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2:38 AM
Hello Workplace!
We have a question on PMSE which isn't really off-topic for us, but I thought I'd reach out to the Workplace SE community and invite anyone to answer who may have a better, or unique, perspective.
Q: How to find out the skills of a software developer in job interview?

KayserIt is the newest challenge in my career. I should manage some job interviews. And I must find the skills that the applier really masters the skills in his CV. Which way should I follow? Prepare an assignment? Asking concrete the technics that we need? Or something else?? Edit: We will be two p...

We have 5 answers already, but some members of our community really felt like leaving this community out of the mix would be a travesty.
Yay! People in The Water Cooler!
Thanks for sharing the question with us!
lol, you're welcome!
Could definitely use a bit of editing...not sure I'm up to it right now
Probably right :) We've been debating what to do with the question to where we didn't even look at those details yet.
Definitely a good fit for our The Workplace (althougn I think we'd prefer it a bit more general rather than specifically about a development job)
2:42 AM
If only more people came to chat and got the chance to see it...
Some people on PMSE suggested migrating it, but others felt it was on-topic for us.
alas, this is a lonely place :(
There's more activity in here than PMSE's chat room.
I talk to myself a lot in there.
I'm not too familiar with your site, but from what I gather it could fit on either site
unless our mods have something to say to the contrary
2:43 AM
PMSE is for project management questions.
Hiring could fall under that
and one of our mods cited a reference to HR and hiring in the PM Manual, the PMBOK, so we figured it's on topic.
you do need to staff the projects you're managing, and make sure you do so with competent people
ah, ok
Slight overlap is okay. In fact, we've never tried sharing questions between sites like this before, so it will be an interesting experiment.
There has been some discussion on META about it before
I beleive it was called a "soft migration"
but the details get rather complex, so I don't see it really happening
I think the end result will be "if you're that interested, just participate on both sites"
2:45 AM
Don't get me wrong, cross posting isn't really something I'm for, but inviting another community to come weigh in could help multiple communities grow.
Right :)
It wasn't corss-posting
it was a compromise between cross-posting and migration
where the question actually "lives" on one site, but appears on both
In a way, when a post is migrated, as long as the migration point isn't deleted, the link is still there to help direct traffic.
Right, but the stub just redirects to the migration destination
The proposal suggested that the origin of the mirgation maintain the question
I will see if I can find it
Interesting idea.
Here we go
Q: Asking on Multiple Sites: "Soft-Migration"

ManishEarthMany of the newer sites have a certain degree of overlap. With the creation of Chem.SE, I noticed quite a few questions on Physics.SE which could have benefited from the chem community and vice versa. There also are a few that could benefit from bio.SE.. Now these questions don't warrant a migr...

Was inspired by the Chem and Physics overlap
Where a migration isn't necessary or really appropriate (since the question is on-topic), but another community could provide very valuable expertise to the issue
In theory, those interested would have already recognized the overlap and be participating in some degree on both sites
but c'mon, this is the real world
ideal just doesn't happen
and a lot of people just don't know about a lot of the SE sites out there
2:53 AM
For sure.
Many people on PMSE, even some top users, only participate just on that site.
Hmmm, a twist to this idea may be to advertise the question on the other site instead of outright posting it.
Sort of like making it clear that site A owns the question, but members from site B are welcome to click the link and answer it on site B.
The implementation details for the devs would be less complicated, I would think.
That already happens to some degree, but I don't think it's target at any specific sites
and I think it might be limited with regards to Betas
and those ads seem to be random.
I picture something more along the lines of a moderator ticking a box that says "also display ad on Programmers SE" or something like that.
Could be quite useful
coincidentally, when searching for an example
I looked at this question on EL&U english.stackexchange.com/q/57144/11762
And found a link to the Workplace!
hmm....not the url I would've expected...
Better link:
Q: Eager to Play sports in office gives Bad Image?

user1539I have a ping pong facility in my office and I play during lunch and after work with my senior colleagues. I started playing after my first week in the office. It has been only a month since I joined and I am quite visibly eager to play it. I don't know how my seniors take that. Though I am fini...

Hmmm, wonder why it's going through the redirect.
No idea
But it does shout out to me that that title needs to be cleaned up
3:03 AM
Hmm, the inconsistent use of caps.
Yes, that too
I've noticed that very often in questions across SE
Looking at the end of the question title would make me guess the asker is a native German speaker
but the rest of the title doesn't support that (Play, sports, office)
Sometimes I recognize a linguistic quirk and can guess what language might be the asker's native language, and then I feel really smart :)
other times I'm just left wondering what the hell they're taling about
Hi @jcmeloni!
I think jcmeloni is already gone...
Fortunately, by the time I saw this, it had long been deciphered
otherwise I would just have a headache for the next 4 weeks trying to figure it out
“Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”
that is a bit backwards
Sometimes it is hard to tell what someone is asking....
Even the "rephrased" version made no sense to me
That wasn't a SE question though, thankfully
3:08 AM
Usually it's a combination of poor English and rushing.
would've been closed and deleteed real quick
Came from 4chan, was eventually deciphered
apparently meant "Has any video game company really taken such measure to make a game so realistic?"
Not sure how it got from A to B, but I'm glad it wasn't me banging my head against the wall until it made some sort of sense
Luckily there were enough eyes on the thing to be able to find someone able to decipher.
14 hours later…
4:45 PM
Never seen this in a job posting before
Q: What does the term "Flexible work ethics" on a job ad mean?

MeltingDogI came across this term some time back: Flexible work ethics in an ad for an IT job. Anyone know what it could mean? Im sure its not as dodgy as it sounds

1 hour later…
5:55 PM
Q: Do interview calls reduce in November due to elections?

howtechstuffworksI am a computer science graduate student will be graduating this December. I did an internship over the summer at a software company and I really liked the team I worked with; the problem now is that I have been offered a full time position with another team at the same company, which I am not in...

one more community delete voted needed, fyi
6:35 PM
@jcmeloni that was quick
@Jim WTF. Run run run
oh, the really bad translation
I see you also saw "High integrity - Flexible work ethics" in the google results
ha yeah
It was actually the result directly after that question
They really need to show those to an editor before they post them
Nice to see high Google rankings for our site
6:44 PM
I noticed that too
We were #2 and the EL&U question was #3
@Jim It's all in the subdomains, means we get a fair chunk of the "good site" reputation from stackexchange.com
Oh. I saw it before the EL&U question got posted
didn't know it was there
Will need to go visit EL&U
Neither did I until I saw it in google
thought it was a cross post
Q: Meaning of "work ethics" in Australian English

josh3736Inspired by this question, I'm left wondering if the phrase “work ethics” has a slightly different meaning in Australian English than in other dialects. I came across this term some time back: Flexible work ethics in an ad for an IT job. Anyone know what it could mean? Im sure its...

Their question was a bit better posed...ours is still interesting though, I'm surprised it's apparently not unheard of
5 hours later…
11:26 PM
Don't try to compare this site to SO. Ever. That would be a serious error, if we ever want this site to take off (and I do). SO had an entire community of programmers rallying around it before it was even written. And even then, Programmers had to be created to handle those more language-agnostic questions. — pdr Sep 8 at 15:15
@pdr: I agree. Workplace.SE is a totally different animal.

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