, BTW. Marshality. Marshallicity. Marshaliation. Marshalizing.
12:32 PM
I could not resist so facile & moderate demand, so scribbled out another, omitting Sundry things.
There were 101 flagged non-answers when I awoke this morning. Some had as many as 9 on them, too. Bill finally woke up and fixed them.
What is facile here?
Earlier today some bozo actually asked, "how do I write ā in HTML". He literally wrote ā, on an HTML page, and asked how to write it, on an HTML page.
What does facile mean here?
Can anyone answer
Oh wait that is uppercase.
Lowercase is U+0101.
12:33 PM
@tchrist I think that's the capi... ah screw it.
You're faster anyway.
Of Assyria?
You will never know now!
Serves you right for being fast.
There are only two kinds of people in the world.
The quick, and the dead.
The dead are not in the world.
The dead are not even are.
The dead are not.
@prime If you came here looking for a facile explanation of why you should not use facile in normal discourse, you aren’t going to get it.
12:35 PM
Facile is a perfectly cromuntalizable word.
Read more closely.
Myopia becomes you.
As long as it's not Mianus...
Speaking of.
Where is Cerb, anyway?
12:37 PM
He is "on a date".
If you know what I mean.
Or under.
What is the meaning of facile?
Blink blink nudge nudge.
produced without effort or careful thought
@prime You know, if you keep that up, something bad is likely to happen to you.
12:37 PM
What does that mean?
looks for the twit flag
Which part of "produced without effort or careful thought" is unfamiliar to you?
@tchrist, what do you mean?
Just ignore tchrist and he will repay the favour.
Can i post some sentences with facile here?
12:39 PM
To what end?
I think you posted one already.
to understand the facile
@ЯegDwight lkiolye defis?
as it says, produced without effor = little effort?
typing here needs little effort
12:40 PM
@prime without means without. Not with little.
So can i say, typing here is facile
For some people it is.
Is there anything in this world without effort?
La donna è mobile.
12:41 PM
So death is facile?
Sempre un amabile.
looks for the twit flag again
@Gigili Lkiolye?
@ЯegDwight Yes, I just made it up.
Is that Backwardsbelorussian?
@Gigili Ah, so it is Belorussian.
12:42 PM
It's balrogian.
˙uɐᴉssnɹoןəqspɹɐʍʞɔɐq sᴉ sᴉɥʇ ʻoИ
@tchrist ьлол.
That can be achieved with little effort
I don't think Russian has an onset LK phoneme.
Or Belorussian, for that matter.
In fact I struggle to think of any language that does.
Perhaps Albanian or Basque.
Don't struggle, it isn't worth it.
12:44 PM
That's loser talk.
I speak ЯegDwight, yes.
@Cerberus Yes, people do die from mosquito bites: keranews.org/post/tarrant-reports-seventh-west-nile-death
People will die from anything. Stupid people.
Polyphemus was blinded by no man.
How not very poly of him.
12:51 PM
@prime Quando sarò morto, sarà tutto più facile.
A: App is misconfigured for Facebook login : Android Facebook integration issue

HariI did a toast for exceptions and found it throws a key mismatch exception today added the key in th FB app page and it works fine

Did he mean "test"?
Possibly not.
Chin-chin! No exceptions!
Yeah I honestly don't know.
Pod stolom! No exceptions!
Here's mud in your eye! No exceptions!
12:52 PM
That's some advanced russky right there. Too bad @Monica is no longer here.
Long live no exceptions!
You know how you can run various things looking for memory leaks, like fortify?
Maybe there is a toaster for exceptions.
I dunno.
Yes. Buy three tickets, win an exceptional toaster.
Q: Toast does not display when used in catch block

codyI noticed that a toast isn't displayed when it's used inside a catch block. Does anyone know how to show toasts when catching exceptions? An Example: try { // try to open a file } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { Toast.makeText(this, R.string.txt_file_not_found, Toast.LENGTH_LONG); ...

It's even tagged with toast.
12:53 PM
Tag wiki says “A small informational popup window used in GUIs, such as in Android apps.”.
I can understand a toast being tagged with Jesus, but a question tagged with toast? That's too much.
@tchrist yeah I can invent things too.
"A toast notification is a message that pops up on the surface of the window. It only fills the amount of space required for the message and the user's current activity remains visible and interactive. The notification automatically fades in and out, and does not accept interaction events."
Oh Android. That explains it. Wouldn't happen on Nandroid or Orroid.
Or Girloid.
12:55 PM
@ЯegDwight Now you're just being logical.
I'm Supertramp.
@tchrist Gynoid.
imagines Reg all scruffly
You have to imagine that? What are you, posting blindfolded?
"making a Toast"
"positioning your Toast"
12:57 PM
What are those purple little notification popups in the top right of the screen called?
I forget, but they have a name.
Oh I will position your toast alright, milady.
Positioning toast is very popular.
@tchrist bugs? Microsoft Bob?
I don't think I ever saw a purple something in the top right of anything. Not even on OS/2.
It’s a darwin thingie.
I don't have Darwindows installed.
12:59 PM
They have awards for that.
It’s called growl.
Who you call a growl?

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