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2:15 AM
Two useful sections from the user guide:
6.1 Microstep Resolution Setting (SW1-SW4)

10. Software Configuration

The CS-D808 / CS-D1008 is designed for simple setup and implementation. For most applications no software configuration or tuning is needed, ... If you want to do fine tuning or custom configurations such as micro-step, current percentage change, ... you can use Leadshine’s free ProTuner software to make the changes.
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3:03 AM
And you can download the free ProTuner software from this site:
LeadShine Stepper motor driver software ProTuner For stepper drivers:

download files ProTuner_All_Setup_V1.0.zip
download files ProTuner_DM_Setup_2013-04-10.zip
download files ProTuner_DM_All_Setup130604.zip
download files ProTuner_DM_Setup_2013-11-06.zip
download files DM_Serials_English_setup 2015-08-27.rar
download files DM_Serials_English_setup 2015-08-31.rar
For stepper drivers: AM882
download files ProTuner_AM882_Setup_V2.5.zip
download files AM882_Setup_2012-05-31.zip
download files ProTuner_AM882_Setup_2012-06-05.zip
download files ProTuner_AM882_Setup_2012-08-17.zip

For stepper drivers Closed Loop HBS:
HBS57, HBS86, HBS86H
download files ProTuner_HBS_Setup_2012_05_28.zip
download files ProTuner_HBS_Setup_2012-12-14.zip
download files HBS_English_setup 2013-03-22.rar

For stepper drivers Closed Loop ES-D and ES-DH:
ES-D508, ES-D808, ES-D1008, ES-DH1208 und ES-DH2306

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