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12:29 AM
Do y'all just ever online uni for a semester and then realise you've forgotten how to physical university?
Because I do be like that
1:21 AM
@lyxal i haven't physically been to uni since the start of the pandemic. I think i'll graduate before i have to go back
1:59 AM
y'know, for a uni with campus wide wifi, there are a surprising amount of personal hotspots being used
also, yes, I'm in physical lecture, so expect intermittent summarisations
it'll be just like last time I had lectures
2:14 AM
@JoKing Are they charging you less because it's virtual?
lol no
The university I'm going to go to has been open in person since the start of this school (well, college) year. They even require that classes are held in person, and apparently there's only like one professor who streams and records his classes
CMQ: Dumbest thing (cybersecurity-wise) that you've done?
3:05 AM
can input be taken by inserting it into the code? if so, how is the length of the code counted (before insertion or after insertion?)
@AidenChow Underload and /// do
@emanresuA so is it allowed? how is code length counted?
Not sure, you can have a look on meta
it's only allowed because /// does not have a way to take input otherwise
inserting input into the code is generally not allowed
So for desmos, probably allowed if you can't use a function
(If that's why you were asking)
3:15 AM
ok so im trying to use functions in geogebra for input, but its really jank. i am not aware of any other way of taking in input other than inserting it into a variable
like when i try to use a function, the code doesnt work, but using just variables, it works
3:36 AM
wait nvm i figured out how to get input through an input box
^ is that allowed?
Yes, input box is OK (like JS's prompt)
ummm ok... this is a bit strange, but i cant seem to type a comma into the input box, but i can still put in commas into the input by editing the variable that is linked to the input box. is that fine?
heres the code for reference: geogebra.org/calculator/zfzbsmn4
.... and when i save it the comma disappears
I'd just guess geogebra is very against general programming
so can i just post this answer as is?
3:46 AM
No, it can't take a string that contains commas
@Bubbler ok so this is a bit of a conundrum. an input can contain a comma if directly inserting the input into the code is allowed, but if i use an input box, it cant take input containing commas for some random reason
Yeah, that's really weird
In that case I'd just allow the input to be inserted directly into code
@Bubbler how is code length counted in this case? do i count it before the insertion or after the insertion?
presumably, you count the length with empty input
Before the insertion, yes
3:54 AM
And you'd probably count the length as what text you can paste into the codebox to get something that works, like desmos
im getting two conflicting answers here...
Wdym? I'm pretty sure we're saying the same thing
@emanresuA u are saying that i have to count the length of the shortest input, while bubbler is saying that i dont even need to count the input at all
in your case, i have to add "a" for 3 extra bytes
Hmm, okay. I agree with bubbler's one
Doesn't it allow an empty string?
I'd say you need to count "" delimiters, but not anything inside (so "" chars are part of your code, and the input will go between them)
4:00 AM
@Bubbler wth, im getting an error if i insert it directly, but no error through the input box
Also, how would you represent the code in plaintext?
Does copy-pasting it into geogebra work?
^ can i just post this as an answer and put something saying that input is through insertion?
4:14 AM
ok wutever i posted it
Really not sure what to do with this
That's what meta's for :)
@emanresuA so you are saying that i should ask on meta about this?
@emanresuA ive never written a post on meta before, how should i tag it?
4:27 AM
You can tag yours the same as the one about desmos
im really bad at wording this, can someone else write up a meta post about this
4:51 AM
Q: How should taking in string input be scored in GeoGebra?

Aiden ChowI have recently started to use GeoGebra for some code golf challenges involving strings, and have come across a conundrum which I want to ask the meta about, which prompts the more general question of how GeoGebra should be scored in regards to taking in input. The problem I was attempting the ch...

^ i posted it
hopefully theres nothing wrong with it
5:40 AM
TIL Ba'al from xkcd is actually in the Bible
6:50 AM
pro tip if you prepend ! to a link it forces chat to try to make it an image even if it doesn't end with an image extension / has query args or smth
is it better to do e=>e.a or ({a})=>a (JS)
both in terms of style and performance
#1's probably faster
Destructuring requires some complex pattern matching
ah. okay
What do you host your server on?
WTF halfwit has 33 downloads this week
@emanresuA is that total clones or total unique cloners?
npm installs
You must be a popular esolang designer then :p
7:22 AM
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess
The github page has 23 views though...
Apparently some of it is mirrors downloading it
Which is also probably how vyxal got 97 "downloads" from the pypi last week
Gotta love bots downloading your packages :p
7:36 AM
My PPL package got 17 installs in the past week
8:00 AM
im back
> Australian Taxation Office
@Bubbler it's almost as if that's the joke
8:29 AM
@emanresuA Oh no! TIO (Times of India) is next.
isn't ATO online redundant /s
@ophact lmao thats TOI not TIO
9:01 AM
i think i made the best prime number tester (in range 0..32)
let me link it
^ there
what have you done
Oct 29 '21 at 23:29, by emanresu A
lol prime tester using neural networks
it works decently
@DLosc The general rule is that in Brachylog, "string related" things have a dot below, and "math/constraint" related things have a dot above
Holds for both predicates and variables
9:24 AM
@PyGamer0 Oops, looks like I wasn't thinking. I literally just grabbed a random name from a webpage after searching up "TIO" and clicking on an abbreviation website. My brain doesn't work today
10:03 AM
10:26 AM
@emanresuA Reads like a bargain bin Aphyr.
2 hours later…
12:45 PM
do you ever just
because it do be like that sometimes
it is what it is
@emanresuA lyxal was that you?
no why would I hack ATO? ATO is the best
oh, and if you really are a sock of pxeger, you wouldn't
me typing be like ^
1:02 PM
There's no Jelly answer to this yet:
Q: Output every sublist ... eventually

Wheat WizardYou will be given as input an infinite stream of positive integers. Your task is to write a program which outputs an infinite sequence of lists with two requirements: All lists in the output are finite sub-lists of the input stream. Every sub-list must be output eventually by your program. Sub-...

I'm interested to see how it stacks up. Does Jelly have a builtin that works?
I didn't think Jelly supported infinite lists
because if it doesn't then I don't think there's a 1 byte answer
1:08 PM
@lyxal You can take input other ways though.
@WheatWizard I don't think those other ways allow for one byte/one built-in answers.
Maybe not, I'd still be interested.
They require extra processing to formulate an equivalent of an infinite list
The current answers with one byte answers both support infinite lists, meaning they can just use powerset
jelly don't be like that
jelly be finite
which is weird given Dennis' 4 dimensional status and all
1:14 PM
They might require extra processing, but I'd still be interested.
@GingerIndustries 🍴
@WheatWizard fair enough
Long Jelly answers are probably more interesting than short answers most the time.
@lyxal 🎐
@GingerIndustries okay boomer
1:16 PM
@mathcat (⌐■_■)
@GingerIndustries You got dynalist a parking sign, well done.
I sure did
@mathcat dynalists' parking sign is useless to me
I can't drive
so how tf I'mma gon park at dynalist?
The command immediately halts the current program and attempts to shut down the host computer
@lyxal well okay fine, I can drive, and I have driven, but I'm far from my full license - I'm still in early stages of my learner's permit
1:19 PM
if the shutdown fails then it starts hundreds of threads running infinite loops
@GingerIndustries does it attempt to do so by making the host computers' user shut it down using mind control powers?
be cool if it did
once Elon Musk gets his MindLink thing working then maybe
@lyxal me too neither, but I can park at dynalist with my cycle ⌐(■_■)
did I mention I can't bike either?
1:21 PM
that was intentional
(■■_■■) they didn't call me four-eyes for nuthin
@lyxal ah, but you surely can drive a unicycle?
@mathcat I don't do wheels
w h e e l s n ' t
@lyxal can you ride one of Boston Dynamics' robot dogs?
1:23 PM
@GingerIndustries no
because I'm not in Boston
can you walk with your human legs?
bot legs*
I actually forget how I canonically move around
let me check
1:24 PM
no, nothing, everything's ok
you don't know that canonically, lyxal is a inter-galatic species?

The truth about Lyxal kind

Jul 28 '21 at 0:07, 34 minutes total – 68 messages, 8 users, 11 stars

Bookmarked Jul 28 '21 at 3:22 by lyxal

nothing err strange
> Lyxal is a Homeopathic medicine
> Lyxal is available in liquids (solutions) and tablets and is to be taken orally.
this is absurd I love it
> “Do you know what happened in the hours surrounding the death of Serafino Soro?”

“No, I was asleep.”
> Lyxal wear pants if they want to. Pants are considered a human invention, and not to be trusted.
w h a t
1:27 PM
that's the one with the most details
lyxal is High Lord Naxa'kiranai Mayshynuqesoqamuqiqatilikii confirmed
@GingerIndustries Really, they didn't teach you that in kindergarten?
@GingerIndustries so to answer your question, maybe
I don't really know
Repeat after me: Pants cannot be trusted.
1:28 PM
this chatroom has lore apparently
It's true
pants are not to be trusted
@GingerIndustries do you not know anything about the redwolf hivemind saga?

The truth is accidentally leaked

Jan 22 '21 at 22:49, 42 minutes total – 47 messages, 3 users, 6 stars

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We're getting into the poultry business lads.

Mar 5 '21 at 22:14, 39 minutes total – 104 messages, 5 users, 4 stars

Bookmarked Mar 6 '21 at 11:19 by lyxal

user and lyxal successfully overthrow the leadership of the hivemind

Aug 1 '21 at 23:57, 21 minutes total – 105 messages, 7 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Aug 2 '21 at 0:19 by lyxal

theory: the hivemind is not dead, simply waiting
todo: ask radvylf if they are part of a hivemind
@GingerIndustries no, it's being refactored
1:30 PM
oh no
Q: How many blocks make a "truncated square-pyramid garden"?

Jonathan AllanA truncated square-pyramid of height \$h\$ has \$h\$ square layers where each layer has a side \$1\$ greater than the one above it, apart from the top layer which is a square of blocks with a given side length. Here is a truncated square-pyramid of height \$7\$ and top side-length \$4\$ viewed fr...

we have a github team for it and everything
should I be panicking
because we haven't touched it since august last year
1:31 PM
good, good
it's just been running as usual
now nothing stands in the way of my rise to power
and besides, I moved on to helping run a limb stealing organisation
oh yea right
Oct 10 '21 at 12:31, by lyxal
Unfortunately, I won't be stealing any limbs tonight due to the fact that my limb stealing organisation is under investigation by the authorities
1:32 PM
how could I forget
Oct 9 '21 at 2:14, by lyxal
It turns out stealing body parts is quite profitable star wise
you know what's even more profitable?
harvesting planets for their raw materials
that's what I've been doing
I was going to suggest elevator stories, but okay

An intense story

May 4 '21 at 3:49, 11 minutes total – 23 messages, 3 users, 0 stars

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> cookie
what a random thing to say I wonder what the context for that is /s
the system is simple: I find an uninhabited solar system, use Giant Lazers to obliterate the planets, suck up and compress the dust, and finally disassemble and take away the sun(s).
1:35 PM
@AaroneousMiller wow i wonder too - it totally wasn't anything that caused a little edit war on a repository that has the code for a beep boop that we use
of course not that would never happen
the only reason I haven't done that to this solar system yet is because it's inhabited
but I can wait
wait okay /srs for a moment
why tf are there 12 workflows on the cookie repo?
Q: ASCII Brainfuck

sinvecGiven a random code written using Brainfuck commands. You program should translate that code into the following ascii art: each Brainfuck command represents as 5x9 array of A and B symbols. All commands are concatenated with 5x3 arrays of A symbols. Symbols A and B you choose yourself. For exampl...

1:37 PM
and why does one run daily?
it's generating cookies
@user please explain yourself
it builds cookies and stores them
fun times
@lyxal no idea
1:39 PM
it's had like 182 runs too
TIL we have a random daily workflow in the Vyxal organisation
it's making cookies
name: cookie

  - cron: '21 15 * * *'


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      issues: write
      pull-requests: write

    - uses: actions/stale@v3
        repo-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        stale-issue-message: 'Stale issue message'
        stale-pr-message: 'Stale pull request message'
        stale-issue-label: 'no-issue-activity'
        stale-pr-label: 'no-pr-activity'
that's what it's doing
well on that I'm going ot sleep for the night
and I don't care that I typo'd that
o/ y'all
1:43 PM
anyways who started the vyxal cookie thing?
oh i started the cookie thing lmao
it all begins with this:
@PyGamer0 what's it?
1:50 PM
in Vyxal, Aug 13 '21 at 6:56, by PyGamer0
!!/make me a cookie
now yall look at the transcript to know the cookie ^
hold please
in The Firing Range, 52 secs ago, by Ginger Industries
@OLIMAR make me a cookie
@PyGamer0 lmao thats soo funny
in Vyxal, Aug 13 '21 at 14:33, by Razetime
holy fuk what is cookie for
@lyxal lmao i just selected a bunch of random workflows and added them for fun
Did not expect them to continue running
in Vyxal, 30 secs ago, by Vyxal Bot
@PyGamer0 Here you go: 🍪
@lyxal also wow it’s been nearly a year
2:04 PM
It's been 6 months
@user out of context be like:
Aug 17 '21 at 12:36, by user
@PyGamer0 hjfnerwij
@GingerIndustries knock knock are you ok?
@AaroneousMiller I can much math
2:08 PM
Aug 17 '21 at 12:37, by user
I will kill you if you tale it out of context
laughs a lot
dies due to laughing
we can take it out of context guys
user said "tale", not "take"
Good, good
2:11 PM
todo: make an apocalyptic radar gun of death
@GingerIndustries oh .... (i can send the parts to you)
shhhhh :P
hivemind reshaping
The HORSE is a noble animal.
> Hydrogen sulphide is a colorless gas with a smell of a rotten egg.
2:19 PM
@PyGamer0 Delete that from your memory.
The formula for power is pressure times flow rate.
@user what do you mean?
ok i shall write programs to generate my new username
@GingerIndustries Are you feeling okay today Ginger? Your last few messages have been...odd
@user спагетти
> You can say anything as strange as you like if you format it as a quote, and nobody will question it
2:27 PM
> You know, I know you're knowing I know it.
- brilliant mind
@AaroneousMiller it worked!
> aaaaoooaoooggogoggaggag
@mathcat i am smort
> user is very smort
> horse
> Quotes are the best
- Sun Tzu, The Art Of Quotes
ok i generated some names
which one should be my new name:
2:36 PM
@PyGamer0 xbuno
because it sus
yeah, suscx
let me generate a bunch of names
like sussy-x
i almost crashed my browser lmao
2:40 PM
i generated too much names
^ beaware
that has 50k lines
pronounced like ssussy
> jyxax
2:58 PM
i cant load my word list
it lags my browser
lol i shall use ripgrep when im on a computer
@mathcat sussy is a valid 5 letter word
3:17 PM
Interesting Staff be like p.subtract(entity.position()).normalize().scale(Math.min(RADIUS - p.distanceToSqr(entity.position()), 0));
3:40 PM
@GingerIndustries what does that even do
you forgot to put it in quotes
@StackMeterPlus it's an overcomplicated mathematical formula for calculating the push force of the Interesting staff (note: it doesn't actually work correctly yet)
4:39 PM
bad idea #55625377230: reverse fire extinguisher
Q: Is it a tower permutation?

AnttiPA tower is made out of layers, each one being one unit shorter than the one below it. Every layer is completely on top of the previous layer. For example, here is a tower along with it's height map: # ## ### #### ##### 14532 Because the lengths of the layers are the integers from 1 to n, an...

4:53 PM
CMC: Make a game of Tetris in a terminal using only the characters from Block Elements (U+2580 to U+259F).
A: "Hello, World!"

SomeoneQWERTY, 1 byte q QWERTY is a work-in-progress language by me, written in C++. The letters in the word QWERTY will be used in the most trivial programs, however, it will be Turing-complete and hopefully not a tarpit. If you wish to see this example, for some reason, take this link: QWERTY

5:26 PM
@GingerIndustries that's just a flamethrower
TIL you can't do 1not in[...] in Python
maybe i'm missing something but it works fine on my local repl
>>> 1not in[]
  File "<stdin>", line 1
    1not in[]
SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal
what version
same on ATO
5:37 PM
mine's 3.8.5
works fine on TIO: Try it online!
which is 3.7.something iirc
oh yeah wasn't there a parser upgrade or something
so it might have been introduced by whichever update that came with
can't imagine it's intended behavior of course
but this is lexing, not parsing
I don't think the lexer changed completely when they switched to PEG
would think not
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

sinvecSum of the first elements of a weird sequence What's wrong with this sequence? 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 89 88 87 86 85 84 83 83 82 81 80 79 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 71 ... Input Given a number n from 0 to 1000 Output Number s that equal a sum of the first n elements of a sequence above.

5:49 PM
Algebra: All the answers are integers or nice fractions
Calculus: `1024 * sqrt(3) / 15`
Oops, and there's also supposed to be a pi in there
y = 1.7 * sqrt(x) - 0.022 * x ** 1.32...
Oh phew it's calculator-allowed
> A metric ton is about 1000 kg
Yep, just like a byte is about 8 bits, or a cat has about four paws
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