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3:08 PM
@Seggan in fact, you can even directly run java files now
@pxeger what is that answer lol...
Although tbh you’re probably using gradlr for everything (which is pretty good compared to all the cpp tools imo (disclaimer: i have no experience with cpp))
c pre processor?
3:16 PM
@lyxal I say pie-thon because I am a sussy American
@PyGamer0 ? It wasn’t a joke
i know, i simpy said c preprocessor
@DLosc me too, and i pronounced it like that when i had a sussy Indian accent too
I don’t see how it’s thin
Why run a marathon when you can run a Python?™
My dad pronounced it py-thun which is sus but better than thin
@DLosc is that a competition where you eat pies? If so, sign me up!
3:27 PM
@user I'm pretty sure that's the pronunciation Lyxal means: /ˈpaɪθən/
3:44 PM
@user that's just the Australian / NZ accent
CMQ: "GIF" or "GIF"?
@pxeger VTC as encouraging violence.
sounds like projection to me...
@pxeger goose
4:15 PM
@pxeger Neither, I say "gif"
4:37 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BowlingPizzaBallGenerate a random string of length 8 The challenge is pretty simple. Generate a random ASCII string that is of length 8. All ASCII characters from 33-254 are allowed. (1-32 and 255 aren't included because they don't show up/may cause interference.) Remember that this is code-golf, so shortest ans...

5:04 PM
@pxeger really? Sounds like jiff to me
CMQ: "JFIF", "JFIF", or "JFIF"?
5:27 PM
@pxeger ZHIFE
5:38 PM
@Neil +1 for IdeaChannel reference, -10 for the frustration of watching someone try and fail to hit the play button multiple times :P
@DLosc yeah, well that's what Google linked me for some reason (I tried again in a private window and it completely failed to find it, so...)
(also, I should really catch up, last video I watched was 'Does Pop Culture Need To Be "Popular"?')
5:54 PM
@Neil Sadly, they're not making videos anymore, but it does look like you (and I) have some more to watch before reaching the end of the line. :)
@DLosc yeah I'm not surprised it looks like I forgot about that channel over 5 years ago
And, of course, after "zhaif" started as an offhand joke, they went and made a whole video about it :D
6:38 PM
@ophact "hih"
6:57 PM
@lyxal That was me eight months ago
@lyxal just finished fixing it, someone put a plus where there should've been a J
7:23 PM
there are two ways to pronounce Lyxal: licks-ull and likes-all
you forgot licks-all
That's how I pronounce it in my mind
"Likes-all" seems a bit weird based on the name Lyxal
but if that's how they want it to be pronounced, then so be it.
8:08 PM
@Adám I guess that if there were a notation for mathematics that looked more like plain english and one that looked less, I would need some persuading to use the latter
@mathcat that's how I pronounce it
Lyxal likes all
another day, another coding problem.
CMC given a text file of the following form bpa.st/JP2A , where there is a word that follows * sometimes and otherwise numbers, output for each word the minimum of the numbers below it but before the next word.
I had to do this today and I hate my code for doing it
I want to see how someone good would do it!
@Anush Python 3, 71 bytes: lambda x:[[min(int(i)for i in t.split("\n")[1:]])for t in x.split("\n*")]
@Anush How I would do it in Pip (not really golfed yet): {[bMNc@+XD]}MR`\*(\w+) ([\d ]+)`gJs
@Ginger trying to understand this!
8:21 PM
(Unclear whether the words should be output with the minimum numbers, or just the numbers themselves)
@DLosc preferably "word number"
on the same line
@Anush ah, one sec
@Anush Ok, that's essentially what I did. To get that exact format, change the p flag to S.
@DLosc could you explain this black magic?
Yes, one moment
8:22 PM
it is amazing
@Anush Python 3, 87 bytes: lambda x:{t.split("\n")[0]:min([int(i)for i in t.split("\n")[1:]])for t in x.split("\n*")}
@Ginger TIO?
just copy and paste it
I guess it needs the input as a single string. It splits by "\n*". That part I understand. then each part is split by "\n".
how do I provide the input?
8:28 PM
@Anush one sec
@Anush just put input to docstrings ("""...""") in something
@Anush In this situation, I'd put the input in a multiline string and pass that to the function.
@Fmbalbuena that worked
@DLosc ninja'd
8:30 PM
tiny bug :) {'*apple': 3, 'pear': 1, 'banana': 4}
(the * before apple but not pear and banana)
@Anush The -r flag sets g to a list of lines read from stdin. Then:
                                gJs  Join those lines on spaces
            MR                       To each regex match
              `                `     of this regex:
               \*                      Literal asterisk
                 (   )                 Capture group 1:
                  \w+                    1 or more word characters
                      _                Space (represented here as _ so you can see it)
                       (      )        Capture group 2:
                        [\d ]+           Digit or space, 1 or more times
@DLosc wow
@Anush that's negligible
@Ginger yes!
Can we assume the words will not contain digits?
8:33 PM
@DLosc :(
it's the * that tells you where the word is
Can the words contain symbols? Or spaces? (If so, I need to tweak my solution a bit)
@DLosc I don't think so. Maybe I don't know what you mean by symbols
as in ?>! ?
yes they contain any printable ASCII
not new lines :)
@Ginger I see how your code works now
@Anush :( Okay
it's cool
no *'s can occur anywhere else apart from a word line and you only get the one * on a word line
Q: Reveal all clues of Black Box

FmbalbuenaBlack Box is a board game, Your task is to reveal all clues. What is black box Black box is a board game with hidden atoms, Your task is given input, All atoms, reveal all clues. I/O Input The atoms can be any 1-char that is not newline (Used for separator) Like this. O.... ...O. ..O.. ..... .......

8:41 PM
Are the numbers always positive?
@DLosc ?
If you mean this question, Then yes if the output is ascii-art
@DLosc yes!
@Ginger are you working on an expanded version?
All right, updated version (still not particularly golfed): {[bMN||c^n]}MR`\*(.+)\n([^*]+)`gJn
@Anush no
@Ginger oh :(
@DLosc very impressive
8:54 PM
Turns out a non-regex solution is much shorter:
needs a new explanation :)
I will, still golfing it
              g            Due to -r flag, list of lines of stdin
               Jn          Join together on newlines
            S(   )         All but first character (the initial asterisk)
                  ^        Split on:
                   n.'*      Newline followed by asterisk
                       ^n  Split (each of) the results on newlines
                           We now have a list of lists of lines
{        }M                Map this function:
 [      ]                    Return a list containing
Actually, 23 bytes: PO_AEMN_M S(gJn)^n.'*^n
@DLosc now I wish I had asked it on main!
9:03 PM
xAEy puts x and y in a list (not 100% accurate, but true in this case), so PO_AEMN_ is equivalent to {POaAEMNa} is equivalent to {[POaMNa]}
@Anush I don't know how it would be received, but you can certainly sandbox it and find out. Some challenges on main started out as CMCs.
@DLosc I am a little fearful from my previous experience of the downvoters
That's the nice thing about the sandbox: downvotes don't cost you rep, they're just a way for people to say "Nah, don't post this to main." My first sandboxed challenge wasn't well-received (in hindsight, I agree: it wasn't very good). I deleted it and tried again with a different idea.
fair enough
9:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GingerDraw the Ukrainian Flag As you will probably know, there is a war going on in Ukraine. I noticed that it seems nobody has posted a Ukrainian flag challenge yet, so I thought I'd do it myself in support of Ukraine. The Challenge Here is the flag: The flag is divided horizontally down the middle ...

tfw your html editor is Vyxal Ḣ
@emanresuA what does that flag do?
render output as HTML
tfw wft
9:43 PM
@SandboxPosts I have 42 bytes of cursed svg for this
<svg viewbox=3,-5.88,1.5,1 ><text>🇺🇦 lol - zooming in on the emoji
I just realised you're just Ginger now
@emanresuA oy that's illegal
@emanresuA yea
9:58 PM
Time to manually create a png
10:16 PM
bah, the downtime meant that my questions tab stopped updating and I didn't notice a new question
1 hour later…
11:20 PM
tfw you write a whole program from scratch and it works first try
11:33 PM
@user jshell?
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