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1:00 PM
Yeah, just don't pronounce it cock and you'll be fine.
@Robusto That would be a vewy elegant answew, siw.
"If you are familiar with musical terms, I would say that "cock" is (mezzo) staccato, while "coke" is legato. – RegDwight♦ Sep 19 '10 at 17:10". That comment is a lie. I wasn't a mod back then.
BTW, note how someone has actually downvoted that answer of nohat's. Inexplicable.
Oh dear, I just noticed that there have been some fairly heated discussion about closing questions and what is off topic...
Sure. We have all kinds of funny stuffs in them archives.
@Cerberus — Well, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, that's all in the past. @Kosmonaut and I have officially mended fences, and the ship is running smoothly once again. And I'm glad.
To be honest, I think the criteria are and have always been a mess; but I don't really care as long as they don't bother me too much. At least closed questions can still be read and commented on.
@Robusto: Oh I am glad to hear that!
1:08 PM
At last, we can give up this life of crime and be friends hugging rainbows!
@RegDwight — On the down side, we've decided to team up against you. Sorry, but you have to give a little to get a little.
It takes more than that to drive me away from this site. I survived Ex-user.
[Off topic: Whoever invented the myth that "to be honest", "frankly", etc. usually introduce euphemistic statements rather than honest, frank ones?]
Was that Shinto?
So, yes.
1:10 PM
So how does it work: does anyone's name get changed to ex-user if he leaves the site or gets banned, or what?
I didn't know those two were the same.
He changed it.
Ah ok. I didn't know you could.
Elendil just deleted his account, wholesale.
@Cerberus You can, but not too often. Like once a month or so.
Ah ok.
I suppose reputation is the reason why it is allowed here but not on most other sites.
You mean when someone wants to dust himself off and try again?
1:13 PM
Well, if you change names, it will be confusing for readers who's who, and people might create names like RedDwight and post answers in your style but with freakish mistakes.
But reputation is a clear marker that saves readers from this, except in comments.
Did you misspell RegDwight on purpose? Because you know, you could rename yourself into RegDwight anytime, no need to change the g into a d.
Oh, really?? I had no idea duplicate names (unlike duplicate questions) were allowed.
Go to stackoverflow.com/users and search for "John".
On second thought, I did wonder why my name was still free.
Wow that is pretty stupid.
That's twelve pages for you, buddy!
With 36 users per page.
1:17 PM
Why on earth did they decide to allow duplicate names? Even with rep and avatars, this might actually be confusing, especially since reputations change.
Well, what if your name actually is Reg Dwight?
As do avatars oc.
Then use RegDwight_roolz or something?
I use Cerberus™ when necessary.
Or Cerberus_tm.
Or even Cerberus-tm on that damn Openid,
I must say that I use a different handle on most other sites. It's an extremely obvious play on words, but I have never run into any site where it was already taken.
And I'm talking about sites the size of Wikipedia or Reddit.
Wat RegDwight is a play on words?
I feel stupid now...
Different handle. As in, not RegDwight.
It's okay. I just wonder how long it will take until the question "what does 'different' mean" gets posted.
1:21 PM
Oh ok, I thought "it" referred to RegDwight, or else it couldn't be obvious for me... but I see that your reference is in fact grammatically correct.
Hmm, they don't show badges in the redesigned Users page.
So what is your Wiki name? Or do you keep that private?
Oh, where do you see this redesigned page?
@Robusto Yes, that bugs me, too.
@RegDwight — No, it will be posted as "What's the difference between 'different' and 'difference'?"
@Cerberus /users. It's live.
Q: Redesigning the /users page

Jeff AtwoodAfter 2.5 years of being almost entirely unchanged, we're thinking about redesigning http://stackoverflow.com/users This page is kind of underutilized real estate at the moment: It is rather monotonous, since it always shows the same list and Jon Skeet is always on top. (Although to be fair, ...

1:23 PM
So who was this "Ex-User" guy and why was he so controversial?
Ah that page! Sorry I wasn't paying attention.
I have read some people replying to one "Shinto" who appeared to be in frequent conflicts, and they appeared to reply to one Ex-user.
According to Reg, he came back under an alt not long ago, whose name I forgot.
@Robusto He just used to be way too snarky. His answers were usually spot on, but he often got carried away by some totally unrelated technicalities he didn't like about the OP.
Actually, it turns out he's Master of Disaster now.
It is so strange and inconsistent, this human tendency to want to fit in.
The other versions got banned?
Oh, he renamed himself?
1:28 PM
No. He never got banned. He just left over a disagreement with Kosmonaut.
A: Is "might could" a correct construction?

KosmonautThis is a construction that is restricted to certain dialects of US English. It is not ungrammatical in the sense of syntactic well-formedness; that is, when someone says a sentence like this they are not making a speech error. Instead, this construction is simply non-standard, which means it i...

He proceeded to rename himself into "Ex-user" and put up a message on his profile saying "Sorry, but there is no hope for this site", with a link to that question.
I don't get it: is MoD Shinto's alt, or did he rename himself? If so, how come we still see "Ex-User" in old questions? Or don't we?
Kinopiko -> Shinto Sherlock -> Ex-User -> Kinopiko -> Master Of Disaster.
Ah I get it!
I remember it used to say "Ex-User" in that question; so it is all renaming.
Is "Master of Disaster" an MC Hawking reference?
To be honest, I found Kosmonaut's approach a bit fundamentalist as well. His definition of "ungrammatical" would qualify as technical jargon contrary to ordinary usage for me and most laymen.
1:32 PM
Anyhow, just to illustrate the point:
A: What's a word similar in usage to "diatribe," but not as harsh?

Master Of Disaster I had previously understood it to mean something more along the lines of "drawn out, longer than it needs to be, impassioned persuasion." You were wrong, I don't think it ever means that. For example, in a friendly letter, "My [diatribe] begins here." For example what? What are...

This is not to single out his negative achievements. He had quite a few very good answers as well.
Oh you're absolutely right: he was very rude; I have seen him behave like that on several (old) occasions.
In his place I might think "I am right but such arguments lead nowhere, so I'll just try to fit in more, or leave".
Feb 9 at 11:38, by RegDwight
Kind of. I suppose. I mean, it's not like Kosmonaut hasn't heavily edited his answer in response to the criticism.
Oh, did he?
And this was what it looked like even after those heavy edits?
Weird guy.
@Cerberus I'm talking about Kosmonaut's answer to the "might could" question, not about Ex-user's answer to the "diatribe" one. Note the little gray arrow to the left of the quote. Or just hover over it.
1:38 PM
Thought I'd just "drop some science on your ass" before I leave for work. TTYL.
Haha pretty good.
MC is clever.
@Robusto No sound here, will watch at home. TTYL!
@Reg: Ah ok, I always forget that arrow.
Oh bye Robusto!
Yeah, I didn't even notice it for like four weeks until someone pointed it out to me.
It has been pointed out to me before. To no avail, apparently.
I suppose it is another design decision to discourage certain behaviour, as with the comments?
1:41 PM
Um, whaddaya mean?
I think it just kind of clashes with our design. The arrow is much more visible in other rooms.
Well, there have been several discussions, such as the one between Robusto and Jeff Atwood, about the awkwardness of comments (sorry I am not good at linking). Comment chains are broken off at inconvenient places, there is no Reply button, etc.
Ah ok, I am glad the small arrow is merely accidental then.
Back to an older message of yours,
1 hour ago, by Cerberus
I thought sexual phrases usually got us attention?
See? I told you. The "cherry" question is not on the hot page. But the "uninstall" question is. I was expecting just that to happen.
Quoting @Robusto,
1 hour ago, by Robusto
I can only conclude that nerds outnumber sexually active men on these sites then, since the "poured into dress" question has recently bowed to a question about Microsoft Office.
I see. That is a good thing then, I suppose.
I still wonder why nerds shouldn't be interested in sexual questions; Hollywood movies seem to suggest otherwise.
Ever seen Password: Swordfish? That one does not suggest otherwise.
No I haven't but I'll take your word.
1:56 PM
I think this one's off-topic, if anyone wants to throw in their close votes while I'm composing the corresponding comment, this is your chance:
Q: Links for GRE preparation:)

Anto AravinthHi all, i wanted to learn MS. So i need to learn for GRE exams, can you people specify some online links where i can find many useful tutorials for GRE preparation?

I thoughts nerds were just better skilled in encrypting their porn collections.
@RegDwight Yay, thanks!
(Notice the arrow.)
Cuil. And Kewl. And this:
Feb 18 at 14:30, by RegDwight
Damn, I have a boring Friday meeting...
Good luck!
Hold your breath if you start falling asleep; it works.
2:16 PM
2:53 PM
Gah, why are people complaining about this answer today? It's one of my favorite questions and answers!
A: Is "might could" a correct construction?

KosmonautThis is a construction that is restricted to certain dialects of US English. It is not ungrammatical in the sense of syntactic well-formedness; that is, when someone says a sentence like this they are not making a speech error. Instead, this construction is simply non-standard, which means it i...

Complaining? I don't think we are.
How else can I explain the difference between a speech error and a dialectal variant?
Us ares talking about Shinto.
Well, just this
1 hour ago, by Cerberus
To be honest, I found Kosmonaut's approach a bit fundamentalist as well. His definition of "ungrammatical" would qualify as technical jargon contrary to ordinary usage for me and most laymen.
Well, take that up with @Cerberus. Me, I have actually come to your defense.
2:56 PM
Hi Other Half of Robonaut!
That will stick forever.
You hear, @Martha?
Hehe yeah I based that on her invention.
On? Not off of?
Q: "Based on" instead of "based off of"

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI sometimes see cases where "off" is followed by an "of", and it sounds awkward to me. For example, I would prefer This story is based on a true story. upon This story is based off of a true story. What do native speakers think/prefer? Should I avoid that kind of usages?

See my answer.
based offa
2:58 PM
Oh I forgot that one.
I will pull a Nohat on this one.
Feb 4 at 0:47, by nohat
i'm just going to duck out and not participate anymore in that question
About "ungrammatical": to me that means "breaking conventional rules of grammar".
@RegDwight :p
You're going to "duck out"? You're going to start flapping your wings and quacking like mad?
Do owls quack?
3:00 PM
@Kosmonaut No. I'm IMing this from my iPhone.
Hi Inventress of the Robonaut™ 2011!
Or should I be explaining this at all?
@Cerberus Okay, for the hoi polloi,
Feb 9 at 21:45, by Kosmonaut
My officemate is Russian and he swears constantly, and I always know if he is IM'ing me from his iPhone because suddenly he will use the word "ducker".
@Reg: I see... that sounds rather eccentric.
3:02 PM
@Cerberus: That's why I tried to define it and link to an explanation.
@RegDwight: haha!
You laughing at your own jokes now?
No, I am laughing at your tying two of them together!
That wasn't difficult.
But thank you.
What's better than my own joke? Two of my own joke!
Explain that. For higher sophistication.
3:04 PM
@Kosmonaut: I understand, and I accept that you and most others on this website prefer linguistic terminology and stronger-than-average descriptivism. But privately I disagree with this approach to a certain degree.
But that's what this site is there for: not being yet another Grammar subreddit.
@Cerberus: There is a meaningful difference between a speech error and a dialectal variation — that's just a fact.
Hooray for AFOLs!
And usually, these objections don't show up for all dialectal variations. Usually it is just with the stigmatized ones. Southern speech, Valley Girl, African-American Vernacular, etc.
If that is so, I think many questions here are off topic and should be closed, as many users ask about practical usage and what their best options are for using certain words and phrases. Although linguistic theory can be interesting and important, it is often not that those users are looking for.
3:08 PM
@RegDwight: Yes! now if only the LEGO SE could get off the ground...
Nah. It is easy to say "this is standard" or "this is what is done formally", along with "this is what you might hear people commonly saying day-to-day."
@Kosmonaut: I agree that this difference exists; but I'd choose different labels for either category, because "ungrammatical" means something different for me.
@MrShinyandNew You know, I've been committed for such a long time that I am actually worried that it might not fly.
By which I don't mean that it will never go live, but rather that I had enough time to re-think it and well, how many potential questions are there?
We might end up re-focusing and allowing those "Look at my child eating DUPLOs" questions.
@RegDwight: Yeah, maybe the SE format isn't right for that topic.
(My "I think many questions here are off topic and should be closed" was a reply to the position that this site is only for linguistic topics.)
3:12 PM
I don't know what other word one would use. "Ungrammatical" always means "not following the grammar for my language". Obviously, even prescriptive people agree that there is more than one standard for English.
British and US at least, also Australian and Indian
So, if you say "that is ungrammatical in US English, but it is fine in British English", that's no different from "ungrammatical in Standard US English, but fine in Southern dialect"
I think my choice would be something like "frequent" or "frequently used by/in x", because that is basically what it is in essence: rules of grammar do not exist outside usage unlike Platonic forms. But I suppose Chomsky might disagree.
I agree that there is a fundamental problem with there being at least two standard dialects.
But speech errors happen frequently. This doesn't capture that dialectal variation is systematic.
Well, frequency within a specific context it should be.
@Cerberus (still catching up) Hi, Cerberus.
@Martha: Haha quite fast!
I think speech errors and dialectical variation are in a continuum.
3:18 PM
Well, it is all probably in a continuum
There is just a huge complex jumble of contexts, including region, community, preceding words, topic, mood, drunkenness, literary genre, etc etc.
I think it's important to recognize that the difference between a standard and a dialect is arbitrary.
@Cerberus: excuse me if my non-linguistic background leaves me ignorant of the details, but wouldn't there be a big difference between dialectical variation (which is: people speak this way because those around them all speak that way) and errors (which is: normally you'd say things one way but the speaker has made a mistake)? Or are you talking about "errors" which are widespread amongst all the speakers?
@Kosmonaut: Important in what context? To a user asking "is x correct?", I think it is fair to assume that he would have mentioned it if he didn't mean "is x accepted in the relevant standard dialect?". At least this is how I usually interpret such questions by default.
@Cerberus: If someone says "is x correct" I think that, yes, it is fair to assume what you are saying. I agree.
I think it is often worthwhile to point out what people say in dialects as well, with that distinction clearly indicated, because they might hear or see that usage too.
3:23 PM
@Martha: I think there are usually certain circumstances that increase chances of a certain error, so that no error is fully random. So I think it is rather a difference in degree than in error v. non-error.
@Kosmonaut: I agree 100%, but:
The term "ungrammatical" might be misleading at first sight. When I was reading your answer, at half way I thought "huh, could he be serious?"; only at the end after I got your definition of "ungrammatical" did it all fall into place. That is why I don't like the term so much.
@Cerberus: Right. Well that's why I asked. I am trying to figure out how to approach that, still conveying what I want to convey, without getting people hung up on certain terminology.
I agree that it isn't an easy question.
So I will think about it. I think it is really important to educate people on the fact that people who speak in heavy dialects aren't illiterate, and aren't too stupid to speak standard English.
Not that you think that, but many do not realize that dialects are just as systematic as the standard.
Okay, well, may I be completely honest?
3:30 PM
A lot of answers on this website seem to be full of this same political agenda, stating and restating that all people are equal.
While I agree that all people are equal, and that this is relevant in many questions, it is just so ubiquitous that it sometimes makes me sigh.
It's not a political agenda, it's a fact about language. To me it's like saying that humans being a part of the animal kingdom is a political agenda.
@Kosmonaut 2-300 years ago, it would have been. Just sayin'.
@Martha: That's my point. That doesn't change the facts about evolution. Darwin didn't start out saying, "I want to equate humans and animals... how can I go about that?"
Well, stating a fact can be political. Okay, you say, anything could be political. True. I just feel that this statement is made a bit too often. I'm not sure how to define "too".
I think, back when people didn't ground their prescriptive linguistic rules in reality, you ended up with "official" rules that have no bearing on reality
3:35 PM
@Cerberus: it's hard to know how often to repeat things on a site like this because many people are only going to read a few questions and answers, unlike some of the more dedicated readers.
So, I think it is useful to consider what people do and why, along with the standards, and when they should be used.
@Mr Shiny: True. Perhaps it is just me who feels this way.
If someone asks about double negation, and I simply say "no, it's not correct in standard English", which is completely true...
... is it really so political to explain where it is used, and why it is prevalent in certain places?
I think that takes a basic answer and makes it into a very informative and interesting one.
I just think that many people want to be accepted by their peers, and even outside their own group. They want to know how they can "best" say something in order to be accepted.
@Kosmonaut: Yes it is always good to give variants and explain why and how and where variants are used.
@Cerberus: Well, I think that any answer where that is unclear needs to be improved.
(Provided the facts are clear to begin with)
But you know, the standard is not always the answer someone is looking for, or the best way to be accepted.
3:41 PM
That may very well be unclear in many cases, granted, and it would be unwise to present personal opinions as leading for what is accepted in a certain group.
I have to go and catch a bus now... but it was an interesting discussion.
OK see you soon!
Be right back.
Strunk & White! I've got Strunk & White!
...wait, didn't it used to be 100 edits for S&W? It says 80 now.
3:47 PM
Yeah, the requirements have been relaxed.
It used to be 300. And 600 for Copy Editor.
Now it's 80 and 500, respectively.
Wow, 300 down to 80? I feel devalued.
You? How about me? I got my S&W for 300, and my Copy Editor for 600.
And S&W on SO, for 300.
Ok, maybe 'devalued' is the wrong word. I feel like I'm being looked down on - "oh, she's never gonna get 300 edits, lets lower the goal so she can actually reach it."
A: Copy Editor with too few revisions?

wafflesWe counted "title" edits and "body" edits as distinct entities. This badge was awarded to users with 600 cumulative "title" or "body" edits. Clearly this is not intuitive or right so I made some adjustments. Strunk & White and Copy Editor now only count posts, provided: The post is not ...

There's a single-word-request question here somewhere, but I'm not sure how to phrase it.
3:53 PM
Hm, MSO insists that it's always been 100 for S&W. I maintain that it used to be 300.
@Martha patronized, dismissed, condescended?)))
I remember it being 100 as well. FWIW. Which is not much, my memory being what it is.
Hmm, patronized comes close. It's something to do with condescension, but I don't think "condescended" works.
Anyhow, it's no longer what it was. In the olden days, we had to strunk&white this site uphill both ways barefoot in the snow.
@Martha I wasn't really serious about any of them.
I think what I'm looking for is an English word for Hungarian "lenézett" (lit. "looked down upon").
Yeah, I'm thinking of a few words in other languages, too.
Oops, gotta go. TTYL.
4:06 PM
Bye @Martha!
4:20 PM
Hey, @RegDwight. Just a question about you Russkis. The co-worker I frequently go to ask about your strange assertions about the Russian language ... well, how shall I put this ... frequently violates the personal space of others. Is this a Russian thing? I mean, he'll lean across people's workspace to point at something on their screens, placing his armpit about a handspan away from a person's face.
Is that normal, or is this guy just sorta uncouth.
Closed as subjective and argumentative by RegDwight♦ one second ago.
I gotta go, bye all!
@Robusto Seriously though, I dunno. There are certainly "normal" russkis out there. Or so I am told.
Cya @Cerberus ...
It also depends on your location. In some places, my compatriots annoy the hell out of me. In others, they are the nicest guys ever. Same with any nationality, really.
4:24 PM
I understand that the concept of "personal space" varies among cultures.
True, but we are talking about two cultures crossing, and what I'm saying is that the results will be different depending on the location.
Well, I will tell you this. It's never the hot babes who violate my personal space. Funny how that works.
If a French crosses paths with a Japanese in Moscow, that's not the same if the exact same people would cross paths in Berlin.
@Robusto Well, not violating your personal space is part of what makes them hot.
So it is a conspiracy.
Show me the hottest person ever, and I will show you another person who's sick of their shit.
4:28 PM
One of my other coworkers says that all the time.
Doesn't make it wrong.
And now my "uninstall" question has to bow to "What do you do when you encounter an idiotic interview question?"
But it was fun while it lasted.
I know not these questions.
Look in the SuperCollider.
Q: What do you do when you encounter an idiotic interview question?

SenthilI was interviewing with a "too proud of my java skills"-looking person. He asked me "What is your knowledge on Java IO classes.. say.. hash maps?" He asked me to write a piece of java code on paper - instantiate a class and call one of the instance's methods. When I was done, he said my program...

Q: Isn't the word uninstall wrong?

Oscar GodsonI've never understood this. Why is the proper usage "uninstall"? You can't actually "unin" something at all and this isn't that case with most (all?) other use cases. Examples: You make someone sane, but you don't uninsane them. You make something accessible but never uninaccessible something. ...

Meh, I'm up to 45 now on
A: What is this an example of: "She looks as though she's been poured into her clothes, and forgot to say 'when"

RobustoThis is called paraprosdokian. A paraprosdokian (from Greek "παρα-", meaning "beyond" and "προσδοκία", meaning "expectation") is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpre...

So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Definitely has a downward arc to it now. Doesn't look like it will break 100.
Hahaha. The all-time record is 83. Relax.
Another ArthurRex question, but this time I'm confident I can close it:
Q: When does a word become a 'word'?

ArthurRexThe rule of thumb used to be that when a word hit the Oxford Dictionary, it was considered to be an accepted word - this, however, seems to have transitioned into a lagging indicator in the last 5 years, primarily because so many new words are being created around the technological advances/servi...

So. I've dug up three alternatives.
Let's see what the community thinks.
4:43 PM
@Robusto Maybe it's something about slavs. My Serbian officemate always tells me when she is going "to the toilet"
@Kosmonaut — Hahaha.
@Kosmonaut Well, thanks for nothing, and now you're telling us or what?
No matter how many times I tell her that she can just say "be right back", or even leave without telling me anything at all, she always says it.
And you're not going to help the poor Serbian out with an appropriate euphemism?
I've told her!
I've started saying "let me know how it goes"
4:45 PM
I refuse to be put in the same bucket with Serbs. <turns up nose>
Well, in fairness, another officemate of mine (I have 3) is a Russian dude, and he and I both laugh at it.
On behalf of @Martha: Hi sis!
But what's the fun in observing slavs, if you can't make sweeping generalizations about them based on what one does?
Answer me that one!
@Kosmonaut Nothing wrong with that, it's just that it's like saying, "maybe it's something about Kosmonauts. My Kiwi officemate always tells me how much he hates NY bagles".
Don't start on bagels! They are innocent bystanders!
Leave them out of this!
4:50 PM
Feb 16 at 15:44, by RegDwight
Everything is a generalization. Always.
Feb 16 at 15:39, by Kosmonaut
And everyone loves to make generalizations.
Nobody really believes that.
Is that the same nobody who doesn't read @RegDwight's crap?
I have to hunt down that fella some time.
Or is it Peter Noöne yet again?
I need to have a Carioca officemate. In a bikini.
Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee™
@Kosmonaut — I have a secret crush on Sara Lee but I'm afraid to tell her.
@RegDwight — Oh, wait ...
Feb 8 at 15:59, by Robusto
And remember: all generalizations are false.
4:55 PM
Child-abuse. Definitely.
Bread-abuse. No question.
Well, you Russkis do love your bread.
We have two.
Ze Schömans have like 20,000.
Bull. I saw a whole program on Russian bread.
4:59 PM
I saw 20,000 programs on German bread.
Voted to close:
Q: When does a word become a 'word'?

ArthurRexThe rule of thumb used to be that when a word hit the Oxford Dictionary, it was considered to be an accepted word - this, however, seems to have transitioned into a lagging indicator in the last 5 years, primarily because so many new words are being created around the technological advances/servi...

"Germany prides itself on having the largest variety of breads worldwide. More than 300-500 basic kinds of bread come together with more than 1,000 types of small bread-rolls and pastries. It has been estimated that the basic kinds of bread are so widely varied by more than 16,000 local bakeries that more than 1,000 different breads have been presented at a 2005 Cologne bread show. Germans are worldwide the biggest consumers (per capita) of bread followed by Chile"
@RegDwight — Wait, you can get Serbs by the bucket now? And Russians? Where do you go for those? The bait shop?
Bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and often, additional ingredients. Doughs are usually baked, but in some cuisines breads are steamed, fried, or baked on an unoiled skillet. It may be leavened or unleavened. Salt, fat and leavening agents such as yeast and baking soda are common ingredients, though bread may contain other ingredients, such as milk, egg, sugar, spice, fruit (such as raisins), vegetables (such as onion), nuts (such as walnuts) or seeds (such as poppy). Referred to colloquially as the "staff of life", bread has been prepared for at l...
@RegDwight — Quality trumps quantity.
5:01 PM
But quality and quantity trumps either.
@Robusto Do we know if ArthurRex is vgv8 armed with a better dictionary or not?
@Rhodri We do.
@Rhodri — That's an interesting hypothesis. How would we test it?
Money is any object or record, that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, occasionally, a standard of deferred payment. Any kind of object or secure verifiable record that fulfills these functions can serve as money. Money originated as commodity money, but nearly all contemporary money systems are based on fiat money. Fiat money is without intrinsic use value as a physical commodity, an...
The kind of bread I like best.
BTW, congratulations on being enmodded, @RegDwight.
Thanks a lot.
5:03 PM
Kos doesn't need more congratulating :-)
21 hours ago, by RegDwight
Note what he's saying in his MSO profile. That's not a typo or a joke.
@Rhodri — He was complaining about the ritual circumcision, though. He thought it would be easy to be a moderator.
I think it involved a chain saw ...
@Rhodri: Congratulate me, or I will annotate your account: "Does not appreciate the work we do". Mwahaha!
You'd better do it, Rhodri.
5:05 PM
And once you're marked, you're marked for life.
@Kosmonaut Nooooo! Anything but that!
Oh all right, congrats.
I voted for all three mods, so I'm happy.
@Rhodri: Oh, you shouldn't have!
Ditto. (Don't tell @Martha.)
5:06 PM
Good. Now the worst thing he can do is put you in the same bucket with Russians.
I'm so embarrassed now.
Oh noes, too late ...
Wait, is Rhodri slavic?
@Rhodri I haven't voted for all three mods. I'm unhappy!
@RegDwight I'm (half) Welsh, we're used to being lumped in with the undesirables
5:07 PM
@Rhodri Nonono, not a bucket full of vodka. Just a bucket.
@Rhodri — So is being half-Welsh where we got the word "welsh" as in to "welsh" on a bet?
@Robusto No, being fully Welsh is where we got that from
@Rhodri — According to Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue you had more to do with Modern English than the Saxons or the Krauts.
Them Welsh are logical.
5:08 PM
Welsche Krauts?
Buchstabieren Sie, bitte!
See, Robusto even gets my jokes in German.
Yeah, I'm one sick puppy.
5:09 PM
Wasn't that me?
It's contagious.
Feb 22 at 14:05, by Robusto
@RegDwight — You are one sick, sick puppy.
Now you're two sick puppies
Ah, sorry. I am a sick comma sick puppy.
22 secs ago, by Robusto
It's contagious.
5:10 PM
Don't make me go ABBA on your poor ass.
2 days ago, by Robusto
I will say this about ABBA, though. They are the best band out of Sweden whose name is a palindrome.
2 days ago, by RegDwight
@Robusto Thank you. ABBA is much easier to remember and to search for than foot.
I doubt anyone can even begin to understand what we're talking about at this point.
Hm, why do people keep asking "what's the differenT"?
That might make a decent question for this site, actually.
In my ESL classes, Chinese speakers often had trouble with that distinction
5:13 PM
@Kosmonaut Everybody. I can't count the times I have corrected this.
Q: What's the different between another and other?

AnonymousSometime it's vague for me when to use other vs another, for example, You need to buy other book vs You need to buy another book. What's the different between them, and when to use other or another?

I think because t naturally palatalizes to ts in a lot of languages
@Kosmonaut Excellent. And thus, another amazingly awesome question was asked and answered behind the scenes.
Feb 23 at 15:07, by RegDwight
It seems like the really cool questions are being discussed behind the scenes.
OMG it's that late already? Have to rush home, like prontissimo!
Hmm. That looks a bit like a duplicate
Q: "My another account" vs. "my other account"

MariaA little debate going on here so I just want to know which one it is; I'm saying it's my other account since my another would be my one other account. The other person insists they both can be used; however, I'm more than positive that it's only other in that context. Plus, my another account j...

Bye @RegDwight
@RegDwight Bye. Have a nice whatever-time-of-day-it-is-about-to-be
"That" being the "different" question
5:54 PM
@Rhodri I'm not sure they're really duplicates: the older one is about using a pronoun with other/another, while this one is about using an article with other/another. Obviously, they're related to each other, but they're not exactly the same question. Although a well-written answer would answer both... Eh.
@Martha Not exactly, I agree. Also the new question is better phrased.

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