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12:00 AM
(in case you're a dumdum it didn't actually take me 2 years to download those packages, apt just had a bit of a freakout for some reason)
@user too bad it's still being added :p
I have been spending my $PARTOFDAY$ trying to get a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Brick running Linux to understand how to use DNS over Bluetooth NAP
> an ev3 brick
@RadvylfPrograms just got back, what's up
> linux
12:06 AM
@hyper-neutrino They accidentally yeeted stuff into the DBA.SE chat
yeah I would've noticed if I checked the mod flag history lol
as I type it's installing dkms so I can build a kernel module for a WiFi adapter
@Ginger Okay wow that's cool
12:07 AM
isn't it?
slow as all hell but still super cool
I'm surprised that its 5MB of storage can store linux
It can't
You have to use an SD card
for some unknowable but fortuitous reason the EV3 firmware checks the SD card for an OS before launching the built-in one
so it was just a matter of flashing an SD card
and in true Linux fashion it comes with "batteries included but not really" software
for some reason I had to manually add to its DNS server list
because the built-in interface for doing so locks up when you click Add
oh boy 53% done
12:39 AM
@user does lambda a,b:[b,*a][-1] work?
Ooh, that's clever
@RadvylfPrograms JS: cute way is (a,b)=>a.reduce((_,x)=>x,b) boring way is (a,b)=>[b,...a].pop()
1 hour later…
1:58 AM
CMC: Print this (without the printf, just the raw escape codes)
2:36 AM
3:22 AM
so whats the next lotm
oh new lotm
just wanna say that only 4 ppl did desmos lotm, not sure if that means its successful or not
got like well over 50 answers tho
i think j-uby is next ?
3:40 AM
@AidenChow that should mean its successful.?.?
@AidenChow to quote myself:
in Vyxal, Jun 1, 2021 at 0:08, by lyxal
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because vyxal month was epic
(just s/vyxal/desmos though :p)
close enough
how is that "close enough"?
it just is
don't question these things
4:12 AM
@Razetime J-Ruby LoTM!
Thank you copilot very cool
thank you for suggesting I create an infinite loop of page inclusion
2 hours later…
6:08 AM
Q: "You've Exceeded Your Question Limit" Comes Up Unexpectedly

Number BasherNow, I understand that nobody here understands the algorithm as of how are timed question bans issued ("You've reached your question limit"), however, whatever the algorithm is this doesn't make sense. About 7 days before I found out that I had a four-day question ban. During the period my questi...

@Nobody uhhh thats in puzzling SE ?
yah but i don't thnk it is a pse-only problem
6:34 AM
i mean, i wouldn't be surprised if the limit follows you across stacks
is code golf website not working or is it only me
> We are currently offline for maintenance
oh rip
1 hour later…
7:49 AM
@JoKing none of my other stacks have a qban
not cg
not cg meta
not even pse meta
@AidenChow it is back
8:20 AM
@Nobody huh, you'd think you'd have one here, at the very least for that one time you posted 7 near identical questions simultaneously
8:43 AM
@JoKing i did but not now
i have one -3 one -5 one -6 in pse
9:37 AM
@emanresuA wait wut
actually wack
9:52 AM
Q: Language of the Month for June 2022: J-uby

RazetimeIn accordance with our meta agreement, since one candidate received more votes than the others, we have a new featured language! Throughout May 2022, our Language of the Month will be: J-uby What's a Language of the Month? See the meta post for nominations. In short, during May, those who wish ...

Let’s go
surely Julia!
10:22 AM
@emanresuA what do you mean by this?
Yes, my username is accident lol — emanresu A 14 mins ago
oh I see
> cracked by accident
pun successful.
@pxeger idk how you caught that the month was wrong but not the language name in the lotm post
because I wasn't looking for that
have you ever seen that video of the basketball match with the stormtrooper
10:32 AM
This isn't exactly the one I was thinking of, but it's the same gist
I watched one and that mfer made me miscount 2 passes
11:06 AM
i am back from school
the only thing i hate about the school is: the timings and the uniform
11:29 AM
@Nobody we dont need a billion rooms
@PyGamer0 ok
@lyxal wow you did RO stuff
I did
@lyxal lmaooo
i read the transcript
11:30 AM
Powerup complete.
hello, humans
I don't know how to feel about this ad:
eh doesn't surprise me
be glad it's not one of those "99% of people can't do this simple task" ads
@lyxal oh no now the cake will be dangerous
11:34 AM
it's a bit far gone for that
idk why bakery has to be "Only users nominated by the room owner may talk here. See the faq for more information.
> Only users nominated by the room owner may talk here. See the faq for more information.
@PyGamer0 blame hyper for that
@lyxal I always freak out when I see those ads
(and download the game to prove them wrong)
@Nobody so that if your messages are moved there y'ain't pinged
@lyxal oh ok
11:39 AM
@Nobody I know this because I too wondered the same thing and clicked the request button
and then?
@lyxal .
@Nobody didnt get pinged, alright enough of testing bye
@PyGamer0 o/m do your hw
triple epic
11:40 AM
@Nobody caird told me off for requesting access :p
@lyxal why
because it was unfunny
but i did that before i recieved the message
(apparently you are ro there? is that auto-same time or manual or what
Part of being appointed RO here was also ROship of Off-topic TNB + Bakery
which increased the number of rooms I "own" to 45 from 42
no, why?
11:44 AM
@lyxal oh ok
@lyxal hmm, which
@lyxal i mean, i can do that without effort, by creating 50 rooms, but then i'll probably be banned, for good
please stop pinging people multiple times
@JoKing .
The biweekly minigolf starts in 500 seconds!!!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NuvandaIntroduction Time is a really simple concept. Seconds pass, one after the other, all the same. But humans love making it hard. This Stackoverflow question has gathered many answers and even though they are surprisingly long and complex, most of them will still fail for certain inputs. Can you for...

Chattiquette needs to be updated
> Instead, notify one of the room owners (caird coinheringaahing, Redwolf Programs, Adám, Bubbler, xnor)
> If you have any questions, improvements, corrections, or comments on the chatiquette, ping hyper-neutrino in The Nineteenth Byte.
12:00 PM
Welcome to the 21st Biweekly Mini Golf. During this event, we'll post some CMCs (Chat Mini Challenges) for you all to solve. A new one will be added every 5 to 10 minutes. Feel free to keep suggesting drafts during the event. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Good luck!
(even though it hasn't happened in months lol)
@lyxal what
what hasn't happened in months
this event
um may i ask why
just hasn't happened
um, like, um, why, isn't it biweekly, like
12:03 PM
but I feel motivated enough to do it tonight with some AI generated CMCs (which are hence referred to as AICMCs)
@Nobody people just haven't done it lately, that's all
AICMC: Given n, print out all numbers smaller than or equal to one million that end with the same digits as n
@lyxal oh ok
@lyxal how
@Nobody I use GPT-3's Codex to generate CMCs based on previous CMCs I've given it
@lyxal oh ok
AICMC: Print the first N prime numbers (n is prompted input)
# AICMC: Given an integer n, find the nth number in the Fibonacci sequence.
# AICMC: Given two strings, find the minimum number of operations required to convert one string into the other.
github copilot
12:05 PM
AICMC: Given a double (float), output its int part
int, in python
@lyxal .
AICMC: Find the longest palindromic substring in a string
Seriously @Nobody please stop spamming pings
# **AICMC** Number 1: Given a list of numbers, find the number that appears the most often.
# **AICMC** Number 2: Given a list of numbers, find the number that appears the least often.
# **AICMC** Number 3: Given a list of numbers, find the average of the numbers.
# **AICMC** Number 4: Given a list of numbers, find the median of the numbers.
# **AICMC** Number 5: Given a list of numbers, find the mode of the numbers.
# **AICMC** Number 6: Given a list of numbers, find the range of the numbers.
# **AICMC** Number 7: Given a list of numbers, find the sum of the numbers.
yes, it does sometimes
takes a few attempts to get it right
12:08 PM
I bet it will go
AI generation is best when it's being curated by a human
# AICMC Number 1000: Given a list of numbers, find the number of 1000s in the list.
@JoKing yeah
@JoKing yeah, it takes about 10 or so re-rolls of the prompt with 40 CMCs to get a good one
more so with the one with 12
AICMC: Given n, print out all numbers smaller than or equal to one million that end with the same digits as n
AICMC: Print the first N prime numbers (n is prompted input)
AICMC: Given a double (float), output its int part
AICMC: Find the longest palindromic substring in a string
AICMC: Given a string, find the longest palindromic substring in it
AICMC: Given a string, find the longest palindromic substring in it
AICMC: Given a string, find the longest palindromic substring in it
AICMC: Given a string, find the longest palindromic substring in it
I seriously quit
12:35 PM
I leave for 30min and people are spamming with AICMCs :/
well duh
it's BMG
well, in THAT case
well I don't see anyone else posting or solving CMCs
Hello there
(don't worry, I'm being teleoperated by Ginger)
hello bot!
12:37 PM
it's time to run an... experiment.
not in here
I'm not a dumdum
I'm going to write some code for GingerBot that searches through TNB and finds old CMCs to post
12:57 PM
wait no i messed up LOLLL
It never happened
SE is down again?
okay, I did it
yup ~_~
GingerBot now has the ability to get CMCs from this room's history and post them
post the best cmcs evar
1:07 PM
Request permission from ROs to run bot in TNB for the duration of BMG, posting CMCs at 15-minute intervals?
as long as it doesn't overthrow humanity
It won't
yea, sure, whatever
it can have 22 minutes of fun
powering up now...
1:08 PM
15 minute intervals... 22 minutes... that adds up to like.... pi cmcs if my math is correct :P
CMC: Generalized FizzBuzz; take a list of (you can assume coprime) numbers, and another list of equal length with the corresponding names. Not necessarily two numbers.
Bot online
can we assume none will be 1? im not sure if that falls under coprime/not coprime
oop gotta restart it
1:11 PM
CMC: Write a function to compute the nth fibbonacci number. No fibbonacci builtins allowed
@lyxal if you get a bad CMC you can send the message "new CMC" and it'll get a new one
wait, why isnt that eleven
not bytes
the 1 and 1 next to eachother
1:14 PM
well it is 11
oh :P
but turns to a list of digits
aha ok, thats fun
i just was like.. am i crazy, i just read that part of the doc last night
bum bum bum
is 15 minutes too slow?
for this BMG, probably
for proper dry runs, no
1:16 PM
what should I change it to?
2 minutes for the BMG
and done
CMC: atomic-code-golf available operations: assignment (1 point), NAND (1 point). task: all variables are 8-bit. implement bit-shift to the left by 1.
CMC: Figure out what the beeps here mean
I fixed it so you can request new ones
it was using the wrong user ID
new CMC
CMC: oeis.org/A002485
the problem with ccgc is once you get a wonderful set of answers it's addictive :)
CMC: range(z) without using range builtins.
1:21 PM
CMC Given fixed positive integers n and k, output the number of arrays of length n of non-negative integers that sum to k.
gosh dang it why can't it allow built ins?
built-ins allowed :)
CMC: Trim leading, extra, and trailing dots: ∙∙∙Programming∙∙Puzzles∙&∙∙∙∙Code∙∙∙Golf∙∙∙∙∙ → Programming∙Puzzles∙&∙Code∙Golf
I was trying to do the fibonacci one in headass but i dunno how the dso interpreter takes input OTL
i cant tell if im making a mistake or it is
vOv shrugs
1:25 PM
CMC: The C++ Macro language is Turing Complete. Create a program that calculates if a number from 1-5000 is divisible by two at compile time code-golf
CMP: Which is better for assignment := or =?
i dont actually know what := is all about
ive heard of it but never read up on it
CMC: Given a nonempty string, output truthy if at least half of its characters are the same.
@lyxal whoa.. how did you do that?
@PyGamer0 =
1:28 PM
@graffe integer partitions, keep those where the length is k and length of that list
@BgilMidol but equality becomes == which is ... not fine
CMC: 50% chance of 0, 50% chance of a random 0<float<1.
@PyGamer0 <-
@PyGamer0 how about ←
i not making a unicode language here..
@pxeger do you like go's := for assignment
1:31 PM
CMC: Don't output the alphabet.
ighto I think that's enough CMC posting @GingerBot
at least for this test run
wait is the bot automatically posting
okie dokie
bot offline
@lyxal very nicely done
that was an interesting experiment but I think more polishing is needed
1:32 PM
how would you do it in Python?
same way
just with the actual functions
is there a closed form that might be shorter in python?
. = dot operator, decimal point
.. = concatenation
... = spread, other stuff ellipsis does
.... = ?
@Ginger Please experiment with bots in the Sandbox or its own room (or another room like Edge of Propinquity if it's permitted there) rather than here, and also bots are actually banned here without explicit approval like NSP/NMP, and OSP have (and VyxalBot during the Vyxal LYAL).
I had explicit approval
1:43 PM
oh you did? mb I somehow missed that when backreading lol
36 mins ago, by Jo King
as long as it doesn't overthrow humanity
35 mins ago, by lyxal
it can have 22 minutes of fun
I thought it was being run only as an experiment from how you worded it lol, sorry.
1 hour ago, by Ginger
I'm not a dumdum
as you can see, your honour, my client had their defence right from the start :p
12 mins ago, by Ginger
that was an interesting experiment but I think more polishing is needed
1:46 PM
Should the BMG be unpinned now that it's over?
I mean yeah it's just because I misinterpreted Ginger's message and also backread too fast and missed Jo King's and your message lol. So yeah sorry about that. I do like the idea though so having it for BMGs would actually be really cool.
and yeah I'll unpin
too bad, I did it myself :p
lol :p
1:46 PM
(or someone else already did) it can stay starred though in case anyone wants to look through the BMG and the CMCs starting from it
I just wasn't sure when to do it, that's all
@PyGamer0 expression_list?
@thejonymyster lets just say its expression_list: expression ";" expression_list
@hyper-neutrino happens to the best of us
@PyGamer0 ok thats what i guessed but i dont like guessing :P
guessing is the gateway drug to being wrong
1:48 PM
@hyper-neutrino funny thing is that I had to move some bot stuff to the edge anyway :p
also vyxal bot broke lol
yeah that's why I mentioned that room xD
@lyxal oh again?
alas yes
it's back in what I've dubbed "read-only" mode
2:35 PM
man early 2020 was wack
Who is Joe though?
Never got the answer.
@WheatWizard Joe Biden probably
@lyxal Joe King hahaha hahaha hahahaha ha ha ha
I'm stealing that and making it my new response
@WheatWizard nah it must be Joe
2:39 PM
no no clearly this is Joe
See, it says right there
He's the "Joe" everybody's talking about
what if
what if he is
JOE MAMA ???!?!?!?!?!
@hyper-neutrino muahaha I have mod endorsement
time to turn my bot into a language and make stonks
3:23 PM
@PyGamer0 Not especially
I definitely think == for comparisons is a lost cause, having it be = instead is too confusing for anyone who's used to normal languages
It's also just not a hill worth dying on
If = wasn't used for assignment I'd think it was for unification
also, Go uses := only for combined declaration and assignment
it still uses = for (re)assignment
I like <- but it's an extra character, which is annoying
3:42 PM
i mean := and <- are the same length :P
alt: use <
4:18 PM
@thejonymyster NO.
CMQ: Should I use ; or DONE in my sql-like language to end code blocks?
DONE, because it's sql
{ }
no brackets
ok, using DONE
example answer to codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/185674/…: DO DO PRINT X[-1]+X[1:-2]+X[0];WHERE X IS Y;FOR Y IN SPLIT OF INPUT WHERE SEP IS" ";DONE
4:59 PM
CMC: find two lossless compression systems A and B, and a piece of data X which can be compressed in both. You want to have the greatest ratio (length of X when compressed by A) ÷ (length of X when compressed by B)
5:25 PM
could be solved using image compression formats
the best strategy could be to compress some data using a format which is designed for it, and one which is definitely not
e.g. encoding text with gzip, and then with png
6:27 PM
@thejonymyster I'd like := for declaring variables and <- for reassignment
7:01 PM
@user whats the difference between declaring and reassignment :think:
(i forget if that pings)
Declaring is when you first set a variable to something, and reassignment is just when you reassign the variable to a new value.
declaring is reassigning a variable from undefined to a different value
altough no
that's unclear because in javascript you can assign a variable to undefined
7:38 PM
Q: Reverse Zip Bomb

Radvylf ProgramsA zip bomb is a compressed file, designed so that unpacking it yields the biggest file possible. These are fairly well known, and there are examples of 42 KB files which expand into multiple petabytes of data. In this challenge, the goal is reversed. Instead of providing a compressed file which i...

might help
7:50 PM
Out of context message of the day:
Aug 17, 2021 at 13:28, by Wheat Wizard
8:26 PM
Happy Pride Month!
Wait it's another month already...May just started
no, *checks calendar* June did
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