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2:01 PM
@YaakovEllis Is my time period correct? (Can I ask this?)
too many nested replies. Please ask the whole question
@RafaelTavares while it's possible, the site would also need to send the info to the server
Aeroplanes rocks.
@double-beep Ty! It's doing it
I really didn't know that...
2:04 PM
@RafaelTavares which request is that?
The browser sends a request to server called wb-cp after you copy something with right click or Ctrl+C, doesn't matter
You need to refresh in order to fire it again
@Wolgwang I think it's awarded manually by Yaakov
You may copy from a question or an answer, it's fired it anyway, but not from a comment
@AnkitSharma Testing something?
2:06 PM
@RafaelTavares So in simple words the site will know that I have copied?
It needs to be on a meta site (or Meta.SE)
If anyone wants to have some fun breaking thing, i will point out that the /unicorn page is the only one that references a script - cdn.sstatic.net/Winterbash/js/quest.min.js?v=c82538534157 ... obviously all function names are uglyfied....
So I got 10 secret hats and I don't know why for 9 of them :D
@RafaelTavares indeed! I was testing on a main site!
2:08 PM
Monologue is for asking a positively scoring question and getting a positively scoring answer
OK so got three Manual key. So copy from meta to any chat right? As for movies I copied in movies chat but for sci fi I copied in this chat. Got on both places
@Dharman Ping @YaakovEllis
@Dharman @YaakovEllis
2:11 PM
@AnkitSharma I got it 4 times by simply copying something from meta and posting as comment on metaa
@double-beep So, they know our id but not what we copied?
@Dharman almost got it
Ah unfair for non-code guys ;-;
@double-beep Nice one. I did not expect to get rickrolled this way
2:13 PM
@Dharman match with both sites I got it on
@Dharman ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I put a lot of time into that one
then maybe the answer doesn't have to be positively scoring or both have to be +3
Sometimes it takes a lot of time just to write 3 lines of code. ;P
One buried penny: Got it on Arts and Craft for approval of edit on 6 month old post
@YaakovEllis For Manual key: ctrl+c from Meta site and ctrl+v it into chat. Doesn't have to press enter.
2:16 PM
Copying from Meta and posting on chat worked, it was just slow to reward me :v
@AJ No, copy from question into an answer
@AnkitSharma According to my yesterday's observation,some questions of people who had a monologue, had one answers and more than one in some
@AJ no
@AJ You can also post a comment, I think @Wolgwang was doing it
Yes got 4 hats
2:17 PM
@AJ i did press enter :p
I copied text from meta answers and pasted it into the chat and then backspaced it after a few seconds.
I got the manual key on MSE now
No need to post anything. You can even "post" it to nowhere, just being on the site and pressing cmd-v is enough
IMO there is not much chance that they will involve chat in some trigger (expect tb hat)
I did it on Android and Movies SE.
2:18 PM
@AnkitSharma Had the impression that one penny was about approved edits, people said they hadn't any. I hope they are right. Would be quite unfair to people who already have 2k rep. That said, it is not like hats that require new accounts created are that fair to the SmokeDetector main crew....
@YaakovEllis any hope to have summerbash2021.stackexchange.com point to winterbash2021.stackexchange.com ? Should be a 5 minute thing, 10 if you want to make it even better and go to the summer version.
@SPArcheon I had tried to visit summerbash2021 a few minutes ago
Now, it is time to watch the latest Hawkeye episode.
@Wolgwang then you already know why I asked.
@SPArcheon i got it for approval needed site , now tried on site where I can edit freely, let's see
HAT HUNTERS Either copying or pasting doesn't work. So both have to be done simultaneously.
8 upvotes on MSE give some hat ?
2:24 PM
@AnkitSharma I doubt it is just an edit. It seems quite rare so it has to be something more specific. Again, the penny seems to reference the 2 rep point you get from approved edit before hitting 2k, but it would be pretty lame for everyone else.
@Wolgwang pasting also needs to be detected
@AnkitSharma You have twice the number of hats that I have ;_;
Nobody is close to Ankit!
Helping finger, hands and arm look like they are a progression. Like same action done multiple times OR tiers for the action.
would guess improving posts.
@YaakovEllis I tried the same thing on IPS and got the hat.
2:28 PM
@SPArcheon No, there doesn't seem to be any hats for editing
@SPArcheon or accepted answers?
@AJ No means no :-(
Must be close.
@double-beep why would "helping" be about accepting an answer? Would make sense to "post" an answer but that is already covered by other hats.
Got one penny for suggesting an edit on an old post.
That got approved.
2:30 PM
I did some work on SO triage since Meta.SE one is constantly empty. Nothing come out of it.
@ThomasMarkov the necroedit is an old time classic, could easily be that.
@AJ In which room did you post?

 The Screening Room

“We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselv...
AJ, maybe Yaakov said "no" because you asked about "chat" only
I got it on Cryptography by copying something from a question (on meta, of course) and pasting into an answer, but I didn't post the answer
2:34 PM
@RafaelTavares And said "no" to me because I said "comments" only?
@RafaelTavares did the text contain "question"?
@ThomasMarkov Doesn't matter
23 mins ago, by Rafael Tavares
@double-beep So, they know our id but not what we copied?
@SPArcheon no, sorry. considered it, but more than "a 5 minute thing" to do it right.
1. Copy something from either a question or an answer on a meta site (or Meta.SE)
2. Paste it as an answer, comment or into chat (you don't need to post it)
2:38 PM
@AJ great. you still havent gotten to the exact definition yet
I'm not sure if we got everything for the second part of the trigger
@RafaelTavares I don't think copy tracking is enabled on any meta sites other than MSO/MSE
@YaakovEllis Did ctrl+v some text from meta answer and ctrl+v on the same page.
on puzzling.
@double-beep I'm not sure I understood you, the POST request is being made in every meta I tested (SO, SOpt, Cryptography, Unix, Database, Software Engineering)
<([a-z]+) [^/]?>
2:45 PM
Maybe you just need to copy... I'll wait to see if I get a hat on Webmasters
I guess no (;,;) hat either...
@RafaelTavares I can't see that in the meta sites you mention (except MSO)
@RafaelTavares it works too
did it on so
I can see these lines in the page sources for MSO/MSE, but not in the rest of the meta sites
2:49 PM
Maybe this code is for another thing
btw @Dharman
this one
> oh where, oh where has
my unicorn gone? oh where
oh where can he be?
@SPArcheon I saw that lol
is no haiku nor an original composition.
@SPArcheon What's haiku ?
@AJ Yes, I got it now too
it's all haiku to me
@RafaelTavares no. addCopyEventListeners makes the POST to /posts/wb-cp if the last parameter is true
@Dharman see above youtube video. It is a nursery rhyme song adapted to the unicorn.
@YaakovEllis is the trigger for Manual key "Copy something from a question body or from an answer on a meta site (or Meta.SE)"?
@RafaelTavares that is not the trigger, but you are on the right track
2:53 PM
I am starting to fear that Defender right now is using the Eureka trigger. Did any of the current holder posted a guess for a trigger there and had it validated?
@SPArcheon It is being given manually
@RafaelTavares Yes. Now checking for main site
@Wolgwang you DO know how eureka was given out?
@double-beep I'm taking a look at Ask Different Meta now, it loads this JS script
2:55 PM
@Wolgwang says who?
@SPArcheon Are you talking about Archimedes?
@YaakovEllis @Dharman
Disclosure: the first 3 defender hats (awarded yesterday) were awarded manually.
1 hour ago, by Wolgwang
@YaakovEllis Copying anything from meta triggers it ?
Are these two same?
@Wolgwang Same thing. Different years, different name.
@RafaelTavares all meta sites do
2:57 PM
And there is a call to post('/posts/wb-cp', which is the relevant thing
@YaakovEllis Are you saying I got one automatically?
@YaakovEllis Two devs, who is the third one?
I thought it was for getting status-completed on meta
I just got Manual key after I copied text on a meta post
1 hour ago, by Wolgwang
@YaakovEllis Copying anything from meta triggers it ?
2:59 PM
oh, I found the real Sparkles this time.
@RafaelTavares is StackExchange.misc defined in those metas?
I found the unipony
@double-beep Yes, with a copy.addEventListeners from the script I mentioned, copy-transpiled.en.js
@YaakovEllis Amazon is asking for a ransom, shall we make a fundriser to buy it back?.....
3:00 PM
@Wolgwang no. Text needs to be from a post body
@RafaelTavares I think my head is going to explode
@double-beep Think about non-code guys...
@RafaelTavares can you link to an example question?
Any question works lol, but now I'm looking at this one
ok this works
Wait a minute
Does the question need to have an answer?
3:05 PM
@RafaelTavares it's not it
I tried to open other questions and even the same question on another tab, the script is not loaded anymore
I've copy and pasted questions, answers and comments still not getting it, only had it once for MSE
It is hard. ;_;
I've just got it on SO!!
3:13 PM
@double-beep I don't know what happened, it is not working for me anymore. Maybe it's needed to do or not to do a specific thing so you are able to "copy" and trigger the hat
winterbash2021.stackexchange.com/dog is an interesting link
@CDJB Let me guess, rick roll?
so apparently you only need to copy from a meta post to earn the hat
but the parent questions must meet some criteria
@Wolgwang ^.^
@CDJB Posting anything in place of dog will give that.
3:15 PM
@double-beep Not exactly, the question I sent you is returning StackExchange.misc as undefined now
@Wolgwang Huh... I tried dog because of the unicorn rhyme
What's the UTC time right now?
Can I hit reps cap?
@CDJB oh no...
3:17 PM
@double-beep agree, the wp-cb post only fires when you use Ctrl+C on certain questions
I am done.
@CDJB I'll spare you time I had already wasted, with no secret satisfaction of keeping some stats quite low in the process.
Q: The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔

SPArcheon...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here). So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, hoping no one would notice them too soon. And as every year, their attempts are fooled by a single me...

see this ^ post. All those urls originated from an Easter Egg in 2018, were never removed and some years ago turned into trolls by Yaakov
so, don't waste time on those nor the one listed in the reply on this post.
They are NOT relevant now.
@SPArcheon Aha! Before my time :P Cheers
Can I know how many how many questions I have upvoted in a day?
@CDJB Only /Unicorn is relevant. And I am not even sure, because right now it is more of a time waster than anything useful.
3:26 PM
@Wolgwang Yep, problem is that he said that last year too, was never clear if that meant we had to wait or look more into it until the quiz came around and in the end some comments even made it look the idea for the quiz wasn't planned initially.
Or maybe the quiz was planned, the cheating contest wasn't. You think it would be easy to know at least that but...
@SPArcheon Didn't know that ;_;
2 hours ago, by SPArcheon
@VLAZ About Defender of the Unicorn.
Last year @YaakovEllis added a game to the Bash site - a reskin of the Google Dinosaur game. People started finding ways to cheat, so he added a bounty - the ones who found a way to cheat and reported it got the hat.
At the same time, he also had the /unicorn url on the site (a reference to previous years when urls like /dog, /chicken and so on were part of an easter egg) give out a message. "Stay Tuned". Later, the page was changed to a quiz that awarded the same hat.
read this one.
I see.
3:34 PM
36 mins ago, by Dharman
I thought it was for getting status-completed on meta
Someone said it is not the trigger? (or one of them)
@Dharman any idea about what you did on Meta and/or the Bash site to get the Defender hat?
I really wanna know that. :-/
Seems to be available only on Meta, so it could technically be tied to the site or the network as a whole.
All users that posted a question that later received a status-completed on Meta.SE during the event have the hat (questions list)
3:41 PM
@SPArcheon yes only got where edit got approved, didn't recieve where I had free edits
@RafaelTavares Ask staff
There are three at the moment.
@AJ don't forget I have a record of never being no 1
46 mins ago, by Dharman
I thought it was for getting status-completed on meta
I got one and two burried pennies both on arcade
I think I only did one edit
@RafaelTavares Nobody did
3:44 PM
@Dharman Someone said it is not the trigger? (or one of them)
Same with art and craft
7 mins ago, by Rafael Tavares
All users that posted a question that later received a status-completed on Meta.SE during the event have the hat (questions list)
Trigger for defender of unicorn?
going to a meta site and running $.post("/posts/wb-cp", { fkey: StackExchange.options.user.fkey }); should get the manual key hat
@Wolgwang I think that's One of them.
@RafaelTavares there will probably be more chances of getting that hat later
3:46 PM
@Catija and second one is : It is given manually?
I mean... technically that's true of all the hats, so no. The other trigger is not, I think, active yet.
@AnkitSharma Yeah just the one edit
Q: Mobile version of Winter bash is full broken

Ankit SharmaWinter bash 2021's mobile version looks full broken: Serial number and hats going outside the assigned borders.

Mobile version gave me hedache only
@AnkitSharma Isn't this a dupe?
3:53 PM
This is the answer I suggested an edit for and got one buried penny, this is the answer Ankit suggested edit for and got both one and two buried penny.
@double-beep I have to enter it in console?
hey, don't cheat
@Dharman could be. We already had multiple "report bug that is fixed" hats in the pasts.
yep. Matches.
every single poster here has the hat
3:57 PM
11 mins ago, by Catija
@Wolgwang I think that's One of them.
I got a Helping hand hat............
@YaakovEllis Is one of the multiple triggers for Defender "Post a Meta post for a bug related to Winter Bash that gets resolved with Status-Completed"?
@SPArcheon Hasn't Catija confirmed that?
What is console? I've seen a lot of people talk about it here. Is it a way to query the site?
25 mins ago, by Rafael Tavares
Someone said it is not the trigger? (or one of them)
I didn't read the full transcript.
4:00 PM
Catija "thinks" it is. I don't know if we can consider this a confirmation
15 mins ago, by double-beep
going to a meta site and running $.post("/posts/wb-cp", { fkey: StackExchange.options.user.fkey }); should get the manual key hat
@Wolgwang It's a cheat, not a trigger
^ that
4:01 PM
I thought that translates to copying...something....
@RafaelTavares nothing more manual that manually calling the api...
@RafaelTavares So it should be removed and we should get the Defender of Unicorn hat...
@Wolgwang No... The real trigger executes this code in order to reward you the hat
@Wolgwang just wait, the thing is following the same pattern as last year.
Noooooo I want Unicorn :-/ JK
4:04 PM
I assume monday the /unicorn page will be updated with the other game to get the same hat, since it makes no sense to keep it just for bugs (which are finite by definition)
1 hour ago, by Rafael Tavares
@YaakovEllis is the trigger for Manual key "Copy something from a question body or from an answer on a meta site (or Meta.SE)"?
@SPArcheon we got close to discover the trigger
what trigger?
"Manual key"
Manual hat trigger....
@SPArcheon Idk if the second trigger is active already... Yaakov has the hat but I didn't see a [status-completed] report
4:06 PM
;_; I will not hit rep cap :-/
Aren't we talking about manual key hat....
Yaakov and AMtwo
@RafaelTavares Yaakov, the one who made the hats. Do you really think he wouldn't self award him the thing without any requirement?
Furthermore, he is the one who fixes the bugs in the first place...
1 hour ago, by Yaakov Ellis
Disclosure: the first 3 defender hats (awarded yesterday) were awarded manually.
Who is the third?
Maybe the first who had status-completed
4:17 PM
Has anyone gotten manual key recently?
@Catija Me
@Catija I was investigating but then the code stopped being imported and I thought it was part of the trigger not being triggered
How recently you two got it?
... So you've gotten it without doing something hack-y?
@Catija Getting it is simple but finding the trigger is hard......
4:19 PM
I got it five times earlier but I haven't gotten it recently (in the last hour) ... and I know what the trigger is, so I'm a bit concerned.
@Catija I did (didn't do anything hacky)
@Catija Lemme try
@SPArcheon yes. on MSE only.
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica a different SE staff member who helped on the technical end with the launch yesterday
@YaakovEllis thanks :)
I think I got two pennies because I submitted edit on two sites and got single penny on each of them
4:27 PM
@AnkitSharma But it is given on a specific site......
@Catija Neither me ;_; Tried it on Server fault
@Wolgwang both the sites which contributed for penny
@YaakovEllis am I right ? Two pennies is when you qualify for single penny on two sites each
@AnkitSharma I had only suggested around 13 edits on a single SE site and got both the hats
@AnkitSharma nope
overflow: visible;
should resolve the overflow bug on hat controls.
At least, it works for me on firefox.
4:32 PM
I got Manual Key! I saw the hat icon in the list, and tried to get it by highlighting some text in a post and doing "Ctrl+C" and then "Ctrl+V"– I got the hat minutes later. Is the trigger that simple?
@SPArcheon What?
@zcoop98 Yes. It is related to copying and pasting
@Wolgwang I mean, I got that part (the icon says as much), I meant the specific mechanics.
Whether the trigger is simply performing the keystrokes on a post, or something more.
@YaakovEllis Helping hand for posting 10 comments on a particular site :) ?
For manual key, do you copy/paste then post an answer or a question?
@Wolgwang and 20 comments for Helping arm?
4:44 PM
@Wolgwang see the link above.
2 hours ago, by Rafael Tavares
@YaakovEllis is the trigger for Manual key "Copy something from a question body or from an answer on a meta site (or Meta.SE)"?
Has anyone tried the "take off your hats everywhere" button?
@SPArcheon Me
@Philippe Hey! :-)
@Wolgwang Hey :) @YaakovEllis told me this was the most fun spot on the internet today and I gotta be a part of that.
Quite accurate
4:58 PM
Well, yaakov has never steered me wrong before.
I dunno, his walking directions sometimes leave something to be desired...
at least until you don't become the next Hairboat.
In which case... run.
i miss hairboat
@Philippe Ask @Yaakov for help to re-live the experience in first person?
Or we could just mass ping you even without an hat if you wish :P
that'd be..... suboptimal :P
5:11 PM
Are hats taking a long time to come in hats drop down option?
Not for me.
@YaakovEllis two triggers that I'd like to confirm - One/Two buried pennies: Edit 1/2 posts that have been inactive for six or more months. Manual key: Copy text on a meta post.
Confirmed "no"
@fasterthanlight I've done both of those on politics and have neither hat there, so no.
@Wolgwang I'm not reading the chat too often so I'm not that informed.
5:14 PM
NP :)
Well, I just earned manual key on politics after posting that message :P
Can anyone confirm this?
40 mins ago, by Wolgwang
@YaakovEllis Helping hand for posting 10 comments on a particular site :) ?
Has anyone besides them staff members gotten a Defender of the Unicorn hat?
@Ollie Yes
@Ollie everybody with a status-completed bug report relating to winter bash
5:17 PM
@Ollie You can check the trigger in the hat list
Oh, multiple triggers. A [status-completed] doesn't seem very unicorny.
I've already heard the troll song, thanks.
:59899949 There's a very nice one here, while we're on the subject.
5:23 PM
@Ollie could be worse.
I updated the list to mention that the unicorn hat have multiple triggers
Yaakow just went for where oh where is my little dog.
he could have used...
> Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.
wait... maybe I shouldn't be giving him ideas
lotssssss of new avatars since i last visited
hemlo ya'll
5:27 PM
@Arjun since you use sci-fi SE... hello there
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica 😂 10/10 for effort put in to say hello
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica revenge
@SPArcheon runs away in terror XD
6:15 PM
Example user with monolouge, diolauge, and triolouge in case anybody wants to try guessing those triggers.
All they did since the start of WB was ask a Q, edit it and post 2 comments underneath an answer of that Q
Posting comments under answers is probably the trigger if I had to guess.
Let me try.
Probably has to be under your own question.
I just posted a comment under an answer to my question, I'll see if I get the hat.
There may have to be some @ responses from other users underneath those comments to get further than "monologue"
just a guess
well... I earned the "thought bubble" hat now
6:30 PM
That ones from chatting, I think. Congratulations!
ah, ok. thanks :)
It says I earned it on Puzzling.SE, though.
That's your chat profile :)
@YaakovEllis is the trigger for dialogue commenting under an answer to your question?
And is the trigger for monolouge commenting on your own question?
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Yes, it is
@LukasRotter The hat goes to your chat parent profile
6:47 PM
I just got "Manual key" when V2Blast edited my answer:
A: Congratulations to the 58 sites that just left Beta

user1271772The post says: For the sites that are leaving Beta today, the following criteria were determined: [...] The site needed to have at least 1000 open questions [...] There is one exception we did make for a community, and that was on the Artificial Intelligence site. [...] There appears to be an...

4 hours ago, by Rafael Tavares
@YaakovEllis is the trigger for Manual key "Copy something from a question body or from an answer on a meta site (or Meta.SE)"?
Regarding the two penny hats: The user below edited an old answer, and then answered the question themselves. Perhaps its specific to answers, not just posts. (that's all they did)
(they have both hats)
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica I don't think it is... I commented on an old question of mine but didn't get the hat
Perhaps it only counts on your own questions posted after the start of WB to prevent abuse? If I understood correctly Ekadh got the hat and did nothing else other than that.
Maybe. I don't have any new question to test it

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